– [Voiceover] Kiddyzuzaa – They should be here any second Now – Olivia! – Huh? Oh, Esme! You’re late – Sorry (licking fingers) I was just adding the finishing touches to our midnight feast – You mean you were eating our midnight feast – A good chef always tastes what they cook, Olivia – (sighs) Well, where are the others? Ah! – Whew Sorry I’m late, Olivia My jet pack broke down, and I had to wait for cloud-side assistance You know how it is – Since when did you have a jet pack? – Oh, I just whipped it up this morning Still needs a bit of work – Well, at least you’re here now That just leaves Isabella She’s not very good at travelling by herself I hope she’s all right – Ah, ah, ah! Come on, Isabella, you can do this Three, two, one Oh, phew! – [Olivia] Ahem – What? These are brand-new shoes! – Right, now we’re all here, the sleepover can finally commence – [Esme, Isabella, and Lilliana] Yay! All right! – Item number one on the agenda, pillow fight – Okay, but first, let’s lay down the ground rules No–ugh! – Game on, princesses – [Esme, Olivia, and Isabella] Ooh – Aaaaahhh! (laughs) (groaning) – Ha ha, this palace ain’t big enough for the four of us – Right, item number two, midnight feast Wow, you really didn’t eat all the midnight feast, Esme – Oh no, this pile was at least twice the size before I had my snack – Well, I can’t wait to dig in (chewing) (licking fingers) (burps) – Oops! Still hungry, I guess – Ugh, right, item number three, ghost stories – [Lilliana] Wooo! (clicking) Wooo! (laughs) – [Olivia] Ahem – Heh, sorry – Right, Isabella, you go first – Me? Um, okay, um, this is the story of the um muffin – Muffin? – Muffin! – Uh, monster Yes, that’s right, the muffin monster Once upon a time, there was a muffin monster, and it ate everyone, the end – Well, that wasn’t very good – Ugh, let’s just go to bed – Muffin monster, eh? Hm, this gives me an idea (evil laugh) – [Muffin Monster] Muffin! (snoring) (banging) – Uh? (banging) Huh? – Roar! – Ah! (screaming) – Muffin! – Ha ha ha, now this is a ghost story – Help, someone help! Help! – Muffin monster! (evil laugh) (sniffing) (chewing) – Huh? – (licking fingers) Now that’s what I call a midnight feast – Ugh, spoilsports – Um, are either of you actually going to make a move? – Oh Esme, dear Esme, chess isn’t about making moves – I’m pretty sure it is – Olivia’s right It’s about the space between the moves I once saw Mr. Snuggles playing chess He didn’t make a single move the entire game Won within 15 minutes – It’s all about focus If you really focus on each piece, become one with the chessboard, breathe in the aroma of Slime? – Ugh, Olivia, I told you I didn’t want to play slime chess – That wasn’t me – Guys, it’s not about the slime It’s about the space between the slime. (laughs) – Oh, ha ha, Esme

