We have to prepare for rougher times – For sure We have to think back to what we experienced when we were traveling as kids And we were thinking: Thank you German Railways that you in these pre-war-times – hopefully not but maybe – get rid of the dining wagon So there`s only this bistro left where you don`t want to get in anyway because because who wants to meet tipsy older couples who just went to see the Lion King Musical in Hamburg? Yeah well either you meet couples who were just going to a musical or traveling craftsmen with 400 wrenches around their belt “HELLO SCHMIDT, NO SHOW TONIGHT?” “WHERE DID YOU LEAVE YOUR ANDRAX?” And because of that Eating like in the good old times – we take it ourselfes Mr. Andrack prepared some food for me and I prepared for him I dont know what he prepared for me and inverse.Sven and Bettina bought the ingredients but We prepared the sandwiches ourselfes – IF THERE ARE SANDWICHES Everthing prepared ourselfes – “And packed ourselfes” We go over there now, this is our train. Very Brecht-like. Away from this Sauerkraut-Realism where you build whole trains for theater – a Brecht-style train We can wobble a bit… – We have to play that, yes We do not know what we will be saying, we just jump into the scene Spontaneous theater! And we do not know what we will be talking… it`s gonna be very exciting I am sure So where is your stuff, I dont see it? Haha, yes it`s well hidden I have my stuff here already The original “I-took-some-food-for-the-way”-bags Where do you want to sit? It has to be somehow realistic, not naturalistic. We explain the difference between naturalism and realism later during a 6 hour presentation But for real – 3 bags, isnt that a bit much? – Nah For two people? – You said it has to last 8 hours to Travermünde Yes, it has to last until Travermünde But I have to say For our seniors it doesn`t matter if you go from Köln to Horren Or from Budapest to Reykjavik It`s always the same amount of food which is being taken This is the kind of bag here which was sewed already once And this is the one that was laying inside folded before In what kind of train are we sitting? Yeah, well in the train where you observed this, Paris-Köln – “Talis” Or Trier – Köln – Emden Formerly “InterRegio”, overpainted, same old wagons but is called “InterCity” now and costs more Stops also in a lot of smaller places like Kochen, Wittlich, Okay then we are in this train. The other one doesnt stop so often We go from Trier to…. let`s see No, we board in Wittlich were we visited the wine-festival Yes. We visited the children Are we married? Yes. I am the wife Okay, we visited the children And we have to play now.. this is great. This is oldschool theater -All the time? Ah wait no, I have to go this way This is the classical improviational-theater movement for train-scenes We suppose the window is here, so we can play towards the camera. Professional There`s the Mosel (river), you are sitting in the driving direction Yes, but wait. We should.. let`s switch for a moment. I first sit here I sit here And now the train starts So that I can say: “Hach, now I do sit wrong after all…” To the side there sits a rich widow

Where? Here Who has here ugly winter boots She has a hat and a cotton coat and she has her ugly winter boots laying on the seat Nobody does that, no Rapper, no Punk, nobody – just this rich old widow And she tries to open a conversation with us But we cant, we have to concentrate on ourselfes. We have to take pills in regular times We`re also a bit disappointed by the visit to the children In the beginning there is silence, right? – Yes, but then be silent. – In a sketch you have to say that there is silence! In private television we have no money for playing silence. We have to do something And then there is a great opening sentence by me Or do you want? – No – I have a great opening sentence! But wait for a bit – Yes I wait a bit Attention Snow You would not have noticed that there is a meter of snow outside Do you remember when we were at Mosel-Sirsch with the children, when they were three years old? They weren`t three years old back then Back then.. Günter.. had such a bad cold that winter Do you want to eat something? – Yes There`s already an accusation within this question. This is tough to play.. a kind of This question means: “I bet you again dont want to eat anything even though you know how much work I put into this” I try to play it Do you want to eat something? Yes Dont you have something else for the start – Yes I made sandwiches Here is some tea… Careful, it`s hot Put this on your pants – Yeah enough Yes well I have to wash it in the end, dont I? I like back tea Yes, you like black tea, dont you? Its not so strong because Did you take your pills? – Yes When do we arrive? Do you have the tickets? – Yes Another three hours until Köln – Yes Did you write down Walters number? – Yes Do you want this? – What is it? Chicken – Excuse Me? Chicken From yesterday evening Wait, I give you something for your hands Its very clean Do you want tea? I already have I was just asking Shouldnt we eat a bit later?

I pack it back Please you close it, I cant with the mediacal lotion on my hands Do you want an orange? – Later What is this? – Sandwiches With or without butter? What is on them? You know I dont eat pork You dont eat pork? – I dont eat pork For real you dont eat pork? – For real Why not? It´s unhealthy It was expensive Now look at this, isnt that disgusting? With this fat stuff there Do you want a cheese sandwich? – Yes, if its without butter Thank you Now look at this, there is a lot of butter on it I dont eat butter There even is still the plastic wrapping! Oh no, I did not see that I didnt see it. I can scratch off the butter I have to vomit – You can`t eat butter at all? – No, and no magerine Why not? Okay, so when I was 4 or 5 years old, my mom always made me butter breads for the kindergarden. I had it

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