(YIREN) (MIA) (Aisha) (E:U) (ONDA) (SIHYEON) (EVERGLOW LAND) (This show contains indirect and virtual ads) (Previously) (Congrats! EVERGLOW the first reality show) She has become a banana (They spent a good time in ‘Energy Park’) (EVERGLOW can do anything) (They accomplished all missions) (They thought) (they got out of the park safely, but…) (Not really) I thought it was done (A mysterious, adventurous world, ‘EVERGLOW LAND’ is going on) (EVERGLOW LAND) (The second adventure, ‘Variety Village’) (A scary summer night) (Welcome to the world of horrors) (that will chill up your spine) (You want to win?) (Then come to Variety Village) We’re here to make a video Look outside, there’s nothing I’m scared So am I Are we in a country village? What kind of video are we going to film? It’s a very late night What time is it? – It’s almost 12 – Pardon? – I’m scared – I don’t know what’s going on (Hint- school uniforms) I don’t know where we are (A sad gut feeling is always right) I heard the blue light is the scariest in the world (Where are EVERGLOW going?) Who’s the most fearless? Nobody You? (A quiet school that doesn’t look welcoming) Look at the red light (Where the heck are we now?) I hate this Come closer (They’re going to the entrance) What’s wrong with that light? Why is it red? (They talk loud to banish fear) (E:U starts running all of a sudden) What’s wrong? Why are you running? If something comes up, I’ll hit it Move slowly (They’re walking slowly) This is crazy Why is the light so red? (Familiar people) (Relieved) They are people we know I’m so relieved (They’re relieved to find the staff) (Make some noise out of joy!) This is the last place that I expected to be at midnight The staff lied to us No (Gullible) The manager kept saying that we were going to film a video We said good bye to all the crews after filming the Energy Park Right Saying ‘See you next week!’ Seriously, they did (Still can’t believe the reality) I’m just scared of this place Being here makes me scared This dark place without light is scary, too Are we in the field of horror? Is our mission related to horror? No, I can’t (Closes her eyes) She’s scared No, it isn’t No (Apparently, it is) Don’t even say ‘h’ of horror I don’t think this mission will be easy (Chuckles) (Or horrifying jump-rope?) What if ghosts come out? (But for the the last mission was even scarier) This is seriously the last place that I expected to be (At that moment) (They found something) (What’s that?) Is anybody there? Why are you looking at there? (Hesitating) What’s that? What is it? (Carefully) What’s that? Are you okay? Did you find something? (Oh, no, please) (The familiar invitation box) Oh, this box Good to see you again, box It’s been a few hours It’s been a few hours – Shall we? – Yes Let’s check inside It’s like a Pandora’s Box Be careful (Open) Can I read? I have a hoarse throat since I shouted too much before (Like this) (She shouted and shouted)

I’ll read this for you ‘Welcome to the ‘ ‘which is EVERGLOW LAND’s second adventure There’s one more Listen carefully I’m scared (Onda’s heart is pounding like crazy) ‘Welcome to ‘ ‘Many special classes are waiting for you’ ‘You can go home only when you solve all quizzes’ ‘Hope you all can go home safely’ ‘Good luck’ ‘Good luck’ ‘Good luck’ (Come on) I hate it ‘Good luck’ I hate it, seriously ‘Variety Village’? (5 adventure worlds named after EVERGLOW) (E: Energy Park, V: Variety Village) (A spooky village where they’ll take very special classes) (The school bell is ringing in the quiet school) It’s like a school ghost story I’m scared ‘The first class, listening test’ ‘Play ‘The shout in the silence’ game’ ‘Show us your amazing telepathy skills’ ‘The shout of the silence’ I’m not good at it How can me team up? (Hello?) (They’re practicing) We were practicing Because we were worried There are always someone go ahead (This is kind of kid is always in the class) (Like this) (Unnecessarily focused) I was worried (Teams are made by rock, scissors, paper) (Two people next to each other become one team) (This is a good sign) (Aisha and Mia) (Onda and E:U) (Sihyeon and