♪ If it’s a fate ♪ ♪ Why is the distance sometimes near, sometimes far ♪ ♪ Looking at each other, there are ripples that can’t be blown away ♪ ♪ I think we are ♪ ♪ Being too persistent ♪ ♪ If it’s just a vague promise ♪ ♪ Why should there be anxiety then ♪ ♪ Whether it’s a long-lasting or momentarily closeness ♪ ♪ Our heart will gradually warm ♪ ♪ This is the most beautiful part of the story ♪ ♪ We’re not tired of our sweet smiles ♪ ♪ I found the biggest reason behind childhood sweetheart ♪ ♪ I used to be afraid of being together ♪ ♪ Perhaps there was too much hesitation ♪ ♪ I must face the truth ♪ ♪ Ever since our companionship sweetens the meaning of love ♪ ♪ I understood the meaning behind childhood sweetheart ♪ ♪ Happiness comes in the same style ♪ ♪ Two lovely hearts together ♪ ♪ An eternal truth ♪ ♪ An eternal truth ♪ =Sweet First Love= (Adapted from the novel The Days When My Brother And I Live Together) (Episode 13) Be careful! Where am I? Are you an idiot? Su Muyun Why are you here? You have the cheek to question me? (Su Muyun) (Zhuo Yifeng) Hello Hello You Little devil You big jerk Are you drunken again? I’m not I can drink more Where are you? I’ll pick you up I don’t want to go home All of you are bad people Tell me. Where are you? Do you still want me to cook for you or not? If you continue to snap, I’ll tell mum If you don’t tell me where you are, how could lecture me? That makes sense If so, you Bark like a dog, and I’ll tell you Knock it off Forgot it if you won’t Bark like a dog? Are you kidding me? That’s embarrassing That’s because you’re snapping You scared me I want a little puppy Not a ferocious dog You’re too much You’re so nasty. I’m hanging up Where are you? I I don’t know where I am Open your WeChat Find my name Share real-time location It’s done. I’m smart, right? Give me some praise You’re so amazing Don’t hang up before I get there Stop Say no more You must have made up the story How could I possibly I haven’t even got to the most embarrassing part Do you want to hear? Thanks for picking me up

Sorry to trouble you You should head back first I’m going back now Let go of me! Before the truth comes to light, I won’t go home with you I’ll send you to Le Diyin’s house It’s too late now It’s not safe Let’s go Wait for me (Hualian Market Place) (Hualian Market Place) It’s for your hangover How much is it? I’ll pay you back Don’t drink so much next time Mind your own business What if the same thing happens again? It’s so dangerous Su Muyun Tell me Do I sleepwalk? Yes Is it a traumatic stress disorder caused by the car accident? Why didn’t you tell me when I asked you before? You can do nothing if you know At least, I can protect myself I can protect for you You don’t need to bother yourself So back then you always slept in my room just to protect me? Thank you I feel cold Let me warm up Let go of me Didn’t you say you wanted to thank me? You know how to return the favour, right? Why don’t you eat something before you leave? I’m not hungry Go back and have some rest I’m not asking you It’s me who feel hungry When I had a stomachache, mum would make me rice congee I got sick of it Since you left, they’ve been having a hard time every day Mum always locked herself in your room

and kept cleaning it up No one could stop her Dad didn’t say anything But he always drunk by himself When he got drunken, he’d flip through your photo album and talk about your childhood You knew it Dad never drank before We were so good as a family Have you forgotten it all? Stop forcing me I respect your decision Give me some time Go inside I’m leaving Le Diyin, I bought breakfast Le Diyin! What’s wrong? Le Diyin! What’s the matter? He passed out Get him to the hospital Let’s go You can’t ride in a car I’ll take him to the hospital I’ll see you at Chengzhong Hospital All right Don’t worry He’ll be fine (Intensive Care Unit) (Intensive Care Unit) How is he? Dilated cardiomyopathy caused Stokes-Adams syndrome He needs to stay hospitalised for observation He’ll be fine, right? Don’t worry He’ll be fine Mr. Ouyang Are you all right? I’m not good I I’d like to take a day off My best friend passed out today I’m still in the hospital Is it Le Diyin? How did you know? You told me about him last night I I was in a bad mood yesterday I drank too much. Sorry I even ran out late at night Remember it You don’t need to apologize to me What matters is that you’re safe Anyway, he’s still in hospital I don’t know what I should do I still have a lot of work to do Sorry It’s fine How about this? Do what you have to do We’ll talk when you’re back Are you all right?

