a low loader becomes with so let’s play final phonetics this is where I was born I started blitz when I was five I joined the aurochs at 13 10 years ago 10 years and we never won a game well after last year’s tournament I quit time seemed right senior wrongful en-au there soon are testing me so after quitting I got this new job yeah get motivated every time my mind wandered I thought about the game 10 years without a single win will do that hmm my first match last year was my big chance but something else was on my mind I couldn’t focus nice excuse hey yay so you want to win the next tournament go out with a bang so what’s our goal I don’t care how we do long as we play our best if we give it our all I can walk away happy and no no no if I say what’s our goal you say victory when you play in a blitzball tournament you play to win victory you’re serious oh yeah and Ziggy zones are clear conventional effects thousand five in need of keys okay this is an Amish um this is I’m visas dine ex-husband had food um diese fire filter life is a stylish man rich foods these women from Greek national itís a skeezer non outside shadows Minaj know adding a fight so Shiva mcnabb to attract em forgiven tore the oil diode Horizonte guess because fascina up from the next are the focus of food come on from the sea beyond card there are fiends on the road today after surviving your run-in with sin would be ashamed of something Catholic now who are they lose ouen gotta crusaders yeah crews of what what you forgot that too hey sorry don’t worry about it I’ll help you out cool in return come tournament time I’ll make sure we take the cup about the Crusaders you can ask them yourself they got a lodge in their village da onions I’m finished and stuff out of human SMS RT spin Dell Venue initial at all he said village they got any food there we’ll get you something over there later take a look around first let’s see the Crusaders lodge is over yonder liuzhou and got are usually there hmm alright over here huh what’s up you do remember the prayer right and that does kebede has been fine I give realization act like so we could be decided not to give us a fun factor of course I’d never prayed before in my life not that he would know that you must have forgot there’s something here I’ll show you go ahead you try huh not bad

okay now who present yourself to the temple summoner any blitzball player would know that prayer it was the blitzball sign for victory Oh anantara toilet steiff my god mechanics events off the zoo Jerome links a 9 X of T links from Desmond patroon MIT einem shooting our chicken tamale my cooking must 0 and Fiona give hi-potion on primer potion I was after int saw on the job additional ehtisham elephants in high mizzou this Buddha was at them let’s marshmallow palliate nanas finger is also a home nobody’s clowning it’s a boozer so here notice until the Crusaders the money was thinkin about you also consent of sit-ins us finish before additionally this book yo nines I’m it was 450 leaked I bet lexicon banner ID that’s I beta sure p with sub a job test verse and some calls and guns he gives inspire boom but in this patient country one day you hear the slope evangelist biking wow so i discuss yeah don’t starve initial go so far d Viva no ID on Chet’s no Regina Vernon temper a beer is my punishment is he here our gaps in is not egg and adverse hagan verse caps it off philosophy stop nish man yer gum Shan give our of us okay give you two US mission in deutsch ich denke asses off Allison photo/nick stop speeches of us hmm do our jobs pizza now avenging I give you a demon in temple ID on co-consul one painting the guns loaded on nach hause it was then standing in that place I began to realize how different this world was from my own I’ll feed and Fire give our to start over 10 years have passed since Lord rasca became high summoner and finally we receive a statue for our temple Oh what’s a high summer yeah I I got too close to sins and toxin it was funny hearing myself make the same excuse over and over funny and a little sad the summoner’s are practitioners of a sacred part sworn to protect the people of yevon only a chosen few become summoners who call forth entities of great power the Aeons the Aeons hear our prayers and come down to us they are the blessing of yet so what he meant was that we should respect some kind of great men or something like that I figured so a heavy equipment Wallops in vez en incline Whitney wrestling’s gap mmm spin ministership Sivas gap of a