Yiren) (The first class, listening test) (Aisha and Mia are excited) What are you doing? Hold on Please turn up the volume (Ringdingdong) Oh, wait (I’m getting excited) (An addictive melody) They can’t hear anything Say something Say something to me You want me to say something? Do you hear me? I don’t I think she can hear What? – Say something – I can’t hear you (A warm up game, start) (Given word: ) I can’t see anything (E:U did her best, but) Sorry, girls (her word cards were wrong and it created ‘Akverhwarawoo’) Hi, we are ‘Akverhwarawoo’ ‘Akverhwarawoo’ Low? ‘Akverhwarawoo’ EVERGLOW (Is this the right answer?) The new name we got today ‘Akverhwarawoo’ What? (E:U can’t stop laughing) This is so funny Seriously, this is funny This is a warm up game, right? – What was it? – ‘Akverhwarawoo’ (Well…this won’t be easy) Let’s do our best Go! Are you ready? Yes Go (Given word: ) (Unnecessarily loud) Open your mouth wide (They’re strangely calm) (What’s wrong with her?) Just open your mouth wide, not scream (Frustrated) (It’s frustrating but funny) She’s teaching her Say a word by word ‘Tu’ ‘Ta’? ‘Tu’ ‘To’? ‘Na’ ‘Na'(Like when you smile) ‘Li’? (0% accuracy rate) (Pass) () ‘Ra’ ‘Ra’ ‘Rae’? ‘Ra’ ‘Ch’ ‘Re’? (Aisha avoid the answer) (It’s so funny to see) (They can’t communicate) ‘Ra’ (It’s good to watch) Don’t be angry Mia is crying (Oh, please) I think I was right So what? ‘Narebardove’ (E:U is nearly dying) (EVERGLOW is a group that invents new words) No No (Whatever) (Let’s have fun) Yay! (Mia and Aisha team, 0 point)

(EVERGLOW LAND) (Next team, Onda and E:U) Do you hear me? No Onda is a fool Onda is a fool Do you hear me? You don’t They’re ready Ready, go () ‘Live casually’ (Enthusiastic) (Onda looks so competitive) (Her body language says ‘casually’) ‘Live casually’ (E:U got it surprisingly) () ‘Seasonal’ ‘Seasonal’ ‘Seasonal rain front’ (Pissed) ‘Seasonal rain front’ ‘Seasonal rain front’ (Wow, correct) (Wow) (E:U, you’re the best) (Great) () (What?) ‘Killing part’ ‘Something urgent’? ‘Killing’ ‘Part’ ‘Garlic’? ‘Kill’ ‘Kill the garlic’? ‘Killing’ (What a translation) (Let’s ‘live casually’ like E:U) I was right ‘Killing'(Yes, you) ‘Part’ ‘Garlic'(gave up) (Other members are dying) (Breathing heavily) ‘Killing’ ‘Kill’ It’s close, ‘Killing’ It’s an English word ‘Killing’ (Hahaha) (Excited) ‘Part’ – ‘Batman’ – ‘Part’ (Oh…I must have looked like that) ‘Band’ (Look at my mouth carefully) ‘Beatles’ ‘Killing’ Hahaha (E:U’s brain can’t take it anymore) – What’s the verse? – ‘Anchovy’? A part of our song I don’t like anchovies ‘Part’ ‘Part’ (Whatever) What was it? (Onda and E:U got 2) Well done You said ‘killing garlic’ (Today’s killing part- ‘Kill garlic’) Why do you kill the garlic? (EVERGLOW LAND) (Sihyeon and Yiren) ‘Horror’ ‘Dap’? ‘Horror special’ ‘Lit’? (I’m scared of being here) (and even the word is ‘horror special’?) This is too difficult, pass! (Next one is ‘Whispering Corridors’) (Something is coming) (from the quiet place) (Sihyeon and Yiren is doing the game not knowing anything) (Suddenly,) (Oh) (Yiren is scared) (Shrieks) (Haha) What’s going on? (Oh, I’m so startled) (What’s going on?) What was it? (I’m scared) (They’re scared) Why was I sitting here? Do we have to keep going? What was it? Keep going Haha Just keep going We should finish the game (She finds this situation so funny) (The time went by while they were flustered) (They’re doing their best) ‘Elementary, middle, high’ (Sihyeon wants to describe the word) (I can’t hear you) ‘Elementary, middle, high’ Girls’ high school (Girls, time’s up) (They don’t care) ‘Whispering Corridors’ ‘Carriers’? You know what, time’s up Pass (Pardon?) It’s done (No way) (Frustrated) Anyway your answer was wrong (Seriously?) ‘Whispering Carriers’ (Sihyeon and Yiren, 0) It was so funny What’s wrong? (But this peaceful moment didn’t last long) Don’t come closer (The school bell rings again ominously) Suddenly? Is it coming here? – Hope it’s not coming – What’s this? ‘Now it’s music class’ ‘Listen to the song carefully’ ‘and sing along your part’ – What’s wrong? It’s scary – What’s this? (Music class: Horror Noraebang) (Sing correctly) (till the end of the song, if there’s a mistake, they’ll fail) (Will they be able to finish this class?) We’re in a mission hell Look at that, it looks like a hand of a skeleton (Look at me) (Song, start) (Animal Prints Fashion show)

