hello and welcome this is schneef remark analyst and today I’m going to show you at least how I heal with my sorcery healer this is kind of a guy ish and I wanted to put it out there because at the moment we are all trying to figure out what are the best stats with the new expansion and you know did anything change and I I’m very sure that Dolphy will come up with a guide shortly and it will be well spot on as always but until then let me try to help you out a bit so let’s jump right into it and look at the gear well that’s where it all starts okay I’m a PvP player so my gear is up to par in PvP I have fully ranked set also augmented there is one thing though I’d like to mention and that is PvP vendors at the moment don’t sell any item modification whatsoever so what used to be a huge part of PvP before so that you bought the gear and then you modded it the way that was supposedly best this is not possible anymore so except from the augmenting bits the gear that you buy must be what’s buy where head and mind stat wise so this might even be valid for PvE even though I don’t really have a full PvE set yet and so I can’t really talk about it because I haven’t had the chance of testing yeah the pv gear so what I did with the augments is I put in ten crit augments and for mastery augments because it seems to be the case that crit is the way to go as a healer at the moment suppose not only as a soul killer but most definitely as a soul killer because the numbers I’ve been putting out since I’ve mented this gear is they are ridiculous so let’s see so the gear itself comes with a little over two thousand power rating and well I should point out here at the top I have no buffs on so this is unbuffed all the stats are unbuffed so the base debt is 2288 which amounts in healing terms to 1.5 k bonus healing which is really good my crit rating I increased with 10 augments and crits by quite a bit I think you start at about 26 or 20 or most 27% and now I am well one short of 35% crits rating and the crit multiplier is about a little under 66% this also is due to four augments and mastery because as you can see the crit chance is increased by my mastery as well it was 33% Chris yeah so that’s pretty much what I did there um and look at the electio the PvP gear comes with almost 10% alacrity and I have the feeling that this is kind of the sweet spot because in my PvE gear I augmented fully into alacrity and I got to almost 13% 12% something and I believe from about 10% or a little over 10% alacrity the bonus I was getting so the addition in you know reduction of activation and stuff like that was so small that it really wasn’t worth all the augmentations so better to probably go for crits or a mastery so to give you an idea of PvE gear even though again I’m a PvP player I don’t have the gear and you can ask around in the guild I’m decent enough to take me in story mode but let’s see how a fair and hard mode alright let’s compare a pair of 220 PvE gloves to my 2:8 PvP gloves PvE with alacrity and PvP in this case with mastery and when you look at the stat changes then you can see they are not that huge except endurance and if you bear in mind

that you have 14 item slots so the 98th endurance times 14 is about 1.4 K additional endurance and when you look at my endurance it’s about 5,000 so almost 1/3 more of endurance would may make a huge difference so for all you people heirs out there if you want to go story mode operations in your PvP gear that’s fine because there’s bolster and if you have a full set you get the marvelous set bonuses which are so good and with a bolster you’re just going to be more than sufficient to heal story mode when it comes to hard mode a height suspect you have a hard time surviving that if there’s damage incoming because you’re simply lacking the endurance arm but I will try it and let you know whether or not I died instantly or it actually is valid so that’s about what I have to say about gear and main stats let’s have a look at our discipline path again I’m a PvP healer so this might not be what you want to spec into as a PvE healer but first of all let’s look at the discipline discipline path and see what we got here and the first thing is forced bending which is here and this is where we surgeons your well bread-and-butter skill basically falls into place by the way this is resurgence immediately heals the target for 1.8 22.9 k plus an additional two points 3k over 15 seconds quite frankly I have to admit the first time I came back to the game and saw that skill I thought okay this is a bit and yeah I’m not gonna use it which was a huge mistake and was pointed out to me by someone and I thank you whoever you are that was really brilliant because after that I myself read this and found out that I made a huge blunder so resurgence really important because of this yeah this spec for spending and it makes it grants you for spending if you use resurgence and for 15 seconds you have multiple bonus or additional effects on your other healing abilities I mean you can read it yourself but dark heal critical chance increased that infusion activation time lowered in evades critical chance increased and revivification costs less so that’s the first thing that you need to bear in mind the next thing is here reconstruction increases the duration of resurgence by 6 seconds which is significant in addition research and grants protection to its target for 45 seconds ok what kind of protection protection protect the targets have their armor rating increased by 10% and now this is really really nice this is kind of the nanoprobe that we saw healers have so we come back to this when we talk about our priority list or rotation the next thing was a river vacation oh yeah exactly so applying a periodic healing effect to up to AIDS allies within 8 meters of the target area which heals for blah blah blah blah blah once a target has received the periodic healing effect the target may leave the area and will continue to be healed by the effect now this is really something arm it didn’t used to be like that I don’t know if they changed it with this expansion because I only came back shortly before the last expansion ended and I didn’t play for over a year so but I remember in the beginning of the game or up to strongholds that we healers always told our party members to stand in the healing circle and not you know run away but now you can simply put your healing circle on a spot where people will run through it and then the healing effect is applied and they don’t need to stand inside of the healing circle anymore which is pretty pretty darn awesome so keep that in mind the next thing I want to talk about is force search which on one hand makes your consuming darkness not put a deep of on you that is called weary it’s kind of a way to go when you use consuming darkness don’t use it without for search

