Words on the screen: Be careful! This video contains foul language. Sorry, bros. That’s how the real life sounds sometimes Voice-over: What’s up with you, bro? Nastya: It’s expired kebab, bro. Too long ago expired Voice-over: Are you all right, bro? We thought you’ve been fired off by Buzova (famous Russian TV-host and singer) Nastya: Joking aside, bros, I promise, I’ll never forget the second AGENTSHOW season Voice-over: Are you all right? Our fucking awesome lift says a lot! Voice-over: Who are you, a man from the past? Nastya: I swear, we’ll make everything awesomer I swear with my Benz truck and Lekha’s (*husband’s) beemer. Thanks God, we’ve put down our credit somehow or other Nastya (repeats): I swear with my Benz truck and Lekha’s (*husband’s) beemer Nastya: I swear not to take offence at other bloggers and TV-channels for their stealing… borrowing our schticks Nastya (repeats): I swear Nastya: I swear we’ll deliver more formats that can still be snatched. I swear Voice-over: I swear Nastya: Yeah, right! You know how much they cost? Well, I don’t know as well. My husband presented them to me Fuck, what if he bought them on credit to? Lesha! Nastya: Welcome to AGENTSHOW LAND universe! And our guest star today is Tima Belorusskikh Voice-over: Tima Belorusskikh, 21 years old, a singer His musical carrier skyrocketed faster than bitcoin: the track “Mokrye kossy (Wet sneakers)” made Tima one of the most successful freshmen in the modern scene Without slowing the pace, Belorusskikh gave “Vitaminka (Vitamin)” to millions of fans and gifted a Forget-me-not (Nezabudka)” In 2019, his tracks gained more than a billion playbacks. That’s incredible! Nastya: Tima, Timulechka, Timusik, Timumunichichechka Nastya: I’d like to know from you a little bit more, just as my sweet viewers and yours sweet as well, because our mechanics is not come on as dirt. We don’t do standard interview. You’ve got 5 sections, 15 questions You need to answer 10 of them honestly and transparently at most If you don’t answer, I’ll taser you or sink these nails into your fingernails Tima: Perfect. Everything we love Nastya: Truth shooting room. Let’s go Words on the screen: Truth shooting room Nastya: Small dressing room. Different from rider. You are inside Tima And I am a flabby forget-me-not. And your producers are Tima’s dough. Here it goes! Tima: Go ahead, all at once Nastya: Upsy-daisy, different from rider. By the way, it was near, did you see? Ooga… Tima: natch, I feel it; we always sail close to the wind Nastya: So, which of your songs are you tired of most? Tima: No shit, tired of? Nastya: Yeah, why, there should be one, definitely Tima: To be honest, by far, there aren’t any Nastya: Any? Tima: I don’t know. It does happen, it may be tiresome when you are have a performance, you may feel tired, but as for songs… Nastya: You know, one and the same song Tima: well…a hit song…yeah… Nastya: like “Wet sneakers”, and you sing it at the concert and it really pisses you off, and you cannot sing any more Tima: Actually, every time it’s somehow exceptional Nastya: Really? Tima: Every concert is anyhow different, some special, little girl is somewhere out there Nastya: A special, little girl… Tima: Or there is something else. All in all, everything is special in its own way, so you don’t think about it, it cannot make you tired, it’s like… Nastya: To put in a nutshell, you like all your songs and you are not tired of them, right? Tima: Yes, I compose just what I like especially also, so…it’s euphoria Nastya: Well, it’s wonderful! Now, Timusya, go go go Tima: Here we go Nastya: Go on. Different from rider Tima: It’s getting straight into rider again Nastya: Move on, it’s all right, there are interesting issues there What is the most freaking awesome song, which pimped you? Sing it Nastya: There’s definitely something like that, you know, some kind of baloney in your heart. I have one Tima: I’m not sure about freaking awesome one. Recently, I’ve been totally disseminated, I don’t remember, now that’s a boy wants to Tambov, chiki- chiki- chiki-ta Nastya: This is Murat Nasyrov (famous Russian singer), hello! Tima: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t you think it’s freaking awesome?

