I gazza back plainsong faith her sorry about the slight delay to start a stream term Yakima as a had aided by knocked a out Beatles her descent to greet you and download that’s that’s why it was a bit late ho the back nonetheless are so here or we can see or what you like kylie’s rate and was that morale is at breaking going down on ought Darren means is that is at the updated he added that his bow and arrow that meets a Saddam OK and quite get that our modern what’s going on there be elicit cries stay of the team glass couple items haven’t been too great a them in terms of the for our we had been giving rel arm get surface follow things I guess you know it’s alert yesterday or the was the third doesn’t worry me sometimes AMA ATA rugb playing a bit more games in the championship is a person sitting them because the ceiling just doesn’t seem to be worker needed revert back to a 442 arm because that it’s only some theme is it sets up for a shuttle comfortable with it formation at street me well crudely two an there aren’t good wanna try changing up a bit are going forward but by Adam be transformation that six any of the players iron p TS, stating that our trainees and the challenge any has again, please do it Coventry career mode next but maybe baby of the semi with the town team at the moment if I get sacked are gonna cost are not want arm but certainly there are missed us what twice as enjoying it them out be happy but you like as they are mossy work and doing arm and a more than a promise anything when owl but got against Leeds I’d feel like a team is a right are like a say in a way it was a struggling you know we wish 16th place you ca opposition and a guest in the championship in terms which ambitions right now it seemed all Lazio is none other than Leeds are i all that’s all cliché staffed by weakest tested him you all the things other managers say in the Prix match conferences and eve get a mental capacity to deal went to deal with games in a to such pressure situations like this I Care for it swallows things i at Daedalus pogues image at has ago man’s house ago Ins glad to see you here hope you have a both viewed as a there are debate so f all my mates oak that’s why wasn’t lyceum your first wouldn’t have any anything to her to had to show you guys are blurred yeste

it’s gonna be a disco it tough one arm after say that we need to just me to come stuff down nothing that for a bit right way tow , such as the marseillaise always always away come on deny; strains stray I’m sure I am just straight at keeper by the side as Russell goal but animal is a statutory last he’s just been of with me a spin off all four are metre below things you know R no no no no no no no no no stay on him good defending pasta back keep redundantly stupid Erika Erika by to seek a the misspoken said he’s injured again would have you done this time all come a on to serve our sun streams we did Simon so are the striker is hopefully our help them in a support such as real as a already served relatively young as well think he’s 21 years old he got for about 1,000,000 almost almost assets to making a run again and they don’t had a loan took him back Chris Stevens R again as he tried a look at I’d stride always look for space, doubt got to get back bar was that Barnes please no no not like di I don’t know what they actually updated in C far arm like a sales a bit late start must stream because there was an update are a create space for himself is, where readers don’t all at RY to take so long to take the shot and we came on and it goes and a summer at Edmund De Lucas and trousers did you back your back till he sprained your Chol or the that look like a cold he used grainne had dual Ali I’m sure he’s very all my god no had just been done dab aren’t we just a matter used arm but there are no no no are all my g gave them a deal is through a delicate going to go into going on a case where its way and had a I do not even care or swear it all I want them to he got lucky to wait are not what you pay the and a that they are by your up by a four he said you play football idea that I hope you had had the if that sounds a chance holdall damn about duchess am is incredibly painful I think I’d like our perception of any of them really like broken one Bona my body and that’s not from an owl’s media not be tackle got someone e because I think of a backing price call you now, the appeal airship PE lessons in sligo yesterday that the system rugby your left Leicester matter rugby tackled and I am the last rugby to already are hourly to stop talking about him rugby be at I already knew as rugby and on a seem to know how to rugby to and so the dead I was just running at its isles I am gonna show these guys have to take that and it’s man activity tots man, and are replicas but as a repeat of my rugby careers it’s actually a rugby driven I didn’t but you out something to teach my sportin what the training with my stop what team because we are weak and can hit the and Allen in are you might weaken are considering you’re not gonna be on the team right I also liked there’s a l a definite alike you have to draw a line somewhere where you no longer becomes it training and it’s just coming picking up unnec America explain a Malachi explain our cans it’s why R e-mail us a better amenities and says but what one is going on to swallow us is going on

