hello everyone welcome to today’s pick card reading ah i’m so excited i love pick as a connoisseur of tarot and just like as an avid lover of tarot i love data card readings i think they’re fun um i also think that they are a really good tool or it’s a nice pathway to help you kind of get more in touch with your intuition um intuition is something that you may know as your gut it’s a gut feeling um it’s an inner knowing anything along those lines of terminology that is your intuition so what pick a cards do is they test your intuition they see how aligned you are not only with yourself but kind of with your path and also honestly they’re kind of just a lot of fun so i do pick a card reading for you today keep in mind that i i did just move so i’m still trying to figure out just new typically with my uh pick a card readings i usually do the camera facing down that way you could just see the cards throughout the entire time and we just kind of go through it so for now what i’m gonna do i’m just gonna you know i’m on my laptop so i’m just gonna push down that way you can see them but if you are new to pick a card readings essentially here is here is how it goes in order to save you from the whiplash of just putting on the screen you are right here so today’s pick a card reading is where are you on your self-love journey if you haven’t done any of these before essentially here is how it goes this is pal number one this is pile number two and this is pal number three so there are three spreads for you and as we mentioned earlier you are essentially using testing harnessing your intuition so what you’re going to do is you can pick these piles off of two ways you can either just look at the card or actually three you can either just look at the card and say oh you know three is looking good two’s looking good number one is looking good uh that’s number one you can just pick by cards the second way is if i say pile number one pile number two and pile number three if you feel a pulling like oh wow 2 sounds appealing one sounds appealing 3 sounds appealing that is your intuition speaking to you a third way third way that you can pick is based off the objects that i put on so right here we have a screw a little tiny screw the second object for panel number two is this like little plastic holder and then for pile number three we have this like little mini screwdriver so what you can do is pause the video silence your mind and just look and stare at each of the piles see what you’re drawn to see where you’re being pulled and the time stamps for the reading is going to be down in the description below the objects for each pile are going to make sense later i promise you so i will give you a couple seconds i’ll give you like 5 to 10 seconds of just pure silence so you can pick okay guys you ready ready okay perfect so let’s start with pile number one pile number one let’s go okay pile number one so for your object you had the screw sorry i think my computer froze so pile number one you have this screw um when i pulled these cards i had the three objects already lined up spirit told me my guides told me what objects to choose but i didn’t know which one was going to go towards which and so i did the cards first and then i put the object on and so what this object tells me is this is kind of like shot yourself in the foot energy now as i mentioned before this is where you are at on your self-love journey um i actually should have said this in the beginning but uh i’ll just have to repeat it throughout each one but self-love is a journey in that of its own self-love is something that is personal to each individual person however however self-love is also something that yes it is individual to each person but there are some similarities when it comes to the human experience when it comes to the human journey so for me this was kind of shot yourself in the foot energy

which tells me that you are at the beginning of a new phase not the beginning of self-love journey that is completely different this just shows me that you were at the beginning of a new phase so whether you closed a cycle out and are entering anew you are at a different place that requires you to have a beginner’s mindset okay so starting off we have the energy that you’re harnessing this is regret this says i know that i cannot change the past and i know with the lighting it’s going to be a little difficult so i’ll put it right here hopefully you can see it if not let me know in the comments below that way again i’m figuring out a new setup but again back to you guys regret the artisan the energy that you were harnessing is i know that i cannot change the past so kind of in light with the screw energy you feel like you shot yourself in the foot this kind of tells me that um there is a decision that has passed that maybe you wished you had taken an opportunity on that you know that you should have because like here’s the thing regret comes in so many different flavors so the automatic storylines that are coming through is that there may have been an opportunity that you know you should have taken but you passed another one is you also could have wanted to leave something for a bit but maybe you stayed in it too long those are kind of the um the two storylines i’m picking up because when it comes to regret again it comes in many different flavors regret is an energy of more so kind of like shoulda coulda woulda’s i should have done this i could have done this you know if things are different i i would have done this so when regret comes up to me that means that there’s like a sense of time at play and because like do you see all the orange and do you see all like the red this is sacral energy um and i’m also getting root just because of the red so this is something requiring action there’s a regret surrounding an action and time is plain a factor in it this is the energy energy that you are harnessing let’s continue what you want we have the study card this is like a life purpose deck i believe is what it is reading research and education help you gain confidence and clarity about your career now with these two energies combined with where you’re at and what you want essentially where you are at on your cell phone journey is that you are searching for something higher you’re searching for meaning you’re searching for purpose you’re searching for something that can bring clarity this and kind of energy is like why did this happen what’s the purpose of this so what this kind of tells me is that you went through some sort of tower moment and an entire tower can be anything um common ones or like the more obvious ones are things like losing a job or going through a breakup um it is something that is surrounding a dramatic change a a shift and and it doesn’t mean that like you know everything needs to blow up or anything it just means that something snapped you out of another thing so you know um tower to me is also kind of like revelations revelations doesn’t have to be you know they don’t have to come to you where you’re sobbing on the floor you know crying your eyes out revelations can come in a way of like um you know a stranger saying hello and you recognizing hey you know people are maybe people are not that bad but there’s like a sense of loss um an illusion of losses but they’re telling me um something was removed from your life but regret means that you played a role in it and so right now the stage that you’re in yourself love journey is seeing the purpose in that what is the purpose of this loss what does this mean what how how does this benefit me how can i move forward from this what you know again like what does this mean you could be doing research you could be watching a lot of tarot readings just to entire readings are fine you can watch tarot readings they’re fine just do it to a point where it’s not codependency because here’s the thing what really triggers our soul is when we watch and listen to things and see a confirmation from my um guides on that or like when we hear things there’s like an auditory something but there’s like a studious energy you were actively searching for a higher answer i’m so sorry customer’s crying give me a second sorry guys uh back to you but when like there’s like an active search this is almost like hermit energy it’s like

