hey I can arvo wouldn’t shut up so I moved him in here seen that look before I’ve seen it to a few times then you know what’s about to happen I know ken he’s a nice guy Clem I bet Carver was a nice guy too once probably had a nice job a nice pretty wife then all this happened one day he caved some kids face in and realized he could sleep at night Kenny isn’t Carver he just made a mistake all I’m saying is start thinking about what happens if you’re wrong you to fill each other a long time sooner or later you’re gonna have to decide how much that’s worth I think it needs food or something seems like you’ve done that before I guess we’re getting close that’s what worries me there’s not much left I was running with some people a long time ago down near DC some guy got trapped middle of a crosswalk can’t remember his name he has to call me Mary Jane he was a douche bag anyway the dick got stuck under a car hiding from a dozen walkers one after another they went down there trying to save him lost four people before we got him out when they had to try right didn’t find out till later he was already bit turn and rip the neck right out of this old lady the look on her face was she’s just staring up at the sky like she was watching a bird look yevadu oft got it working it works what I tell you so what’s the plan how much food do we have at least a week and for the baby we need to find a place for the baby yeah someplace warm I agree we should head back south what what kind of freeze to death I don’t know whose stupid idea was to march up here in the first place but it was a bad one she’s right what if we went back to house wait what fuck that i was thinking more like texas texas the fuck it was just an idea we already talked about this I’m sorry we were going to find Wellington right Clem Wellington Kenny it’s freezing up here man it’s only gonna get my snowsuit we came this far we’re not going back Jane’s right we should head south we’re going to freeze to death up here and it’s the best thing for the baby I thought we’d go back to Mike sure whatever look I don’t give two shits about what you people think I got this truck working so I say where we go and we’re heading fucking north it’s the best chance we got to help in AJ what about our bow who oh the russki yeah he ain’t comin with us you’re just gonna leave him here I don’t give a good goddamn where he goes he’s done he could die we should ask him what he wants there’s a concept he knows the area he can help us oh yeah some help he spend he got Luke killed I gotta say he helped the situation but maybe if you’d eased up on him before he wouldn’t run away in

the first place everything about that Kenny either way I’m not going anywhere in the middle of the yeah me neither there could be a herd out there you want that child’s blood on your hands Mike we’re all gonna die out here if you don’t calm the fuck down Kenny haven’t we been through enough for one day jesus fucking christ remember the last time we had a working car and SAT around on our asses clam I’m going inside god damn it Kenny don’t listen to them you better talk some sense in him for his sake Oh God can you / the deal get the fuck out of here it’s me clam sorry just give me a second close the door what was that back there I expected more out of you clam you know I only want what’s best for that child how could you embarrass me like that after all we’ve been through you’re scaring me scared what’s there to be scared about look we got maybe a day’s worth of food for that kid left that’s it to him think about Rebecca and Alvin I mean what if Lee hadn’t gone tearing across half a Georgia looking for you a lot of folks died to make that happen a lot of folks died to get us this far we owe it to them to see this done I know you’re right someone’s got to keep this group together that kids depending on us I wish Lee was here what do you think he’d say I think he’d tell me that he doesn’t have all the answers and that we should stay away from cities we can’t just give up on this kid I mean what’s the point of going on after that that’s what people likely knew and what people like Jane won’t ever understand look I know Wellington might be bullshit but where there’s smoke there’s fire Krista heard about it too right you know when I first saw you back at that Lodge thought I was dreaming and when you SAT with those people at dinner well I knew you were growing up and yeah I felt sad but also pride pride I hadn’t felt in a long time but I need you now Clem there have to be folks doing better than us it’s the only chance that child has yeah but we can’t do it alone we need the others that’s why I got to be able to count on you clam we gotta convince him you and me look we’ll figure everything out in the morning come on let’s get some sleep so we got to be ready oh man she been cut in on heroism so decision spawn dido