Player 1- Prints, prints, prints 2- Prints, prints, prints 3- Long and lean zebra print 4- Dizzy print, zebra print 5- White hair grows on the black body 6- Charming looking, zebra print 5- Black dots on the golden hair What? 4- Dots, dots, cheetah dots 3- Black lines on the face 2- Charming looking, cheetah dots Together- Pretty, pretty animal prints Animal prints? Animal prints Animal prints? Animal prints Animal prints? I didn’t get the lyrics We change the seats? Change the seats first? I don’t know which part I should sing It’s not possible I have no clue (They have to draw the seat first) White hair grows from the black body (The result is) You and I have to switch the seats No.4 You’re sitting my place? Darn, it was difficult (Cute) I didn’t even hear hat part I don’t know anything about this part Nobody knows Let’s go Ready, go (Doom, doom) When are we going to start? (The first player, Mia) Animal prints (Vocal, beat, and lyrics, all wrong) (Failed) What was that? The voice was good at least It was suitable for children’s song The song is difficult to sing (Now they can discuss) I think the lyrics were ‘long and lean zebra print’ (The 6th is the most difficult part) Charming looking I don’t know the next lyrics Charming looking I don’t know the next Let’s try (Let’s check what we know first) Cue Animal prints (Mia- main vocal, main dancer, songwriter) (They have a problem even from the beginning) (They have no clue) This is the problem I just hear ‘prints’ That’s it I’d like to sing No The beginning went like this It was not fast in the beginning The beginning was No, not that I’m asking myself, ‘Am I a tone deaf?’ – This is too difficult – Yes, it is I haven’t heard this song Is there a hint or something? (Please) (Do you need a hint?) What was it? I’m scared (Yiren has a weapon, which is a sheet of paper) We’ll give you a hint It’s hidden in the music room In the music room? Choose 2 members who will get the hint This is scary (Oh, gosh) Hold on I can’t This is not right Who’s going? (Who is going to get the hint?) (Walking around a shut down school at midnight) (If you want to get the hint,) (walk along the floor and go to the music room) What’s the fairest way? Rock, scissors, paper (The first member who is going to the music room is) Oh Ah (E:U showed paper alone) (She is in a awkward situation) (Stressed) One person is decided (The 2nd round) This is amazing Rock, scissors, paper (Aisha, Sihyeon, Onda escaped) (Yiren and E:U) We’ll see you later Let’s try – Have fun in the music room – Go! I forgot my part Never look back (Ready) (She’s practicing to attack) It’ll be funny if she does like that She’s not afraid at all We’ll see you later Go! Come back alive I’ll do my best to remember the lyrics Be careful I’m scared (Hint expedition, go) See you later Go (The youngest and the oldest’s perspective) (Spooky BGM) Hold my hand Okay We need to find the music room This is scary (A well drown picture from a child) No This way? (Where is the music room?) Let’s hurry I’m scared (But they’re walking bravely) Look at this (Shrieks) (It’s just a childlike picture) (Yiren gets scared easily)

(E:U is having fun) Where is it? I can’t see the music room (They’re studying the song) The first part is the problem – How can we start? – What was it? Prints – What was it? – The note was difficult to catch It was not an easy melody It’s difficult The singer is amazing Did the singer study harmonics? That’s what I meant I have no confidence to go (Meanwhile, on the floor) Oh, there it is This is really scary This is the music room – Let’s get in – Okay (They’re always polite) Hello? Hello Hello What’s this? What’s this? (The mysterious Janggu lies on the floor) This is strange Why is it here? (The mission in the music room) (You should play the Gutgury rhythm perfectly with the Janggu) (Only one person can challenge) Let’s