you’re searching for the star again i know i may sound repetitive but it’s it’s like you’re you’re searching for a higher answer you’re searching for a higher truth you’re searching for a higher self um you’re really just searching for clarity and kind of going back to how our soul when we seek out things you know we see god for guidance maybe a whole reading may not resonate for you but what will is something that maybe it might be a word maybe the word is trust maybe it’s like you know when you hear something so many times but on like the 877th time you find someone that just says it just a little different or like you’re ready to hear what they have to say though you’ve heard that phrase so many times before it’s like you’re ready so in the pursuit of wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge you are searching and i’m going to clarify this later but right now you you’re in a searching phase you’re not lost but you’re searching you’re like okay something happened like that happened okay let me gather myself together let me collect myself let me you know take some time out let me do some hermit energy let me do some reflecting let me find out why this really happened how can i use this to my benefit how does this play a role in the grand scheme of life life for me what is the purpose of this this for me so you are now becoming a student not only of life but just of spirit you are becoming a student of yourself you want to understand yourself better and that kind of clarity will always be rewarded that is why you’re at the beginning stages what you need to know is that the universe has your back so with all these together from where you’re at what you want and what you need to know and now i’m kind of picking up a little like anger on this side and anger is totally normal but on the opposite angle of anchor is forgiveness look at there’s two owls here owl is owl’s air that’s my channel um but there are two owls here this seems like such a 3d i mean kind of thing and here’s why i say that it’s almost like you are not only at the beginning phases of discovering self-love or again like um at least pursuing this new chapter or self-love you’re becoming a student and it seems like this time is different whether you’ve experienced pain in the uh before again i know that i cannot change the past there’s something about this that has hit you at such a core level to the point where again this is like sacral um root energy something has hit you to your core and thus the dramatic shift you are turning into a student of really understanding if everything happens for a reason then i need to believe that even this is for a reason and you’re becoming this dutiest energy and like the divine is right next to you and what you need to know is that spirit has your back and that this kind of ties into everything it just again it completes that full circle of everything happens for a reason oh my god why is this happening i can’t accept this oh wait no i’m not understanding that everything does happen for a reason and if i want to really believe that phrase everything happens for a reason then i need to know that this does too oh wait more time has passed i just heard eight months this is like two to three month energy this is like five to six and this is like seven to eight so this is like um because yes this happens but the discovery phase of this can project out to eight months as i’m getting they’re saying the number eight um it’s like this is going to be the sole reason of you coming to terms with the fact that the universe does has your back and that there is a grand plan and a design no matter where you are at in this energy because remember energy is fluid but this is like the target after a tower moment something made you question your faith maybe even yourself and your decisions and your capacity to believe in not only in yourself but the universe and then after some time time heals all wounds that’s what they want me to tell you time heals all wounds which is very true you’re recognizing things you you’re researching your reading you’re educating yourself you’re building your confidence you’re getting clarity on something and you’re seeing and like from this energy it’s like oh now i can see why that happened because that relationship wasn’t for me even if i couldn’t have seen it then i see it now oh wait look at there’s like there’s like if i keep pursuing this i’m to gain a higher truth not only for this but actually for my life and you come to terms with

the fact that hey there is a bigger plan and whether you believe that or not you know again this is something that seemed that it really shook you to your core i’m really getting that i’m actually even picking up a little anger but this is like the path of forgiveness not only for them but for yourself but this is just really coming to terms with the fact that hey i know i may have not seen it at that moment but i do realize that it happened for a reason because the lessons i have learned throughout this entire experience even for this it is making me understand kind of like the laws of the universe essentially so i pulled three more tarot cards and again i’m going to clarify this so what we have is the i’m doing cause and effects the cause of this was the two of pentacles the effect was the king of pentacles and i’ll dive into this in a little bit sorry i realized i just said king i’m at night um kind of diving into it here is what the cause of this was i want to hold it up but i also don’t want the glare of the computer so i actually yeah i’m probably just gonna hopefully you can see that i promise guys i’m gonna get a new here actually let’s just do this okay hopefully you can see that so this is the cause two of pentacles is a a hairier hawk um i’m using the animal tarot for those of you wondering but essentially what this is telling me is that the cause of this was that you would have not been given this if you could have not handled it spirit know that you like spirit doesn’t give you something that you can’t handle you have the tools to handle this you know that you do it’s just the doing it that takes a decision and dedication and action spirit does not give you what you cannot handle this is also telling me that there’s kind of like a um i’m getting like a protector energy honestly i’m also getting like a weight a weight awaited not like weight as in like w-e-i-g-h-t but like a weight um because i was holding on to oh holding on um sorry i’m trying to they’re giving me downloads so essentially kind of clarifying regret regret usually involves time either time spent or time wasted there’s something that you regret either you did not act on something or you felt that you took a wrong decision or you took a wrong turn there are no wrong turns if you choose one thing versus another the universe will not punish you um what they do is they kind of just really move it around for this i’m getting that you saw that something was valuable you were protecting it and you saw it but there’s also a sense of like protection to the point where it was almost a as a default they want me to say the word default kind of like a now they’re saying false start see because like yeah it looks like he’s going towards it but now that i look at it it almost looks like he may even like it’s almost like a spot check like okay it’s there let me just go again kind of playing to factor of time what i’m honestly kind of getting is that it almost seems like an opportunity really wasn’t taken the effect of this was the night of pentacles from this honestly what i’m really getting is that something in your opinion i’m not saying is the opinion of spirit but in your mind you’re regretting something and you felt that like it took too long it took too long to come to a decision it took too long for you to decide on what to do or you may have stayed in something too long you may have made a decision and you took two and you realize it wasn’t for you hence the regret too and you realize that you probably stayed in that too long like that’s the kind of energy that i’m picking up and yeah i’m kind of getting relationship but like cause and effect either you were in something to like you made a decision to go to something so maybe you had two choices you may have felt that you chose wrong but in hindsight i don’t believe that’s true we all get the lessons that we’re meant to have there’s no choosing wrong again spirit doesn’t punish you like that for choosing something like you can only do the best with you know the tools and information that you have i think i’m getting like a kicking yourself energy so either you were you had two options again something with a career relationship

