okay all right so my name is ransom was song and I teach Staker at stake of our Cathedral Prep in San Francisco teach chemistry and physics I’m science department chair there and I teach to the University of San Francisco also in their school ed and there’s my blog right there cycles of learning com there’s my email my Twitter and my phone you guys can use them all you can text call whatever if you have any questions you want to collaborate or anything like that I’ll put this up at the end so you guys can get it as well let me show you the website really quick because what I’m gonna do in this session so I don’t teach online i teach it at a catholic high school right I’m blessed to teach the school where my students have access we’re not once one so a lot of the things i’ll be talking about our function of that if i was at a different school I’d do something different probably so um I’m trying to leverage their access as well so a lot of times you get the access issue was kind of stuff and my answer is I don’t know if I was at a different school I’d probably figure something out something a little bit differently um although what I’m going to be talking about is I’m going to be really geeking out about pedagogy right in the classroom and how to leverage technology to fuel the pedagogy so if you’re looking for something that’s more blended or how to interact online Alice kila will be talking about that at nine o’clock in her next session so go to that so this is going to be more about motivation and that kind of stuff so just just so you know um I’m good at what I’m gonna try and do is I’m going to take you I wanted to choose something I just did so I just did something my class last week and I’m going to take you through what I did with them and I’m just going to show you how I hacked together some media some tools to make it more what I felt was more efficient so um we use school geez our LMS but I’m not gonna I use that just to communicate with my kids about their assignments and stuff but I kind of hacked together this free system that works pretty nicely for me and for my students so I’m gonna be taking you on that voyage okay um but I am obsessed with stuff so I keep track of it all and I have links and tutorials to all the other stuff if you’re interested on my blog okay so i’m going to show you where that is so you know that if i name drop something you don’t feel like you have to write it down or you know crazy with it so if you go okay here’s my blog let me just show you how to how to navigate it the front page is just a long um that’s what it is my entire curriculum for my chemistry class is here so lesson plans all the videos I use whatever all the labs their packets whatever um I did my doctoral research on multimedia learning theory and cognitive load theory inquiry based learning and all that kind of stuff so I have a lot of research that I’ve been gathering over the years and this is kind of like my research library so if you have people you yourself are doing graduate work or you have friends that need research if you click on each of these links it will take you to my google folders that have hundreds of PDFs on those topics that I’ve already secured and they’re all there and I’m sharing them with you so if you’re interested in multimedia learning and you click on this it’s just going to take you to a Google folder with us all these PDFs so you have him you don’t really have to go do that research and a lot of what’s going on right now is kind of coming out of rich mayor out of Santa Barbara and a couple other people so you have all those pdfs right there but on what I really wanted to show you is if you click on resources um I like to kind of separate tools into tools that are inquiry devices get kids thinking about things and can get them interacting into video creation devices so if you click on this she’s going to get links to all my tools related to this so websites and tools help kids think through processes you know form hypotheses and and negotiate a perplexity or confusion and then here you’re going to get tools that are really specific about creating instructional video so say for instance you need to be able to write over a PDF on a mac with a tablet which is like a hard thing to do on a Mac because PDFs don’t have pen tools so you click on this and you’re like Mac PDF and you look here and they’ll be all right there for you so this is a bunch of tools so you want to know screencasting software on the iPad they’re all right here or

online screencasting right here so you have a lot of stuff here if every single thing I’m going to talk about today i have an instructional video here where you can just go and look at and watch so i’m going to show you how to do some pretty pretty catchy google form stuff today with like scripts those tutorials are right here so you can go look at them later if you just click on this the video will pop up and you can watch it we ok we grounded and where everything is that all right so um when I talk about 10 tools today right now and I put those tools into a public Google Docs spreadsheet for you and you can get to that here so there is the address can you send a picture of that or write it down that’s a zero not a not an o so it when you get into that document it’ll say tool number tool description link and it’s one through ten and it’s the same numerical order as the presentation so when I say to one in here it’s going to be 21 there okay so you have to write out now I teach high school and self obsessed with keeping things organized for kids and I’m really into a cognitive load theory which is IDM like we’re trying to keep things all streamlined and consistent for kids so I’ll pull that back up and end with that today I know you guys going to scribble things down and write things down because that’s the way our minds usually work but it’s all there as well all right so before we start I have a question for you what is the the first seen in the original Star Wars that’s a question so I want you guys to either talk with each other or think about it in your head and then report out one minute think about it and don’t google it everybody should know this bro the original not the worst after the words all right who’s got an idea you said one Space there’s a big ship okay okay yeah you’re like watching like what’s going on this is crazy chasing his other shiftys music’s playing however my high school chemistry teacher