At the start at a database on a couple minutes earnings Mellor back dies we are back some more fee for let’s go on hoping things coming through final think is all coming through from by your back at them all theta 20 Grimsby Town just takin four goals conceded so far this season for them pallister in second 13 wins a lot Shephard, Preston for them in huddersfield all your Swansea Branson reading MM there we are in 10th place 15 games played seven wins two draws six losses on singer playing all the games in got to me a goal scored 40 goals against 14 goal difference on 23. soames allocate arms and yet it is only how we started in the fir you know we had a flat start we will write down at the bottom 23rd place and tuna were doing by doing OK yeah, I’d like to see a no point mean Blackburn rovers have won Wimbledon not going to bed had to be honest arm pit grows well on 9. soak be overlooked him like taken a the scrapped armed with a colour clubs around them coming to the end of grew as well is a first game in the year scorton fixtures we’ve got millwall away from home and of course onscreen seem ill ion or hopefully I mean on paper we should win nothing separate given to us go ahead and quickly checkouts quarter gonna be rolling being games armed aeneas only one part in the championship sorry arm and yet I think he’s a top goalscorer mum and I mean I be surprised if he wasn’t army goals at a time like about on the left Otto had to John Stirling on the right Pereira in between the sticks as always had longbow Suarez who was this keys that we foun phenomenal we notice goes to back up why say when I say that be free agency in free fall are always broke them you know you alwa evening at united I mean this guy at Sony is not a chaffinch a player he deafening possessed by an apparently on a Campbell Wald from Rome against millwall let’s see how this goes last stream he actually saw turned around by them you know we were playing a bit better armed the more we had him playing arm previously so I’m hoping that we can carry out momentum forward in a Santa’s rebirth as I carry on where we left off last time you pick up a couple more wins in this one arm and also disk and carry on a incredible goal for RSA stung a bit early on the stream but you know they’re telling her early them Lei I guess Amman and I have started a couple times are a bit later mention trying to adjust some unsound setting said I can hear it better now on my ears but they were going first game on stream against millwall like us a hopefully we can come away from this game all three points at Sony been injustice I believe we don’t minutes demanding

so I’m hoping invoke American carry on a good runner for monographs still got it who is dies at long before azores amec see a Ma glenavon I wasn’t defence but certainly a strong presence in them in both our defenders seem to be fairly compact competent I’m arm say of someone like in the local access he’s offside he smiles a side definitely off a definitely a funny how can see that in an easy Aer limb easier real you can give easy decisions like that looks like millwall Sandy Plain that I pressed against us definitely definitely try and win the ball back from us as quickly as they can R stalemate R, on one you control that Gooch to John eyes get past him Sanchez rebounds all my whereas he missed it does he miss that I have no idea as Mr Genuinely an ideal such is the best is miss that what the hell man Anita I wine east are doing later staffing there seem a shot a bit more because I’ve got the players to do that now all the silly when your sign off with lower league teams, your players can be seen SE shots on I’ve got Semite he centenary cham between them and we disk or sensational finesse goal with statutory bastion alas like stream aren’t so I’m hoping to be your car was Campbell, S. Campbell Gordon gone so far forward to it stay on Stella Campbell all my words yellow ochre sand or as a gunman alley good idea had a good day Glo the Good Friday and a week by week and starts here on all that jazz let’s go so rare study stream tiny the earlier texts and so and so places or restrain a goalkeeper on it strain goalkeeper all my gosh was united at was your market that are he didn’t even today I’ve source changed the orientation of my desk in my room to us was a slightly different backgrounds small salt either like people on stream and watch me for quite some time or no such as the bass easy shot of our U.S. come on now is for you Lucas as a sensational star one nil inside the first us out an utterly fantastic start from the lads are sorely needed Sanchez the Basque MM yet another goal guys being a sensational so fa an unseen still the rest of this game left so potentially could be no 16 a 16 to be going a goal a game which would be just absolutely ridiculous all come are no no no no no boogied oh or eight in the way to the weight what is tax all come on lads where ensure strain stay on in our way away one longer punched now digging under control kettle why he or Mike is a side that still play on what is the advantage ground where is he is on the set for , as you needed a second or are still playing on my breasts are still trying to pressure us into making a mistake in our Craft R come on Gooch goal cross trimmed to John Galway away are my all my war goal that is what a goal that is what a goal that is from millwall why before halftime by the R we lost a ball up the picture in but whose whose marking him no one at a camel corps and was marking him at dinner at the far post them just lost his man after fantastical winner take nothing away from a striker but lads by to fix up we need to fix up man is get u just a his isolate them in a money playing one striker Martin is potentially why he is thinks isolated at the top sometimes bar

he can do the job and is only she builder John is owned and dinner we should have enough for honors are forced him to make your won won a fantastic equalising goal gemmill say again your mail again sign a play really really see too much for the ball in that first of many had awarded Emilia too much with it but you know our than what Campbell corn was doing at night far post where he go or what you play the football to him than a man running forward and who choose the wrong option man R R R wrest the two never going penalty that from talking about tandem a fresh send him of was arguing come on R begin ago where he scored, in the last episode gonna go over there at home guard known what was that just maybe a bit too much power R guy is I’m so sorry about that I was biker I have no excuses for that deaconess know, how they get that come on guys such as rebel forces man chancellor redemption dare we don’t 21 thank you very much Sanchez RE bass absolutely insane makes up almost immediately for an missed penalty a minute was enough to go penalty but you just hit the quick to grasp Arens year but Booker said as he makes up for it but he 16th goal this season and Leon in the so championship 16 goals and 16 games for lads and it’s just absolutely insane the guy is goalscoring machine definitely does not deserve to be on my team are playing in the championship but, try and keep him as long as we can assume it r may be working on automatic promotion are might not worry too sure all my PG what is going on about death and while I was acting twice now I don’t understand, seconds Wallace what is a defence wider a non I to defend from set pieces R are absolutely diabolical defending men just no excuses unite or die on us he had no excuses Sanchez RE bascombe arm are almost had a hat trick or wine and look up man that so many more options, and changed to wine attention to the planar my god know what dose luck is goi all I have no idea what the hell’s going on, teamed up I I’m trying to change to the defensive player not want to change to an it takes about 30 seconds for me to actually finally get to that play our game LY your what is out defendants what the hell wonderfully is a defiant a Dado asset or your wildfowl it R’s not Maria great start streaming down , always that had our what had a don’t leave me to attack him please please don’t tell me I’ll pay needs are strength out strength in out attacking midfield is just lacking their say that race race broken a goal away on Davis got Davies’s barn only city a for the post R with an our chances which is haven’t taken them to some taken so far without a chances snorkelling great after says not bring great dancer from its since starts came on stream but Amin I guess the and to the forwards all have our own to be honest you know we’ll we’ve

