We are Stian and Sebastian This is the story of our adventure from Iran and over the border to Armenia The format is built up of short stories shown chronological Glued together of smaller stories Like dressing for your falafel There’s something magical about Iran The atmosphere feels recognizable even though we haven’t been here before But maybe we have been here before, in a dream, or a childhood story What did he say, Stian? I think he said “five minutes” Wooow! The Sleepless Night So here we go, man! Just after some stress and rush This is first class We’ve got water and TV – – socket, socket, socket Little did I here know, that this was going to be my most sleepless night on the trip Armenia next We’re soon by the border So why had I almost not slept Let me turn the time a week back After seeing the the most beautiful decorations in mosques and the bazaars We were at the most mighty we had seen so far Four royal thombs carved in a stonewall, 2000 years ago We asked our guide if we could film the dronw He said nobody would care Let’s call him Luigi I was still unsure, but Sebastian insisted it was OK Five minutes went by, and a guard came running With only his glance at me, he commanded me to land the drone Let’s call him Mario He took it, and our guide ran after him to explain In Iranian the discussion went hot, and the atmosphere was not great We get translated we have to be sent to a police station for interrogations seven hours away

I began to imagine punishment with whip lashes, and several years in Iranian prison It might seem like an exaggeration now, but felt very real in the situation The punishment get reduced to a confiscated memory card And later in the bus, we find out everything is stored wirelessly in the phone We had heard daunting stories, so I persuaded Sebastian to store all the footage far into the computer While Sebastian got to sleep even more, I fought with my newly discovered anxiety While the mountains got higher the closer we got to the border The knot in my stomach became tighter and tighter It’s there. It’s right there! The Endless Sandy Roofs Why don’t you put in It doesn’t work Watch out for the hole! Oh, fuck man! The Bazaar It’s funny they got these thight mannequins With stiff nipples and And use only burqa themself The hunt for the cableway Then we are in no man’s land Between Iran and Armenia Two days with butterflies in the stomach was unnecessary at least Before we move on I just want to explain that the contrast to Iran is really great Already by crossing the border we meet four men with gold teeth and black leather jackets We know where we are going we just don’t know how We succeed in getting hold of a pirate taxi with three young men He who drives, a little crook, a little gut with gold teeth He drove us to the first stop on the journey After some time the driver wouldn’t drive us further We paid him, and used long time to find a new driver that dared to expose his car to the harsh climate

Our goal was “Wings Of Tatev.” The worlds longest cableway Nothing was going to stop up The driver stopped once again, and refuced to stop ’cause of the snow and weather We were forced to change driver for the fourth time The cars became worse, the drivers crazier as we got higher up in the mountains The last car within we’re at the cableway We arrived at the last stop before the cableway The sun went down behind the little mountain village We decided to find a place to spend the night We found a small hotel. In fact with just five worn down rooms And it was insanely cold and closed for the winter, but they offered us a room This is so fucking cold! We’re at a hotel. They seem to call it that at least somewhere, some place in Armenia We’ve bought bananas, three beers, croissants bread and ham That’s what I call a dinner! It’s a little bit cold That’s our heating Nostrovia! It fucking heavy, or what? We’re somewhere in Armenia and I’m freezing It’s not funny! So tell what happened The cableway is closed And now we got half an hour to reach a bus. If not, the next one leaves six hours later We’re just two kilometers from the top but the cableway is winter closed So after all this trouble we have to turn around to reach a bus further And just look at the view It’s nice. OK? We’re going to see so much view! Now we’re going to reach that fucking .. bus! And we don’t know we’re we are It’s eating another dog! That’s our food Two Pepsi’s. And a bread That’s why we’re walking We waiting a long, long time We lost the bus, but now we didn’t care We just had to find warmth And when we least expected it, our savior appeared Let’s just call him Robert, King Robert I’m getting in the back. Oh, OK

Then we drive The Pink Mosque The Russian Pearl A Crazy Idea Are we going up there, or what? Shit, it’s high up! A joking question became a crazy idea From all corners in the city, we got reminded the idea It never left The minarets have reached for the sky for over 800 years Three refusing men were going to be outsmarted But we had experienced Iranian hospitality before So the plan was settled It’s tight here, or what? It’s completely fucked It’s shaking in the tower! – Fuck man! We are, we are… – We notice It’s completely sick! Just see how hold this is Fuck, it’s sick! Ow… – Nei ow ow ow ow The Cold Ghost of Stalin No, no Cheers OK. This can be an interesting trip

If it’s going to be like this over the mountain Then it’ll be a long tour After a nights party in the capital Yerevan, we wanted to drive by ourselves In rented the cheapest car they had. A Lada Niva with four wheel drive and three gear levers The roads were just thirty year old asphalt rolled out in wide widths And time had set its marks The got stuck in our body, because the heating was broken We encountered closed hotels, and monasteries in lonely majesty The Armenian mountains felt bigger than ever before The Deal He’s the master? – Yeah It’s strong! OK, 200. – 200 for this one! This i strange, or what? Goodbye

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