or maybe just even something towards yourself either you delayed on that choice or you made a choice and now you’re feeling that it was the wrong choice and that you feel that it took you too long to come to that decision hence why there’s a regret around time there’s things surrounding time confirmation and kind of like the overall where you’re feeling now now you’re kind of on the defensive because again your item was the screw this is like shot yourself in the foot energy what it feels like is that you shot yourself in the foot it’s almost like i’m hearing your inner dialogue it’s almost like i should have known better i should have known better i should have seen it sooner and remember what i said earlier about how we can hear something for like the 876th time but on the 877th time the way that that person says it the way that they say it how they say it something about it just clicks we learn the lessons that we are meant to learn in the time that we are meant to learn them that alone is a lesson within itself and that could even be this you have to go through this this these feelings of regret are things so you can get out of it because overall what i’m really seeing is that like you’re asking yourself why did i do this why did i sabotage myself why did i shoot myself in the foot why did i screw myself over with this and after some time maybe like you know i get like you know me maybe even feeling this for like two to three months but i’m getting like in the fifth or sixth month like because you have to work out you have to work out of this energy you have to come to the terms the fact that like you know why did i you know hold off on this or why did i choose the wrong thing in your mind it’s the wrong thing i’m not saying it is but in your mind you feel like you chose the wrong thing are you held up on a decision or you made a decision and you feel like it’s the wrong one you have to come to terms like this alone is like a lot of um why did i make that decision and that’s peeling back the layers like did you stay with someone or did you choose someone else because of security because of the false illusion that they would you know provide you did you stay off of looks did you stay off the income like that’s a whole different thing that’s a energy in itself and then maybe like the second third month and you’re like wow i can’t believe i shot myself in the foot oh my god you know ooh like now i’m in regretful energy blah you know and like that’s a whole thing that’s how energy works you need like you not only need to encourage like kind of oversimplify it like this alone depending on how you work through energy like like that’s kind of how it is like this is an energy this is an energy this is an energy all the combined provides a nice compact little you know package of you know here’s what you need to work on but it’s so much more intricate and detailed for that you may be feeling like you shot yourself in the foot and that you self-sabotaged yourself that’s an energy energy is okay i know that i had two decisions and in my mind i feel like i chose the wrong one but here’s the thing i had to choose the decision like i had to go with that decision and realize that either i you have to come to terms with the fact that you either waited too long to make a decision you made a decision and now you’re realizing that it was the wrong one and you know coming to terms with the fact like why did i stay there why did i choose that in the first place oh it was because i was actually afraid to go for real love oh it was actually because i didn’t really value myself and believe that i deserved it oh it actually was because i thought that they would have provided me with security and it turns out that they didn’t financial security isn’t the same as you know emotional security and again coming to terms the fact like why did i shoot myself in the foot oh because this energy is wiser this energy has some time on um on their side they have come to terms with a lot of different things they’re studying why did i do this why did i do this why did i do this and this and this and this and not to the point where it’s like you know suffocating but to the point of proper analyzation why am i the way that i am why is this a repeating pattern that i tend to screw myself over is it a self self sabotaging behavior that i have why do i do that oh it’s because i feel like i’m not you know deserving of love oh because um you know success actually actually scares me and i’m already you know the head of my family and um you know maybe this would have you know been a bad look on me or something this is peace this is coming to terms with all of this and i know when you’re in this it seems like a lot but look at yourself from this perspective like hey i know why i did that because you know i was afraid to choose love

i know i may have stayed in or it may have taken me too long to come to terms with the decision or i may have chosen the wrong one and stayed at it for too long i am now looking at each reason why and confronting it and getting knowledge and clarity on it and oh hey more time has passed and you wanna what i now realize that all of this happened for a reason i realized that i needed to go through this and feel this regretful energy i realized that i um why i stayed in something for too long or it took me too long to make you know come to terms with the decision because again i was sub self sabotaging myself i realized that i needed to go through all this in order to gain a new found respect for myself and a newfound discipline on emotional discipline and really come to terms with why i am not pursuing things that i actually want things that i actually require as a human being in order to move forward hey i realize that everything happened for a reason this is where you were at on your self-love journey and i pulled another card just for kind of like you know shoot some googles but um here we have is here and now i think what this really is again sorry past and future i hope you can see that the past and future i think what this really is too and like this could be a two of like all you really have is the now and that focusing on things like shoulda kodawas will only lead you more into further regret and also kind of anger which again those emotions aren’t bad the thing is is just to make sure you work out of them here and now you only have the here and now this is also kind of like a be present like you said there’s like two green you only have the here and now focusing on the past is stealing your future or is stealing your current present when best way to say this in this moment right now you are watching this video i have already done this so technically i may be in the past for you and to me you are the future like i’m doing this you know for you a future energy hoping that we cross paths but right now you’re watching this you were in the here technically to you i am your past focus on this moment when your mind drifts off into the past you were living in a past timeline thus robbing you of your current self when you focus on the future again you are robbing you of your current self stay here live in this moment and i think more things will kind of like you know make sense like come together like this i know that i cannot change the past past i know that i cannot change the past come to terms with where you are realize that everything has brought you up until this point so you can recognize this moment and this thing about yourself so when you move forward you will carry these lessons with you but the ultimate thing is that you would not have been given this if you could not handle it whether it feels that way right now or not everything does happen for a reason and if you believe that’s a silly quote you have to know that’s true okay i know you may feel like you shot yourself in the football heroes thing you didn’t you just um this is just how it was meant for you okay okay pal number one thank you so much for joining uh if you’re not going to join me for the rest of the episodes and make you make sure you subscribe leave a comment tell me how you like this setup and i will see you next time bye okay pal number two here is your pick your card reading okay pal number two so sorry for the lighting change um but it did get darker here so i decided to switch things up but pile number two you got this little rubber thing um so two things for this one it what i’m picking up from this is um actually here sorry with the disclaimer sorry pal number two um so first and foremost the thing is that yes this rating is where are you in your self-love journey as we all know our self-love journey is something that is personal to each and every one of us however even though it is personal to each individual person there are some things that can there are some things that are common in every single one of us i guess is what i’m saying so it’s kind of like that saying um your problems are not unique