had not been as clinical as I know we can be statutory batteries century bass R goalkeeper makes a foreign says R command that tree to join yt run so far forward come on lads could tackle don’t-oddball and you win had a goal to us that fiercely and other Emile like to win an attack or England’s away from the ball than had a way you commonplace it takes a had to are almighty Christ come on what is Duchamp doing on a Sunday to c’mon c’mon c’mon bar what you did what you can Dwyer what you’re not carry on your unlike that what you tried to run them back to where such as R that staff ridiculous to the way he you’re not scoring enough for goal anatomy night bar lead no no no no assets 22 final score -I don’t wars, in my defence and acting guys not the best way to staff the streams me such as the maskell two goals but tutus against millwall a team significantly lower league and we are rights are not great not great but a minute poll is Eisenhower use when their defence of the murder two goals that we can say well from crosses one of them from corner one of them was in are are caught me say anything against that are by night year or distilled of love to Gloucester have picked up the win and three more points to carry a good one form but you’ll think whistle on quite good unbeaten streak arm to of a standard for Plastow not great not great walled teams around us picking up points where we were unable to so hopefully n to see not playing all of them are innocent forward end of October borrow flora Norco man or or not, can buy him at the moment, but I will certainly haven’t at him on the transfer listed give me regal Patrick they use all right wing 8594 and not by is the Baker 77 and 91 potential would evening at the moment to pick up th yeah let’s go ahead and search four this floral: an whose suggested by way Lucas so floral rooms flooring L is at his name floor and knelt at Florence Laura Norco man & something special all we could good to me play for palace and patronage championships or he could east are Du midi another left need to be fair all I have is Cabral so that appeared goods shall it back that night to be a decent signing we’ll see what the scout report saints on him back to be decent signing, I don’t know much is, passed me he could be good man I must go all out stranded in the summer customers scouts you scouts ago Giovanni Bruno you can stay in the abo to Ferrari can stay in the he can get out soaking you are a small one looking for a potential up to 67 boot been you’re up to 66 white you’d not for all our bike Jordan Cooper what do you have to me from Argentina feelings are going to be good Woody Felix and there are broken their ow cross Capote weakened out and so can you Manson a going through its let’s go see you wonder shall confine all work and is physically strong at one or 94 Steiner not make sign up telling Cox R your rivals have a wide but your sign you up as well deafening Co.s I knew what may

because so many wine needs eyes at which is sensory Oscar Evans to be another handed oh Kirkuk you’re out talent: what’s in a decent young English goalkeeper star working on the okay to be OK bites or widower to make some changes to the team will quick rotating around trying shoulder everyone is happy with lots of stic R let’s put all Davies’s up to 71 Mr. Clifton in their let’s put pattern, maybe has infamous what Clifton animal rotate the team temporary groundswell Pollock core products like noddy on the downward spiral and no arguing Hendry: the animal put Caldera in as well as even though there wrote in the team year books in the chair as ago ended towers eternal got on, they will play a key years’ stint on the bench yes to Xavier in their or would he would eat the bench light that ours are going determine a good date our listeners game against Williams come on a two to another 22 in the new offerings you don’t tackle the bad luck to be bad for us and Xavier palsy on balls are back with to be clause and all only a second minute coming off the bench and scoring PTAS was grea Austin retain the team around this time player development on ago to keep it like that are now Mason Moore was up to seven and one rated Davies is also a 71 army days is tackling should be prank rustic what we need to do is work and some of our players strength bec De they seem to be lacking in strength R he’s broken his collarbone is out for two months so are you know how good a squad depth is in terms of a strike to bar were all for organ after and such is the best do a lot more work for us Armenia and the do we do in Aitken one Wyche could be suffrage and why you’re unhappy why are you unhappy where a bomb rotating the team it’s called squad rotation die please come down to operate you’re back in owl annual be happy panel called on an emperor that’s that that’s the 80 to last a whopper on the bench to assess goods are part from an the a minor Anita be honored to have a couple young players in my youth squad I decided must check with Mr Receipts taken by of any help me-you and Harris is an a four day, 94 decent done Cox and for white made a right Winger Ryan middle got to the right MS man buys a Baker in their from Patrick Bailey white white would not get a lot to me right sided are a in all unease me is that hopefully I’ll get some had beaten a profit from them by a R fleeing force in this Warren will play next swan river 222 draw the moment they also drew to JS mill weird but another two to in what is going on another two to droll are free to choose Orleans aha acting in a row now he played the first one drew 22 MM that together we seem to following that game is 22 unlike her stubborn and I was going on but year 22 ominous upon away from home chronic complain about that keep that in another matter bring in summer young players into this trai improvements from the current players and their moment or Hendry why you fuming that you will make your Gita, self downright alders actually be gainers and I think this is a big game on Norwich still on beinn an artist on beinn is a big game didn’t have a last year

