Hi everyone Have you already played The Forest VR? Me neither so let’s try it with the Pimax 8K Here we go I will start singleplayer I just started it to test settings and record earlier My settings are SmartSmoothing ON No Parallel Projection Pitool 1.25 and Steam SuperSampling on Auto as usual We start in a plane, I’ve aleady seen that, when checking it was recording ok SmartSmoothing is active Sometimes it drop below 40fps It doesnt hold, I get 39/38 fps So the game doesnt really like the Pimax Lets skip the crash and all And see ingame how many fps we got FPSvr does not show on the screen I shall add it to next videos adding it to the capture Here I am I am hungry, I need to eat then Ok for now its smooth, looks ok Moving it ok What is this, how is it working? Grab button grab, just not like in ThiefSimulator But I did dring someting I think Can read this from far away Told me something about the axe but did not read it I think I can make lots of thing with it Lets not cut this lady I have to find something to eat Lets do this Find what to eat No idea how to, actually its nice, I like the graphics About the FPS It is ok, 40 (SmartSmoothed) Do we have options in game..yes option Options Field of view just got set to max It doesnt affect my framerate I will let them on default Antialiasing is on but sometimes with the 8k better to turn it off What if I turn it off Lets see what it looks like about fps and about the game Will it be better? Or worse Or no changes I dont see much difference I think AntiAliasing it not necessary Anyway with this resolution, for sure About framerate yes it like it, very good Ok lets start and find something to eat Take I’ve taken someting but I dont know what Didnt eat yet I need energy so Find something to eat or rest I really dont know how it is working Turn with the right pad and move with the left pad I can cut this but maybe not start by this right now and Ok I have so step back a bit I just hit my chair I am hitting this And I can pick up things Dont need to totally crouch to grab things Which is good Because it can be annoying in this kind of game where you spend lots ot time grabbing things ok the ground I cant recognize what this is It’s wierd Take, take, I will take everything I can Even a …Ball What do I do with a ball? Drop, ok, what button, pad? ok Ok pad made me jump How do I get rid of this ball? I dont know Great, I have a ball now How do I get rid of this ball? Drop…ok but it doesnt drop it Ok that gameplay discovery I have a lighter…but I dont want set everything ok fire now I want to get rid of this damn ball There is an inventory..oh..dont know which button that was Wow there is a book with lots of things..ok So, how is this working? This could be a first objective to reach Next page…err wrong button Ok it ask me where do I want to build the shelter

Where do I put it?…there? Ok there, what button now…ok here we go It with the grab button and I choose where to put it To..build this need woods need sticks…and I assume it stones Looks like a peasant bread But it might be stones Woods, can I cut woods with this? Ok lets cut Oh nice and very convinent, already chopped and to grab it, just have to do this Ok lets do this, lets do this Build a shelter Searching all the bags Might have a Iphone in this but wont get of any use here Plus, I am an Android used It wont help me Oh ok I am tired already I can hear myself out of breath I dont know what…Oh yes it’s a stone Ok lots of thing, inventory looks very good, I like it What do we have in this? Cloths…my axe a lighter, some drugs Oh ok this icone is drugs I got it A backpack, the guide Some sticks A stone…or rock Tree sap, not sure what is is is it a seed or what?..not sure And looks like..oh can I eat this? How do I take it I did ear a eating sound so I assume I just eat them My stomach seems to be full If I use menu button again I close inventory and ingame Lets cut something small first because the big ones might be hard Cutting a small one There we go Just like in Primitive Technology But he doesnt talk as much as I do Since I think we never ear his voice Ok, it might be full So now if I go back to there…how is it working? Ok dont use trigger If I take the guide back 7 sticks, 7 rocks and 7 logs Ew…need logs Ok so, I put it there Build..there..err..oh ok Cancel is the trigger and to build is the grab button It did put one So I will do it for all There we go Ok enough Now what I need is rocks Rocks, there, like this like this A rock like that, another again How many I need? 6 Where are they? ok Here they are No more Lets loot this while I am here Some food! Actually the thing is Its lower that the ground Sometime there is a kind of bug or is there a button to crouch and I press on it by mistake but sometimes But have to keep in mind its a beta, named VRbeta So I assume Err I didnt take rocks Rocks, rocks rocks and not stones About the framerate, with the smartsmoothing, totally forgot about this It is very good running flawless Or…maybe very far away…shimmering a little But with AA it could blur the view away For now I am very fine with that I like it that way Oh, can see far away actually, there is a beach Might be able to go fishing down there I assume I dont know the game, really dont know it Almost just like, not at all I’ve seen my kids playing it (they are teens) and they were chased by zombies or savages guys not sure I will continue to build my Oh and now a log It is not cutting stick I will get a log

