[BIRDSOUND] [BIRD SOUND] Hello, and welcome to Virtual Raptor Tank 2020. My name is Audrey Rapp and I am a sophomore at Montgomery College in the Macklin Business Institute, and one of this year’s Raptor Tank Co-leaders Before we get started, I want you to meet the rest of our student leaders Hello. My name is Ben Blutstein and I am a sophomore at Montgomery College in the Macklin Business Institute and one of this year’s Raptor Tank Co-leaders Hi, I’m Zangel Villanuev I’m also a sophomore at Montgomery College’s Macklin Business Institute and a Co-leader of Raptor Tank Hi. My name is Evan Wellek and I am a freshman at Montgomery College’s Macklin Business Institute and one of this year’s Raptor Tank Co-leaders Typically, I would be standing on the stage in the student auditorium, presenting to you live. But this year, our competition is virtual due to the pandemic and it has been a unique experience to be online at this time Whether in person or online entreprthe eneurial dream is alive at Montgomery College There are enthusiastic student entrepreneurs, business faculty, and local community business leaders that are supportive of our MC community To connect these groups, Raptor Tank was born! In the development of Raptor Tank, the Montgomery College Rockville Business Program partnered with the Macklin Business Institute Of course, our competition would not be possible without the help of Montgomery College’s leadership and support across a variety of departments. >This is where I would typically our next speaker on stage and you all would clap, but in our virtual environment, we’ll have to clap in the safety of our homes to give all warm welcome to our College leadership for some opening remarks. >Hello, I’m DeRionne Pollard. Now, can you believe that thanksgiving break is just a couple weeks away? This means it is a time for one of our very most exciting annual events here at the College: the Raptor Tank Business Pitch Competition. This event gives Montgomery College’s entrepreneurial students a chance to hone their business ideas and compete for prize money provided by our Macklin Business Institute’s MBI Cafe Although it’s not an in person competition this year, the virtual Raptor Tank will showcase our exceptional students here at Montgomery College. It’s also a wonderful example of the college’s resilience when meeting students needs The Raptor Tank leadership team pulled together and pulled out all the stops to create this event vividly in our virtual spaces To each of the participants, I want to congratulate you on completing the workshops and for making it to the final round of the Raptor Tank. I wish you the best in the competition and I look forward to seeing you leading our businesses in our community in the near future To the Macklin Business Institute students leading this event, your commitment to providing this opportunity to your fellow Raptor peers says a lot about who you are and the instruction that you’re receiving In case the entire audience doesn’t know, the profits from the student operations of the MBI Cafe provides the funding for the winning teams I love the idea of students supporting students To our faculty and administrators who work on this project alongside our student leaders encouraging innovation for students, it empowers them, it builds student engagement, and really fosters community with our partners And to those in the business community the time you spent supporting the Raptor Tank was truly invaluable to the College Whether you lead a workshop, participated in the networking event, served as a judge, or mentored our students, your affect on the community is profound To everyone, good luck to you and good luck to our talented entrepreneurs. Your creativity and your drive inspire us all Good luck, Everyone >Thank you, Dr Pollard, for your opening remarks and your continuous support for Raptor Tank and Montgomery College students We appreciate your tireless effort on our behalf, especially in these unique times To expand on the virtual environment at the Rockville campus, I would like to introduce Dr. Kim Kelley

>To Raptor Tank 2020. My name is Kimberly Kelley and I am the Vice President and Provost for the Rockville campus This is our first virtual Raptor Tank and I’m excited to be participating in this new format While we typically host Raptor Tank on the Rockville campus, we are hosting it virtually this year to ensure we can continue this exciting and important student learning experience while also supporting student, employee, and community members health and safety Whether it’s virtual or in person, Raptor Tank is a fabulous event that showcases the creativity and talent of Montgomery College’s students I attend each year because I know that the creativity of the students ideas and their presentations never disappoints Hearing their brilliant ideas is inspiring and reminds us that Montgomery College and Montgomery County have a very bright future Raptor Tank provides our talented students a forum to showcase their new business plans, which they have worked hard to prepare. Their drive and determination supports our regional economy and will help us rebound successfully from any disruptive event, including a pandemic You may not know that the Raptor Tank competition involves students from every campus and a variety of academic programs, including engineering, graphic design, education, computer science, hospitality management, and, of course, business. These students work in teams, helping each other to develop their ideas, refine them, and get their businesses off the ground. It is a wonderful competition where students do the preparation, run the show, and we get to enjoy the final product. Now, how great is that? This year’s Raptor Tank student leaders are Audrey Rapp, Evan Wellek, Zangel Villanueva, and Ben Blutstein The primary faculty lead is Professor Hannah Weiser Kudos to each of you for your hard work, support, and preparation that makes this year’s Raptor Tank possible I also want to take a moment to thank the faculty members who worked hand in hand with Professor Weiser. Thank you The director of the Macklin Business Institute, Steve Lang, and the Dean of Business, Kathryn Davis whose unwavering support makes it possible to bring you Raptor Tank each year Please join me in wishing this year’s competitors and their team members the best of luck, and let the games begin >Thank you, Dr. Kelley. We know you haven’t missed a Raptor Tank since you’ve been at Montgomery College and you’ve been a great support of our program >Like most things this year, Raptor Tank has also changed quite a bit because of COVID-19 While it would have been fun to work together in person, Zoom allows us to stay connected try some cool new things For instance, we began the use of Edpuzzle to create interactive asynchronous workshops to supplement our live workshops Additionally, we introduced our brand new networking event via Zoom, which was hit! And finally, our virtual spin on the presentation tips and tricks workshop This year has been like none other, but the Raptor Tank team and inalists embraced the challenge and used innovative ideas to ensure the student entrepreneurs have a worthwhile experience >Now we will move on and introduce you to the 2020 Raptor Tank judges Mary Pat Alcus is an institutional investment adviser and a chartered financial analyst Currently, Mary Pat serves on the Board of Horizon’s Greater Washington, Greater Washington Community Foundation, and Norwood School She also serves as treasurer of the Montgomery College Foundation Board of Directors Bill Keating is the founder and CEO of Waste Acquisition Group, a DC based waste services firm providing high quality waste services to municipal and commercial customers in the construction hospitality and wastewater industry Shy Pahlevani is a successful DC based serial entrepreneur. He recently sold LiveSafe, a leading mobile safety communications platform that crowdsources safety intelligence Now, Shy is focusing on his food tech platform, Hungry, the first ever online catering marketplace connecting local chefs with offices in need of food David Popp has had a vast career in the commercial real estate industry where he led multi disciplinary project teams and has helped devise and implement business strategies Currently, he is teaching