easy easy now step back clown shit what are you doing I got the rest of it clam we’re just leaving now keep it down all right nobody else has to get involved where are you going anywhere but here what do you mean listen we just gotta get away from that guy club okay who Kenny damage it we don’t have time for this just just be quiet clamp please alright now I’m gonna walk up to you nice and slow and you’re gonna give me the gun okay and then we’ll talk why are you doing this he didn’t give us any choice what’s Luke I’m sorry just give me the gun club I’m not gonna hurt you no got easy how should there we go there we go it’s fine just busted a healing the climate pasta I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen come in time where am I it’s just a bad dream sweepy what was it about duck he’s been we don’t know how this works yet maybe it’s like a cold his mom’s a doctor maybe she can help him it’s not like a cold no it’s probably not I feel bad why I called him a crybaby when I hit the bug in his pillow oh that’s okay honey we didn’t mean it we why did lily do that to dog I don’t know she was sad clean I can make people angry sometimes have you ever been that angry one time glam people don’t always make sense how come as bad things happen to everyone and it’s hard to keep being yourself after they do do you think we should have let Lily stay I don’t know don’t hear I don’t know if we did the right thing how can you tell well it’s not like math Clea sometimes there just isn’t a right

answer I hate math me too sweet pea part of growing up is doing what’s best for the people you care about even if sometimes that means hurting someone else I don’t want to hurt anyone it’s not that easy I’m scared Lee what could i do you to make it better that you won’t leave me I wouldn’t do that I promise everything’s gonna be alright now let’s try to get some sleep okay we okay on the left line of a bleak slow down shut up it was an enchantment him out on the Vics she’s awake hey you clam oh thank god you passed out from the shock where are we been driving a few hours now we had to run the truck to keep you warm how do you feel it hurts couldn’t find the bullet must have gone clean through it’ll burn a while but you’ll be fine those sons of bitches I mean I expected it from the Russian but Mike I could tell they were working on something I didn’t think it’d go that far yeah well who would steal our food and shoot a kid he never should have thrown in with trash like that in the first place I can’t believe they did that I don’t think they knew what they were doing except trying to get away yeah well they’re gone now good fucking riddance now that climbs awake we should talk about where we’re going we’re headed north what to find Wellington you sure talk a lot of shit but you got a better plan we head south back to house carvers camp the fuck kind of plan is that I think Bonnie said there was more formula back there and we actually know where it is and it was overrun by a damn heard I don’t care where we go just please stop arguing she’s the one that’s going off because you won’t listen to a thing I’m saying what’s that you’re talking into my bad ear sweetheart jackass oh I still can’t hear you look even if there is some place up here it could take us weeks to find it we could get back to house in a day tell you what we can turn around just as soon as you pry this wheel from a cold dead fingers how’s that sin whatever I give up get your feet off the dash let’s play game Clem I spy with my little eye an asshole your turn grow up go to hell I’ll pull this fucking car overhead you want to die out here better than waiting to die next to you you’re both being children me I couldn’t see the damn road that you’re having trouble seeing a lot of things these days you shut your fucking mouth I am done playing games with you Jay fuck you you don’t know a damn thing about me oh I know exactly what you are nothing nobody cares about you and you don’t care about nobody but yourself that makes you nothing what is it with you it’s your family right it is isn’t it I’m warning you you little shit you just another type a asshole trying to save a bunch of dead people shut up both of you stay out of this clan don’t tell her what to do you listen to me you mouth off about my family and I will fucking and you Jesus Christ I’m so sick of this wounded warrior crap just pull over I can’t take this what running away again what a fucking shocker in the end still only care about yourself right then where were you when cerita got bit Kenny huh where were you I was there I couldn’t god damn you I love that woman who could love you look at you you can’t

raise this kid it scared to death of you nobody who died is anyone’s fault we we all wanted to be together and it just went bad but we owe it to them to try to make the best of this I’m sorry Glen but I can’t put up with this bullshit anymore the feeling’s mutual you know the thing about people like you Kenny you’re just a bomb waiting to go off everyone talks about you behind your back because they were afraid of you that’s eight Mike Bonnie cerita fucking liar that ain’t true everyone around you knows that sooner or later they’re gonna end up dead Sarita knew it I know it and so does Clementine I told you not to talk about my family fuck you fucking piece of shit hell you son of a bitch Jesus you okay I’m fine how’s AJ he’s fine sure yes clam you all right yeah Kenny I’m wait hold on go around one of them might have diesel we shouldn’t stop here we’re running on fumes got no choice when a holler it’s okay drive up closer anything happens i’ll try to meet you there all right if you’re going go now Kenny two

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