CIRCLE OF FEAR – Hide In Plain Sight (full album + visuals 1994)

All of these eyes are on me digging, glaring all fixed staring They judge and criticize the molded work here, time preparing The probing eye of public, hard encrusted apathy Your views of slant, mistrusted dagger points now stabbing me I want to peel the skin back I want to clench your throat With every sonic muscle and tears in every note My own distorted time flies Under microscopic eyes I’m trying to break apart walls Shed light where darkness now falls I’m smiling on the inside and Label Cove’s the reason why We’ve closed the Sacred Circle underneath a star filled sky and You think you know what we’re about an outcast society Peer pressure, trends to fit in and now you label me? I never asked you for your views I never wanted your okay I never needed your opinion just walk and let the dead lay You judge what you don’t understand Cold slap from the back of my hand Don’t you know how to take pride? Behind the styles you Hide in plain sight in front of me by the fire at Label Cove I can clearly see That I’ll never really be what they want me to be so then pass another label on down to me Hide in plain sight in front of me by the fire at Label Cove I can clearly see That I’ll never really be what they want me to be so then pass another label on down to me Hide in plain sight in front of me by the fire at Label Cove I can clearly see That I’ll never really be what they want me to be so then pass another label on down to me Hide in plain sight in front of me by the fire at Label Cove I can clearly see That I’ll never really be what they want me to be so then pass another label on We never sleep all night, we never work all day So there’s lots of time to tribute in each and every way Well I guess that we are losers, guess that’s all we’ll ever be But we really like Jackpot Foodmart, why? Cuz everything’s for free! It might be a T.V. dinner or it could be deli grinds But when the Jackpot man does inventory empty shelves are all he finds It might be a party pizza right around 3 a.m I always get a Gatorade and lot’s of M&Ms! It was a five finger discount it was a buy none get one free It was a five finger discount and they weren’t even looking at me! Well there’s no need to go shopping so put that cart away We’ll walk over to Jackpot where we don’t even have to pay We’ll get some freshly made croissants and maybe a burrito or two Get some comic books for me and I’ll get some Chips Ahoy! for you Try not to laugh and remember to keep your shirt tucked in Get through the door and to our house where the real grind begins We’ll do it again tomorrow and we’ll do it everyday Because they’re never gonna catch us no, we’ll always get away! It was a five finger discount it was a buy none get one free It was a five finger discount and they weren’t even looking at me! Then one day it happened they said “Never come back again.” They said: “Someone saw him stealing.” I guess our fun it had to end So now we can’t go into Jackpot but that’s okay, that’s fine Cuz now there’s something better: we’ve got food stamps to get our grinds! five finger discount it was a buy none get one free It was a five finger discount and they weren’t even looking at five finger discount it was a buy none get one free

It was a five finger discount and they weren’t even looking at five finger discount it was a buy none get one free It was a five finger discount and they weren’t even looking at me! I eat dirt because it’s all that I want to be I eat dirt and it fills up inside of me DIG DEEP mouthfuls of fertile soil ENGULF ME and bury my head in hole Morning evaporates to afternoon Secrets cauterize, my head is an open wound My fingers bleed from the thistle’s horned apathy Drain into mud that surrounds and protects me I know what you want me to be Like a puppy, warm and cozy I know what you came here to see Flower petals, bright and rosy Held tight a prisoner to myself, never set free Paralyzing eyes built to intimidate me THIRTEEN hands pulling on my soul FIFTEEN secrets I’ve never told The roots surround me, my body prostrated To worship as divine in love or in hatred And in the dirt I will live because I’ve grown here Tarnished and soiled, appearing clean when you come near I know what you want me to be Like a puppet dangling on a string I know what you came here to see But all you’ll find is my twisted, psychotic dream I know what you want me to be Like a puppy, warm and cozy I know what you came here to see Flower petals, bright and rosy I know what you want me to be Like a puppet dangling on a string I know what you came here to see But all you’ll find is my twisted, psychotic dream Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish How many pieces do you wish? I close my eyes and look at myself to see what’s going on inside

Tears and laughter envelope me insanity I’ve tried to hide My right is like your left arm give me pain and I’ll cause you harm You hurt me I’m gonna hurt you come here boy and let me show you Because inside me it is not me my life’s insanity You’re the one who makes me feel this I run away cuz I can’t take this Just another drink of insanity It’s one more drop into an endless sea I only hurt the ones I care for love is black and blue to me My Love One I adore now my love is plain to see Just another drink of insanity And after all I’ve felt through my life anger, grief and misery I sit with lies and cold deceptions these are the gifts you’ve given me Rage and love are the same emotion I slap your face to show devotion I only hurt you because I love you and someday that love might kill you Because inside me it is not me my life’s insanity You’re the one who makes me feel this I run away cuz I can’t take this Just another drink of insanity It’s one more drop into an endless sea I only hurt the ones I care for love is black and blue to me My Love One I adore now my love is plain to see Just another drink of insanity You hurt me I’m gonna hurt you come here boy and let me show you I say, let’s have a champagne drink I am not drunk, my body is not sober Yeah, Herb! Yeah! Get growley! Get right down to the nitty gritty and DO IT! I see him walkin’, walkin’ ‘round I see him struttin’ all over town

He’s got red hair and a beard stands five feet tall I always see him in the store buying alcohol He’s Herb the Bum He’s Herb the Bum, yeah He’s Herb the Bum He’s Herb the Bum, ooohhh Well his best friend’s a bum too he used to live next door His wife got a restraining order he can’t come home no more I see Herb buying some Thunderbird and a case of beer He looks like he hasn’t changed his clothes in over one year Cuz he’s Herb the Bum, yeah Because he’s Herb the Bum, woah We saw Herb the other day when we were getting the mail He was on work release from the local jail He says: “How’s your dad doing?” “Are you still living at home?” Please go away Herb Please f**king leave us alone Just f**king leave us alone Because you’re Herb the Bum Because you’re Herb the Bum, woah Well the last time I saw Herb the night before he died He had that f**king backpack And he was hitching a ride And he was hitching a ride because he’s Herb the Bum, woah I’m talking Herb the Bum stick out your thumb And the tavern is home and the tavern is near And the tavern is home for Herb the Bum I’m talking Herb the Bum stick out your thumb And the tavern is home and the tavern is near And the tavern is home for Herb the Bum Gases, liquids and particles floating through the air

Shortness of breath follows every time you are near Sidestream smoke from your burning end noose around my neck again Mainstream pulled through the mouthpiece exhaled in a burning wreath Hydrogen cyanide killing respiratory enzymes Your long term exposure corroding me from inside Nitrogen dioxide, damaged lungs, sweating hands carbon monoxide, emphysema, swollen glands Blood pressure is rising, heart speeding up again Noxious compounds building, cells starved for oxygen Carbon monoxide pollution, incomplete combustion Your life is a cancer growing in me, a tumor I can’t set free Ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide assaulting my body, controlling my insides Lack of love, pain and sin robs my blood of oxygen Chronic cough, heart disease, never let me leave again Leave again Leave again I cough, I cry, I gag and choke I slowly die, you’re secondhand smoke You’re in my eyes and down my throat Draining me, you’re secondhand smoke I cough, I cry, I gag and choke I slowly die, you’re secondhand smoke You’re in my eyes and down my throat It’s draining me, you’re secondhand smoke So here I sit Counting calluses and looking for a back door Peeking through keyholes for a drop of sun Just some I’ve worn this mask for a long time But I’m still smiling I’m still the same Some things never change But you’ve sure changed You’re a cold white ghost always fumbling with matchsticks and playing with paperclips You’ve moved on but I’ll always be right here Do I know you? Do… I… know you? I used to know you I used to know you but now… you pollute me You pollute me You pollute ME! I cough, I cry, I gag and choke I slowly die, you’re secondhand smoke In my eyes and down my throat It’s draining me, you’re secondhand smoke I cough, I cry, I gag and choke I slowly die, you’re secondhand smoke It’s in my eyes and down my throat You’re draining me, you’re secondhand smoke Give me one more chance and never let me leave again Something really made me smile today when I was walking home

