Watch Free Telugu Movies at www.teluguone.com/movies King Palace, Coimbatore He’s Raja Ravichandra Varma A good business man He believed in business which not only earns profits but also gives jobs to the jobless His three sisters mean everything to him And these three men are those who married Raja’s three sisters Raja loves his sisters whereas these three men love Raja’s wealth He is Raja’s brother-in-law, an absent minded man But he is a good man too After Raja’s death, his children became the point of attraction Bhagat Seth, a criminal minded business man Earlier, he was a professional killer Now he is a business man You start No one has come from King constructions After Raja’s death, who’s left to represent the company Raja’s elder son Has this kid entered the business? – Yes sir You can start Government’s minimum bid amount is Rs.10 lakhs Rs.10 lakhs & 10 thousand Rs.50 lakhs Bhagat construction bid is Rs.2 crores 2 lakhs One moment King Business is not a ball game But for me, it is just a game Didn’t get me? This spinning mill which isn’t worth even Rs.50 lakhs, l provoked you & made you to bid for Rs.2 crores And l made workers to earn a profit Rs.1 .5 crores A real King not only wins but also one who makes people win l won Well done Why do you congratulate your elder son when the younger one had won it? He lost to make him win A real King not only wins but also one who makes people win Have you lost the suitcases? Tell me Please stop it Tell me where have you hidden the suitcases? Why are you beating him? l should kill him Your brother trusted him so much but he is trying to cheat us What did he do? Tomorrow is Raja’s birth anniversary He says that the money brought in boxes to be given as bonus to the workers have gone missing Don’t get angry lf police interrogate Stop it, uncle Sir, l’m innocent Just leave this place Do you also suspect me? l said leave this place Just leave this place l say When he mentioned about the police, l really got scared l got much more scared Where did you keep the suitcases? Don’t worry They are safe in my room Did we steal it to be hidden in your room? Go, get it – l will l know about you all and Ranga Rao’s honest nature l kept my mouth shut because of my sisters You don’t have to worry about any affairs of the palace Come with me & seek forgiveness from Ranga Rao After his father’s death, we thought we could gain control of the wealth, but he’s an hurdle everything What do we do when someone becomes a hurdle in our path? We take another path You guys do that What about you? We remove it from our path Team Tolly Mother After my elder son’s birth, something inauspicious happens every 3 years l called you here to show his horoscope This boy will lead a royal life and will face some hurdles too

ln the 2008, a danger awaits him Very dangerous lf he escapes from that, he will live long What should we do as a remedy to avoid that danger? As humans, let’s do all that we can 2008, March 26 Move How did it happen? The contract will be ours for sure Don’t under estimate the King What will he do? l’ve bribed everyone lt’s Murthy Yes Murthy, tell me Sorry sir. A bad news King has won again What happened? King has won again! l’ll even kill the King to win this time lt’s wrong As his bodyguard, you failed to save him You’ve no right to live My son, you wanted King to die until your death Notjust the King, l’ll wipe out his entire clan Hello brother Only if you come to the airport and give me a send off, l’ll board the flight to London lf you don’t come, you know about me, don’t you? l’ll come back My name is Kittu, Coal Kittu This is my business And my side business is to kill for money Now l took money to kill you Are you scared? Notjust me, no one in my family ever gets scared Do you know why? Everyone believes in God, who is unseen We believe in God we see God you see? Who are you? – King! Let me see how King saves you now Kill him Team Tolly Who are you? – King The way he spoke about you made me anxious to see you Electricity gives light lf you try to touch it, you will die You dared to warn me in my den, do you know my gift to you for it? Your brother’s death as you watch lf anyone of you dare touch my brother, l’ll leave this place right away Try if you can Get up Get up Take this Touch him Touch him l say Who gave you money?

King knows to protect his people and also knows how to control men like you l’m not here to tell you not to lock horns with me Lock horns with me but not with my people lf you again think about my people, l’ll be forced to think about you You can’t stand before me Why are you so dull? ls it because my brother has gone to London? No She doesn’t want you to leave Yes The priest had predicted this year is not good for you You don’t have to travel now Munna called me just now, mother There’s a small problem in our factory l’ve to go there to solve it l’ll be back in 2 days After our brother’s death, you’re our only hope Nothing will happen to me when l’m protected by your love Actually Gopi said that you’re leaving Your aunt wants a golden girdle Gold prices have come down by Rs.1000 lf you give me Rs.5 lakhs You’ll bet on Pakistan and Australian cricket teams l’ve quit betting Tell him You don’t trust lndia l don’t trust you He hates lies Ask him money point blank He won’t deny us, will he? l won’t l know about you all l spared you all because of my aunts Go & do your work When he has made it so clear, why stand here like dogs? Let’s go – Finish off all your work & come back Do you need a girdle? lf l need anything l would ask you not him He is lying Well said Hope you have not forgotten anything? You forgot Forgot what? Forgot to wear your pant Sorry. l forgot to wear my pant in hurry Anything message to your mother? – Will you forget? Why would l? Tell my mother that l’ll come back safe & sound Okay He told me to tell his mother that he will backsafe & sound Hubby Why did you shriek now? – You didn’t wear you pant Yes What did he say? – How will l know? Yes, you’re right What did he say? He said something King has tightened the grip Das from whom we borrowed money is threatening us if we don’t repay What should we do now? This phone keeps on ringing lt’s Das He will live for 100 years Yes, he will live for 100 years lf you don’t pay the loan, this is your last year Stop scaring me lt’s betting Shafi Shafi, l’ll bet on Australia this time too Won’t you answer my call, you scoundrel? Mr.Das, is it you? How did you call from this number? l’m in Delhi l thought of meeting you in person once l reach there So, l cut the call Agra Peda is special sweet here, can l get it for you? lf you were in Delhi, how did you hear the gun sound? Where are you, Mr.Das? Wherever l may be, you’re at my gun point What would you get if you kill me? Give me some time l’ve made a foolproof sketch lf you miss, l won’t shoot the bulb this time lt’ll be your brain What do you mean by foolproof sketch? l won’t tell you l’ll put it in action King who went to Uttaranchal will not come back l’m hearing this from the day l got married Will he finish the job? lf not him Will you finish the job? Have you made any master plan? Date: March 26 Location:Dehardun Airport, Uttaranchal This phone is disturbing me The flight landed just now You’re new to the job Handle with care He’s very smart Don’t make me tensed l’ll handle the situation What’s the problem? Local mafia threatened the workers and are stopping from working They want to takeover the factory You don’t need to run this factory fighting those men We feel it’s better to shutdown the factory When 3000 families are affected because of a few men, we need to finish them off instead of shutting down the factory They are very dangerous A soldier can fear war but not a King

Team Tolly His walking style is rocking His shoe sound is shaking His speed is breath taking He knocks down men with his powerful fists His enemies get shivers His punches are like bursting crackers Even guns take a step back on seeing him He comes like a cyclone and breaks all records King is coming A king with brawn and with a kind heart Even silence blows whistles at the one & only King Team Tolly When he enters the battlefield, he over runs everyone When he tightens his fists, he strikes hard He is a walking army Everything is a cakewalk to him When he starts to hunt the beasts, there’s no stepping back He even electrifies the electricity He is known for his adventures He is too hot Team Tolly His eyes are like a cheetah, always stalking When injustice is done, he attacks ferociously He leads from the front, our king He caretakes everyone single handedly Solves any problems he faces When such a hero is with people, they all like him Location: Windrock Valley, King Estates Date: March 29 Time: 10.20 am

Team Tolly lt’s getting late to the flight l’m waiting in the hotel Where are you? – ln graveyard Graveyard…? A day after King’s death, Victoria Hospital You had lodged a complaint about a missing man, right? Yes sir Try to identify him ls he the one? – No ls he the one? – No ls he the one? ls he the one? What? Has he gone missing? l searched everywhere l’ve lodged a complaint in all police stations But no information about him How will you get information? What do you mean? King who went to Uttaranchal will not come back King who went to Uttaranchal will not come back King who went to Uttaranchal will not come back He is finished What is all this? An evidence to your plot lnspector DCP! Put him in jail and give him a police treatment Truth will come out Mr. Appaji, you’ve to come to the police station with us l will come l’ve many evidences against you l’ll show you all Move He may really bring He has escaped How far can he run with his big tummy? Search. You’ll find him l now understood the meaning of your cunning smile You finished the King there and trapped Appaji here Moreover a cunning smile too Let’s ask your younger son to come back No He can’t tolerate it My son will be fine You don’t have to worry l gave them hope But you are my hope Make sure my son is back home safe Safe…? Safe…? Sister, your son told me that he will come home safe and wanted you not to worry l know He will come God will bring him back to us Old City, Hyderabad

Greetings sir Why have you come back again? Didn’t l tell you that l’ll not vacate? Your lease period is over He has to perform his daughter’s marriage lf you vacate this bar, he will sell this bar and perform his daughter’s marriage Who are you to say that? – Bottu Seenu’s man Who the hell is Bottu Seenu? Get out. Get out Who are you? East side, Marredpalli, West side Kukatpalli, North side Kompalli, South side Upparapalli, all round Hyderabad, is there anyone who doesn’t know ‘Bottu’ Seenu? What Bottu Seenu? Do you know Charminar? – Yes Golconda…? – Yes Birla Mandir…? – Yes Don’t you know Bottu Seenu? – No l’ll give you a clue lf Bottu Seenu hits, your head reels – l see? Do you have any doubt? lt’s reeling l’m Bottu Seenu lf someone asks me who l am, they will regret for asking so This building owner made a deal with me to vacate this place lf you don’t vacate he’ll feel bad lf he feels bad, l’ll get hurt What if you get hurt? This will be the result Just vacate this place What’s going on? Look, he is hitting me badly l told you to vacate it How dare you say that infront of the police? l’ll gun you down l’m sorry. Leave me – Go Let’s go, boys Let’s go Don’t get scared lt was a drama.- Drama? Everything was dummy – You’re really great Enough of praising him Get me the money Rs.10000 Rs.10000? lt’ll not even cover costumes & drinks – Give me more Don’t be so money minded We helped in his daughter’s marriage lf you hadn’t done thatjob for free, we all would’ve gone to touch Touch…? – l mean Pub Pub is full of girls Drink & enjoy You forgot about my marriage but want to enjoy in pub? l’m trying my best ls it to ruin my marriage? The profession we are in, no one is coming forward to give his daughter to you We can’t change our profession But we can change our looks & styles There’s a right time for everything – lt has started raining Shravani, don’t get wet in rain Come here