Nastya: No, well, it’s not. And what is freaking awesome? Tima: Well, such… well, I don’t know, here’s…You mean something what is on everyone’s lips at the moment? Nastya: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Lyubimka(Lovie)” Tima: I like “Lyubimka”. But I don’t know, it’s also not a freaking awesome song, just a nice one But what is a freaking awesome song? Let’s decide first Nastya: Well, it’s like, let’s pop Tima: emmm… Nastya: Just give me a wink and we will catch on. Yes! Thanks, I’m satisfied, come on. That’s it, I’ve got… Tima: Now, let’s get away from this dressing room Nastya: Inside Tima No matter, no matter, move one. If you miss, I select a question you’ll need to answer These are the new rules I’ve thought up right now It doesn’t work out also, go on Tima: That’s it, jump upon it. There you go, I didn’t want to Nastya: Well, these things happen. Go ahead, you miss and I chose for you Tima: Look, where is my target Nastya: Although, it’s not even a hung-over, a very strange situation. Oh, Tima’s dough Tima: Come on, come on Nastya: Let’s see what we’ve got How much money do you need per month to feel yourself on top? Tima: Well, actually I’m not a sort of money-spender. I would not say I’m money-guzzling Nastya: But you know, your life level has changed compared to how you lived, say, two years ago Tima: Well, I get the feeling I invest in others more than in myself Nastya: For example, in whom? Tima: I’ve been making repairs for my mom form months already That is, in fact, I’ve got something to eat, I mean as I keep indoors, I’ve got something to eat at home. Everything is… … I go somewhere somehow, I don’t need anything special. I can order some clothing, I don’t know, let it be… Nastya: Clothing, is it Gucci or something? Tima: No, nothing of the kind Nastya: Ah, it was just a feeling, these are simple baggy trousers Tima: These are just sponge trousers Nastya: catchword Tima: Well, I don’t know, let it be 1.5 thousand dollars Nastya: 1.5 thousand dollars per month. It’s not out of whack, not too good also, you know I thought, you would say a kind of a figure of 10 K or something like that Tima: Oh, there is nowhere to spend even ten Nastya: You’ve even got no chains. I wanted to say, as real rappers do, but then I remembered that you’re not a rapper Tima: Babe, not a rapper yet Nastya: Not yet Tima: Yeah, it’s too early Nastya: Upsy-daysy, Small dressing room Tima: Here we go Nastya: Well, well, well. Do you believe that musical top-chart composition is fair at present? Tima: No, no Nastya: Don’t you? Tima: Yeah, I even know how things are going on there, with nobs on Nastya: Tell me Tima: Huh? Nastya: Yes, of course Tima: I don’t know, it’s unchecked information and no one told me about that Nastya: But? Tima: But, according to absolutely reliable information, all these tops, that means cool, super, listen, you may even a bit… give some money and, well, that’s how it works. So, guys, don’t pay your attention to the tops at all… well, you may, of course, just to have a listen, for acquaintance, of course, but as for considering it as a kind of music indicator, you are fooling yourselves Nastya: I would be really heart as a musician that various may…on your field … Tima: Yes, so it is. But once again, there is reasonable listener He exists in any case. And I appeal to you, my wonderful listener, please, don’t pay your attention to pigs and whistles Listen to music with your ears. Everything is shitty, guys, everything is too… Nastya: Yeah, let’s move on! You rock, man! Tima: Hardcore show, did you see? Nastya: Oh, inside Tima. Let’s do it. Come on, let’s do it…Oh, what a mood I’ve got today Remember, when was the last time you were aggressive, screamed on someone Tima: Just recently. I’ve a cat at home. And he fell out of the window, in some way It’s the first floor, a kind of there is nothing to worry about, I’ve got fenced territory there, everything’s fine And he came back home, his paw was bleeding and we take him to a doctor There we were told to treat the wound every day, do something else. So, the three of us, three robust guys, decided to do those things We held that poor tomcat. I held him with my hands and I loved him so much, my soul cannot even help with this And so my friend started to press on something, and I said like don’t do that so fucking hard, it was so stressed out They even told me at some point if I got really angry Nastya: Move on Tima: We need darts Nastya: No need, I’ll go Oh, hello, my dear friends, I’m gathering darts here for Tima Belorusskikh, yeah. Here we go, I’m coming back Take it, AGENTSHOW LAND, my boy Hey, it’s Inside you Tima: Inside, I really want to take a deeper look, I wonder myself Nastya: It’s interesting to me to know you What attracts girls about you the most, what do you think, and maybe you know it – what attracts girls about you the most? Tima: I think it’s because I am who I am. I mean, it’s okay for me when I’m doing something, I don’t think how to do it the way… I mean…yes, I’m an ordinary boy, started in missionary position, under the blanket Nastya: Cool Tima: That is, I’m to the utmost like that and… we… I don’t know, maybe they are touched by that Nastya: One, two, three, four, five. There are 4 more questions for you. Hup. Hup