I saw a Ded Hik in his pickup truck by the side of the road He had a big black oily chainsaw and some animals that he’d just killed for fun With his brand new gun I don’t care much for a Ded Hik don’t think he’ll bother me no more I guess that alcohol and drug abuse are just a way of life And coming home now from a hard day’s work to scream and yell and punch your wife And being a macho, drunken tough guy’s got its ups and downs, yes it’s a full time job But I know you’re strong enough to handle it don’t think you’ll bother me no more Oh no You know you say you love the forest but then you’re cutting down the trees Why don’t you get back to your real love: incest and bestiality And all our friends out at the Murder House just drink and sing and have rednecks for lunch And after I drop you off there Ded Hik you won’t bother anyone much more Oh no! Straight from the depths of Hell It’s DEEP EVIL! Oh take me home! The tables turning Ded Hik who the f**k did you think you were? A narrow minded alcoholic, a real winner that’s for sure But now you’re wrapped up in some plastic and I’m laughing at you six feet in a hole Oh, that’s right No one will ever find you buried here Don’t think you’ll bother me no more Face down in the river Voices said he she give her More than her life was worth he cradled unholy birth then ripped all the fear from her eyes Glimpses of reality Twisted thoughts inside of me Pulling the flesh contorts leaving an empty corpse drained it of life now I’m done How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? When I look in the mirror will I see the face of a killer Grinning the love from my teeth? How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? The voices get clearer but the end’s drawing nearer As the pools collect at my feet Stalking. A poison mind alone He’s ripping. Dismember flesh and bone Stealing the final breath dying a thousand deaths

Left here to rot in the sun His shadows are dancing on the walls My teeth itch, another night falls Carcasses in the dark sanity fell apart Drained it of life now I’m done How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? I shake and I quiver from the needles and slivers That splinter my mind buried deep How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? All the nights that I spend here drenched in warm death and cold fear Hiding dreams of decay in my sleep How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? When I look in the mirror will I see the face of a killer Grinning the love from my teeth? How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? All the nights that I spend here drenched in warm death and cold fear Hiding dreams of decay in my sleep How much flesh can I eat? How much blood can I drink? When am I ever gonna learn?

When will I ever really see? The shapes before me twist and turn And now I’m staring at the fiend So I immerse myself in stench And let it permeate the room It’s not my fault it came to this Behemoth wanted this one too You said you needed this from me You said you needed this from me Just tell me who am I supposed to be? You said you needed this from I guess I want what I can’t have I guess I’ll have to see it through Pins and needles prick my thumb That’s why I saved this part for you And it’s the only part I know The only part that I can sing But it just soaked into my sheets How will I ever get them clean? You said you needed this from me You said you needed this from me Just tell me who am I supposed to be? You said you needed this from… You said you needed this from me You said you needed this from me Just tell me who am I supposed to be? You said you needed this from… And we all fall down, and we all fall down And we all fall There’s a burning in my throat And there’s a stinging in my eyes I guess I want what I can’t have I’ll wait and scrub it when it dries You said you needed this from me You said you needed this from me Just tell me who am I supposed to be? You said you needed this from You said you needed this from me You said you needed this from me Just tell me who am I supposed to be? You said you needed this from Me From me Me


The day I got my sight back يوم عاد لي بصري

s/w Gilbert to take pain at CSC lady Kim only lubricant of EOC to take maracas I was in this black hole and this light appeared and you can’t believe it yet you can’t believe that what you’re seeing is light and I move my head to the left and I saw just a glimpse of the blue and it dawned on me Oh must be the sky I hadn’t seen anything for 12 years but I did actually say to mr. Lawrence if at all possible then as soon as you take the bandages offices the first person that I want to see is my wife for some people who are blind there is a remarkable surgical procedure which offers them the chance to see again the patient’s tooth is fitted with a tiny lens and implanted in their eye how long has the longest person been blind for who’s come in front of you oh well they could have been blind for decades but decades decades yet and they come to you and they get their sight back yes that that is the case here for Ian Tibbets this procedure is a last resort he faces a lifetime of blindness and will never see his twin sons unless the surgery he’s about to undergo actually works my operation don’t bother me I’m a bitch bitch gonna be Thursday and then bounded you come off when the better I can see will not see that’s the nervous bit [Applause] this was Calvin Calvin the eldest of miss orange twins for most of his adult life Ian Tibbits has been slowly going blind about 14 years ago we had a corneal abscess on the right eye they said he’d see again after a month with after another treatment but it never did and then the left eye has just been going down for the last six seven years slowly going Boise and worse I’m totally blind in one eye and the other eye I could just make shapes out every operation on Ian’s eyes has always ended in failure but now there is hope after months of assessment he’s about to undergo the radical surgery which might allow him to see again the most precious thing to say you know life will be seeing my son’s grow up day by day without struggling people keep telling me the q2 gorgeous I can’t see her there’s a lot of things he wants to see but seeing the boys faces is the first thing he wants to see he wants to see them he says even if it’s only once the first time here ever the surgery Ian faces is drastic called ook P the entire front of the eye is replaced by something very different at the heart of this new eye is a plastic lens inserted into a tooth because it is the patient’s own tooth the lens will not be rejected by the patient’s body the told mother is involved taking a

tooth placing the lens in the tooth arm printer in your eye now I’ve had some very good knives on the bier and even that I couldn’t have even dreamt though so how they actually dreamt that hope I’m very very proud of it it’s my little sapphire and although the disfigurement does bother me I’d be lying if I said it didn’t and it pales into insignificance because I can see the procedure only works for patients with rare types of corneal blindness and only one surgeon in Britain performs it what sort of vision does okp give you it can be very good in some patients see all the way down a chart what even the smallest letters yes Ian is about to leave for the Sussex I Hospital in Brighton like all oh ok P patients he will need two operations to restore his sight separated by several months the first is tomorrow oh you’ll be good boys to mummy Ian’s father-in-law Brian is driving him down mr. chance in his mind then he knows he’s done everything he can to try and get his site back in the future if it doesn’t work he could say at least Aykroyd I’m nervous free and I’m I don’t want you to fail yes I am nervous yet right if this operation does not work for him that’s it it’s finished is that’s it there’s nothing else at the moment anybody could do the percentage of success is good what I normally quote them is 2/3 to 3/4 see well for a very long time ok that moment this is Iike doing much all right hang on in there I’ll give thee a bell on the week or something yeah ok you want anything don’t ring me okay Jesus yes thank you okay good lucky yeah Tara thanks a lot I couldn’t get in quick enough I really couldn’t I just I thought this is my chance this is my chance just think in four months time I might be able to see I prayed for this day and now it’s yeah I’m quite nervous oh no everything more nervous than I’ve ever been lying where’s daddy Ryan it’s nice big tall didn’t eh done I’m scared to death they’re gonna pick up on me being nervous after what happened to Ian with his last stop when he died on the table okay don’t take deep breaths in 2007 ian had an extreme allergic reaction during an operation for a detached retina for several minutes his heart stopped every operation he has now he’s got that going through his head that could happen again and he could die and this time not

coming back he did tell us that he died on the operating table in there to revive him but we have done a very thorough assessment as to the agents he might have been allergic to and we definitely will be avoiding those agents but he is very frightened he’s amongst the most anxious of all the patients I’ve operated on so far oh yeah he’ll be all right I’m just gonna hope and pray nothing that means I should be okay do you love doing it I love seeing the results but the process of doing it sometimes can be challenging how a danger oh okay P is not a new procedure but Christopher Lu has refined the techniques over the past 16 years he only operates on a handful of patients a year since very few are suitable for this extreme surgery in the first step one of the ins teeth along with a piece of jawbone is cut from his mouth and shaped into a block it’s actually quite a small tooth or a big man isn’t it okay team I think we can only use a small cylinder because the tooth root is quite some narrow a hole is then drilled through the root of the tooth so here we have a nice specimen it’s a bit on the narrow side but that’s how he was made next a plastic lens is coated with glue and set into the hole that’s what you will see through but the tooth won’t be implanted in Ian’s eye in this operation keep lifting up instead it is sewn into a pocket of skin below his other eye okay so that’s where it’s going to live by the time ian has his next operation a few months from now it would have grown its own soft tissues it can then be removed and stitched into Ian’s left eye the eye through which it is hoped he will one day see it is now three hours since Ian’s operation began okay so this is the peaceful continues a piece of skin has been cut from the inside of his cheek which will shortly be stitched over his left eyeball in time this will form the front of his new eye but before the team can continue Ian’s neck begins to swell spelling okay okay yes yes I understand can we lower in his facial swelling around the neck and that’s an indication of something that he might be allergic to the swelling rapidly spreads to other parts of a ins body useful in everywhere now despite all the precautions taken it seems that one of the drugs he’s been given is triggering an allergic reaction exactly what Ian’s feared most Thomas it so how safe is this man now given what happened in his last operation ian has been using a breathing tube this time although his neck is swollen there is no danger of suffocation he’s having an allergic reaction to something from what I know for the moment I can now continue the operation and then you need to be transferred to intensive care Christopher completes the operation stitching the piece of cheek over Ian’s

