This is the story of the adventure of my life the big island crossing Freedom? Lonliness? Gratitude? Despair? Proud? Stop! Back to the beginning of the story Day 1 – 7:16am: The start of the tour Hello, I am Pavlos and I want to do something crazy When I informed the hotel, the reaction was: you are crazy, it’s winter! I am in the Canary Islands on La Palma and would like to make the big island crossing What’s the hard part about it? The start is a classic see-to-summit, from 0 meters to 2420 meters altitude At the start of the tour it’s hot and on the mountain -7 degrees Celcius It is only 10 hours bright, that means you can walk only a little bit, or in the dark I have not received permission to camp, Spanish authorities There is also no infrastructure, no hut with overnight stay, food and drink you have to carry everything yourself and above all a lot of water my backpack is extremely heavy Everyone said that I can not do it, but I’ll try it anyway. and if I fail, at least I have given everything Day 1 – 8:27am civilization bye, bye feeling note # 1: euphoria! On the sign is written: This way is only suitable for tough hikers! Day 1 – 7:16am always upwards. & pure sunshine

I’m only at 700 meters altitude, but my body screams 1000 meters altitude Day 1 – 2:17pm note #2 that’s crazy! Day 1 – 4:08pm still looking for a flat sleeping place I do not feel good. I can not find a suitable place to sleep moment, I have to breathe first I’ve done 1600 meters altitude I just want a place to sleep I can not get up circulation problems Day 1 – 4:58pm gratitude Finally I found a place to sleep On this site it goes steeply down, on the other side not quite so steep This is my tent, the problem is the lava floor But I will eat something delicious now Until now there is only light wind

When the wind gets stronger, I will get a problem See you later or tomorrow morning what worries me, I have seen several signs with a black dog and I do not know what it means Day 2 – 8:19pm overtired Good morning, what a hell night I woke up at night and I had slipped in the direction of the caldera and it went 1000 meters steeply down So I went on at night and looked for another place to sleep So I ran uphill and walked, walked, walked and I was in a bad mood I walked and walked and at sunrise I was near the summit up there is the summit! roque de los muchachos in 24 hours Day 2 – 8:57am roque de los muchachos (2426 meters altitude) it’s so cold up here Yesterday I drank 3.5 liters of water now I have space in the backpack how does that taste?

Terrible! Plan B Day 2 – 1:11pm it started harmlessly finally it is raining, so I solve my water problem I have not seen anyone for ages, why? 🙂 The rain does not fall vertically, not diagonally and not horizontal He comes from below and goes upstairs I do not know if you can understand me OMG A storm the water blows up and flows back to the feet madness, madness! there is the caldera and it goes 1000 meters deep down and there is the sea and here is a storm Day 2 – 2:30pm …and when I thought that it can not get worse it is so cold that ice forms the heaviest storm of my life can you hear me? the heaviest storm of my life Crap! Day 3 – 7:30am …with dry replacement set a beautiful good morning I slept on such a table until a park guard woke me up

He asked me if I have a permit on second please, I’m not multitask again: I slept on such a table until a park guard woke me up. He asked me in spanish if I have a permit I told him that I would like to have one, but the Spanish authorities are a bit slow 🙂 he did not understand that, since he could only speak 3 words of English this was the refugio el pilar now comes the volcano route It’s so cold, I have to walk… from here you can see a bit the way I walked so far I got started at the sea I stayed last night there then the hike on the caldera there was hell! hell! And the monster walk ends yesterday at midnight in the refugio el pilar Day 3 – 11:57am the volcano route I have now left the main route

I want to climb a volcano even if your legs hurt, let’s go! Day 3 – 1:04pm …over the top behind me is the north of the island from here you can see the weather zones of the island On this side is the capital and always clouds behind me the high mountains, sunny but very cold on this side are Los Llanos and Tazacorte als also always sun, every day Day 3 – 1:17pm …on the volcano Deseada to the lighthouse 22,3 kilometer normally I would go through this quickly but after these days I have no more words I really have no more words, I have to continue Day 3 – 3:49pm …a never-ending volcanic desert this would be a good place to sleep

but at 4.8 kilometers is Los Canarios a town I was 3 days in the mountains I dream from coffee, beer, pizza, burger a lot of unhealthy stuff if I kneel, I can not get up This is breathtaking, isn’t it? I’ll leave you alone with it day 3 – 7:51pm …longing for civilization just 500 meters, I’m so happy what’s this? A hiker? Day 3 – 8:04pm …fast food This shop takes the biscuits! I need fat There have hamburger and hamburger special, I suppose this is with egg Good night Day 4 – 9:36am let’s go! There is the lighthouse. The goal! Day 4 – 2:28pm …the last meters Day 4 – 2:31 …End of the tour

and still I went on They were only 4 days, but still an incredibly intense experience this tour had everything you need, pain, suffering, joy, pride, volcanoes, deserts, high mountains, storms All in all, my number 1 top tour It is not a mountain that you conquer, but your own That was Pavlos, gia sas Already subscribed?

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