it’s a crazy area because the land prices have gone up so much so it’s not really possible to afford living around here but you kind of do what you can you know this is still a construction zone but it’s come a long way the house that’s mobile for me it just made sense because I don’t own any land yet land is so expensive around here like I don’t have access to that opportunity what do I have access to the dump to Craigslist these are free windows all of them there’s no plywood because I couldn’t find any plywood and the dump it’s all diagonal cross bracing for the shear strength and this is all first growth for old chicken coop my friend and I took it down and then I had the lumber it says fir I was down picking up some stuff from these four by sixes up here from an old man named Julius and trulia said oh I have a bunch of fir flooring do you want it and I said yeah in the walls this is all rigid foam insulation but I found it for free on Craigslist it’s funny a friend just gave me this book called your dream home how to build it for less than 3,500 I built mine for less than 3500 this was published 1950 okay so this is for building homes like that for less than 3,500 for me living in a small space is simplifying for sure because otherwise I mean I have to give myself a small space otherwise it’s so easy to compile stuff so if I know I’m going to be living with it there’s no getting around what I bring in so this is from the barn this I actually haven’t built in yet but since I’m going to be moving out and someone’s going to be renting it I needed to think about how where I was going to store my things so this is like a three-foot storage space all underneath the bed for me living in a small space raises consciousness about how much trash you have my pillows are full of fabric about what you’re doing with your waste what you’re taking in what you’re giving out if I take this out and start so so this area is like my sewing studio but then I can put it all back in and it’s my couch and I have my sleeping bag in that pillow pillows are a great thing place to store things and I have all my clothes over there and I’ve got books up here but I’d like to have more bookshelf space these I just screwed up really for I was just like I need someplace to put things everything this is my bathroom this is my chamber pot there’s some piano yeah it’s a little stinky from the pee and at first I was planning to frame this part in like a lot of other people do on small houses and I was going to have a shower right here and a toilet right here and the door right there and then I was living it like this and there there’s a 2 by 4 foot chopping block that’s a table that I’m working on building right now and it’ll be on wheels so I can move it here or all the way back there but I’ve had like nine people in here hanging out and they almost all spent the night here and I was like I don’t have blankets for everybody there’s already four people sleeping here this goes up to the loft and this has a bed and my roof opens so I can do it like this now I still need to make a mechanism and I need to finish the trim up here and everything but the whole thing comes up like that and I had to design it so the ridge cup and the drip edges and everything make it watertight because that’s obviously very important it’s potentially a whole second story and I’m going to build some screens for food drying that just stick right up in between the rafters here but it’s wonderful you know and it’s so lovely to wake up in some place you built yourself I’ve been getting people asking me recently or writing me emails like oh I’m thinking about starting to build myself a little house and I really like yours but I don’t have any building experience if anyone wants to learn something and puts their mind to it they

can do it you know it’s not rocket science or when it’s doable then that’s why I started keeping a blog it’s not I mean it’s too much information for most people but for someone else that wants to do it being able to see how did you decide to connect your house to your trailer you know because every trailer is different every weight I mean these scraps so that’s old refrigeration wall six-inch rigid foam insulation it’s like r45 or something and I just set that in my floor I don’t have a wooden undercarriage in it at all and the walls are all bolted to the trailer did that work it’s an experiment but it’s so far I think one of the reason that that I documented it was because sometimes I don’t even believe it even if I say I did it to some people it doesn’t register you know because they’ve never seen that happen if you are open to making mistakes and have patience with yourself for sure you can do it yeah people make try you know create

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