Hello and welcome back to see part 2, Walk along the canal’s of The Hague Down Town / City Centre.Can you walk further with My? Let’s go This Laan van Meerdervoort This side is Conradkade We are going walk on the side of Suezkade Left Conradkade Suezkade On this street you also vind and see nice Old Dutch and Historical Houses and cunstructions

This is Weimarstraat / Bridge. It’s an very long and full with nice all kind of Shopping Stores. In this street you find and can see also lots of Old Dutch style of Houses and buildings. Some of them more than 100/200 Years or older Other side Conradkade Suezkade Suezkade

This is the bridge between: Chassestraat, Conradkade, Suezkade and Newtonstraat Front of you is the Chassestraat Conradkade Suezkade Newtonstraat Almost everywhere in The Hague, you see (birds) Stork’s. Thats because the bird Stork is an Mascotte / Symbol of The Hague Here you see an nice Graffiti on an Electrichouse It’s to see on Newtonstraat, along the Suezkade Sport and Recreation Park Asmansweg

Very nice for recreation, relaxing, Fishing, or go for a row Electric Station Uniper City Power Station The Hague

De Constant Rebecquestraat and Oeps an Blooper, i was falling down, sorry! Forget my camera to stop Joseph Ledelstraat Otherside of the canal: Van Boecopkade

Kleine Veerkade Kleine Veerkade Kleine Veerkade Otherside of the canal: Van Boecopkade Thanks for watching this video part 2, and will see you watching part 3

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