study (Studying) (1 minute Gutgury master video) This doesn’t look difficult – Do you get it? – Yes – Are you sure? – Yes – Are you sure? – Yes Hold on Don’t play that part (Warming up) Let’s try (Playing) (E:U finds this funny) Wrong Was it wrong? Wrong? You shouldn’t play it at the same time (Yiren loves that rhythm) You should play only the left part – This must be right – Challenge Wrong (What?) Let’s watch it again – Was it wrong? – Yes (Playing) Oh! I got it (Playing) (The 3rd challenge) (What’s the result?) (Correct) (Yay!) (Replay chance- but they have to memorize it) Listen carefully (Animal prints is playing in the scary music room…) (They’re still confused) Some parts are slow, some parts are not The slow part is the beginning Yes And then slow and fast I guess so Did you hear the sound? Like what? Is someone out there? Probably the night guard? No, they might be our members I think they’re coming – Please – They’re here We got it Was everything all right? So what was the first part? But I forgot (I don’t know, either) We Listened really carefully and memorized, but (After the song played…) It’s still difficult I don’t remember at all Let’s go back first What should we do? It makes me scared that I don’t remember anything (They’re trying to recall) It was high (Mia and Aisha) Parts were the same This is right One more time Yes, this is right (Practicing hard before forgetting) Prints Challenge! Challenge! (The 3rd challenge) 1- Animal prints 2- Animal prints What was mine? Long and (Wrong) No (Sorry) I’ve got a hoarse throat What should I do? ‘Long’ was right Right? (Onda caught on quick) It was ‘long and triangle’ (Let’s try again) (Her skill needs to be developed) ‘Triangle’ might be wrong Who wants to go to the music room with me? – Who wants? – Me I’d like to – It’ll be fun – Let’s go Just remember your part Don’t forget (Engrossed) (Practice makes perfect) I’ll figure out E:U and Yiren’s part See you Bye Go Go for it I’m scared Sihyeon is genius Sihyeon, you can do it (1, 2 part players are happy) (Hint expedition, 2) I’m scared of that reflected red light – It looks scary – I’m scared Where is the music room? (A pleasant walk) Why are they singing? (Say ‘prints’) – Are we going to the music room? – Yes

Where is it? Is it over there? Yes, it is – I’m scared – Don’t be – Hello – I’m scared Is anybody there? No, just open it (Sihyeon is scared) This is scary (The second mission is) Hold on ‘Play the video’ (Carefully) (Play the song ‘Grim Reaper’s Pants’ perfectly) (Clap if you want to the note) (Clapping) Oh (Haha) (Shocked) (Haha) Are you an envoy of the darkness? Oh – The envoy of the darkness – We got it (The last move) Stop it Just stay calm (You wait and see, EVERGLOW) (The rest of the members are discussing E:U’s part) Zebra print? Zebra print What was it? (They’re playing the melodeon) (Already finished practicing?) You can do it, right? (Grim Reaper’s pants are strong) (It went well, but) (Wrong) (It’s more difficult than she thought) Oh (Wrong) (The most difficult part) What was the tone? ‘With leather’ No (It’s made of tiger leather) – Is this right? – Yes (Sihyeon’s challenge) (Success or fail) Success? (Correct) Thanks! (Memory test again) ‘Long and lean’ ‘zebra print’ (Listening/memorizing) Okay Hurry, we should go before we forget Calm down I won’t forget (Let’s survive till the end) They’re here ‘Long’ I’m in a rush Come on, baby ‘Long and lean zebra print’ And what was it? ‘Dizzy print, zebra print’ ‘Scattered black dots’ ‘Scattered black dots’? (Something’s wrong) (Now 1, 2 parts are too easy) The second part was ‘Black lines on the face’ That’s yours Let’s try EVERGLOW, challenge 3- Long and lean, zebra print 4- Dizzy image, zebra prin (Wrong) (4- Dizzy image, zebra print) (‘Image’ is wrong) Then, ‘black and white’? ‘Dizzy print’? I think ‘dizzy print’ is right (They failed thanks to E:U) Sorry Please EVERGLOW, challenge (The beginning is easy) (Passing Mia and Aisha’s part) (And voice-stolen E:U’s part) (4- Dizzy print, zebra print) 5- White hair grows on the black body 6- Charming looking, zebra print (Confused) Scattered black dots What? I think ‘scattered’ was wrong But you taught me – I couldn’t hear it – ‘Scattered?’ Is it ‘black and white’? ‘Black and white’? (Wrong) Try with ‘colorful’ ‘Colorful’ (Wrong) I think I’ll get it if they play it once more We’ll give you a hint Go and find the girl statue on the play ground What? ‘Do I still look like’ ‘the girl statue?’ No, it sounds like a man’s voice (Mia is not scared) (Who is going to meet the girl statue?) It sounds like a man’s voice Then you go I will Aisha You can beat a ghost, right? No, I’m scared (Proud) Go! The problem is I might fail to memorize Just come back reciting it Memorize that ‘prints’ part Okay (Hint expedition 3) (The main role- Aisha) (Hesitating) It’s scary to go alone (Walking bravely) (She just said it’s scary) (There’s no ‘retreat’ in my dictionary) Is this right? Oh, it startled me (Welcome) What’s that? (The girl statue reading a book) Oh

Wow Awesome (‘Stealing the lyrics’) This is difficult I found it, but it’s too difficult ‘Black dots on the golden hair’ ‘Black lines on the face’ Okay (She has to memorize on the spot) (Give my book back) Aisha, please (The 5 members are waiting for her) (She’s here without the paper) – She’s here – I’m here (Clapping) – Did you see it? – Yes First, Yiren’s part is ‘Golden hair’ It was difficult And your part is ‘dots, dots, cheetah dots’ ‘Dots, dots, cheetah dots’? Yes And then yours were Don’t worry, she knows EVERGLOW, challenge! ‘Black dots on the golden hair’ ‘Dots, dots, cheetah dots’ My face is black (E:U said ‘Don’t worry, I know’) (But it was wrong) You said I was right (You said it was right) (Pissed) She’s scary (Worried) She’s scary (She doesn’t know her lyrics, either) She knows I think it was right ‘My face is black’ This is difficult Come with me Is that the only part that we don’t know? And the last part, ‘pretty, pretty’ Go See ya See ya (Hope this is the last time) Wait for me I’m scared Don’t worry ‘My face is’ See? It’s important to do self-promotion even among animals I’m startled (She tripped on the threshold) Sorry I tripped Sorry What’s that? A recorder Are you good at playing this? Yes – Are you goddess of music or what? – Wait Today is the night guard’s birthday Play ‘Happy birthday song’ perfectly (Clapping without passion) (It’s time for the doll to come out) (Flashed) (Somebody is watching them) (Holding the recorder) (Protecting the camera) Happy birthday Happy birthday (Happy birthday to the night guard) Haha (A sudden birthday party) We’re playing the song for you (Mia and Sihyeon are busy) (They’re more brave than he expected) (Happy birthday to you) (Happy birthday dear night guard) (Happy birthday to you) (The party came to a successful close) (Correct) It was perfect (EVERGLOW can do everything) This song is too difficult What’s the lyrics? (They memorize over and over again) Run Why are you running? You’re scaring me (Loud) What if the floor falls down? (The expedition members came back) – Hi – It’s perfect Please ‘Black lines on the face’ is right Oh, okay What about the last part? ‘Pretty, pretty, animal prints’ That’s the right lyrics ‘Animal prints’ EVERGLOW, challenge 1- Prints, prints 2- Prints, prints (Forgot again) 3- Long and lean zebra print 3- Dizzy print, zebra print 5- White hair grows on the black body 6- Charming looking, zebra print (Nervous) (Golden hair, correct) (Sihyeon’s part) (Correct) (We trust you) (Let’s finish it this time) (What will happen to the next part?) (Stay tuned) (EVERGLOW LAND) (The second verse) (Golden hair, correct) (Sihyeon’s part) (Correct) (What will happen to the next part?) (Let’s finish it this time) (Intensive course) 9- Black lines on the face 10- Charming looking, cheetah dots Pretty, pretty animal prints (Finally they did it?) (Correct) (Shout out loud!) Finally