Introduction to Business course at Montgomery College Staffan Sandberg is a lifelong entrepreneur who launched his first company when he was fifteen and has continued helping others start their businesses ever since Staffan has helped businesses grow and has judged several business competitions internationally. Currently, he works for Montgomery College in MCTV with digital engagement technologies Jeffery Tribble Jr.is the founder and CEO of The MusicianShip, a nonprofit organization that facilitates music lessons, experiences, and opportunities for at risk youth Since 2009, The MusicianShip has grown from serving two students to nearly two thousand students. Polly Vail is an Independent Consultant for Social Impact clients. She provides customer discovery and acquisition strategies as well as sector analysis for startups and nonprofits. She truly enjoys working with entrepreneurs and helping them find their path to success Dr Rai is the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Montgomery College, who transformed the Academic Affairs Division She has led the creation of many partnerships resulting in the development of innovative workforce development programs, the continual evolving of the M. C. P. S. Early College and Middle College programs, and dozens of initiatives to reduce barriers to student success >At our inaugural networking event, the judges gave valuable insights into the business world and connected with the participants via entrepreneurship For the competition, our judges are evaluating the participant’s business pitches based on criteria such as the business concept, market opportunity, and financials Next, the judges will select winners out of the finalist pool, with winners earning seed money to help grow their start up businesses >If you didn’t hear from before, we have some incredible judges Several of our judges have been a part of Raptor Tank for many years and would like to say some kind remarks regarding their passion for Raptor Tank and entrepreneurship >Hello, hello, Raptors! My name is Polly Vail and I’m so proud and pleased to be a mentor and a judge with the Raptor Tank Your projects, your program are extraordinary, and I love, honestly, to tell people in my network about how wonderful your program is I’ve been a part of your program for the past few years and each year I’m inspired by the quality of your projects, by the quality of the ideas and, really, the execution of your ideas and the contest itself I mentor at the University of Maryland and also at Bethesda Green, and I can tell you that what you do at the Raptor Tank at Montgomery College is really of the highest caliber Your projects are well thought out, your ideas for execution are hammered out, they’ve been stress tested, you are, you approach your projects with intelligence, with energy, and you’re going to achieve your goals I have had the honor of actually working with a couple of the entrepreneurs after the Raptor Tanks, and even after they graduate from Montgomery College In most cases they go on to the University of Maryland in College Park where I’m able to continue to mentor And they stick with their projects These are not just for fun and games They’re really, because of, their, the motivation comes from a deep commitment And I really want to congratulate your faculty and all the people at Montgomery College who support your efforts Again, their participation is of the highest quality So, your cohort your ecosystem is highly productive and to be awarded and rewarded. Again, thank you for allowing me to be part of this extraordinary program. I really, really, really love it So, thank you, and I look forward to the Raptor Tank coming up >Hello there, Raptor Tank team! My name is David Popp and I’ll be serving as one of the judges at this year’s event And I’ve been asked to share some thoughts on the competition and specifically what my favorite part of the competition is So let me start with just a little introduction This is my fifth year serving as a judge I was in the commercial real estate business for 30 years Just retired several years ago and well specifically it was five years ago Because when I started with Raptor Tank, I was still working. I didn’t know that much about Montgomery College at time

I really didn’t know anything about Raptor Tank What really impressed me then and really ever since was really the poise and the confidence of the students that were making those presentations Because that’s not an easy environment Okay, you’re up there on onstage, in front of a big crowd of students and professors and judges and family, right? You know, not easy And, in particular, the Q&A portion of that Because for that, you don’t have the crutch of the power point presentation with you You’ve got to think quickly on your feet because, you know, these judges we think, I mean, me in particular, right, you never know what I’m gonna say and so to see how the students react so well to that, that’s always been the favorite part of the competition Something that I tell my students now, because I’m teaching at the college now is really the importance of being able to effectively articulate your thoughts and opinions in a business setting You know, you really have to be able to do that And the practice you get at Raptor Tank, being up there in front of group of people, I think really prepares students well. So that’s my favorite part of the competition And, with that, let me just thank you all for asking me back as a judge again this year and I will look forward to seeing you on November eleventh at the event Take care, and thank you very much Hi there, everybody My name is Bill Foote, I’m one of the judges for this year’s Raptor Tank competition. I’ve been asked to comment on my favorite part about Raptor Tank and also why I’m passionate about helping students My favorite part about Raptor Tank, I definitely have enjoyed being involved with the workshops, but I think probably beyond that, the presentations themselves, I really enjoy listening to the participants articulate the revenue models for their companies and also speaking to their forecasts and projections I’m a CPA so, obviously that, that, that appeals to me and I find it very interesting Why am I passionate about helping students? A couple reasons. My firm, Aronson LLC, we’re %HESITATION on Rockville Pike probably not a mile from the Rockville campus of MC, so very close to home for us And %HESITATION