be at the fencing our defences just looked shabby you know is it’s not that it’s not a great scuffed the shop where but year for are from releases what is actually Lee’s youngsters was going back to will started on a note and be much point in taking this goal kick the, for refugees rose was almost instantaneously their ego been soft almost all one nil so sweaty gold gonna get become being honest I8 really don’t care that the of can answer it is that’s why have to do to win games and I’m gonna that’s what need to do to win the game update order K at feel like that was a decent but in the of volume do minute Indian made is not whether I’ll see you can blow her a Pereira or worked all my work and Danny to the editor Suffolk army to stop talking about, talk to the guys Mitch at Co.s I like talking to eyes by a don’t all my gosh we just tackle that diet no no no no no no Pleas and it local said, salad talk to you as an edge that are like, talking to eyes but all my word by always saw blowers mines concentrations are many always of tens to be Wallace things are I like doing order was made free play a bit worse tonsils try to concentrate on what I’m going to say eight wait too much or dealing rest come on rest he was through on goal them no no no no no no no no no go and attract a position like that dare not don’t just give the ball back to bear him to ease their own star W gonna make a run in a layer Stevens find you’re not asset all our tableau asked where the buyer starting to Brierley and Ollie me the ball calm it down, Taunton and stupid runners and asset get into space anyone ruler or anyone who’s like one to run away from an opposition player maybe grilled seem to be sticking to the opposition reader who go bad as a that a her that she or you’ve Gotta be kidding me almost an the desk almost an the desk are good at it when he went across goal as well decade when anywhere decade went straight R wasn’t to be with Baker substitute for think he was coming on are four arm them regains the thing that’s what that was that at because it condescended keep the UPS in the mill of the pitch guys rather than the and that an don’t want a Kevlar LS Lisa got Lisa signed Kevin Moran is ever to imagine the way he had area tower so many other better options are rates come on to civilian bring it down bring it down bring it down on a under control under control old aunts is this is already annoying mm. an icon like toy minutes into Shahid brdu disallowed us evenings, go for a before extreme to like, what the parts was anyone any one anyone coming to support any one anyone get harder why is my cen and lecturing on a bulletin ornamented the pitch tells looking for someone to support them all just a donor when he worked at it, see, when he went a clear line it is a summer aren’t going longer no getting away eight did get away from the players luck to play in the four key nitrates arc want deal with that she cried a bone look at a much space areas

R keeper keeper Nicky per Galle balladeer backed double get back or get back to ease S is only a couple minutes left that would oo oo oo oo oo oo please pleased at home at home than panicking to the disco are a I don’t let it out alter my mate banish yesterday and he was saying you know your do it all items are just little El I know there is me under control in my aunt this is me doing this I complain about the players buying melodies me controlling the trial those things you know your way sort random you know anti the looking at the football games are we play on fee for Formica of each wall perspective but at the end of day it gives me controlling them to me complaining it may be talking ship to myself so I call I have really have no place to complain on being on its but I still don’t anyway I’m not gonna stop doing it right best in some post match interview stuff I was told that this wilcock are supposed out more rout because Marlowe and full b girl we would betting there were definite betting our winners of wins in a win is Owens scored a matters which is playing a game restart the game open at 3 mile Bruce to team for both direct and a good weight to recite a Palazzo push on to him this season try to get such as reverses strain frog just week as had all hell maybe I should put such as RE bass may be made us why shouldn’t they be has held the a DSL we’re strengthens such as the bass don’t ever get your head you India transcended other the more immediate I’m proud of you as well rates aren’t very proud of you RR let’s go four a bit more before I’ll play the next game or maybe we dislikes plain seam place in place him Alec thought that the neither do I now are less rotate squad had been seen it shall we begin at the no one had got red arrow are Dave 34 why we had to do was that the consider errors got greener its covering his green rout states had so far as goal red arrow in all they had had the heat of the rates as overlapping all that you needed to do the tsar was moves arrow all the space to the left just to he needed to do so readily concede both we players on four – at at them, you go into the middle of the pitch Stevens before Edward but I don’t I don’t give it our India what’s going on with the for understand why he had eight so I decided to delete like that arms the material prison for Cabral for us by Saturday at you now what best government or white not Whitman player does does not longed for risk exist on the pitch as well as the that’s that developed and outlets seen made are a few changes to the team senate to see a does not affecting anything Birmingham have won the last three games in the c pleased me get something on a wire and wire some games and watercolours islands and think we actually had again released seems it them was won by jansher at a blissful forwards and [email protected] two seasons left to do that are not gonna make 80,000,000 pounds because just no wire or wide you warm wire way you tell him he had to be like financial when everything went on I’ve got you promoted two seasons and a rowing and the championed to the bloody championships for what would you want me to do more Mason more is up to 63

coming through the youth system Enriquez are still in a 70 rate he might attract become at their grey we see them through the end of October all we got some scouting updates and surly, rechecking see Howell before the youngst youngsters in the 2020 touring are still in 2021 years rearrangement 21 SCR reactors of 2021 are doing so we go to Morgan rose to cents paying your KU a K you’re you’re you’re not are not need for a were wildebeest it doesn’t register now Mr. Jordan Cooper are we sending to England’s than 50 to 62 comes in a local 57 56 maybe R whole new world 48 to 16 potentials calm down a bit drunk the more tilting I don’t need goalkeeper wide why waste, understand why we stand to find goalkeepers does all the time I was Alistair stand up finding a goalkeeper are again at another he on the newlands can buy nor goalkeeper neither are you Morgan Phillips Billy Allen’s O. Sam Allen lower and does final wants and Thomas is actually a five star scale Gabriel as a vehicle at 50 and 68 ring arts arts truly me premier apparent that the Cisco to bar as a forum 90 four which have 3.10 related it to strike a blow he is technically gifted striker you would stick of art and trainer to all you R given that you you destiny, patron Jesus’ death be given if you do there never is not sorry mate Brennan Saint Andrews who are due next now why you even in the Bruno for erupted during their clever man is as you can stay matter I love gonna Brazil window-but there’s only a youngsters in this game and it’s insane summer players he can find on scout such a idea chance they’ll give you a chance come down our consider it may based on trying to rotate the squad team does not understand the meaning of squad rotation Iraq on display you all the time of war George street I Stevens estimates of the 68 thinking much as when I Enriquez you can go back in cattle calling you can go back in been some Pollock to stay on Carreras up to 70 and I keep aintree in it country and because for a to sustain that for a bit lot more on the bench were a little on the bench, proper couple more ratings another great but Oregon the bench to announce risk is trained to all actually let’s go and do years’ time the press conference and a reading book of ultimate been hopefully improve the more out what he sticker past and fell out he must art by MS played regain shoppers at a fella, he attacked by budget in order takes to keep its momentum going and I mean a momentum is an dropping, we were about tally of pressure can match we do not underestimate the way we don’t underestimate Derby County in the weeks after playing a solo performer citadel came Mr trying to counteract beware they’re gonna approach the game we need to dictate play and a singer from their revenue luck of the that I had by person he speaks through like a man actual manager Glasgow like I say a lot more accessible things in actual managers were same press conference as in I don’t go on speaking about which is warmer reared it’s a bottle of me I shall Orion the definitional slump in terms of results from manager tested by am queen apart by a team like VI ni arm got to alone-look pay attention and potential by your bloody head back in the game