Don’t drag us out What happened? l saw a girl in the rain l’ve gone mad Girl…? Where? She went in the bus Let her go lf not her someone else l’ve decided, l want that girl lt’s okay that you’ve decided Where can we find her? lf Bottu Seenu decides, it’s done Now take a look How is it? l don’t know what it is! What? lt’s really wonderful lt looks like a real dog When l paint a dog, it will look like a dog Will it look like you? Show that to the dog? lt’ll feel happy How is your painting? You kept on moving Else it would’ve been better Master will be stunned to see this – Yes boss Why is it barking? lt must be thinking that another dog has come here Boss…stop it Khairtabad is going out of our hands You tell me How is the painting? You tell me – Making fun of me? lt’s a dog You call this a dog? You scribbles some lines and these fellows praise you Why should we try something that we don’t know? To hell with painting of a dog, a fox! Let’s talk about Khairtabad l liked it lnsulting art? l will crush your neck Forgive me, boss. Leave me l might die l spared you because you were with me from childhood What’s your problem? Someone named Bottu Seenu is into running kangaroo courts lf this goes on, what will happen to our reputation? How dare he runs kangaroo court in my area? Where can l find him? Boss, you be here l will take care of him Who is Bottu Seenu here? How dare you run kangaroo court in our area? l’ll chop you into pieces Team Tolly l heard that you run kangaroo courts Khairtabad is mine ls Nizam area your grand mother’s property? Hello boss Gyan. You? Narasimha..? – Yes. He is my son Let’s go inside & talk The twin cities must do what l say l threaten them and l get protection money How could you dare step into my business? lt means competition Just by hitting a few people doesn’t mean you’re a big shot l’ve come across many guys like you Police wet their pants on seeing me Our boxer Ashok is being beaten to pulp at SR Nagar police station Tell my name They are beating him badly after telling your name Our boss will talk later What about you? lf you do business here, should l open a bangle shop for a living? You do it knowingly or unknowingly lf you wish to be a goon, work for me l won’t work for anyone What is he saying? He is very arrogant He listens to no one l’ve dealt with many such arrogant people You’re Narasimha’s son, take Khairtabad & 100/0 commission Have l come top you or you’ve come to me? l came to your place Then the choice is mine – Yours? You take that 100/0 How dare he talks to me like that? He is very arrogant Never listens to anyone What a son you’ve, Narasimha! l’m quiet because of you As you say. But to the outside world, be it the other way round Why? They don’t know about our relationship They might feel that l’m afraid of you. Tell him

Yes – Okay Yadi, bring that here This is what l gave you, right? l have brought you a gift – What gift? Open it. You will know What is this? – A painting You call this a painting? lt’s like a drunkard scribbling Who painted this? l’ve never come across a worst painting than this What are you doing? My boss painted it Shut up. Take his comments positively Narasimha – Yes Our building in Khairtabad is really good You can shift there You too boys What shift? That place is full of pigs & rats lf we clean it, it will look wonderful Bye Narasimha – Bye Bye Seenu. Take care Bottu Narasimha fell on my feet and embarrassed me l pitied him, told him to handle Khairtabad and take 100/0 commission Why 100/0 commission? He needs something to survive, right? He does the crime and we get the commission Did he agree for 100/0? – Good question l’ve settle your account When l was threatening them, you came & said our boys were being beaten to pulp in SR police station l beg you. Don’t beat me l won’t beat you – Thank you l will break your bones You said there are pigs in that building You must clean the entire building From now, my boss has given powers to Seenu to take care of Khairtabad He didn’t give power We took it from him He is Mental Rajesh – Greetings He committed many crimes from childhood, made a lot of money He set up a wine shop there The problems start there Women stage protests since their husbands don’t give them money ls he a fool to have invested so much money in it? Apart from your childhood crimes, you have set up a wine shop lt’s him not me You take their hard earned money before it reaches their families You take their lives selling illicit liquor – Where are they? Tell me lf you listen his story, you roll on the ground & cry.- Really? His father-in-law promised to give him Rs.2 lakhs before marriage He gave him Rs.1 lakh only And is refusing to pay balance Rs.1 lakh He got angry & beat his wife and smashed his wife’s head to the wall Her father wants to file a case against him. lt’s injustice Do you need dowry for your dirty face? – He married her not me Are you trying to ruin her life? Where are they? They are gone Do you have only such cases with you? Only such things come up for settlement Settlement is not for us to get settled in life lf you bring such stupid cases to me, l’ll kick your ass Why is everyone so tensed? – Sir is coming The entire city is scared of our boss But our boss is scared of Sir ls our boss scared of him? – Shut up Our boss fell in love with his sister She said her’s is a family of artists And his’ family of killers She put a condition that only if he learns to paint & satisfies her brother, she’ll agree to marry him Have you finished your home work? – You have to see it l spent all night to paint this You spoke like a great artist What is this? Merciful sky Caption of the painting The boy in the painting is an orphan He has no food or water Not even clothes to wear lt’s alright. Doesn’t he have ears? – He is deaf Won’t the deaf have ears? l can’t convey in the painting that he is deaf So, l removed his ears So, since you’ve no brains, can l remove your head? Go ahead When he feels hungry, he looks down When he feels thirsty, he looks at the sky Finally, the sky feels pity on him lt releases 3 drops of water Your creation has lot of shit in it lt’s not enough if you alone understand that shit The one who looks at it must also understand lt’s very clear in the painting What’s clear? – Boss What? Why are you disturbing us? – lmportant matter, sir This is even more important You illiterate! You say that this is very clear, right? Yes master. lt’s crystal clear Tell me the concept of this painting Tell me This boy came here to shit Forgot to bring water mug He’s looking at those leaves to wipe his shit.- That’s all Don’t feel bad You too have some shitty thoughts in your brain

When they come out, they turn even worse What can l do? When l paint, my hands shake – Stop drinking How is drinking related to painting? Your hands will stop shaking and you can paint well Try again Will see you tomorrow What did you say? ls he waiting to wipe the shit with those leaves? l’m sorry, boss Tell me what’s in your heart l’ll tell him exactly as you say ls he a fool to ask you again? – Leave it Bottu Seenu is spoiling all our business He is conquering Khairtabad He is taking huge sums of money He is troubling us People trust banks & deposit their money in banks lf people use credit cards & refuse to pay, banks will be forced to shutdown lnnocent people will the final losers ln Khairtabad alone, more than Rs.15 crores is due for our bank lf you recover that money, l will give you 100/0 More than the commission, l like yourjob. Deal okay We will be on it from tomorrow He gave me a wrong information that you’re spoiling the business l like your style of business Very happy There should be honesty in the business l do My boss wants money notjustice lf we do wrong things for the sake of money, the affected people will be angry with your boss That’s dangerous for you lf we deal such cases, we get money & a good image What do you say? – Nothing to say We’ll never interfere in your business Do business in your style Bye Narasimha – Bye sir Let’s go You convey everything wrong There, you insulted me in front of my master And here, you say that l’m very greedy What shall we do with him? l beg you. Treat me as your brother. Leave me l won’t leave you l will finish you off Vehicle is very good – New model, boss Boys, have you understood? The dealing must be very smooth.- Okay boss Don’t say boss. Say okay bro Bro means brother, corporate style Who are you? l’m coming from the bank – Have you brought it? What? l applied for the credit card Have you brought it? l’m here to take not to give – Take what? Credit card bill – Bill There is no outgoing only incoming here Which means that l only take money l never give money l may have to take legal action against you Legal action? l’ll complain to TV9 that you brought goons to my house l’ll lodge complaint in police station that you misbehaved with women When a lender is so smart, how smart a defaulter like would be? Do you need a credit card? Yes. l need one My repayment record is very clean l do prompt payment You come here fast l am waiting for you Why are you taking my belongings? Why are you taking my car? Why are you hitting me? First, l’ll deal very smoothly in a corporate style lf it doesn’t work, Bottu Seenu will be out – Who is Bottu Seenu? lf Bottu Seenu hits you, your head will reel.- How? How was it? l feel the reeling You must be Bottu Seenu.- Got it? Pay money & take your belongings Load everything l think l spoke a lot Team Tolly Which floor is he in? – 3rd floor Can’t you see? – My girl friend Girl friend for you? Give me your goggles lt’ll be nice on you. Get lost What’s this noise? – Today is Valentine’s day Today, if girls accept flowers from boys, it means she has accepted his love l don’t believe all these These stuff is for those with lot of money. Let’s go Among the shoppers who did shopping in our mall today, first prize winner is token no. 153 What are you looking at, boss? The girl l saw in the bus stop Your name? – Shravani Sister-in-law’s name is Shravani Nice name, right? – Yes boss What will you do with this Rs.25000? l request you to donate it to any orphanage on my behalf.- Wow! She is too good On this valentine’s day, you’re giving this money to an orphanage What are you going to give to your boy friend? Sorry, l’ve no boy friend Boss – She has no boy friend Can you tell us the kind of a man you’re looking for? He must be kind hearted lt’s okay Must be a follower of Gandhi – Boss

Should make his dreams come true None of her expectations matches your – Forget about her She caught your balloon She holds your flower which means your love will be a success Shut up. He never believes in all that stuff Now l do – Boss, she is leaving We thank you all for making this program a grand success We missed her again l didn’t miss her She is in my heart Team Tolly l searched all over AP l explored both Hollywood and Bollywood l fell for an angel like you You’re my sweetheart l’m looking for a boy friend like Brad Pitt l need a man like Jet Li lf you prove that you’re a man with both qualities you’ll be my Emperor O beauty! You’re my love l’m mad at you To be my hero, my heart should believe in you Team Tolly We are a perfect match Like Amitabh & Jaya, a made for each other couple We are a perfect match like Rajesh & Dimple lf you say Yes, let’s get married like Abhi & Ash The man who Jaya loves was No: 1 The man Dimple fell for was a romantic hero Ash liked the qualities of Bachchan Do something to prove yourself as someone special O my dear Trisha! l’m a slave of your beauty Love is an intoxication One should be mad like you Team Tolly Like Ambani, l’ll build a palace for you Like Shahjahan, l’ll gift you the Rose Mahal as a bonus Like ANR, l’ll build a studio in your name lf you love me, l’ll make you the next CM Wearing a buttonless shirt, you look like mass hero On looking at your kind heart, you proved to be a man of class Like Majnu, you cast a spell on me You made my heart beat to your tunes Darling, you’re my dawn what you said is the sweetest thing of all O my darling! O handsome! l like you Take rest for a few minutes We will get ready