left eye from now until his next operation he will be totally blind I’m just going to inspect to make sure everything is all right now we can see how swollen the neck is as well that’s not too bad at all and that’s the new skin whites because there’s no blood so that’s been stitched on nicely immediately the operation is over iron is transferred to intensive care basically what we do what we’re doing is we’re taking over his body and keeping him safe until the swelling is reduced and we can take the breathing tube out a Lumiere speaker mrs. Tibbets please it’s mr. Lu here filming from the Sussex our Hospital in Brighton yes so Ian’s operation has been completed and and you remember that he told me that he died on the table and was resuscitated okay so we were very very cautious today it’s not like he was last time as it’s not like in death and he told me that he’s not worried okay so it’s not a full-blown anaphylactic shock it takes nearly losing him to realize how much you love them I can’t put it in words for how much I love him and I’m not trying proud of him and I’m what I want him to say after 48 hours in intensive care ian has recovered sufficiently to return to the ward while he waits for his next operation a few months from now he will have no sight at all okay now don’t expect to see remember you’ve got a piece of new skin over the eye now lift your chin up face the world boldly and squarely that’s it how are you mr. Lu does everything possible for his patient everything he goes that journey with you and we all trust him and and know that he will do that for us is that tender at all so that’s wonderful that’s where the tooth is okay yeah and also the optical cylinder now we have a look at your left eye okay I’m just gonna prize his open a little and it’s wonderful because underneath is it’s acquiring a blood supply nicely okay can I have a look at where the skin has been taken from where did we take the skin from right cheek okay he felt like it took all the side of my face off it was that sore and he probably only tainted a couple of English but every time I felt the the scar yin so far so good okay yep well done fabulous well it can be a challenging time after stage one but generally they managed because they all hope and yearn for Stage two when they can see again but I’ve never promised a result because it’s better to under promise and over deliver when people expect too much then they can only be disappoint it’s strange today he said the boys already

just been going through a few photo albums on the side here that I’ve got to put back in the cupboards and just found that one of him I think that was 98 before the main dribble stir do you do these always 16 years ago would be a lot thinner bubbly confident he’s gonna pull about you in yeah blind date typing yeah after the first couple of times we’ve seen each other just click then really haven’t looked back things and that was just one I found her the two of us that actually don’t mind looking at my cellphone he’s still off to Rome he used to always be on his bike he’d go everywhere on his bike I was in the room that right next door she was giving birth cried me eyes on I don’t what to go when there was a last few years wasn’t for Alex and her family don’t know where that be Oh watch yourself a minute daddy getting ready wait oh yeah yes you can are we back Oh yo Luke and you go like that yeah then see you you know you’ll have to hold it a bit further down for you though cause it’s a bit noisy gosh daddy can’t see bubs what you got show daddy what you go you got call for peach it’s nice Justin listen to him sometimes daddy can’t see daddy has to feed daddy after dad you have to feel for usually the eye is truly wonderful and the way it’s connected to the brain as well and to the person’s mind and soul it is truly incredible the first time I did a cataract operation was quite a big deal because I was cutting into an eye and removing the cataract I thought yeah that’s quite a cool thing to do but also it was a great big responsibility because that person’s sight I’m dependent on line and carrying this out properly I think to have sight and then to lose it you’d really miss it big time I never ever dreamt that anything like this would happen to me especially such a young age all the years I was blind it was trying to subdue the panic it was a constant feeling of panic Keep Calm I used to keep telling myself to keep calm Keep Calm don’t because the frustration is unbearable I used to do quiet crazy things like pot all in and scuba dive in and your life can literally change in one second but I just thought I could still get a battle I could still going to feel and touch and smell and hear different thing is so it’s not beating it’s accepting that now there are different things that will give you pleasure in life for me I was dead I was dead and yet I was breathing

that’s how it felt for several months Ian waits for his second operation but each day is a struggle as he tries to come to terms with total blindness a condition that might be permanent if the operation fails keep chasing it around the plate that’s it you’ve got him he hates losing his independence early now you’ve got one more chip over the far side now it can also be held for the one watching trying not to do everything but at the same time he’s expecting it trying to keep it give him that little bit of Independence but only if he is willing to take it [Applause] I’ve been in a prison cell quiet it goes dog sometimes I don’t want even wake up when it comes to emotions he can be a closed book it’s even said that sometimes that no one knows how much he’s crying inside I want him to be able to say everything the boys can do they know that Daddy can’t seek but they forget that dad what that what just that means that daddy can’t read to them the daddy can’t see new pictures they’ve done they’re the miracle he’s missing have a good night sweetie tonight Ian returns to Brighton for his final operation 24 hours after that his bandages will be removed I won’t need to follow you because you’ll be able to say yeah I’ve counted these days then we’ve counted every single wonder day by day the operation don’t bother me the nervous but it’s gonna be Thursday when unbounded you come off that’s the name of his bid just what’s been playing them I mean mowing now for those few months three days to see oh I don’t know really don’t know what laughing all right then in what yeah look but I’ll see you in the morning for you get em if you can manage to be away then you can put me advantage so don’t know we’ll be awake you know would look anyway you’ll be alright we’ll see you in the morning okay may not be awake at 6 o’clock if the worst comes to the worst I’ll just knuckle down on that seat I just can’t say what it will do for you he’s the one

that’s got to live with it live with the darkness if that’s the case I do actually get slightly anxious before okay P surgery because it’s such a big undertaking surgically and it also means so much to patients it’s a big day because hopefully this will conclude okay P surgery for him and hopefully tomorrow when the bandages come off then you’ll even see fingers crossed I do have have some anxiety and sometimes I say a prayer despite the challenges there is one less concern Ian recently had further extensive allergy tests and there is now little risk of a reaction to any of the drugs used in the operation I know he’s in good hands but that just doesn’t that’s not gonna stop me from being nervous okay here we go that’s good for several months Ian’s tooth fitted with its lens has been sealed under his lower right eyelid are we okay now Christopher Lou now removes and prepares it for stitching into Ian’s left eye later in the operation so my job now is to take away excess soft tissues but still leaving some so used for stitching to avoid any damage to the tooth and its lens Christopher makes a template so we’ll be using this for surgery until we really need the real lamina and this is now going into a bath of fresh blood for the next couple of hours so he’ll be nourished the concentration is total and I really dislike distractions you have to make very very fine movements and you need to keep your focus Kristopher now peels back the skin grafted over Ian’s left eye and begins to remove the entire front of the eyeball a procedure that cannot be reversed right can I open the eye now with the blade Thank You one-minute break okay ready when you’re ready the tooth along with its lens is finally implanted into Ian’s left eye fine thank you very much the piece of skin from Ian’s cheek is then stitched back over his eye leaving a hole for the lens the window through which it is hoped Ian will see again the entire operation has taken four hours so completely operation wait to see what happens tomorrow when we take the bandages off I feel like a fish I’ve got a ton of butterflies in my stomach and they’re fighting to get out and then he’ll either be able to see or not yeah basically a quarter to two Christopher came with a nurse and he said I’m just going to take a look at this and as after most operations I thought he was just coming

to check the OP sites you know see if it was bleeding or whatever and and I was lying back on the bed of course and he took the pants off and I had my head back looking at the ceiling I suppose and I saw this white burning lighter so really severe was painful white and of course I was looking at the ceiling and I didn’t realize it I just thought it was white and I’d never seen light you know so it was what you know whoa what’s that and I glanced over to the left for some reason I think you know to get away from the light I went like that and there was a window to my left and I could just see is that blue am i looking at a color and it dawned on me Oh must be the sky I felt as if somebody had opened up my grave really and I could get out my job must have dropped open because mr. Lu said you can see bunny can’t you and I said yes I can I did actually say to mr. Lawrence if at all possible then as soon as he take the bandages offices the first person that I want to see is my wife so he come in and he just lifted the the bottom H up of the of the bandages and I just thought oh my god this a switch of bandages off and on us our gel for for the first time I’ve got tears running down my eyes trying to focus and see my wife and then Jilly got tears running down her cheeks and eyes for a different reason and she just sat on bed and she went so what do you think and I says well I can say she says a no she says what do you think Abby has yellow cops luli gorgeous and she did where will you be when the bank just come off hopefully in the room god help him when he has to see me for the first time in ages do you nervous about that no he should know what I look like by now he should remember what I look like I should say I might put a bit of weight on but I’m not that hope is not that disappointed but he should remember what a lot like I haven’t changed that much this is the nursin that mr. Lewin useless are here yes I think been too much uncomfortable it’s wearing on the eye yeah in is it okay if I am remove the bandages for you now yeah okay now at the moment I’m removing your bandage now don’t expect too much okay because there’s blood and the scab there which all needs to be cleaned off just cleaning you do you feel able to open your left eye or is it all a bit stuck can you try for me open wide please so I’ve just taken off the scab so I don’t know whether you feel you’re seeing a little now or not no spirit orient nothing look at me do you see anything no no okay I’m good to set you up a bit