(They’re happy) Wow It took ages (I’m stressed out) Awesome The second class was so long It was difficult I was scared, but I ended up just dashing to get the hint A place like this highly likely has ghosts But haven’t you seen any ghosts in our place? Mia once told me a story: There was an old studio Me and my friend turned off the light after the practicing Suddenly, we looked back at the same time as if we had planned – All of a sudden? – Yes A white thing was approaching us We both saw it (Like this) Then we looked at each other’s eyes (Then?) (What happened) (next?) (After seeing the white thing) (their eyes are met) Then she got scared (Oh, no) (They’re holding each other’s hands) (Mia is startled) Don’t do that (At that moment) (Shriek) (Messy) (Somebody is here in the classroom) Oh, come on (Aisha is taking the night guard) Sir? Who are you? Sir (Today’s your birthday, isn’t it?) (The party is not done yet) (Let’s enjoy the party) (The night guard was startled and run away) (It was fun) (He’s running away) (EVERGLOW can be daunted? ) (No, no, hoiya) I’m going to beat the ghost hard I’m going to beat the ghost hard Like this He might have been flustered (The master of reenacting) I was scared when the light was off, but it was funny when he came in (So, what happened to Mia and her friend?) He ruined the atmosphere (Stay tuned…) (The 3rd class is) (another horror class?) Why again! I’m scared ‘The 3rd class is art’ Art ‘Focus on the picture on the screen’ Screen? ‘You have 30 seconds’ ‘Open your eyes’ ‘and look carefully’ (The 3rd class, art) (Spot the difference in the art room) (30 seconds, go) – You 3, check the half – Here I’ll check this part I’ll check the bottom on the left I’ll check the frame (Serious) This is difficult (EVERGLOW’s lucky day) (Let’s do our best) (Already forgot) I memorized the frame part on the right side On the right side? (Sihyeon, no way) Your team was supposed to check on the left side – Right – That’s we discussed Half and half I check here (It was their strategy, but) You were supposed to check the left side – You said you’d check in the middle – That’s what I’m saying (Sihyeon is blamed) Sorry – We can do it – You wanna die? (How could you?) (They’re so funny) We should go before we forget ‘Now, pair up’ Again? ‘and go to the art room’ ‘Spot the differences from now on’ Let’s go (The first team, go) I know (What will happen?) We shouldn’t forget the picture Be careful I can’t get used to this place Yes, it’s scary The art room Why are you so fast? (I was waiting for you) (They got in the room carefully) I can smell of something sweet You’re right (Walking around) (Spot 10 differences in 3 minutes) (They have to find 10 spots if they want to escape) (The bulb is on as they guess the right answers) (Are you ready?) What’s this? I’m startled (Careful) (Were you surprised by my laughter?) We’re running out of time (E:U and Mia are being impatient) (They’re doing their best) (I’ll just do something) (I think this is wrong, too) Something was written here ‘Do you want to win?…’ (Mia is putting into it) (The frames look suspicious) The frames These are something that we can’t change

(Mia is tying the mannequin’s hair) I can’t tie her hair Where is the other hair band? (Looking for something) – A hair band? – Yes, I need one more Give it to me Give it to me Here it is Oh, there were the balloons – Purple and – Yes – What else? – Yellow? (They’re blowing up yellow and purple balloons) (Time’s up) Let’s go back (Cool) Oh How many did we Hey (E:U fell) (Mia is worried but she finds it funny) I tripped How many spots did we get right? (Are you really all right?) Are we doing well? I think this will be difficult It won’t be simple as it seems It’ll be subtly different (How many spots did they get right?) Why nothing is happening? No way, they got nothing right? No way (One) (Wow, one is on) (Happy) (Staring) Hopefully it’s not done yet (How many will be on?) – That’s it? – Is that it? – They got 2 right – 2? Well It’s difficult (Comforting themselves) (E:U and Mia are back) (We got 2 right) (They can’t discuss until the game ends) (Team 1, Mia and E:U got 2 right) (Team 2, Onda and Aisha) I could hear something (Scared) (Mia looks serious) (Thinking) What can I do? (I tied the hair, right?) (And I moved the statue) (I organized the colors of the mini statue) (and wrote something on the mirror) (Mia can’t get it) (I think I got 4 right…) (What was