(Intensive Care Unit) Su Nianfeng Go home and have some sleep I’ve told you I’m Zhuo Yifeng ♪ Every smile of mine ♪ ♪ Comes from the joy of being with you ♪ ♪ I don’t have to look into the mirror ♪ ♪ And have doubts in another me ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my best self ♪ ♪ I’ll love you more than I thought ♪ ♪ I’m not afraid to give up for love ♪ ♪ I’ll always choose to believe in what you believe ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my boldest self ♪ ♪ And understand the meaning of hugging ♪ ♪ No matter where our memories start ♪ ♪ I just want to hold you tight for a long, long time ♪ (Ouyang Group) Mr. Ouyang Here’s the information that you asked for (Inpatient Medical Record Information Form) Le Diyin (Ultrasound Report) Who’s Le Diyin? Has Thomas arrived yet? Are you meeting Thomas for his illness? You just have to do as your duty Thomas is waiting for you Tell him that I’ll be right there Dilated cardiomyopathy with Stokes-Adams syndrome at the same time There’s nothing I can do I’m sorry I’ve heard that your viral myocarditis project has been suspended due to lack of funds How did you know? I’m interested in your project I can give you the equipment professionals and funds I can give all you need but on one condition I’ve got you an assistant and you need to let her study the drugs for dilated cardiomyopathy with you Think about it What assistant? Who is she? You’ll know it then But don’t worry She’s very smart She won’t be a drag on you Most importantly, no one is more desperate than her to find out the drug Qingxue Do you know who’s Le Diyin? I asked the maid to make your favorite soup today Take a seat The soup is turning cold soon Have a piece of meat. It’s your favorite Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Tell me What is it? Nothing I’m just curious Brother, why are you spending so much money to get Thomas to do the research and development for cardiomyopathy drugs? Can you forget about Le Diyin? He’s not a big shot If you offend the board of directors again because of him, it’s totally not worth it Don’t worry about it I know what I’m doing You can fool anyone else but not me You did it for Zhuo Yifeng, right? What’s wrong with you? Did she manage to seduce you too? You knew what happened back then

I just want to make up to her Do you dare say that you have no feelings for her? Not only she took Su Muyun away from me, she’s now trying to take you too I’ll show her no mercy Enjoy it Thank you Thank you My gut feeling was right My brother and Xiao Feng are indeed getting closer What are you getting at? Le Diyin is Xiao Feng’s best friend So it’s for her that Mr. Ouyang invest in new drug research and development? In my heart, you’re my best sister-in-law Don’t worry. I’ll help you Do you have any plans? My brother is a sentimental person The longer they stay together, the deeper they’ll be connected But fortunately, Xiao Feng is just an intern The working environment is so stressful in Ouyang Group Many interns have resigned Don’t worry The data for these plans are all wrong! You can’t even get the table right Redo it! I have checked several times How could it All I care about is the results Also, we have several new projects now Be at work two hours earlier I’ve been working overtime lately Before dawn I don’t care about it Being late will be considered as absenteeism Redo your work Send it to my email by tonight (Liu Zihui) You should just forget about it If you continue to work there, they’ll surely torture you to death It’s not worth it I’ve been persuading myself to hang on But actually, I’ve prepared the resignation letter Have you decided to resign? Well, I’ll have your back Mr. Ouyang, I We will be conducting researches on drugs for dilated cardiomyopathy We need several suitable research subjects Really? I remember you have a friend who may be suitable You can ask him if he’s willing to take part in it Also, I’m going to assign you as the company’s representative to be Dr Thomas’ assistant Okay? Okay. That’s great Right Why did you ask to see me? Nothing Thank you (Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University) Professor Thomas is the project leader It’s not every day one can be a research subject Are you willing to join in? Of course Thank you Don’t mention it By the way, there will be many new projects soon I’m planning to move somewhere nearer to the office That’s a good idea Be alert and don’t get fooled when you find a new place Don’t worry. I’ll take a day off tomorrow I can consult the agency near the office Okay. Get some rest Bye Bye (Le Diyin) Xiao Feng is planning for a move She’ll consult the agency near the office If you’re free, help her out After all, it might not be safe if she’s alone Got it Thank you If you have things to do, you can leave first

I’ll keep looking around I have some information I’ve sent you the details Not bad The location is good. How much is it? All are less than 2,000 yuan How could they be so cheap? Are you paying out of your own pocket? Forget it I’ll search on my own What happened to your cardigan? Maybe I accidentally tore it when I came in just now It’s fine. Just patch it up and it’s as good as new I’ll buy you a new one I’m not that particular No way What’s the matter? I need to use the bathroom I said I didn’t need you to send me back You’re feeble now You’re the one who need protection now Go home now It’s you who’re protecting me Remember to take the medicine I don’t know where it is It’s in the leftmost drawer of the TV cabinet Remember to eat What matters is you remember it (Qin Yao) Come out I need your help Tell me We two are either single or straight Isn’t it a bit wired shopping in the women’s clothing store Cut the crap This isn’t too bad It looks quite fashionable I’m starting to regret asking for your help This is quite nice Xiao Yun Check this store out Let’s go Sirs, you want to buy Let’s go, It’s so exhausting You asked for my advice But you rejected every piece I picked for Xiao Feng Why do you need me then? Right, you You should ask Liu Zihui Why didn’t you say so earlier? I just thought of it Call her and ask her I’m buying clothes for Su Nianfeng at the mall What does she like? Is that all? Let me see Let’s go