Hello…Record it – Okay How is it? – As it is l mean to say that this is the song we heard in our car lf we give the CD, our boys will compose the tunes.- Shut up The tempo is different The tune is different The language is lt was in Hindi This is Telugu Greetings sir Shravani, he is Jayasurya Greetings sir Ask that girl in blue dress to come in Let’s give her a break Greetings sir – Sit down Your name? – Shravani There is music in your name See Shravani, to be frank, l know nothing about music How is that possible? By stealing other composers’ tunes l heard it To come up in the industry, all you need is a relationship Especially, the relationship between a singer & musician must be like that of a husband & wife You l mean to say that we should’ve a good understanding Let’s forget about music and stuff like that Let’s talk about life Book a guest house in the evening Send our car to her house She will come.- Okay sir Understood? l understood very well l wish to beat you with slipper But l respect your age l trust my talent not you Shall l book the guest house? Swaranjali Greetings. Welcome to Tata lndicom’s Swaranjali Among the selected semi-finalists, the great music director Jayasurya has come to select the finalists Our 1st participant is Shruthi from Srikakulam l’m going to sing the song from film ‘Saagara Sangamam’ Om Nama Shivaya Written by Veturi, music by llayaraja Our Raja When l worked under him, l used to call him Rajaji He too liked me very much He always use to say that if l was born earlier, he wouldn’t have survived in this field That’s why you’re copying his tunes l heard that Team Tolly What tune did you sing? – Hindolam raga Hindolam means Sa Ri Ga Ma How did you sing? Sa Ga Ma Da – Where is Ri? There is no Ri in Hindolam Yes, there is no Ri But it’s traces should be in the song That’s magic Such small mistakes do happen We too have committed such mistakes before coming up in life Correct it in the finals Our next contestant is Shravani from Hyderabad l’m going to sing a song from the film ‘Shankarabharanam’ Samaja Varagamana Written by Veturi, Thyagaraja Keerthana Music by K.V. Mahadevan My uncle’s song l’ve a bond with this particular song Don’t say that you composed music for this song We stayed in golden beach to compose tunes for Shankarabharanam You know about Vishwanath He never accepts anything in first go Sometimes we used to sit till 2 am Those days, we were so dedicated Uncle was humming like this l said that the tune is ready And he made the tune He values my judgement You must be very brave to have selected that song Don’t keep changing the channels Give me the remote Wait – What happened? That’s the girl whom l mentioned about What are you singing?

What is the tempo of the song you’re singing? Do you know the value of that song? lt’s a romantic song between Chandramohan & Rajalakshmi Where is the romance? What l mean to say is that a man who is hungry shouts differently and the man who is hurt shouts differently Every thing has a unique tune lnstead of concentrating on your clothes, you could’ve concentrated on the song Sometimes, l fear that Telugu film songs have come to an end Don’t kill music director’s creativity with your half baked knowledge Don’t disappoint us who want to give you a good break We want to take you to greater heights But you remain where you are You never come there You mean guest house Atleast show some dedication in the finals l’m ready to give you a break Why did you get tensed? l thought you might die Are you disappointed that l didn’t die? You were emotional and spoke too much Wait for the reaction My heart is overjoyed in your thoughts My heart has crossed the boundaries of love with your looks Stop it What’s that language? Even l couldn’t understand it How will people understand it? People will understand – Shut up Making fun of me! Can we send those track singing girls? Aren’t they taking money? Are they singing for free? lf they need any favour, they must ask me? Who are you in the middle? lf they ask you a favour, they know what you will ask them Get lost Sing something in our style – Okay master Sing O girl! You opened the doors of your heart Someone has come to see you Let them in – Okay sir lt must be that girl! How is the reaction? She came to me running O girl! You opened the doors of your heart Girl…girl Replace girl with thatch O thatch! You unlocked your heart O thatch! You unlocked your heart ls this also a settlement case? – No, a personal case Greetings sir Who are you guys? Your fans – Fans? Khairtabad Jayasurya youth association When did you start this? – Just now A few days back, a group of people came here and promised to throw flowers when my name appears in the titles, and took Rs.25000 They didn’t even clap We aren’t like them – So, what are you then? They took but didn’t clap hands But we will clap without taking money Then okay Sit here What brings you here? – l will tell you On your birthday Will you distribute free food? – No. Blood donation All over Andhra Pradesh My blessings are with you always – We need your blood not blessings Whose? – Yours l will tell you Close the doors We have decided to donate your blood all over the state Who are you to donate my blood? Who are you to steal other’s tunes? Why are you hitting me? Why are you hitting me? Why are you hitting me? Understood? lf you raise a question, my answer will be this So, shut up & do as l say What should l do? – Make a tune Write lyrics to that tune, sing that song & try to impress us Okay Hey, B22 We must drink & breathe Telugu Drink & enjoy The gardener’s head should break Trying to cheat me just like you cheat producers & directors? What did l do? Why are you in a hurry? l will tell you Sing the original song of this tune Do you understand now, why l slapped you? Yes, l do Understood what? You want something new from me Start

l didn’t expect you to have such good music knowledge Don’t try to act smart Sing your own song By God’s grace l didn’t have to make my own tune till now Now try l can’t compose a tune suddenly What are you talking? Don’t keep hitting me l composed a beautiful tune before becoming a music director l never gave it to anyone No one took that tune l’ll dedicate it to you now – Go ahead Team Tolly What happened sir? The tempo is different The tune is different What are you singing? What is the tempo of the song you’re singing? At times, l fear that Telugu film music is in its last days Your fans want to take you to greater heights But you insist to stay here You never try to come there l understood You’re not my fans Her fans You’re very sharp That’s why you caught the point so late Did you understand? – Yes sir That girl in the finals You don’t have to tell everything Watch the remaining part on TV You will come up in life Hope my life doesn’t end lt depends on your behaviour l didn’t expect so much reaction Take your bank receipt Seenu paid your credit card due He warned you not to take any more loans Okay sir Why is she here? You must be Shravani who reached the semifinal in Swaranjali People know me Yes Finals will start in a few hours Why are you still here? l’m not participating in finals Boss, sister-in-law is not going to the program ls it? Where is she now? Are you blind? Shravani…! Yes Are you also my fan? Notjust an ordinary fan A very big fan l couldn’t pay for the SMS’s l sent for you So, my outgoing got cut The program is being shot there Why are you still here? Go immediately l’m fed up explaining to all my fans l’m not participating in that program That’s all Boss, l’m Jayasurya speaking lt’s getting late for the program That girl hasn’t come What should l do now? Postpone the program lt’s nice, ah? Move…move Why are you in a hurry? Can’t you be careful enough? Shravani’s program is about to start on TV, so So, l was in a hurry Are you also her fan just like me? – Yes sir As her fan, what are you doing here? A bad news for all her fans – What? She is not participating in it l had so many dreams lf what you’re saying is true, l wish to lie on the railway tracks & die Take me to the railway tracks – You don’t need to She will sing You don’t worry She will sing for fans like us You don’t worry Go Make sure she sings Shravani, you shouldn’t cry You must wipe out the tears of your fans lt was you l first dreamed about lt’s you who is infront of my eyes O dreams! Tell me whether you’ll come true O heart! What is she? A silence or a beautiful song? So close yet so far Won’t you be mine, O friend! You call this a song? What lyric is that? What we gave him wasn’t enough l think? lt was wonderful. Fantastic She is very different from the semi final presentation She is like Goddess Saraswathi herself That’s all lt’s not my success lt belongs to my fans who gave me courage & sent me here Do you think it’s for your song? Fans! Don’t waste time lf you want to do some good things on behalf of me, like blood donation, l request them through this program to do it Boss, don’t entertain such things – Leave it He is feeling shy Uncle, did you get all the details of the person who comes now? Secretariat Gopal Rao recommended this boy

You will find fault in everyone Just don’t mind it Don’t quarrel with anyone Deal carefully – Okay boss To me, marriage is like betel leaves Life will turn colourful only if betel, nut and calcium mix in right proportions lf not, your life will burn like your mouth Right? – Yes Since you’re very cautious, l pit the one marrying you You don’t have to fear A Cupid will come for her l know. Come inside Come in. Sit Settle it immediately How many more should’ve to come? You won’t have such problem You’re being refereed by Secretariat Gopal Rao You will be my first preference You & the girl must meet Both should agree And get married Do you think l’m here for bride seeing ceremony? Yes, l think You? Yes, it’s me Do you know him? Yes, uncle He is my fan What’s your name? Didn’t you tell her my details? l did tell her But she might have forgotten His name is Sharat What’s your occupation? Haven’t you told her even this? l did tell her Software engineer Where? Haven’t you told her even this? l did tell her Don’t get angry He is working as software engineer in Tata lndicom Now l’ll tell her everything in one shot – Okay As Secretariat Gopal Rao said, l’m working as Software Engineer in Tata lndicom My name is Sharat Let’s be friends for sometime Only then l will know your good & bad qualities And you will know about my good & bad qualities lt looks like a big process Really? ls it? Okay. l will take care What happened, uncle? lt’s about credit card people They will lure us with a sweet voice to take credit card Once taken, then they threaten us Moreover, they have hired goons for collection ls this fair? – No The real Sharat must have come lt must be them Shall l deal with them? No thanks l will handle them l can manage them l’ll talk to them Let me talk to them Sharat, leave him lt’s usual for him You sit down l’m Sharat Who cares? lt’s me l know who you are & why you’re here lt will not work out. Go away You asked me to come here You came because l invited you Now l’m telling you to go. Go How could you address me without any respect? l’m like this l won’t give you any respect What can you do? Not here. l will inquire in the secretariat Excuse me Do you think l will get scared on hearing the secretariat name? Secretariat Gopal is my close friend He might be your friend But he is my relative Actually, Gopal Rao Will you ask him to put this man in jail? Won’t you leave him even after that? What are you talking? Actually Gopal Rao There is no one called Gopal Rao here You get inside Come here l would’ve died in suffocation l should tell him that l’m the boy whom Gopal Rao has sent You should not – Why? Have you ever fallen in love? lf l really had, why would l come here to see this girl?- l fell in love With whom? The girl you came to see Does she love you? lf she loves me, why would she agree to see you? You’re right What should l do now? Sacrifice Why should l do it and for whom should l do it? Do it for me Who are you? They will tell you Where is the money? What is he saying? While discussing about wedding cards, l told him we shouldn’t talk about credit cards Thanks No formalities between us Don’t get too close Ourjourney has just begun l’ve a small doubt ls there anyone accompanying you apart from me? No. l go one by one That’s all Only then, l can have full concentration on him ls this enough? lt was little more Now do you understand? Understood in detail What did you understand? l came here to become her husband You became my demon What a punch! l was punched so badly When l heard about you, l thought you will have goons and girls around you But you look very simple Like in your films, do you want me to kill someone all the time? Painting is my life lt’s great to be both painter & goon Tell me why you have come here Nothing, brother l couldn’t sleep for the past 3 days Do you want me to massage your legs? l don’t have to explain you how soft an artist will be A goon, a third class fellow, came to my studio and hurt me infront of my staff Notjust hurt, he beat you to pulp, right? Stop staring at me We shouldn’t hide anything from doctor & goon Tell him as it is Have you finished talking? Shall l tell him the rest or will you tell him? This is it This is what had happened What should l do for you? You must show your power No obligation because l’m the top music director

