Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND What did you call me for? Ignat… Why did you call me, I ask you? I wanted to see you. Can’t you understand? I love you, Ignat I would be glad to forget you but I can’t So many years have passed but I still can’t get you out of my head I loved you and I hated you but then love would still engulf me Take mercy on me. Let’s go to the city! Go with me I’ll love you as no other woman may love you! No other woman will love you as much as I will! I… Listen to what I say When you were a small girl, my eyes used to drift to you When you ripened I didn’t even want to look at you because it meant to confront my male desires However, Alena, you were born too late When you were still small, I was already engaged with Katerina When you offered me a deal with the watch, I already loved Katerina with all my heart I won’t hide it, I like you However, we don’t have any future together! Kiss me like there, by your house! Kiss me! Stop it, Alena! We shall forget what had happened by the house It wouldn’t happen if I weren’t drunk and if Katerina wasn’t pregnant You hooked me on my male desires I don’t love you Nothing will ever happen between you and me Get out of here! And never come to me again! Let your Katerina die! Let you get so mutilated so that my eyes never wanted to look at you! I hate her! I hate you! I hate! Hate! Father! Mum! Wake up, dad!

What! There, in the shed! You’re lying here and there..! There in the shed… there are… -What? -There! What? There, mum! Why did you shout as if you were crazy? There is nobody here Who did you see? Why do you keep silence? Why did you wake me and mother up in the middle of the night? You shouted as if the house was on fire Daughter, what happened? You don’t look like yourself You are so pale. Look, Makar, she looks as if she was taken off a cross

Honey, what it is? What has happened? Stepka and Varka sinned here What? What did they do? Can you explain normally? Or no? Or will you go on pulling the wool over my and mother’s eyes? How would you talk if you saw that? I almost died of horror when I saw them! What did you see? What? I saw Stepka and Varka! My own brother and sister! They were lying on your coat! They were making love like a husband and a wife! What are you saying, crazy girl? Am I a crazy girl? Me? Your younger children are crazy, not me! You should have seen how Varka was moaning under Stepka and how he was fucking her! Shut up! I’m crazy, of course! You were calling me crazy all your life And your beloved daughter was spreading her legs for her brother! Look at your coat! Look at the coat! Do you see stains? Your beloved daughter marked it with her blood! Enough! Enough! Makar! Makar, wait! Wait! Makar! Makar! What’s wrong with you? Makar! It’s all my fault. Makar! I brought her into our family Makar! She is not our daughter! She is somebody else’s daughter! Look, I… Makar! Makar! It’s all my fault! Makar! You have come to your senses, haven’t you? Are you feeling better now? You scared your husband “Somebody will die, somebody will die!” I suffered so much during my life with you, Yevdokia Do you want some more tea? No. My cup is still full Our Lesha got a nice girl I’ve never seen such girls before A princess, not a girl Did you see how she was eating porridge? How? With a small spoon, like a bird She puts a spoon into her mouth and wipes her mouth immediately She is so well-brought Her father was an officer We never had such well-brought people in our family

They’ll have the same well-brought children, our great-grandchildren, Yevdokia, and start a new kin. And then… What is wrong, Yevdokia? There is somebody in our yard! Faint when you hear some crack in our yard! There may be anything in the yard Maybe a bucket fell or the fence cracked Oh, I’m scared Stop it! -Wait! -What? -Wait. Wait, Lukyan -What is wrong? Don’t go. It must be the fence indeed Don’t go! To hell with the fence! Yevdokia! Oh, damn it Varvara! Well… Oh, you… Knowing how merciful you are, my Lord, I give you my body and my soul, my feelings and my actions, my advice and my desires, the movements of my body and my soul, my start and my end, my faith and my life, the continuation and the finish of my life, the day and hour of my death, my last hour, the last breath of my body and soul God! Forgive me, Lord! Forgive me, the sinner Forgive me, the fool! Lord, I did a bad thing. Just protect my children. Protect my husband Save and be merciful to them, Lord! Punish me! Lord, punish me for my sin, punish me with the most terrible punishment I kept a secret from my husband, I was a fool. Forgive me, Lord! Forgive me, Lord… Mum, how could you? You have been keeping it from us for so many years! Father loved her so much! He loved her more than his blood daughter! You brought a snake into our house, do you hear me? Stop it You nurtured a snake on your own chest Daughter, don’t tear my heart! My soul is already torn because of it Who were her parents that she is so rotten as to seduce my brother? What a shame! I couldn’t imagine it in the most terrible dream! Daughter, don’t do it! What if I did the same with Aleshka? Daughter, don’t say that! God, what a day is it? I wish I left for the city this morning!