Where did this slime come from? – Ugh, I think I have an idea – Malice, of course it was you – Huh? – You pelted us with slime – Me? I wish I’ve been trying to perfect my slime cannon for weeks Can’t get it to work – Hm Ugh! – See? Oh, are you playing chess? A word of advice, don’t play against Mr. Snuggles That bear really knows his way around a chessboard Or rather the spaces– – Oh, enough about chess already! We’ve got to find out where the slime is coming from – Hm, where’s Lilliana? – You’re right I haven’t seen her all day – Boo! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – The name’s Lilliana, Princess Lilliana – Lilliana, you completely ruined our game of chess! – Oh, chess is boring – Thank you – I’ve got a much better game – As long as it doesn’t involve a slime gun – It doesn’t It involves four slime guns The rules of the game are simple Get hit, and you’re out Last princess standing wins – Awesome! – That does actually sound pretty fun – I just have one question I don’t wanna play! – Three, two, one, go! – Ugh, let’s just get this over with – Right, if you want to capture a princess, you have to think like a princess Given I am a princess, I just have to think like myself! (licking fingers) On second thought, maybe that wasn’t the best idea Uh-oh! – Hee hee, one down – Ugh Tastes quite nice, actually – I bet Lilliana thinks she’s got this in the bag Well, I’ll show her Speak of the devil Reach for the sky, Lilliana! Very good, Lilliana, very good Fool me once, shame on me But fool me twice Ah-hah! Blast Very good again, Lilliana Fool me twice, shame on me Ah-hah again! Okay, no more I’m not falling for it again – [Lilliana] Wise choice, Olivia – Thanks, cutouts Wait! (gushing) Rats – Ew, stupid muddy forest Right, time for a sit-down, I think Hm Ah-hah! This should do the trick (grunting) – Ha ha ha, this is far too easy Just Isabella to catch now – [Malice] Ahem, I think you’re forgetting someone – Malice, you’re playing now, are you? – I sure am! And guess what I just finished – Whoa! – Prepare, dear Lilliana, to feel the wrath of my slime cannon ultra-mega-super-great- awesome-mega-ultra-3,000 – Ha, good name – Oh, quiet (engine starting) (plop) Huh? – Ha ha, better luck next time, Malice (grunting) (pop) (rumbling) – Uh-oh – Time to finish this game off once and for– (explosion) (wave crashing) – Oh, I guess that makes me the winner Anyone for a game of chess? – All giant chocolate eggs filled with You’ll never guess what they were filled with Chocolate! We ate chocolate all last– – Oh, those princesses are just so happy with themselves Well, I have a plan to make sure this so-called picnic is a complete washout Hee hee hee – And at another point, I actually did turn into a chocolate egg Oh, it was so funny! (bolt turning) (hammering) (blowtorch firing) – There, finished Now, let’s see what you can do (computer beeping) (engine starting) Yes, come on

(engine backfiring) Oh, well, that’s not right Hm, I wonder if Huh? Hmf (engine running) Oh dear Right, let’s try that again (electrical short) That should do it (computer beeping) (wind blowing) (evil laugh) – Which is why I am absolutely certain that the correct number of dinners is actually two, maybe even three (Malice screaming) It just makes perfect sense in every way You have one dinner to warm up with, a second dinner for mains, and then a third dinner for dessert – Hang on, is it me, or did it just get a little chilly? – Right, time to fix this useless machine once and for all (engine squeaking) (lighting striking) (water gushing) – Ah, this is the life – You said it, Olivia – Who would have thought you could sunbathe in the middle of a storm, eh, Malice? (lightning striking, thunder, rain) – Grrr! – (laughs) Cheers, princesses! – [Esme, Isabella, and Lilliana] Cheers! – So all I’m saying is I ran a marathon in my dream last night, and this morning I’m feeling exhausted! – It doesn’t work like that, Esme Oh no, Malice – Grr – Phew – Well, that was weird – Yeah, what’s up with Malice? – Oh, I was talking about that dog riding a hot air balloon (electronic calliope music) But yeah, Malice didn’t seem herself Normally, she’d at least manage an insult Prinsissy, goody no-shoes! – Esme, what are you looking at? – Sorry, just remembering Malice’s insults – Hey guys, what’s up with Malice? – Hey Lilliana, we were just wondering the same thing – Yeah, I thought she was gonna knock my ice cream out my hand, but it’s still here – She’s being so un-Malice-y Normally she’d never miss an opportunity to prank us, but recently it’s like she doesn’t care – I noticed that too (electronic fanfare) – Seriously guys, what are you looking at? – Nothing, it just helps when you’re remembering things – Scientifically proven Try it! (electronic fanfare) (hammering) – Grr – Phew (fanfare) – Grr – Phew – Grr – Oh – Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong with Malice – Amazing, maybe I’ll finally be able to do, well, anything without her ruining it – We can’t just ignore it if something’s wrong with her – Yeah, I suppose you’re right – Someone should go speak to her to find out what’s wrong – Great idea Not me, though – Yeah, me neither – Well, I’m definitely not doing it So what’s wrong, then, Malice? – Right, now what’s wrong is that you’re in my tower – Come on, Malice, what’s up? You’re not being yourself – I know, I’ve retired – Retired? Why? – Because I suck at being evil, Esme, that’s why – (laughs) Phew Malice, you’re not bad at being evil You’re brilliant at it! – I’m not – You are Look at all the evil stuff in this room See? A witch’s broomstick Only a truly evil witch could fly one of these bad boys