mr. McClain said don’t read the sign says his actual name yeah he would have said it started off differently he wasn’t a good teacher trust me really bad had a really bad experience he would have told me that this was the first scene let me play it for you and then you’re gonna start understanding where i’m going with us we’ll never get it out now so certain are you our words with you or connect video do you nothing that I say master moving stones around one thing this is totally different oh no different oh he defected you mind your brush okay so if the movie started that way that would not be good right what would be bad about that being the first scene of Star Wars you don’t know the context right right so you get Yoda this teacher giving a bunch of tools to Luke and you’re like WTF right like where is it where is the concert where where is the context right however that’s how mr McClane you should interact with us you know he’d walk in and start to give us tools without any context at all we know this was the first scene and that’s baseball’s you know and keeps on going if you’re looking for a really really

good TED talk we’re all teachers so obsessed with ted talks right and JJ abrams creative lost and all the stuff gives a great one called a mystery box and it’s all about the idea of intentionally withholding information like when we intentionally with homemade any lost people in the room like you’re like what i tell me you know and the idea of intentionally withholding information is a motivational tool right and um any really really really good movie is gonna do that i mean i’m looking at this and i’m hooked right away i want to know I mean I look at that I think there’s tension between that and that um my favorite movie of all time is so okay so let’s go through the Star Wars situation you know there was the intentional withholding of information we don’t know what’s up we realize there’s a journey for Luke to beyond he finds a teacher in Yoda who helps them out and then we have the ultimate application of that knowledge alright so great Andy my favorite movie of all time is this movie no can tell them to this Good Will Hunting has a machine go honey right great great movie I showed my kids all the time I tell them to ignore that bombs in the movie it’s a great great movie i love it movies just need to be like this more often so opening scene of good will hunting after the weird will in his room writing on his mirror stuff pretty much this is the opening scene so I’m likewise have this guy with a bruise live solving problems walking around the hallway doing that right it’s I’m automatically interesting I want to know more about it you know then we understand a little more about well he gets a teacher who’s this feature Robin Williams comes along do you think I know the first thing about your life is good have you feel who you are because I’m good all of the twist does I’d encapsulate you so greatest thing he’s acted in waiting in delaying the interaction with him he got to access his prior knowledge and will has some intense prior knowledge soul abuse history right so the ultimate application of that is him dealing with his fear of abandonment and we have the mid-single inning sorry I’m rooting for you but spoiler alert if the professor calls about that job so beautiful ending right I mean it’s great that perhaps the best example of this comes from the original karate kicks announcing that great movie right with the greatest teachers of all time alright so I want you to pay attention to this opening clip this is when the movie starts to take take a transition pay attention to it and I want you to think about Miyagi and how he’s intentionally jumping in when it’s appropriate and politicians of violence enemy deserves no mercy right right right great okay amazing right he was hanging out on that fence waiting until Ralph Macchio needed him if Ralph Macchio Daniel Larusso sorry if he was able to if he you know knew all those skills already Miyagi would have gone back to his little hardware shop worked on his bonsai trees and it would have been he would have let Daniel be there right so

it’s a different was kind of negotiating eat it um then we go to the show me sundus raw all right so a little bit you know want to talk about teacher lingo this would be more like lower Bloom’s taxonomy stuff right like more mechanical algorithmic information not much context if the movie started this way you know that’s what mr. McClane would’ve done and then we got to show the ending just for it this morning it’s a greatest ending of all times so also got my whole time crush Elisabeth Shue in it all right so let’s just be with this or just so good let’s Lena No lover so if we look at all these really really powerful movies all kind of followed a similar flow I mean look at the odyssey or anything it’s always following kind of this move from negotiating perplexity to gaining content to a the application of that and moving on through that so this is a flow that just works for kids and it works for me and it just it’s a natural thing but a lot of times you come into the classroom we see something like this this is probably how I taught my first three or four years I thought of my job in the classroom was for information transfer the homework process was the assimilation of that knowledge and I would have a lot of fights here with students because of this because I was like he’s not doing your homework homework now I sound like a broken record Eric mizzou or out of Harvard says this is what knowledge learning is one part transfer one part assimilation but what people hear that they don’t realize he’s not talking about the order for which that happens and that’s really that’s kind of where we’re going with this so if you look at the popular definition of the flipped classroom would say this right so what we’re trying to do is look at the homework processes being that transfer piece for the low end blooms and the class of me will be simulating so there are some positive things about this first off they don’t see any positive things about this what are a few just throw them out yeah yeah yeah it’s the way I have to say it’s a protein that’s really just gotta grab some grass remind around this it’s appropriately pairing the activity with the environment so what I mean is in life the things that we like to do with other people are create problem solve apply things argue those are things