Charge as per your market rate He should be beaten so badly that l will tell him You should beat him the way he beat you How will l know the way he beat him? l know l’ve never seen anyone beating like that Like Sivamani beating Jazz Like Zakir Hussain with Tabla Like AR Rahman’s music in Shankar’s film He beat him & then asks him to sing ln one word You said so many words ln short, he beat him like a dog l understood He beat him to pulp We should beat that guy to pulp, right? Yes Who is he? Bottu Seenu Team Tolly You look good. Like a top Are you trying to make us go for each other’s neck? l had no such ideas My hip is paining for standing like this for the past 3 hours Let me relax for sometime Don’t move He might start afresh You feel bad more than him Just because l’ve a creative mind, l’m drawing your face & leaving you lf you repeat this again Will you draw my portrait again? l’ll garland your photo lt’s over Come down & see for yourself You will be happy Look there not me You look like a monkey The entire gold shop is on you Won’t you pay the credit card bill? l don’t even pay the current bill How can l pay credit card bill? lf you do anything, l will lodge a complaint that you’re threatening us Will you lodge a complaint to the police? Take all the gold Stop beating me Stop it Why are you beating him like this? Stop it lf he hasn’t paid the bill, will you hit him? Beating a fellow man is not right l will pay his bill if you want Return him gold You take the gold & go inside Shravani…you? What brings you here, Shravani? l was going to temple l saw you. l stopped Really? Even l was going to temple l saw them quarelling So, l stopped l go to temple every Saturday Let’s go What happened? He is beating my fans Boss Why is he calling you boss? ln Hyderabad, if someone needs help, they address others as boss You be here Sir, stop beating him Who are you man? – l’m a fellow man Then get lost Stop Your sister-in-law is watching us We can deal with him later Go Please stop You stop Leave him lf l see you again in this area, l will break your bones You want me to pay the bill…? Shravani…you? Did you get hurt? When someone beats us, we do get hurt He came & saved us at the right time l did nothing She pressed the brakes on seeing you suddenly Why were you quiet when he was trying to beat you? He will feel bad by tonight What did Gandhi say? When someone slaps you on one cheek, he told us to show the second cheek That’s something we can’t do Atleast if we don’t slap the guy who beat us, Gandhi will feel happy How dare you lay hands on Bottu Seenu! Rs.10 lakhs. Total Rs.15 lakhs – Keep the money inside Okay Your men beat me all night My boys haven’t completed boxing practice l will leave you once their practice session is over l beg you Stop it lt’s me Shravani Hello Shravani, tell me l wanted to talk to you Really? Where should l come? Why leave your office & come? You be in your office l will come there Thanks. Bye You seem to be very happy Shravani is coming ls she coming here? To office When did you have an office? So, she is going to Sharat’s office Hey girl, Where is Sharat? – Which Sharat? The big guy like a buffalo ln that cabin Hey, what are you doing? – You? Give me your coat – For what? l said give it Give it l say Did someone come here for me? Why would someone come here for you? Didn’t l tell you that l will use you & your name at times? Don’t press as you like They might get deleted To hell with you l know everything Now, l am Sharat Who am l then? Hi Sharat! – Hi! Sharat, he is

Guess who? Your PA What’s yourjob here? Tell her Do you have to tell her about my job? l told you to order something for her to drink You’re very clever You change everything to your convenience l told you that there is virus in my laptop two days back Clients are coming Don’t you have any sense that l’ve to give them a presentation Sharat, why is he talking to your PA instead of talking to you? We don’t talk to each other He is our mediator What’s the problem? Ego problem Whenever l come to talk, you take leave to meet prospective brides What’s this meeting? Who are they? Who are you say that? Did you say that too? l was wondering why you haven’t said that till now Come on, go ahead Ask me who l am? Ask me why l’m sitting in this office? Ask me who this girl is? Who is this girl? lf there are any problems between us, we must solve them How could you insult her by asking who she is? ls asking an insult? – Asking a celebrity who she is, is an insult? ls she a celebrity? What celebrity? Shravani, a great singer l’ve never heard her name Shravani, don’t feel bad He has no manners You can become the CEO of this company But you can never become a singer l feel insulted to speak to cultureless creatures like you What? Why are you shouting? You mannersless You don’t get angry He is like that only Shit! – Worst behaviour. Let’s go Shit…? You brought strangers to office and made them abuse me, ah? l’m in no way related to them Why did they come to your cabin and sat in your chair? Notjust in my chair, but also in my life Why should we quarrel with him? When he is so rude, why were you so polite? l am not interested in fights But how could you be so soft & polite? He will feel bad later The other day, when someone hit you, you said that he will feel bad later But did he feel bad? Forgive me, sir l couldn’t sleep last night after hitting you Now if you forgive me, l will sleep peacefully lf you feel bad for you acts, it is the greatest regret There is a change in you atleast now That’s enough for me Never hit anyone, Go Shravani, my family members are your fans You must marry a good man like him Bye Unbelievable Sharat Your formula is really great l did nothing Gandhiji laid the foundation, l followed his foot steps You mentioned aboutjourney earlier Can l know how far we have travelled in thatjourney? We are near the canopy Team Tolly l’m your king, you’re my queen Shall we unite and rule over Andhra Pradesh? Team Tolly l was waiting eagerly to be yours Have a ball with me My heart is on rocks today Nobody ever moved me like this till now O girl, you’re my beautiful Cinderella By God’s grace, l’m on cloud nine You’ve created sensation in my heart By God’s grace, l’m on cloud nine Up above the clouds l’m touching the peak of love

You’re a star, l’m near you Wiping out the distance between us, l’m coming closer to you l’m getting lighter and floating in sky As l share my love with you l’m happy for getting you May l save this unexpected bliss forever with me? Team Tolly Though l love you for long time l’m angry on my lips for expressing it to you Though you’re near, though you’ve called me But l got an opportunity to meet you now Though l’m in your thoughts and your breath Without me your loneliness is unbearable l’ve lost myself in dreams losing my sleep May l give you as gift my bliss? lt seems there was an exhibition of MF Hussain’s paintings And he got millions Let’s also have an exhibition of your paintings, boss We too can make millions – Shut up! Never sell art Even if you wish to sell there are no takers Without colouring it, why are you making noise? Am l talking, Master? My boys are doing it lf you don’t concentrate you’ll also end up as fool like them Boys! Respect master! Team Tolly l didn’t like what you did You claimed it was your fans who made you win the song competition You didn’t say a word about me, your brother lf l had, people would come to know l’m your sister, isn’t it brother? How much foresight you’ve regarding security? l couldn’t think about it lt’s a surprize if you could, what’s so surprize if you couldn’t My foot! Aunty…uncle – Yes son Are you taking good care of her? We don’t have children so we take care of her as our own daughter That’s okay, how far your painting classes have come? With master’s guidance l’m now into colouring from curvings Even young boys take just 2 weeks to reach this stage, your brother took 2 years My sister has come and my creative work is disturbed So, please grant me leave today from class Did you see the Hippocratic world? They say l’m like God or their son when they come for a settlement But nobody gave their daughter in marriage to me They said l’m a goon’s son Now l’ve crossed the age of marriage Forget about me l sent to you to be with uncle to avoid you also becoming like me Did you find any good man? – Yes, brother Who is he? l found a man l dreamed about since my childhood Moreover he’s my fan, name’s Sharat, he’s a software engineer Why are you delaying it? Bring him here and tie the knot Here? He’ll die in shock ls he an heart patient? – No, he’s a coward l’ve kept our background secret to him lf he comes to know, he’ll ditch me.- ls it? How? You don’t worry, brother, l’ve a plan for it

How come you’re getting ready so early? Where are you going? Shravani wants to introduce me to her family. That’s why! Seenu sir, l’m Sharat – Who? The identity you’re using You?! Tell me What am l to tell? – Then, hang up Don’t cut it sir, l used your identity as you used mine How’s the result? Sir, money.- Do you know who am l? – No East side Marredpalli, West side Kukatpalli, North side Kompalli, South side Upparapalli, all round Hyderabad, is there anyone who doesn’t know ‘Bottu’ Seenu? Are you Bottu Seenu? Take anything you want sir l’ll come back if l want l used his name l’m very happy, use my name as you like l tried that too Money sir Do you know who am l? – No East side Marredpalli, West side Kukatpalli, North side Kompalli, South side Upparapalli, all round Hyderabad, is there anyone who doesn’t know ‘Bottu’ Seenu? Are you Bottu Seenu? Bloody! Leave my vest, who are you? Abids area Cl! How dare you threaten my brother-in-law to settle credit card due? Come! Along with favours you’ve to face troubles too, enjoy it Well said, please do me a favour – What’s it? They want to come to the station everyday to sign.- Do it They may arrest me again for forgery What do you want me to do then? Tell Sl that you’re real Bottu Seenu No need to spend a rupee also Line was clear till now l can’t hear it now. What can l do? How could he accept it directly? lf he’s here, someday she may know you’re not the real Sharat Then, let’s bump him off Shut up! l’ll tell her the truth at an opportune time Okay brother What’s this? lt’s funny! Why are we still revolving here only? How do we go inside? Sir, the way in is this side l know, you go away Who are you man? Brother! ls it you? Got deceived, right? You look like a business man to any stranger Even known people must feel like that Otherwise, bones will crack up! – Shut up! Useless! lf you say anything l’ll burn your mouth Shut up! Or else our plan will fail – Do as she says But where is Sharat? Hey King! Who are you? Why are you getting into the vehicle? Reverse the jeep Why should l? No questions, just follow the orders l’m on an important mission, why are you troubling me? Don’t act smart, King! King? Who is he? – Get going Why so many guns and Sumos like in faction films? Leave me boys, my girl is waiting for me Don’t talk Brother…got him East side Marredpalli, West side Kukatpalli,