uh they’re just again they’re just personal so with this what i’m getting is that you consider yourself um like the glue of a situation you are something that holds people together however this also has a kind of like a connotation that you feel like you need something in order to feel whole so that is what this symbolizes um let’s just kind of dive right into it so pal number two what we have is your first card um actually yeah you guys had two two popped up for you so i decided to take them for this one what we have is this is what you’re currently feeling what you are represented as so what we have is empathy and worry i am open to seeing both sides of a situation and worry i am learning that worry doesn’t change an outcome so immediately from what i’m picking up from this is that we have heavy crown third eye chakra so what this tells me is that you are very intuitive empathy you can put yourself in people’s situations um worry i am learning that worry does not um or doesn’t change an outcome what i’m really getting from a combination of the this is that when it comes to situations just situations in general you can easily put yourself in other people’s shoes that um and again that is a wonderful thing empathy is something that the world should really truly embrace however a negative side or a disordered side of that is that you can so easily see you must have like a strong libra placement because libra is typically about balance seeing all sides of the situation same with gemini um very intellectual signs and there’s a spiritual condemnation connotation to this you can very easily see why people do the things they do however i think that may lead you into some um like holding powder tear in territory and for that reason i think that your mind is so brilliant that because you can see all sides of the situation that it kind of maybe puts you in like a little bit of analysis paralysis because um i just heard they’re telling me that you’re gifted um sorry they’re talking to me give me one second yeah it’s almost like it’s kind of like a seven of cups energy you can see all the possibilities of a situation and i think kind of like that analysis paralysis thing is that it almost puts you again like that holding pattern that i mean i mentioned i’m getting hangman energy from worry specifically that it’s almost like if you want to do something like say it is for yourself say you want to speak out more on um you know let’s just use the example for what’s going on in the world uh say you want to speak out on one of the one of the issues that are highlighted in the year of 2020 you can see all sides to the situation and you know put people in the ability to be in other people’s shoes however this worry thing is but what if i say the wrong thing oh yes i said all of these nice points but what if someone like mentions i did i didn’t include this or something so this is kind of like you are so gifted and so magnetic and so spiritual and you just kind of get it to the point where you almost it’s like you almost see too many sides to a situation like that does that sorry does that make sense and i think that kind of holding pattern puts you into a thing where you kind of hide away more of yourself than you should because again you can you can see how you know many things unfold you can see how things are going to go um so you know from what i’m really getting from this is that you’re very caring empathetic soul however there’s kind of like um some gusto that you need to continue to push forward it’s like you almost feel that with the knowledge that you haven’t obtained the knowledge that you you know continue to seek there may even be an underlining thing of that maybe people you’re worried that maybe people will understand all sides of the situation maybe you’re worried that people won’t agree with um i don’t necessarily agree but you know like they won’t understand your point of view they won’t understand the points of you that you are presenting to them um because you know that maybe some people aren’t ready maybe you know that some people will get it but you know it’s always like the worry of like well what if those like you know 10 people that won’t or what if there’s like you know people that won’t get you know what i’m trying to portray what if people don’t understand you know the meaning of empathy and that like you know how uh this is kind of like

there’s no good there’s no bad like there just is and like though you’re speaking on that truth and though you understand it you’re worried that in the conveying of that message that um some people just won’t get it and like and again like you almost feel like you almost have the piece that kind of puts everything together however again we have a circle here um which ties to group number one if you want to watch that for you know if you’re feeling drawn to do that you almost feel that like because again you can see so many sides to a situation you understand like the grander things in life and when you’re trying to convey that message um there’s almost like a again that holding pattern uh which can turn into a stagnation it just depends on how long you stay there but there’s a worrying energy that what if my message doesn’t get across thus i think that’s why you feel like you’re missing something when in reality you actually have all the pieces needed i think you’re just letting the worry because of the potential self-doubt of others um may affect you you know so that is where you know i guess like your current energy and pile number two you guys actually had a lot of two cards see what that tells me there’s a lot of synchronicities with you so what we um so for the second card which should be two cards is we have what you want and two cards pulled so i might as well just pull them there again bear with me as i do the new setup but for what you want pile number two we have let go and we have children so let go is walking away from this situation in order to resolve it um they’re told me to address this individually so for the first one what you want you want to walk away from the situation or to resolve it it almost could be analysis paralysis because again you do see all sides of the situation you um i almost feel oh sorry i i hear some of you asking well how does this tie into my self-love journey i’m getting there one second walk away from the situation or to resolve it when it comes to self-love what i’m getting is that you love yourself enough and you care about yourself enough and you have invested time into yourself because you have allowed yourself to see and be empathetic and see all sides of a situation however by holding back on certain truths just because of a few selected few and i get it you know especially if you’re like a blogger influencer a motivational speaker or something or someone who wants to speak out on um you know spiritual you know things or helping people get to where they they want to be you know what it takes but sorry they’re giving more downloads i’m getting like heavy influencer energy so what this tells me is that you probably most likely have some sort of platform where you speak on things like this to help people understand so if you are part of like a movement like black lives matter or save the children or you know even the presidency or anything um not to get too controversial but it’s like you understand what it takes you understand that many people tend to see more like majority of life and things as one-sided when it’s really not how you are not loving yourself right now is or you know where you are at your self-love journey is you are learning to love all of yourself by allowing yourself to really utilize this um this higher divine knowledge that you have by suppressing even a little bit of you you are thus hiding parts of yourself which you could argue like you could make an argument for it then you know is that really truly authentic well you’re like oh yeah you like you know i know i worry about this but of course i’m you know still my authentic self you know i’m speaking on this stuff i understand it i get it yes but there’s something that you’re not saying you’re worried about saying something that may either trigger people offend people thus that kind of blocks your throat chakra and it kind of blocks off your intuitive gift that you have they’re telling me you’re you’re one of the masters um so i think like from this like when you want to speak out on something and you have a fear of maybe some people not understanding it you know use your best judgment like either um like why do you feel that you think people won’t understand it do you think you’re not conveying the message properly do you think you’re including all the bits of information or the third option which kind of seems it is that you’re doing the best that you can with the knowledge that you have and it seems like it’s a lot you have the gift gift of empathy and yes when you try to convey that message guess what some people may not understand