they were 100% win records but be seen to pick up a draw somewhere along the Lawrence I’m hopefully we are going to be able to deliver them their first loss of this season’s let’s go rose just refilling were drink and is constrained to Mr. Skip this little training exercise think R their ego coming up against Norwich City unbeaten Norwich City should be said there CRS goes reader R fantasy basses and her down again up Basset Reagan or even a change to play and I want you to change to wigan had it Parthenon all other local come on man and he’s Gotta do John Waite way fast R their ego come on statutory bass boy long walled that’s what I’m talking about an Alice Court that through a crowd of players but that’s on for about 6.00 AM I went through one of the defender’s legs are selling a summary plate Texan upturns man magister it doesn’t every legs but just get it past the outstretched leg at the defender or goalkeeper has absolutely no chance of saving that whatsoever their ego one nil just a start we won it such as the bafta yet in the championship for us almost up to 20 goals already in this sewer championship season so so looking like he’s a very much and by or on for about top goalscoring warden in the season know toast state of man Steve a man or woman worked or coast income on what you doin’ growth in cookies when may be many many’s the time in the guy is steady old as me so rise losses man again all goalkeeper makes a fine save this time round R2 person keeper too close to keeper everyone get back pass and such is the bass bring along Bowler and scored for crystal palace one nil Davis Davis are my gosh Davis your paces shocking Gooch what you try me that what you trauma that, stars across or a shot for R macca had built from the back again second goal really come on as against illegally arrests are are you blind Ref a challenge from behind someone please someone , worked other core whether that tacit, the wily why he stood still recall the reader by dried if MS short side of the natural or world our warmest a one nil good players could play but you MM disc into a better scoring position next time but animal formation nice to play in by seems to be working for the moment alder contact an interception bazaar from a cinema them from Davis come on and where ensure strength please ask my team grass outside after sides to how was an offside I was at

onto not conceived knees are bent shambolic at conceding some corners Skoda R touch the bass, or the deadlock in Gawain Laurent rates is annoying me so no because non there to counterattack but why such as the backdrop ring so far be R men garden or century bass drum Sunday by finishing by dropping a date he should be the main focal point in the attack other place to be there have not got my ascertainable formation Simon total 42312 I that works out still forward or back or my word what is that goal what don’t Bock is that goal what don’t bloody hell is at goal Jesus Christ’s what was that again another good another time that we concede just before halftime had what was that goal what on earth was that goal by absolutely kidding me R rise so that is so frustrating anything was going towel you don’t just get past you like tackle growling and choral forces players and a anyone anyone and one it more wants a more talking to someone more no 191 taunts being mocked touches the buses runs into opposition because you won’t ha power on a defence just watching the ball loose popping yet not doing anything about nine M and then try to change planes and no bar maidstone or this is frustrating this is frustrating did it get on what you start your loan though I swear on my lines these guys annoying me all have to tighten our acidic than doge go to him don’t wait Erika c’mon tall way from an year’s on site is onside yes, harm that’s why I’m talking about fantastical frome and fantastical is definitely on side I don’t care nor don’t years onside us all and he was deafening onside fantastic are not want to such is the Brass ring were item would be nothing really write the reader 21 nah let’s knock as he reached railway like we have gone on sick and tired of two to draws good interception and what is that what is that class world one word come on someone go to him all my gosh or my gosh to John Doe John no no saw a that had yard but can be only close my eyes King frustrated and annoyed with how long it takes four the player to change to the player you want to change to an ego come on all my that was a fantastic fantastic our attacking play and then again readers get up to.barking post tackling R joint

there we go thank you anyone on, come on, come close know or blue race race before a for more moan barely no come on 31 and fully deserved Basset dab on them dab on alder hey years let’s go come on just awaited way for one small goalkeeper there should be doing an, but are we now know, complain to Aswan talk about 31 come on bookseller by handing Norwich City the first loss on their season on a Cunningham beating on my own online manner my and upset but given them a first last neighbour didn’t Saddam been season but , nocturne opus MM stunner Marlborough them and to miss the legend all bloom come on asset cross no unlucky race unlucky is a good good four from Davis are trying to return call their ego 31 final school Frank a lord within d frustrating at times but you tiny limit them to four shots on one of amenity on target always a always a solid performance and you can do that agains nor deny any complaints about that that’s only amazing you know what the guy overall a great performance he’s been fantastic for Glasgow were wheel with the best or worst you know are always doubtful and round against a league leaders but me with better that Brando 24 years old or so indecent or after the last the Sunday after hadn’t among the track toward the now much Al tries to budgies the moment but seven million other than estimate backup could be the been very very good for us as a utility player I must get from these youngsters on the go into training is get you in the harassment wingers we got far too many rings wingers here are to use it the were trying out was the right Winger was a the or maybe maybe he’s too young to be released two young schemes to four between had different guy, maybe on imagining stopped R let’s do it and got keep coral slings in net maybe we need to train him on his passing a bit more than one or more often would make him better with the strength dribbling maybe the you may be tripling the amount those of us are quite I touches Keith mourners defensive work you must keep them on the defence arms who else can you put in goddess Kali use absolutely insane it looks like let’s put the skids that apposition markers it right Winger quarks are midfielders we’ve got honors at bacon’s quite young gains get you in there and then it think I’m gonna put Caldera them into some training as well because the was good to have a solid backup goalkeeper to air we go got quite a few youngsters in this team India in the training at least still in 13th place so such as the Bastille were absolutely killing in the Thais are absolutely smashing in terms of goals so quick look actually a Sui international management endear I’m sorry I don’t wanna do an international manager role at the moment G. Stevens stevenage of of the the game and the again in the new cadogan injury display team playoff, 19 goals in 90 games such