let’s see here we have control that was a bit too high sorry here we have consuming darkness and it’s basically if you run out of force that’s the way you get it back so if you use your inner weight for example let me do that shortly here innovate and oh this time it didn’t work well let’s do this again shall we ah there was a crits so I had one crit on my innovate which gave me not only or give me this shiny thing around my consuming darkness and that is actually force search which means I have once stack of for search and if I will now use my consuming darkness that basically amounts to me getting back a lot of force and not getting a penalty which is this one so hey come on show me the penalty here it’s very first a regeneration rate decreased so even though I got back force now my first region is decreased and if I don’t combine these two things so consuming darkness with for search I will run out of force eventually so that’s definitely something to bear in mind but there is another thing that force search is really good for because if you don’t have force problems at the moment and you have as you can see now three stacks of four search you get the instant buff on your revivification so you’re a a a healing circle which looks like this ah so especially in for AoE healing a group when you know there is an AoE boss effect or something this is kind of cool to bear in mind so you know stacking up three stacks of research of four search for that very effect and lastly dark concentration so dark concentration this means crushing darkness lightning strike dark infusion and replication grants dark concentration which causes your next dark heal to activate instantly and consume no force this effect may not occur in more than once every 10 seconds so my dark heal dark heal is kind of a yeah an ability that you never use with out dark concentration because it costs 45 armed force and it heals for yeah let’s say six point five five K which is not that much I mean innovate costs less and if it crits it or even without crit it heals for 11 K so you don’t really want to use dark heal but we used our confusion we get our dark concentration and now our dark heal becomes instant and it crits so this is really good because I didn’t use any force for it so again if you especially in single target healing so you’re healing the boss for example putting in a dark infusion and then getting your instant and free dark heal that’s kind of a great combination to up someone mmm yeah well within two seconds so let’s see what else do we got in the combat proficiencies because that’s it with the discipline path so we go to the skillful tree and I’m PvP player so i SPECT in two forces a fusion into MC body and into dark speed well I’d say no matter if you’re a PvP or PvE player force of fusion is a good thing to to spec into overload heels heels you and up to seven affected allies for you know about 2k it’s just an additional AoE healing skill which is always a good thing you know more skills more healing grant the second thing empty body additionally again I think this is also valid for PvE because increasing all healing received by 10% you know if you ever get the acro you will love that skill and in PvP you are going to be focused anyway so this is kind of a no-brainer so for PvP I would strongly suggest dark speed because dark heal increases the

movement speed of the target by 50% for six seconds your party will simply love you and they will take less damage because they’re yeah they can run around better and that’s kind of the point in PvP don’t stand there and be targeted and focused down but move in PV Eve I would say this is probably the better way to go this is safe defined and increase its damage reduction by 3 percent so again your survivability goes up even though I can see this being valid in PvP as well for my play style in PvP I went with dark speed but in PvE I would probably spec into safe defiance so the merciful tree I expect into immersion and into conspiring force and I would say PvE in PvE you first spec into suppression because activating cloud mind grants suppression which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds so if you get the aggro in a boss fight for example it’s not gonna take long in hard modes for X in hard mode SM it will take longer I think but in hard mode or even nightmare you’re gonna be dead or you’re gonna take at least a lot of damage and 25% damage reduction seems like a nice little thing for you to survive that in addition to well lowering your threat the next thing in PvE I would suggest is lightning barrier is this one and increases the amount absorbed by your static bury about 10% this is just you know 10% less damage taken by the people you grant your static barrier the other abilities like electric binding can’t see that being valid in PvE corrupted flesh well this is actually a good thing and I can see that being valid in PvE so maybe you want to spec into this except of the lightning barrier and the other thing is immersion because for speed grants immersion bring them with removing all movement and pairing effects and granting immunity to them for the duration this is clearly what you will go for NPV P that’s kind of what you want in PvP as a healer like leave me alone I’m out of here but for PvE I suspect this could be valid for some boss fights but all in all probably lightning barrier and suppression the better choices now I already talked a little about PvP here so immersion that’s a no-brainer and except from immersion it’s basically up to your play style whatever you like so if you want to have electric binding which i think is the the coolest skill actually it gives you a five seconds immobilizer for the enemy and immobilization stuns and stuff that’s what pvp really is all about taking the ability to defend or do damage away from your opponents while you’re healing or doing damage to yourself there’s kind of the game of the name of the game but corrupted flesh it’s also very good I mean especially as a healer you get dotted a lot and 15% less damage from that that’s really valid in PvP as well lightning barrier well 10% more damage not incoming is always a good thing and then conspiring force which I opted for this is not a healing skill but targets affected by your affliction are slowed by 30% for its duration now let’s have a look here we have my affliction or our affliction and it has a duration of 18 seconds and it’s a dot so for 18 seconds the target will be slowed by 30% if you like I tend to do it or want to do it most of the time if I have the chance spread this on the enemy team they’re simply all or most of them 30% slower which gives your team a significant advantage and yeah this is kind of supporting you team not in terms of healing but in terms of crowd control I like that lastly heroic and I suspect into surging speed and of course force mobility I’m not sure about surging speed for PvP I might speck back into backlash backlash is yeah your static barrier erupts in a flash of light when they end binding up to eight targets or enemies for three seconds