some people just won’t get it and that’s fine then you know right now maybe maybe they’re just not ready you know maybe you know because like you’re a seeker of truth you’re a seeker of understanding your secret of compassion and higher knowledge but maybe just realize that maybe some people are just not on your level yet maybe just realize that like and look at like this girl’s like looking down she’s like see she’s looking the way the cards are laying she’s looking down at worry like yeah i have all this divine knowledge you know blah blah blah i have this like unicorn behind me and you know i’m i’m a unique being and i have like something really great and personal to say but you’re still letting this little bit kind of stop you thus by not embracing all sides of you and and not being okay with controversy because that’s not really it it’s just like being okay with the fact that people will misunderstand you being okay with the fact that me hey maybe not everyone’s not gonna get your message being okay with the fact that hey yes you may lose some followers yes you may lose um you know some people in your life um but it’s being okay with that and what we also have for what you want is well here we have children your life purpose involves helping and teaching and healing children what you want is to heal people you want to heal people not only people but you want to heal like like that you want to be this won’t be the person that you know can provide truth to people and you want to be the person that people goes to and you want to be the person where you uplift people and you teach people and you involve them because that’s your purpose your purpose is to heal not only maybe even children but heal the inner child you know within people and i think that’s um especially when you’re pursuing a mission like this where you want to heal like the inner child within people know that the people that you’re talking to are going to be like you know maybe like 17 you know the 20s 30s 40s 50s know that people who are a little bit younger are going to be more receptive to that and if your audience as people may be like in their 20s um you know there may be some resistance even like 30s and above those people have the most resistance typically so if your audience base is like you know even like 30s and above or maybe even like a little bit of 20s you may feel more resistance than the um than if your fanship or you know your fan base were in like you know their teens or if they were you know children um because children and like teenagers and you know maybe even like early 20s they’re more receptive to learning they’re more receptive to involving themselves you know in their purpose in their life and people who are typically older um not all the time but again general reading they’re more resistant that that’s just it they’re more resistant and i think that it is probably more worried because like you may not be getting the response when you speak this truth you may not be getting the response that you are seeking and i think that probably puts more worry into you also but you want to help people you want to help people so like even just from this alone again we have two two your group two group two two two these are such synchronicities from spirit telling you to continue on your path because though they may not understand it and yes you may lose some people that’s such a physical 3d thing you are so spiritual and you get it and you let the you um put yourself in this worry place because you’re afraid others not understand you and the reality is is that some people won’t they just won’t some people will not understand you some people will not care um i think one of the best things i ever i ever learned when i was a journalist for a little bit was that before you write a paper before you write a piece um you could be a journalist i don’t know why i’m using that example but the best thing um to you know have like a post-it note or something is that people do not care because that’s the truth people do not care they will not care until you make them there and unless you get rid of this worrying and unless you you have to believe in yourself more than anyone you believe in yourself more than they believe in you and be okay with the fact that some people may leave that’s fine i know that’s a tough lesson to learn because like obviously if you’re you know trying to pursue this as a job or something you’re like but i need people i need people to invest in me i know but at the end of the day if you still continue to speak your truth and you know that you want to help them because you have a higher knowledge and you want to help people and heal their childhood wounds and they’re resistant to it it’s almost like unnecessary worrying because you’re speaking to people that don’t want to hear it those are not your people then let them leave and i know that’s easier said than done but just let them leave the advice um oh sorry i was going to say advice from the universe but this this card and this placement is what you need

and it’s funny because when i pulled out this card i actually pulled out like this and for some reason i was like oh that’s a you know that’s an interesting card um it’s like upside down in reverse and like the autumn like the thing that i thought when i when i read this was um mirror numbers well mirror um sorry i was getting ahead of myself the first thing that i thought when i read this i thought it was supposed to be upside down and backwards and that you had to prop it up and hold it against a mirror to read it but that is clearly not the case what this says is that i recognize that i have chosen fear and i choose again i choose love make sure that’s right i recognize that i have chosen fear i recognize i have chosen fear i’ve chosen to um to allow fear and worry um overtake me and thus it halted me speaking on my truth and message to help people because i was afraid that some people wouldn’t understand and i choose again you chose again i choose love so the fact that i thought it was like upside down and you had to like look at me here what this tells me is that what you need is yourself you need to look in the mirror look at yourself and kind of remind yourself that like hey i’m that girl i’m that girl who has gone through shit i or man you know person thing whatever um i’m a person who understands it i understand it because i am self-taught and i have learned and i have things to teach i have things to say i want to help people i want to heal people you need to recognize who you are remember who you are because no one can do what you can do i’m going to say that again no one can do what you can do pal number two no one can do what you can do and when you let fear and worry of others who are not ready to hear what you have to say stop you look at all the people that you’re you you may not get to help see whoa i look through on there look at other people that you may not get to help because you’re letting these little bastards like stop you don’t do that don’t don’t allow them to win if they want to stay stuck in the matrix let them say stuck in the matrix just let them stay there yeah um i pulled more cards to kind of clarify this um it’s like a cause and effect and kind of like the outcome between the two i am using animal tarot so for the cause of this we have the king of wands which is i forgot the animal on the top of my head but here let me so you can see it for a bit you got the king the king yeah you got the king of wands this is the cause of all this this is the cause of all the empathy and worry so this is the tasmanian double um from this one for the cause what i’m really getting is that there’s almost like a level of respect um that has been demanded almost um what i’m really getting is that because people were not ready to hear what you had to say it almost put on this kind of like showman uh energy to it sorry give me a download it’s almost like you know what you’re capable of and the fact that people almost don’t respect the knowledge that you have to give it it kind of irritates you it bothers you and and trust me i get it like when you have this kind of knowledge when you have this kind of higher wisdom that is only achieved through trial and error and um like personal um like tribulations when you speak out on something like this when your goal is to help heal people because maybe you yourself have been to it or been through it and people you know don’t honor your knowledge maybe in the way that you were expecting and you know like that’s a thing expectation is um a dangerous thing because maybe what you expect is like you know your self-worth you know that you have things to say and because people are not responding in the way that you feel that they should because again like you feel that like um either you’re the missing piece to people or that you know um that’s actually perfect yeah maybe you feel like you’re the missing piece for people that you know what they need to do in order to heal themselves um and that they’re not responding in the way that you maybe would have hoped it put on this kind of um defensive uh you know energy it’s like okay well if they’re not you know