Thats a big one like that I need to cut Ok lets go then It’s funny Much easy than in reality Guess I can get crushed by falling trees Already chopped, convenient Aha it’s funny Carrying it just like Schwarzeneggerr In Commando, hanging around with a tree on his shoulder And what now? Build Need 7 err 6 more No TeamTree here Deforest, deforest Ehe, can even jump carrying a log, watch my legs Where nexts? Come here Cannot rotate with the log One and 3 more needed now Is there not a medium tree around? Rotation is with the other pad C’mon Let’s deforest Oh man, my hands are bleeding It is stuck? No It is actually really well made Beside the fact they get chopped when hitting the ground Ok rotation, right pad I dont even remember where is the thing oh, there I might be exausting My hands are bleeding bad And I am thirsty also Where is it Usually I have a good sens of direction But in VR Actually I would have to rotate But to stay more or less front to you I use only pad to rotate And because sens of direction is just…gone C’mon, a last one and we finished the shelter And gotta find something to drink What is this…a little rabbit Come little rabbit Pff where is the tree I just cut When I was talking about the sens of direction, wasnt joking I will not cut another There is a log here Oh, here….oh well Yeah done. With a floppy disk to save What is fun is a floppy, many of you never got one in hand But it still today representing the save in many games I dont want to save or sleep now, I would like to drink first Oh yeah thirsty There is water down there but cant drink water from sea In the bags maybe, can find something? Another ball, is it a sport team that was flying? How do I drop it again it is not really like that because it just open the book Oh, drink, maybe there is something about in there hmm ..food? Oh it is to build…err I dont need that Ok if following the guide, it tells me to make a fire after the shelter So I need leaves and sticks Sticks ok but leaf..dont know where to What that, can I cut? Some sticks Sticks also but what about leaf Leaf…those have lots of leaves Looks like not….it ts rolling down the hill To get some drink is going to be complicated I have no info in the guide I have 8 stick, enough for the fire and I will set it next to the cabin

Which is not at all a cabin, its a shelter Lets check in the book Pressing grab to set it down there I have 2 sticks, there you go And now I need leaves…dry ones, but where? What is this? No..so dry leaves Come little rabbit Stones I can take something there Err no sticks again I want leaves I will continue loot the bags Is this not food? That a food thing The game looks very cool I really start to like it Interesting Have to see later How to I get leaves I dont have any…in my inventory Leaf…177 Oh well, I have some, dunno where they are coming from Ok now I have to find again the shelter Fortunately there is the icon displayed, it helps a lot Continuing looting There are lot more remaining, I dont have openened them all yet The..the fire..there it is So, 1, 2…7 And yes, earlier I had a lighter, so now So now The lighter…there it is. I wasnt sure how to get it out but now ok So, well it is fun to set fire this way Ok, the ground is lower…for some reason, what is the…? If I do this? This way, c’mon Yeah good, so now the ground is ok again but Movement blocked? Ok I dont know if it is because of beta Or because of the Pimax, dont know So I have fire but I start to get hungry I have to find to eat or to get rest Lets looks in the inventory, which is not that What good do I have to eat This, restore energy Need water…no water in bags Timmy photo? Timmy!!! Oh well yeah So, note for later, avoid walking in the fire Damn…and how do I get rid of this? Remind me of Pavlov when in the tutorial If you get killed by your own grenade it tells you “Try to not kill yourself next time” I still have my lighter, it is dangerous I wont find something to drink How long I’ve been recording now? I dont know We will stop there for today I will make several episodes of this game if you like it Like and comment if you want more, if you want to continue this journey, of TheForest I actually like it It is really the beginning of the game, there is lots to do I assume If I take a look again in the inventory what does it tells me to do What if I press Step 3 Ok step 3 Still doesnt tell me how do I drink What I will do, I will Try to not walk in the fire Lets avoid this, right? Do i have to feed the fire? Looks like yes, with leaves How to? This way..? No..? I will walk in it again if I dont take care I will save before getting fried There is a night icon that changed When I tell you it is a discovery gameplay, that is a real one, I am not lying Save And now it is night Can I sleep? How to do? I dont know

Anyways We shall see next time If you want more, thanks to leave comments below Feel free Yeah give us some more! We want episode 2 of The Forest Otherwise I will do another episode of Pavlov Because you actually liked Pavlov And Thief Simulator also which is very fun Well…actually I am doing only fun/cool games “Honnestly, very good game” Wink to those who recognize where it come from (Its from a French youtuber) Thank you for watching this video If you liked it thanks to leave a thumb up Feel free to tell me in comments, if you want some more episodes Subscribe to dont miss the next videos on the channel Thank you I am Ludiks Bye!

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