on a more personal note, I think, you know, every interaction I’ve ever had with %HESITATION somebody involved with the college, I can see that level of passion that’s there whether, whether it’s dealing with a Board matter for the Foundation, working with colleagues on those matters, or whether it’s my involvement in Raptor Tank, students and staff of the College or, you know, anytime I have the privilege of hearing Dr Pollard speak I, you know, you just you, you see and and hear the passion that’s there so I think, for me I’m just trying to match that level of passion the best that I can So, good luck, everybody with, with Raptor Tank You’ll do great >I know you’re all eager to get to the finalist’s presentations, but we would like to take a moment to recognize our participant’s hard work Each participant comes from a variety of backgrounds and majors, but all share a passion for one thing: entrepreneurship Over the past couple of months, participants worked hard in this program, attending four live workshops and four asynchronous workshops to develop their businesses From there, each participant submitted their business idea and presented to a panel of mock judges for a qualifying round. And in the end, top performers were selected as finalists to move on to the next round of the competition >And now, what we all have been waiting for. Let’s jump right into the pitches and meet our first contestant We’re excited to welcome Adjo Evonlah as she pitches her business providing quality and affordable hair care with all-natural products for all-natural hair types >Hi, my name is Adjo Evonlah and I’m this year’s Rising Star Award Recipient in the I Invest National Youth Business Competition I was the C. E. O. puchfull, a student driven social enterprise under the Junior Achievement Company Program of Greater Washington. I am also the national silver medalist for entrepreneurship in NAACP’s Afro Academic Cultural Technological and Scientific Olympics better known as AACTSO, amongst many other things. But most importantly, I’m the CEO, founder, and sole proprietor of Jojo’s Outstanding Jojoba Oil, which is currently just an idea, but with your investment support today, I know we can take it to the next level A little more about me I used to get relaxers regularly

But after a terrible experience with a relaxer for my eighth grade promotion I decided it would be my last one. And I’m not alone Did you know that in 2017, seventy percent of the Black American population wore their hair naturally at least once? The natural hair movement is on the rise and so is the need for our products But before I go any further, I must explain: what is natural hair?! Well, Jojo’s is marketing to people who have it and it can be operationally defined as type three and four curl patterns or tight, coily Afro hair that has never been chemically straightened or altered Because natural hair is inherently African our niche is heavily centered around although definitely not limited to the African diaspora Therefore, the sixty six point seven percent of African Americans elected to take our market research survey make the sample size a true reflection of the intended market. Fifty three point three percent selected likely or very likely to purchase ethnic hair products, illustrating a demand that we’d like to supply Now that we’ve got the demand down, why is there a need for our products? Well not all the products currently on the market have our best interests at heart In a study conducted by the Silent Spring Institute on Black women’s hair products in just twenty eighteen, it was found that eighty four percent of chemicals detected in the products were not listed on the label These chemicals contain the likes of hormone and endocrine disruptors, which will block, mimic, or alter the body’s natural systems, resulting issues like fibroids or worse That’s where Jojo’s comes in Our mission is to provide safe, effective, and affordable haircare for natural across the globe but that’s not all rooted in advocacy. We offer more than just hair products because it is more than just hair. We’re also looking to solve socioeconomic barriers posed by having natural in the twenty first century through our meaningful partnerships, interactive media platforms and, of course, the sale of our all-natural hair products using all-natural ingredients for all-natural hair types. Our aim is to be the one stop shop for all things natural hair over time You name it, we got it Each product may serve a different function, but the basis is to promote growth and retain moisture In case you’re not convinced of what makes our products so special, let’s get into our competitive advantages. We are taking into account factors such as curl pattern, pH, and your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, otherwise known as hair porosity Does your hair product do that? We are currently working with a cosmetic chemist to learn more about these properties of hair and the way different ingredients impact them We are currently working with this chemist to create our debut product, drum roll please, the ultimate moisturizer I do concede this product will cost us $4.85 to create So, you want to talk numbers? Well, baby, we got ’em For the first year, we’re looking to carry five different products. We project to sell forty units of each per month, at a standard retail price of eight dollars, resulting in a monthly revenue of sixteen hundred, an annual revenue nineteen thousand two hundred per year Now, when we factor in our costs, we’re looking at a revenue for the first year of negative seven thousand ninety, or a gross profit margin of negative thirty six percent, starting us off in the red, as most businesses do. But that’s okay, because we have a proven and scalable business model And one of the things that will take us from the red to the black is our marketing strategy Starting with the blog, we want to empower our consumers to make informed buying decisions because they deserve to know what they’re putting in their hair. We want to publish our research as well as what we learned from working with this cosmetic chemist on our site to make available to all And our sole proprietor’s background in media and communications will be instrumental in driving this effort Next, we’re looking at YouTube A large part of being part of the natural hair community is learning how to style and care for one’s hair, and many find the tutorials and advice on YouTube essential for fulfilling this need, including myself But we have no problem extending our social media presence to other platforms. Namely, Facebook and Instagram Affordable and effective, these intertwined platforms will allow us to monitor our insights and reach thousands As a wise soul once said, “We don’t ‘go natural,’ we return.” And it is imperative that we make this return safely Jojo’s Outstanding Jojoba Oil Y3n Sankofa! Jojo’s Outstanding Jojoba Oil Let’s go back and get it, folks! Thank you >Thank you, Adjo! if you want to vote for her business, Jojo’s Outstanding Jojoba Oil, to win the Audience Choice Award, please stick around to see her vote code at the end of all This year has been like none other, but the Raptor Tank team and the finalists embraced the challenge and used innovative ideas to ensure the student entrepreneurs have worthwhile experience. With that said, I would like to introduce the Dean of the Business Department Dr Kathryn Davis, to talk about entrepreneurship at Montgomery College >Hello, my name is Dr Kathryn Davis and I’m the Dean of