that are more higher in Bloom’s taxonomy the work well assimilation works well for a community the things that we tend to be really quirky about is how we take information how we work through it I mean if I if I stand up in front of a class and I teach them Graham’s law of diffusion right half of them are going to need me to do it more than once half of them are not going to need me to do it so if i do once i’m not getting any of you know i’m just throwing those numbers out of no idea if that’s true but it feels true to me as a classroom teacher so if the transfer is more of the individual setting now i’m talking city in the hallway on your phone reading a book whatever it’s a little bit impairing those better but there’s a big problem I think with this popular model of it and assuming right here that our students are one hundred percent invested it’s also assuming that they all come from the same prior knowledge and it’s also not changing anything it’s still direct instruction just happening in a different place so it’s addressing the time issue it’s not addressing the construction of meaningful learning motivation issue so what I’m going to try and save you is I argue that this is a technique to be used in the context of a pedagogy it is not the pedagogy okay and associate they just chew on that for a little bit okay so if you kind of if you not going forward great oh there goes by so we think of like Bloom’s taxonomy what we often do with our kids as we started at lower end blooms and we work them down to the creation piece so we’re starting with wax on wax off and working

them towards this and what up argue is this is really what the flipped classroom is right it’s flipping Bloom’s taxonomy and it’s saying let’s start them off with those creation application activities to get them kind of thinking about what they know and what they don’t know let’s create this cognitive dissonance between the way the world works and the way they thought it worked on that tension we can walk along that tension let’s just create that and that’s the art of teaching us a hard part I think okay and then in the context of that down here there might be some time later on to offload some stuff to get it in so that’s really where one can take you guys with that so it’s like a picture of my kids in the lab I just put on there this was the molar any chemistry teachers out there this is a tough lab this was the molar mass of all to look what just rates up they did it first instead of doing it last i withhold some information they had to try and figure it out through that I then understood what they needed and how they needed me to to work with them so we’re going to go through a brief little stimulation right now um and if you don’t know chemistry it’s fine that’s all I really know so I got to go through that so I’m going to take you on a brief journey through what I do in my classroom so um my crossing always starts off with the standards every classroom so I have my ten standards for my unit on gases I used the word level and stages to kind of gamma phi for them we have a whole chart for that that’s a whole different talk okay so um I then try and figure out which standards are related and I chunk those and I want to turn those into a learning cycle so I look at this standard five point oh three and this is very much own right now and I want to teach them that ok so I’m going to jump back into a cycle so that’s where we’re starting and that brings in my first tool so often times when I start off a learning cycle I want to perplex them I want to get them thinking I want to get them confused about something and video is a very nice way to do that problem with my school has really slow internet conferences historically have a really slow internet so I want to deal with the internet when I play the video I want it to be an mp4 that i’ve downloaded ok that i keep a library of on my website there’s all my videos like their kids can go get them so i use this tool co keepvid which allows me to download YouTube’s and mp4 is and I can put them right into my presentation ok so that’s the first to Limina to share with you guys ok so i’m going to play a video clip right now what we have is a tool is a to unwind we got a soaked in one substance and the other end result in the other substance submariner are going to evaporate ok i want you just to watch it just look ok just inspect okay I’m gonna play it one more time for you okay so what I have to use I just want to think of what’s the what’s the first question that comes to your mind like what are you thinking of what questions do you have about this what do you think is going to happen whatever so once you think about it for a sec you can talk to the people around you and come back in a minute alright so you’re still thinking I’m gonna keep going so this is where my second tool would come so you’re in my classroom this is the first thing that happens right when you walk in okay play this questions you have then my students have like uses one or two phones what grand most kids have them you know um so my last yesterday I use today’s meet for this part okay but I’m going to switch the tool you guys use a different one for a reason and I’m going to talk about that reason after you do it okay so we’re gonna use too crowded for this tool right here very easy tool so here’s how we’re going to use it you guys are going to go to this website socrative calm you’re going to do the student login and you guys I’m in that room number Q okay so Socrative economy room number is Q and I’m going to go there and I’m going to do the teacher login and when you get there it’s going to when I start the activity this is a very simple simple response system that are really like doing so I’m going to start a short answer response right now okay so you guys should see a box right now