Tima: Oh, for heaven’s sake. I wanted just… Nastya: Hup. I will say once again Tima: You should throw without thinking. When you’re not thinking… Nastya: Oh, small dressing room Small dressing room is a very good section, I like it a lot Nastya: Doesn’t our modern Russian show business remind you of a small-town nightclub? Tima: Yes, yes, maybe. It’s about to show something to each other, like look at me, I’m on fleek and you’re not, and I’m even higher Well, I don’t know, coincidentally, I have an affair with all this And sometimes I’m sitting on the sidelines, just like a country boy Nastya: Who would you like to look up to? Maybe, to America? Tima: To the West, of course Nastya: To the West Tima: When people invest millions in their product, you really see that a musician goes through his music, that it’s not a fake at all And when… well, I don’t know, I hear this theme Once I hear a song or once something emerges, I hear when and where things happen, so I wish there would be more of it Nastya: Pure heart Tima: yes, yes Nastya: I agree. Let’s move one. Here we go Tima: Let’s go together, it wouldn’t work Nastya: Let’s go together. By the way, you’re going not bad, not bad Tima: Well, all right, all right Nastya: Here Tima and I gather darts again Tima: This clobber Tima: When you throw unconsciously, chances grow Nastya: I’ve got the feeling you’re not aiming at anything, you just shell massively and that’s all, as if… Tima: I should strike anywhere Nastya: You just, at the very least…Try to aim, Tima, not just to throw darts there, but to aim Nastya: Inside Tima. That’s it, listen. You’ve got all the categories Tima: That’s what I wanted Nastya: A question. I actually tried to dig out a bit. Bad Tima Belorusskikh, what is he like? Reverse of the coin Tima: I don’t know, maybe ungrateful. The one, you know, who says – guys, please, leave me alone I will cover myself with a towel and will be sitting in this corner, and you just… Nastya: Has it always been like that? Maybe it’s just a star sickness? Tima: No, no, well, it’s always been like that if at some point you need solitude Tima: Yes, at present it just happens so that everyone is on his own and moreover, without me Nastya: Well, fuck off, in brief. Move one. Here we go Tima: But I hit it Nastya: Well, not accurately Flabby forget-me-not, finally. So, virtually, you’ve been through all the categories Tima: I’ve been everywhere Nastya: Media publication, which offended you Tima: Really offended? Nastya: yes Tima: I pursued some emotion all the time, when I read something like that, of course no, guys, for this is untrue, why do they write that way, like… as this is… Nastya: Do you understand, that there is a category of people who seat in the Internet so much time and believe these things And this is offensive, that they would think you’re so-and-so, they will write that you are gay And those people will think that you’re gay Tima: Well, I don’t know if something like that would offend me… it just caused some reaction all the time At some point, it just stopped to cause any reactions, as I understood I should go farther come hell or high water Nastya: What could cause a reaction? What did they write specifically? Tima: I don’t even remember, take the footbeach, I went in for it not that much As you know, they used to say like if he “comes from a good…”, “he studied hard at school” I was never good at school, so they just take some information from nowhere Nastya: Well, they did it non-aggressively, it’s more like… Tima: You know, it’s figuratively speaking I mean. I’m as they say…this is unfair Why do people delude themselves? And then I understood, that those who want, they will learn it anyhow, hear, ask in person, I don’t know If they want that so much Nastya: Go ahead Tima: Move one Nastya: Up-a-daisy! Tima: All right, let’s go again Nastya: Go, I will not Tima: Well, look at you Nastya: I went two times already, have you no shame? Nastya: There is one question left Tima: One for me? Well, could be Nastya: Chose the category nice and clean. Here we go, we’ve got everything