business, accounting, economics, computer applications, hospitality management, and paralegal studies Before entering academia, I was an international business strategist specializing in foreign market entries and I was an entrepreneur. I have five patents and brought a consumer product to market I know the risks and opportunities for success Becoming involved in entrepreneurial activities and competitions while at College imparts important life and career skills including problem solving, teamwork, empathy, as well as learning to accept failure as part of the growth process MC’s Raptor Tank Competition is not just a single day event The presentations that you are seeing here today reflect business concepts that have been honed through extensive peer mentoring and feedback from business advisors Raptor Tank is led by MBI students. Its leaders plan the business design workshop schedule They market the Raptor Tank competition to the M. C community they manage the budget, and all of the logistics that you’re seeing here today It is therefore not just the Raptor Tank competitors that are learning experientially. It is a learning opportunity for all of the students involved in this event Thank you for joining the 2020 Raptor Tank Competition >Thank you, Dean Davis for speaking regarding exciting fuel for entrepreneurship and for everything that you do for students at Montgomery College Next up, let’s give a warm welcome to Dest Chesley as she gives us insight into her mobile cafe that serves food using organic and all natural ingredients >Hi, my name is Dest Chesley, Head Chef of Chesley Kitchen Cafe We are mobile cafe that delivers directly to you We select organic and all natural ingredients, and everything is prepared from scratch It comes from my great-grandmother and grandmother and we prepared everything from scratch And the food was amazing, but as I got older I had to eat out more, so when I started eating out more, I said this food was very mediocre And that, the recipes that my elders had I want to bring to Chesley Kitchen Cafe for you all to taste for you all to taste During COVID, I lost my job and I lost my great-grandmother to COVID and I started to create a business plan I started to get the LLC before COVID even happened And then, for the trademark process, I was actually in the process of doing that so they also did that and then I created the business plan I want the world experience we have to offer while eating tasty, clean foods and beverages made from scratch Hi, everyone. I hope you enjoy the video. So, my name is Dest and I am pursuing an associates of business and a minor in entrepreneurship. I have worked for many of the top five hundred brands, and theseshops have taught me about customer serice and hospitality My experience with cooking baking comes from being the cook assistant and volunteering to bake at churches. I have experience running a small business which is my first company I started my junior in high school So here we have a list of people who will help shape the kitchen cafe. On first we have Judith will be operations, Rebecca finance and Shendeera in Management So our target market %HESITATION are everyone but we will focus mainly on attracting millennials, Gen Z and families Gen Z and Millennials because they tend to spend more money by eating outside food And we’d like to promote new companies with new trends we have found that if we get a younger group as a loyal customer it will continue to continue to use our products due to brand loyalty it is also proven as people get older they’re more likely to stick with brands they are familiar with Families are also our target market because much of the kitchen cafe to be a place where people can take their family out to eat organic and all natural foods and beverages made from scratch %HESITATION and catering is also a market that we’re also focusing on as well for graduations weddings birthdays and corporate events. So next we have our swot analysis so some assurance we have is a highly experienced credible and determined owner

United irreparable management team. Some weaknesses, building cycle of clients may take time Growth may be slow due to the prescence of giants already in the market Some opportunities is increasing local population in the Montgomery County area and then competing and securing a strong position in the industry. And then, some threats we may face is to grow is the, need to grow rapidly over the next three to five years in an economic downturn So our strategy is to start small and expand as the company grows. We have noticed on certain areas of Montgomery County, food companies will not deliver So we see this as a problem and our solution is to deliver directly to customers from a commercial kitchen. When we start to see an increase in business, we plan to look for great store front in Montgomery County and as the business grows we will look for next location in another county in Maryland So we will actively post our products on our social media accounts and interact with customers We will allow reviews from real customers on our website and app. So this will help to tell customers when they are ordering and help our team improve our products and services. I truly believe in giving back to my community and we will get involved with the community So here’s a list of items that we will offer online in our cafe. We’ll be open in catering so our foods and beverages stand out because of the competition Montgomery County because we use organic and all natural ingredients from Dutch market and local farmers And here are some of our start up costs and funding So, Chesley Kitchen Cafe is seeking an equity investment from investors and banks into the company in the amount of one hundred fifty thousand dollars. The funds will be used for everything listed on this graph I’m currently looking into small business loans for minority women and grant writers to get funding. I will also contribute my own savings into this business And here is our break even analysis We plan to break even our third year of being in business. Thank you >Thank you, Dest. If you want to vote for Chesley Kitchen Cafe to win the Audience Choice Award, please stick around to see their vote code at the end of all the finalist presentations. These presentations are great As you’re listening to these ideas for student businesses we want you to also hear the Macklin Business Institute’s own student run business I would like to welcome Allison Van, this year’s MBI Cafe lead to discuss what the student run and MBI Cafe has been up to while in the virtual environment This student run business is it at the heart of experiential learning and proudly provides the funds for the Raptor Tank competition each year >Hello, my name is Allison Van, I’m the current student leader of the MBI cafe. I represent all Macklin Business Institute students, past and present who have helped operate the student run MBI cafe it’s a great learning experience for us to be immersed in all aspects of the day to day operation of a successful business. It is especially valuable to see the positive impacts businesses have on our communities This is why we are so proud to sponsor Raptor Tank by allocating a portion of our