Why did you bring her into our house? Why did you keep it from us for so many years? But… when he saw her, he was so happy! He was so happy! Happy about who? Who? He was happy to see his own daughter not a girl made by God knows who! Who needs your tears now? Stop crying, wipe your face! You brought a snake into our home You brought trouble into our house! Forgive me. Forgive me Forgive me, everybody! Forgive me! You shall forgive me. Forgive me Forgive me, all… -Stop it, mum -Forgive me -Stop it. You keep crossing us… -Forgive me… You cross and cross us and you pray to your God… Forgive me… But you did such a thing! Your God’s eyes must have popped out when I looked into the shed today You better go and look for father He ran away in such a terrible state! I hope he won’t do anything with himself! Can you hear me, mum? Can you hear me? Mum Mum? Mum? Mum, where are you? Mum? Mum? Mummy? …two angels were going and leading a sinful soul

They were leading it past the light and happy heaven… Look at what is going on in the heaven My neighbour went away, for a long way… She wants to fly behind the mountains… behind the mountains in the east… behind the dark woods… behind the bogs… Katyukha, you shall go home You’re pregnant, you shan’t look at the dead. Go! Where is their Stepa? They are all here He is the only one who is not by the coffin Nobody knows. Stepka disappeared That night when their mother died Where might he be? Oh, Daria, my honey! My honey, what have you done? Why did you do it, woman? …the cherubs are with you… and the angels… When she was small, she used to wash her feet in a bucket with water She washed and washed. Then she added different herbs into that water She said to me: “Mum, give me Grandpa Ivan’s boots” She had a grandpa called Ivan, Ivan Fomitch, my father She asked me to give Grandpa Ivan’s boots “I’ll go in them…” Yevdokia! What nonsense are you talking? Yevdokia! She also had a rope She used to tie her plaits with it She had such long plaits. She tied herself to the tree with that rope… This is it, be quiet, be quiet… And she sat there until the night when Grandpa Ivan came to get her He was already dead but he came He came for her… This is it… He came to take her to himself… This is it… And she was in his boots… Alesha, take grandma home… This is it, let’s go Come on, grandpa, calm down My daughter! Dashka! Dashka! Dashka!

Be quiet! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Dashka! Let me go! Let me… This is it, enough… -Dasha! Let me go! -Be quiet! -Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! -Be quiet! Let’s go… Let me go! Dasha, Dasha! Dasha, my daughter, Dasha! Dasha! This is it. Be quiet. Be quiet… Come here, do buy! Potatoes, carrots! Come on, come on! The herbs, gathered at the dawn! Buy, don’t be shy! Here you go Thank you! Have no doubts! Of course! All right, it’s a deal. Dear customer! Choose something! Pies! Pies! Meat pies! Rice pies! Mushroom pies! Pies! Meat pies! Rice pies! Mushroom pies! Pies! Bubliks! Fresh! Just from the oven! Buy! Come to buy the pies! Cookies, bubliks! Come on! Fresh pies! Come to buy! Three roubles! Lady, take some fresh pies! Why are you staring at me? You have been coming here for the third day in a row. Come here! Did you like me? If you were clean, you would be a handsome guy Let me help you with something And you’ll give me a cup of milk for that -Are you hungry? -I am Here you go. I will do without your help Father, buy a chicken. Look at them! -How much is a chicken? -Just two roubles Two roubles? Well… If you don’t like this one, I’ll show you another one, father Show me this white one Look how fat it is! It’ll make a great soup! All right But two roubles is too much, I think Will you give me a discount for 10 kopeks? I may give you a discount of five kopeks only -Five kopeks? -Only five I don’t know… maybe… -Oh, father! -All right -I’m tearing it from the heart -I got it. OK -Will you take it? -I will Thieves! My purse is stolen! A man in a cap stole it! He was standing here! -It was in my pocket just a minute ago! -Police! Catch the thief! -Police! Police! -Hold the thief! It was in my pocket just a minute ago! Police! Police! Why me? I don’t have anything! I don’t have anything What do you want from me, police officers? I don’t have anything, comrade boss! That was him! That was him! You may look. I don’t have it He was walking around me! A half of the city has caps! I don’t have his purse! What is going on, comrades officers? In the broad daylight! How can that be? Why do you let him go, comrades officers men!

