♪The throne escape its fate♪ ♪Martial Soul pulls us together♪ ♪The scars on your face, hidden by your laughter♪ ♪Finding the lapis lazuli♪ ♪Looking back at our shattered memories♪ ♪Courage and belief will bring us to victory♪ ♪Nothing can replace the seven creatures♪ ♪Not giving up♪ ♪Life is full of ups and downs♪ ♪Who will stand for justice?♪ ♪Our memories together♪ ♪They should be cherished♪ ♪The short yet long four seasons♪ ♪If we must go through it♪ ♪Five years of separation♪ ♪Contains all the loneliness♪ ♪Courage to walk alone to a far distance♪ ♪It’s written in our teenage dreams♪ ♪We’ll remember this when we reunite once again♪ ♪Touching memories♪ ♪Not giving up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] I, Emperor Xue Ye of Tian Dou Empire, on behalf of my empire, and on behalf of the organizer of this competition, announce that Continental Soul Master School Elite Tournament now begins! Shrek School versus Tian Dou Imperial School Second Team! Since you have the confidence, I will give you another challenge Secure victory within one minute [Soul Land] [Episode 69] A bunch of losers Continental Soul Master School Elite Tournament, preliminary round one, match three, Tian Dou Imperial School Second Team versus Shrek School! They indeed are a bunch of losers Who would cheer for losers? Shrek School, go for it! Just admit your defeat, losers! Rong Rong Shrek School wins not with our popularity, but with our strength This is my flower? Shrek Seven Devils, fighting! Greetings to each team [ Tian Dou Imperial School] VS [Shrek School] Countdown to start! Three! Two! -Go for it! -Go for it! -One! -Win the round! Preliminary round one, match three! We’ll proceed with plan A We must defeat them within one minute -Starts! -Trigger your martial souls Decade Millennium Soul Ring? This should have been the glory of Tian Dou Imperial School

The Decade Millennium Soul Ring? Is this the team that gained your favor? Yes, Your Majesty My daughter is in that school as well In that case, Shrek School is mentored by your tribe personally? They were meant to join Tian Dou Imperial School But Prince Xue Xing expelled them Then the Shrek School was founded What? Attack Hurry up! We need to make the first move! Third Soul Skill, White Tiger Vajra Transformation! Third Soul Skill, Sirius Morph! Third Soul Skill, Berserk Lion Roar! Second Soul Skill, Bronze Ring Confine! You fell for it! -Victory for Tian Dou! -Victory for Tian Dou! Third Soul Skill You fell for it Fourth Soul Skill, Blue Silver Cage! What? It’s a crowd control skill Tang San just unleashed a crowd control skill! -My goodness! -That is awesome! This is bad Fourth Soul Skill! Impossible! They can’t break my skill so easily! Fourth Soul Skill, White Tiger Meteor Strike! War soul master at Level 44 with White Tiger Meteor Strike! The power is at the level of a soul king! This is not a competition This is utterly They are killing people! Shrek School Stop it! Referee, this is not a battle, they are killing! This is against the rules I request to hold them Referee, are they dead? Our Support Branch soul master specializes in healing She triggered her Martial Soul to heal the enemy team Do you mean they don’t need our healing? Curse you! You won’t get away with this We admit the defeat Preliminary round one, match three, Shrek School won! They surrendered? That was barely a minute. This match is rigged!

Maybe the hideous uniform injected fear into the opponents Let’s go [Soul Land] I’ll take my leave now Where are you going? The little devils are doing so well I must get more sponsors for them Brother San, that was great! I don’t want to wear this uniform ever again This is embarrassing Boss Dai, even Wu hates the outfit We boys don’t care much about our appearance, but Wu and Rong Rong wear that ugly thing, Boss Dai, don’t you feel bad at all? He has a point, Boss Dai You should figure something out for us Boss Dai Even if you don’t care about these brats, what about Wu, Zhu Qing, Jiang Zhu, and me? Don’t worry about it I will come up with something Let’s go back to the campus I don’t want to be watched as an animal Rong Rong Father Hello, kids from Shrek School Greetings, Chief Ning For now, I am just Rong Rong’s father I am just an elderly man, I am not your chief Congratulations, San You got the Decade Millennium Soul Ring I am flattered, Uncle Ning Rong Rong got her fourth ring as well I discussed with His Majesty just now Tian Dou Imperial School welcomes you We’re doing good in Shrek School Thank you, Uncle Ning I should thank you The hidden weapons you made for us are very handy Rong Rong, go on with your friends Otherwise, I might be said to abuse authority They can gossip all they want We won with our own effort Before you leave, introduce your friends to me This is Miss Jiang Zhu She is a Tool Soul Master at Level 35 from Healing Branch Miss Jiang Zhu’s Martial Soul is very special Focusing on healing will bring you a bright future Senior Huang Yuan’s Martial Soul is the Lone Wolf He is a storm attack soul master Senior Jing Ling uses Skeleton Martial Soul, Keen Attack Branch You’ve met Brother Tai Long, pure strength type soul master This is the boss of Shrek School He is also our captain Dai Mu Bai the Evil Eye White Tiger He is already a Soul Master at Level 44 at such a young age I saw your battle just now You’ve achieved much at this age, I am sure you’ll have a bright future Are you interested in visiting the Qibao Amber tribe someday? I appreciate the offer, Uncle Ning We will visit the tribe if we ever get the chance Evil Eye White Tigers? I see it now He is Oscar, his Martial Soul is sausage He is the second person in charge of us, a Tool Soul Master at Level 41 from Food Branch Food Branch? Level 41? Uncle Ning, I admire the Qibao Amber tribe I wonder if I have the honor to join your cause? You don’t admire the Chief You admire his daughter I would like to recruit you With your talent, boy, the door of Qibao Amber tribe is always open for you Father, you can’t call him “boy” That would make you much older

The joy got messed with my head Ao has a great future in the Food Branch You know Brother San well Over here is Brother Ma Hong Jun His Martial Soul is Phoenix, Level 41 from Storm Attack Branch Phoenix? Are all of you above level 40 already? Wu hasn’t reached level 40 yet But she didn’t use the premium herbs Otherwise, her level would be much higher Hello, Uncle Ning Do you have another daughter as beautiful as Rong Rong? If I could marry your daughter, I’ll join Qibao Amber tribe right away But Rong Rong is the only daughter I have If she is willing to do so, I have no objection Perhaps I should get myself a pretty wife instead You said it yourself The door of Qibao Amber tribe will always be open for us Yes, the Qibao Amber tribe welcomes you at all time Zhu Qing is a soul master at level 41 from Keen Attack Branch She is working tag-team with Boss Dai Be sure to visit the Qibao Amber tribe next time I am glad to meet talented young people like you today You may go back now I need to have a word with San That is not fair You care more about him than me I do wish I could have a son like Tang San Father, did I make you proud as well? Uncle Ning, is there anything I can do for you? I need you to meet someone Your father went missing right after becoming the Grand Soul Land Master, This person knows some information [Shrek School] I wonder how the tournament is going [Next Episode] Even if you will become the Grand Soul Land Master, you won’t be a qualified soul master from Support Branch Three seconds? Master, how do you know the secrets of Qibao Amber tribe? But all the clues are connected to one location Where is the place? After this battle, the Hao Tian tribe faded from people’s attention What about my mother?

In that case The question lies with what the secret item actually is Your father wouldn’t offend the Martial Soul Temple for a beast

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