profits to provide the award money that will hopefully be used to start or grow businesses led by current Montgomery College students Just like other businesses that were impacted by the pandemic, MBI Cafe can’t sit still expected status quo will be returned to normal Although our doors are currently close all the colleges primarily operating remotely all of our MBI students continue to diligently prepare for reopening Returning Macklin students have been planning in one of three groups accounting, marketing, and operations All teams are utilizing previous stands out budget for ongoing operations increase our market presence and focus on improving cafe efficiency Our team is working very hard for we’re able to re open This includes mentoring, training first year MBI students they have started by learning about our products, safety procedures, and how to make drinks using video tutorials That’ll be followed by a focus on customer service and helping to plan for safety procedures for we’re able to re open Our plan is as important as ever because there will be a new MBI cafe location opening the recently built student life building Whenever we get back into holding majority of courses on campus we want you to know that we will be ready to offer great service and we’re planning to operate with a focus on the safety of our customers We can’t wait to see our customers again and thank you for supporting the MBI cafe, Macklin Business Institute’s student run business Thank you, Alison for sharing the current status of the student run MBI cafe. As Alison mentioned, Raptor Tank is student run and student funded and MBI cafe funds Raptor Tank such that it is students helping students achieve their entrepreneurial goals I hope you’ll support our student run business five visiting our new location once it is safe to reopen Next up we have our next contestant Justis Jones explaining why she decided to start a business called Blue Ace Softball Clinic for children who

love playing sports Hi, my name is Justis Jones I’m an Early College Business Student at Montgomery College and a junior at McGruder High School My business is called Blue Ace Softball Clinic I have played softball since I was in sixth grade The Spring season of eighth grade I had to stop because I just didn’t have the money That is the problem As you can see here, I was trying to get his daughter high school softball and he’s claimed to be spending a thousand dollars per year just on pants Other examples of private institutions colleges charging a few hundred dollars just for a two hour softball camp And that’s not including things that they need to actually play the sport might be and this is just a very minimum amount of equipment that can range from two hundred to a thousand dollars But I have a solution The solution is Blue Ace Softball It’s affordable for people to advance and learn softball skills not only affordable but due to having a personal network before business I will be able to go out and campaign for my business Also, the startup cost is very low So, what will the clinic offer? Well, we will have group sessions and individual sessions you can or %HESITATION only booking one or do the bundle of three Not only will it %HESITATION save money for the consumer but it’ll also encourage them to come back for more sessions We also have equipment for people who do not have money to have for themselves I plan on getting the equipment through donations from friends and family closed down in from personal profits and reinvesting it back into the business So, how will it work? zero the clients will be Monday Wednesday Friday The group will be Monday, Wednesday you see what works for you you check the website and pay for days that you want, and then show up on that day with or without equipment So, let’s go into the startup costs The startup costs include permits and taxes, equipment some money for equipment, and to build and maintain the website which goes to about four hundred dollars per month which includes guild fees which in Montgomery County is ten dollars per hour and my hope is to have three group sessions and two individual sessions per week So that goes to about $400 each session will be two hours and then insurance which is a dollar thirty eight per person per session so that again goes to about $150 and then you go the website it’s also so that totals to six hundred Now, let’s go into future revenue this is This is an eight month revenue plan starting in March which is usually when Softball starts all the way to October which is usually the end As you can see, there is a rise in summer because people are usually out of school Softball leagues only have leagues in spring and fall so they’ll be looking for something to do and And then a decrease in August because they go back to school, they just get busy, or maybe they do their school softball We plan on making about a hundred dollars after expenses in March and then soon up to five hundred during the spring The more people we get, the more money we get deposited back and put it back into the business So, how will I get the word out there? Well, Blue Ace Softball Clinic has an email and Instagram, and soon, hopefully, a website But, the thing I’m gonna mostly rely on is the people I’ve made connections with over the years I’ve been playing I will go to their teams and talk to the parents and the people there to get their support And, I also have, is to hire more employees So soon, it won’t just be one place it will spread across so why should money determine if someone can play a sport or not? Let Blue Ace Softball be the thing that knocks that down Thank you, Justis. If you want to vote for Blue Ace Softball Clinic to win the Audience Choice Award, please stick around to see her vote code at the end of all the finalist presentations We now like to introduce Mr Don Dawn President of the Macklin Foundation, who will discuss his support for the MBI program

and how the program continues to fulfill the mission of Gordon Macklin Good afternoon, my name is Don Dawn. I’m the president of the Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation. Welcome to Raptor Tank. In late nineteen nineties my uncle Gordon Macklin established the Macklin Business Institute at Montgomery College We’re very proud of its graduates in terms of the amount of give back they gave to the community while they’re in school as well as their business and academic successes after their graduation Raptor Tank provides a great experience, experiential opportunity for students to develop a business plan prepare the pitch and to present it to business leaders I’d also like to announce that last year we at the Macklin Foundation funded the creation of a finance laboratory at Montgomery College and the finance laboratory will allow students to do a deeper dive into technical aspects of business as well as %HESITATION be exposed to a broader range of of business opportunities So, thank you, and enjoy the Raptor Tank Thank you, Don Dawn, your support of Macklin Business Institutes students. Next we have Danielle Macairan with her artisan keycap business called Noble Caps During quarantine, I have found myself typing away at a computer keyboard for hours. I wanted customize my experience on the keyboard so I started finding ways to personalize every aspect of it and came across artisan keycaps Artisan keycaps are small, colorful