but I’m gonna try again I’m gonna lift your lid up and clean this a little do you see anything at all just white mm-hmm at the top right do you see me moving my hand in front of you at all just which way which way okay Justin hurt yeah yeah that’s that’s that’s good that’s good you want to have a look at your wife and see if you can see her yes but can you see him face them no no cut go a little closer little closer no all right we’re gonna leave it like that for the moment and I’ll come back to see you later today or tomorrow okay how do you feel it moves yeah don’t be disappointed though okay because so it’s a this is not necessarily how it’s gonna be we’re hoping for much better things yeah all right okay any questions yes it can’t be like that it can be like that I guess that’s how it you know the story comes back yes some do some do yes yes so we’re not saying that not sure or that is it yes and you did see something yes you can see you you could see for sure you could see light and dark and he was able to discern the direction of hand movements yes you see so there that there is something that so we just have to wait a bit Farfan June we have to take each day as it comes of course so far is a disappointment for for him and his family well of you yeah I’m disappointed as well but some I’m not giving up hope because it’s only day one so um we have to be realistic I could have I could have kissed kissed him if I did I would have done I’d never seen Brighton and I thought I’m gonna open the window and shout hello and all these people turned round in their ways and I was just spelling every joke though all about eyes polls open Oh Jill look hygiene Oh ke1 900 T or she says will you stop here yeah you you like a 40 year old man who’s reading like a five-year-old child he said now what what does that say then he was pointing to a notice on the wall I knew what it was but I couldn’t say it you know he said don’t worry your brain is just ragers registering site and as I moved away I said oh I know what it said it said cataracts dinosaurs mark this is what the hell is that and pointer to that and she just smiled and sweating sweating oh that’s what we call a smart car I said don’t look very spoke to me and I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 to 2:00 and it was Valentine’s Day February the 14th 2003 and a quarter to 2:00 that was when I could see again can’t see nothing at all not even me and today just try not to think of him babies at the moment all off you killing them or uphill down okay

it’s a day since Ian’s bandages were removed Christopher is about to examine him again in the hope that there’s been an improvement do you see anything oh oh it lied okay how many fingers are there here mm how many fingers are oh oh well that’s an improvement can you see me no look again not sure all right well you know we can actually try a little bit more mrs. Tibbets oh you want to come up with you me I’m gonna shine a light on your face just here okay come over here and look at your wife just over there you’ll see anything honey any of her Tom like you’re right No okay don’t worry don’t worry hmm shy brother to come making out no not to worry not okay we are in front of your room now we were gonna turn over there of course I wish that on day one he had seen straight away but we’re not in that situation all I can do is to give him support and encouragement but not racist hopes too much but I still feel that some in time you should see my written by Christmas you will be seen willing to buy me a pond I tell you what you buy me wanna know you might just see me drew the first ever pint of beer I’ll ever drink might be sick after it for once he counted five fingers that’s when my spirits went right up and they haven’t come down yet as you’re sitting in right now what are you seeing [Applause] blowing that green gospel of black shadows but don’t know ever there are you or not I’m not sure look over there look a shadow we can tell either a swarm out of the oven and the Reliant green where is that all over around the shadows yeah well the shadows are actually I think Trevor and my sound recordist here and the walls of this room are lime green in the dark shadows H I move takes place Claudia Lee so just Travis going to move a little bit come to the right yeah to the left away looking at me really camera you think kneeling down or crouching there and I just in his favor your pop think tonight choice fees and lay hold in the camera I told you it’s coming back maybe to be lay out what did you say that or did you hear it so you just take you if you travel you got a short

sleeved yeah yeah yeah and that is definitely further than you’ve ever seen in a hell of a long time you’re a watcher now only you’re not far off vessels among you is black or dark oh yeah oh yeah papi button we’re uh yep that’s me go check up on the welcome and I’ve got all the time in the world softer wait [Applause] just amazing all right Givi what am I wearing birthdays food okay apart from that too close to two toasts red t-shirt ton of food your hopes you’ll go on okay but I’m not showing you me on these you can prove like this you can draw all I remember that day as well going home I went for a walk as well we stopped the car and I got out and went for a little walk along the river and it was it was just wonderful it was wonderful why I’m meeting friends and go in and I’ve been out with you every way but are you sure you’re not you’re my friend because I couldn’t recognize him to just well completely different once I got home I was taken out in the car and we went into the out of the town and into the mountains and stunningly beautiful you can’t take that for granted you must never take what you see for granted and seen people who I dare before or completely bollock when I couldn’t acha me bald well I am 12 years older I was back in the world and and I was Bernie Adams again it’s been a month since Ian was in hospital and first began to see a week ago his stitches were finally removed the result was dramatic I came into the kitchen and got me bag on the floor line and Alex was there and I actually seen her faithful on the first time that’s a bling tip for her sneakers although they’ll see anything took me back years to and I could see yeah all of a sudden they just be just so on me amazing I’m gonna tried to see the boys after that it’s like a flash they came to me to give me a big hug and it just hit me I just I just seen their face is clear as daylight strange strange yeah is it strange they don’t look like I thought labeled cheeky little imps biscuits all around cheeky smiles and go small nose he’s definitely don’t a gift to me for that that’s no actually do you do that dinger how did you draw that yes right now I could be I could be on top of the world one the greener would play the edge yell attack King can you point out addy red-belly loyalty always thought I was the see shades of the old Ian coming

back can you see the clock yeah it is but 24 minutes pass before avoiding that for czarina for 20 more 4 minutes past 4:00 how does the future look to you Bright Futures great why not why not I I don’t look too far ahead dreamy I don’t think Oh and I mean what can I hope for much not much just to see as long as I can see I don’t care I don’t care if I was in a wheelchair oh whatever as long as I can see two years ago I found out that I’ve got infection in the retina which is the one of the most important pieces in the eye for forgetting images how’s your sight now not very good I sure do you feel you may lose your sight again all the time all the time never ever goes away it’s you just wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t if you kept thinking like that you drive yourself crazy I got a bike for five years even if it would only have been five days then I wouldn’t have swapped that for anything the story of vocalist Douglas up till now have you ever managed to read your son’s well no probably no one spring morning a big you came from the back of a deep dark cave it was a young said Douglas so we recalled our chippies pajamas he brushed easy I put on a scarf definitely America poor Douglas why can’t I for you there hog cried such an extraordinary thing to say I think a tooth could do this oh it’s a dog nothing’s concrete you know we could go tomorrow but I’m just enjoying what they hit day by day she’s been my rock really all the way all the way smiley she was there before reaching be there Giro and eaten she’s there after me and I love her for that as far as he could Chloe so what’s it like to see again brilliant


Fly Your Drone Beyond Visual Line of Sight with an FAA Waiver!