is being insanely on four and a I would not hinder or by the store or not or not audible before I also think I’m a change information islay changes formation try out move on the trial 44231 against us all what that is but not really wanna try out 4 to 3 ones were on trial but are wrong 40 free one with RAM and an all and 431 with we news for one night by one used in left wing than want you to your right wing you can you can get us find so organ had to put up there must what Davis forklift to maul four has hasn’t I know sorry testing time that Dennis man is very good player Dennis man is very good player , leaning arms the glider you Tommy’s to search floor and I’ll try not to remind you that climates and saint mate I can say is not rats win at the moment but certainly when it comes to admit definitely off for some backup in terms of the left wing position because I’ve only got one player complainant, none as Cabral a there since games go forward hopefully we can amount to some points here another two don’t another 22 a I’m not, can Lakers is that point with my own but we’ve bikes in flash played five games and 4.00 PM so far had been to two draw was either not audits are IRA what are our proble we seem to be enjoying 22 draws a set point away from home, complain about that but 22 draw again all seem rather be winning but I’ll take it or take it doesn’t Wasco numbered 22 draw was this evening minister Friday to 2 minu them proud of you mentality students are more about us in for a bit more crime against Swansea, not to December is what sort almost at the attract witness we might build a mix and routers soon will rem new squad of them disguise can be insane UN Harrison’s in their shore leave 849-4849 for dealing Cox Jordan Bryan’s AC 94 Patrick Bayly you wear is Patrick Taylor continues 91 it fought winded display in honor promote into the senior team stray away or want him to be in my training or for a want exactly it stinks sensational I’d rather have him in because his potential was just absolutely incredible savior are considering eight Davies are considerate there might , but you scour update armed with cdm another cdm me what you also knew what Perot you’ve gone down sorry mate so Danieli McKinney a be OK Marco Moretti them an area Marino it’s not doing it for me Felix for garel to stoke good noticed this guy could sold a striking options of orogen aero right answer is that squares side Miranda premier roker aero as you as well renowned and I’ll bubbly stuff ancestor bestows looking like another right sided player at the Moscow and we’ve a right sided midfielders the moment Oscar Evans stay in their talon Watson is that young goalkeeper none talking about could be good to be careful in their final months and hope he doesn’t get scouted Marcus use Rees called Harris Brampton doubt P three good young goalkeepers here beginners and Jonathan Cox are not quite skin believing that will either that are now

R let’s many rotate numbing century masses carefully coming back want I think Stevens are who is at a said he would play he so the Davis and he’s gonna play anyway or where is more morecambe go there was cm. left CM morecambe gonna races their Tamil called and long before as broke all do John and of course per erupts in the three a crack team but I don’t have you ever there must say so myself that’s an incredible train to incredible looking lineup certainly arm seems t tourist it is Granada from my young use players were let’s attenders Prix match press conference see if we can improve the morale of the team 49 to it you know what will we see rotation is key man was a to focus on playing well animator MS certain a drop in MOLI sweat openness and a drop to belong being and like acquire a long time I think of them never lost again by way lost a game or stream year we have heard as I say quite a few arm 22 draw so let’s go end dissenters want first game in December let’s make sure that they’re playing the to think it twice although there could be a bit confusing let’s do the best parts of not more distinguishable to we go hopefully we can learn carry on October formed him or are tonight’s game always go reconnaissance get it has that not the best in who thought the best me do so for that is carefully man is the best striker Nestl you have to be about shallower doubt that bias best right hon Really go playing a slightly different formation 4231 bomb in hopefully we can get similar results from that I’ll come on lucky helm and all unlucky unlucky Constantin Dan given an easy pass the reader or yes Mesa more through Mason more R crafter by the goalkeeper and is near post by gets down quit makes a very smart saves are while wide and thin as gonna get to such as the bass R inviting Sinn such as the battle gonna get to that normally normally had the ball is cleared are a lot quicker than that by his death is there who’s there to support Ludlow, Washington on Santa’s RE bass their ego takes his time fantastic let’s go at some talking about inside the first 15 minutes one else and is the best Carries on as an same art form just a sedan the stride turns bloom, on one male sampled mikey the momentum going lads keep the momentum going R command them by don’t be done by setting them and them at saint their tall or entrance and skills only Trafford skills on the idea to John designers had to deal to which writing skills arts arts like that when the ball back taxes the matter to bring people into the game or is onside stuff and is Y88 is one of you or rest R ways

why is that not risk are what players you like Everton what but what Everton players to like coming be transitory decent moment on Davis’s by so grain Everton are still was looking for manager right to will see an actor knows or refs tallies that the whole the hell is that not a penalty of dance as not, in what was that nocturnal up a arc in the summer at trace it setback for keeps, down well done that to simple Tuan own centre passing other matters drag you’ve won the ball directed goal the poor R is written state now stand at its tessas were reconsider this is not good this is not good R restaurant is fine R many Davis need to be subbed just because it recorder, £4.00 down to 10 men you may be action by making rash challenges like rigour trauma create an attack R just again a final touch on retorted she’s not going for us century bass and had to Norway yesterday Campbell Gordon I mean stay on in trim and down the line by year’s end stands there camcorder and cut so far as I don’t like their the go down Osama such as the best Latin Scott so far and sign on at the prowl of on the far side look at him statutory bass in easy as you like man easy as you like about a Sanchez reverse pass on tour at two nil gazes got two goals now that he just wait for is manner is just a simple side for into the backing and a goalkeeper has no chance at four erect a he was left for list of all, crosses body are slightly give their header defenders running back to try and get t fantastic fantastic goal just before stroke of halftime two a century bass again of two Morgan holes and I it cannot stop scoring monastery of thing what’s anorak 21 goals and 21 games began African carry that on Friday that it is a season but was stressed out, try and what nagged at goal grown destiny looks like he’s gonna be it up there all per assurance that good distribution, keeps toe ago and is 1/2 time whistle to Neil own plans are showing a lot laboratory she Asian four the team there are absolutely insane in saint stats from 20 the best two shots to goals warrants income version rates are for believed a dishonest and I’ll probably end up coming off at some point in the second half just because about your card at picked Stan Africa brown owl great Davison at that ball bar more or man race and class Mason R meet he’s got to know defender put them under pressure on him a last minute that at as many cause them to police shot wide of the post but should be doing day they should begin by should be three or so, down car made our own or Pereira fantastic save fantastic rural good pressure from number four is tracking back but to awaken awaited awaited away or not to novel brilliance a lesson for a year Daly is back as a candidate are many good a man replied that date on tank you rigorous even get a goal winstanley for Damien on the chat or a through ball that is levied on overload illness nearside now looking for someone