this is yeah this is very good for your survivability I showed that in another video already but when you look at surging speed hilarity shift increases your movement speed by 50% and four speeds lasts half a second longer and when force barrier ends and your cooldown on four speeds is finished and this is really the combination of this because polarity shift the 20% alacrity abuse a boost and immunity to push back is a really good thing but 50% more movement speed for 10 seconds that’s rather huge that’s really good and if everything goes wrong and you have to use your force barrier having force speeds immediately when it ends is kind of an assurance that this time you will survive no matter what so I tried this for a bit now and I’m I like it even though I miss my static barrier erupting and stunning everybody that was kind of cool so I talked a lot about PvP so I’m gonna stick with PvP now and well force mobility innovate can be activated by moving this is no brainer this is the skill in PvP that you need and I suspect it’s also the skill that you want for PvE it’s just ridiculously good in PvP I would yeah well as I just said either backlash or surging speed for PvE it’s basically up to your playstyle you know look at them if they can Kindle to your play style then maybe you want to go for that but I would strongly recommend a no matter if you do PvP or PvE take force mobility and then kind of take your pick probably gonna be so um searching speed because it’s kind of 50% movement speed for 10 seconds is in itself a great thing so that’s all about the combat proficiencies and the next thing I’m going to talk about is yeah rotation and priority list well as for rotation there simply is none it’s it’s really very situational as a saw healer so I’m going to give you a priority list which is also correct most of the time but I encounter enough situations where this priority list is not the most efficient way of doing it so first off let me say if you are a soak healer and your healing works meaning your group doesn’t die you’re doing it correctly stick with that that’s fine if you’re not gonna plan on you know doing nightmare operations this whole guide is basically interesting maybe but none of your concern the first and foremost skill on the priority list is resurgence simply because of all the benefit benefits it gives you the benefits I already explained and especially in a or a healing remember resurgence makes roaming meant instant looks like this yeah and that’s kind of what you’re looking for in a Oh a healing but also in single target healing you start with resurgence and you try to keep that up on your group members and if you know in single target healing if your healing the tank for example you try to keep this one up on the tank at all times after resurgence let’s see let’s look at single target first so single target would be innovate again combining the two is kind of what you want to do I didn’t create at all but innovate is not only a great healing skill and puts out a lot of healing and you can do it while moving but it also grants you for search which makes which can make you a OE healing circle instant or at least gives you consuming darkness for free so without weariness after innovate there is the dark heal but doc he’ll only with dark concentration so when it’s free and instant that’s when he use your dark he’ll never use it without it it’s just a waste of your force then single target the next thing

in my priority list would be roaming meant it isn’t really a single target healing ability it’s definitely a OE healing or group healing but still it puts out so much healing that it is better in my opinion then dark infusion which would be the last on my priority list so if you’re out of all the things to do then well stick with dark infusion all right a AoE healing again you start with roaming meant the next on the list you start with resurgence I’m sorry then the next on the list here is definitely roaming meant after that is your healing circular revivification preferably you do that with the instance buff that comes from having three stacks of force search through your ability innovate but well even without that it’s still one of your better AoE healing abilities and then don’t forget about your overload in two if you SPECT into it it heals as well lastly static barrier if you know the boss fight or you know the situation you know that the beginning of war zone everybody from both teams will be in mid and you know already there is going to be a lot of incoming damage on your group then yes use your static barrier spam it on everybody so you get the damage reduction or yeah the damage mitigation I have to say in single target healing obviously static barrier keeping up on the tank or the single target that you’re healing it’s also kind of the way to go but even though I myself like static barrier and try to keep it up at all times on everybody in my group there’s a lot of soul killers out there who disagree on that with me because they think you’re wasting seventeen fours and especially you wasting time using other abilities that are more valid alright I think I covered what I wanted to say I hope I could help you out a bit and this was not a total waste of your time this is SHINee signing off thank you for watching and see you next time

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