Hello again, welcome back to our summer webinar series on operational waivers This is going to be about “Beyond Visual Line of Sight” it’s our next installment in our summer webinar series. I hope you tune in and watch the previous webinars because they’ve had valuable information that will lead us up through the remaining three, which today is “Beyond Visual Line of Site” followed by “Operational Altitude Waivers” and then “Operations Over People”. So today we are going to talk about “Operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight” Just a couple of basics again on the Adobe Connect platform that we’re attending the webinar through here today. The audio is going to be through computer speakers so make sure you have that dialed up to the appropriate volume. At the bottom of the screen you’re going to notice that question and answer pod, the Q&A pod That will remain active throughout the content presentation here today, also through the live Q&A and we’ll leave it active for a few minutes after the end of the webinar so you can finish typing your questions. That pod at the bottom of your screen gives you direct access to a production crew full of specialists from our legal department, our air traffic control department, our operational waiver team, as well as communications and many other specialists from flight standards that are here specifically to answer your questions on operational waivers. So be sure to use that resource throughout the presentation here today All questions will be posted on our website after our presentation wraps up When we get done with the content portion we will have our live Q&A as usual and that’s the time when you can ask me directly over the air any question you might have more operational waivers or really anything drone related that you’d like to try to get an answer to I’d like to point out that the session is being recorded, we do post all of our recordings online to our YouTube channel, we’ll have more information on that later on through our webinar here today So what are we trying to do today? Today we want to talk about “Operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight” under Part 107. In order to do that we have to cover some of the challenges that are directly related to operating beyond visual line of sight and help you understand what we expect to receive in your waiver application. Through that process we’re going to go through the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines because that is the key component to get you started on any operational waiver application that you submit but certainly for our Beyond Visual Line of Sight. So let’s start with the rule itself: 107.31 requires visual line of sight at all times. If we state that the remote pilot in command or the visual observer and the person manipulating the flight controls must be able to see the unmanned aircraft throughout the entire flight; and that vision you being able to see your unmanned aircraft must be unaided by anything other than corrective lenses This vision that you have of the UAS required by rule helps you to know the aircraft location, the attitude, altitude, determine direction of flight, observe the airspace around your UAS for other traffic and also to ensure that your unmanned aircraft doesn’t endanger anybody or anybody’s property. That’s a critical key component of the rule itself. Throughout the entire flight those things that I just mentioned have to be seen by the remote pilot-in-command or the visual observer that’s the rule that’s what we’re all operating under But today, we’re talking about the waiver to that rule and 107.200 does allow us to wave 107.13 meaning you can operate beyond visual line of sight with an approved waiver. A reminder that when you’re submitting any waiver to the FAA you must submit that application: including a complete description of your proposed operation and justification to us that your operation can be safely conducted. That’s right in the rule itself and it bears repeating. So let’s talk a little bit directly about the risks of operating beyond visual line of sight. There are many as you probably know but I want to focus on three key elements that are really the main cornerstones so to speak of this waiver application. The first one is that operating beyond visual line of sight does not remove the responsibility for the remote pilot in command to “See and Avoid” other aircraft. There’s also issues related to the command-and-control link frequency spectrum. So there’s a lot of frequency and technology concerns with operating beyond visual line of sight Also the reliability of your equipment is important; we’re talking about failure rates, latency rates, notification process and procedures that you have as a remote pilot-in-command that you will need because you can’t see your unmanned aircraft when you’re beyond visual line of sight. In a lot of ways BV loss (Beyond Visual Line of Site) is a technology waver. When we look back at the waiver we reviewed before which was a daylight waiver for operating at night; sure that incorporated some technology. We had to have lighting equipment on the UAV, we had to have certain software that you were going to use to mitigate certain risk,

but most of it was a procedural based application: What are you going to do? and how are you going to do it? Beyond visual line of site takes that same type of procedure the what and the how and adds in a lot of technological requirements So let’s kind of go through some of this here. The big component the big concern we have with operating beyond vision line of sight is “See and Avoid”. As I just mentioned that still is the remote pilot in commands responsibility. Now obviously when you’re flying beyond visual line of sight you can’t see the aircraft itself, so how are you going to maintain that “See and Avoid” responsibility? A lot of people will put in “I’ll use ADS-B”. ADS-B is how I’m going to detect or how I’m gonna see and avoid. That’s not a magic cure because a lot of aircraft do not have ADS-B installed nor are they required to have ADS-B installed; depending on where they operate. Another factor in terms of installing an ADS-B type transmitter or receiver on your unmanned aircraft is that it needs to be TSO certified: TSO compliant. That’s a technical standard order. So that’s just some things we’re seeing in the applications that people are putting in there thinking that they’ve solved all the problems when really it’s not exactly the end-all solution to this “See and Avoid” responsibility. Another component of that is what are you flying over? Now if you’re operating within visual line of sight you should know exactly what you’re flying over because you can see your unmanned aircraft but when we go beyond that how do you know you’re not flying over a lot of people? How do you know people or cars or other vehicles aren’t underneath your UAS? That’s going to be a responsibility you have as an applicant to let us know how are you going to avoid flying over people on the ground because just like operating with the “See and Avoid” and giving “right-of-way”, operating beyond visual on a site doesn’t negate the rule that you’re not allowed to fly over human beings. Another concern that people have when beyond visual line of sight is frequencies; the frequency spectrum This is where we get involved with the FCC as well. Many frequencies that you’re “I bought it from the store open up the box and I’m flying my drone” operate on our shared: they’re shared by Wi-Fi routers, they’re shared by garage door openers, etc. It’s a real concern to us and the safety of the National Airspace System that when you’re flying somebody opening their garage door doesn’t cancel your command-and-control link or cause your UAS to take a different path and you originally intended. In talking in terms of transmission; the range obviously is another key component. How far can your UAS go and still transmit a signal back? and How far can your UAS go where you can still receive that signal? Obviously that’s critical it gets back to that command-and-control link So anything that transmits a signal in the U.S. has to carry an FCC license. In fact if you probably look on your UAS you’ve got an FCC logo somewhere on there being that the frequency has been licensed. You need to make sure that whatever frequency are using to command-and-control your UAF beyond visual line of sight is FCC approved is FCC licensed Another component you’re going to have to deal with any time you fly visual line of sight or beyond is weather, right? So just because you’re operating beyond visual line of sight does not mean you do not have to comply with the weather requirements. So one of the big questions is when you’re flying far one, two, three, four or five, ten miles away maybe from your control station is; how do you know what the weather is? how are you gonna do your pre-flight weather briefing?A lot of people have indicated that they’re gonna use radar to help with the cloud clearance requirements. The problem with that is radar doesn’t show clouds radar shows precipitation. So radar does not answer the cloud clearance requirements that you are going to run into when operating beyond visual line of sight You as a remote pilot must maintain flight visibility and cloud clearance requirements as per the rule. Finally let’s talk a little bit about equipment reliability before we get into the waiver safety explanation guidelines. There is a concern when operating beyond visual line of sight that you’re not going to have direct control within visual line of sight of a UAS and have an equipment problem. So we need to know what type of assurance is that you’re providing us for your equipment reliability. What are the failure rates of the components; the bearings, the propellers, the batteries, the software you’re using to control it? Do you have life limited parts; replace bearings after every 100 hours of operation or after every 50 hours of operation? If so does that require you to have a maintenance program? Are you going to establish a program to ensure continual maintenance of your aircraft that you intend to fly beyond visual line of sight. What about the system architecture itself; the software, the hardware, the command-and-control link All that blends into your system architecture. What is the failure rate of that system? What operating system are

you using? That’s the information that you as the applicant will need to provide to us here. So where do we start this process now that we understand some of the risks but not all? Start with the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines You’ve seen me say this in every single episode and I’ll continue say it again If you start with the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines you are on the right path to working towards a successful waiver application approval Now, when you’re addressing the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines remember our primary concerns here at the FAA are do you providing us an assurance that you’re going to operate safely at all times and that if circumstances arise in your operation you have a process or procedure to address those circumstances Those are the information, those are the concerns that we need to get from you addressed in your waiver application and it’s important to remember; even though you’re following the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines and you’re addressing all the key components particularly for operating beyond visual line of sight you’re probably going to have to go into more depth more detail on your risk management and your mitigation strategies for operating in that type of environment. So the list of questions in the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines are a start to your waiver application. They’re to get you there on the right foot they’re not going to be all-inclusive and you’re most likely going to need to provide additional information in that application to us. Now, the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines for “Beyond Visual Line of Site” has seven key areas that it addresses with different sub parts and we’re going to go through each one of those key areas to try to help you understand what they mean, what we’re kind of looking for, and what people put in there necessarily that works and kind of doesn’t work. So the first is remote pilot-in-command basic responsibility. You’re flying an aircraft you need to know what that aircraft doing at all times throughout the entire flight envelope. The “See and Avoid” concept is in there. How are you going to detect other aircraft? How are you going to avoid other aircraft? What about people on the ground? What about ground-based structures or obstacles? How about ensuring that your unmanned aircraft can be seen for a distance of at least three miles? or How are you going to be alerted if your UAS is failing in some capacity? Whether that’s a bearing that’s coming down, or a battery that’s failing faster than you intended, or there’s a link issue how are you going to know that as a remote pilot-in-command? And the last three are making sure that people who are in your program who are operating with you to do this beyond visual line of sight understand the risk; importantly with GPS. A lot of people will put in GPS technology as their navigation source and a lot of the risk mitigation involves GPS too. How are you going to make sure that everybody understands the capabilities and limitations and process for a GPS failure in that event? We talked a little bit about weather, we’re going to talk about it some more because there are some specific concerns we have with weather and determining weather conditions when you’re flying. And finally we’ll wrap up with the talk of the description of transmitters, control links, receivers, emitters, and those types of things. So let’s get into the Waiver Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines here The first one talks about the basic airmanship stuff. Knowing what your aircraft is doing at all time. So even though your a remote pilot-in-command your aircraft is flying beyond visual line of site you need to know this information in real time. You have to know it at all times. So telemetry is good but some questions about telemetry that you probably want to think about in your application: What is that telemetry data providing you? What type of information are you getting from that telemetry? What’s the failure rate of that software? How do you know that the software is accurate? or is there a latency in the reporting? Are you getting information back in real time? or Is there a five, four, six, eight second delay and then information coming back to at your telemetry station? So how fast are you getting that information is critical and knowing what your aircrafts doing at all times? So if the primary information fails. Let’s say your telemetry data goes down. How are you gonna know that? or If the latency rate increases? So, let’s say you’ve got milliseconds of a latency rate (which is great) how are you going to know, how is the system going to tell you that that latency rate is increasing? (Which could cause problems). Because if we go from milliseconds (almost instantaneous) to a five-second delay that could be a large problem. What are you gonna do with the lost link? That’s huge with the operating beyond visual line of sight. If you can’t control the aircraft what happens next So what are you going to do when this stuff doesn’t work is as important as how are you going to use this stuff when it is working. The second part of that Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines talks about the performance and capabilities of your transmissions and receivers. Essentially what we want to know is… if you’ve determined that your transmission and receiver, your

