A lot of people ask us about wild camping and what’s real life like in the van Well the good thing is we get to park up in wonderful places like this, with views like that! But sometimes the reality of where you park isn’t always beautiful as it may seem We’re Marianne and Chris, in May 2018 we quit our 9-5 jobs, rented our house to travel full time Due to the pandemic, our attempt to drive around the world has been put on pause Finding ourselves in Turkey, we are going to show you the best this country has to offer We had a good night’s sleep, it was actually quite quiet here, apart from the usual It was quiet, you get the odd dog barking because there’s a few dogs around But a good night’s sleep, one of the things we like to do early in the morning when we have the opportunity is empty the toilet Yes living in a van you have to empty your toilet And when we are parked next to the park there is a public toilet, so for just one TL, we can go into the toilet and empty our cassette and if we can’t find a public toilet, then we dip into a campsite, there you go, or dig a hole! yes a hole ! Well the car park’s nice and quiet this morning, we have a cassette here that goes in the loo and for those of you wondering we tend to only do number ones in the loo, number two we tend to go to public toilets or find little cafes and places like that, and we always put it in a black bag, then in a discreet bag so we can carry it And then let’s go to the public toilet So just round the corner there’s a big public toilet. Right so that’s the first chore of the morning done – check So it’s a cloudy day, so we’re going to put the solar lanterns on the roof just up here charging, that’s their little home there Another thing that we do on cloudy days is we put out our Poweroak solar panel, because it just gives an extra boost to the solar We have two solar panels as you know on the roof, but this one just gives us that little bit of extra charge on cloudy days, so the electric lasts longer and it’s wired in, into the front, so we just plug it into the wire which we’ve got here We try when we’re in busy car parks not to leave it by the side of Trudy in case somebody drives over it and on the windscreen is a perfect location. It does actually fit on the inside of the windscreen, but obviously it will get more light outside and we’ve got these little magnets that we use for lots of things and it just stops it sliding off. That’s perfect, so we tend to pass the wire through the window so we don’t actually get it stuck in the door, and i can’t do it one-handed ….. yes i can Beautiful morning, there you go and we’ve got a little friendly dog, morning pups and then we hang the rest of the wire just around the wing mirror so nobody trips over, another thing we like to do especially when there’s condensation is give the solar panels a bit of a wipe and we can’t reach all of it but it all helps It’s all soapy, why is it all soapy? You got another new friend this morning, it’s looking a bit skinny this one, yeah I put lots of food and water out, look at daddy! look at daddy, you’re naughty, if you just hop in the van nobody would know, would they? But they would notice when you cross a border! We’ve had a mini disaster in the world of ‘Tread the Globe’ – Some of you know we had our new logo mounted up here, but it disappeared! We were driving along and all of a sudden there was a loud bang and we didn’t really know what was going on, but when we stopped we realised that something was missing from up there and it’s actually gone down the back! Now we’ve looked at trying to deconstruct it and everything else and it was a bit of a drama And Ersels reaction was ‘don’t worry I’m literally coming down near you in the next couple of days, hang out and stay, I’m coming to rescue you!’ Because he’s awesome! So what’s happening outside you ask?

