not so I’m too vain good afternoon a cliche am your mom and Amir some slip object i have chosen to talk about social media and the consolidation of monetary loudly in times of uncertainty and the reason i chose to this topic dancing us recently but they would say even more ladies diamond tiara and a new page in wins and unclear picture regarding the economic situation especially the situation where we get my mail makin some of them Betham jolt and fitting together to really tell different stories a program and that of course Wendy it’s God the dolby disarray business challenge when determining policy especially monetary policy amisha mechanical I to diet any of you have read the recent it related to meet a muted eyes even sound irregularly the idea uncertainty regarding Lee you can all make a situation and that’s the subject like to talk about and I’ll start with lomonosov me morning we are aiming at how we can become monetary policy to conceive the goals of the bank residual has determined diwali the law a rainy day Mankin ability of the rises over here I’m has a subscribe diadem Angeline other goals in you some economic goals of the govern- rolling a chocolate also supporting feasibility of the financial national and this is of course Jackson is highly Mathiason answer central banks especially at me to the mine action right now CEO apology I think you’re calling you I’m happy we use that all set remind you of course in russellville tisha direct intervention in a foreign car demonia as a million established and everything Bell has been a very lightly used here J other places theme allows are stabilizing equal name finance industry minimizing danger in financial markets in here we’re talking mainly about the market you know I will the same shape come on when submitting data listening to a human heart the teleferico Adam what we decide hey you mean when we decide we’ll start with you my license issue learn more natural to are getting a caballo Oklahoma shrimp a lot in the forum sense the actual date inflation it keep waiting or are you a bigger one Shania house to the bottom guaran-flat-tee anticipation of gain suppression till handsome if you are forward-looking policy and so we always look at the future could be money the anticipation is building for the future is just tell me nothing target on the bottom lines where I should ban inflation is concerned we are where we need to be based on the goals and for domestic a Lutheran is my human biology because you believe me sorrowful Nero how evil meet the moon quarterly growth in my annual time and the funa it was also trying i’m playing for two thousand last one runners on shipoopi on the first estimate though was traveling like central statistics Sicilian is that Albert’s one octopus a nice Kiku mohabbat let me clear a point a four-point equal televisual demolition as a steam shower and film mean estimate is a very public waiting for the area of the mortar and as I introduced later data that will make me an to literally who every day to show and they should be p but slow down heroes in sohna mukhda hagatha zinc commercial products especially in the yellow bar near I me know average of each example of the Canaries and or we can see that i’ll do a very modern in the 50 is the first quarter of 2015 mashallah manaphy ninjutsu cobbled I’m sure there are eyes from the POF market is more enjoy what we made a blt she delays the grocery owner asks or it was in by a president’s point more violent with a diamond tran van over to forensics people be wise to put a new career and she’s making a job Marcus Timothy colored entering the job market work bahahaha together will arise in the job regulatory large exchange market align establish or affirmation

wedge to the unemployment rate is at a motion on sakai and so the job mañana it’s not quite I’m it’ll get we call with Disney picture of slowed and sluggish growth in the antenna Marshall made I sure motor very important unit and we also look at the nominee chemical change brake you can see it to the shop a of a shekel relative to the dollar and a bedroom in degree you can see the non effective manner nominal rate visa fee she owns it maga- currency basket that Israel works with so in early 2013 there was a nice sharp resident in quite moderate recently the exchange rate we I’m only because of its impact our relationship I’m here we share in line shall remain flat cime would pass the connection I was very strong in other way then back it was very strong today its relative ease the monorail we enforce look at the exchange rate because of how it affects jobs employment and activities in the job market mkay this is an important factor in our decisions as well as they can acquire the waves is one of the things we know in real time attention to the young lady unlike the other another son here phoenix jumper addition to be of course look at Amarna how many markets and the economy from a number of mango especially in / your valiant inflation and the monster living creature on the figures i’m showing you here but it is rather to me if it’s my turn I’m housing NZ consumer price in which represents rental housing crisis and we look at it when r Angeles knock the issue of the inflation and beyond the social for dance bags of affordability by then the housing crisis from that and I respect we also look at this market and especially the mortgage market from behind now I don’t know the villa game here the sharp behind the quick gross enables a housing is righteous and mortgages this has an impact on mobility we know full of sháá you segments in the credit market in the rice it is very high conventional that’s why from the point of view of stability we investigate this market very carefully cocoon and in the context are dealing with the issue of stability and to make these lenders will be able to excuse me the following I’ll be able to return them there alone KeyBanc Commissioner has also imposing a series of restrictions Oh Don mortgages should a motion regarding the value of Z on me and Morgan relative to the value of late and settle and also income and other aspects that I will not focus on that issue as a lab it’s my lease mourns the wicked only two makers generally we can do that we have a for us when we consolidate a have a mission like a big picture of the state of the economy regarding the inflation rate derivatives and the exchange rate a mushy notes and what I thought I like to the myth and we talk about any time that remains here to focus on the uncertainty shawnee image the kids face when Anthony collected from the tent i have already mentioned they lack of consistency between the different age of its in some rules by the most not found importance it appears social factors pilates or the national accounting figures which talk about growing old and embarrassing there are two problems here first of all they are bullish too late the first the figure-four each quarter Norfolk is this legs week after the end of the quarter in other words delay i’m a professional a period second run me back cannot omit the new car holistically ultimately he needs to look forward Jeff and I me forward accident and the most be made six figures a bazooka male bias is that from the only problem is named a job also subjugated or more efficient and every my limit to the vision of shoulder revision and love the national accounting figures in publishing show its position and as we can see from the slide and these revisions are very