operational area so to speak, can be a certain radius or distance. How are you as a remote pilot and command going to ensure that your aircraft stays within that area? How will you know if you’re getting close to exceeding the limit of your command-and-control frequency? So we need details on transmitters and receiver ranges. How are you going to know this stuff is working prior to flight? So again as a remote pilot-in-command all this information has to be determined prior to flying because you have the responsibility to know what that aircraft is doing Then next Waiver Safety Explanation Guideline talks about avoiding “See and Avoid” other aircraft, “See and Avoid” obstacles, structures and things like that. Well, if you’re not directly looking at the UAS if we’re going beyond visual and a sight how are you gonna do that as a remote pilot-in-command? So clear detailed information needs to be provided. So I put it out here because I mentioned it before but when you operate beyond visual on his sight you are still required to follow the remote pilot-in-command responsibilities identified in 107.19 or ensuring that you’re not conducting a hazardous operation, that you’re giving right away, that you’re not operating over people. These are all rules that you’re still going to be in compliance with when you’re flying beyond visual and a sight. So how you do that is very important and you need to share clear detailed information how are you going to comply with those rules. How about other aircraft? How do you know where other aircrafts are? You can’t see your aircraft so how do you know what other aircraft are flying around? So, if you’re going to detail a system for identifying other aircraft and on how you’re going to find out where they are or what direction they’re moving, what altitude they’re moving. Where does that information come from? Is the information gonna be in real time? You know some people say “oh, I’m going to use third-party software I can find online, anybody can go to it and it shows me all the other airplanes in my area”. Well a couple things: is it real time or is there a delay on that information? And is it really showing you all aircraft or is it just showing you aircraft to have a discrete transponder code? That information is critical because not all aircraft are required to operate on a discreet transponder code; which is sending a signal to a radar station. So how are you gonna comply with this “See and Avoid”? How reliable is the information you’re getting from your data source? All very critical operating beyond visual line of sight When you do detect another aircraft, airborne vehicle, launch or re-entry vehicle; if you happen to be near one of the coasts and they’re doing spacecraft launches. How are you going to avoid that? What what equipment onboard your system, your UA or your transmitters, that’s going to talk to you that’s going to allow that craft to avoid the other aircraft operating in the area. You still have that responsibility, you need to provide us with that information. So you can see as we go through some of these Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines, operating beyond visual line of sight is very detailed It’s not impossible; but it’s certainly a complex waiver request. So how are you going to avoid flying over people on the ground? How do you know if there’s people underneath your UA if you’re flying beyond visual line of sight? Well you could look at how populated is the route you intend to fly: Are you flying over a city? Are you flying in a sparsely populated area? Are flying over a desert? All these things play into the probability of you operating directly over somebody. So what mitigation strategies based on your operational environment like: What airspace are you flying in can you incorporate to reduce the risk? Can you modify your route? Can you change to the operative or sparsely populated areas only? That’s really up to you as the operator to provide that information to us because you know your mission best. So, if you’re going to alleviate this risk of flying over people by doing something, explain that to us. Don’t make an assumption that we know exactly if you give us a latitude longitude from point A to point B that we know the area You have to provide that information you have to maybe scout the area look at the people, look at the congestion and make your mitigations based on actual data coming back. So if you’re going to use technology to mitigate this risk of avoiding other aircraft or people or structures and things like that, tell us about it What type of equipment are you using how does it work? Again I’ve said this before in other presentations the “what you’re doing” or “what you’re using” is just as important as the “how are you going to use it” or “how does it work”. That’s very very key in your waiver application Furthermore is it tested to determine reliability? So what’s the failure rate of that equipment? What’s the failure rate of that technology you’re using to see and avoid other aircraft? We talked about this a little bit earlier and this also is in our daylight waiver application Waiver Safety Explanation Guideline. How are you going to increase the conspicuity

of your UA to be seen for at least three miles? Now remember we’re going beyond visual line of site. This isn’t a requirement so that you can see your unmanned aircraft at three miles or more, it’s a requirement so that other aircraft, people can see your UAS at that distance If you don’t need to increase the conspicuity of your UA because you’re operating in a TFR or there’s some sort of restricted airspace where you’re going to be the only one out there; let us know that let us know what that process procedure airspace requirement let us know how all that is set up. Otherwise we’re gonna ask that you show us how you’re going to increase your visibility of your unmanned aircraft for at least three miles. The Waiver Saftey Explanation Guidelines then going to talking about how you’re going to be alerted of a degraded UAS function. When we’re flying in visual line of sight we can see this. We can see that the UA itself we know if that’s doing something that we don’t want it to do; you can almost hear it in a lot of ways; if you’re starting to lose power, or a propeller blade is going, or rotor blade is going you can hear that audibly and you can make your determination that hey I’m starting to have a system failure of some kind. When we go beyond visual line of sight we don’t have those luxuries. So how are those equipment failures going to be reported to you as a remote pilot-in-command? Are they going to be reported to you as the system degrades? or is it going to wait for a system failure and then report it to you? And once it’s reported to you what do you do now? So there could be a lot of ways that your UAS flight beyond visual line of site can go badly. We need to know how you’re going to address that How are you going to be notified? What process you’re gonna follow it to address those types of issues of equipment failure? So if you have a UAS and it’s got a determined level of reliability please provide that information to us. We’ve talked a lot about equipment and reliability in this presentation. But some of the things that we’re curious about if you’re saying my UAS has a determined reliability of one failure with every 7000 hours or something like that we need to get that information. So what’s the mean time between failure testing with the results? Or what’s the reliability? Or what maintenance program are you following? Are their life limits on the equipment that you using? Not only the UAS itself, but the command and control software or capability control station you have. What is it doing? How is its failure rates compared to the other aircraft? So that’s the system architecture, the hardware, the reliability. You can see what we’re going with this, we want to know how reliable your equipment is and how that reliability was determined. So now we’re talking about the people you’re flying with when we get to this Waiver Safety Explanation Guideline question. The people that are on your crew, the people that are helping you out. Do they understand what you’re doing? Do they understand the limitations? Do they understand the procedures for your operation to follow if things don’t go the way you intend? So how are you going to determine things like GPS reliability? Are you going to have help with that? GPS reliability may involve more than simply checking a NOTAM to make sure that a GPS satellite is up, because flying around buildings, depending on its structure and depending where the satellites are that can affect your GPS reliability. So that’s something you need to consider before you go flying. If your UAS relies on a GPS not only for flying from point A to point B or point A to point B point C and back What happens if GPS goes out? What happens if a satellite goes down during mid-flight? What happens if your equipment on board your small unmanned aircraft no longer receives the GPS signal? We’ve had a lot of applicants say “if that happens I’m going to hover in place” The problem with that is most hover in place functionalities of UAS require GPS So if the GPS is down hover in place doesn’t necessarily work. So how are you going to accomplish a safe letdown of your UAS if GPS signal is lost? That’s something you have to consider in your application. We talked about this earlier is one of the key components or one of the considerations you have with operating beyond visual line of sight: weather. How are you as a remote pilot-in-command going to ensure that the weather you’re operating in and the cloud clearances that you’re maintaining for your aircraft are consistent throughout the entire flight when you cannot see your UAS. So I mentioned before radar doesn’t really radar will not show clouds so radar’s not a great tool to use for for cloud avoidance as required by 107.51 A lot of people say “oh I’ll pull weather from airports and reporting stations around”. That might work depending on your route of flight. But if you’re 10, 15, 20 miles away from that airport can you be sure that they whether you’re encountering is the same weather that they are encountering at the field. That’s something you have to consider Where is that weather source