R no no Damian’s origin by chancellors and overcome on your goal for Damien in the chat golf had a miniature at a local only missed from point blank range by dried to the tried for them to be used by the at oh no car R world man had tried to a truckload autumn to be that a goalkeeper made a fantastic save their though a fortnight was just going wide ago whipping in bar goalkeeper get a good punch netgear back in touch as a that’s air regard as the goal for Damien Duff on dollar three nil century bass tax rate this guy is too good man he is too good a please call 03 action for a so far this season ago is peculiar steward we have been bossing this game you been all over it’s not a frontrunner picket matches been fighting the good positions let me b fantastic Mr. Justice called a leisurely Shearer scored a dustbins got all I know I should have scored left again about it are m absolutely insane let’s go to snoop 4231 formations certainly Sony working act mean out as out all you know that overzealous Paul fours from Swansea an hou on both been taken by blow us if they are dire us to fix up inigo said reverse opened it and provide a tub Raul tries in bookings was a the far post are a trial within some crosses and tried to summon away different woman just walking the ball inter had a good interception from camcorder and was that what do John the pace Tara’s now another summer for postgraduate on their side to try and take the easy option and finds such as the rest nominal or my god had an expose camcorders run forward Clifton he’s been back asset organiser cells organized cells keep tackling she or Pereira fantastic save considering going cap sure where eight caption or eight was at an order means tunnel at means rock actually means come on right to the screen she biscuits bread keep a clean sheet to our Michael havin’ a governor that that’s fine as front room entered in Atlanta that we knew the limited ball back and enemy sta to John know that that one forward at eight odd moments ago was just he’d got serious burst of pace when he wants to remain he’d all ranks unlucky unlucky man or let us go Carlisle that the capsule it all incorrect taxi collar of the Cattlemen as ridiculous waists all goalkeeper fourth make another great save overtures < he's been bred in bed fairly busy in between the sticks Swansea Carlisle or sack are under way against Grimsby I guess ago a up her trend is reversed, sugar four by Alan R may be missiles jump and all been a disc is a above and over at operable almost four for Sanchez RE bass or golden been more way to finish off as well stay on amounts us keep a clean sheet three nil to keep a clean sheet under the superficial and an online or 3 minutes to do something or other, the power or from Maximilian on oh artois Eden prairie the summer parser to wiser want is eyeing a sweater support lad all my god one right wing backs pushing up so far but never go three nil dust on talk about a monie gets a match ball as well

sensational from such as the bus service of the first goal turns on a penny Bangor keeper no chance Glasgow three nil 11 shots nine on target swan like to see that’s us why like to see spring Grayson four in winning their France and there we find least stopped the run of the two to drawls which seem to be something that we always s he deserves all appraisal and the guy sensational such as reverse always former many inner ago try yet there might well back on form as well lit up into 11th Swansea are above loss are we looking and tableware and 11th Butterfield are in the six on 42 so where it currently 9 find the playoffs pops R Shaw great but there’s still time the store times we’re definitely try and push to be in the player sports come the end the se why do you know though he is if we don’t get from my stay at least so before a some of our players and wantonly which probably the best aren’t you Davis fantastic performance from you Xavier as well stay granite did monthly passing on the right side bonus in forwards , Nicholson’s U.S. is caught got 21 days player, he was 19 to 19 studies on 22 goals coming as palace bit tough game posteriors Paris is in the home await the summer, top scorers on a rigorous and the top scorers four a championship for fireplace is it since Lau is an absolutely on fire for all evening Wilson the swan make a few changes were gonna per Robertson Stephens out on the right Ted was on the left wing, swapping race with more and give race at the rest four Clifton Davis to have some time or are all Pollock’s up to 70 ask always good always could be some backup to say rotating the squad is a whisky for a suffering will linear help recorder and why not minister begin to big game for ER four for us but always hit squad or not Mr Souness game they won all three game win streak they been on fire become one Grimsby last three nil Jesus Jesus Christ chance to answerable should sign you one thing feelings may margin you may and in of a the money would Grimsby Town to sign a modern I would but the to as much as I’d love to sign you couldn’t think I can answer to crime through this answer a shocking performance against palace but walker medium in Paris former premier league side in the championship the destiny gonna be contending four you automatic promoti honors items against their seats and four a bit coming up to the end of assemble and so Marbella make some signings let me know for let me know if early united as or any players among the knowing Nikos had floral comment last it looks like a decent left mi table reading I think we’ll soon this game offer hotel squad eldest lasting a Damian’s comment yes I’m saying his name correctly OK at the Wellcome had any corrected me on the last time stumped by it but I do feel my saved I feel myself saying it annum like a are no it’s not gout rounder tried office and, best is a alyssia be said aunt specially local people Latino artist’s eight their names and I don’t and an all her in a he does call me out on it and I look like a bid of an idiot art continue editing it that’s what looked a for afford a bare spent a week and I would silos of Prix contract

, could have look-alike expiring contracts and see what’s going on there that it a good shout defenders game I’ve never been a root and have done that some at some point previously were placed on FIFA games or to want, warm and what’s go I don’t know don’t like playing every single game but maybe it’s a long enough to stop doing Crossley and up to 67, will what to improve the sky because of defending isn’t saying otherwise it is Parsons okay as well or Hendry Hendry was silly to me was inevitable did them pressure herself mate was adjust to risk of losing four players who mostly before the financial all blew all Pereira our main contract negotiation MM hg effortlessly I must go out goodier bands the her mate arming thank you would like telling me have it say the name dropper he also saw was a good thing you otherwise I would just be saying it I been saying if god is how one save five years please yes I’m won him to have a release clause because I want to stay with me mate you wanna cantona far I’ve met at any weight on had beaten off grant because you are just have to sensational the guy is fantastic goalkeeper Jordan Edwards all, and for me after tournament carry on with them on and Davis do Johnstone which properly sign or quanta a new contract talks custom playing contract between six and 25 and one year contract are you must should take economy knew what sandhurst and import mate in this seconds by walsall illegal or four years you or not the coastal young diatom had beginner, release clause: all year as a disguised only got site actually paying being paid any us any manner money rigour call their Duchamp stirring was so honest answer signing on about winner for Kent bothered to carry on all been specially were not Wi armed bite you said do two or go to hear a salamander R. Goodkin the a decade in good shape Mr. S enemy fine strike her woodcock go here for reduce her to go to he said gone to scout spring contract between 16 and 25 honor and a Janine System that are ago we mean as input 8 to 16 the 25 and a 0 to 1 on the contract is a the main are known as the SE you can also coherent search for players and do our way is to our commitment to that Carol Smillie schools is at the that the interest numbered that passing of to buy them go to instruction she added at commissioner for your call cool R tall and I see an aluminum and I know he meant an element travel for Hendry money the right back was to offers we have in or you can go to buy out I reject it from Seattle sounders but call us he was are a scouts and back on a evening sky and many were for contract expiring in the seven months oral oral all all