guess he is very important focus on the arts Stan Stan Stan Stephens style enter into Dr. Meant to another opponent doing that Steve and Tom McGrath’s begin utterly outplayed are absolutely a play he R. Lewis and ratepayers mopping up defensively their what is that football why held down Y for so long bar what had been going on with all of migraines anyone wanna make a forward won a normal America four run you don’t or restrain a goalkeeper no Norton almost no almost won four guys I don’t I don’t get it Norton almost all run forward in your contributed tack are you when offside has had her only done just Adam watched his car and one would the ball or more Grosz that’s Abbas outset that Sarah passed out snore is seen by Cary grant eight to Brussels plead for a halt actor our struck me I don’t even care to ease as Christ hall on to the ball there are YA or might or might gala show our I swear at bucks man what is going on why he or Y8 while all the toll might what you or I don’t understand that someone please explain like custom tactics and harassed update work because I have nylon see someone explain why that just happens to ease the summer explained why stuff like that happens so often in fee for just as uncanny by anyone or may come forward know no use called standstill grant statutory virtually a struggle when at a car you attacked editor glared at boys could whet the boys the midfielder is why is that white so much space there statutory bass please thank you Waller rocket pick up the fokine bore no don’t were often celebration you year pick up the ball cancel a celebration do where the Aston army as a bill for goal don’t take anything away from it but we were looking just solemn takes bones similar to pitch at, what’s going on but he don’t let her aunt on having to run my defenders forward because no one seems to want to track any want enemy that bit Enriquez there is dropping deep for some reason them tacit guards Sanchez rebalance the user be fast oh you know just be far no no no book eight no of trying to switch to another disguise honest miss I Stevens I think we’ a Knight’s wish to remaining is just too late still at large Stevens there are offered this game is median frustrated arts arts arts whiteness white know it’s now is 1/2 mile or streams are just meeting at city frustrated by stabs at frustrated with the team and a kind of that mentioned by can’t complain because it’s me controlling the team by a comedy say anything goes at the end of a debut controller is in my hands non else’s life and deadly battle what you write summer for watchtower back on watch their back on stream let you stay there fantasy best you just run side weights in glan run side with a Einstein or are II have no excuses your or not going to silent mode but that’s gone on to myself to replace the top silently grounds that just

dealing century bass anyone had the run no call to pick you out instead back to Hendry into the brow to brown stay on the stalemate day on it bay on its rigour this would force him into must eight touches the bass player it to race anyone anyone dealing daily was to come short known why regulate their Pleas to the end goal was playing it to at the winning goal was rates anyone R whom the easiest I just isn’t bloody areas act I got long as there instead of dropping deep regret was a support from a striker is Ron asset dealing base your touches to heavy some muscle, America’s world it’s already frustrating me already frustrating may just to let the there are not going to be were built built by one bill any Washington no if good tap rock in hell are you on that there be won by want us to come and help tall and dealing century bass combo Frederick oh yes for a bullet, such as the bass restaurant or about R finally finding some form but Mr. It’s not been something great answer is not been grateful for good good goal could goal nonetheless but she’s not been great for me auld team to one up there home gets derby derby works are always the prying towards the top or table as opposed where we are assortment middle class at the tab at the moment that that can one don’t let us down that slippery tacit anyone or yes us to follow through bar I didn’t look offside air need not look offside did not look offside oral and Katie wood that had acted R and a doing dealing stay on Estella Duncan up don’t given up don’t giving up given up but do not Pleas to grant asset go to plan a one he’d go to go to play that when you to go to grommet car on the anyone so poor always always feel like we’re playing up again side teams are playing by the the back all the time test of a rebel against teams are saying upshot play again side memory neo all the time at home there we guard east goalkeeper is netbios come on brain tumour give ourselves a two goal cushion and on a similar to the but the stuff I needed that letter I needed this is gateway to stressful brilliant golden it poster I must say so R gone up a gear into final 10 minutes now so we CD possession back and just right for lateral by it does, down in the game is all about one suggest, down expression self night’s special cell asset to brownie find him honest inside Edwards statutory bashful markets, for corner and take that I can take that must who was in once it by Norman set us aright the south referent 2 minutes of additional time here now Leicester playing ucca say it’s all but one for us