significant what you see here is being out between the first figure as it was published a range of a quarter inch and on the figure that is published a year later she’ll hold on the blind allegiance the points on the graph reflects its Paula babe anissa gap in possession for example at the issue Brian corner shot two thousand and Marshall we can say that the other speakers talked about growth of four point two percent in a hole and the final failure talks too much growth of six percent this is a poison entirely different ornament if we take the next mortar of 2008 at the bottom of their tuna lashunda the first figure talked about six world to join three percent in the last nagar shot into Bauman 0.5 inches and tires on a bishop tell you what made some more as we get lean most explosion moore has not always commander in the revision deloitte anything else re 22 revisions we don’t see in a systematic deviation if we let all is a religious your name in the average of sushi in other words we cannot assume can the update in one direction or another yeah but we shall i assume that there will be some names new the finger man in and say our holidays same goal to the message i know this man in a situation in real time a but that’s more my I’m 74 me maybe we are different for Marshall challengers in this matter I wanna eat if it’s clear that our low resolution in the 50 in absolute value circuit and las 10 are not to bring a more help so other day i do not go easy debate seriously how physical trait of the rotation play more and more foreign GQ men here I wish I caramelization authority on Charlie gonna get shared balloon why hustle and other countries that I’ll make a motion stomach but it’s not a couple kids not to it occurred in a man robbed this is a hoochie and this monumental philip Aguer real-time figures and alex a even a thermistor came and we have your place should be no indication getting no but i was like my unit turned well a shallow she can be here television too below are even Rachel cava don’t come the red line here television uno possibly coverage revision list don’t miss bleet dotted line represents the country no se te che is the toggle visual to mobile talk and no fraud was where the product is concerned the revisions are very smaller selling today I mean looking for example we have in phenylmethyl in permanent assets you see that the revisions are my ranger and accordance which is very intresting sorry grave i look at the relation in and a fully coated with the mercy debates powers and the latex and muscles more diverse ideas about two and a half percent out and that is no teen a very substantial discrepancy yeah and that means Nazis picture of the situation that we’ve been okay I know eleniak is very English lies to put it mildly hey emoney will tell you my separates while filming McKay becomes a global classroom now had my production here there is he an Ursa cafe owner and the upper grapples with the clear to the revisions and shine or two modes and we are not very only show officially your closest bible she tells an appreciation i can say on the first figure that was published on 0.8% a whereas only cuz no guy about mahoney nigga belt ability to ask if there is no Marshall me it wasn’t that dramatic scenery a fake analysis we on to the figure is a consumer win their first ever been to me by the way regarding the last festival lady tonight no better of two thousand Fresno figure that was the ocean United States was up though how 0.1 with the belly after she talked about thumb so now I relay finish multiply the perceptual clear alien visitors rapidly and was relieved and feel the weather and Zenith is but regarding theology the content my situation they care of the situation you

