good to go good evening I’d like to call to order this regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council for the City of Calistoga it is Tuesday October 2nd at exactly 6:00 p.m. city clerk Lampson has this meeting been properly noticed yes can I have a roll call please councilmember Lopez Ortega here councilmember Barnes Europe councilmember Krause here vice mayor Dennis Rader mayor Kenny here appeal please all stand and join me for a salute to the fight will start this evening with oral communication on consent items or non agendized items this time is set aside to receive comments from the public regarding matters on the consent calendar or matters of municipal concern that are not on the agenda pursuant to government code section 54957 doing this comment period speakers are encouraged to limit their comments to three minutes maximum so that all speakers have an opportunity to address the City Council I have one speaker card and then after that if there’s anyone who wants to address the council that did not thought to speak card you are welcome to do so it’s Bernard right away please share with us should you so choose to share with us your name and your address and please limit your comments to a maximum of three minutes I have contacted and their army and you look it’s not just in my part but our but look right right out and that filter so I’ve had a lot of information about site but art says that I’ll pay the water the city did meaning and tell them our pipe oh right but Jeremy if you went right into part but and Danny before that’s hot but I put up there we go I think that’s about all I have for paint like my father thank you

so city manager feet and then we have public works director Kern first of all I empathize with the situation this is not the first time in my eight years on this council that we’ve encountered a very similar issue with that particular Park the city’s responsibility is to deliver clean water as best we can when we talk about the mobile home park Rancho as an example we deliver up to the water meter for the park and then at that point their water system takes our water and delivers it to you we’ve expressed concerns to that management in the past not the current managers but previous as well as ownership that their level of maintenance could probably and should probably be improved so we could deliver you bottled water quality water our side of the meter when it goes through into a system that’s not being maintained to a level that we would recommend there’s not much we can do beyond that other than strongly encourage and then perhaps we could find a mechanism by which to influence the ownership and the management of that park to do what we would consider to be proper maintenance on that side on that side of town and our public works director Mike turn could correct me if I’m wrong but we know that this is an issue of right now even taking Rancho out of the picture because we’re replacing phase water tank which is the other balancing water tank in town that helps pressurize the system keep everything circulating so what we more than likely have specific to Rancho is a compounding situation the good news is that the beige tank situation good news for the surrounding communities that the phase tank situation is temporary while it’s under construction the better news is hopefully that your Park management and ownership can be strongly encouraged to do the maintenance and reach a maintenance level that we would consider to be satisfactory we are happy to and I’m happy to call management and ownership myself or the city manager or the head of Public Works to encourage that along but again this is unfortunately not our first time at the rodeo with your particular partner so I don’t think it’s anything intentional I just think it’s an a long list of things they probably have to attend to it might not be their priority and with that said I again we have some a brief period of challenge because of the phase water tank replacement which was necessary but that’s not accounting for all of the situation there okay so we will take that to city manager because you can get the contact information for that park both ownership and management which we have and perhaps we can help provide them with some expertise to encourage how that needs to be done because if it’s not flushed properly then you end up with that stagnation and while we’re replacing pretty significant sized water tank and just for the record you’re not paying twice as much for your water I’ll allow you to pull out a claisen to make your point I might just make a comment also because I am a little bit familiar with the water system over there it is a rather unique water system here within the city even though we have several other mobile home parks that have their the same metering issue that you have however that mobile home park has a bypass rancho has a bypass and it’s right there by where the mailboxes are and it’s that big pipe that comes up out of the ground and everything and the water mains that were in there that are in there are under sized and the reason for that big contraption up there is so that if there’s a fire that the fire department can come on over and open that up to increase the water pressure in the park so I’m not saying that’s part of the problem but I’m wondering if because that is a rather unique situation there if that has something to do with it the other thing is is that by state law the height all the fire hydrants that are in your park have to be tested annually and as part of that testing usually they’re flowed at least