Tima: I just Nastya: Different from rider, let’s go. Look you’ve smashed two categories totally Tima: Duh! Nastya: You won’t gain anything for that, it’s just cool A question. Forget-me-not, Vitamin, Dandelion… Don’t you consider yourself an abductee of your musical style, my dear? Tima: No, you know, absolutely not. One thing is that people make any entertainer an abductee a bit Nastya: I agree Tima: For example, you’ve made this way and they say “this guy does it just like that” Nastya: But do you understand what it is about? That all songs are so affectionate diminutive, your are so delicate, open dandelion boy, you’ve got a bird. Everything is so… But all in all it’s a certain style, which can make you tired Tima: Yes, I’ve always made various music, prior to Tima Belorusskikh I got projects I was engaged in, I got over 200 songs in total, and I can make a sort of various music if there is a dire need of it Well, for now, I’ve been catching a dope vibe Nastya: Is there any hardcore music in those projects like about drugs, chicks or underground? Tima: Well, I was at underground times, of course… Nastya: Can you remember the lines of that time? Tima: …where it’s a kind of grey air… shit, I can’t recall any at all…

Nastya: Look, here you got complicated life, different one, and… Tima: Well, the underground time, you know, for real, some time ago since 2014 or 2013 to 2016 2016 I got pure “under”, we are “Pazik”, guys, we move further There was such a moment when I, you know, a song “Forget-me-not” appeared and people liked it so much, and it was so cool I began digging into it further and noticed a moment when I’ve changed, I mean since I bring just vibe to people, I’ve become more radiant as a person, as if some bad thoughts left me, or good thoughts exaggerate vice versa As for music, as if I’m a style abductee, it’s not at all Nastya: Something should be done with these top-charts, as it’s no fucking good, Tima, so come on there… Tima: We’ll make a kind of our own platform… and that’s all, somewhat Nastya: What will be its name? Tima: It will have no name, we won’t call anybody there… Nastya: Offended tops Tima: There everybody will be zeros, so, what suckers? Nastya: Chose a toy. You answered to all questions, didn’t go down Tima: I’ll take panda Nastya: That’s it, a top. And I won’t take anything Tima: Because it has got same eyes like mine, black under the eyes Nastya: And I think it’s new Tima: It was one day Nastya: Yes, it’s not new, move on. It really stinks Voice over: Tima will face the Lyrical path. It’s disgustingly interesting and abominably lyrical Belorusskikh will sing us a hit song from his last album But he will have to take efforts to sing it till the end Cockroaches, leeches and cow muck will mix with the cute rhymes Step steadily, Tima, and sing. The main thing is not to stop Nastya: Tima, have you ever faced the Lyrical path? If not, now there will be exactly the one. I’ll lead you by the hand Tima: Yes Nastya: you sing your viral hit song “Oduvanchik (Dandelion)”, but in some lyrical manner Tima: Sure Nastya: My friends will open a new world for you, in which you’ll need to step with both of your feet, don’t be afraid to step Tima: Sure Nastya: In doing that, don’t stop your singing Words on the screen: Lyrical path Tima: Take me to our day of tomorrow Tablet – Purulent fish bowels Give me colorful paints I will sketch the shadow on your face And add only bright masks We will sing about a sunny day for long time Tablet – Zophobas And run barefoot on warm sidewalk Just don’t forget me for ever For I never forget you. For fuck’s sake Tablet – Giant American cockroaches You’re catching me with your hands as a sundog And I’m sliding on your lips You’re sure that… dandelion So that I would not kiss you You’re catching me with your hands as a sundog And I’m sliding on your lips You exhale dandelion fuzz on me So that I would not kiss you. Na-na-na Tablet – Water with ice Tima: It’s just to get cool. Damdaram-ooooo-dam…perfect, we’ve washed that. That’s gross Second couplet: Tablet – Cow muck I should have sung something Tablet – Brains Tima: These are brains, holy crap, that’s cool Na-na-na and we come to refrain. It’s something in the end. Come on, surprise me Tablet – Leeches Nastya: Leeches Tima: And when is falling down, make a wish so I become a human You’re catching me with your hands like a sundog And I’m sliding on your lips You exhale dandelion fuzz on me So that I would not kiss you You’re catching me with your hands as a sundog And I’m sliding on your lips You exhale dandelion fuzz on me So that I would not kiss you, with my feet Voice over: “You exhale dandelion fuzz on me…” Here you