North side Kompalli, South side Upparapalli, all around Hyderabad, l’ve a name ‘Bottu’ Seenu Who is this King? Kill him! Why hasn’t he come yet? Did he pick up any fight on the way? Fight? Sharat is scared of fights You know this? Sharat faints on seeing blood.- Poor man! lf you make a wrong call, you waste only a call lf you disturb a wrong man, wastage will be heavy like this Where did he go away? Why hasn’t he come yet? Why did get so late? My brother is waiting.- Brother? l don’t have anyone else other than my brother He sent me to live with my paternal uncle What does your brother do? Come, l’ll introduce you to him Brother! Brother! She gave me the shock of my life! She made me believe she’s pint size Mother Teresa with her acting prowess, but actually she’s king sized Phoolan Devi That’s okay, but how did you manage to come out? l’ll tell you – Brother! Bottu Seenu, how dare you trap my sister with fake identity! Who are you talking to sir? – Why are you turning back? l’m talking to you – Me? Yes, Bottu Seenu! Brother! What’s this? His name is not Bottu Seenu l’ll make him say he’s not Sharat but Bottu Seenu.- Brother! Why are you calling Bottu Seenu as Sharat who works for me? What are you saying, brother? He was referred by Secretariat Gopal Rao, uncle’s friend l selected him after many tests, you spoiled entire the show by brandishing a gun lf people know l’m your sister, no educated man will ever marry me, so l stayed with uncle, and made up a story that l hate goons, and trapped this innocent man you spoilt everything You acted as singer with such a violent mob background Spill water and wake him up! Hold it.- You said your brother is into hardware business…? What’s that gun? Who is this Bottu Seenu? A dangerous goon He’s a replica of you – Yes Why is he carrying gun then? Brother is a big business man, he’s facing a threat from him, that’s why Carries a gun for self defense l don’t understand what’s all these guns and threats? You don’t worry, l’ve an urgent meeting, you carry on with lunch Come on boys Brother is no ordinary man – Always great! Greetings sir – Greetings, where is Seenu? That is…that is – What’s it? Where is he? He’s sleeping – Yes brother ls he any Nawab to sleep till now? Wake him up

No brother… – Get up – Please listen, he’ll beat on waking up Are you so weak? Pull it with strength Who is that disturbing me early morning? Partner! How come you’re here? For your commission? No, we came to confirm To confirm? – You shut up Where were you at 10.30? Abids police station – Police station? l threatened Cl’s brother-in-law for credit card dues He locked me up all the night ls it? Get me Cl Ramesh on phone Brother! – Ramesh! Did you pick up anyone by the name Bottu Seenu? Notjust picked him up but bashed him up all the night How dare you threaten my brother-in-law! – Stop it When did you free him? – l freed him at 10.45 Are you sure? – Sure You say he locked you up, he says he bashed you also, won’t you tell him that you’re my man? Will he be there after basing me? He’s boasting with you l’m confused who should l trust and who l shouldn’t Bye, let’s go Bye Seenu Thank God! – How can they look alike? l’ll tell you brother l saw an old Hindi film on TV recently, there’s a big Nawab’s family in it, they have twins after years of marriage Twins? – Twins! Why did you say that in English? Carry on They celebrate it grandly and children get washed away when a cyclone hits them l got you, enough One washed away son grows up as Bottu Seenu with Bottu Narasimha Another reaches a good family and grows up as our Sharat Babu That’s all, isn’t it? – Yes, boss Tell me brother – Give me Sharat’s address l behaved rough with Sharat mistaking him for Bottu Seenu l’ll say sorry to him personally A guest at lunch time You?! No way, go away! – Open it! Didn’t you find anyone else here other than me? l beg you sir, please leave me and my identity As if you gave your identity for free, are you not using my name? l used it without knowing your reputation, so police are playing with me Looks like we have visitors You’ve a family too? They were here before you came into my life How to manage them? – You’ve a facility My grandma is blind and my grandpa is deaf l like your family Your grandma is blind, your grandpa is deaf and you’re brainless You’re very lucky Who are they? – Friends My name is Sharat You too have same name like my foolish grandson Why have you all come at a time? Bride’s brother is coming to meet Sharat.- ls it? So you’ll come here everytime they come for you Hey idiot! – Granny, that side You don’t say yes because l’m blind and he’s deaf You’re an average looking guy They may refuse seeing so many handicaps here Right granny So sit straight before me when l talk to them Otherwise, my looks will not match l think they are here, come, let’s go – What to do now? You? What brings you here? He’s Sharat – Yes l feel bad for what had happened You got confused little So l came to meet your family and say sorry to you Who is he? Sharat? – He too is Sharat, my friend Confusion with identical people and identical names lntroduce me to your family – Come He’s Gyaneshwar, Shravani’s brother, he came to say sorry for the incident Tell him to sit and say it, it’ll be clear Sharat, sit here l’m not saying because he’s my grandson, he’s a thorough gentleman Devotee of Goddess – Yes, she’s right Uncle! Aunty! l brought a marriage proposal for Sharat, didn’t l? lt’s cancelled, it seems they abused our Sharat, he told me unable to tell you Let it go, l’ll get better ones Gopal Rao, you’re short tempered, bride’s brother is here to say sorry Greetings Gopal Rao – Look before you say something What did l say now? By the way, who is he? ls he Sharat? – He’s also Sharat Voice is different, where is he now? l must manage without committing anything You got confused with just identical names, l got shock of life with identical faces, that’s why l got it wrong Sharat, l get an idea on seeing you lf you say yes, l’ll find you another good proposal What do you say? ls it good on your part? How can you talk about finding another proposal when we are talking here?

Shouldn’t we see another proposal? – You shouldn’t Why not? Come out, l’ll tell you why not? – Where are you taking me? Can you bring a better proposal? – Why are you pushing me? He’s handsome and smart, so l promised to get a better proposal What’s wrong in it? Do you think we are software engineers in suits? What will you do? – He’s going overboard Take him and give him a good thrashing He mustn’t be seen till marriage is over What’s happening here? Why are you sitting there instead of here? Change your positions – He’s coming l talked and convinced Gopal uncle, he asked us to fix the marriage What do you say, grandpa? – As you say Do you always say it short? – Yes Sharat, just a minute please Bye granny – Bye son Why is your brother-in-law very close with your friend than you? Don’t try to know everything at this age, you may die in confusion That’s right What’s this? Open it, you’ll know Who painted this? MF Hussain? Ravi Varma? Your brother-in-law – Who is he? lt’s me! – You?! Unbelievable See, he’s an educated man, so he knows the value of creation But that Bottu Seenu is an uneducated goon You’re talking a lot about Bottu Seenu, who is that man? He’s not a man but manhole Bloody, cuts throats for money Obnoxious man! Please don’t ask about that Satan at this happy hour l must tell this to my sister, bye – Bye, be careful! See, both brother and sister have played a trick on you, and then dare to use bad words also They started the drama and l’ll end it Both brother & sister must go mad about identity confusion l’ll create Bloody! How dare you lodge a complaint with police against us Stake another 25 on Pakistan also for safe side Do you want me to settle the accounts? Accounts? Where will it go away? Brother. Call his family, and ask them to take him away. Go Give me Rs.50000 You haven’t settled old dues yet, how can l lend you money everyday? Won’t you? – l won’t! Why should l live then? l’ll kill myself l’ll give whatever you ask – l’m living to repay your loan Take Rs.50000 – l know you’re generous, Das The day l find King, l’ll settle my entire loan l’m sending Rs.50000, stake 500/0 on each one How long should we have to bear him? Can’t avoid till we get back our money? What happened? – We found King! What a great news! ls my nephew in this city? Find him quickly! Das, take it as your loan is settled Let’s celebrate it Have a party on my account We must find him first Where will he go? We’ll surely find him What’s it, brother? You’re so happy How can l else be other than happy! l thought Bottu Seenu was fooling me with two identities Both are different people They are as different as sky and earth l selected him to match our family So, let’s fix marriage before he comes to know about us. What do you say? As you wish! – Aunty, sister is feeling shy Team Tolly Just a look is enough, O Adonis! My pulse rate is racing Know it, O handsome! The desire of my heart Just a look is enough, O Aphrodite! l can’t hold it anymore l know it, O beauty! The desire in your heart Unite me into you forever Unite with me so that we become as one

Team Tolly What’s the use of my youth if it can’t become yours? Shall l write my name with your lips? lf clouds of love want to shower on me How can l say no? Shall l take this great beauty into my arms? l wish to spend my life with you Team Tolly O beauty! l read your wishes Mischievous desires are gushing and rushing towards you l’ve given myself to you Lost myself in you Take everything from me, l’ve opened myself to you May l explore the unexplored in you Madam’s horoscope is like Goddess Seetha Sir’s horoscope is like Lord Rama Then, let’s conduct their marriage immediately The real problem is the auspicious time is just an hour away only An hour only? ls marriage like going to shop and buying sweets? You asked suddenly and l checked almanac immediately, auspicious time is fixed suddenly How can l fix marriage in an hour? Find another time Then, fix another groom not this one Have you gone mad? lf you say anything l’ll bash you up! Please madam don’t get angry, the problem is that, if you don’t get engaged now, many a confusion will come, particularly to the groom and when your sister delivers the first child, it’ll swallow the maternal uncle Am l any chocolate to swallow? lt’s bad omen to the uncle, your life will be danger This man is aiming barrel at me! Forget it, don’t believe it l don’t want to take chances, shouldn’t l be here to take care of you? What’s the time now? You’ve already lost 5 minutes in the countdown Already lost 5 minutes, make arrangements quickly.- Yes boss You call Sharat here – Will he accept it? lf you tell him the details, he’ll eat away the remaining time You call him here narrating some tale, l’ll take care of the rest Already 30 minutes over, has that doubting Thomas left his office? Why are you standing here like a wall? Get lost! Brother, Sharat is here What’s all this? He has started it, give me your hand, vow on Goddess, don’t open your mouth for next 30 minutes You’ve made a vow on Goddess Shut up! Be silent, l’ll tell you Priest saw your’s and my sister’s horoscope, he said if you both don’t get married in an hour,