touches RE bass were almost gear fourth and the second of the game R ago Bernard bonus or less combo the whistle their ego 31 coming back from a kneel down as always with great artist good if towards the positive away from the game to be fair won by notch PTS not play now we know we can play your which w we’d all winners to win article 3. so we still support Estefan are all fully supported him also do an impressive performance of such as the battle quarter at did you expect of you know we always expect a wing Uno always expect to win but whether or not we can win this another question you can see that a manager conference down at 65 who worked in my opinion read that you can come out arm to stick after firing maybe stick lift inning wingers to all that will Xavier I admit women at 65 yes please give me somewhere that gives me some more that R think it’s working attack position me do it somewhere that Goodman double Xavier gonna write me back up at the most we actually need whammy backup was, opinions are less mid but take a remedy would take it armed thing to properly be our best player best white settler respect lord is my been on the cigar and it’s a grounded to love the place oo come down gone down its career K don’t worry about it everything will be fine saint forward now will Blackburn be a tough games nerve every game is a as a tough games it was wakened them let’s have a look at tactic or are we instructions , we stall and to the same tactics of the tactics defensive style constant pressure night dropped back aunts were pressure after possession of CS we want to BU very narrow into cents at Greeks go really widened the fence I think we come a bit more narrow cents restaurant dropped to reach the hotline to to cope really highline defending your whisky midweek trot trot back restless schools it can it be nine authentic style or non at fast build up your and five, long before are fast order weeks again Leicester Leicester stay fairly narrow players in the box operates in the box pleats corners three kicks again regret that are awarded on would express their Eddie game plan on this is why he had to bat is wait to mite too much weight to formation 442 to we keeper 442 to be changing a me B and when he fired defence admit I go R Taylor for 4 to 2 strikers at the top ago fall for too narrow for and we don’t actually have to white call want to enter Y to see the um for 4 to 1 room there and do not want done what I want for free free attack to try that could for 43 to Cabral such as ribber so there had been switching up with Stevens

had been you could be on the striker, after bench instead walk to Edwards can be there but would reduce them readers can go ahead at great some risks and dropped back to the amazement at the there recorded at low another game O let’s which Albans all summer neglect that way the skills right back in the mixture will let’s go and put you wants to three NG a new I left me on the left Mead Data really are singers are it’s not that it does not fall through three since game against Blackburn still goes Knox pecking anything but an information is trying something different way from home all before he won a for talking about guys in Birgit century bus and race or scoring that is good icons I can accept that all it also goes year would not recommend couldn’t go into a parred and a singer table where you’re quite close to the front of the year scream and you sat there in the entire evening like that because mind yet it’s R Lee pleased abo don’t go to meet a backup right backs R should not going well to monster these two million no R for sit down and [email protected] would Amazon is way out we’d start looking for backup right back immediately money to R start searching for what the right back what than one been that when it had a scout or that is why need is an entire another scout that way you a firebrand them all that sent him to scout in England’s R1 contrary are weary scouting your scattering recall send you to England more experienced person England and let’s look four right back the 16 to 24 hopefully we can final pace and went back to double arm sixth a great stop great but seats in a rigorous squad morale still a feeling a bit down cattle Fulford a blow to four and one millions accept that are accepted as well see who were selling to the highest bidder gets ought to centralise be because we did already except on all Hewitt and truly the squad like that treatment you want to leave the squad like that maybe you won a minister nick formations and eatery to Texas out and, of red double changes mindless Torino, happens again home game against middlesbrough again another tough team come up against walking you do really is not, we can do parson just do learn to deal with the I guess in stock that while away 433 icr discos change of tactics of tiny near arm I’m hoping that we’ve not expose the middle of the pitch as much we see him and the first him using this formation and won i asset

brings you into the game R just last ditch challenge there for a defender now exposed to bit but suppose the bit area such as RE Basset him up such as RE bats across Da Bo Garbo Garbo century mass long shot a stiff neck he’d just wide wall gonna miss Ireland are gonna miss iron bar great deal we have to do or so another corner is it area are the corner at home or home that most meeting in or near post almost did not want to squeeze past the goalkeeper then think it must have just come o row Whitehall more golf woods actually bats or a light that light ask review body that would outward other oo but no absolute bloody act and the hate me about woke them on to Taunton him as lord as a 12 Mansell won two yassir gonna say thanks your man goes celebrate within my still want to that was goa resigned Henriques a thing worryingly cares good goal or for the goalkeepers legs look and act, such as rematch a fine ear for maintain its final form again I loved him and our love as it will help them to find us for him R. Stevens Stevens oo oo, crossed out await bar my fork to use whatever words to her and kissed, I had nothing to say you know to follow things that every bashes your strength been a up the and collect home Jesus Christ win the ball back so well R. Thomas and I saw 12 again with memory games but is wasn’t to be what you had that but what at the back glue and had passed after all that- world this game Biscayne annoying me know shadowed confusion has ago man’s are you economy a good time because actually winning became MP for dessert rumours had spent the willows nice again I still like you kno armed be trying stuff out are not the best essay from gonna say that straight after bat but we’re from Warley street cries out from the you know sensor and been interesting loans when you don’t stuff like taxed by RW keeping caught out MM lower much sense as I’m a bit our way away await or my worked all my work are you Solomon opposed a man French becoming a are ganging up what he of the an upset the up and lack delicate at a laser 1,000,000 on online is looming in on click which the is a worldwide guards were lab so that the killer fast as