– I use that to sweep up – Hm Ah-hah! A cauldron There’s even something terrible brewing in there now What’s this then, a potion to give whomever drinks it feather or dooms them to eternally smell like a foot? – That’s my dinner – Ah, then I take it back You are bad at being evil – See? Now get out! I’m going to do whatever it is people do once they’ve retired Knit or play golf or do some gardening – Gardening, eh? I hear the palace is looking for a new gardener I’ll put in a good word for you Okay, so Malice should be here any moment We all know the plan, right? – Yes, she thinks she’s coming round to do some gardening Then we’re going to loudly laugh about how bad she is at being evil But you never told us what happens next – Yeah, Esme – No time for that Here she comes Just follow my lead Ha ha ha, yeah, Malice is so bad at being evil Would you believe she’s got a broomstick, but she can’t ride it? – Ha, what kind of witch can’t ride a broomstick? (laughter) – Yeah, and I heard she still sleeps with a teddy – Grr! I suck at being evil, eh? Well, how’s this for evil? (explosion) Malice is back, prinsissies! – Well, at least she’s feeling herself again She’s got better at magic, as well – Actually, her spell missed – But the fountain! – That was me I put my foot on the hose so it’d explode with a giant rush of chocolate when I let go – So what happened to Malice’s spell, then? – I have no idea (explosion) (computer game beeping) – No way! Eaten by the demon surprise egg again? Ugh! Mr. Snuggles? Who put this here? This isn’t funny anymore, whoever keeps doing this (missile whistling) – Tell me again why we’re going for a nighttime walk in the woods – Because it’s fun – It’s not, it’s scary (screaming) See? – Oh, it’s just Mr. Snuggles, Olivia – Well, I’m sorry, but even teddy bears falling from the sky is scary Where did he come from? – [Olivia and Esme] Malice! – Looks like she’s just gone to sleep Come on – What do you mean, come on? – Malice is asleep Have you ever been in her tower? – Nope, and I’ve never planned to Ugh, well, I’m not going I’m just going to stay here Alone In the woods The scary, dark woods (teeth chattering) Esme, wait up! Oh! Esme, what have you done? This place is a tip – It was already like this And shh – What a mess This place is disgusting – This is weird Our school yearbook Our class as well Hm, I remember that girl Alice, Alice something – Why would Malice have circled Alice in our yearbook? – I don’t know, unless – [Olivia and Esme] (gasping) Malice is Alice! – Hey, when did we learn to communicate telepathically? – We didn’t – So we’re just talking out loud in silly voices? – Gulp, let’s hope we didn’t wake– – [Malice] Malice? – We should run – Quickly, before she knows our plan! – You do realise you guys are speaking out loud, right? – We did it again! Run! – So you’re saying Malice used to be our classmate Alice, and then she turned evil? – [Olivia and Esme] Yes! – But what turned her evil? – Maybe it was something we did – Can I have a go? – I don’t know, Alice, it’s Mr. Snuggles’ turn next – Two seconds, Esme, I’m coming up! – Oh, I wouldn’t This branch might not take the weight of the three of us – The three of us? – Yeah, me and Mr. Snuggles are already up here – You princesses So that means we can talk to each other whenever we want Mr. Snuggles, Mr. Snuggles, do you copy? Repeat, this is Olivia to Snuggles

Okay, maybe I wasn’t that kind either – It’s all our fault We didn’t share our things with Alice, and that turned her evil She became Malice because of us – Oh no, what are we going to do? – Princesses, it’s simple We’ll go round there and apologise – Oh, oh (doorbell ringing) – Ooh, ooh, ah! Ah! (giggles) Whoa! (jet pack engine running) (gasps) (glass breaking) – Ugh – Lilliana, are you okay? – I’ve got it! – Got what? – Malice didn’t turn evil because we didn’t share our things with her, she turned evil because we didn’t share Mr. Snuggles with her – (evil laugh) You think I turned evil because of you princesses and some stupid teddy bear? – Exactly – Ha, I turned evil because my whole family was evil It’s in my bood – But you were cuddling Mr. Snuggles – An experiment to see what it felt like Ugh, and it felt awful Anyway, you princesses are trespassing on evil property Do I need to use my teddy cannon again? – [Lilliana, Olivia, and Esme] Uh, yeah, I think – Lots to do! – I’m sorry, Mr. Snuggles Let’s keep this between us, yeah? (cheery keyboard music)

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