you both will end in forest like Lord Rama and Goddess Seetha Who is Satan here? That Bottu Seenu l’m arranging this to keep that bloody idiot out of our lives You’re worried about your family, right? This is just for a formality, let’s invite all when we do it again You’ve sworn on Goddess, you can’t speak, priest, groom is here Stop Come…come l’ve made him swear on Goddess to keep silence, let’s do it quickly Shut up! Bride and groom say do after finish the hymns Say do, not no ls the groom deaf? What would a deaf man do? Saying yes in heart will do Then do it like that – As you say Say yes in your heart You can exchange rings now Give me Wear it. Give me your hand Put the ring – lt’s over Put this ring to her Do it, auspicious time is elapsing Team Tolly lf he opens the mouth, he’ll kill me with his doubts You both go out and enjoy lsn’t she a Telugu girl? Hindi girl who acts in Telugu films, forget about girls and watch the film He thinks we are software company owners in suits No use in giving us just a marriage feast, you must present us with silk saris also You’re ready to take silk saris as gift, but never bothered to find a girl for me in 10 years What did l do? – That Nizamabad girl was ravishing, you said l’m a goon and marrying me is like death and she refused me They wanted an intelligent boy, you had brawn but no brains lf l had no brain, would l’ve trapped Sharat easily? Why did he come again? Have you forgotten anything to come back? Coming again? l’m coming now only Coming now? Where’s Baby? Baby? – My baby l’m coming now after getting a call from your Baby Who came earlier then? – lt was Bottu Seenu His look alike, he was trying to say something, you played a trick and made him shut up Sir, if you pay my fee, l’ll take leave l beg you, you come here, you wait here.- Okay l made a grave mistake You must get her married to the man she’s engaged now l’ll strangle your neck He’s just a henchman, should l get my sister married to him? l beg you, find a way out – There’s a way out in the almanac What is it? When the bride is not available, her brother can do it, that means you can do it What are you doing here then? We both must get engaged quickly l’m not like that – Am l like that then? According my family tradition, l must get engaged to my brother-in-law lf we don’t do it in next 3 minutes, priest says you both will go to forest like Lord Rama and Goddess Seetha Tell him l say – Yes…yes Where is Shravani? – Went to watch a film At this hour? lt’s a tradition that bride must watch a film while engagement is going on You carry on – You sing a song Leave me, what’s this injustice? lt’s over…over – What’s this? What’s this nasty? A man putting a ring to another man? This is our tradition, you put Okay, l’ll – Put it Excellent! Already 20 seconds past, if l tell him l’ll die lf l don’t he’ll die That’s better! l’m confused what’s all this nasty traditions and dancing? lt has just started, you’ll know it, don’t worry Brother, Bottu Seenu is very cunning l’m worried about Baby – Yes Keep aside your doubts & go home, we’ve to meet a person Who? – Satan! Where did you go till now? – l went out on an urgent work Sister mustn’t know this Who are you man? You? What are you doing here? – Come out! Come out…come out l’ll come back in a minute – Where are you going again? Come here Shouldn’t you ask what was happening there? Shouldn’t you reveal your identity? Wanted to use the situation and trap my sister? You never gave any chance to speak You didn’t brother l accept it was my mistake, l got her engaged to you instead of Sharat Engaged to me instead of him? Are you drunk?

l don’t drink in day time. lsn’t it? – Yes Sharat is your photocopy, you know that? With the exchange of rings, our hearts too got exchanged, l’m in love with your sister now, can’t change my heart as easily as changing the ring? l’ll tell your sister that l’m Bottu Seenu, problem will be over Don’t do it, my sister is hard on surface but very delicate on sensitive issues Her heart will break if she comes to know she’s engaged to a goon l’ll find a better bride for you if you’re interested You couldn’t find one for yourself, how can you find for me? You promised 100/0 in Khairtabad, l don’t want that also Brother, what’s this? – You What do you say? l’ll say only one thing, engagement in Bottu family is like half marriage over, so l’ll not leave your sister at any cost lf any Sharat comes to stop me, l’ll break his limbs, make a biryani of it and send it to your home Tell your sister to accept Bottu Senu as her husband Brother! What brings you here? He’s here because – l’ll tell her One of our aunt said newly engaged couple mustn’t go out, so l came for you What’s this you’ve become so superstitious? We’ll go out to shop and come, you carry on No dear Calling you – Me? lf Sharat comes to know this, he may jump We must make an intelligent move No need of intelligence, boss Let’s do it ordinarily You’re straining yourself, are you composing any tune, sir? l’m planning – What? Planning to kill Bottu Seenu and Gyaneshwar Looks like you’re not satisfied with what had happened, no need to extend it You don’t know what is revenge Why not? We saw it here recently – Shut up! My brain is filled with revenge, l’m not able to create anything Why strain newly to create? Let’s buy CD’s as usual l can understand your pain sir, l know the pain of revenge as a native of Rayalaseema, l know few factionists who are in the city now, they will do it for you l don’t want to waste your time with my revenge story, what’s your price to kill a man? Price depends on the person He’s the person Tell them it’s my order ls it any exhibition? What do you want? We want him ls it Bottu Seenu or Sharat? Who is he? King! King? Where did he come from? He came from Coimbatore Rajachandra Pratap Varma We came in search of him Brother – What? Come aside for minute – Why are you taking me aside? Brother, in Nawab’s family the mother gave birth to triplets not twins This is the third – l got it, keep quiet Sharat, Seenu and King These fellows don’t know there are others here just like King Before they see Sharat, if we handover Seenu to them, my brother-in-law will be safe and Seenu will die. Come on boys Okay, if l give him to you, yourjob is done, how would it benefit me? He says Rs.1 lakh, agree for Rs.2 lakhs, boss l’ll pay Rs.100 lakhs Money isn’t important, you’ve come to me for the first time, Yourjob will be done in 2 days Call me afterjob is done Bye. Come on boys Are they beasts? No civic sense at all lf you promise to take it easy, l’ll tell you a shattering truth Tell me brother By mistake l got you engaged to Bottu Seenu who is a look alike of Sharat Brother?! – Yes dear What actually had happened was Should l’ve to marry Bottu Seenu now? Would l allow your life to ruin, dear? lt’s not a serious thing also, it happened by mistake, priest says it’s not counted by almanac rules What should we do with Seenu? – l’ve a plan for him You be alert, don’t get drunk Sister – Brother You act like moving close with him We’ll take care of the rest Brother-in-law is coming Come Seenu Why did you call me? l and my sister have come to a decision What are you looking at? Tell him For good or bad, l got engaged to you, it’s right to marry you – What about Sharat?

l don’t care about anyone once my sister decides lt’s our tradition to throw a feast for brother-in-law after engagement What are you waiting for? Get it – Get it fast Get it How neatly you’ve packed it! – What is this? Drink it, you’ll know it – You want me to? lt’s nectar Drink it l say That’s it! lt’s a feast thrown by my brother-in-law l came running He gave me something to drink l had few gulps Just for few pegs l’m going crazy Just for few drops, stars from the sky came down to earth Team Tolly Charminar and Shah Alibanda are rocking Golconda has turned topsy turvy l wanted to enjoy but my brain has gone bonkers What have you done to me? You’ve made me crazy, Yadagiri Narasimha l’m rocking to the local beat Team Tolly l saw you in Koti and broughtjasmine flowers l saw you in Bhongir, l was attracted by your manliness Your ear studs shone in Ram nagar centre l’ll shower you with kisses in Nimboliadda Your sexy sultry body is driving me crazy Team Tolly l’ll become all yours happily l’ll unite with you and have you lt’s festival time in Medaram, will you take me in a bullock cart Let’s go to Mumbai in a flight, will you come?

My brother fixed this marriage floored by your valour He did a good job! Look, they have brought him Das, your Rs.500 millions are rolling in What’s it you shorty? Put him down – Open it.- Stop it l gave you information, l’ve an obligation You want to open it No, l must take revenge before he comes out How dare you beat me! Who do you think l’m! l’ll stamp you out! Enough! Why are you beating a man in sack? What are you watching? Open it l would’ve died! How come you’re here? l told you to get him drunk and finish, but you got drunk and tried to finish me? Who kicked me? – That music director! This short man? – Yes brother You bloody rascal! Please leave me brother! – Nobody ever dared to touch me How dare you beat me! – What’s this drama? Where is King? Shut up! He’s smart, he escaped from us l’ll personally get him, come on boys You’ll go out from here only after he comes How dare you threaten me! Have you drawn all your guns? Are you crazy? Would he come if you kill me? Think over it using brain What are you saying? l can’t repeat it dear l don’t know how you do it, bring him here Brother is in danger for your lousy job When Bottu Seenu comes here, l’ll engage him with my talk, one shot with this at an opportune moment. That’s it! No blood or no death! – Okay madam But the bloody idiot mustn’t get up for two hours We don’t know that technic, we’ll beat him, we don’t mind if he lives or dies What else do you know then? Bloody! He’s coming, you all hide Run, huge like buffaloes Come fast…come fast Get him out, come – He’s here! You’ve come at the right time Brother, how dare they keep you as hostage Let’s settle it Settle? Are they humans to settle? Beasts, l’ll settle things with them You clam down Hey beard! Here’s your King, do whatsoever you want to, but l’m warning you, be careful, he’s very cunning and smart Give him to them With this ends trouble from Seenu – Yes brother Go, get the payment, l want highest denomination only Miss Shravani! Who are you guys? Please leave me. What’s this? Miss Shravani? Sir…where is the temple? Where is the God? Come! Brother, l think he’s Sharat Tell them to leave me, l’ve to go to my office He says office, it means he’s Sharat What to do now? Hey you stop! – Miss Shravani! Come without shouting – Stay here! Aren’t you satisfied with what you gotjust now? Who are you guys? Team Tolly Come King! l beat your men for calling me like that lf you call me King again, l’ll thrash you also l know you’re not King lf l place you in King’s place since you’re his look alike All my problems will be solved So, you must impersonate as King for few days Why should l? l’ll pay you Rs.100 millions l must like the job also along with remuneration l’ll support only if you’re on the justice side l’m on the justice side, l’m living a dog’s life amongst these wolves My nephew’s money for good cause has become noose to me now l can understand your dilemma,

