all right folks Ford Entertainment Group here and then I put you through how to clean up your oculus rift or your Samsung Odyssey and get the best visual clarity as possible and I’m gonna do this as quickly as possible as not to waste your time and my time all right first thing I want you to do is I want you to download something that’s called display driver on his dollar just put ddu up in up top and you’ll see here display driver and installer and you should come to the following screen okay once you’re here scroll down to the bottom where it says US East Coast clicking on that that’s where you can download it the download will start automatically as you can see up top here and five seconds it does and it takes about five seconds to download once that happens open it up I’m not gonna use winzip so I’m gonna go to the file and my down downloaded files all right right here right click and open it with whatever you want to open it with I do it Windows Explorer right here double click it extract all extract okay now once it’s extracted it there you’ll see the seven show up double click on that extract again ok so now once that’s extracted you see up here version 17 point zero five double click on that and here’s your uninstaller ok this is the actual program double click on that yes and then clean and restart I’m not going to do that because I’m not gonna wipe out my drivers but yeah you want to wipe out your and video drivers even if you just freshly did it ok wipe them out we want start from fresh once your computer restarts you’ll have the ugliest looking Windows you ever seen because it won’t have a driver he’ll be on the basic Windows driver okay so you got that done what’s next you want to go replace that driver Nvidia drivers and this is for Nvidia if you have a AMD card you have to go to AMD download drivers Nvidia pick out what graphics card you have most people have a tendency Rees at this point but if you don’t say you had a 970 you’ll just go to 900 series and then you’ll choose 970 and of course whatever operating system you have you should have Windows 10 by now it’s it’s that much better so we’ll just say Windows 10 I mean GeForce 10 1066 4-bit hit search and then boom download you should be downloading three 91.3 five which is the latest release March 27th release now important note when you when you do download these drivers and then you go to install it’s gonna ask you do you want to Express install or custom install click custom install and uncheck Nvidia experience you don’t want to put that on there and it plays uh it plays badly with some games so just uncheck it you know no reason to happen all right so now that you’ve you’ve uninstalled your old drivers you clean them out you’ve got new drivers and now what we want to do is I want you to clean out your old files and iRacing so go to documents iRacing what i want you to do is I want you to right-click on your render dx11 and hit delete I’m not gonna do that but you do do that okay once you have that done you’re gonna need to go to iRacing which is currently down but I want you to click on the once you go to the main page to show room or not to share on but the main page click settings it’ll be over here somewhere I click settings and then run graphics configuration you’ve all seen it before you know what I’m talking about click run graphics configuration and what that does is it resets your dx11 file ok once you’ve don’t run your graphics configuration jump into a testing session just to make sure that dx11 file is created and then jump back out exit back out of that go back to your iRacing documents and and right-click on your dx11 and then open it up here’s what I want you to change you’re going to scream this is the only thing you change and this is the most important step put your pixels per display pixel at 100 our oculus rift pixels per display pixel 100 and if you’re using a Samsung Odyssey go to open VR and put that at a hundred now