So Ersel has driven from Istanbul with a new logo plate and he and Chris are working out a plan So instead of relying on tape to put it up which we thought might work, he’s actually got a slightly thicker perspex that will not fit down the gap, but that secondary safety measure, they’re going to drill a little hole in it and attach it at the top to stop it falling We love our new logo, so we’re delighted to have it back up! So i’ve put the kettle on and i’m just making a cup of coffee and we’re all going to sit on the wall and catch up The boys are hard at work making sure the sign stays up and our little puppy has come back to say hello, haven’t you puppy? Hey have you come back to say hello? It’s up what a great job we have done, thank you very much Ersel, it is looking awesome, you are a legend as always We’ve secured it with a screw at the top here and we’ve put some super strong double-sided tape this isn’t going anywhere We love you Ersel! Look at this for a place to wake up here in Turkey We’ve driven down um a couple of hours south of Tekirdag and there’s a lovely little spot We’ve got a local friendly dog haven’t we mate? Who’s come to say hi, he’s been sat out the van this morning and it’s just really nice here, the water’s crystal clear and there’s this lovely little beach A lot of people ask us about wild camping and what’s real life like in the van Well the good thing is we get to park up in wonderful places like this, with views like that! But sometimes the reality of where you park isn’t as always as beautiful as it may seem, as with many parts of the world, there are rubbish problems And there’s this bin here, that’s been put obviously by the authorities, but there is just so much rubbish all around it. The bin is empty and this plastic is going to blow into the sea and pollute the waters Areas of natural beauty should be kept beautiful, we don’t like preaching, we don’t like showing the negative, we tend to look at the positive in life, but you we can’t help but notice this because it’s just so bad and there’s also rubbish on the beach down below So we’re going to do our duty and make it a little bit better One of the rules of wild camping if you haven’t done it before, when you park up somewhere, always leave it cleaner than when you find it So if we park up somewhere that’s particularly bad with plastic waste and stuff we just pick it up and put it in the bin, spend half an hour of our day just tidying it up, but Turkey is such a beautiful country that we just need, it just needs to be left clean! Because it’s going to be ruined otherwise, like so many parts of the world We can’t control everybody, you can just do your little bit, but it all helps The sun’s just come out this morning, we put out our solar panels that were sent to us by Poweroak, these have been wired straight up into our leisure batteries, we do have two solar panels on the roof, but this just gives us a little bit of a boost and because we’re going to stay still for a couple of days just to catch up on some video editing and because we have a view like that And it’s really quiet we had a fabulous night’s sleep here, although we were visited by the police, what time was it? about 11 o’clock? 22.30? there was a bang on the door and we always get a bit nervous when it’s pitch dark and there’s a bang bang! Because you don’t know, you have no idea who it is, and there’s no lights outside,

and they banged again. They sounded quite confident, so we opened it and there was two police officers, who just wanted to know who we were, why we were here and what we were doing? And we explained, and they saw the youtube sign, and then we had a selfie, we showed them a little clip in Turkish from Show TV when we were on Show TV And it explained why we’re in Turkey and, our adventure, so it was all good and they were really nice and his English was perfect, but he was actually worried that we’re a little bit close to the cliff I think, yeah, I think because we’ve parked kind of close to the edge. We always look and make sure that we don’t get too too close either side, but it’s fine, there’s loads of car tracks here people obviously park here normally It’s a very nice spot, well we’ve pretty well run out of space of bags, but this looks a lot better. We focused on the plastic, so we could put all the glass and stuff in the box there, and this is the field that was covered in plastic bags and it’s much better. There you go, so we’re leaving the area a lot cleaner than when we arrived, aren’t we love? We are, baby wipes and hand wipes have plastic in them too! Just in case nobody knew, they don’t dissolve, they don’t break down, it’s literally taken us 20 minutes, half an hour to tidy up this area It’s not a lot of time and if everybody just did a little bit or didn’t put it there in the first place, or took it home, then your beauty spots would be even more beautiful! So something very exciting has just happened! so after our big beach clean this morning Ersel phoned the local council and guess what’s just arrived! Oh that’s so cool, look at that, that’s amazing! Look at that they’ve come to clear the rubbish, we love them! We have woken up in the Turkish town of Gelibolu, you can see the beach behind me, this town is also known as Gallipoli and many of you will have heard of Gallipoli from the famous world war one battle But more on that a little bit later So we slept here last night, overlooking the sea and the beach. We had a good night’s sleep, but these sort of lovely viewing places always get busy in the evenings. But by 11 o’clock, it had quietened down a little bit and in fact this morning, we had a little bit of a thunderstorm, it was literally right above us, you could see it coming over the bay and the heavens opened! It’s right above us at least we’re oh lightning at least we’re all tucked up in the van We were supposed to be going out filming this morning but van life as a Youtuber, sometimes the weather controls what you do, so we’re editing instead! I’m very pleased we didn’t go out filming love And it’s actually one of the first days I think we’ve got our warm tops on? Yeah, it’s definitely got a little bit chillier and in fact the storm this morning was a bit of a van shaker wasn’t it? It really was So next to us is this little park and we came here last night and there was a few people sat out having barbecues, but there was this lovely family, they offered us some food, they had a barbecue going and we were like “no it’s fine,