once a year and that can do a couple of things it causes some turbulence because the water you know normally travels through with a certain velocity and all of a sudden you open up a fire hydrant and it increases quite a bit so the mobile home parks are supposed to submit to the fire department the results of their testing and I’m wondering if they’ve done that so if you would check with the fire department to see if the flow tests have been conducted in there on an annual basis as is required by state law that might answer some questions as to why they’re having a problem with the water perhaps it has nothing to do with it but perhaps there’s something to do with it there and whatever else we can do here in the city to help you resolve that over there Gary a question for your expertise is the mobile home park responsible for requesting that test or is that automatically scheduled by the fire department is not scheduled by the fire department the law in the system then because if it’s not scheduled it could fall through the cracks well that’s I mean it’s automatic ability on the 10th of October every year we go to Rancho and do it the fire department doesn’t do the testing well whoever does it is third party because the limbless doesn’t want to be responsible different water surge happens and there’s a result of the testing and somebody’s hot water heater blows up or you know pipe comes up out of the ground or something the city doesn’t want to be responsible for that but there are testing agencies or testing companies they should say that the mobile home park can contract with to accomplish that and then they submit the paperwork to the city keresh you shouldn’t have to do that they should be familiar with the law and this this all came out of a bad fire that happened on the Long Beach California the fire department went in the fragrance didn’t work and so a law was passed this is probably ten years ago or so could we help that situation long Steve sure could I mean we as a council we as a cinema I think we think we’ve got direction to the staff now go ahead and check with the fire chief if they are not doing that reporting and then we’re not suggesting they are they like to say it may it may or may not be part of the problem out there but we sure should know whether or not the water system is sufficient to handle a fire as well quality the drinking water and make their own section directed current have we gone too far a foul on this in terms of our recommendations okay thank you so we all be in contact with parks management and ownership and they’ve been cooperative on another matter so it don’t see reason they wouldn’t be on this and if nothing we have other means by which we can encourage that and we already be doing it on a schedule mm right getting as far as the water quality play all right I don’t have any other speaker cards as anyone else interested in addressing the council in any matter is relative to the consent calendar not in each other all right I will close the oral communication and I will entertain a motion to adopt the students agenda as presented on us a modification so moved I have a motion by councilmember Kraus have a second by vice mayor Dunsford all those in favor aye they both all right moving on to council requests for ideas and for discussions all right councilmember Lopez Ortega I find that tonight council member bars just might buy weekly reminder that elections coming up please register if you are not registered vote and also we’re having three debates this month one is Thursday night sponsored by the press in the back of the room right here at 6:30 and two more one on the 11th I believe in one on the 17th please come and attend and see what we all the candidates have to say councilmember Krause I don’t have anything to add put Jim to vice mayor Dunsford nothing all

right I have a couple of items I’d like to address first we have a tatlo next Tuesday Tuesday on the 9th by getting this right this is the bill Dodd okay so we have a town hall by our state senator bill Dodd which will be at 5:30 in this facility and as part of that we’re doing a one-year remembrance of the Tubbs fire in Calistoga that looks like weather permitting we will be doing a brief ceremony at fireman’s Park which is just half a block down to the left here at the beginning of that meeting and then we’ll have the Town Hall so you can address your state senator aren’t any issues of concern that you have regarding his realm of jurisdiction with the state of California so those are actually two items wrapped into one and then the other item which I want to reiterate which is brought up like councilmember Barnes the first of three candidate forums is coming up live and in person if I could make a request for some of the more active members in our community step out from behind your keyboard come meet your neighbors come meet your candidates have a conversation with people and you could always go back to your keyboard and get on top of nextdoor.com or whatever else you choose to utilize to continue to miss inform yourself so with that said the first candidate is out 6:30 on Thursday night thank you very much moving on to Proclamation presentations and awards tonight we have a presentation by our Recreation Department’s taking us through this this evening will be Rachel welcome back so the point of my presentation tonight to kind of highlight what we’re kind of getting into as far as our reprogramming give you a recap of what’s been going on so far and kind of where ridiculous so we’ve had an initial launch of some free programming’s just to kind of see how that how that’s gonna go how that looks and so far it’s going really well which did a couple of camps we did a couple of tennis programs and now one of our main programs that’s coming up it’s basketball so far we have 78 registered then we’re doing some partnerships with house toga fit to offer some senior and adult wellness classes and those have been really popular and I think that those will continue to grow and increase as our pool closes pool closed last weekend just kind of getting into gathering all the data for that Manistee programs what that would look like to offer all of those programs so that’s kind of where we’re at right now and then as we move forward just want to get an idea of what we’re kind of looking for this is kind of what I’ve been thinking of is which programs we should be offering for free and I think it’s it looks like it’s mainly gonna be geared towards youth senior and adult wellness programs so that can be you know an array of things which is tennis basketball soccer volleyball so muscles and then some enrichment programs which are always most likely going to be partners with food police patrols club and then other organizations within the community as well as adult fitness classes that serve the needs of the community senior Fitness passes the serpentine resident foolish still kind of I think some programs will remain per charge and those are going to be specialty classes specialty Aldean so like we take 14 built sports leagues facility rentals for private and commercial organization so then as we kind of go into this just want to get some feedback as far as what the council would like to see and then what the needs of the community are we’re in the process of preparing a survey to go out to the entire community to kind of see what are you guys interested in the department offering what times works for everyone how is the best way that you can get this information to you so that you know what’s going on in the department and you can sign up for those programs and then one thing I’m really kind of I’m finding very important is to maintain the integrity and the quality of our programs so and what I mean by that is just really ensuring that our registrants become participants so we don’t have this huge drop-off from the