what will happen to me if King returns? King’s no more, he won’t come Why will he not come? – He’s dead! You promised to settle the loan after finding King but now say he’s dead Leave me Will you spare me alive if l say King is dead? That’s why l didn’t tell you l got an opportunity with Seenu to settle your loans That’s why l’m telling you the truth What’s the guarantee that you’re telling the truth? He saw King die. Tell him l kept his death a secret to keep his family safe lf you help us, l’ll catch King’s killers also l liked your point as well as your payment Why did you come to the temple? l told you l visit the temple every Saturday As usual l came and some bloody fool hit me from behind When l opened my eyes, l’m here You’re saying all that we know, tell us what happened inside? lt seems some King who is my look alike, they promise to pay Rs.100 millions to impersonate him l got scared You don’t get scared, Sharat Let’s tell them he’s Sharat not Seenu and take him with us Why are you also talking mad like him? Use your brain They don’t want Seenu or Sharat, they want someone who looks like King What to do now? You act like King, l’ll get Seenu at right time to save you Then l’ll go to office and apply for leave Stop! Have we come to watch a film? They will not allows us to go Why not? What have we done? Explain to him – Actually, the problem is Elderly man! Seenu is cunning man, he’ll cheat you & escape Why would he escape? He loves my sister She’s her weakness We’ll take her also She too has a weakness – For her too? What is it? My sister loves me very much She’ll not go anywhere without me l’m worried about how to fit him in Kings’ place, l’ll give invitations and you can come with an entourage You don’t worry, l’ve a great idea Team Tolly Just by offering obsequies to your dead father, your father’s soul will not rest in peace who died in humiliation, Pooja There’s another thing that you’ve to do to make him rest in peace Only you can do it Deposit this Rs.20 lakhs cheque today – Yes madam Sister, we’ve searched all the states for King, only three states remain to be searched, Haryana, Gujarat and one more state with Ch Chattisgarh – Correct Chari l think giving newspaper ads there will help us But it’ll cost you Rs.2 lakhs Okay, do it – Thank God! Chari, pay in cash to Kona – Okay madam l think God will be more helpful than spending on media, sister, so l’ve decided to offer free food in all the temples of the state Sorry sister – Okay, do it lt’ll cost Rs.10 lakhs for doing it Anybody would’ve second thoughts for such big amount l’ll not have it Because my King is priceless diamond Well said sister, our King will come back definitely Appaji has come back! – Father! How dare of you to come back here! Why are you silent? How could you come after betraying sister? Are you worried about missing King or me coming back? Don’t trap us with your words, we don’t care if you live or die We are worried about missing King Don’t cry, l can feel your pain Nephew! – What happened to you son? What is this? Talk to me

Sorry madam, he can’t recognise anyone, can’t speak also What happened to my son? Appaji would’ve done something Don’t accuse him, King met with an accident in Uttaranchal l’m Dr. Gyaneshwar Kale, she’s my sister Dr. Shravani Kale Greetings We were searching for herbs in the forest when we heard human cries, when we went to see, we found your son on the verge of death, we saved him with herbs and were looking after him like an infant, suddenly this man recognised him as nephew and brought us here l was worried about missing nephew, another worry was living away from you all, l was searching in forest without food or water, there l found him You don’t look like a man fasting but a gargantuan My body is like that Will my son become normal, doctor? He’ll definitely, but he needs Art treatment Art treatment? What’s that? Yes, using tablets is English medicine, Ayurveda is treating with natural herbs, Art treatment is treating with arts You saved my son, stay here till he’s normal As you say madam We’ll not go from here, till your son moves Brother. Arrange for their stay – Okay, sister Come sir…come – Give way Trying to over ride me with your Gudivada and Kakinada brains? l’ll rip out your skin Thanks Appaji, you saved Rs.12 lakhs by bringing back King What you’ve seen now is nothing, the real story begins from tomorrow Team Tolly Music has become my pulse and beating as you in me Love is flowing out of me as music Kiss of love is seeding life into you Good times are upbeat with great expectations Heart is blooming with divine music Music is blessing of God creating sensation in heart Team Tolly Tell me who is that? Mother! Eldest uncle! My sweet darling! Who is this? Gudivada uncle! Kakinada uncle! Team Tolly l’ll make them believe Seenu is the King and settle your loans. Okay? This is your last chance You’ll say like that only. Bye Appaji, l can’t play this drama anymore l feel l may become invalid sitting in that wheel chair l can’t bear Gyaneshwar’s horrible paintings, and his sister’s terrible songs No way, l’m leaving Don’t do it, l’ll see that you’re normal by tomorrow The last dose of Art treatment begins today Do as l say closing your eyes to ward off evil and any hitch in the treatment Hail Lord Ganesha! Open your eyes now

Who are you? l’m Jayasurya, creative music director, l’m the chief of this art treatment Am l not? Yes madam, he’s my Guru – Greetings What have l taught you and what you’re doing here? Will you come to the climax without following any order? We did follow order Which order did you follow? Tell me Kalyani raga must bring back legs, Keeravani raga must bring back joints Which raga will cure diabetes? ls it so powerful? You’re forgetting an important thing with your half knowledge What is it, Guru? – Sense of touch The last raga must be tried only when patient has lost sense of touch lf there’s any trace of it, the treatment may leave him invalid for life l don’t have any sense of touch – l must test and decide it Where is going? You go back little Feel it? You go back – Okay Feel it? – No No? Feel it? – No feeling at all! l feel he’s taking revenge instead of treating him You’re crying! That means you can feel the touch Not crying Guru but tears ofjoy for your attention and love for me He says no feeling at all, let’s start the last treatment What’s the time now? lnauspicious time! lf you do good things at bad time, patient will get well but doctor will become a patient Have you forgotten it? We forgot it in tension Art treatment will not work in tension Let’s start tomorrow at auspicious time You must understand an artiste’s anger l’ll make you understand it l’m dead! Bloody bas He beat me black and blue, mother f l must kick that son of a b He bashed me up Only l know it’s pain. Bloody f Stupid idiot! Why are you talking like Bottu Seenu? What can l do? l don’t know any bad words, l heard it someone using these bad words. l copied it You brother and sister watched the fun, never tried to stop him also Look, how black it has turned l can understand your pain, l’ll tell my brother to cut that short man to his size Just few slaps up and down and he’ll go to the dogs, bloody idiot! Bloody street mongrel! Why are you speaking in local lingo? Cursing makes me lose control over language That’s better. carry on l did re-recording for many revenge films in my career, the kick or punch we get after taking revenge is something out of the world You got the revenge, let’s go How can l? Still Gyaneshwar is there who made me stand in hot sun to paint Then – Then? That singer – Guru! Despite my busy schedule, l’m here for Shravani What? – There! Oh Gyani! As fellow artiste l’m giving you a chance lf you give your sister to me and fall on my feet, l’ll leave this place, think it over, the choice is yours Team Tolly How dare you think of my sister! l beg you sir, please leave me Fold your hands, l’ll spare your life – Okay sir Do it Guru Fold your hands, l’ll spare your life – My hands are not moving He beat his legs, why are you breaking his hands? You keep quiet, don’t fuel to fire He took revenge, right? Why are you shouting? Brother, break his legs Look how he has come You broke it simple like sugar cane, what’s the technic? This is known as leg lock, must use it very carefully, or else he may become impotent for life Brother-in-law, l’ll try on this leg – Try it, it’s all yours Thanks brother-in-law He says he’s new, please you do it Can anyone become a doctor without killing few patients? He’s very enthusiastic, let him do it You do it – Take rest now Good landing – Guru, are you still there? l’m still there Great! You used the technic perfectly the first time Why are you leaving me in this condition? Would l be in this condition all my life? You’ll be fine when you get the shock of the life, till then enjoy it

What’s my position now? You went for her and become an invalid – You stop it Like a snake charmer dies from snake bite, Art doctor has become a patient of art treatment, After two pegs doctor tried the last treatment on King and it backfired lt left him in this state Who is worried about him? First see that King walks Auspicious time is also elapsing, start the final treatment song Don’t help him, let him do it himself Son! – Be careful! Mother, l can walk Brother! What’s this magic of losing legs and getting it back like in mythological films? l can’t understand his looks Mother Brother Why has he come all of a sudden? What should l do now? – Who is he? Your brother – My brother? King’s brother You have to handle the situation carefully – Keep watching Mother Why have you come here all of a sudden? l wanted to see you all So, l’ve come Where is my brother? Chinna – Brother How are you? – You must be very fine Yes master Go up – What? Who are they? After you went to London, your brother met with an accident They brought him home safe – Accident? Why didn’t you inform me? – l’m very fine now Why have you landed here all of a sudden? l wanted to give you all a surprise Pooja, she is my mother – Greetings My brother – Greetings Greetings Who is she? l know her even before going to London Mother, if you agree, she will be your daughter-in-law You knew that we won’t go against your wish That’s why you brought her home Lakshmi – Yes Give her the traditional welcome Team Tolly Come in We have no use of this dummy who’s acting like King We’ve to kill King’s brother soon and move out What can l do? He’s not able to move from here Find someone else Hang the phone Sai Kishore – Yes Call Gopi Mohan Stop ordering me like this Do l look like an auto driver to you? What do you have to do with him? l’ve got an idea to finish Gyaneshwar & his gang Even though he broke your limbs, you haven’t reformed So what? l have my mouth to take revenge Do you want to lose that too? You’ll see whether l will lose my mouth or will make you run away from here? You said you made King vanish How did he come back? l don’t understand l’ll explain that to you Hey Appaji! Have you replaced the King with a fake man? He has planned to usurp all his wealth l didn’t tell you to memorise it Let’s go & teach him a lesson Hey Bottu Seenu, with the help of Appaji, you became the King and fooled us Are you drunk? l’m the King lf you were the King, an unforgettable incident occurred between you & me when you were 10 Tell me what it is