reporting from? So there’s pre-flight requirements for weather as well. That’s something that you’re really going to need to research as a remote pilot-in-command operating beyond visual line of sight How are you going to tackle that that? That weather issue? Finally we wrap up here when we talk about transmitters or emitters and command and control links and things like that Do you have an FCC grant for the frequency spectrum that you’re going to use to operate your UAS. If you do include that in your application. Include the frequency license used by the unmanned aircraft or at the pilot station. If you don’t have a dedicated frequency (so you’re not sharing with everyone else) there is possibly a potential of you leasing a frequency from a license holder. That’s something that you can look into as well. If you’re going to do that and you’re going to lease a frequency to operate your UAS on make sure you include that lease agreement in your waiver application So remember the FCC requires that anything that transmits a signal has to be licensed and viewed by them and reviewed by them I should say before it’s allowed to operate. So it’s an FAA concern and it’s certainly an FCC concern when we’re talking about transmission. When you’re going to use emitters or transmitters make sure that you include in your application the frequency or frequencies that you plan to use to transmit on The type of antenna, the gain, the pattern or the maximum range, the transmission power, in watts and in decibel milliwatts that’s information that’s critical to your command-and-control link, the range of the UAS as well as FCC licensing. So make sure that when you’re applying for you Beyond Visual Line of Sight Waiver you get really into the detail on your transmitters because command-and-control is absolutely just as critical as “See and Avoid”. With your emitters whether they’re using a modulation or they’re the receiver sensitivity, system losses Do you have acceptable bit error rates? Again these are just some ideas that we want you to consider in your application This is all part of our Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines. So you all have access to these types of questions that I’m posing here today because they’re all part of that document so please review that document thoroughly. So three takeaways from this and I’m going to put one up here that’s not necessarily listed: Beyond Visual Line of Sight is not impossible to get, but it is a very complex high-risk UAS operation which will require a very thorough detailed risk mitigation strategy and risk analysis program that you have in your application. It’s not as simple it’s not as simple as answering yes/no on these Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines questions you really have to get into the nitty-gritty details when you’re talking about operating BV loss. So top three tips: know the airspace you intend to operate in, incorporate process to ensure that your remaining compliance with the other parts of the rule (things like not operating over people and whether requirements), also ensure that the remote pilot-in-command will have control of the unmanned aircraft at all times If GPS goes down if your command-and-control link goes down those types of things need to be addressed in your application. So where do you go for information? The usual suspects here: our FAA UAS website is a great one-stop shop for all your UAS needs, the DroneZone documents when you go to our DroneZone portal (you see the website on the screen there) that’s where you’re gonna have the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines that I’ve just reviewed with you all as well as application instructions our, webinar series viewed in its entirety is a great resource for you before you start your waiver application process. If you view this series you’re off to a tremendous start with your waiver application versus just trying it shooting in the dark and hoping you get a “yes” All of these videos are previously that will be recorded are put online. All the question and answers that you guys have been submitting and that we’ve been addressing will be put online and the website for that is on your screen there at www.FAA.gov/go/waiver. So that wraps up our short presentation here on Beyond Visual Line of Sight, as usual we’re going to take just a short break before we get into our live question and answer session. So I appreciate you tuning in please stick around because the Q&A pod will stay active throughout this time. You can still type in your questions to our experts who will try to get to them as quickly as possible and then the bottom another minute or so here you’re going to ask your question live on the air with me. So thanks again for joining us please stay tuned we’re just going to take a short break


Another Sight stream – 10 – Edison and his guards

Oh boy >> TESLA (coughing): Edison, what are you doing?! >> EDISON: I am looking for my niece [laughs] Oh, there you are, Catherine So Madame Blavatsky was right >> KIT: Uncle Thomas! >> EDISON: Are you all right, child? Did he hurt you? >> KIT: Hurt me? A-Actually, Mr. Tesla has been very kind and helpful >> EDISON: Do not trust this man. He is utterly mad! >> TESLA: Hah! You burst into my lab uninvited, Fisticuffs! damage my equipment, [chuckles] and you have the nerve to call me mad? >> EDISON: [chuckles] Yes Idealists like you are the very definition of insanity You find the world’s greatest power source, and you lack the imagination to realize it could make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams! [laughs] You may be technically brilliant, Tesla, but you make a lousy industrialist You’re as useless as a disconnected plug! >> TESLA: Science and knowledge will make the world a better place! >> EDISON: Industry can make the world a better place now Or do you want us to wait patiently in the Coal Age while you amuse yourself with your research? How did you get here, anyway? >> TESLA: I believe she may be unconsciously connected to the Node Have you considered the possibility that it may be drawing her towards it? >> EDISON: You see, Tesla, you can think straight That boy on the right with the beard when you make the effort Now, to the Node! [chuckles] >> TESLA: Wait! Just one minute, Edison! >> EDISON: I would be delighted to stay and chat, Tesla, but unfortunately time is of the essence Until we meet again Please, smash that generator! Time to go! Lead the way, Catherine [scoffs] >> KIT: I-I’m confused I-I need to think ‘Lead the way’? She can’t see And I want to know what happened to Father >> EDISON: Your father? It’s a long story, and now is not the time And you just smashed the generator for the elevator Come on! >> KIT: I’m not going anywhere until you tell me >> EDISON (growling): Very well If you really want to know, your father has been dead for ten years ‘Dead for ten…’ Now come with me! [Kit cries out] >> KIT: Get off me! Aah! Aah! [zap] [Kit and Edison cry out] [Kit screams] [Edison coughs] >> EDISON: You! Where is she? Where did she go? I can’t see a thing! Get her! [scoffs] Hmm >> KIT: Hodge! I’ve been worried about you! I’m so happy you’re still here [Hodge meows] Okay. Anything to this side? Or are you gonna not— not— not go that way Ah! There is a thing! [sighs] “Nikola Tesla biography unlocked.” “Electricity is spreading throughout the world “at the speed of lightning “and turning entire industries upside down “Many people tinker with it, “but only a few can really understand how it works “This Serb engineer from the Austrian Empire is one of them “Tesla’s unrivalled mastery of both theory and practice “makes him one of the most creative and prolific innovators “of our hectic technological age “His business relationship with Edison having turned “from positive to negative, “just like the alternating current Tesla champions—” [laughs] We gotta squeeze in that metaphor “—he is now engaged in research for Edison’s competitors, “and for his own pleasure “As unbelievable as it may sound, “there are rumours of a gigantic coil “that is able to send energy across great distances, “without any need for wires “However, while all eyes are turned up towards “Wardenclyffe Tower, “the transmission station he is building, “Tesla is secretly working underground “on an even more daring project: “harnessing the power of the Node itself! “Far from being the aloof scientist, “observing people as though they were interesting insects, “he feels sympathy for Kit’s plight, “and does his best to help her “despite being quick to understand “her newly-acquired skills, “and realizing that they could be turned to his own advantage “Kit, while grateful, “is not entirely sure she likes being in a laboratory “where technological death is lurking behind every corner.” [chuckles] All right, nothing more in this direction, but you’ll let me keep going? Nah, that’s it [conceding] All right And even though I’m with the cat, I’m still walking slowly