sculptures that can function as a key on a keyboard Any key on a mechanical keyboard can be swapped out and replaced with an artisan keycap These customisations are especially popular in the technology related and gaming communities Quality artisan keycaps are highly sought after and are commonly distributed in one of two ways. The most frequently used sale types are group buys and raffles The dynamic of these two methods reflects a sneaker market where general release products are commonly available to everyone and more highly sought after, limited release products are raffled off in smaller runs Another similarity keycaps have to sneakers is an active after market. Highly coveted collectibles such as the bongo cat key cap by hello caps can resell for four to five times its manufacturer’s suggested retail price A hundred dollars compared to five hundred dollars . Its inflated value in the after aftermarket drive sales by increased perceived desirability Noble Caps creates artisan keycaps inspired by nostalgic pop culture and nineties vaporwave colorways. The product itself is handmade locally in Montgomery County from sustainably sourced materials I wanted to create my own unique artisan keycaps that reflected my background in environmental studies. Noble Cap sets out to distinguish itself from other creators in the space by not only creating sustainable products, but also creating an experience for our customers This experience starts online We’ll be able to interact with the community of enthusiasts in an inclusive Discord or shop on our website The experience continues when you receive your purchase Memorably packaged goodies accented with recycled tissue paper, such as custom stickers, handwritten notes, and opportunities to win additional handmade creations as a loyalty building strategy Our Discord will have channels that provide customer service, announce Raffles, and house multiple communities for general discussion and verified trading The server itself will be moderated by a combination of us, volunteers, and software Everything from the mold casting system to the mold making material, to the resin used will be recycled Eventually, our goal would be to provide customers with a program that would allow them to potentially returning a keycap and have it melted down and upcycled into a new one Noble Caps has invested time and money, out of pocket investments towards our products are roughly equivalent to a thousand dollars. This accounts for a large portion of the start up equipment Our primary costs in the future will then be consumables required to create and bring an astounding product to market Until it becomes viable, Noble Caps will continue to be funded as passion project The funds acquired from Raptor Tank will be used towards creating a more complete workshop that will allow Noble Caps to expand its brand Currently our limited work space prevents us from acquiring all the tools we need to see our design concepts to market Thank you, Danielle. If you want to vote for Noble Caps when the Audience Choice Award, please stick around to see her vote code at the end of all the finalists presentations As a Montgomery College student and co leader of Raptor Tank,

the remote environment has brought new challenges to this year’s competition proudly, the Raptor Tank co-leads were able to adapt and innovate our student led entrepreneurship program Helping to run this program has been a great experience. I we have learned that turning this competition into a virtual setting was not as easy as it initially seemed From writing emails to different stakeholders to hosting synchronous and asynchronous workshops, we gained skills that have allowed us to mold into strong leaders as well as entrepreneurs Our patience was tested at times, but we were able to get through this together with the help of our dear co directors Mr Lang and Professor Weiser From our victories, we have gained confidence and we’re proud of ourselves everything that we have done so far For the past four months we have been working really hard to make this event possible and now we can proudly say, we made it Next, we have The Marior Venture by Marilyn Ortega, which offers eco friendly, fashionable, and aesthetically pleasing accessories Hello everyone, my name is Marilyn Ortega and I’m gonna be talking about my business the Marior Venture Accessories elevate your attire Whether it be for a job interview or sitting in class, whatever the reason may be, at some point in your life you probably added something to your outfit for a specific function or because it just looked nice Ever since I was a young teen, non-stereotypical fashion it really appealed to me My interesting clothing choices which thankfully evolved and taste for mismatched earrings confuse many that I’ve encountered. But it may be fascinated with how fashion conveys you as a person. It made me think, why follow the traditions of accessory utilization? Why not be adventurous while still looking appropriate for certain situations? Why not have accessories that are completely unique to you? This all led me to my business idea, The Marior Venture will provide customers with handcrafted exclusive drops. They come in unrepeatable different styles Each with a character that might appeal to you To expand on The Marior Venture, I will also provide a special service for clients to have me turn their old jewelry or clothes into new pieces. They have the option to customize their product with me personalizing it even more In addition to my message for self expression through fashion, I am a strong advocate for sustainability Sustainability is to preserve our plants, resources, and strive for ecological stability According to the House of Common Environmental Committee the fashion industry is the third biggest manufacturing industry Unfortunately, what stemmed from this was fast fashion That being manufacturing clothes for hot trends at a cheap cost, but at the expense of putting the earth at risk Some examples of detrimental fast fashion practices include using toxic dyes, polluting the environment with wasted textiles, and contributing to landfill since consumers usually end up throwing away low quality products To promote sustainable initiative in the fashion industry, all the products that I create are made from recycled materials, whether that be from the remnant section from the local Joann’s or unwanted jewelry from the community Allow me to show you how I’ve already implemented sustainability into business About a year ago, I attended a business expo called Entrepreneur my partner and I made scrunchies and stuffed animals from recycled clothes and fabrics It was a well liked business idea and from our small stand we create, gained insight into the sustainable process and interaction Let’s take a look at the cost of my earrings. A pack of one hundred twenty earring hooks cost three dollars ninety nine cents Because the ornaments are repurposed, the cost for those would be zero On average, you can take ten minutes to construct one earring. Those ten minutes times the one hundred twenty hooks from one pack would amount to twenty hours of work If we were to hypothetically include labor cost which is $13.50 in Maryland, the money I spent on the hooks, as well as the delivery expenses, my break even would be three hundred forty dollars Selling the earring for six dollars, half the price of most aesthetic shops, puts a hundred twenty hearings of the price of seven hundred and twenty dollars making a profit of three hundred and eighty dollars. That is for the earring section alone Imagine a customer browsing through the catalog of limited edition items anticipating the next drop and waiting to buy it As for the client base, re purposing service payment would mostly go towards the labor as opposed to the materials. I would give a forty percent discount for example to those that provide the material to be repurposed But how big is this aesthetic accessories market exactly? Bigger than one would think especially because of the enabling of social media Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook provide opportunities for small businesses such as mine to seamlessly reach out to audiences with my target audience being teenagers and young adults this is the perfect set up for the two biggest social media obsessed generations. I would know