On your thread ceremony, your father gave you a gift Tell me what was that Hey you guys, he is not King Call the police and they will put them all in jail Why are you staring at us? When l was 10 years old, you fell on my feet pleading me not to expose your theft l still remember You asked me what was the gift my father gave me on thread ceremony This knife – Slowly master Do you know why he gave me this? To hunt down beasts like you Why did you kill me? Tell me Why did you kill me? Gopi Mohan, you said you did something. Tell him l’m not a murderer l said so to have control over him You’re looking very dull Didn’t you sleep last night? l felt like someone sitting on my chest And since morning, l have an headache lt happens in old buildings like this You will get used to it Don’t worry Please come & have breakfast No. We will eat later – l said come Today is the end of King’s brother Have your breakfast, uncle lt’s alright if l don’t eat Das is sitting outside the gate lf l don’t give him money, he’ll kill me lf you could get me Rs.1 crore from your mother, l’ll throw that on his face and keep his mouth shut Good morning brother – Good morning. Sit Go inside & get me money Slowly Drink the juice – Why are you refusing? Son Leave her – Brother, what are you doing? Why did you come here? – Tell me. Tell me Leave her – Hey, what are you doing? Tell me – Son What happened? Brother – What happened? What happened, mother? Sometimes, the medicines take control of his body This is just a result of that – Doctor, what’s wrong with my son? You don’t have to worry Let him take rest and everything will be fine Take him with you Come my son Gyaneshwar, he pushed me down, lifted such a big table, tried to crush her neck Has he gone mad? lt wasn’t him who did this – Did you do this? l’ll show you who does this tonight l know about you, Gyani You can’t sleep without drinks So, you’re spinning some ghost story and keeping us for your company l too feel the same You will understand Show me. You said something What’s in there? Don’t make any noise Just see there Listen to what l say The one you are seeing now is not Bottu Seenu

lt’s the King who has possessed him There is no more King He is dead To take revenge on those who killed him, the King’s spirit which roams round this palace has possessed Bottu Seenu who’s his look alike ln the afternoon, when you were busy eating on the dining table, l was concentrating on Seenu When Swapna came, l noticed a change in Seenu’s behaviour What did you see? – l saw his eyes turning red Why is King angry with the girl who is going to marry his brother? May be he is against inter caste marriage There could be other reasons also l made them believe that those were the side effects of the treatment After referring to the books written by Sigmund Freud on ghosts, l got a clarity What you say is like the story of the film Chandramukhi Even movies are made based on real life stories Look, Bottu Seenu has fully turned into King But Seenu is not aware that he is being possessed by the spirit of King Should he have to come on him only, that too now? l’ve a treatment for this problem An amulet with blessings of Lord Hanuman after years of penance As long as this is with him, no evil spirits can touch him He must have this on him all the time According to his horoscope, once he gets over his bad time, his marriage is on the cards So, performing his marriage soon is good for him Just tie the amulet & leave Why talk unnecessary things? Where will he find a suitable girl all of a sudden? A suitable girl for him is in this house Who is she? – Shravani What do you say, doctor? l’ve nothing to say lt’s up to her What do you say? l’m very happy Brother – Yes Find the auspicious day for the engagement.- Okay lt is an auspicious function taking place in this palace after a long time So, invite everyone to the function Team Tolly You’re ready…l’m ready and the music band is also ready Date is fixed… place is ready let’s marry happily Crazy dreams in eyes are ready Desires in heart are ready My love, flowers are also ready Henna designs on hand are ready Sparkling cheeks are ready O moon! Place is ready for you in my heart Team Tolly You seem to be so near but you are far Don’t run away from me and tease me

You come after me Asking me how long will you be away? Look around, the distance between us for few more days only You weren’t like this till yesterday Don’t become indifferent suddenly Tie the knot and l’m all yours Son-in-law, why are you rushing? Don’t fall prey to pangs of separation When so many are around, you can’t romance in public Team Tolly When l see you draped in sari l’ll ward off evil eye cast on you l’ll desire and wish for you and take you into my arms Tie the knot with me and l’ll shed my pride l’ll give up myself to you and enjoy life lf you say like that l’ll make every day a bliss l’m waiting l’ll become a part of you We’ll celebrate the event and get you married in near future Play the marriage band, ravel in festivities The impersonator is becoming a hurdle for everything l’ll take care of the impersonator King’s brother must die tonight Baba, we can’t trust girls fully Hey…who are you guys? He fight too well

Wow Sharat! You’re beating them to pulp Sharat is not so brave Then, you are…- Bottu Seenu Bottu Seenu…? What happened to my Sharat? He left once l came here Planning to fool me & get your sister married to him lf you don’t get your sister married to me on the same day, Sharat who escaped will die Shravani…get up – What’s it brother? Why did you disturb my good sleep? You can sleep later But your life is about to get disturbed What happened? Since Bottu Seenu has entered this house, Sharat has left this place What now? We have nothing to do with this guy All we need is Sharat Wait for the right time & let us also escape. Pack our bags Okay brother My life is in danger but you’re busy in your marriage arrangements lf you don’t get me money somehow, Das will kill me What are you staring at? There is an amulet tied to your hand Oh God! Team Tolly Why did you come here? Why did you come again? Why do you want to kill my brother? Who are you? Tell me. Who are you? Leave me – Tell me Leave her Have you gone mad? Brother, she is here to ruin our family l know that you’re Bottu Seenu – No. l am king King died long back l got him killed.- Why? To get rid of him People call me as King’s brother The world doesn’t know my name also Even if l win, the credit goes to the King King is everything So, l wanted to be the king So, l got him killed Now you’ve come here as King and acting as king to mint money Tell me how much you want l will give you Just leave this place right now Who are you guys? Before knowing who we are, you need to know a lot of things Many tried to kill King None could succeed But you killed him You killed the faith king had in you You killed his affection for you But you couldn’t kill the King Killing King is notjust tough but impossible

Don’t you understand Knowing that his only brother whom he loved so much had tried to kill him, and one who is in unbearable pain is King Rajachandra Pratap Verma l know him very well He is Bottu Seenu & not King There can be men of same characteristics But a man like him is just one King’s body guard Munna’s real name is Bottu Seenu. He is my son After knowing that a plot has been planned in his house to kill him, he made you all believe that he is dead, and came back here as Bottu Seenu to find out the killer When he knew that it was you, he is really dead Boss, Pooja is none other than the daughter of our ex-employee Ranga Rao Bhagat Sait who couldn’t destroy your family directly, used Pooja’s revenge to demolish this family So, Pooja trapped your younger brother Why should l marry you? You depend on your brother for everything What if there is no King at all? Pooja, if King hadn’t come here on time, you would’ve killed his younger brother He would’ve killed you too Tell her Yes, Bhagat Sait told me to kill you too Pooja, to protect my family’s honour, l couldn’t say anything on that day regarding your father By the time l came to your house to seek his forgiveness, he had committed suicide l handed over the responsibility to your aunt to bring you up and made all the necessary arrangements But l never let you know that Because l knew that what l did wasn’t a favour For the injustice done to you, you’ve the right to kill me even now But Ajay is no way related in this matter Father made me King and what he gave me wasn’t power lt was responsibility l wanted to give you all that l missed in my life because of responsibility l treated your education as mine l treated your victory as mine l was never your brother l was like your father l thought that l was giving all that you needed But l failed to know your wishes Ever since astrologer predicted danger for me, mother never had a peaceful sleep lf she comes to know that you are my danger, she wouldn’t bear that truth Brother Sorry brother What you did wasn’t a small mistake to be pardoned Father, l’ve completed all my commitments But l couldn’t keep all of them happy l’ve only one choice to make them all happy l must go far away from here Your mother has left this house Uncle…? She told you not to look out for her Here is the wealth, fame & everything From now on, you’re the King of this palace She also wanted to convey something to you all She was strict towards you all not because of any revenge But to protect you from falling into difficulties To look after her sisters-in-law properly, she has equally shared the wealth to you all Surprised? l forget everything even if a small glass breaks Are you surprised how l could remember all these things? We can forget if glass breaks lf heart breaks, we cannot forget

Date: September 18, 2008 Location: Temple l wonder where & how my Sharat is Make sure he comes back to us soon Prayers are answered immediately here Sharat – Brother-in-law…you? Where did you go without even informing us? Bottu Seenu threatened me l got scared & went to my grandma’s place Your cowardice saved your life What coward? l won’t spare him l’ll file a complaint with police What complaint can you lodge on someone who is gone? Gone where? – To hell Look, that’s Bottu Seenu’s father He’ll not be able to bear the news of his son’s death Be kind hearted & whenever you’ve time, meet him & act like Seenu l cannot – Why? What can l say? l saw King’s mother in the train l thought like you and acted like her son Now you want me to act like Seenu How many characters can a man do? l’m not a movie star Nothing wrong in doing any number of characters for a good thing to happen Then, l will ask Shravani Where is she? Sharat, you went missing suddenly l really got tensed Shravani, l want to tell you a truth l’m not Sharat Then? – King Kittu, do you know why l’m leaving you? l must know every plan of Bhagat Sait Swapna’s name, all other details are fake How did you appoint her in our company so foolishly? On seeing your recommendation letter l had signed these blank letter heads & kept it in a safe Which means that there is someone in my house The one who attacked you is Bhagat Sait’s man But l couldn’t find out the details of the girl who shot you Your day to day program details are on Bhagat Sait’s table Even your Uttaranchal Trip l doubt that someone in your house is trying to help Bhagat Sait Munna, listen carefully l started this drama with the help of Munna Get inside fast Police are after you l found out that my eldest uncle is not connected with this plot l entered into this palace with his help l also found out that other 2 uncles too are also not connected to this plot Team Tolly To give my brother his most desired post, l made everyone believe that l am dead, and later came here What’s it Kittu? What is the matter? Bhagat Sait gave me money to plant a bomb in your brother’s car What did you do? – l planted it in his car Kittu, is the job done? Bhagat Sait, l warned you before that if you think about my family members, l will be forced to think about you Who are you? – King l’m coming Since you were worried about Sharat for the past 2 days, l didn’t tell you the good news – What is it? You know that l love his sister Parijatham, don’t you? Yes, l know You also know that she put me to test, right? Yes, l know He has passed me with full marks Brother – Don’t be surprised l didn’t pass him because his painting was good l couldn’t see his paintings everyday Let me talk Let our marriages be on the same day What do you say, Sharat? – As you say When Gyaneshwar’s sister is getting married to Bottu Seenu, how should the marriage be? – Twin cities should celebrate He thinks you’re Bottu Seenu lnnocent guy.- Yes Let’s perform their marriage as fixed earlier We have to buy saris & jewels for my daughter-in-law.- Okay mother She thinks you’re the King – She is innocent Hey Sharat – Why did you call me like that? Not you. Him Greetings sir – Greetings Why did you come here? l didn’t know that you’ll be here Sharat – Yes He is calling me not you Tell me – lnvite your friend to the marriage Heard what he said l’ll kill you if you come to the marriage My grandfather says l’m useless But l am of great use to you Sharat, hereafter you have to act like 3 people & satisfy them l wonder how you’re going to do that You’re telling him as if he is very new to this He is used to all that Why does he say ”used”? Watch Free Telugu Movies at www.teluguone.com/movies

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