young McAllister and the op’s annihilators the night nurse often snitched Savannah high limit orifice since gift when afonya vengas Ignotus vista specialized laws they each philosophically as incomes meters rosetta nine and tradition jinhua TV I’m Erin donavah since gift is unleashed on her mac they are Shara my cooking of peonies in canvas owners which Google oksana shower I 90s definitive needs Sandoval html5 busy since my design not done mccook messy omers also regarded of amantadine approval are really be to them into a gift just okay okay I got it another bitten this video’s bitter bitter the snitch toffs intervene no I am done even ish shaken loose wit so good no content published newport possessor on this vegan begin viens ever sukhi season watch here and give us a second why’s it so immoral its economic club tavares yeah to give us walk ons get up sorry man no time for lunch it everywhere I’ll take a nap you look bushed ok ok shoppin good you could at least go see how they are doing we can’t interfere it’s a rule but it’s been nearly violent it’s been nearly it’s been nearly a day already perhaps you could go look for it people are searching for him now hey you who cares whether he comes back or not but in my diet fine do you do you hate himself if he does you’ll never be able to tell him how much you weigh huh Walker yep Lamborghini on smilin act isn’t home the video and in Tampa line insurance man was thought up kid in the Santa ich eine English center shifts again only mr. Sandberg now enters often my Danish you cannot offer to spooner our nice from the swedish water screen life is a spear ever 50p something wrong the Summoner hasn’t returned from the trial yeah well apprentice summon are really huh there’s a room in there called the cloister of child beyond is where the apprentice summon appraised if the prayer is heard the apprentice becomes a fully-fledged summon remember uh so someone is in there somewhere and they haven’t come back out right I got it a days already gone by is it particularly dangerous in there sometimes yes why don’t you go in and help there’s already guardians in there besides is forbidden hey but what if something happens what if the Summoner dies a precepts must build a like I care law society button cat and I styria on my phone or they had to send us dare payzone didn’t maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all the meter penetration is bethere Gina dead danna Highland Enid enough miss miss hello hina boy funghi not a

musician captain zoo written inhaler puffing examine it when I wrecked vehicle via DNA in the camera soccer field when to solve it exceed instead it didn’t vague or bar okay done Chuck schmira madison young Invincibles lowest innocent boy so obvious protection now slow go yo Dustin boy viburnum absence company fighter I want buying zoo vaniya invent celery minutest the sphere reach-in cigna of bard invicta camera astra this faerie deferred to lombardi weeks of a bong and jettison the DMV desvelo from bishop annuities dfac to love da melvina to do hein the new 420 million hayden 10 / salmon in denver on command file physics in then we miss nebraska high screen McCann evils no I’m spelling of a matar davia Alice chymosin hoon important challenges our mission dugas in green yeah no mercy for to Haifa inverse meters in volume it’s for neatness villainous to field Sufi spoilin men stop you can a single photon young the American hero or a finish the roof as his mind is so Louis bedroom and astronomy yet you know this is CSS to adding the Nora eggnog just listen read obvious mad our enemies era hora hora SE suniye Adolphus nesma of Mohandas clan italia nello son ovnis never slam few burbs I need gonna be running guns in tampa / HTS templates timish line comedians ferried Navajos devant zalta clock hits Yahveh for swinton nokia rakesh and fortunately English on which dish do I neha seasons of gaba varuna testing in the slowest eating dinner and sushi in for vanity says cancer in an chateau haut monde cynon midst fell Eden visits in HR and original offer cheap toy data off the unfenced positions Rick most narcissistic a tradin so fill out at about noon as mad some guy manchaca seaman offended that’s missing avati fact in fact Adagio instances fortuna door ever far too harcum miss everdene’s fairy named owned and for my luggage Flocka here in stagnant la definite each of us even at this graph nodes on weekend guns lucky for whichever my tickets to afternoon coconuts bonus stared at it and buy some stop Arden permanence Phil Eden as ferrites fact or a chance its phenomena first rector items but Sophie Tatsu it’s combined dish no not a single house she on done happened with us gunfire on the shaft Batman you Hey durjan it’s gotten into you it’s okay only summoners apprentice summoners and that guardians can enter here it’s a tradition very important so what about you me I’m a guardian a guardian whoa someone has go on a pilgrimage to pray at every temple in spirit guardians protect them the Guardians in there now one of Em’s

got a short fuse and who knows what the other stinking well now that we come this far might as well go all the way what are you doing here didn’t think we’d be able to handle it no it’s uh it’s just see I told you she gets mad easy is the Summoner all right who are you Wow assembler Oh a medium is stock and opa za wide visson vs yet oh so later on dammit zag ish my best son is my home stand staying emotional

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