when you got winter that says a place for your right of short answer I want you to type in the question you have okay or anything you’re thinking about that ID leaves of course actually I’m gonna have you have it up here just so you can see what I see so we can talk about why I’m using some crowded versus today’s meet with this one right now is anyone’s living you’re dead okay all we need is a couple people to have it loading the linear number yeah so just Socrative calm that’s it and then you go student login and you type in queue as the room number so it’s a crowd of you can make room number i made a room called Q and that’s the cool thing I like about the kratom is you don’t have to log in on my count for anything I have a remember called 206 which is my room number of my classroom and students just type that in every single time to come back they know we’re using it so simple okay so we can school there’s enough up here I don’t want to waste your time but Socratic is pulling these in now do you guys see these on your device you don’t see there’s okay so that’s why if I use today’s me you would have seen everybody’s like on Twitter okay so I and this is like kind of the art of the whole process this I in mind no the question I want you to ask but in you asking you own it differently than if I asked you ok so that’s kind of a goal initially I’m trying to get you to say things like are they moving together when will they meet what will happen when they meet buys one bigger than the other those are all the things that are good if you ask however it’s a pretty simple demonstration so you guys saw everybody else’s in today’s meet and you were 17 years old you’d probably just type in what other people wrote ok um so I’m going to use the crowd of right now because I want to withhold that I don’t want them to see everyone else’s now if it was a really that molar mass when I showed you earlier if it was a really complicated one I’d used today’s me because I want them to know that other people have other ideas and it’s okay to have wrong questions and wrong he is C so I got to decide who I want them to see each other’s or do I want the mountains each other’s so in this I didn’t want you to see so will the two camels create a new compound what is the rate of diffusion so some people somebody’s got some serious prior knowledge so right yes they will actually make ammonium chloride your septic good so so what I’m doing is I’m looking at that right now and I’m thinking about it right now and I’m going to try and bring all this together and if the students can’t see it I’m going to kind of lie to them a little bit and I’m going to say all right so it seems like most of the questions had to do with where will they meet cuz that’s what I’m getting again where will they meet but if they don’t see it and I tell them that it’s still a little different so it’s still coming from them it’s just a little bit like I don’t want to ask them where they meet I want them to ask me and that’s that’s a hard hard thing to accomplish okay so we got this video right here I gave you a little bit of information on the questions where will they meet so I’m going to ask you guys I want you to think about it you have a little bit of information in your head picture where if they were to me they were to form let’s take a white mine where were that white line beaten they need you guys just to think about it based on what you see right here you know how many ideas grab the head HCL boom do you think it’s going to be over clothes on the HDL ever hear anyone else I think she’s right because why this looks like the Blues are to her twice as far as the green someone okay blue started first blues not started first okay so maybe that maybe they said ahead started right this seems like they would okay I like what you sip it again looks like the smaller molecules I think would move fast what do you mean by smaller the blue the NH 3 seem to be smaller in size than HCL okay so kind of like a okay so smaller and volume yeah okay you know have any ideas all right

so at this point I’m going to show you this solution so it looks like the meeting you’re right meeting kind of in that area right here now what I would have done before I showed you that solution we’re their meeting right now is I would have asked the group’s okay so I want you guys to get together and I want you guys to predict where you think they’re going to meet and I want you to give me a qualitative model and an annotated model that describes it so let me show you an example of that so I they would have asked the question I have them group up and then what I did this specific activity is I gave everybody a print out of the tube and I said I want you guys to write draw a line where they’re going to meet and underneath how much you guys come in qualitative model like you said I think this one’s going to go faster because it’s lighter and then over here a quantitative model now what I mean by quantitative model numbers right they don’t have enough information to do that okay not really enough information to do that now they might have realized the ones nh3 ones HCL they might go to the periodic table and get their masses and some if they’d do that that’s great okay but they might not have enough information to do that so it did adapt I’m going to give them a little more information i’m gonna put those below it okay so given those numbers what do you know about those masses HCl is about twice so how much faster do you think nh3 is about twice that’s what a hundred percent of the kids did in class understands it and the way I had him do it i’ll show you a screenshot from their blog i had him take a picture of it and then just post it on their blogs and while they were doing it I was just taking all those blogs and putting them in a presentation and we went through mall together took like 10 minutes all right so here’s a picture from kids class so here’s their quantitative model and this group takes perfectly now this is a group that without me having to give them the content they did it right they took the square root of difference these acts around 1.5 times faster not two times faster so this groove literally got out their phones they went to the internet and they found some law of diffusion that gave them that they did the calculation there’s a quantitative model they took the picture they predicted it perfectly right most groups headed like over here right half as far so it’s really fascinating to see this group did it this group didn’t need me to do anything with them at all they went through that process and solved it so it’s pretty and so at this point now class is over so at this point what happened this day was they did the prediction they made their pictures they gave them to me I compared him to everything the real one we had this presentation of ten slide that each slide had the right answer in the group’s picture and we went through my curves one eye and ear whatever and then they had some homework that night I went home and this is where