awful it’s going looks decent is waging a bit to collect money is wages a bit much term and scones white actor for R four below check check and I actually we schools who actually really schools what I error really that player -or owner Ashton has no release calls at a reactor sign him but I don’t Surrey K to be realistic in Tran a from caricom I know we can all saints and take it we could get last could election would that be just ridiculous would assign Ashton out Netware could Gillian Brewster’s well used offer him a contract to make them are best paid player disconsolate O Lewis at the Suarez that are there to check out the police courts exactly change them in check to release clause on the clerk 16 the 25 wilts for begonia one players I can see the stats on gone through squadron denser French mid oh glance through faults are at actually oh yes gasoline aptly , was reported or scout in way towards release clauses 3,050,000 it sets a the infamous go out with opus down in work much as I’d like to see here all day and go through the scouting this is a would love to do that it can present Peter also tenacity and animal with a best innocent and out turn him against forest on a compost in good beach at ease their usual scraped the ordinance a bit disappear to bidder laid on the stream but I am an assignment as onto a lot Dr. Scowling we’ll see what scout comes back tanneries three million so he could be good sign for us to store a no maybe I should check how much wage budget we actually have got not too sure about seven million or think arm but not too sure it also check after this game armed Sonia’s become closer to January woken by looking at signing quality players luckless any the less millennia right back ni while was at football white I did not did not or could begin a halt down Y Argonaut and wide that long to make that rouble go on top of that win that when that didn’t control mess it gaa how would you not come away the ball format R grant R attempt by line too much on such is the that such thing I don’t know if I , for complaint to strike is now rhino Bruno of formation if you doesn’t try out different formation just let me know I’m playing 4231 at the moment , one of these houses to what poll , Gabor is that clearance Tom I can’t or Michael Pereira Jesus Christ famous as name or a stop bullying man

I know exactly what I mean an exacting on talking about, say his name to it you now so Ecoli complaint you know as soon as I sai are always you didn’t like the translate a tuning of talk about what had act in ways that poor beleaguered that problem like a swaying gateways on on on the hotel is an easy for like arm and the ball like you unlike the passing and everything and it’s a by the always talk about ball physics and how the ball interact with the foot and all the staff in freefall promos it’s like whe unfit I don’t see any good interaction with the ball in the three Thomas Lee a pair-who like that like what you pass a ball like that when you know there’s a guy Wright Et Le again today is a litany to the office pastry to pass a ball through an just passed straight to the opposition play our Medan been a bit too cocky and I’m asking too much for my really bad players by I can do it as a gets frustrated by the right to don’t understand our 1003 four tend claim to be you know or got bunch of football IQ and although staff are Marseilles the of our life could not have parts on Kelly what that like you’re passing to be 38 but he still would make that part mark Gardner utility on my defenders are just toll my god or yellow London’s major hours ago man’s or come on the coat and go to him asset come on rallies cologne for alchemy I just I just are no only in Bali an asset to users. Answer just don’t know why happening bloke or Mike and what use that man what I’d have Swiss some time to play this game is like on playing against some fokine a five year old kids and then a pastime M a good awake in a Y8 plus-who 514 hold that all like to strikers to win lose us enemy and Mike wing backs guessing as Harold work please please someone someone low my god what has not been so static on the pitch while you’re not a ball goes into someone had won a round into stops running to stop running I don’t know either by the summer Tommy had to chang the fact that my striker will get the ball down upon them and just do a lot more strike or not the one called in run forward defender stay back strikers go forward with your attacking midfielders very are not making the rounds place Juan policeman other basildon the man scoreless commerce, or was there who’s there is a white hot wire is at the back defending 1/4 no Sanchez the bats were no no no no no no no no no doubt we just fokine Corel the break cloak , called world or I can see information image that they are liable to doing so ridiculous light that giving away De Niro Y8 run aren’t runner concentrate on actually scored a falcon: this game Kasich’s is piercingly after bucking Max

word average fork of all my god why you stepping up like that gonna do GE sit race braced for a main rest come on Christ on bail on R this is frustrating dish it out of me now but that does the job someone go to do John total work done and all our need goal neat goal extended goal but for some reason for us to like it plain, used to play when they were grinning ship you know now that just right for us to ship the status bar to some reasons they decide that they wanna come up against me and they were p gar give it to the anyone running anyone money now was running none was running and was just playing a slow all that mean you can’t make a fork imports like that it is their he’s going to him no Moscow tonight that saints, to them and started talking no one goes on stalemate make back pass comfortable past comfortable past and depression or by them on all our Sanchez fantasy basses been forking garbage no good interceptions thank you all a bell century backs to have one of bargains so shocking frustrates game now is start off so well know we’re doing ally in this game should forking frustrate me luc why you’re doing far away doing fokine cheeky back you should come come on instead man all my god – R that mildest jogged my near bury go at his job might at my dear their so sorry about that but for connive once a night when you’re winning a place just get forking bond off the ball under a good buy your miles offside night you’re miles offside when Fokker you’re running Maher, chairman of change formation to your formations no worries about the army on the north, disliking game like this game’s b ways this game what it is gained only deaf uckington see us where owl fokine Erika are OK talk in nearly all four kingship dame closer first game this season such as the bus have Mac she scalding that which played by Don was going on but that did the team sometimes don’t know how far can play for post match and although the at three shots organic does them to ridiculous Ryan, a to approach this postgraduate Co.s normally a delight you know what yes it seems so wetherall and one had been unhappy man who was to mentioned offensive we aim to be a of course winter and match is forking – broker miss formation from Damien 514 somebody to this Dickens tactic but the main assistance injury working for us so we for 5494 amount sorted that right but not that 514-0441 are hurry to was the best formations like adjusted for lead is it going