that is little Eva I’m real rights tassel that is a note of real aside goal line technology ago liked it already he’s been aroun right now I had read eight beginners or is Dar controversy like the chances are you lots couple days I went down and watch the Chelsea that last thought path out the Chelsea game yesterday and Emily before game and the referee Fa yeah but he I don’t know what’s happening either made by ain’t I wish I knew was going on I wish I knew why they were checking t a ball that used in the us all outside why you’re using gold gold goal and technology true view that when the ball is clearly no amazing xenon and visible all our might wild what a ball that is formed in middlesbrough restaurants all day what they all day nice distribution and inigo build up on the counter Rio to as the Masri middle R a CR is a science just times runner bit his tongue is one of the labour must have people like me at channel because I like it I you like it doesn’t he like this channel thank you very much man thank you very much like a cassette minister just a them and doing enough, just refining just sort blacks are not allow them to definitely tends to annoyingly morden it pleases me what lightweight stag party had a man rates you what you decide to pass it o suddenly that’s a oil also the striker am I need to bite me to start hitting the ball a lot more often with whom I complain about not scoring goals of him by then he gets the ball in a tight situation right at King you’ll order, is almost a 90 ye’re year locus a I mean I first started I started this channel actually a couple years back tells and I’ll just messing around on in doing whenever and then are all started my jaw, never really had a lot timeless three time to do and it would take weeks of living at home the Internet to allow it out play video games and I but like playing video games as he is so why not or not play video games and you’d streaming weather had from answer forward sun start doing now there are Manning farm I enjoyed doing this statutory bass going all forces are talking and make another say if you’re good at this book is back your myself 50 air as good man I love to a to gi are Moore Sally O’Sullivan have rejected a man when 100% term get him in all you like channeling its final points income and there to get out bsc my bri my beach by being stupid but it might just be silent choosing right or that they know that some sometimes some people have like greeted account by the watcher gears on an anomaly to the town was the the club why why does it take so long tour automatically translate change to play at want to be to all there for sure for sure, and checking out man’s got several you know you’ve use use dedicate some time to come and check me out reluctance eight saluted channel support saluted as Edwards or straight to the keeper’s announced he’s my Eugene Terre Sharon co risky to take a drink water it try and win all their but somehow worked out that badgers RE bass does seem narrowness as the message is scoring goals from literally anywhere on the pitch a kind of feel tempted matter just hit issue by Racine’s he gets the ball but I know I shouldn’t R warning you’re young payment

R hast that’s fine art mean by accelerating on a exceedingly good videos and I enjoy watching it starts to endure come over and still you know it may be dropped the cheeky when it comes to making videos and hung from a new to the are a really think it K is I’ll by Mikhail all had work to be honest y the for all people war you know enjoying immediately make them why should it now would you are authority and funded by are the 1314 13 before your salary Amman well only happy birthday our society and public not gonna be doing much birch tree mean anything go so you locus Emporia not, and anything not loaded by their next to a couple of days but for sure what a start next week I will a get a cassette mean I can say do you know gather from doing you to staff do not think that eight should really kicked at anything about that just crucial at young a dozen been a more they’re goes to the mill surgery bus to think in both got that alchemilla that attracted sure that’s a deflected shot stages the that in both goals and a game in America say or maybe this need to start hitting them with him when he’s in those sort difficult situation tonight keep telling myself worried by incredible a Tad gonna do it keeps King, a byelaws the opposition defenders but may be maybe he just needs to be hit them you know it’s not an im we wish best and worst in a year we were worried but you will we saw keeping them after a head are pleased to use your we can do even better indefinitely and better we try to get more out backup that they will funny and its RAM and a means of was a all, checking out for sure artful the only streams broken off out so aren’t they are honored said after are why all the action into the top talent beginning to stop maintains that aren’t they yet ninth place 1927 points split our manager light by manager rating that we have still 66 happy thanksgiving RAM arm are not from America but you happy th grow at jutland it’s just not thing that celebrated in a or BUKI guess clear up the thanksgiving R had gathered in be R2 1,000,000 two million begin would have a right back also you guys if you know any good young right back Bonino criminality many good young white backs because I need one tableaux leaving in January another I got aintree but no one else and or else at the back up at the moment to zonal concerning because if Henry Kissinger the minister switch off a Lotus rear back and that kind of like this deformation a tunnel under lock and so is my eye nine or can stories are about that and I don’t know whereabouts in is by no like it I would welcome sort are or are our trigger backed by one or why not want what’s keep cats be back on the pitch scheme ringing the list the person sat back in their had only haven’t a backup left need to nine but you lets you know that meeting he more than a thing was to be too young clear the fastidious away game against Norwich assume it Tesco’s they’ve won from the bouts of thing we might want freedom rose well though Co.s Norway game three Neil pink EE and the been there must be a the Elton and is scoring two top grade a great singer some partner call man’s cool as a of Nevada but never been to America it sets a place I want to go arms you never never been to America amount Stephanie somewhere one ago a love for love watching the American sports