the flip would happen in my class right here on the back end so we could call this the flippies the problem oftentimes I see it happening here and we assume that students want tools so every single kid walked out of class this day except for that one group and they’re like why is not two times why is it not two times just two times as big why is it not two times and they were kind of mad cuz I told him it was 1.5 when they walked out the doors like by the way it’s 1.5 yeah your homework is to do you know and i’ll show you we’re going to do it right now so they didn’t get it but I kind of baited the hook at that point right now so now they’re going into it wanting the tools from it this is kind of the moment now for the wax on wax off kind of stuff that I don’t want to do in class okay so um this is the traditional flip piece but I want to make us one thing be really clear this is happening on the back end this is not the first thing that happens and that is a big difference okay so when I’m doing this I want this to be tailored what I mean by this is I can’t make this until they did that activity and that’s the thing I don’t I don’t I don’t use prepackaged videos or anything like that because I this needs to come from this yes is that make sense right it needs to be really easy to do and then when they do it I need to be able to tailor the next day so what happens here has to be super robust easy dynamic and formative so i’m going to show you the package of tools that i use right here and this is kind of the meat of it it’s a lot of flip conferences and stuff you talked about really called ingredient classroom in the literature we’ll start here okay it doesn’t start

here that is the technique the pedagogy is the cycle and this is called Justin time teaching which just all that means is getting info and using it wisely as a teacher it’s all it means okay so I know what the misconceptions are I have to make some bath to offload some content or address those well I got to be this educational like spackle to take all the stuff they knew and didn’t know and I have to put together now okay and then I got to make a dynamic robust informative and I need to use it to tailor the next day of class and this is hard this doesn’t make my job any easier okay so let me show you the way that I’ll put that together sorry so I’m gonna I got to make a decision i’m going to use one of 22 free tools i really like to use i’m either going to use education to get sort of education okay i’m using differently the proper seating or a screencast o matic screencast-o-matic is a screen casting tool which is what’s happening on the screen right now but it’s free it’s online and it’s the most robust of the online screencasting programs because it’s dual platform it’s got a 30-minute time limit if you pay the 10 bucks for a hole forever it’s got YouTube Google Drive meo uploading it’s really really robust it’s the best of the free ones edgy creations i’m going to use if all i need is a whiteboard to record on so this like a lot Khan Academy is all I need is a whiteboard and some sort of pen input I like tablets that are about 30 bucks you can buy them on ebay for even cheaper than that they work really really well super cheap I can plug it into a PC or Mac without any software and roll really easy to use okay so I make the decision if I have a worksheet that I need a ride over like a PDF I’m gonna use em somatic if I have a web tool that I need to capture myself working in and we use guess no matter if I just want to solve a problem for kids and give them some basic content I’m gonna use education so I’m going to use edge equations in this video because I need to explain to kids why it was 1.5 not to but I now know that some groups got it some groups did it so I can reference that in the video which is going to loop them to the lab it’s going to make a connection so this is a really simple tool to use and I’m going to model it right now so here’s the thing a lot of people don’t know about education here’s where i use it i don’t like to use my iPad make videos because i can’t write on my finger that well so edgy Creations is the only one of all of the tools the only one that has an online emulator of the ipad so you only want when they made it they made it online emulator to test the look and feel things left it there okay so what that means is for thirty bucks you can make unlimited videos you want you just have one of these or use your mouse without getting an ipad yeah this is called a Wacom Bamboo tablet it’s on my website you can go I’ll leave it up here before I guess so we’re gonna do it live right now show you how easy it is ok so I go to the website i hit create new lesson boom that looks pretty simple right this thing has unlimited time limit unlimited pages you can bring in images and everything so um actually going to do something kind of fanciful or doing this okay so i’m going to record this video actually right now so i’m going to hit record it’s my little thing here okay guys so it’s really great in class today most people realize that nh3 was about two times as fast as H CL and I gave it the molar mass of this was 17 grams per mole and the molar mass of HCl was 36 grams from only makes sense something two times as big would be half as fast but actually I revealed as you were walking out the classroom that it was 1.5 so where the heck does that come from so I’m going to back up a little bit and tell you why and there was actually one of the groups that got this right they took the square root of thirty-six / 17 and they got 1.5 where did that square root come from so kudos to Gavin and who did that it was awesome okay so I’m going to tell you where that came from and I all of you guys are an AP chemistry so you all took physics during your junior year so we’re going to derive it right now so we learned last unit that if we have two gases that are in the same container they have the same kinetic energy kinetic energy one kinetic energy to