um like i clearly can see all sides of the situation uh again this is the goal to heal people maybe i should change my message up maybe i should do it in a different way so i got like a little showman energy um but then that kind of thing there’s nothing wrong with that but like eventually it turns into a resentment if you still don’t get that same you know result so the cause of it least for like the empathy and worry combo is that i think in your portrayal of this message you know when you say your truth and you say the truth of others and you know you know that you can heal you know that um you can heal people’s inner child that you have divine higher knowledge it’s kind of getting like this like um it’s like a festery worry some fear energy because you’re like i know what i’m doing i know what to say and i’m trying to do all these different things to best convey the message to them but they’re still not picking up on it and then so it kind of puts into well am i lacking something do i not know what i’m talking about and then you kind of put yourself through these like the ringer of like okay what if i say it this way or this very this way and then it kind of almost loses the message um again you’re like trying to please people that don’t care right now or you’re trying to please the wrong people so that’s what i’m getting for the cause and the effect of it is i mean the sun you’re gonna come out on top you are balanced like look at the difference between this this is like when you oh perfect okay i get it now this is what happens when you try and please others you know the message you want to say we’re not going to go back over there you know the message you want to say to others but when you give it in the way um we’re like what if i do this and they’ll listen to this and they’ll listen to this and this and this and you’d like you know focus on like analytics and things like that um it turns into this like 10 tasmanian devil this is a devil first and foremost this is the king of one so again it has like that showmanship and like it just you know this just feels like tired it feels like you know i almost get like you feel like you’re being used kind of thing that people only use you because of the show that you can potentially put on but they’re not taking away the actual lessons that needed after this with the cause and effect of this entire thing is that you’re gonna come out on top you’re gonna come up balance and peaceful this is a lemur i think i think this is a lamer i’ll double check um this is the sun this is the happiest card in the deck what you’re going to realize is that i am learning that worry doesn’t change an outcome you’re just going to learn that use this empathy energy i can see both sides situation but i know that because i can see both sides to do it like they pull it back don’t don’t just pull it on like i know how to heal people and i understand them and pull back right like look how far this person’s in a field this is like when you’re in like you know the jungle and you know whatever i don’t know where tasmanian devils are i freaking know um but like when you’re in it it gets like this like suffocating energy but when you pull yourself back pull yourself so far back to where you can embrace um empathy i am open to seeing both sides of the situation know that people be okay and content with the fact that people may not be ready to hear what you have to hear be content with the fact that like hey as i continue to pursue this i know that some people are going to fall away let them have no expectations and release people release the fact that they may not be ready to what you have to say or they may not be ready to hear what you have to hear this is the happiest card in the deck look at this is the trees it’s all in it look how far away the trees are pull yourself away from the situation and say you want to what this is only a small group of people who don’t want to listen but in the grand scheme of things i have the entire world at my feet and this is true freedom this is true happiness again sun happiness card in the deck this is freedom this is um the son is like the father uh so maybe it’s like more of a masculine energy like don’t worry about how the message don’t worry too much about how the message is being delivered just know that you’re you know do everything with the best that you can and be okay and you know again get rid of that worry and fear energy because again some people may not be ready to what you need to hear what you have to say i can feel some of you like taking that lesson in some people may not be ready to hear what you have to say and you have to be okay with that because when you put yourself in this worry energy you can become stagnant and again your group two two two okay um so cause and effect and kind of like um the overall of it is the four of pentacles this is um you know

storing holding on but also like planting seeds for me this is like planting for a new season and like you know when you store things away in the midst of all that something can grow so whether if you’ve been keeping all this in and you haven’t been really telling anybody that you know because you can say i want to help you all the time but if people are not ready to be helped or people don’t think they need help you can’t help them you just can’t help them you cannot help people that do not want to be helped so can you continue to store away your knowledge and you know continue to invest in this this is like investment energy to me continue to because food is investment um invest in yourself invest in your gifts and know that this is only temporary and that the true lesson here is that accepting that people may not be ready to hear what you have to hear know that your gifts are god given or know your gifts are um of a higher realm of a higher plane and if people you know only want you to be a puppet and put on a show for them not really caring what you have to say but more caring what you do are those really good people like are those really your people continue to invest in yourself continue to invest in the lessons and the knowledge that you’ve obtained and trust that what you have to say is truth you know use your objective because again you can see all sides of the situations and you know not only being empathetic with people but also be empathetic for yourself think of someone that you look up to and think of like messages that they shared and like sure some people may not care you know what they have to say but a lot of other people do and this kind of thing don’t worry about the few that don’t care and don’t like burn yourself out to try and please these people because again like if they don’t care then they don’t care focus on the people that do need your help and who are ready and receptive to hear what you have to say and i know that’s difficult and that’s a lesson that you have to become you have to be comfortable with well you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and know that this is a grace period and this is a transition period and that eventually you are going to be happy and content because you are finally going to be helping the people who are actually care of what you have to say and can recognize the value um in your truth and your wisdom and that what you really need is just yourself and and continue to believe in yourself and that’s kind of where you’re at in your self-love journey i did pull up one other card which is mending when we um have a truth that we want to speak and we speak it and we are met with something that maybe we weren’t ready for or maybe something that we weren’t really expecting and especially when the goal is to heal people um it it almost could kind of you know be a mirror kind of to you that you know you start questioning yourself well why do they not believe me do they not believe what i have to say am i not doing this right am i you know then you start fixing all these selves that you really don’t need to fix and you know it’s just mend yourself the proper way and what that really means at least like how i’m interpreting it is that it’s almost like you start it out whole like you’ve worked to get yourself to this point to where you’re like you’re whole and like you got it and you know i know things and i’ve worked on myself long enough to be ready to hear or to say things about healing and and um i was gonna use the word mending it’s like i want to help people put themselves back together and so when you say that and you’re met with you know these things that you don’t really agree with it almost makes you look back at yourself like in turn well am i not really together am i this and this and again it goes down like that little rabbit hole i’m hoping making sense um they’re just giving me messages i’m trying to spit it out as you know best i can but it’s almost like when you go through these kind of things and you present it and you’re met with like maybe even like not black backlash but like you know just not the thing that you were expecting it could almost make you feel like well maybe am i not good enough or maybe like again like am i doing this wrong or something and you go through this thing of like trying to please people but when you try and please other people like you’re giving away parts of yourself and it’s like it’s like any boundaries that you have before may have you know maybe been like loosened up a bit a bit not a lot this i mean with this it feels like you have it really together this just feels like a bump in the road