arms so if I ever do go vehicle use go there and just visit couple had of the city’s income which some alerts was also to world delivered please stop being unhappy your best play on it you are there all the players are just unhappy with he ever went estates meet the demand rallies just completely low either not seem to operate these guys stop its stop shouting at me about not playing games be barred , keown was to buckle before going soccer Irish it on cyanide non swearing armaments probably that grants it quietly but you must early afternoon were grown so you are a different scheme frustrated that some respondents in frustrate which attracts top 400 the gonna to risk getting frustrated remedy is anxious to it for rules and you could be sensational player different social player the trouble is where you scouts is a medial than to die by water to know they now batsman media create clear all key worker at a recent night sit on Burton statute or at that’s your right to a cassette means there so I abide do like watching NB eight when I when I get the chance watched him BAE are all sit down happily watch possible game + as adjuster to the new monarch when there was schools and sneezing and one the guts to hear that they are at goodwood the team I support in the bath with Paul and art don’t ask me why arm just like all and aren’t all that had led reserved for those a reason for it delays be to delay the they to Waddell a you’re talking about glories note for the cross linked through Glory for string players which had its part too lightweight like you be good but you’re 40 to 50 to take Wheaton on to train you anger and rather morale and can be Whiteside Mitchell does not appear appear to be decent history mystery Mr. Eight with a shabby to me that delayed I think maybe be for a chat sometimes a bit slow on the of a thing there’s a five 2nd the latest Renae just to sign up automatically arm another at and others like to ease the delayed mystery metal, like increase the arm but should only be like a couple of seconds for us accept it Webber we know that the keown is wanting out what club but I can do about it right now right or not, not gonna tell him that he’s wanted in the club when he was to leave and he’s not the game time because per is too good Artemis rusty was comedown you’re not not not gonna start you are Hungarian Sweden’s squad around and was still feeling a bit sheer why why you all think terrible win by winning games don’t get it don’t get it doubles on whale but let’s give such as the mass back in that way detainees unhappy don’t do please explain to me why you’re saying the one at for Ricky and you’re out squad annoys me that annoys me that annoys me a lot guys state Latino artful like organist at the other I would have a definite lose a job so I don’t assault continuing his career mode if I did my job to see that mites are you want arm or C Argos and are still ~ manager now so, I’m not be the manager for

that at skill games at a don’t get them are no idea when a year when he had a in the game R bigger century masses back Tony against Williams Glasgow is going eyes are a fall at the copper thing what what Coppell thing is that he’s at saint Reno like someone else’s problem ideal day or stray away he bloom takes that are take that inside the first 4 minutes of the game what is this Coppell thing I was mad about believe that summer do invite you to someone w a copper a new tier outside I don’t know we talking about art dynasty don’t know what’s going on sodium explain to me what’s going on to another great but don’t know what’s going on honestly don’t know what what this couple sitting next to men like copper them haircut hut and Armour on the nowhere at an alarming rate cent if you know what that means stem please explain because II don’t R bar my word it sumptuous absolutely sumptuous game playing like that baton them down on the hay years there eager rates before a ball or children’s online privacy protection at all that you are legally required to comply your bitterness if you are stream is made for King is not to why not do that or but my mean it’s not be for kids at this trip for anyone and I don’t Arnault target keen on him a clothiers for a specific age group which is what whether bloody hell to what it had a by dial so don’t know them as though the ages of that watch my video art I don’t doubt my way to try and find out the ages of it was right to do and on a steep what right do tha are at a time and I know that I don’t target tears specifically reached a has a is just right anyone who wants to what it are to make a false claim make a false claim about what about our don’t I don’t know Armand become fused by that us understand a deny under stamina doing it but bike or I don’t mind that I don’t told him it is the kick you in England and that’s not my party audience would audiences were wants to watch and I don’t know the ages of craftily were watched by millions so I don’t know how icons be seen to be making a false claim R entry anyone else anyone else and I was sure he was a third goal got off to a flying start two goals inside the first 10 minutes are eighth massingham a them grass was good but no easy to control the game at more art, unlike in this remark and this 433 to the rest almost almost $1,000,000,000 almost a Berlin Court razzle cup back for Ross Taylor here it is kid friendly you market knock it for you have to pay up to $15,000 if he is key for the market knocking 20 tunnel what do you I’d been more I don’t know I don’t know enough to marketing kid strongly are out to mark that the understand it to baby do a bit more research into regret no idea someone else might anatomy of a denials at what the orders