let’s say so what that means is their kinetic energies can be operationalized this way and if we solve this and we want to get a ratio of the velocities or the speeds let’s say v2 over v1 mathematically that ends up equaling to the square root of the opposite gas so you see I could do this algebra for you but they’re square root was derived from something you knew in chemistry all I’m physics already okay so I want you guys to look at this equation and I want you to solve a problem so here’s the question for today’s lesson okay out of the tailpipe of your car so here’s car come two gases primarily this carbon dioxide and there’s a lot of carbon monoxide as well so I want to know which gas is um II fusing faster and by what factor ok so that’s a video that’s it pretty much looks exactly like the one I gave them so that is done I could have stopped that video and I could have put a picture in it as well and it would have paused it it would allow me to bring in the picture and everything that’s what I was going to do I should have done that sorry so I’m going to say diffusion I’m gonna go visible to all ignore all the other stuff this is done that videos on the internet right now I’m done I just walked out of class there’s my embed code actually okay so i mean i can show you what it looks like okay guys we have this fast um energy kinetic energy one kinetic energy too so it’s just like that mean and stretch the video you hear my voice this is online ok it’s done their kinetic energies can be operational what’s that yeah no problem that’d be awesome ok so I’m gonna go here to t2 i hit record i do this little flash player guy ok so I’m going and I’m like oh crap i could use an image so i hit this button it positive I find an image there it is and now I keep going and the image is in there right so if I hit save and I hit preview watch the way it looks ok so I’m going and I’m like oh crap i can use an image so i hit this and now i keep going and image that right pretty cool but so not about the ipad app ok so i got this I got this thing I’m gonna have to jam a little bit here but remember this is all being recorded ok so we got the instructional video that’s done so it’s tues dirty they walked out of the room it’s 250 I’m done with all peace all right so very quick I don’t care about the quality of the video I don’t care about anything I want it to be tailored and connected to the lab let go of the aesthetics and all that stuff it’s not i have my own video that my students made and i might need to do it three times for the different classes that they had different misconceptions if there were that different ok so now i need to associate that video with with some sort of accountability tool ok I need to know that they’re getting something out of it and I think the best way to do that is google form to do that so we’ve all used google forms before right ok so what I need to do is I need to go to google and i need to make a form that’s going to give me some information and i’m gonna i’m going to make it right now i’m going to show you the information that i want to get from them ok so I’m going to go kind of quick do you guys know google forms are ok Google for him ok I’m Omega a Google Form you know google doc says ok a google phone i’m creating a bunch of windows to throw content through then it’s going to go into a spreadsheet and a Google form is open it’s a website they don’t have to have a google account to use so i go create i’m going to go for him i’m going to go diffusion lesson the first question is I’m going to go question this is where they’re going to put the answer to the question i post i’m going to make it a paragraph text i’m going to go done the next one is going to be what questions do you still have that’s what the length of the leaders paragraph text done i’m going to duplicate that and then the next one’s going to be their name i would i would obviously choose their blog thanks done ok so there’s the form done so this is going to be in close proximity to the video they’re watching the video when they get the answer to a question and for the question here notice up its question in the video so they have to work their way through the video to get to the question come on that ok now i go what questions do you have that’s where that’s the just-in-time teachings I want to know the rule our classes they have to do it I’ll show you real examples now I know their name this is time-stamped I know when they get it

in all that kind of stuff when kids finish this problem what do you think they want to know right away when they fill this up did they get it right right and this is pass no pass my cousin’s 100% standards-based grading they just get a pass no pass on this so it’s all formative it’s not punitive you do inquiry kids want to learn not so I need to find a way for them to get the answer real quick right away right so if you guys go up here to more actions edit confirmation this is what people see when they fill the google form this is garbage right let’s put something meaningful in there right so here’s how you do it i say a video question solution i put the solution in the Edit confirmation but I don’t I don’t do it in text this is where when use a different ipad app called show me or any other one i’m going to make a quick and quick video solution do it real plate on the ipad so the students get like a robust way of solving so i’m going to go to show me I need some math people out they were going to literally do this right now see if we can pull it off in 10 minutes alright so I’m going to create new show me alright guys so we have two gases carbon dioxide molar mass of 44 and carbon monoxide molar mass of 28 okay we know that we want to do the square root of the heavier gas over the lighter gas 44 / 28 is about to what’s the square root of 2 1.2 it’s about 1.2 so what that means is carbon monoxide is 1.2 times faster than carbon dioxide save show me save so I’m doing it this way so they can have a more robust library of the videos finish okay posting to show me right now um what I’m going to do is I’m going to get the link to that and I’m going to put the link right there does that make sense okay let me show you what that looks like in my classroom so you can see here’s my chemistry classes actual website and this is the this is the form that they’re using and let me show you the way it would look so it’s a little bit ask a little more questions this is at my actual students 1 i’m putting in some garbage right here so i get this submission okay so this is these are all the videos that we’ve had this year in like AP chemistry class I’m using one form for them to reflect on all right and the solutions to all the videos are in the head confirmation of one form that make sense okay so i’m using google so i can track how many times people clicked on the video stuff one form is really nice for me because then