and in turn again it’s like i want to you know say this message i want to help people oh wait people aren’t responding the way that i want okay well now i maybe maybe i’m not going to say as much as i want now because people clearly they’re not ready for it okay well how do i say this oh that that didn’t do well last time what about this okay that duo last time and you going like this like showman enter like energy and then you you know go to the realization that wait that’s that’s on them that distortion is on them it’s not on me i i you know i believe in me i know what i’m about i believe in me i need to pull my energy back and love myself and put myself together that way i can be ready for this new um this new found like boundary system that i have essentially what this really is is just kind of like more energetic boundaries from this pile number two i think you already have i think you know that you’re like the placeholder i think you know that you are what people need um i think these people also in turn made you feel like you needed something but when in reality it’s like you know all you really need is you know kind of yourself and just proper boundaries and know that um you know not every screw is gonna fit into this right it takes a certain screw to fit in this gun i’m not gonna go there um but this requires a certain piece and maybe these people just maybe some of these people not all because again look at like maybe some of these people aren’t your people just leave them there and know that the rest of the world is waiting for you they’re waiting for you to speak on your truth because no one can do what you can do number two okay um pound number two that was your reading i hope you find that i hope you found that helpful thank you so much for joining me uh if you’re not going to be here for the rest of the reading then please subscribe let me know if you liked it and i will see you next time bye okay pal number three this is your pick a card reading so pile number three um kind of first and foremost i forgot to um do this disclaimer at the beginning of the video but essentially uh yes this pick a card reading is where are you at on your self-love journey the thing with self-love journeys is that yes it is personal however there are themes that can be tied for everyone um it’s kind of like that phrase your problems aren’t special and kind of like what that really means is that sure maybe problems won’t be unique but it definitely has a personal aspect like if everyone has you know like right now everyone has a like the same problem of you know it could be money you know because i mean again uh covid has put a lot of people on lockdown businesses have closed some people lost their jobs um that’s a problem but it’s personal because how you handle that situation okay maybe you’ll let go from this job but you found this new one maybe you uh were let go from a job and you decided to pursue youtube um you know the problem maybe a blanket term sorry my chin keeps um the problem may be a blanket term but it is personal so kind of like the same thing with self-love journeys so love journeys are a process there are some themes that can be related to many many different walks of life however it is personal because it is your journey you may have the same issue as someone but how you choose to walk through life how you choose to handle your situation that is what determines how far you go and within yourself and just on your self-love journey so that’s a quick disclaimer um for your object we have a little mini screwdriver so what this tells me is um a representation of this object is that you are a um i was gonna say a tool but but you’re someone who i mean you got it like you know that if you can fix something you know that if there’s a problem you can fix it you have the tools in your toolbox to handle majority of situations or even if there is a new one a new situation that comes up um a new situation that arises you have gone through enough where you know that you got it um i’ve noticed a progression in my readings and uh if you picked pile number three you are definitely more advanced in your self-love journey you’re more advanced you you are someone who has gone through you know some things you put yourself back together and you had to learn again you had to

get more tools in your toolbox and you have that um you know versus some of the other piles um but this just tells me that you’re capable and it just makes me very curious to see i guess where you’re at on your self-love journey because again from even just like this object i can already tell that you are a more advanced soul so i’m really curious to see okay so the first card is what you are represented as um your current energy we have acceptance i am learning to accept the things that i cannot change um again i mean this just kind of confirms that you are more i know guys i know the lighting’s because it’s getting darker so bear with me but um hopefully this is not too bad acceptance this tells me again that you are more of a higher or at least like advanced soul um what i’m really getting from this because you know we have yellow but we have like you know higher 3 and not 3d we have higher um higher knowledge we have crown chakra we have third eye energy here you are someone who has gone through the lesson of acceptance many many times because it’s like you know acceptance of like you know root chakra is um like accepting your current situations at least for me um you know and like moving up like uh say acceptance of the heart chakra is that listen this person may not be for me and i understand that there’s something better out there so i will continue to self you know self love myself until that person you know arrives um uh you know acceptance of the throat chakra would be it actually relates directly to power number two i just did i accept that if i say something or if i speak on a certain truth like my truth and it doesn’t resonate for others and maybe if they’re not ready to hear it i have to accept that maybe one day they will or maybe they never will and that’s fine with me because that’s not my job my job is just to take care of myself this is kind of like higher level that um it’s it’s like bigger concept ideas of i understand that i am having a human being on this planet i am a soul reincarnated who chose to be on this planet at this time during this moment in history and there might be some responsibilities that i have already chosen and that i should honor and it’s almost like a you need to fall not you need to fall in line not need to but um again this is just higher level thinking so again kind of tying in that you are definitely someone who is more advanced who has gone through like you kind of like the other chakras um again because like those are like circumstances and then you get to like the personal and like you know the heart and the throat um and that’s more of like accepting that others may not be ready to understand you this is understanding that you know everything that you’ve gone through up until this point that you are a person on this planet and you chose to be here during this moment in history and this is kind of like following your sole path is really what i’m getting from this what you want is like the life purpose deck energy healing your natural energy healing abilities are an important part of your life purpose essentially i almost don’t even feel really the need to talk to you guys that much because it’s 12 o’clock my computer talks to me and tells me what time it is i want to see what this really tells me is that it’s almost what i’m really getting is that you have completed such a lesson like like saturn return world like you are walking out of this self-love journey as a heat like a entirely different person you have learned the lessons that you need to learn in order to accept and step into your divine purpose you are ready now you’re ready now you know what you need to do you know what you need to do you know what you need to do oh my god sorry like remember how i mentioned the chakras remember i said like oh roo is like um accepting your circumstances uh this is like um probably intuition um you know and i mentioned like that you know the heart is accepting that maybe people aren’t going to be you know ready to hear uh the heart is more so like um accepting that maybe like unconditional love is unconditional and that you can love someone you don’t really need to be near them throat is like saying your truth

