♪The past is buried with farewell tears♪ ♪Tang’s belief is regained in the Soul Land♪ ♪Ghostly Trace, from place to place you run♪ ♪Xuan Tian power burns♪ ♪Never look down at the shabby wooden house♪ ♪Create our glorious miracles in the Soul Land♪ ♪When seven creatures combine, hope is what we get♪ ♪Never give up as it’ll be unforgettable♪ ♪For a hundred thousand years I’ll search and grow with you♪ ♪I’ll turn into a sky of bright stars when I think of you♪ ♪Life is full of wars, battles, adventures♪ ♪and I’ll still protect you♪ ♪I’m still the King no matter the Black and Blue are awakened or not♪ ♪The darkness is all released by clouds and mists♪ ♪I’ll never forget my promise♪ ♪even if the sky and earth changes or the sea roars♪ ♪I’ll stand up high even the Gods have to look up♪ ♪My invincible legend right on this Soul Land♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] A battle of soul power? Come on then I admit that I lost Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is yours now I’ll show you my third soul skill Don’t be frightened Flying? I have also reached level 30 just now Mr. Zhao, can we stay on to search for a suitable soul beast for me? San You’re really the best among the Shrek’s monsters [Soul Land] [Episode 24] This is King of Forest, Titan Giant Ape Titan Giant Ape is like the overlord of the soul beasts It has the same wisdom as human Its strength, speed, attack and defense are almost flawless Even if it’s only at a century level, it can also battle with soul beasts at ten thousand years old The most terrifying is they can also use similar skills like our soul skills This is the soul beast standing at the top of the pyramid It is also a nightmare for all soul masters This Titan Giant Ape looks so strong Its cultivation is obviously over ten thousand years Probably, no soul beast can compare with this terrifying king It should have existed in the core of the Star Dou Forest Why does it appear here? Dear King of the Forest We don’t mean to offend If this is your territory, we’ll get out at once

Titan Giant Ape understand human language Hope it is not malicious Is it like San said the indiscriminate killing has created soul beasts’ hatred towards human? What shall we do? Mu Bai, bring them out! Hurry up! Strength enhancement! San, you cover them and leave White Tiger Vajra Transformation! You guys go first! I’ll help them! Qibao has its name! First name, strength! Second name, speed! The amplification of Qibao Amber Pagoda ignores the base of soul power Mu Bai is at level 37 By increasing 30% of its strength and speed, So does Mr. Zhao at level 76 That means Mr. Zhao’s current attack has already exceeded soul power of level 80 White Tiger Intense Light Wave! It didn’t work at all Let’s do it together! It’s bad Rong Rong, hurry up and hide! It’s bad! Wu, you go first Ah! No! Let go of Wu! Real body of Martial Soul! Supreme Bear! The real body of Mr. Zhao’s 7th soul skill Martial Soul No one is allowed to come over! I’ll defeat it! Is this the real body of Supreme Bear Martial Soul? This soul skill is overbearing Its side effect is also the strongest It can use any soul skills under level 7 for 30 minutes unlimited The strength is 150% of its initial strength, while the defense is increased by 200% But every time after using the Martial Soul’s real body,

the soul master’s own attributes will be weakened by 50% They’ll need 7 days to recover So, unless there’s no choice, a soul master who exceeds level 70 would no use it This is already Mr. Zhao’s last resort Little rascal, come back! I am Wu. ‘Wu’ means dancing Faster, even faster I will protect my sister forever I won’t let her get hurt Yes. Brother, you walked so far This is called Rou skill San. Let’s discuss about this I am a girl. I don’t care about it. Why do you fear? No! Brother If one day, many people want to kill me, what can you do if you can’t beat them? Step over my body first [Soul Land] Why would Titan Giant Ape appear at the outer part of Star Dou Forest? Sorry, everyone It’s my fault as I didn’t stop No, it’s not your fault I didn’t take good care of Wu Let’s take a rest and decide later Ao, give me a Mushroom Sausage If you still treat me as a your brother, don’t say it Ao, I beg you Wu is my sister If I don’t go now, this will be a regret in my life As long as I don’t die this time, I’ll remember your kindness Please, Ao Fine My third soul ring was got by you risking your life, San I will surely do whatever you want me to do Flying Mushroom Sausage What are you doing? Sorry, everyone I have to look for Wu Even if she’s died Go, San I support you Qibao has its name Second name, speed! You Mr. Zhao, sorry Blame me if you want You’ve also seen San’s look If I didn’t help him, I’m afraid he’s going to walk What blame? Hurry up and make me one of your Mushroom Sausage Let’s do it together Hurry up

Flying Mushroom Sausage Brother Wu Wu Er Ming, stay here Don’t go anymore I need to go back as soon as possible Er Ming, you shouldn’t have come out to look for me Brother is injured I was caught by you He must be very anxious Er Ming, you shouldn’t have done it If you see me next time, you should observe first You cannot hurt my friends anymore Is Da Ming all right? That’s good Since I was brought out by you, I’ll simply complete the third soul ring Er Ming, you cover it for me Wu, where are you? You must stay alive I’ve promised to protect you You must stay alive Wu [Next Episode]

It’s Human Faced Demon Spider No! Who did this? You rest at Tang’s clan Everything will be all right Seems like there is something important that I need to do

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