Guess that means we’re gonna be walking through some cut-scene text. Soon [chuckles] My father died ten years ago? How is that possible? I was with him this very morning! Maybe this morning was ten years ago Did Uncle Thomas mean I was adopted? Hmm Nobody ever mentioned anything to me! I mean, that’s a possibility, but given that was your first guess, I’m gonna say it’s wrong Who am I? And what am I supposed to do now? The Node. Everybody I’ve met down here has told me I’ll have to use its power I-I’ll have to make a choice! Did they tell you you’d have to make a choice? What sort of choice? There’s only one way to find out: Let’s find this Node once and for all! Did-Didn’t we I believe we had already seen it Hey, a person! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: What’re you after now? [laughs softly] Meow [laughs] I got an achievement for ‘Meow’ [Hodge meows] >> KIT (whispering): There’s somebody here. I’d better hide Oh. Okay Hey! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Scram! I guess— “Guards are looking for Kit “She can perceive their vision range “and hide in highlighted places to avoid being captured. X.” >> KIT: I suspect those guards aren’t exactly friendly “To exit a hiding place, first choose a direction “and then press the interaction button.” Okay “Hodge can meow to attract the guards’ attention, “and lead them away from Kit.” No, hide! >> GUARD: Check left, check right Nothing out of the ordinary here [scoffs] [Hodge meows] You again? [Hodge meows] Don’t test my patience [Kit gasps] There you are. Don’t move! Noo! Okay, the cat was not effective in hiding Thanks. [laughs softly] Buzz off! Oh, ‘lead them away from Kit’? Like [Hodge meowing] C’mere Search and capture! [Hodge meows] Psst! Get out of here! >> KIT: There’s somebody here. I’d better hide Hodge? [Hodge meows] Hodge! [Hodge meows] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hit the X button! >> KIT: I suspect those guards aren’t exactly friendly Hodge… listen [Hodge meows] Okay, where is… the fellah? Yeah >> GUARD: You again? Don’t test my patience I have not moved from in front of you! [laughs] ‘Again’ [Hodge meows] What are you after now? [Hodge meows] This is not good [Hodge meows] I think he can still hear me if I’m nearby Buzz off! Oh wait. She said we can see his range of vision, right? >> KIT: Hodge? [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: What are you up to? >> KIT: Hodge! [Hodge meows] [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Ah, there you are. Hands up! [Hodge meowing] Who is he talking to? He wasn’t talking to me [Hodge meowing] Yeah. C’mere! You again? Don’t test my patience [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] What was that noise? It was— [laughs softly] Scram! Oh. Okay So, while Kit can see basically nothing at all, I’m guessing Hodge has an, actually

[Hodge meowing] Psst! Get out of here! A greater range of vision than a human does What are you after now? [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Hey! [Hodge meows] No! Get out! Hey! Hodge! [Hodge meows] [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: You again? [scoffs] Don’t test my patience [Hodge meowing] >> KIT: Hodge? Listen [Hodge meows] Hodge? Listen Hey, Hodge! Are they looking for me? Why? Why not? Okay, I need >> GUARD: You again? Don’t test my patience, you little furball ‘Little furball.’ Hut, hut! Can I not…? There we go Okay, and there’s a.. a thing Whoa! Please don’t make me do it again! Okay, whew. [chuckles] Just wanna see if I… noo! [laughs] I just wanted to see if he can turn around and jump this way! The answer is no [metal clanking] Yeah, there’s no way the guard heard that Okay. Please don’t let me have to do that again Hi! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Let’s check it out [Hodge meows] The noise came from over here Yeah, he doesn’t have a lantern, Nah and he can’t see a cat sitting in front of his face, so [Hodge meows] Go catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meows] Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! C’mere! [Hodge meows] Get out of here! Gently walk off the edge! [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Oh, I hope they won’t see me here Hodge? Hey, Hodge! Hodge? Listen Hey! [grunts] Okay, I have no idea what’s over here Ngaah! No! Oh. Yeah [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Shoo, sorry, I ain’t got no food for you Hey, what’s up with that? [Hodge meows] No, I don’t wanna be up here It doesn’t do me any good to be up here [Hodge meowing] Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here Let’s check it out [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] That’s probably the best thing I could do Is if I could get him through here [Hodge meowing] She must be over there The noise came from over here C’mere [Hodge meowing] That’s the only thing that makes sense, is if I, like, lure him through the door somehow Come here! [Hodge meowing] No, he’s gone Oh, I guess she hides in there or something I guess that makes sense [Hodge meowing] Go catch some mice, eh? What’s up here? Who goes there? Who~? Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone! Oh wait, here’s a thing >> KIT: Hey, what a racket! Perhaps it will attract the guards [mechanical rumbling] [rumbling stops] [scoffs] Oh, he just turned it right off Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD 2: What was that noise? >> GUARD: Watch it! I’ve got a weapon

[scoffs] >> KIT: Hodge. Hodge! Hodge… Listen! Hey. Hey, Hodge! This is not safe Hodge, Hodge, Hodge. Listen [Hodge meowing] Hey! [Hodge meows] Okay >> GUARD: Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here C’mere! [Hodge meowing] Who goes there? Yeah. Just keep comin’ this way. As you do [Hodge meowing] Stay where you are! [Hodge meowing] Sorry! I ain’t got no food for you! >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] So much meowing! That was not good [grunts] Hodge! Hodge, listen Hey, Hodge! [screams] There were vines there! >> GUARD: Watch it, I’ve got— gotcha! [laughs] Noo! [imitating] ‘Ahyeuck, ahyeuck, ahyeuck’! She must be over there! [laughs] [Hodge meows] Go catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meows] Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] So much meowing! This is so not safe >> KIT: Oh, I hope they won’t see me here >> GUARD: Nah [Hodge meows] Let’s check it out Yeah, I really don’t Like, she should be able to The noise came from over here [Hodge meows] >> GUARD 2: Search and capture! Buzz off! More of this Whew! Wow So this goes on for a ways Dodging lots of guards More guards [sighs] Edison, why you do this to me? Oh, she has to go in and hide for me to get that Wow. Okay, so we have to come all the way over here That’s a mess. [laughs softly] Is this safe? Nope! Have I just locked my cat? Oh If I just go straight down Ooh Whoa. [laughs nervously] Okay So we’ll just occupy you over here [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Shoo! Stand over here… hey! Who goes there? It’s a cat Stay where you are! [Hodge meowing] Get out of here!

>> KIT: Hodge, listen! Hodge? Hey! Hey Hodge! Hodge? Hodge? Hodge! [Hodge meowing] Hey, hey! Hodge! Hodge! Listen! [scoffs] >> GUARD: Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone Just yell loudly for the cat, then just hope that, uh But if she— if she dies jumping down, then I don’t know what we do Or can she just go in there further than the cat can? She can’t be far! [chuckles] Indeed [Hodge meows] Let’s check it out [Hodge meowing] C’mere The noise came from over here [Hodge meowing] Okay, hup! Let’s escape Oh, I needed this device on to see what I was doing, right? >> KIT: Hodge, listen! [Hodge meows] What a racket! Perhaps it will attract the guards You’re not hiding! [Hodge meowing] Don’t tell me you can see her! >> GUARD: Watch it! I’m sorry, I ain’t got no food for you [Hodge meows] She must be over there Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone Whew! Yeah, these boys are super nearsighted Or, again, in the dark, which is also a possibility Um >> GUARD 2: Well, everything seems to be in order But something doesn’t feel [Hodge meows] What are you after now? >> KIT: Hey [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge? Hodge! Listen. Hey! [Hodge meowing] Hey Hodge! Hodge! She can’t jump off here [Hodge meowing] Hodge, listen [Hodge meows] Hey [Hodge meows] All right. Be the cat Great. This is not safe. Uh [Hodge meows] Go back and be hidden Well, [laughs softly] what passes for hidden You, come here >> GUARD: What if it’s a trap? Of course it’s a trap! [Hodge meows] She must be over there Where are you off to, furball? [Hodge meows] Get out of here! Meow! [laughs softly] [Hodge meows] Watch it! I’ve got… shoo [Hodge meows] C’mere, hup! C’mere! [Hodge meows] Go… catch some mice, eh? C’mere! [Hodge meows] [laughs softly] [sighs] Yeah, this is not gonna be good All right We’re gonna lure him away here And if we can get down… or if we can’t… we’ll take a break Have we lost my camera? That’s great Well, we’ll get to that in a second [Hodge meowing] Let’s check it out >> KIT: Hodge? Hey, Hodge! Oh no, I need the cat to [Hodge meows] see where I’m going! >> GUARD: Careful! You might get a nasty surprise! >> KIT: Hup! [Kit screams] Okay, so that’s just not gonna work All right I don’t know if I can be heard at the moment, uh, but we’re gonna take a break, uh, switch over hardware, start playin’ Mario, we’ll come back to this tomorrow Let’s see here All right, hey!


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