i can do some complicated stuff with a spreadsheet and get a lot of data on the students because it’s in one form i just keep building to this the kids only get this after hit the submission button so it’s intentionally withholding the the question then doing that over and over in it every space of the cycle so it builds it right there so that’s done I can put that in so now what we’ve done is we created a system where the students are reflecting on the video and they’re getting the solutions right away to it in a robust way so the meta video all right the video within a video to back to back using two tools I usually make this yet forget to do this what normally happens I forget to do it so I’m walking to my car down vanez and I’m doing it so if you listen to any of the ones that are up here it sounds really sketchy like let’s like listen to this one this is so for the multiple choice of course you hear that sarkar me definitely using wait all right so it’s kind of weird so the next thing I need to do is I need to give all this to my students so i need to put all of this in a website right somewhere for them so they need to like so we’d for my class website we use Weebly do you guys ever go to Weebly ok there’s this really new cool tool called ed canvas it just came out that’s really super super cool now i’m not going to model either of these because i want to show you what i think is the coolest part of all this however ed canvas is killer and it just give all it does is it gives you a blank template and you can put a video then you put a form and then else LLL tell kids do this first then do this and then do this and it’s a really nice way to offload content and you can embed that whole thing in your website or just use that so once the

students now have that I need to tell them that they have homework and I use remind101 to do that have you guys ever heard of remind101 it’s a free remind101 is a free way to mass text students from the internet safely without them getting your phone number ok so i use this because i don’t they don’t know when they have homework when I think it’s time for me to give them direct instruction they get it all right so Mike it’s like we do lab lab in query inquiry ok you need me now I send out a reminder 101 and I tell them or a post it on kool g or whatever but I want it to be really robust and stuff like that ok so that’s the next tool um and now the last the last piece is the tailored next day of class so this is if you guys can bear with me I want to show you guys this that’s ok ok so this is I’m going to go to my actual one so you guys see what it looks like and we’re going to actually respond to a live kid right now alright so here’s my spreadsheet for my AP chemistry class this is all the data for the entire year so far okay now if you notice right here we have this what does this stand for what questions you have okay so they’re walking into class and as they’re walking in on the day of the application day where they saw it i am reading this because the rules it needs to be done one second before most kids do them right before class in the hallway on their phone which I want them to do because I want it to be in close proximity to it i want you know so they’re doing it i’m reading this as they come in when they come into class have to check their email that’s the rules so they check their email as they’re walking in i inserted this column into the spreadsheet this is email feedback and into the spreadsheet i inserted a google script co form email really easy to use as a tutorial on my website ok you go insert script follow the directions and it’ll just go ok well form email or allow me to do is respond to the students directly from the spreadsheet without having to leave it ok so i’m going to show you how this works right now and it’s so freaking awesome alright so i’m going to scroll through here and here’s um ok so here’s Maggie Maggie said I feel like the numbers i’m getting our kind of small that’s sort of question and then Laura said I think I understand why i am what i am a forces don’t matter according to the canteen theory so this is a more valid question so i want to respond to these kids really fast so i’ll say in the spreadsheet hi Laura um gases by nature want to expand the lower the total IMF force um the more it wants to expand from nave boring gases okay so that’s the number at Laura’s walking into class her things in column 1 38 I go for me Miller process man at the top I then type in to this forum when the when the thing pops up I type 138 and now she’s got an email from me Kosta successfully done so then I go to the next kid and I’m like hey yes I had a good thanksgiving thanks dude alright so then I go for me Miller process manually and then he’s in 139 and I can talk to him done and I can just go through really quickly let me show you what it looks like because I’m copied on all these emails this is the 1i just sent hi Lori your question I don’t think I understand why I’m that for somewhere my answer hi Laura gases by nature expanses meaning boom done so it just happens like that so that’s that’s the Taylor feedback when I’m going through and I’m doing that I’m forming an idea of what kids had trouble with so in my back pocket I kind of have a bunch of warm-up questions that I think I want to do with them so they’ve got their email they’re checking it they’re walking in class the next day and we’re going to apply it so what are the what I’m going to do is I’m going to take all of the data and the what questions do they have thing i’ma put into word you guys heard a word ille yeah I use word sift and said you guys go play around with the word sit it’s really cool and it’s it allows you to manipulate the cloud in a cool way so for this lesson the one we just did when I pumped it in this is what I got this tells me that the students didn’t understand the multiple choice question okay that’s what it tells you so i have this up on the wall I look at that so they’re walking in the class they’re checking their email while they’re checking their email I’m making the word Club only reason I’m doing is you can info on what I need to do next we start class with a warm up every day

