hello and welcome to studio 7 we are so glad that you decided to join us today as we talk about holiday traditions I’m joined by some of our friends and sharing games Jessica Phillips and Paige passmore and we have some great ideas and information to share with you today Sharon tell me a little bit you’re taking us on the move yes on the move there are even more holiday happenings around the Permian Basin so we’re going to revisit some ones we talked about last week as well as add some new ones and then we have a special surprise at the end I love that it’s going to be you don’t want to miss it what about no you’re talking today about some new traditions maybe and it’s a personal time for you absolutely and holidays can be really rough and in the light of loss and so if you’re grieving through the holidays I’ve got some tips for you to create some new traditions and your family it’s going to be important to a lot of people for that and Paige joins us and we are going to talk fashion this is right up your alley and we type it’s so much fun we did we got to hang out and play dress up at Julian Gold a beautiful department store in Midland and we’ve got some great ideas for fashion for holiday parties and family gathering it’s going to be awesome we’re so glad that you guys are here glad that you were all here so I say right now let’s just get things started Paige and I spent the day at Julian Gold in Midland where we got a first-hand look at some of the season’s hottest ideas for what you just might want to wear to your holiday party one of the great things about the holiday season is the opportunity to gather with friends and family lots of different holiday parties that often require different holiday attire if some pages here with us today we’re in the beautiful evening salon at Julian golden we’re going to look at some holiday ideas that really give us a great breadth of options right we’re dressing for holiday party yes we’ve got everything from casual office gatherings family friends and then all the way to our sparkling new year’s cocktail dresses oh it’s so much fun let’s get started our first model is Courtney Courtney has on a cobalt blue Taylor dress it’s a very affordable option it’s perfect for an office party you can wear it with heels flats if you’re going to dinner with the family something nice she’s also wearing a beautiful alexis bittar statement necklace necklace ties everything together it’s got the blue hint in the stones and then you can take that necklace you can pair it with a white tank top and jeans and we’re all spring and summer as well this piece really kind of becomes about the necklace I would never think to put those together and they are it spits perfect it’s perfect the blues match exactly the gold cuff spring out the gold and you are so drawn to her gorgeous face when you see that necklace Courtney it is gorgeous thank you so much and tanya has our next outfit and this I have to say this feels like something I would wear I love this I love it this is a kate spade cardigan with the rhinestone detailing at the chest she’s also paired it with some kate spade large stud earrings and some really great black slacks that you could wear almost every day but the sweater is a perfect fit it dresses up the outfit and that’s another piece that you can pair with almost anything a skirt shorts in the summer if you want to jazz it up a little bit out for dinner or even jeans but it’s a perfect outfit heels or flats and you can wear it anywhere one of my secrets is a great pair of black pants but you can just change out the top way and it’s saves you money and gives you a lot of different ideas that is just gorgeous thank you so much thank you okay page now we’re going to look at some outfits that might be perfect for an evening attire and you are going to love these according to come back out we have both said if we were just a little bit tall like Courtney Holly witness every day yes this is a fabulous Trina Turk jumpsuit with the gold belt and she’s wearing it with a little bolero jacket the jumpsuit is great for a night out with friends or if you’re having more of an evening cocktail holiday party gift exchange and you can remove that jacket and the jumpsuit can go spring and summer you could work with a great sandal but the black and the white is perfect for holiday it can even go over into new years we’ve got those great toned arms it’s great that neckline with the keyhole is very flattering it’s a really great piece it’s worth the investment and it’s really not very expensive portner you are beautiful thank you same way or you and now we’re going to bring Tanya back out the pop of color in that jacket is great and the gold accessories this is a Diane von Furstenberg bandage style dress so it holds you in in all the right places people are afraid of these but they are actually very very flattering any shape or size and she paired it with a Marchesa jacket this jacket is great it you could work with changing or with pants you can wear with anything but it looks fabulous over that dress for a night out on the town with friends and I love that I don’t know if we can get a shot of her shoes because these are another versatile pair jeans with a skirt with the tights it’s just it’s dark exactly they’re a little suede bootie with a zipper and they’re a wedge so they’re a lot more comfortable than a