This also means I have high competition as many aesthetic small businesses want to gain a social media presence, however, with my commitment to re purposing accessories and recycling, I believe that I will be set apart from those who make products solely for the looks So far my business is a work in progress idea with two products on the menu, them being the mentioned earrings and scrunchies. Again, reactions from my friends and families of my products so far receiving positive feedback However I want to take my business further My goal for this business is you first establish a presence on social media’s market outlets. Future achievements will include adding to my team and expanding on product type to reach more diverse demographics among the youth Additional resources would also allow us to contribute to today’s difficult times and produce facemasks as our way of giving back to the community The world can recycle its already beautiful patterns full of history and quality. Recycled doesn’t have to mean tacky or old or defective. Recycled can and will mean it’s new, and charming Thank you Thank you Mari. If you want to vote for the Marior Ventures to win the Audience Choice Award, please stick around and see her vote code at the end of all finalist presentations As you’ve heard the rocket takes primary sponsor is the Macklin Business Institute We would like to introduce one of our co directors Steve Lang who is the director of the Macklin Business Institute hello my name is Steve Lang I’m the director of the Macklin business institute and co director for the rapper tank business pitch competition Macklin business institute is unique program that we use experiential learning help developer students business skills well we do have a rigorous academic component which requires our students to take an honors business curriculum and maintain above a three point five GPA what we do is our hands on initiatives a century Riemer students and experiences that allow them to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real world business situations they learn from their successes and failures and used their experiences can not only improve our program offerings but to develop skills that will help them in their future academic and career pursuits for example our flagship experience MBI cafe provides an opportunity to make management decisions and prepare business documents for operational bit Macklin’s students about your weight suppliers our pricing models Craig marketing and promotional plans and present financial statements among other activities in addition the macro business institute as initiative called MC Enactus which challenges students to affect change in their campus local and even global community They do this by learning to use business and entrepreneurial skills to develop and implement outreach projects that will improve people’s lives or businesses to measure the impact of these projects and then to use innovative methods to further improve upon or expand these projects That is why we are proud to have our MBI students with the rapid take it back Montgomery College students together our colleagues have literally put in hundreds of hours without pay to organize this event benefiting entrepreneurs Montgomery College many other MBI students have assisted our co-leaders by completing many required tasks including preparation for workshops and creating marketing materials And with all of the Macklin students participating in our MBI cafe business lab, they’re also funding this event for the benefit programs and students So why does MBI do all this? Because it fits within Gordon Macklin’s initial vision for the Macklin Business Institute to provide experience learning opportunities for students that will not only benefit our community, but will help develop MBI students into future business leaders I’m proud of our students and faculty, but the role of offering Raptor Tank to the MC community I look forward to many more years of successful competitions Thank you, Mr Lang, for your wonderful remarks and for making Raptor Tank an annual part of the MBI experience Now, let’s welcome Isabela Paz as she introduces her business which offers customers dance, fitness, and wellness guides Hello my name is Isabela Paz and I’m a first year business student at Montgomery College and I’m here to present my business called VAILALO, I dance, I am [Speaking foreign language] The first thing is the business concept Starting with what problems we’re solving With VAILALO, we’re solving three issues The first one being that people feel self conscious, insecure, and judged in a fitness space, as reflected in the testimonials to the right Secondly, most dance spaces are one language base, which limits English speakers from accessing Spanish taught classes and vice versa. Thirdly, because of the pandemic, it is increasingly difficult to do physical activity anywhere and with anyone. If we look at the graph on the right by evidation, a health discovery engine, physical activity in the U. S. went down forty eight percent during the pandemic But how does VAILALO play into this? VAILALO is a bilingual, virtual space for dance, fitness, and wellness We plan to help people form an unconditional friendship with

themselves by using dance to improve their seven dimensions of wellness, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational But how does VAILALO do it? VAILALO connects the body and the mind to encourage expression without perfection We then merge Latin rhythms ballet, and bar to channel our motions. Lastly, we give our customers a chance to strengthen self love and form an unconditional friendship with themselves by embracing their inner and outer beauty to feel comfortable, valuable, free, and unique. But why do we do it? When we were in quarantine, my sister and I found a combination of both our passions, dance and self care And sharing that meant we could offer the world a chance to freely explore dance through their seven dimensions of wellness from the comfort of their homes while offering them a better alternative from the traditional technical dance class. When we take a look at the market, we can first observe the potential of the virtual online fitness industry through these numbers according to global market insights. In two thousand nineteen, the industry was worth five billion dollars and it was projected to grow thirty percent to thirty