and start all over I can’t walk anymore Can I wait here for you? What do you think? Come on Please (Ouyang Group) Today is another great day! Keep it up! Monica has fair skin She looks even fairer in this outfit Fair and beautiful Don’t the interns get paid? She doesn’t even have a decent outfit Jeez -Ugly -It stinks You have the cheek to work wearing that? What an eyesore That’s right First of all, I don’t spend my money on clothes Because I don’t rely on good clothes Besides, my shirt doesn’t stink If someone thinks it stinks, that’s because her sense of smell gets wrong Lastly, my outfit is none of your business If you find it an eyesore, you can look elsewhere Why bother yourself? You What an ungrateful silly girl Is she mad? As long as you like it Mr. Ouyang Let’s go I’ll take you to buy some clothes Thank you But I can’t ride in a car I’ll buy a new one tomorrow You can go back first Yes In another few days, you’ll be representing the company to meet up with Thomas It’s best if you have a formal outfit Sure. I’ll Thomas is very picky about others’ outfit You don’t know what he likes Let’s go Mr., can you ride a bike? I’ve never tried it before But I can learn it I’ll teach you then Sure Hold the handlebar and keep it straight Keep the balance Don’t grab them too tight That’s right Hi, sir

How can I help you? It’s 2,800 yuan? Sir, why don’t we go to another store? It’s too expensive here Try it out first Miss Take all the clothes on display here Take this lady to the fitting room Sure Miss, this way, please Tell her it’s at 70 percent off Pay the remaining balance with my card Understood Not bad It’s quite nice But why don’t we go to another store? Then, I can decide whether to buy this You’re so lucky here! We’re having a sale Send a photo of you wearing our clothes to our official account to get a 70-percent off Seventy percent off? For real? Here. Three, two, one Why are they together? Isn’t that Ouyang Yu? Who’s that girl next to him? You look so much better than her Let me help you with that It’s fine I bought so many nice clothes today I’m feeling so good Right After the banquet the other day, you pretended to be drunken and asked him to send you home How did it go? Did anything happen? Ouyang Group is a large company He turned his nose up at me I’m sure the girl is too manipulative We’re no match for her It’s okay. I’ll introduce you to better guys at the party two days later (Qin Yao) The fall-back guy, huh? All right. Let’s go Let’s go Why are you here? He is the chairman of the company I work for This is He’s my friend, Su Muyun Hi I’m Ouyang Yu Your new outfit is nice It perfectly reveals your bad body shape You’re too much I think it looks nice Xiao Feng Have a good rest I’ll go back now All right. See you You aren’t allowed to be with him from now on I’ll do as I like It’s none of your business Then Why are you here? I said it You aren’t allowed to be with him from now on What has got into you? It hurts Is it for me? No What is that? Trash Go to another community to throw trash? Is he losing his mind?

Stay away from her You are just ordinary friends You have no right to interfere Haven’t the Ouyang family done enough to hurt the Zhuo family? If you have no proof, be careful of your words I won’t let anyone hurt her Me too As for the proof, I’ll find it You should have just told me that it was a gift for me Why talking about throwing trash? ♪ Good mood crowded by loneliness ♪ ♪ How to take control of the distance with fate? ♪ It kind of suits me Hold it What were you thinking? ♪ The silly me ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath and be brave to welcome happiness ♪ ♪ I admit I did that on purpose ♪ ♪ It’s you every single day ♪ Sir, is there anything else you want? Do you have buns? ♪ Every smile of mine ♪ ♪ Comes from the joy of being with you ♪ ♪ I don’t have to look into the mirror ♪ ♪ And have doubts in another me ♪ ♪ Although our meeting is by chance ♪ ♪ I won’t lose you even if we missed ♪ ♪ I don’t have to worry inside out of my dreams ♪ ♪ I can feel your presence when I turn around ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my best self ♪ ♪ I’ll love you more than I thought ♪ ♪ I’m not afraid to give up for love ♪ ♪ I’ll always choose ♪ ♪ To believe in what you believe ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my boldest self ♪ ♪ And understand the meaning of hugging ♪ ♪ No matter where our memories start ♪ ♪ I just want to hold you tight for a long, long time ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my best self ♪ ♪ I’ll love you more than I thought ♪ ♪ I’m not afraid to give up for love ♪ ♪ I’ll always choose ♪ ♪ To believe in what you believe ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my boldest self ♪ ♪ And understand the meaning of hugging ♪ ♪ No matter where our memories start ♪ ♪ I just want to hold you tight for a long, long time ♪ ♪ We’re still young ♪ ♪ But we’ve braced many resistances ♪ ♪ Destiny will understand that it doesn’t come easily ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my best self ♪ ♪ I’ll love you more than I thought ♪

♪ I’m not afraid to give up for love ♪ ♪ I’ll always choose ♪ ♪ To believe in what you believe ♪ ♪ I’ll give you my boldest self ♪ ♪ And understand the meaning of hugging ♪ ♪ No matter where our memories start ♪ ♪ I just want to hold you tight for a long, long time ♪

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