time people register to the time that they should be showing up for a program so we’re trying out some different things to combat that so any feedback this welcome council members questions comments yeah on your first page second slide it’s a soccer vo twenty participants Dennis twenty six basket ball 78 you have the figures to compare what those were from last year when we were charging so tennis was a new program so I don’t have figures for that so that’s that’s increased a hundred percent basketball I don’t know the top of the numbers off the top of my head I think they were higher than that but we’re not done with registration yet we just opened it like two weeks ago so so you really don’t have enough data yet but so far it’s looking really good one comment that I might just add Jim last year we actually partnered with the Cubs basketball and they actually funded the program for free and and I don’t remember the participation either but I know it was a very high number that was probably one of the first programs was that two years ago so when we first started offering recreation programs outside of swimming for free we had a tremendous success rate there how many soccer teams are there this year what I’m sorry you have to you ate weekends when you 12 I think there’s probably six or seven soccer was not offered as a free program I remember because the registration started before we right right exactly did the program so I’ll be interested to see if we have a significant increase in the participation in because I think that would help with the justification or be the justification for expanding soccer fields and recreation facilities there on the east end of Washington Street so one I think another justification there is just the lack of field space for all of the organizations in town they’re pretty much everybody that plays soccer is usually lovely so that’s the high school gonna wear that term pretty good right so that is our only facility for we use some field space at the high school but video yes yeah I see kids out there in the outfield little kids yeah yeah great look at is there are these soccer teams do they have local merchants that are sponsors some yes thank you the trainers our trainers or coaches are there getting paid or mostly our volunteer mostly our volunteer but for basketball we are looking at hiring on some coaches so as we move into our our free programming and are offering more programs and having more teams we are gonna look at actually paying the coaches because that’s one of our challenges is finding coaches for all of the teams that we can field I would say space and coaches are kind of our challenges but I think with offering some kind of compensation that that will be less of a challenge will we be utilizing the basketball court at the new Boys and Girls Club absolutely we’re gonna be partnering with them a lot on basketball good where are we on a percentage of your best guess our instructors staff etc that are bilingual my best guess would be probably 75% are bilingual great because most of our staff at the pool is bilingual very good you know that was a initiative that we I know you’ve been working on but we’re strongly encouraging for obvious reasons as well just some feedback that I’ve received primarily I’m interacting with adults who are doing some of the adult programs you’ve done and the feedback has been outstanding the caliber and quality of the instruction and the instructors they find to be exceptional and they are I got really good feedback about the tennis program that you guys are initiating I mean it’s it seems a shame to have so many tennis courts and not having kind of a feeder system to encourage kids and even adults to uh to get back into that so thank you for for pushing that along absolutely anyone with public any questions for Park and Recreation or anything you’d like to see further all right keep that going and give us updates along the way as to how we’re doing on registrations especially now that it’s a vast majority are going

to be free thank you thanks Rachel thank you alright we’ll move on to the consent calendar will entertain a motion on the consent calendar as presented as unless any one would like an item hold for further discussion second I have a motion by councilmember Barnes I have a second by councilmember Kraus all those in favor all right hi any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you very much we have no public hearings we have no general government we will now adjourn to our next regularly scheduled meeting which is October 16th at 6 p.m. in the same facility thank you all and have a nice evening

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