billion dollars by twenty twenty six. However, since then, those statistics have grown immensely due to the number of people that went digital because of the pandemic. Next up, we have our target market Latin women, English speakers, US born Latinxs, immigrants, and the LGBTQ plus community, plus students and kids For Latin women, we’re looking at thirty five to sixty year olds who live in Latin America For English speakers, we target age twenty one to fifty five year old who live in the US, Canada, or Europe For US born Latinos and immigrants, we have age twenty one to fifty five who do not practice Spanish very often For the LGBTQ plus community, ages twenty one to fifty five and want to dance freely in a safe and comfortable space Lastly, we are determined to include students and kids who are doing online schooling at the moment, considering our value, we hold a holistic approach to dance and exercise For bilingual in English and Spanish, we have a user friendly website and we have competitive prices As you can see here for our threats, we have listed the fact that our competitors have an established clientele, that physical studios might open up again soon, and that we have few resources However we have several more opportunities such as the fact that we’re online, we have a proven marketing, and we’re on top of the wellness trends Focusing on our strategy, we plan to use social media marketing with Instagram, because we already have an established customer interest on that platform. We’re also building a website right now by meeting with branding consultants, web designers, marketing specialists Finally, we have our financials In this revenue model, it is important to keep in mind that these are initial starting prices which were obtained by researching our competitors in the US and internationally. So first, we have a single class live or on demand for nine ninety nine dollars, a package deal eight live or on demand classes for nine twenty nine ninety nine dollars and a membership which allows unlimited access to all live and on demand classes for nineteen ninety nine dollars per month. No matter what option of the three customers choose, they will receive a free live or ondemand class before they purchase their option Here, we have annual income statement that calculates seventy thousand five hundred sixty eight dollars in total revenue and a net profit of sixty thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars. Now, take a look on the right, we have the calculations both variable and fixed costs for every dollar earned from the prize money I will have three hundred dollars to purchase social media content which will reach an additional twenty three thousand people per month and if I assume one percent of those people will book a single class that turns out to be per year more than twenty four thousand dollars in extra revenue additionally that estimate thirty percent of those who purchase a single class before, then purchase a package will bring VAILALO an additional thirty thousand dollars per year Thank you, and remember to be with VAILALO. I dance, I am [Speaking Spanish] Thank you, Isabela. If you want to vote for VAILALO to win the Audience Choice Awards, please refer to her vote code Now, we would like to introduce our second co-director, after Professor Weiser who will be discussing the collaboration of all the individuals who have helped support Raptor Tank >Hello, my name is Hannah Weiser, and I am the coordinator and a professor of Business and Management as well as the co director for the Raptor Tank Business Pitch Competition Many schools have business pitch competitions What makes the Raptor Tank unique is that this program is student run and student funded by members of the Macklin Business Institute Experiential Honors Program, who run their own business, the MBI Cafe Students helping students teaches many valuable skills to everyone involved as the leads learn important business skills like marketing, event coordination, presenting, and leadership, and top the entrepreneurs learn the foundations of the business to start or build one in the program While this is a business competition, students in any

major from any campus have the opportunity to participate, expanding the reach of the program to help any student at MC As a result, it instills the importance of helping each other, a lifelong lesson that benefits everyone Students not only learn to help each other and build skills along the way, they also have the opportunity to collaborate with a large number of stakeholders across Montgomery College and our local business community First, students work closely with a team of faculty advisors from the business program in the Macklin Business Institute Experiential Honors Program These faculty helped develop and support this program for many years, and oversee its implementation with the student leads, while also supporting student entrepreneurs that participate We are lucky to have a large group of College leadership and business professionals that serve as judges and speakers, as well as mentors for our business leads and student entrepreneurs The exceptional judges and speakers help keep our information relevant and help expand the program to the entrepreneurial community outside the College A big value for everyone involved This collaborative effort expands across Montgomery College to MCTV and our social media staff that partner with us to help spread awareness and to promote the program Finally, we have many faculty, staff, and leadership who help to market and support this program every year Collaboration of this nature is at the heart of experiential learning, and drives home the support of our College mission, inspiring opportunities and empowering MC students It’s a joy to be a part of this vast team effort and to help make a big impact for everyone involved Thank you, Professor Weiser, for your kind remarks and for everything you’ve done to make Raptor Tank a successful experience for everyone involved. In addition, we would like to give special thanks to all our supporters of Raptor Tank, such as College leaderships, staff, the judges and speakers from our business community, MCTV and the social media team for MC, our faculty advisors, and all the faculty and students that support us each year Congratulations to everyone. Our entrepreneurs did a great job pitching their businesses The Raptor Tank team is so proud of all our competitors this year Please take a moment and vote for your favorite finalists to win the Audience Choice Award Please select your choice of the finalists vote code and text it to 650-600- 9016 I know you’re all eager to learn who our winners are but at this time our judges are in the deliberations to determine the first, second, and third place winners. If you haven’t already, go back to vote for your favorite participant >These participants have an opportunity to be awarded a portion of over twenty five hundred dollars in seed money to help start their business In addition, the presenting team with the most votes will receive a bonus of five hundred dollars all thanks to you! Thank you for joining our 7th annual Raptor Tank competition, and our first virtual event Look out for the final announcement of our winners on Wednesday, November 18th See you then, and thank you for watching

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