can see that this room makes things very hot very ancient philosophy and royalties are blessed with an attorney may lay video Kardashian much more emotions and a mobilization move bourgeois have a shame to most famous for women range later shuttle kickers in Pakistan right a situation of our domestic job market employment for a patient so i don’t dare we seen I mean a great movement develop any who would she have additional on my circuits is it on it mottely and the two layers tiny smaller at the past and this isn’t such a very important inaudible mr. mati impaired the situation on the economy and militancy see indices ligation CEOs detention and conceiving exit 54 salary services sympathy Goo figures on the moral training which harms copy somewhat delayed but hey yes watching man there is a series of statistical embassy of language that I should diagnose any more example in the great daily meetings a waggish publishing time for the sheer on you is easy with the sissy message or email on google is a keeping statistics estate developing sleeve in the collection and although they can merely another that you swallow it russian figures aim to meet the others also wide range him it seems that my lady spaciously the bell consumer trust is really a missing indicators few more lies dividual consumption and also with me or denied all taxis members are slim monopolist relatively play they will help us to talk because this may be economy a megan real time perhaps i should also noticed there are quite a number of Z and distichum seem as many many models better build that system to diagnose situation there’s anything that we call we now casting another one every day in the present day is inserting the 15 assists today indicators no model seven in order to predict the current situation to announce like an oxymoron but that’s we conventionally Julie continue to decide on a monetary policy and monetary union always you’re looking at Servite cadenas fun to hear back direction so we don’t look at the presentation see also and thank you so much for us it was by 12 l’anima fuels in the direction in which we are going I can a little bit of a magic and the snow sustained a painful a bath honolulu in a home run swing attack my opponent olomana valley will exhaust remove an awesome damned yet will make in lambda mozilla beautiful cali cartel enemy activity can motto mr. norm suede which is clean us any variable show me larry stroud Alonzo active material the glasses babe am I lie here the back right here at adoption Fabio is very bad day of the more talents than on Hamra exponential amid Amelie up tales of Astral mid-morning about sajala me and tradesmen Ximena mystic a little snack if i invest a mystery he reportedly option it’s new laahmichelle Allah support agreement be classic fabric kinda caucus petit mal Azula I wish to vs akatsuki asha saw palmetto go to achieve our cuisine the horse philosophy on respectable women okay i’m merely will obey ha ha ha rises in debt total Allah me by follow me a target of the hair trade Derek we amassed a fortune of our consciousness ahora me digas nada jajaja Zeenat Aman fish tikka masala or not it’s merciful sheikh abdullah hopefully the other is ready last year she refused a LaBranche it came time to me emotional it’s me Claire just a holy mission / Felicia shadows in growth of liars and emailing move an input mode assume Lisa place was very key daily with a shoe our prediction is older see in the tech media when you can see on the bottom family I have shaped physique monkey other words of the president of the Bank of Israel for the show here in Israel women was famous clothes money

moon updating real life they turn also the am thinking about the global situation Rita either way they were like Edna me clarity and they shall a this case I a high EMF of the IMF physics a celica Bell pine straw that’s regarding breaking the team but fortune the valve a infamous yahan higher in salvation go in the palace material balance and flow situation lecture evenly baby toy they’re all selected religious that will happen eight Ahmed we do have them every quarter huh our division of the nao the new tune encountered monetary policy mosquito kolitar churn and every point in time with me they fall and we do make the disease with a monthly one where they used to measure ticket really a mightier than you initially came that we have available as man and an every weight of time point one team is very often is regarded a hint show and you can see all the updates and all fish a bodega only they’d be till they are injected in each of them is so now is the gong show me the challenge we face in my own Lalit Wednesday we worry about the entrance for next three days we enjoy holla ma shan human like to eat it removing it is a plane for Mariano sweaty don’t business making images clears of Valentine’s Day party I gonna say oh gosh about your level it’s very informal English with my knowledge through chef Charlie automation with it a bit but support is very interesting fortunately met dog they say a casual let’s go to the sheet below the bank but yes we fight and then they don’t you in the real-time bitch and you can share dreams in the more crisis that although to the water and emergently and to know they have nate’s also in the day to happen between reacted deuterium time and the in play when you know it bi-weekly already in the very military fighting or if we don’t know anything I still middle class and time behind exceeded the kitchen when she left when you open a new edition ashby new yourself initially oh it slow down now but smash it before we actually went low down here is telling chillin where’s all the direction are you slow down and we sought a lovely lovely duration and we reacted quickly by reducing the a and so haha they say only experience to clean with the above when we look at Heights items by the end of the day the political decisions where fish pills oh man that they could have an impact as my shower I hate mode make me colored what can we learn from this university schmuck the only thing is that monetary policy presentation on a picture that they consolidated under Teague and partial no delays only global scenario changes their only time they to size down there for you have a domani tally of the multiple committees ignite to consolidate a family picture and it vanished on shallow bay where you can get some tools and to image the bill tools and enjoyment and also a variance of course oh no no no no she think that i think is very for me because we actually have embedded polish limit innovatively when you have an exactly multi head of the clan beat ready and head up to be behind the old dash in view of the family that’s funny ellicott city has a funny taste line is not sticky wicket challenges because shiny LOL wanna to react to every noise listen in so there’s book we have taught me the teal unfortunate a little i to VI to me died mr. kennedy info out of cool these noises haha and it’s such a challenges at ningun when we look at it but the event in loma de TI SI la amity newton day 2 lambda mute venice a robbery reported she and the accumulated possession Imperium oh nice how they built the monetary committee consolidation picture actually make the asian spill in real time via d-mat how

many items in you achieve the policy objectives for the benefit of

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