and I still there were R after an outcry on a page $15,000 from not on the standing some adonis I can do that do are set don’t intentions eight greens they are all locked it’s all have to be as a kid friendly guess I don’t green or at again what what does that mean what what is such an arbitrary term are what we defining as a kid when Wendy stop being a kid Kazan for a are talking be killed off my Knights had been a big kid you not says like I’m in a look into it, sir, did tarmac Dow, pasta pay $15,000 not doing anything wrong are oh yes herriot third goal for goal just before halftime Enriquez by now are I don’t know how to mock staff could threaten the arts are resisted for Newmarket knocking Freddie if it eased weight but what but if it Y defeat these kids training Newmarket knocking cent but surely still rare and it’s it’s knocking trendy new market differently must laden is not in like a baseline about money actors don’t understand or where they’re coming from this eight to the tell me what I hear again any to look into this to mean bike to extend that before I ever was beset our imagine it’s like Greenwald’s about it but still like everyone’s perception of like [email protected] the to get on saint but but hellhole close at if it was both I don’t as I can work both ways as a headache and get you done if it works both wait if I market saying let’s not kid friendly many years or so either way you’re you’re screwed either way even at what you do your team in be screwed quite R R returned Aston and it on it, why am market and a the same false claim but what he for you but what you think it weighty think it’s kid friendly all but that already I need to look into that it took into America’s each had acted just as all kinds of weird at if he is a slight light str a don’t understand how they can do that because theoretically alright but mostly as a kid friendly unless it’s our investors some relief of Berkshire are assumed already a game busier as our case any though again are you mean by swearing tsar kids any them it is a deafening rockets Emily Barr by no law cases where there to Enriquez school all videos it to happen I understand that our understanding dance like marking the kids anywhere is not but if you don’t market as kid friendly and it i it’s a nice creature trying not to show them back want to know whether or not but actually use marks it is not bei you, is going to require understand what granddaughter, some with that fair enough dialysis the solids thus will do them since I saw rating is going down a lodger started cement mixer us and ship it S slight art is ready when you do not gonna go out my way to try to avoid marking videos wrongly and and get done for doing it

days ask but when the when does it when does it like star being a thing when is it like bacteria thing is that like white knuckle for our neither Marx had is that I had a handy mocha where it had even mocked videos are using marketeers order would wardle were well to this task 2020 OK semi still a time four looking to I guess I doubt whether R, and were getting some good shots after get some good shots of Easter aftermarket you but like whole of the mark of the year market with market with what in the army and my mind’s in my mind telling should be not not be letting their keys watch videos auntie’s frenzy by the way to the way I our go to act in settings I don’t understand why making do you eat if Gipper on because the and you’re like perception may be its key friendly to you and you think it’s kid friendly but maybe it’s not that senator them or tried a cheeky chip that what should is it that status it that tissier that were all 31 armed your free want settings such access chat things to order to chat settings are after anathema to about and not biases are not using not using the new lines streaming think I’m still on the Austrian the cost to you to greater studio and all that sits had shippe are at your question which is why I still use pure and because it’s a lot better than a man is a sort of us what’s new light on the need to M maybe you can tell you to victor was an accident I don’t doubt, honesty, are among the make and sell all bit confused about an oval clip former chair racal’s insane today Grimsby Town always wins at scone we prefer scoring at the rigorous get more out backup, on to more a backup post after hearing about its copper stock of RR is a view is making good progress towards being a 67 replay, but would take Stevens about to walk Waldemar expect more from you at all from your speech ski or more outback on to know what we not on track in terms of are financed by local where we on a table with 10 tell me that when on track tunnel and deaconess holding on to consumers game against Swansea on on a to me because that that money in it a corner sell players could is not January and selling a couple players and that’s gonna help could be because they are you so Guam, we sold him perform in 20 your sales is go to the Prix match press conference even assuming it is just as intriguing clash it to the year opposing manager our momentum is incorporate into previous win going to affect your breath for Al glance formed admirably your you still were made off, you can sell people you’re I can box I don’t want to sell any one and I don’t four arkle get enough money for players outsell an ulcer than a from the [email protected] good taste

to between situation I’m in right now basses B’s down by you to all players did such as the best for a bit it will oo oo that the N you what they need more his first star as well become one of puts you in state of its animal prints a bastion ring on cent Campbell autumn Terry, so we do it so we do China rotate squad before I waltz in this game and play one morning at four million to stringed toni just because all that had four keep it tight and the last dream that we did queen’s park one went for a bit longer than I antici 30 away from home 1,000,000,000 brilliant to have to go but I it’s a great you are terrible moment, then why that’s a tough being held for review are checking a manager to now, but that certainly a terrorist and sausages stream checkouts it appears as well maybe believe the likely be subscribers will bureaucracy small Utah was constable which are so year course are becoming ever so you are just going out with you a had great fun watching enough that you are who enjoyed it and maybe I’ll see you again at some point are in the chap coming out for was good fun to sit down and play t small you to regain you all about saluted the ABA semi am almost and 90 subs arm I don’t 1,000,008 target oh Taylor MM above the workaday are to continue these kinds order would outstrip ordeal to contracts of stream or if your chance doric and accordingly, played that was the and complains about in a plane them what morale is low get it did it fine race and they’ll all keep more on a pitch give more to run out are a date this talk wouldn’t stop work for entry are awarded the order that gonna keep it going to going out when final game or streams come up against west brom, when a answer I symmetry constant proper table armed had just like the are in real likes to go black and white verses by your greens this new formation seems to be working out relatively okay Amin we are still singing losing games but don’t expect to win games all that often the championship R reader final game on stream goes thank you for once, when out today toys good to retract and the people and are there is was good always good fun to Mr. Arnold feature and actually know was doing surprisingly well compared summer out the extremes in a room actually happy with so frustrating and time R R CR one away R almost almost almost are beset a good umber don’t get combine them bass outlets no no no no no no await

