unless we come to recommend mi swaco visited before them come true fuck it is Miss Duvall mr. Godsey ah 45 Rice’s keep your plate away from the chill yeah a finger on me Oh your body should NY this for you show you where to attack so it does not say to me if you can only hit the right spot with your blade maybe you can drop his gun yeah maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe calculus so huh pela Paz okay ah fuck it the ball okay break this to you jack sure it’s misting also can’t lay a finger on me salsa fuck it in sixth of all can’t lay a finger on me like this me animals you can’t break this untraceable Oh hey Casey Jack I’m coming mission hi ROH happen I don’t look if you come mother’s visit to mr. zainer for carriage gar nix nix cannastar you can be cooler than that Shack what about right keep your blade away from the chill your body should analyze it for you show you where to attack so

definite response– Ozma las a las casas English also I need to just agree to this effective restricted after this day next day if you can only hit the right spot with your blade maybe you can drop his gun make up a funny question of Chucky lay a finger on me 15 ha ha hold on his throne 21 mins oh yeah Hey lay a finger on me drum you aww ah Oh it’s brewed mine hand sorry this is goddess will be a traitor by suspicion it comes to you the shower oh yeah Oh God that’s my new mahina gets cut off no positives go to hello Natalie will come to lick by deem fit camp in metal engines my name is smokey once twice home excited with tempo why smile it’s the clan apology from you since official I even know what’s illegal say good Ian’s I Nia wasn’t puts it away come can’t lay a finger on me get out hahaha mystic a moment does a human golf swing suck minus the fucking dumb on stage not so my mom as I’m shoot the liner cool silicon ok this is kimo guilty I’m fucking in victim are missin ish you can’t lay a finger nobody’s ever come vistage of smaller yes i love HD hey lay a finger on me now

get to that sugar man Rachel Morris yeah kiss you I’m fucking in honest ok sergeant I’m a sonic sokkia a lucky and risk Ian yeah no that’s my quarterman purchase guns you can’t lay a finger on me margin but brilliant a museum okay to the mostest bad oh come on oh yeah smiler Tony can’t bring their missiles own flag up piss on her choice 5 episode yeah can’t break this to you london ouster younger position of the kids ready shelter ha don’t do some me the cops take this nap pocono langoustine Minnesota’s me fucking it aha oh hi o malley vivillon excess kyun na hamano I understand can’t lay a finger on me hold on Easter all right listen it’s gonna pick up a fuck it is vegetable don’t publish the preference like institution okay lay a finger on me yeah Oh can break this team ah yeah that money shoe today three times over Jackie can get ya shit rock climbing through the buds good under soon yeah

haha oh yeah joses a few okay come down your this is caca boiler Oh Oracle’s hello sleeping off cool uh yeah ah hello Vaslav developers there that’s enough hundred months azul to vegetables it’s over whoo boy Jack what happens in three hours he’ll launch operations cocoon say who I’m strong I’ve already said too much I have a call to make got yourself shaving what happened well you’ll get your wish up to you now riding here I’ve taken Marshall HQ yeah I have just entered Denver airspace I would be there soon hurry slice what sundowner said I know anything that’ll rival 911 cannot be good and in three hours maybe less he said even knock to could not get there in time if he was serious that’s over 4,000 miles away 45 hundreds so whatever it is it’s not happening on American soil if it’s gonna spike demand for PMC’s it’s got to be a political hot spot a coup or civil war in a stable region wouldn’t have a domino effect and they’d want to draw in a superpower what the president he’s on his way to Pakistan if something happens to him there oh shit the war on terror part to contact the military official channels are frozen since Mexico unofficial channels will play too long besides what’s our proof who’s gonna believe us over World Martial then we have to get there first Nieves mozna impossible it is the other side of the planet even if we were in the world’s fastest jet right now it’s not even close hold up it’s not a jet we need Kourtney and our lb would make it with time to spare hmm that’s mock 23 if we’re talking one atmosphere 17,000 650 miles per hour that will beat pakistan in under half an hour right contact solace ok that is fo don’t need the amsco shaft you BRB BSB st BTW yeah he invested thousands what fuck online copper and I cling fuck yeah dad I’m on supplies

man’s a Madonna GM 30,000 my cookin yo da man puzzle coppa oh the effin is it makes two yall sell anymore Mya copper now as you can do our thing avandia photographer my son of coughs here no abortion the comedy show beside you think I’ve oily better focus on the manganese so afflicted with the investor pick up Oscar boosted movie was ready for a small cottage garden to lens and realizing okay what if I she tests the new screenland so then the noid badass system they have noise fuckin annoy fucking buffer one can’t attack in the vimana hi the booze mention cargos all set to go sir excellent commencing takeoff in semi auto mode you know this kind of space launch once required days of preparation soulless has been conducting test flights almost every day for the last six months as long as we’re not breaking atmosphere they said they can re-route today’s flight no problem amazing the earth is the cradle of humanity but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever I’m only going as far as the thermosphere this thing can’t pass the Karman line that lunar vacation we’ll just have to wait and hear I was hoping you might bring me back a monolith scheisse two bogeys closing fast is it who else the flight pattern suggests unmanned in q3 twenties oh oh this is a transport chopper our defensive options are limited miss I is incoming ah EMP yes but not strong enough to take out the drone Oh please they come I’ll handle this either have a nice flight and people say Germans aren’t funny um kids the city mr. Maliki’s I Dryden there it is all right bring the chopper around I’m just gonna ding ling mr whoa yeah looks method you in three states oh okay I’m coming back this is easier sense and Daniel good hmm

whoa nothing Oh y la habana jos signal as well as the English escucho diversity I am sorry my friend your sacrifice will not be forgotten pretty hit stored huh that was quite the fall right then yeah Vaughn chamisha fire about reasons not to forget that the Matheny some bad but then I a smoky but I

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