heel you could stand up all night in those and never have a problem but you’re right Tatum you can wear those with anything time to thank you so much beautiful okay Courtney is coming back with one more outfit now we’re really taking it up a notch our evening where New Year’s Eve black tie after six after six is that is echo six feet under six okay Courtney’s wearing a beaded black aidan mattox dress with fringe at the bottom now this dress I love you can put a blazer over it you can wear it just sleeveless to a New Year’s Eve party to a fancy Christmas party and even black-tie short is appropriate for black tie depending on the theme of the event and then she’s got these great shoes they’ve got a rhinestone buckle so it ties in the sparkles from top to bottom it’s just a beautiful p and I love the way you mentioned one of the outfits earlier drew your attention up to her face and this because the fringe around the knee area and the great shoes great legs as she does what a great way to show it’s not perfectly thank you very and then Tonya has our next outfit this is a navy blue Giovanni evening dress it’s also the bandage style so it’s very flattering hugs you in the bright places the places that you want addressed to hug and his Navy and the new black I mean you’re seeing so much and I love it and get it I love Navy it’s my favorite color but it is the new black I believe in its year-round so spring formal wedding you can wear this spring formal event you can wear this and then obviously into the winter where we’re showing it now Tony’s gonna come out with one more big surprise at the end piece but I also want to just draw our attention to some of the things that we see on the table because it’s amazing to me how much a sparkly purse or a great pair of shoes can just make you feel fantastic so watching prettier you’re right Tatum you can if your holiday events this year aren’t that dressy they’re more casual you’re just meeting up with friends exchanging ornaments putting a pair of these or the little Kate Spade with the glitter bow is perfect with a pair of black jeans or black pants or a little skirt it’s it Jazz’s you up so you feel special you feel pretty but you’re not having to go buy a whole outfit so great okay we told you in a big surprise at the end and so tanya is going to come back out and show us this fabulous coat I love that dual purposes it does with our weather being so crazy right now this jacket is reversible so on the outside you’ve got the fur trim and the nylon and then you flip it and it’s all fur its full length it’s great for those weekends when we have the freezes but it’s dressy and then it’s not so dressy so you buy one coat this year and this is it and we admit this as a splurge but for those husbands who are out there and maybe they’re looking for the perfect gift there’s trying to pay off it’s been really great this year this is a this is it item any lady would love this thank you so much you want to thank Julian Gold we’re having us today and showing us all their beautiful fashions now go have a great holiday party up next here on Studio 7 even with so many fun traditions there are times when it’s important to create some new ones up next to our relationship contributor Jessica Phillips share some thoughts on dealing with big life changes during the holidays getting real is up next on Studio 7 stay with us welcome back to studio 7 finding joy during the Christmas season should be a given right but what happens when you’ve encountered a major life change or even a loss today we’re getting real with Jessica Phillips Jessica this is a topic that is very personal to you because you’ve had a loss in your life yes we lost my dad in june of 2005 and we lost him to suicide so it was tragic and he was only 44 and that first holiday the first Thanksgiving in the first Christmas especially Christmas was special to my family and it was very difficult to get through and so we just decided we were not going to try to duplicate all the Christmases before but we also weren’t going to throw out all tradition we were going to create some new traditions and yet still honor some of things that we had done in the past and I had a friend who went through a loss and she shared that they tried to duplicate the same exact holiday the same Christmas that they always had with with her grandmother when her grandmother was living and she said we realized after a couple of years that we all begin dreading that holiday because it wasn’t ever going to be the same because that special grandma wasn’t there anymore there’s a void there’s a big void and so she and I discussed how creating new traditions helps you move forward and yet still honor the person who you’ve lost I love this the first one is honored a person who is no longer with it that’s right honor them and the way we did that simply and we still do something like this every year is that we exchange an ornament my dad was a police officer he was a motorcycle enthusiast so we always exchange an ornament that maybe as a harley-davidson