should also blow to win The task is simple: to put it in the back of the net using just your breath Today, the legends of the National Team will huff together with Tima and Nastya Tablet – Dandelion soccer Nastya: what’s up, Tima? Welcome to the battle-field I know you were a soccer – that makes one of us, but it will be very interesting to try as we blow, not in a standard manner, and as you see we can’t play against each other Tima: All right Nastya: Alexander Mostovoi and Vladimir Bystrov, the Russian soccer legends will help us! Tima: Yap Nastya: Where are you, guys? Soccer player: We are here, slowly Nastya: Here they are, that’s it, very cool Soccer player: In such a condition Nastya: Did anyone see the ball? Judge: Get started! Soccer player: Cripes! Soccer player: Don’t pit it in your mouth

Soccer player: but how? Soccer player: It’s all right, keep calm! Soccer player: I can handle this. Tima, go ahead Soccer player: Move on, oh, himbo, himbo, move one, Tima, choke it, choke it Soccer player: there he goes! Tima: Goalpost, come on Soccer player: up-a-daisy! Soccer player: ah, Vova Soccer player: Good Soccer player: You the man Tima: All right, my head is already spinning around weirdly Alexander: Holy Guacamole, my head, my neck Alexander: Go ahead, come on, move on. Come on, come on, come on! Tima: Cut that out Soccer player: Kick it with your eyelid Soccer player: There now! Here we go! Nastya: Look, it was almost near Soccer player: if with a finger only Soccer player: Whistle, whistle! Alexander: We can try Tima: Waiting Tima: Calm down, let’s wait Nastya: What does the time show? Vladimir: Be careful, you’ve got a guard behind you Alexander: I will pass it to you from here Vladimir: Be careful, be careful, he’s behind, catch the disc Alexander: Come on, show your teeth Tima: Legends Alexander: That’s all, be careful, we got the time, right? Tima: That will do. Let’s change goals? Nastya: we can change goals, right Alexander: Change goals Judge: Get started! Alexander: Move on, looker Vladimir: Wait, wait Soccer player: Come on. Oh, shit Alexander: Holy guacamole! Alexander: safe Tima: this is safe, yes Alexander: I am dizzy. Look, no biggie between the pipes, you know. The attack, for shit Judge: Get started! Vladimir: I knew you would throw it to him Judge: Get started! Tima: zom-zom-zom Alexander: darn it, holy gamoly, I don’t see where to throw If I got your face in front of me it’s good, but when it’s Nastya’s face… Judge: Get started! Vladimir: Why are you throwing it to them all the time? Are you okay? Alexander: Tima! Tima, take it! Vladimir: Well, pensioners, I shirtfront! Goal! Tima: Such a high one Alexander: yeah, yeah, in two! Alexander: Top corner, in the left one, the left top corner Vladimir: Guys, actually it was me who shot, I toss it up with my hand, ha-ha Judge: Get started! Alexander: did you see that? I’ve got this goal-keeper Nastya: what the fuck, you pissed me off Alexander: Tima, calm down, we sit on a lead, sit on a lead Nastya: give me that ball Alexander: take it! Sitting on a lead, great Tima: Yeah, I’ve done it! Nastya: bravo, 4:1 Voice over: Save and Protect – that is the main goal of the final test We placed a person significant for our guest in a transparent cube The task is to give prompt and correct answers, otherwise the lovie will face horrors, nasty stuff and unexpected moves The mission is to save the lovie Here we go! Words on the screen: Save the lovie Nastya: Tima Tima: Yes Nastya: Are you ready to safe your lovie? Tima: sure, sure Nastya: You haven’t even become confused that I said “lovie”? Tima: Of course, I’m not confused with anything. I’m ready for everything Nastya: Good, that’s great. This is the finale of our show Here we’ll have bright emotions, a spurt that will excite our hearts. Here is a person you know Tima: Aha Nastya: This person is important to you and you’ll have to save her Tima: Are you fucking serious? Well, that’s all, I will not save her. Well, all is clear Nastya: Is it okay? Tima: It’s okay, cool Nastya: Is Sasha your girlfriend? Tima: well, you can say that Nastya: She was Tima: Yes Nastya: I ask a question. There are 4 possible answers. If your answer is incorrect, she’ll get fucked Tima: hem, go ahead, I like the contest from the very beginning Nastya: So, the first question – Which Belarusian football player is the Olympic champion? Alexander Gleb, Sergey Gorlukovich, Alexander Kulchiy or Sergey Gotsmanov? Tima: Alexander Gleb. He’s the only who… These are real, alive maggots. Taras, pour out till it’s empty These are real, alive maggots. Taras, pour out till it’s empty Tima: Taras Nastya: Yes, Taras. Taras and Jacob Tima: She is also saying now: “Taras, oh, what a Taras you are”