Father, I made the porridge the way you like it Do you want some bread? Go away Father, I’d go to the city to Aleshka not to bother you But how may I leave the household? Somebody has to cook for you and to wash your linens… Go away Knock, knock! Is the young hostess at home? My honey, stop it Will you give your grandpa some tea? Father is at home Makar Makar? Hello, grandpa Lukyan Hello How is grandma Dunya? Grandma is not doing well She lost her memory and mind She talks to Dashka every evening She puts a kerchief on, takes her shoes off, sits by the oven, looks at the oven and talks, and talks… She talks such nonsense… My bloods curls in my veins when she talks I talked to the men yesterday They’ll make a good cross for her grave This is good Grandpa, these is your favourite dried bread Father, do you want some sugar? To have with tea? We’ll put the cross in 40 days after the death Are there any news from Stepan? No Don’t press on Varka If you press on the girl too much she may do something bad to herself… following her mother’s example She is not her mother! Don’t you dare say that! She is her mother! A mother is who was bringing her up from infancy! Who brought her up! You’re her father And she is your daughter! If you have a different opinion, keep it to yourself Varka has always been a granddaughter for me, and she’ll stay one! I won’t let anyone hurt her! Varvara! Come on! You’ll go with me! You’ll visit grandma Dunya! -Good luck! -Good luck!

What do you want? I don’t get it, brat. Who gave you an invitation into our apartment? Oh, dear mother of bastards! It’s the same purse! Where did you get it? You threw it on the ground and I picked it up The police caught you at the market, didn’t they? They searched me Why did you bring it here? Why didn’t you leave it for yourself? I may eat today for this money Or buy a suit like his What then? I need a job Have you ever stolen something in your life? Sometimes… in my childhood What if he is a police agent? He might be Shut up! Don’t say lies about me I escaped from my native village I can’t return there My brother and sister live in the city but I better die than turn to them for help What village do you come from? Staraya Shaitanovka Really? I’m from Fryanovo From Fryanovo? It means we’re neighbours Sit down, bro, sit down What if he is a police agent? If he is a police agent, you may sell me at the market for seven kopeks Eat first, and then we’ll talk about work A horse waved his tail, put his face into the pot, looked at Ivan twice, whistled loudly; Ivan looked at the horse and jumped into the pot… The Tsar’s daughter was so beautiful! Ivan married her! His brothers were so lazy! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle Alesha! They showed us so… It was so… Ivan had a little horse, and it was always saving Ivan! And Ivan married the Tsar’s daughter! Hello. I still hoped that you’d come Sorry. I had two urgent surgeries

Has dad returned from his work? Lilya? Well? What has happened, Dr. Morozov? You always feel it Yes, because in such moments you always pronounce my name in a special way. What has happened? Can I listen to what has happened? If I can’t, I may go to the grocery to buy some buns for us You’re so sly! Buy the buns… Here you go Just don’t be long. We’ll wait for you at the corner of the hospital I’ll be fast! Very fast! Well… Belskiy offered me today… You know how to hold a pause All right, I’ll continue instead of you He offered you to head the hospital -Lilya? -Yes? How do you know? Lesha! I knew it even when I saw you for the first time Congratulations, my beloved Dr. Morozov Wait. It’s still early. He offered, but he is not the one to take the decision He has to discuss it with the others It’ll be sorted out Lesha, you’ll head the hospital Hello, Auntie Matrena Hello, Varyukha! How are you doing with dad? If you need any help, just tell us, we’ll always help Thanks, Auntie Matrena. We’re managing All right -Hello -Hello -Hello, Varka -Hello, Sanka Why do you pass me by? Let’s go for a walk tomorrow? My mother has a birthday on Sunday, you shall come -Hello -Hello, Varka -Hello -Hello, Sanka Mum will cook a huge dinner, she’ll gather a half of the village Do come! You shall go out You may entertain yourself a bit now A lot of time has passed I can’t, Sanya. I need to mend father’s shirts, plus I wanted to clean the shed What about a walk? Will you go for a walk with me? I won’t dare wave my hands around I’ll wait until you come to your senses Shall we have a walk tomorrow? I can’t. No, Sanya. Let me go I told you – no I saw the chairman He said that there would be the meeting of the kolkhoz on Monday He said we should come together Can you hear me? He said – together I’ll go on my own Why did you put this blouse on?

This is mum’s blouse Mine got very worn, so I took this one out and put it on Don’t you dare take her things Father… I’m not a father to you What kind of father am I to you? I used to be your father until you drove my wife to the grave Varya! Wait! I wanted to come to your father… Leave me alone Varya! Wait! Varya, marry me! No Varya, I… No, Sanechka. I can’t get married now Why not? Varya, why not? Varya?

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