goalkeeper right back stance and I left them to try to think of a five a small 514 that’s 414 0414 as we’ve given me senior missing a player beat you’re missing the senate that maybe the area on trial of your bond run throughout cause goalkeeper four defenders as five per cent me six MM four players up from is so he talked about this but with a second striker amount to around them CM by this sort formation all talk Martz coherent’s are just some its position Surrey one second want to strikers right word are already really all about this ER, want 424 that year for the ovaries years and the artful to adrift drop percent mid into cents widest gonna be with Dick U.S. formation eight at bad pitches, the absolute beginner close but stranger things have happened I remember playing with, my mates at university and we had a team set up so that it was like 41 on somebody: do you slide in quite the AMA Woody that formation was born it was like played before we played like 41312 errors you something ridiculous like that glittering with this guy across the sun amid that bass tenor would run by reads like precise about us problem at saint eyes met was as a gonna be still dear rights and the were backed mares are incensed by the of its collar forward and it might our climate drop these guys down at a corner dropped and maybe a bit deeper still given as a left wing by just rocked back a bit gained trying to see it as local level amateur level yellow mate Amin not worry about changing the team’s when we seem forward Et Al you can streamline the or 927 R. Easter replace the squad main memory painter EASC it round and get more money to accept it hopefully both the they can or get a deal done by 40 other team got 5.45 million tractor budget when he freak a wage budget with knotted j Prada know how much do just a bison assume forward it may tuna one of the formation brilliant 42445514 overload where 4.4 just all out attack wall that all of the time Venezuela are now so it can gain a gonna be a ton to that person coffin at the baie them Dara Bio he cleaning elegant good concern about the to be a concern about to rotate to tonight keep an eye new R begin soon as gimme is within the serious formation goes if I swear right to are you still got all those radial back up sure whether one is a is at a if we put weeks in this game and if we somehow or end up winning it like eight mere one gallop at a news flash your answer on stream by the way I do hope you are hoping know that all I or absolutely use myself as we somehow win this game classic the arrogance formation is even like possible for him at had a miserable Ian information that you only have we use or 34 on my are almost alone Gotta sell them with greasy down for Michael manager cent on trying didn’t formations and nothing seems to be working on what I call us go some the game against wigan this to be fantastic if we win dislike three nil I don’t think we will have to have a the narrow Winona table but what would up the

had a the Surrey wildlife is that he’s brilliant at have that and five wonder why the hell had to John Stirling are bloody right or for my job: if you are at a of the and that incredible may that is days sensational absolutely Mr. Mean as anyone gala, where ayatollah Ali Akbar the winner 19 think we’re in 30 starts screaming at different but Balladur’s addicted as right as artist one action but the a eight five why I’m all my work batter and as blessing to the action is like a bug generally speaking I had your annuity speechless about that at glycol believe that Wiest got Whitaker and areas baby by a islet recall believe how well does went like a Cesar only is only one game at scarcity nobler what’s bar- far who’ve won that’s made maybe maybe you may be found the formation or break fee for baby as formation are braced always disappear real test it is Paris offering waltz in this game because I can see that there is a messy cup game, not ER, play with them Proust are that’s all that’s right had a commando we do need another striker low or writing and deletion be coming back soon on for a transformation against him Simba game against crystal palace against a team at R at Diaz three nil the first time we played them all see how listening sand angled formation from Damien detractors within the top will put savior backing them up, or with Britain back in Berlin when it does means of legal one’s enemy had to after start maybe rotating them about quite the that it puts a bastion ring in there we don’t have any your left mystery all races senate was plain that we too great arm without that tcr this goes why you are online soccer we need a plane FIFA man Islam as are going to why the to do please Belarus wanted one ill of anyone mill evidence that he now much venom at somebody go down to 10 men some are completely reign of this formations trail when goes on nil we did go down to 10 men are fairly early on in the game as well as being a mother idea of Larionov completely I feel like he’s got good things in store for us and we’ll see how to play the game year always gone to a mere three top injury will be at about nine days off during could be suspensions well what this is your informed him against Norwich union say cup beat them last time in the league 31 real September we had them their first loss on street young golfer good for good four not good for them than couldn’t find my year was not for the win other again I would absolutely lost my mind’s Beatles afford a win by wasn’t I think wigan all the claims brace up top and keep more in there, but Edwards on that left outside and camel and back in our for a doubts so we can probably haven’t a moment airdrie years the entries are also given to you in the deal is not quite fit in of your ballplayer race of toppling of it you definitely a paste of kazaa been on a number of at the of the been there left it a stateme year know it for Damien image that other nomes McManus orbital ask Mr. Players will depending on how goes the bitter goes well at this summer are playing with like tossing this might properly be the last game you play just before we got running to chance when does well, see how does a mood a up to minor injury and had it is coming back from injury himself so

when she 0.1 striker by race at supporting such as the rest are taught many medieval fighting attacking role in owns the nose messy and scones mount I am a highly skeptical, where such as the backdrop so deep that it is to be running forward man but he does not play as a as a R’s morning with the for the altar ways by John Mining so far across the pitch R or my god or a of the dodo Xavier control amount on Italy’s Alamos slashing its controller McGrath’s isn’t the control of my mates call me the Skoda starts to R command that no no no no no, don’t lose it because the anonymous their up and are our barley and torn to shreds and be a more docents but all what you’ll have to mind as doubling up on defence are left outside the or Michael watched body to pass it back to them and no given Steven given a statement R. Michael Scholl my gosh all Pereira comes to the fore Gaza rescue their barking out boot Damien man had been used weekend’s great killing me after giving me the way the when I gone r RY as you play it to that of playing a football the football major player head of wood and is at the moment not when he was your stay on and stay on him to John stage on to John or Dundee Dundee John doted on or disgusted forking me off I now got what you’re doing for conflict fightback the Prix tennis at one attacker drawback for someone to pass 2 May be on main I don’t understand god that acting in this game on Saddam because if I was to say to like all out attack line out for some reason had to John stunning were switch over to < tragedy must build on them they're out there on a come on as fined for family silver conceded yet and is knocking you may be that winning games maybe a bit you just knew formations are unknown but there's no one in the Middle Paisley Denis Norden the middle and white plaster two c'mon at home was there race bar strainer goalkeeper string goalkeeper no staff all Mike your mileage demise wall doubts place against a longer pause again because I don't want to buy, coarsely was going on R information is just forking ridiculous to who'd it is absolute beginners Owen's their list does not wonder why do we have five defenders and not one for King Manon escapees all my got a big and doubly goes that is that rest after red card after an eight butter and come on there's no one Et Al stare after regard yes but come on R going off a keen wit formation but not the only got 10 man or no on : diy get a guess at it: a passer to someone or my god was that I don't why was it only to take sure enough uckington are you such as the best wines taste buried known as the gold wire such as the best Russian backs already nice fundraisers called me darling run it are 8424 still could be a decent formation to work with all enable all was the amateur this game can add another 10 men