thank you very much”. We started walking off and they literally chased us with a lamb kebab ! and said “no, you have to have this!” So i just can’t believe how nice people are But looking at this park, it’s nice, they’ve got a water tap you know if you’re in Turkey in a van and you want water, most parks have it, i think it’s because people cook, barbecue, so they’re handling raw meat and food, and they need to wash their hands. So I think people use this, i think that’s what people use it for So yeah look at this view, so here in Gelibolu, it sits on the Dardanelles Strait and this body of water that you can see behind me, joins the Marmara Sea which leads up to Istanbul and then into the Black Sea Back in the day Istanbul was known as Constantinople and it was an important trading route from the west with Russia, mainly because it was the only way that you could get to Russia in the winter and avoid the snow So the battle of Gallipoli actually started in this body of water the British troops and the French boats, they tried to come up this channel of water with the intention of heading up to take over Constantinople, but they were met with fierce resistance, lost some of their ships and had to retreat We’re gonna go and have a little look around the town because the sun is shining and we need to make the most of this sunshine before it starts raining again Fish, lots of lovely fish swimming here. Again the water is really clear and just to give you a perspective of where we’re walking, Trudy’s parked on top there and the park that we went to, is just the other side of the top there What a wonderful afternoon here in Gelibolu As we walk around it’s really strange, I didn’t really know what to expect and I said to Chris I’m more than likely going to get very upset, because I don’t really like negativity or anything tragic, it just breaks my heart But I have to say it’s very beautiful here, the gardens are manicured and obviously not knowing what to expect in coming to a mass grave, to where people tragically lost their lives in this terrible tragic historical event, but it’s beautiful There are lovely walkways, cycle routes, it’s very calm and peaceful here and you can just see the boats just chugging through, the small fishing boats and as it’s such an important route you can also see big boats carrying containers Just walking along the front here, and it’s just lovely look at the stone of these cliffs with the blue sky Looking at this big rock here it’s all made of seashells, I’m not sure whether that’s concrete and seashells or whether it’s just fossilised ? I don’t know any rock specialists out there? Let us know, comment below! You can see the huge tankers coming up and down this stretch of water, because this is like I said a very important trading route even today And for those of you that are feeling brave they’ve actually got a diving board up here, although it is far too cold to be diving, what do you reckon love? it’s deeper, yeah oh it’s much deeper much deeper there, look! Oh it looks lovely doesn’t it, on a hot sunny day … oh yeah We’ve got people fishing, car ferries coming in from the Asian side there

So we’ve arrived in the main town, next to the fishing harbour with all the fishing boats and little restaurants dotted around, it’s really pretty down here All the fishing boats, the sun is shining, that’s obviously the ferry terminal and the fishermen are here sorting their nets out And they’ve still got all the flags and things out from national day which was yesterday We’re now actually wandering down a few back streets, because I’m trying to find the post office to send all of the stickers to those of you that have ordered stickers from us We post them from the road, the t-shirts and things are sent separately, but the stickers we post ourselves, so we’re bracing the back streets to try and find the ptt which should be just around the corner hopefully Okay we found the ptt, look at the queue! It’s going down the road We’ve made it back to Trudy just in time, before the heavens opened again! It’s gone really dark just like that The ptt was fine, it took about 45 minutes queuing, we know for next time to make sure we go really early in the morning I tend to empty it because Chris is messy and clumsy! So gelly bolu sits on the um body um oh! oh my lord that made the van move! – Whoa ! This town is also known as Gallipoli and many of you will have heard of gallippi gillippi ah three two one! Right finally shave time Oh you’re still there! That’s the end of the show, we would like to thank you all very much for watching Please consider subscribing and hitting the bell notification so you don’t miss a video and we will see you next time Bye for now!

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