what is convocation provisional certificates mark sheets and transcript convocation the term convocation is used in some universities for an official ceremony which university students receive their degrees provisional certificate this is a temporary certificate indicating that a student has completed a course and we receive the certificate in due course a provisional certificate can be used by a student and it is accepted by many organizations now map sheets a mark sheet is what you obtain after examinations and it reflects your performance for the same you can obtain a mark sheet after every semester exam or after completing a set of exams now what is the difference between mark sheet and transcript now transcript this is a total collection of marks you have gained throughout an entire program or course and released according to the different semesters trimesters and year a transcript is more comprehensive than a budget as it incorporates additional features such as the number of hours per week that a particular course is conducted the number of years your course spreads over and an explanation of the grading system followed by your college

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