Nastya: How many people signed the agreement in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? 4, 5, 6, 7 Tima: let it be 5. But I don’t even know such questions, such Nastya: The answer is wrong, a cascade of crucians onto Sasha, please Maggots and crucians The correct answer is 6. The next question A track of which Byelorussian artist was in the sound-track to GTA? ASP, Lyapis Trubetskoi, Serega, Leprikonci Tima: Leprikonci Nastya: The answer is wrong, Serega is correct one. Now we taser Sasha Tima: Sorry, Sasha, but… Nastya: all right, all right, scared off and be done. Taras, Janis On which track did Jan add Sasha’s laughter? Alpha and Omega, Alenka, In the yard, Let’s repeat? Tima: Alpha and Omega Nastya: The answer is right, nothing happens to Sasha. Move on Which city is the geographical center of Europe? Minsk, Polotsk, Vitebsk, Gomel? Tima: Minsk Nastya: The answer is wrong. It’s Polotsk Tima: Ah, right Nastya: And we throw jelly on Sasha. Bombardment jelly has started The content is not made elsewise The money of which country depict the tractor “Belarus”? Vietnam, Poland, Belarus, China? Tima: To be honest, I doubt, but let it be our native Belorussia Nastya: The answer is wrong. It’s Vietnam Mashed potatoes are poured out onto Sasha right now Tima: It’s far from Vietnam, why Vietnam, well, it’s Vietnam Nastya: Hot mashed potatoes. You can, look, Sasha, fish with mashed potatoes, garnish at once And by the way, maggots are very useful too, they contain many proteins, and proteins are kin for women Which of these actors is of Belarusian origin? Steven Seagal, Silvester Stallone, Savely Kramarov or Mark Dacascos. Mark Dacascos – love Tima: Silvester Stallone, isn’t it? Nastya: the answer is wrong. It’s Steven Seagal Tima: He was my second option Nastya: What do we have? Oh, this is eggs. All is clear, where an albumen, there is an egg, go ahead Tima: You are my omega, and I’m your doink Nastya: Tima, you wanted it, you’ve got it Tima: Yes…actually, there’s nothing to do Nastya: Which of these instant messengers was created in Belarus? WhatsApp, Viber, ICQ, Telegram? Tima: Viber Nastya: The answer is right, nothing happens to Sasha Tima: I just didn’t know Nastya: Record female bison’s life duration is 25 years, 30 years, 20 years, or 40 years Tima: Let it be 30 years Nastya: And the answer is right, nothing happens to Sasha Sasha, go out, hug each other. Tima, give a hug to your girlfriend Tima: Are you fucking serious? I tried really hard. Let’s do it later, I will change my clothing and we’ll hug Nastya: let’s make a toast to our wishes to match with our possibilities Thank you Participant: Well, I’ve got a new haircut, and this is new Agentshow season Nastya: Once you slick back your hair and do like that, you look like an Italian, a football player who is a gay for sure Nastya: I swear, I forgot the words I swear with my Benz truck and your rust bucket. Fuck, what if he… Journalist: How is your mood? Tima: Great, of course Journalist: Did you expect that? Tima: Fuck, of course, I expected everything. I saw Nastya and just rejoiced Journalist: And that’s all? It means, circus? Tima: Sure, she knows Allj (Nastya’s husband, famous Russian rapper), you knew that? Journalist: Whom does she know? Tima: hm Journalist: Oh, I’ve got it Alexander, soccer player: we tried it for the first time and you know we were a bit captivated with such an energy as on the one hand, I said, nothing special, but in general, it’s not so bad, right? Vladimir, soccer player: Actually, he tells the lie, because they had a home match, they were team up, you know Alexander, soccer player: from below, from below Vladimir, soccer player: He thought, he did it. I kicked it with my hand, he said “strike me pink! it worked” We host the next match, in word Alexander: return, yeah Vladimir: and we’ll be quite satisfied with 3:0 Alexander: 3:0, yeah, 4:1 Vladimir: 3:0 and we move on, we are finalists Voice-over: Hello, our little juicy content lovers Nastya: That’s it, I’ve pulled everything I wanted from you and I got this

Tima: I got this, I’ll go to take shit out of my heel Journalist: You’ve never seen such Tima Belorusskikh, haven’t you? What are the impressions? Spectator: Yeah, fucking disaster Journalist: How about to paraphrase Spectator: Fucking nice Spectator: No swearing? Journalist: Wonderful Spectator: In French? Spectator: Have you blown away? Singuple, suck me sideways Nastya: come to me, Mexico and I will beat the shit out of you. Hup, hup, hup, hup Journalist: A horse is running behind you Nastya: Hup, hup, hup, hup, up Buy

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