♪The throne escape its fate♪ ♪Martial Soul pulls us together♪ ♪The scars on your face, hidden by your laughter♪ ♪Finding the lapis lazuli♪ ♪Looking back at our shattered memories♪ ♪Courage and belief will bring us to victory♪ ♪Nothing can replace the seven creatures♪ ♪Not giving up♪ ♪Life is full of ups and downs♪ ♪Who will stand for justice?♪ ♪Our memories together♪ ♪They should be cherished♪ ♪The short yet long four seasons♪ ♪If we must go through it♪ ♪Five years of separation♪ ♪Contains all the loneliness♪ ♪Courage to walk alone to a far distance♪ ♪It’s written in our teenage dreams♪ ♪We’ll remember this when we reunite once again♪ ♪Touching memories♪ ♪Not giving up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Such Mutated Martial Soul has a keen attack characteristic on top of the storm attack foundation Third soul skill, Gale Wings Brother, you must be careful I can’t await death without doing anything Brother No Random Air Hammer Skill [Soul Land] [Episode 90] Work hard. Must win It seems 15 teams of Tian Dou Empire who are qualified for the final round are joining the troop gradually San, what are you thinking about? I’m thinking that to us, they are not threats The real threat will be the chosen team from Martial Soul Hall Only by defeating them, we can be the final champion Indeed. Challenging them is going to be the biggest trial for Shrek Seven Devils Oh, right, Dean How is the competition venue, Martial Soul City? Martial Soul City almost belongs to Martial Soul Hall It’s located at the border of the two empires However, neither empires have its ownership Most importantly, one of the two noblest symbols of Martial Soul Hall, the Sacred Temple is located in Martial Soul City It seems there are a lot of things to eat and to explore After the tournament, we must have fun in Martial Soul City Martial Soul City However, the venue for the final round was not supposed to be in Martial Soul City For reasons unknown, Martial Soul Hall made a sudden decision of having the final round in Martial Soul City Sudden decision? Please hold on I would like to go to Chi Huo School Please allow me Brothers of Chi Huo School, may I come in?

Brother Xiao Tian, what’s the matter? Nothing. Is Huo Wu here? I’m here to apologize For what? You didn’t do anything wrong Huo Wu, sorry I couldn’t fulfill your request I was defeated by Tang San Stop it. You’re not wrong Since he’s the descendant of Hao Tian tribe, everything is reasonable It’s okay that you lost Right now, I just want to see how he defeat other opponents in the final round, and which place he will get Huo Wu, regarding us Get into the cart There are so many crows in this lousy place Why isn’t there anything else? Let’s get back into the cart Boss Dai, why are you keep staring at the cavalries? Do you want to be a warrior too? War soul masters have always been the best warriors There’s nothing to be envious about I was just observing them Royal Cavalry Troop is indeed the trump card of Tian Dou Empire Besides being disciplined, they’re very well-trained What’s so good about them? Isn’t that natural for cavalries? Boss Dai, why don’t we get out and have a look in the troop? Dude, what a weird idea do you have? Boss Dai isn’t the same when Zhu Qing is around Shut up Everyone, keep quiet Keep quiet. Something is happening Commander, everything is normal Why are there maple leaves here? Stop Everyone, be alert What’s going on? What’s happening? There’s nothing to be worried about There are so many Tian Dou Royal Cavalries. They can handle it Not to mention the leading teachers of every school It may not be Enemy attack! Formation The cart is an obvious target. Let’s get off [Soul Land]

Boss Dai, you’re indeed right They’re really well-trained Who dares to attack us sneakingly? Er Long, hold on Boss Frander, why are you stopping me? These stupid thieves Let me just beat them up It isn’t that simple Right now, the most important thing is to protect the children It seems the Cavalry Troop is starting to be threatened Children, activate your Martial Souls How many more rocks are there? Hide if you can. Reserve your soul power But don’t run away. Try to stay together Besides trying to deplete our soul power, they are using the rocks to separate the schools Hong Jun Qin Ming Thank you, senior. Are you okay? I’m fine Super Recovery Big Sausage Be extra careful It seems there are quite some prowlers That’s not good Assembly of Power Attack That’s not good That’s extravagant of them to send so many people

I’m not afraid It’s indeed so There are so many of them They’re obviously prepared Four versus one A pack strategy. I’m still not afraid Why don’t most of them activate their Martial Souls? In order to hide their true identities That’s good Spare your soul power. Smash the enemies Er Long, remember to take care of Qin Ming Don’t worry, Boss Frander That’s not good Fourth soul skill, Blade of Eagle Claws Fifth soul skill, Abyss of Tiger Roar Fire Dragon Strike Fifth soul skill, Carapace Shield Third soul skill, White Tiger Vajra Transformation Who told you to not activate your Martial Souls? Second soul skill, Nether Claws Don’t look down upon soul masters of Food Branch Third soul skill, Flying Phoenix Nine layers, nine colours. Jiubao Amber Pagoda Soul masters of Controlling Branch are never afraid of group fights First soul skill, Intertwine Godly Zhu Ge Crossbow, wind up Release Don’t move. Defend yourself Purple Demon Eye. Xuan Yu Hand San is demonstrating his power in all angles He is oppressing. He’s a Great Soul Land Master [Next Episode] Handle these children to me

Sadly, you have to die young here Guys, let’s fight or die trying Let’s see how I destroy you Eagle Owl’s True Form The kids are in danger Let’s get rid of the opponents soon and help the kids! Why? Why wasn’t me the one who got Lovesick Heartbroken Scarlet?

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