♪Waking up in a nightmare♪ ♪Facing this cruel world♪ ♪Whose heart is flipped♪ ♪Missed farewell to lover♪ ♪If the ending is tragic♪ ♪Fearlessness is born in adversity♪ ♪Even if the wings are torn♪ ♪And fall back to the abyss♪ ♪Hold your hands and move forward♪ ♪Never stopping day or night♪ ♪Transcending time and distance♪ ♪I may be hurt and heartbroken♪ ♪Yet be brave to fight on♪ ♪As a hero♪ ♪Looking beyond, conflicts and war never stops♪ ♪Turning behind, you are always there♪ ♪Lash out the curse in life♪ ♪Let the story be eternal♪ ♪Martial Soul surges aggressively♪ ♪To embrace your solitary braveness♪ ♪Even if the future is harsh♪ ♪I will never give up♪ ♪When there is no way out in reality♪ ♪Hope is vexed by desolation♪ ♪Yet smiling freely♪ ♪Hammer protects Blue Silver Plant♪ ♪The power of twin souls illuminates♪ ♪Surviving in every plight♪ ♪I will never give up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] No mercy for those who resist Brother Today, Shrek stays together in life and death Wu, run -Mum -Run My sixth soul skill defeats all physical defence -Mum, let me protect you this time -Run You’re as stupid as your mother Cocky Martial Soul Hall I’m back [Soul Land] [Episode 108] Dad Lord Hao Tian? Worthy of being The Grand Hao Tian Master Tang Hao, how dare you be rude before The Sacred Temple The Sacred Temple? The imperious one Look carefully, this is the real Hao Tian Form How dare you, Tang Hao Martial Soul Form I’ll fight you till the end The power Hao Tian Hammer is overwhelming

What Martial Soul Hall has owed me, I want you to repay all one day Master, Frander No words can express my appreciation to thank you for tutoring my son I’ll never forget He took away San and Wu Tang Hao only suffered slight injury from the attack of Martial Soul Hall He crushed the crucial statue of Martial Soul Hall The pope is not his target, but The Sacred Temple, which is a symbol of Martial Soul Hall Qibao Form He took away the Century Millennium Soul Beast Your Holiness No need to chase Tang Hao. He’s too robust I’ve been practising these years and finally reaching the level of the Grand Soul Land Master But, when we are confronting with Tang Hao, he’s just too oppressive This bastard is too rampant Your Holiness, it concerns the dignity of Martial Soul Hall If we can tackle Tang Hao easily, how could he live until now? It’s not the time yet How about them? Let them leave Martial Soul Hall now Let’s go Tang Hao, we’ll settle our hatred one day San’s dad is awesome I’ve decided to make him my role model If it wasn’t Tang Hao’s presence, perhaps none of us could have left Chief Ning, you may bring back Rong Rong Kids have graduated since the competition ended You’ve seen it yourself, we’ve offended Martial Soul Hall We expect to face a harder time in future It’s time to go back since she’s graduated Mr. Frander Qibao Amber tribe is always your friend Chief Ning May I join Qibao Amber tribe? Of course. We greatly welcome you I was going to tell Oscar about the tribe’s rules after the competition Each of you is very welcome to join Qibao Amber tribe Thank you, Chief Ning Zhu Qing and I are from Xing Luo Empire We want to return home since we’ve been away for years How about you? Count me out as well I like freedom like Brother San I plan to hang around on the continent Afterwards, I’ll go back to school to help out I’ve never expected you brat Worthy being my disciple All of you are great You’ll be successful wherever you go Qibao Amber tribe always welcomes you with open arms Please don’t be sad to say farewell It’s hard for me to say goodbye In those days we were practising, I always thought it was too long and tedious In fact, it’s the greatest moment to be with you all Same here. I can’t believe we’re parting now Little Freaks Although you have your own life and future, Shrek is always your home

Dean Sadly, San and Wu aren’t here I’m curious about how they are now They’re safe to stay with The Grand Hao Tian Master [Soul Land] Good girl Mum Mum Brother! This is Brother San’s dad? You’re awake? Thank you That’s fine. As a soul master, I should lock you up and kill you when Tang San needs you Give him your soul ring and soul bone But, as a father, I would make another choice Is it because of my relationship with San? Girl, do you know Tang San’s mother is the same as you She’s a Century Millennium Soul Beast too You should go now San will get into trouble if you stay with him Do you oppose us being together? No. Why would I? Didn’t I make the same choice back then? But, when his mother and I were together, my soul power has transcended Level 70 Both of your levels are too low At least, his father isn’t opposing Go, return to the place you should be That’s the safest place for you Back then, I thought I was strong enough But our ending was still a tragedy I don’t wish to see the same tragedy happens to my child I wonder when we will see them after this farewell How about we make a five-year promise? Let’s meet at Shrek after five years, okay? Good idea Great. Let’s keep this promise whether rain or shine Take good care of yourselves Don’t forget to practice even after you graduated Well, it’s time to say goodbye Let’s leave Martial Soul City now Mr. Frander, we’ll take our leave first Take care, Fatty Can I leave after he wakes up?

Will he let you go by then? Go. Here isn’t far from Star Dou Forest You’re the first man who combs my hair and the only one Forever Does it matter being a human or a beast? Instead, a beast’s feeling is more sincere Dad I finally meet him Sit down Don’t look around. She’s gone Gone? Why? Because she has to Let me ask you a question Are you able to protect her with your current strength? I [Next Episode] Changing form?

Forming into human is a tough journey Death is unavoidable Dealing with Martial Soul Hall, there’s no way to escape You can only live in the dark forever What’s going on? We can’t be together Ao Something behind the waterfall is responding to my spirit power

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