Great Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Welcome back to arman cruiser, the most wani perih (dare to get hurt) chanel So today we are in mandala waterfall, subang regency, indonesia We are going to try offroad track, that will pass legok sereh forest, kaletes forest, finish in sadim waterfall What a beautiful track Stay tune in this video, dont forget to subscribe, like and give some coment. thank you Keep going.. ! Ok Keep going.. ! This CRV is all wheel drive with mud terain tyre Lets see how its done Turn Left… ! Turn right.. ! Turn right.. ! There you go Turn right.. ! Turn right.. ! Ok ok the side skirt came off, we have to tie it I dont know what i have to do with this Move back a little bit There you go.. now move back Turn slowly Turn slowly Keep going.. ! Stop Look at this Keep going.. ! Keep straight Keep going.. ! Keep straight Keep straight Keep going.. ! Great… There you go Stop Stop, you hit rock This crv had problem with ground cleareance Evacuate him is better instead of push to the limit OK This is me with 4×4 pajero sport Also known as montero sport its not big problem for 32 inc extreme tire Go straigt that way Great There you go Yes Gas ha ha ha Wow … look at that.. ha ha ha a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), daihatsu Terios with the mud terrain tire The driver is crazy There you go Keep going !!

Dont push it, you will run out of clutch Move back a little bit Stop Turn right.. ! Turn right.. ! Do you need evacuation ? Hit it…. !! Great I can do this Just hit it Wow ha ha ha wow… hahaha a jimny with toyota prado axles No more word for this car Great Turn right.. ! Turn right.. ! Here come the extreme one

Pajero.. move back hahaha Getting deep The trail is getting deep More fun ha ha ha You made it ? I need some fever I think the trail is deeper Keep going… just hit it hahaha wowww hahaha Hit the gas… more fun My head was splashed with mud by Leo Guys… look at this.. Leo often does this to me wow….. hahaha keep going Hit it Leo, its has to be cleaned at Ciater hot spring

Ciater hot spring !! Turn right.. ! Keep going.. ! so… now the obstacle is getting harder And we are ready to cross the river A small river with full of rocks Big rocks that will smash your axles Turn left Easy… easy Keep straight There you go Do we have to go up? Yes Wait wait for leo Keep going.. ! Easy… easy Stop.. move back You need momentum Stop then just hit it Hit it Stop Turn Left… ! So… Leo stuck by big rock This is the rock Another rock blocking left tire I think this rock hasn’t blocking This is the real Wani Perih ( Dare to get hurt ) Easy… easy Keep going

Turn right Will you try ? or need evacuation ? OK keep going Mr. Aska keep going Hit it Turn left Hit it Move back a little bit You need more power Brake a little ha ha ha Hit it Hit it He got the low Just hit it Mr Dwi Turn right Easy… easy.. Bro Ok guys,, this is the end of the part 1 Dont forget to subscribe, like, share, and leave comments See you on the part 2 Wassalaamu’alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh Bye

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