♪ Waking up in a nightmare ♪ ♪ Facing this cruel world ♪ ♪ Whose heart is flipped ♪ ♪ Missed farewell to lover ♪ ♪ If the ending is tragic ♪ ♪ Fearlessness is born in adversity ♪ ♪ Even if the wings are torn ♪ ♪ And fall back to the abyss ♪ ♪ Hold your hands and move forward ♪ ♪ Never stopping day or night ♪ ♪ Transcending time and distance ♪ ♪ I may be hurt and heartbroken ♪ ♪ Yet I’ll be brave and fight on ♪ ♪ As a hero ♪ ♪ Looking up, conflicts and war never stops ♪ ♪ Looking back, you are always there ♪ ♪ Lash out the curse in life ♪ ♪ Let the story be eternal ♪ ♪ Martial Soul surges aggressively ♪ ♪ To embrace your lone wolf braveness ♪ ♪ Even if the future is harsh ♪ ♪ I will never give up ♪ ♪ When there is no way out in reality ♪ ♪ Hope is vexed by desolation ♪ ♪ Yet smiling freely ♪ ♪ Hammer protects Blue Silver Plant ♪ ♪ The power of twin souls illuminates ♪ ♪ Surviving in every plight ♪ ♪ I will never give in ♪ [This animation is based on the novel of Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] It’s neidan Be careful. It’s going to take us down with it To Kill or to be killed, what’s your choice? Ten-headed Burning Sun Serpent I almost ended up death in there Your destination is Slaughter City Three to go Tang Yin, do you want to die? Just hang in there. If I’m not wrong, we’re almost out I can’t resist it anymore Insensate me Please bring me out Do it. Hurry up [Soul Land] [Episode 118] The exit is about 2 kilometers away, 200 meters up on the cave top It seems that the only way is to jump up and then climb to the exit The limit of Blue Silver Emperor is 120 meters It’s 100 meters away from there What should I do? I can’t wake her up If she loses control and attacks me, I’ll stand no chance How could it be It seems like it absorbs the soul power from Netherland There’s no way out Am I going to end up here? San, although I’m strict to you, I know you’ll come out alive Dad must be waiting for me Give it a try The limit of Flying Godly Claw is 30 meters If I combine it with Blue Silver Plant, there’ll be around 70 meters left This is the only chance The newly evolved Eight Spider Bone, I’ll bet everything on it I can’t reach it

Is it because of her weight? Will I die here? No. Purple God Light I’ll never forget the critical challenges I’ve taken these two years Collapse, Slaughter City It’s cold. Is it the domain with the condensed heinous spirit? Why are there so many strange lines on it? Is this the domain of Death God? Can you feel it? We have the same domain of Death God She has no heinous spirit We’ve saved each other once Are we even now? But I still want to thank you for not abandoning me Why are there so many burns on his body, while mine Never mind We worked together and did our parts Anything else? I If nothing, I should get going Well, he has no other intention other than saving my life I’m done. You may leave Tang Yin San I know it. Dad’s waiting for me Dad You’ve been doing great for the past two years Let’s go You must have lived a hard life these years Dad, do you have the domain of Death God as well?

Are you aware of how it works? Robust vibes You’re right. Robust vibes Remember, the innate domain of martial soul is not restricted by your twin one How do you know? Because there was someone who did it before Bibi Dong, the pope? I’m willing to pass through Hell Road with the Emissary of Hell Calm down. If I’m not wrong, we’re almost out Tie the rope to your tail Those who collaborated to challenge Hell Road had their own intentions I’m Tang Yin Tang Yin, why am I from Martial Soul Hall while you’re from Hao Tian Tribe? Elder Gui. Elder Ju [Soul Land] He’s so handsome His refined features His gallant manner All these can’t be concealed by his gross icy heinous spirit It’s OK. Don’t mind them I’m used to it these two years Wow, he looks attractive even from the back Both of them are handsome -Hurry up -Brother, wait for me -Follow me. Come on -Wait for me Watch out It’s been 20 years Dad Is it time for you to tell me the past now? You haven’t met my requirements No? How should I do that? Your robust vibes are too evident You need to learn how to conceal it among the soul masters When can I This is Moon Pavilion Yes I’m sorry. Please stop there Scruffily dressed visitors are not allowed in the Moon Pavilion Go away Such powerful vibes You’re right Tell Yue Hua that the obscure full moon marks the arrival of old acquaintance A visit from an old acquaintance? Please wait a moment Manager Oudy, he’s looking for the Madam Moon Pavilion only welcomes elegant guests. Please see them out You’re too superficial. Get lost How dare you! Don’t kill. Don’t damage this place Merely two soul sects above level-40 San

Their arms are broken inch by inch. You I’ve already been easy on them Moon Pavilion won’t endure your brutality This is impossible Last warning to you. Leave now King of Haunted Vine? Haunted Vine Spike How come my martial soul is immobilised? It’s like being oppressed Is this your limit to control it? Blue Silver Emperor could suppress any martial soul from plant by its aura It’s not easy to cultivate soft vines to such needle-like form Such a pity Domain of Death God What skills are you using? Don’t you understand? Check this out carefully San’s heinous spirit is out of control San, stop it. It’s enough First soul skill Intertwine San Dad Feel it with your heart Is this… the domain? Spreading the power of domain via the rhythm What a powerful skill! Although it’s not as oppressive as the domain of Death God, its gentle and elegant power has made people follow with it unconsciously Yet her soul power couldn’t be noticed Is she the Grand Soul Land Master who can conceal her strength completely? What happened? [Since the commencement of animating Soul Land on April 1st, 2017,] [118 episodes has been completed and broadcast for nearly 1207 days.] [Total minute of the animation: 1779] [Total scene: 46104] [Total CGI: 24480] [Total plan of action scene: 9892] [Total scene model: Nearly 495] [Total character model: Nearly 931] [Total props model: 13324] [Appreciate your continuous support and love,] [we will definitely keep on striving.] [Dream of Soul Land illuminates our martial soul,] [vibrant youth with your presence.] [Next Episode] What’s going on?

Is she the owner of Moon Pavilion? No wonder her temperament is so extraordinary She’s comparable to Bibi Dong It’s me, Yue Hua Is it really you? How did you You must go back with me Go back? I’m no longer part of Hao Tian tribe You can’t imagine how miserable he is Stop it The moment when Yin died, my heart had died too Besides, he’s the son of Yin and me Your son?

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