ornament or is an inscribed ornament my mom made us plaques the first year we hang them on our Christmas tree and it says in honor of Jerry Johnson and so it’s just the way that we bring dad into our holiday for and then you have some other friends who’ve done some other things and these are just brilliant yes this hello i love the pillow this is so very special they took their nanny the grandmother her pajamas that everybody always saw a nanny wearing these pajamas and they took him to a seamstress and she cut up the pajamas and she sewed him into these pillows and they her mom says that every morning when she gets up and reads her Bible she curls up with this pillow and then she had blankets made as well quilts made out of her mother’s clothing and she curls up with her Bible and her pillow and her blanket and she just feels like she is there with her mom second step you have breast is go to a worship service absolutely go take your family to a worship service the Bible says in Psalm 34 that God is close to the brokenhearted and he saves those who are crushed in spirit and if you are grieving this holiday season that’s exactly how you feel you feel broken hearted and crushed in spirit and so take your family to church and cry out to God I promise it’s it’s weird it’s supernatural but I feel like I’m closer to my dad when I spend time with Jesus I feel like he does something healing and special and peaceful in the midst of my pain that’s very comforting the last thing you say is if you’re dealing with someone or have a friend who is in the middle of grief it’s okay to say the name of the person who’s gone you never know how to handle that yes it’s it is it makes you nervous because you don’t want to make them cry you don’t want to bring up that person’s name and and there’s something that makes make someone feel more gone when we stop saying their name it makes us feel less connected to them and so when even now when people walk up to me and they’re like you know we know it’s been what eight years since your dad died we missed Jerry we miss his smile we miss his laugh we missed the smell of his yummy Cologne we miss him I might cry but that’s okay you know yeah cry with me hug me it’s okay and tell your friends you know I know you you’re missing your grandma this year and I’m praying for you it’ll comfort them and make them feel loved Jess this is going to help a lot of people this holiday season thank you for sharing your story and giving us these ideas thank you when we come back on studio 7 earlier in the show we shared some great ideas for fun fashion that might work for a holiday gathering so now the question is where can you go to have some fun we have a breakdown of some festive holiday events in the basin next on Studio 7 stay with us welcome back to studio 7 now that we know what to wear the question is where are we going Sharon games is our on the move contributor and she joins us now with some ideas that might help you start some fun holiday tradition yes Tatum we have some new fun things to share with everyone you know my family’s gone to our community tree lighting for 18 years that’s one of our family’s traditions yeah I’m not even sure I always liked it sometimes it’s 22 degrees and babies are crying in my toes are freezing off but I wouldn’t trade those 18 years of family traditions for anything so we have some exciting things planned I can’t wait to your so it’s probably to be cold outside so you need to suit up get your scarf on get your hot chocolate get in the car buckle up buckle up the kids and I’m going to talk fast so you don’t miss anything midlands up with the christmas at the mansion in the museum of the southwest it earned a spot two weeks in a row there’s no explaining it just three words gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous you got to go see it free open house next two saturdays the 14th in the 21st details at museum SW org also Midland festival ballet performs the Nutcracker saturday and sunday december 21st and 22nd the Moscow ballet performs the great Russian Nutcracker on sunday december 29th details at Wagner Noel com what’s a Christmas without some Nutcracker ballet right from personal experience little piece of advice if your husband refers to the ballet intermission as halftime you might consider leaving him home I know I’m not the only one who’s had these experiences right we do love our hubbies okay take a hop skip and a jump over to Odessa second thing earning another weak spot this week is the Starbright village tour of lights at mckinney park five words this time this is in West Texas it’s a must-see little piece of Disney in our backyard I bet you can see this thing from 20 miles away on the interstate 20 look at that picture it’s unbelievable open nightly throughout december six to 11 p.m. Oh can’t forget also in Odessa the music city mall shopping dining ice skating carousel ride Santa Claus Santa’s Village movie theater for all the Christmas blockbusters they may just have the biggest variety of things in one spot than any other place in the Permian Basin just like their commercial says they really do have it all Music City Mall dotnet for details and new this week and on the

move ocl outside city limits if the big city is not for you you might like this week’s ocl spotlight on drumroll big spring you gotta visit the hotel settles it’s a historical art deco oasis take a night away go to two nights away stroll through the lobby maybe just dinner in the settles grill we’ll have more on the saddles hotel for you in another show but it’s definitely definitely worth your time I talked fast did you get it all I did and I want to check them all out the bottom so much fun Sharon thank you so much you’re welcome still ahead on Studio 7 holiday traditions often include food today Renee Alpert shares one of her great family traditions with a scrumptious recipe for new mexican green chile enchiladas i have one word yum kiss the cook is up next on Studio 7 stay with us coming up next week on Studio 7 the anticipation leading to Christmas morning can be agonizing for a child so how about a special Christmas Eve box you’re going to love this idea plus some great ideas for a Christmas breakfast it’s all next monday at four thirty right here on Studio 7 welcome back to studio seven many of us have special traditions during the holidays we attend the same parties watch the same