but the warm-up is going to be based on the questions that they had the most so they’re going to walk in and I’m going to give him a warm up problem this was the axial one I did straight out like that so then you Socrative for it again they do the warm-up problem I’m looking at the results we had two big bars and answered a distractor then i pair up with your neighbor and revise your solution it converges that there answer we do it again two big bars distractor when they do it individually they pair up it doesn’t converge so then I reteach do another one it as long as I keep converging I don’t do any reteaching and that takes about the first 15 minutes of class we do three and then we jump into application so in this case with the application activity I gave kids a new scenario they look like this and I said hypothesize what these gases would have been so they thought reverse on it they did it then we did a couple 80 problems on that then the kids were ready for a quiz the next day took quiz i’m using standards-based craving with it so this was the standard there were some other questions on the kid on the quiz they got that grade that starts off the next cycle and then it goes into the gradebook you know you don’t see quiz in the gradebook you see the standard right so that’s that’s a different thing I like to do because it gives kids information so when this girl looks at it she’s like I’m missing this one point oh four I need help on one point 0 for 1 point 0 4 was on the same test as those other things but this is the only thing I’m struggling with I’m also struggling with this one so gives her more information on it ok so then we’ve closed that cycle and we’re going to go back and we’re going to revisit we’re going to go back and revisit the standards and pick and clump them together those two days but he’s different than me walking in and giving them Graham’s law that would have been me like Dean mr. Miyagi the very beginning of the movie okay when it came from then it was a whole different thing with them this is what and canvas looks like you can put little boxes in here and it tells the students went to work through on it so this is actual the way I did it for this activity I gave him the video I said revisit this video that we did in class here’s the instructional video they watch there was a Google Form then I give them some reading on respiration and head of thinking about how it relates the chemical a stick that’s a lot mouthful right does anyone have any questions for me right now is it what not a big bud what oh really cool i love early in the maximum burlingame so I like walking around we’re not sure all Beckett like what things um helpful guys are the kind of help define some things for you yeah yeah well okay so let I kind of talked about that earlier so my first answer is my students do have access so i feel i want to leverage it so I don’t think about it however I talk to people a lot of times and stuff so it’s an inquiry based learning environment to go through the inquiry activity on the first day they didn’t need any technology another kid couldn’t use Socrative I would have just walked over into what do you think and not worried about it okay um when they go home yeah they needed to access the web to get the video in the form it’s a three minute video that they’re doing maybe once a week because it’s in a learning cycle and I haven’t three times a week is they’re only going to be watching him after the inquiry on the back end very little a karate kid with him teaching him that stuff you know so we have computers in the library it’s the standard answer right if computers library my classroom most mundu have smartphones they need to do it when they come out to class the next day all right i’m making the word cloud i’m showing him that stuff they’re using Socrative the buzz in if they don’t have it I just walk over and say what do you think so I’ve kids without access and most of them will just come up to my computer before class starts and plug in phila performance now there are some kids who are like I don’t want to do it that way I’ll just pull them aside and so I’m grams on the on the top right it to me it’s all about getting the direct instruction its lower blooms to the individual without it being in a whole community right so if I have a kid pulled over one-on-one that’s cool i’m down to that yeah yeah what ends up what ends up happening okay so my first two years doing this I didn’t traditional flippin structure I’d make a 20-minute video on grams Allah and I would try and talk about the inquiry and everything in the video and then they come into class and I try and do a lab on it and that’s one of the first things you hear people say as they’ll say I got more time now to do inquiry but you can’t do inquiry if they

already have the content the whole point is to withhold the information from them so they come to class and it became a study hall they would do all the videos come in and they do a bunch of problems next night watch a video come and do a bunch of problems over and over and over and over again and yes a lot of times work with them everything but no motivation because they are to you was going to happen and I was telling him I was holding that so now what’s happening is when i do the explorer half of the kids figure it out on their own they go through the video at home and they fast forward to the question answer and they’re done some people rock outta class really pissed off and they go watch it over over again and some people just going through the motions but either way they had fun trying to solve the problem so the lab doesn’t become verification the lab becomes exploration right of it and then they come in they do it and then in the application phase that’s the real fun part because now they have all this knowledge that they have and then I’m giving them different problems and I have it all kind of ready to go yeah yeah yeah yeah so dan Meyers work is basically modeling this in the math environment so he’s calling the Explorer act 1 the explain ektu and the apply act 3 and the whole idea is that we’re trying to get kids to ask questions first and then we’re going to deliver information and dan and I both really agree the direct instruction is not a bad thing everyone thinks it’s a bad thing it’s when it happens like if you need information I’m gonna do some direct construction it’s really great I need to show you that how to derive that equation you’re not just gonna do that if you’re 16 years old but I’m not gonna do first and that’s the big that’s a big thing so thank you guys very much I really appreciate

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