hi and welcome back to Mr TV in this video I’m going to show you through the lens footage off the HP reverb g2 the oculus rift s and the valve index so that you can compare the picture quality of these three headsets yourself and make a more educated purchasing decision so absolutely stay tuned watch the whole video because all of this goodness is coming up welcome back again here to M R TV my name is Sebastian Hogg and you’re looking through the lens of the HP reverb g2 in x-plane 11 what I want you to look at now is the display and the text here the 121 the yellow 121 with the blue background there and we’re going to use this as a benchmark comparing this to the other headsets also I want you to look at the red knob and on the Left we can read something and it says mix pull lean and you can pretty clearly read that and we’re going to try to read that on the rift s and on the valve index as well so for all of you don’t know the HP reverb g2 yet please do watch my preview of that and I’m going to link it here so this is a new headsets it’s going to be coming up in fall 2020 gonna set you back six hundred dollars and the special thing about this headset is it’s very high resolution and it’s very beautiful picture as you can tell right now so we are looking at two thousand one hundred sixty times 2160 pixels per eye all on an LCD RGB stripe matrix so lots of sub pixels and therefore the picture quality is just incredibly incredibly sharp and clear as you can hopefully see in this through the lens video so even without leaning in you can read all the gauges you have a really beautiful sweet spot everything is super clear looking right left top and down with your eyes it’s really very nice so that we’re going to compare with the rift s that’s going to be the next headsets where we’re going to look at through the lens footage in this video I’m also going to let you know who I believe should get which headset so in general the HP reverb g2 is at the moment my recommendation for you guys but if you need the perfect tracking like the tracking they will even track you when you have the controller’s behind your back then that should be the valve index but anyways I’m going to let you know more when we talk about the headsets now let’s switch to the roof s and have a look through the lens of the rift s so this is what the rift s looks like in the same game explained 11 same settings and well as you can tell it looks really really worse so let’s try to read that 121 here on the display and I would say it’s really tough to read that so readability of the gauges and the instruments is tough also the mix Pauline over the red knob yep tap tough to read I would say so you would need to have to lean in also the colors of the rift s cannot compete with the colors of the HP reverb g2 at all so well this has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 T pixels per eyes so way less than the 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye and well you can tell you can simply not as easily read the gauges and things in virtual reality simply won’t look as good as in the HP reverb g2 moreover you don’t have the manual IPD adjustment so for everyone who has a bigger IPD or a small ipad even average the rift s will be a tough choice now the rift s cost around $400 and the HP reverb costs $600 so in my opinion the $200 that you have to pay more for the HP reverb are very very well invested simply because it looks better you have the better audio you have manual IPD adjustment so lots of advantages that speak for HP reverb g2 and for all of you rift as owners who are watching this right now I would say that the HP reverb g2 is a great upgrade for you well you can see the reason right now on your screen the only group of people that I would now recommend to get the rift as of those that don’t have a GD X 1080 or a faster GPU for all those of you you can still go for the rift s because not as many pixels have to be pushed to the device

as you can see right now and therefore you can run the rift s also with GPUs that are not as fast and good as at least at 1080 that you will need for the reverb g2 but of course I can still recommend the rift s to people who do not want to spend $600 for a VR headset and of course that is totally understandable so still for $400 you do get a very nice headset with the rift s but again in my opinion you should invest the additional $200 if you can do so all right here right now you saw the comparison on the left the reverb t2 and on the right the rift s now we go to switch to revert you to only again to make you ready for the comparison with the valve index so here again reverb D – check out the picture quality again check the hundred and twenty one that you can see right now on the very right of this little display and very soon we’re going to compare this with the valve index the valve index has been my daily driver for the last year and it’s an amazing headset so if you have pre-ordered it or if you have just bought it you don’t have to feel bad at all so much I can already tell you but I can already tell you get ready because the love index does not look as good as the reverb g2 and that is of course because it’s lower resolution with a wider field of view so that I need to tell you for preparation so let’s have a look at the valve index now and here we go this is the valve index filmed through the lens with explain eleven and as you can tell the picture is good you can also read the gauges pretty well and let’s have a look at our benchmark here the hundred and twenty one I would say yes it is readable but of course you can see more screen door effect as compared with the reverb g2 well that makes sense because here we’re looking at a resolution of 1600 x 1440 pixels with a wider field of view of approximately hundred and thirty five degrees diagonally so of course you will ya see most wind effect so overall definitely the best picture here on the HP reverb g-tube but I think the index also looks pretty good and you also have to take into consideration that you see more of the picture right and left that you cannot see in this video because well you simply see a 4k video feed and not the full field of view here so yes you do see more with the valve index so for all of you who have pre-ordered the valve index I don’t think that you need to cancel your pre-order and jump on to the g2 you can do so of course especially if you want the best picture that is available in VR right now and if you don’t care so much about the valve in these controllers which are still my favorite controllers also if you need the perfect tracking in any kind of light condition if it’s super bright or even if it’s pitch black then you will need to go for the lighthouse tracking which you can get with the valve index however if you already have the valve enix controllers and base stations actually there is a way to use the HP reverb g2 with the valve in its controllers and I’m going to show you how it works on the channel release soon so make sure that you’ve subscribed to mr TV and that you also have clicked on the Bell button so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos alright now it’s time for a side-by-side comparison with the valve index and the reverb jitu so on the left of the picture now you can see the HP reverb g2 and on the right you see the valve index and I believe that you can see it in direct comparison how much better the HP reverb g2 looks well it is just the high resolution at a smaller fov so that makes so much sense as you can imagine and getting lots of messages these days asking me Sebastian which one would you go for the valve index or the reverb g2 and if you have to go to a Lonely Island for the rest of your life which one would you take and how my answer to this is well can I bring my computer if not I would definitely take my quest but if I can bring my computer I would definitely bring the HP reverb g2 just because of this convincing picture quality so I personally can forego those few degrees of fov that I’m losing with the HP reverb t2 because while I’m gaining so much by having this close to photorealistic quality here and

one thing that I also have to tell you guys again the colors oh my goodness the colors are so good and when you’re in the headset you are hard-pressed to believe that this is actually an LCD panel the colors are so vibrant and the contrasts are so good and I’m going to show you that in another video here very soon so this year was your most requested video and as you can tell I’m absolutely listening to the community I read the commands I want to know what you want to see so please do let me know in the comment section what do you want to see next do let me know I will make that video for you alright and that’s it for this video I really hope that it was informative for you if yes give it a thumbs up and of course if you have not yet subscribed to mr TV yet then please do so now and click on the bell button so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos and now I’m looking forward to see you in the next episode you you

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