wrong?) The balloons looked the same? Purple and yellow balloons were on the floor (We were right) You got it wrong? You got it right? (We were blowing up) (But then time was up) Oh, you were running out of time – We can change, right – Right (Look at me carefully) I can switch them, right? No, we should blow up the balloons (Great, that’s correct) (Now the balloons are being blown up) (A yellow one) (and a purple one) (Now it’s done) I can’t see the difference – This is really difficult – Yes, it is The hair wig over there, was it in the picture? I couldn’t see this frame Then remove it I have no idea I didn’t see this wig I think I should get ride of this This, too I didn’t see the wig This is wrong (Time’s up) (Other members) (are waiting desperately) (One is on) (Nice) (Next is…?) Wait, is that it? (Is that it?) (Pissed) (Serious) Let’s check the differences as many as possible (Now Sihyeon and Yiren have to find 7 differences in 3 minutes) Oh? The balloons are done They are purple and yellow They’re done (Thinking) Right? (Tell us what you did) (The frame) (I removed it) (What did you do?) (The frame) (I got rid of it) (The hair wig) (Mia tied the hair/ I removed it) (I removed it) (You removed it? Yes) (Why?) (Was it on the picture?) (Oh, no…) (E:U is pissed) (But it was not on the picture) (Whatever, let’s take a picture) (Pose, 1, 2, 3) (One more) (Am I cute?) (perfect) The ladder shouldn’t be here (I’m here) Oh, I’m startled (Don’t forget about me) The ladder shouldn’t be here Where should it be? That purple (This must be the answer) (The pumpkin toy wants to get their attention) (Help me) Hey, be quiet This has been…where? Like this? (Time’s up)

(We’re here) (Good job) (Sihyeon and Yiren, how many did they get right?) (Please) (Nervous) (We’re watching you) (Nothing happened) (You want to to die?) (These bastards) Hey What did you do? We moved the ladder and put the balloons in the middle of the floor Purple and yellow The ladder was in the middle, wasn’t it? On the right Oh, was it? I moved it We blew up the balloons A purple and a yellow Then we removed the frame in the middle I just removed the hair wig You took the wig off? I removed it (What they got right were:) (The order of the mini statue) EVERGLOW, you want to win? (The message on the mirror) A purple and a yellow balloons (The balloons) (They have to find 7 differences) (Try finding the difference) Is there anything EVERGLOW can’t do? No, no, hoiya Let’s get the all bulbs on We can do it I’ll move the ladder first Someone has to braid the hair I’ll do it (The location of the big statue, correct) Gray, here No, it should be black This is right I think it’s right (Braiding the hair is going well) (Motivated) No, no I clearly remember (The jewel box and the mini statue, correct) (They’re walking around checking the differences) (The location of the painting, correct) (There’s one more difference) – Here it is – Yes, right These two should be layered like this Now it’s done (The pose of the dolls, correct) – Is it? – Yes (Checking) We got it! (Wow) (They got everything right) Finally – We got it – Finally I’m so happy (The bell is ringing to congratulate their success) No way ‘All classes are finished’ (Clapping and cheering) Now, you may go home We’re going home Attention (Suddenly serious) Attention Bow (Expressing their delight) (Well done) (Good job) Thank you Bye Bye (Let’s go home) Yay (The 3rd episode will be on August 27th, 7 pm) (Emergency) (The first time revealed, EVERGLOW’s place) Make your wishes come true through the glow ball Today will be so much fun (Safety first) – Are we going to take KTX? – No The glow ball How can we find it? I think it’s over there (Wait for us) (Who’s going to Gwangju by train?) Let’s go to Gwangju (Girls, you should find the glow ball) (We’ll find it later) (Let’s find the glow ball now) It’ll be fun No, not this Not this (Climbing hard) Hey, Mia Don’t call me (Impossible missions to get the glow ball) Is there anything we can’t do? No, no, hoiya! (We’ll see you August 27th, at 7 pm) (EVERGLOW LAND)

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