it’s fine art for a R butcher would touch would win by a K Oregon a lunging challenge mortis, one at present a gram basically bananas summer Sanders the bass is dropping so deep all the t base R almost of the second half, scored an own leg up and and a growing amount R R there’s no way Campbell: schools that no way R boatload of a summer for wrestler you’ve given 2 minutes R. Owen Sunday or final goods formation is there tedious to force the to Ries for the 5414 days the scenic and by damming is being done by a silicon be done for Sullivan is left them from with its betrayed his DB with formations to mess around with ’cause I’m always or more is at four messy mount some wei to maybe 3511 Richard disobey celebes be 4231 but with bournemouth defender I was at football two man crew was deixis he was a pass to welcome on, I’m no no no no no YY Campbell call my you’ll MM step inside like that assets are onlooker him to John wore blue charm to jump the way he or go known R while I don’t even all impasse was attacked by turning on apostles gallacher far see them but I can’t say much cheaper are so basically the perfect summer midway i again the weight passing in their no leisure touch to all my god you’re so far King’s six noiselessly leadership list for kink thing in the world may be, you are like our best player , as leader of order on forward no one R downton a brilliant goal R frustrating for us trains run is a mean an owner number of Z not like the great formation world but after a frustrating to run acts or my god how week in October and defendants I got home at HAR or Michael had I don’t even care English readers doesn’t rejected you no which and assets in unattended you Ameritech site 20 minutes to change supplier and it’s the plane I don’t want to be a owl come on the strength you’re so far keen week or had only John how the god unlike that are far can you don’t like that this must be brilliant 40 rise to watch and just laughed at me or my come fokine jailhouse Gilmour scored the old literally for kinks along this control across all the on anyone’s anyone to make a nice into sight like decisive for the ball run, but no stiffen her tour we would do well delegates handed to the fokine opposition is known all we want reaches into place simple passes a forerunner bitterly work on everyone Mr First few months, put them in passing tr as it seems like they all meet at 90 pass in order to actually do any become on donor don’t don’t fix like that but don’t Dole died in passing like that lads by almighty, forking smash my head against my desk in a minute , down don’t play stupid parts rather who’s who’s running Norman an honor

because the tournament on folk image for Fernandez for cymru best kill become tacit good tackle to set R grace a great same also Chamberlain there may be at all in I don’t most I can say what you suicide in a comer, multi million p really not when he got I don’t have any any money R for with the players running on that camel corps and why I don’t somewhat more an OEM deal under which make the tactics custom tactics by custom tactics used for Kimble she I’m not one of those players in a monolith people sit down and make a custom tactic the contest on work what you get beaten thei merry go one nil to wish it to the fair was ready for kinship main issue unguarded fee for a map, lit regard you see for but it take you wonder when there’s 10 men know I stalking and software inside me to do R Styrofoam William 51 win in the first came the recent that formation but it wasn’t a bookseller grant the complain about that, complain right gonna do this to post match them to whatever which must get through this Roberti had a still from Bradford what is at John Jay does so well you are entitled that R to is now in January is on the training cordia routines and baby or going out to don’t really no formation to to mess around with Stephen was unlucky make sorry whenever squad rotation as importantly of course innings youth squads of new squad looking felixstowe car had to be out solution to a striking prompts buyers agreed gone down a bit Jordan rose to volley Bruno you summit, to cross Lutheran this guy literary used workers jumping and strengthen its setting Chrissy bus was pulling him down a R drop from a were close to the formation at me and my mate Paul thinks we went did not infringe back armies messed around wasn’t there wasn’t like it wasn’t that opts for a member Walter reed close to start point for that does it was three one cells like something like three one RY you, let me move to play at their souls like moves race forward why cannot move you there was a scheme by emburey racist white and a movie their icam I need someone appear semi or, when you back your see you’re on your beer cdm but, like one way that was an ordinary to the continued eating with the formations in ayrshire trial at one of its ear for pacing stamina are could good arm lock assembled from a mess around with formation can fairly certain not to remember formation that mean 1 May one per cent of the Stein bottom line on the market Stein none of them really a good sign points was at 31 may be some like that but not quite like that because we had talk such as the bus would be like when you he left striker them you’d like Xavier be that some and he

primer on them by him be a nail right ryker for you but cent distances and the right ryker the mean of like a can 3 IR49 doubt as a centre forward this summer forward in the about why you’re not gonna Miller of like a display them back down it’s a more but as mean that you’re way again Truckee back as far as you can go why you’re not let me put formation and this is a mind why anyway art neither were some say changes right are on the Kingston some weird, wacky formations in the next and so for now, some four a bit arms actually do not order to send a senior, trying spend as much time as I can degenerate the complete player so you are so quick week out of the standings with it come down we we start off by a alike seem intent no orange 13th I’ve been tri also some point, solemn 40 us a 12th points to gap now to be interplay of positions is really being Norwich and crystal palace r resting difficult to been difficult minute first in Albanian exodus IRA began Swansea arm yet more subtly again Marcus a next ep sayer ordinance go ahead and save his game then year, and streamline is taking a much to Damien and upon us who came among out in the chair at saw was a pleasure on glad y Turner four have a stream tomorrow’s potentially I’m looking forward if a game to play arms someone by FIFA to mother might be s are now be always always are great but you like assayed as I meant it Aussie you in exile maybe tomorrow reading a baby on Sunda

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