speaking your truth and know that people may not be ready to hear it third eye is just seeing the grander picture thing and like here’s higher knowledge like you have gone through all this you have learned the lessons lesson of acceptance here here here like you you’ve already gone through all this this is where you’re at now whether you feel like it or not i feel like some of you don’t feel like you are there but if you chose pile number three you’re definitely there i can’t believe i used that example and literally the chakras i didn’t even see that before um but you’re here now look it it’s almost like the same thing i hope you can see this look at that that’s literally an amplified version of the lesson that you just learned you’re you’re accepting who you are you’re accepting your gifts you’re accepting what you came here to do because what are the odds that you my god i’m so sorry people like to scream where i’m at hold on my god whoo girls are gonna be the death of me um take that as confirmation but you know what you came here to do the odds of you being here in this moment in history and you learning all these lessons because here’s here’s a reality let me break it down for you the reality is is that people typically get stuck down here they get people typically get stuck in their circumstances people um tend to live in that victim mentality you chose not to these are not easy lessons and again that’s the thing with like tarot too is that like it’s just a picture like it sums up perfectly like the lessons and the energies but the reality is is that you know if if this was like the card like the surface level there’s so much like weight that is carried within this and you have traveled you understand you have gone through these lessons and you accepted yourself and every single one not everyone can do that seriously there are only a select few who can reach this level i’m being very very serious people are so afraid to look at themselves people are so afraid to be humbled and you know they see mountains and you know they like i want to climb but they don’t people want to live in that victim mentality and i i made piss off a couple of people but people like being sad people like being in this damsel energy because of the work that it takes to get yourself out of it you accept a responsibility in every single one of these stages and not many people can do that i don’t mean to be stern but i know you i know you know that they’re telling me to be strong with you because you’re clearly something brighter and what that tells me is that you probably have a bright light you probably are a beacon to some people um to me what this really tells me is that you are stepping into a higher knowledge and awareness of yourself what you need you’re the only card um but this is like advice from the universe they actually gave me three for you so what i have is my energy creates my reality what i focus on is what i will manifest they’re all kind of similar the universe works fast when i’m having fun and my faith has the power to turn trauma into healing conflict into growth and fear into love look look at all this light that’s pure energy right there and look how they’re all kind of the same this is like again you just get it you pile number three just get it and you have learned this lesson many many times and spirit is asking you to learn it again because you were capable of it because you’re meant to because you have a gift of faith you have believed in yourself every single time to get through i don’t mean to get emotional but like you have believed in yourself every single time accepting not only your current circumstances but the belief that you can overcome them whether there are people there are not your faith has the power to turn trauma into healing you healed yourself every single time acceptance is not easy because acceptance is kind of like a dance between accepting responsibility but also realizing that you had no hand in the circumstances it’s a dance

you can turn trauma into healing you have healed yourself over and over and over again you’re like a wolverine conflict into growth when you move up on the chakras typically you lose people not a thing to you but if you grow your vibration changes and if people are not ready to be on that same level with you then people fall away and fear into love this acceptance doesn’t mean you’re not scared accepting the situation accepting the circumstances doesn’t mean you weren’t afraid it just means that confirmation it just means that you chose to accept the way things were or had been or currently are and you chose to believe in yourself and your capability to rise above it every single time that doesn’t mean you weren’t scared that doesn’t mean you weren’t afraid it doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult it just means that you knew that you were meant for more that you deserve more that you are worthy enough for more and spirit rewards people like that you don’t get all this white look at all the chakras look at it it’s right there it’s right there you’re expanding and look it same thing i think right now the universe they know that you’ve been through it they know all the times you felt sad and you felt that maybe people weren’t there for you and you gotta let people go and maybe you question your faith not in anything you know it’s more like a questioning of faith in yourself but every single time you showed up for yourself and you made promises to yourself and you honored them and you didn’t give up on yourself power number three what this really tells me is that you were meant to grow you were meant to grow maybe even be like a spiritual teacher i think right now the universe really wants you to know is that you probably should have fun this time around not saying that it’s over but i’m saying that you haven’t mastered a lot you have mastered a lot to the point where some people may not even understand how you operate but you are entering a whole new phase in your life i’m not saying like the end of you know self-love because i mean that’s like you know but this is like the end of the end you know like like you know that could be one that could be one that like it’s like you have god power number two i said world this is like universe energy this is you have expanded worldly worldly injuries and you’ve healed yourself not only in a way to where your physical is okay but like you have healed yourself in a way to where it’s almost like if anything were thrown my way again i know i could handle it would i want to no but i know i could you are a tool in your toolbox rightfully earned is what they’re telling me you rightfully earned this so i pull clarifiers for um the acceptance like cause and effect and you know i guess what the entire energy means um i don’t really feel the need to dive too deep into it but the cause i have is the ace of wands it’s it’s a searching you have always been on a search for something more something bigger or something past your circumstances the effect is queen of pentacles thank you geez how happy you are you’re happy you’re content with your situation

but why i really am drawn to is the cause it’s like you believed in yourself more than anyone believed in you and that is really what self-love is it’s self-love is not just face masks and working out and you know all those things self-love truly is setting up proper boundaries releasing people that no longer serve you or people who have distorted energy and recognizing that you are more important because you are going to be with yourself for the rest of your life not that you are going to be by yourself you are going to be with yourself for the rest of your life so when you go to bed at night or when you look in the mirror are you happy with the decisions that you have made thus far are you happy content with your life if the answer is no then you have to you know maneuver and again not saying that that wasn’t hard not saying that it wasn’t difficult it is it’s always difficult when you’re in pursuit of self-love it’s it’s a difficult thing to do because the people that are currently around you or the things that are currently around you may not be for your your best self and you have to recognize that and get rid of all those things again it doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt but it’s necessary because you no one’s going to care about you more than you no one your family can love you yes your parents your friends everything but no one will ever care about you more than you so you have to protect yourself and you have to recognize that the search for your higher truth the search for discovering who you are is something that i mean you just can’t compare it people can help you sure but again no one will ever care about you more than you and kind of the overall thing is like two of ones what this kind of just tells me is that um i almost get three of wands energy well i guess technically that is three wants it’s like you’re waiting you’re waiting for something is it the next step is it a new passion i don’t know they’re actually not really giving me anything on that so maybe you know what are you waiting for maybe that’s it maybe maybe you’re on the last leg of it and and you’ve been through this before and you know maybe you’re asking yourself am i gonna have to do it again are you stopping yourself from something are you waiting it’s kind of like for some reason i want me to say this um it’s almost like you’ve gone through this so much and that yes you’ve reached acceptance every single time but it’s almost like um it’s kind of i think of a reminder that no one is going to save you like no one’s going to reach down their hand and say here like no one’s like if you’re in a hole like no one’s going to reach down and say here grab my hand that’s not really how it works when it comes to your life because who would like who knows you better than you know you you know there’s a newfound stability that’s going to be found in this and then kind of for the last one we have the observer 49. 13 break it down to a four this is a new stability this is being an observer of your life and recognizing that things can happen and to the next not not taking things personally but knowing that all again you you’re you’re a higher level thinker um you understand that if a situation happens or an experience or you go through an experience or you know to be an observer of your situation because that’s the easiest way to get out observation is key it’s higher level thinking it’s providing distance and i think if anything i just need i i need i think this is really just saying that you’re kind of in you know you’re going through this again you’ve done this before

just use the tools in your toolbox be an observer of your life pull far back enough to where you can see things with clarity you already know this you got this you got it it’s just a reminder pull back be an observer of your circumstances and that will help you see oh pile number three okay about number three i hope you enjoyed this thank you so much um don’t forget to comment like subscribe and i will see you next time

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