back to the latter are my words can get the ball from out and Anita State that are within into swimmer would inhibit silent not want trunk of Trent watched from gonna be difficult or breakdown registrar or try receive sweeping gravel: the menu will lacks a bit ways that there was a who is at all meant to be finding asset Waller Hendry won on Henry good defending the an one dinner given on keeping on merry go century vassal offenders and is taking shots are century Basque is a lot of stuff by his this is going on target and its was good don’t don’t dally on the ball too often trees therefore were restore complaining arrest when snubbed it is a lot o’ easier than I still want two researchers rebounds story eight caius element celebrate touches the bachelor such as the be brilliant as 012 there on complain about that all cannot complain about that’ll one nil way from home or at home actually turn down the line while back an angle four rows across the floor there was only right interception wasn’t it seems the and up to take action on our own lucky crazy offside the board and income through to him that should not be outside rigour buried own or ER eight on love and its 433 guys on the absolutely loving this 433 or Mason more satisfied after that first goal first goal for club Mason Morley youngster fantastic effort lacked after the amazing just before half time as well can ask for more and that really that coming up to the and the first of 2 minute by eliminate scores in the second game playing for team used products as well you know is what is way out three youth academy all Pereira makes a smart save at the near post just here are just be sure my Bingham wider economy Beatles aren’t good away good point romper erupt by should do it for the first of their ego two nil fantastic performance from a lad so far are home to endless only showing their appreciation for the team to Olivetti’s somehow not really a lot to change about it took a R skip start again in the second of more the same freeze as more of the same defending good defending R unlucky centres rear as a sort you tried to get Celia tried to their no guez, all match until you to sell them at an early our lucky or unlucky can worm

and next fixture is them against a look at the game rigour R lucky century mass at like we’re trauma to the EC a man running into the to enter the space that you left for him and try to find him budget been worked in work I mean really should turn on the Ballmer be taken not touch defending such as the mass or trainer goalkeeper or unlucky had an inner was but a marquee the unlucky sit, down as a Khalid home bugged me in the bar all across best in the transcended that restorer straight to Pereira the distribution no R was going out change reasons cross give it to someone in space are rigorously group race straight goalkeeper straight at the goalkeeper Enriquez ISS a corner after corner rather right and others coming on fifth seeing doing such as the bass can shift to there as well , down knocked anytime no no need to do things R’s just offside just outside to just outside our market are lucky Heseltine is coming on our skin some of our players bereft such as the battle poorly go to 490 to be honest Garbo know you’re heading the spin lob a about them Surrey town warden go to include some curtains or a U.S. Billie Stephens such as the mass for EC in their he seemed an illness decide the brow all-nice 12 statutory backs gone century raspberries John celebrate no stars and celebrated me I don’t know why the west as reversals on celebrate secondary gonna system ages are also and images doesn’t seem to happy be distressing or leave for treasury lesser degree, leaving January assassinate feels to Mr. Tyler three nil to antacid showing some of and cse and herriot three nil at home in a home victory after the amazing commandos fantastic home supporters always as well ago three nil what waiter and streams skin to the post match press conference announcing for a bit artsy retain next to think it’s a these come up against auxerre years would assume forward and gridlock a state worked in the stream R audits eight you know tendency are in a often after Teresa on sun oblivion at our thinks we can score more to fit for a reader scored more are by Sara Gaines restart the game again do anything to do with him we played a game that saw great the his complaint was now Rio expect more R

he started place was squadron please calm down R that’s R and its train done such as reverse up to 74 still try to grind its strength up to maybe 70 Chester line and he’s got decent bit strength on him by up to 74 he Stephanie or Daniel Barron the R sorts average about seem army signing up there and that’s the last 40, medium want to leave some point but because egos day we are that’s a team that starts looking them and us a quick table where intemperate 23 played facing point at the white you’ll considering how badly he’s been going to come up against oak stoker the first game and played an exploratory slowly clawing at back golf at points stokesley on almost double points 62 him only lost once this season’s we’ve lost 10 times this is gonna be a very tricky game to counter to come into Internet sites in but others area by west brom t arm of the city still do have a concern about selling players not making enough money Ardmore and try to port captain also keep the players happy but because he eyes are am jet that quickly sectors game and year, a think he will come and hang out and become a chat with people’s always great army so did enjoy a video segments pipe can be sure toning up tears over Sweden or maybe he’s not nights we can but so early next week tureen, Trent are to some readers streaming a it’s always good to have a break now and then Clarke is a ghost arm yet thank you for coming out its wisdom assistance was fun t sealer

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