movies we even cook the same food that is certainly the case for our culinary expert here at Studio 7 it’s time right now to kiss the cook we are here inside Renee Albert’s kitchen for a very special kiss the cook Renee I’m going to let you introduce your guest today because they are knowledgeable and we’ve already had so much fun doing this I am so excited title now I’ve been looking so forward to this I’ve got my family here from New Mexico this is Jenny daddy Jim Robinson and we are going to talk about traditional New Mexican cooking every time they come to see me they load me up with all my very favorite things from New Mexico and Ginny’s going to talk to us today about fresh roasted green chilies Oh Ginny I’ve tasted this already and I have to know how to make this from that so it’s really easy we get these roasted in New Mexico and I think you can get them done here too and then we put them in a freezer bag and freeze it and this is what it looks like when it comes out and it’s very easy I just cut off the top and it’s very easy to just peel the skin off and you just slice it cut it like that put it in a bowl and you put olive oil lots of garlic Laurie seasoned salt and smoked paprika and let it sit for a while so it all melds together and what do you call this you know we just kind of made it up my brother and I did I kind of had it it’s just it’s not really a salsa it’s called heaven we love it we eat it all the time so the way you served it for me and it is so good is a tiny little bit of mayonnaise and then you add in the green chilies and it is the yummiest appetizer okay now Renee is really excited about the next step because it is the it can be a chili stew and then it becomes an enchilada well what you can do is if you have this leftover you can make green chile stew out of it okay and what I do you can use I used pork in this but you can use ground turkey ground beef whatever you want you brown it really well put a little flour in it mix it up real well and then I use chicken broth put that in there with your green chili and a little bit of red chili and oregano and then you just let it simmer for quite a while it thickens up and then you use that as a sauce for your for your blue corn enchiladas so first day you might have this do in in a second daddy enchilada right that sounds good and one of my favorite things is the fresh blue corn tortilla you can find them every once in a while at stores around here you can also order them but they’re also just as good you can make them with a regular corn tortilla we’ve got daddy back here grating the cheese this is always his job he’s people I love cheese great a little bit great what kind of cheese that’s a cheddar a white chick white cheddar I always use a watching I’m glad we have an important job over there yes it is so we’re gonna build the enchilada now rising this dude just put a little canola oil turn the tortilla in it and that makes your first level we need some cheese over here okay and I just layer some cheese and use as much as you want a lot that’s how my job Vincent onions and this right here she’ll put use in a moment but she used the fresh baby arugula which is really good you can chop up fresh romaine but the baby arugula gives it a little kick and it’s really really good and it’s real pretty on it whoops i forgot to say before you put the other tortilla on it you have to put the chili oh that’s thick that’s it right here yes so you leave it on top of there huh and then you do the same thing again and then put the chili on that and one more layer one more layer then it’s kind of pretty if

you just this is a green onions arugula and tomatoes and you just kind of make a little and that looks like we’re at a five-star restaurant back up it’s like we’re the in Santa Fe at a restaurant all I have to say is I am so sorry that you are not here enjoying this with me oh jim says cheese in the middle and there we go never weird we’re gonna spend the rest of the day enjoying this enchilada Jenny thank you sir Jerry what kind of mind you if you Renee thanks for sharing your family no wonder you’re so fabulous in the kitchen it’s time now for this week’s five things we love this week it’s a christmas-themed a Christmas album that I love is being Crosby one of the things I love is my heb water filter because I can have a clean filtered cup of water anywhere I go and it makes for a great Christmas gift one of my very favorite things at Christmastime is Jenny’s homemade New Mexican Matthias it is yummy its creamy its cool it’s a most wonderful dessert that you put fresh nutmeg on so be sure to check out our Facebook page for the recipe one of the ILA for the Christmas season make a great gift is a website called gelaskins you go on here and you click on create your own and it takes you to a page where you can select what device you want to create a hard cover for or a wraparound skin all right one of my favorite things is my dog and here’s his famous trick show me your butt where’d you play where’s your black boys that boy good boy thank you so much for joining us this week on Studio 7 we hope you are inspired we hope you had some fun and we really hope you’ll make an appointment with us every monday at four thirty if you have questions or ideas for the show please visit us on facebook twitter or instagram and check back in often throughout the day for daily doses of inspiration you can find a link for all of that at 7.com from everyone at sewell ford and all of us here at Studio seven thanks again for watching we’ll see you next week

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