you’re gonna say oh I thought that won’t that make to make it visually less appealing no it won’t that is a myth put these at a hundred guaranteed it’ll be clear as a bell just trust me I’ve done plenty of testing put both of these at 100 you’re gonna hit X up here it’s gonna ask you to save and of course you’re gonna hit yes it’s not gonna ask me because I didn’t change anything then what I want you to do is I want you to go into this app one right here open and the next thing I want you to do is scroll all the way to the bottom down here xx developer use only put CPU meter at 1 and CPU meter as text at 1 both of those should be at 1 and what that’s gonna do is that’s gonna give you some numerical values in the top right corner while you’re racing that’s going to allow you to see where your system may be struggling my guess is once we once you do what I’m telling you to do right here you’ll be fine okay so now you got that done as well now it’s actually time to go into eye racing as we know I racing this down for those of you may be new to I race and you can go into a test session I don’t never a take that sighting here we go test-drive iRacing okay take a look up up top here in case you need to type it out if it’s still down and you’re trying to do this but if not just go to regular iRacing all right important thing to note here if everything is ever down you can try any car for free and on any track as well so just gonna pick Atlanta you test don’t think I’m trying to do here is get into the testing session to where I can get to the graphics tab okay I’m not gonna click yes because I’m trying to show you guys that’s easily at my computer I don’t want it to go into my oculus rift guaranteed you do what I tell you here you’re gonna see that the sharpest picture you’ve ever seen all right once it loads in you’ll see over here on the right hand side it may look different because you put those two values at one you see you have a C R and G as well the idea is to get these under 10.6 as you can see mine’s barely touching one on one of them but I have a super style machine that’s overclocked where my house is gonna burn down not really but uh that’s why those numbers look a little different if you’ve just now done that but let’s go to the graphics tab graphics all right here’s a myth I’m gonna bust right here the lowest settings in VR I’m talking about once you’re in here is not much different than the highest settings it’s all placebo effect so what would you want what I want you to do is those things that are killing your resources and not giving any return you know like giving taxes to the government and never getting anything in return at least now we with this we have control over it so justjust try this if you trust me and do this you’ll see that what I’m telling you is true I’ve done this I don’t know I’ve done this for weeks trying to perfect the exact thing taking out things that you don’t need putting in things that do make it different here on the left hand side put your cars that medium your projects that medium event grants hands and crowds and objects at low and particles at medium detail like full res max cars if you are not a broadcaster put that 20 cars that’s plenty of cars put it at 20 cars that’s the biggest killer or VR so 20 cars is all you need unless you’re a broadcaster and put your frame rate at no limit over here put your filtering in double a 8 X + 2 X and can I put it at a X + 2 X and then render dynamic track-day render dynamic tired adders fine I put shadow Maps off simply because I don’t like the shadows on the track okay you can use them if you want to it it does use a lot of resources but I still think you’ll be absolutely fine even putting them on I just personally don’t like night shadows it’s night most people put on night shadows because it uses less that’s resources anyone else

you can put them on it’s fine it uses less than shadow the shadow map section up here so if you want to shut these off and turn these on you still see the shadows and so you can do that on this side here put it just as I have it here there’s no nothing to be gained by putting on anything else he-hey sharpening FXAA it’s just solve you are killers with zero return 0 return so don’t do it all it does is waste your resources so take a look at the screen there take a snapshot with your phone if you need to and put these exact settings on there and make sure you’ve done everything prior to that ok now in iRacing all these settings will not take place until you step out of iRacing so you’ll have to quit and then come back in okay won’t you go back out then you can go back in but before you go back in the next thing I want you to do right click on your screen and video control panel and there’s something that I want you to do here as well go up here to manage 3d settings where my cursor is click on that and then scroll down where it says texture filtering quality mm-hmm click here and make sure it’s on high quality ok and then of course apply it if you need to apply it it won’t say apply for me because it’s the same setting that I had so high quality ok so once that’s once you’ve done that that’s the only thing you need to change in there remember that’s manage 3d settings over here ok now now you’re ready to go back in to iRacing and drive now I guarantee you dry if you’ve done everything like I’ve told you your stuff will be crystal clear crystal clear and you won’t see any graphical decrease in performance at all so uh if you don’t mind do me a favor if this has helped you and like and subscribe to my youtube channel I appreciate it and put some comments down below if it helped you or if it didn’t help you but uh before you comment make sure you actually try it to see what I’m talking about and and VR the settings in site once you’re inside iRacing there’s not much difference between the highest settings in the lowest settings so you want to kill off all the resource hogging and reference to the numbers on the right hand side in the top corner as long as those numbers are under ten point six then your computer is able to handle the graphical settings that you have all of you guys will be under ten point six if you do what I said there as long as you have a decent computer chip and a gtx 1060 so i hope this has helped you guys a lot of you guys been asking for a vr tutorial on how to set it up so it looks much better and whether you have the samsung Odyssey or you have the oculus rift this will work just make sure you go through all those steps and the biggest thing that you need to do is when I the main thing that you do it do everything that I told you to do but the main thing is in this render dx11 file which I’m just going through it one more time just just to reiterate please put oculus rift at 100 right here pixels per display and open VR resolution scale at 100 as well there’s no there’s nothing to gain by putting this up when you go back into your car your your UI your black boxes are gonna be a little bit larger so you’ll probably have to reshuffle them around – how you like them but uh he’ll be fine again this is Jeffrey Ford Entertainment Group hopefully this helps your VR set up and see you out on the track

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