and welcome to a brand new series of treats do all the pumpkins I don’t think Punk pumpkins are you slow yeah sure they do they love you put on your head jack-o’-lantern who concedes unifier pumpkin be careful with the ground slippery there’s some stuff down like there is like a furnace and like torches yeah I shall investigate only put me up they just ugly d dash have to take some full damage yeah take ya just kill yourself I’m not I’m kidding myself why not why I’m down here because fan stuff okay Oh go go die look there’s a puff up here I could go up the waterfall the big one go with the big waterfall it’s fun are the only waterfall no the bit too big now just two so the other one no not that one the other one there’s another one right there whoa are you blind that one the business side of science the bigger one well I’m going up this face hike look this is way bigger look I’m faster she’s in the next over there sex over here well there’s a little bit next sure you I my images will take you know you’re there Oh told you I was pointing at the same X’s you he hits he said was elected over here as well punching cows oh yeah all right this way Oh put the snow by and by their horrible no we got it yeah I know but from what I’ve seen the only thing that’s over there is planes and see beyond the lines and see fly away and be careful mind the gap is sign oh we’re gonna jump over it but you push me mm-hmm so evil what are you coming around so I’m doing so we’re just gonna keep walking this way yeah relation to the answer we find till we find a good place you reco I’m just loading the world like okay it’s by no it’s my effort well it’s taking a shit that’s why I don’t have that one because it loads like super slow hello over there my hello stops hello um it’s Pig Valley yeah Big Valley here darling my god yes pig Valley Jesus that’s not Valley but Big Valley anyways pick plates pick playing can you feed and I can’t for you pick strawberries would you like a strawberry little man you should chunks which I’m not loving strong hmm okay yeah sure we go Pyrus Big D anything but yeah basically pig would just let me eat their own mother you would they do for people as soon as they’re born they devour their mother

and a devise another the whoo yeah yeah I look supply the pigs screeches side d drowned shafa cases muscle drown it was just dry what does nothing else it could happen to it Oh Oh oh I’m up in my tree still oh come over here they have things to do today come on quickly Oh quick how the brain crush i found your brain i think i’ll just put some highlights of the night in there because war yeah busy talks talked about nothing really little but later really good yes look kids we have a zombie brain yay what does it do Master if you poke it it’s so squishy and gooey and if you rub it all over your body you can throw other kids onto the wall where you come it grounded you dad where have you gone over here oh look look at this don’t be ruined I can eat it it’s this to watch sure use these planes as a base for are playing the boring yeah but look what is surrounded by we have a volcano over there we have big mountains of forest snowy and they’re all the way in this is over there where the chunks are not loading there’s another egg it’s there oh it’s derek hello Derek there again I didn’t I didn’t notice you sorry all right it’s like your name sucks kamu sheep camo she can’t I didn’t notice there’s a brown sheep right there I’m just punching history as everyone should do note that it was a brown branch today yeah oh yeah it’s not a scammer feet it’s darren bill is a bit dirty Derek you look a little bit that is well get in there hey crusher you’re looking a bit dirty 20 no so I mean go touch someone else okay um I’d like to find someone else ow no it’s crying okay I’ve made a crafting table um shall we build here then slowly extend outwards towards the planes or maybe even up the mountain and building up building up a mountain desirable now all on a mountain not up a mountain but not going to have like how does that I go to be up slow for anything we didn’t even gave me wordy oh sorry hello oh my stinky why were coughing bench will only make that doesn’t make a crafting bench finish their wouldn’t it’ll make that don’t break it i’m using it and loss I’m still crossing let’s be efficient ow hey Derek oh sorry Oh trying to capture Derek she okay okay no fucking hole is in she kept it there ok stay back good

sorry just closer to my father water coming that would have been a disaster a disaster ever input do not disturb on skype I hold dear and he can’t tap out otherwise it will go would you close rate so we know where Derek is this is not a burial site I’ve not buried Eric technically I now don’t worry we’ll replace it with them there are holes don’t worry her micro air hose like this one that’s not my crew it’s very micro its macro it’s so Mike ro that is macro look at them up in his face um would you like to dance Derek okay you go and do your gym to Derek and i’ll go mine mine in this gigantic go gobble I’ll get your boss Oh would be a good place dick down do you think I’m here and dig down well if I watching they were you in do you want to get the cover yourself know that i can let let me mine okay it because it would take you ages to get cold I’ll go get it myself no I already have some cobble now so the way so do I ever the cobbles I need to you oh yeah 3 that was a sorry for the time stream there i was a bit on cold full uncalled for sorry if Graham I fell down a hole but it’s okay it’s okay we’ll just lock it all block it up sorry I don’t know what’s happening to my accents it’s like telling it’s a Scottish person or something lock it all booked a dub modeling it all nothing’s coming I don’t I I’m not even started sorry doing a Scottish accent I don’t know what Scottish accent sounds like leave me alone you do I owe big legs by knowing he’s got his people I really want to check if my uploads all was done left why did you leave what a connection reset well told you it was a bad connection to blow out now ok what have to blow out the IP wow sounds such a pain hey that’s not the word oh shit I might have to do that as well good job I reminded you we’ve all seen it in the video ya go then blur that’s why we use otherwise we’ll just get Dave to whitelist I mean I’ve tried to my favorite Orioles on how to blow stuff out but it wasn’t very helpful yet well you can because you’re used to doing it or blurring stuff out I for this treehouse they’re doing that yeah yeah you just need an axe I was digging from the top of the tree ok I was a notebook for efficiency on normal minecraft Boop reminds Rev the tekkit i watch that yesterday I was bored so I was just laying in my bed just watching all my old videos uh-huh what do you mean my beeping your old videos your Jesus suck because they didn’t exist my portal videos I’m in your video so so yeah haven’t you seen my portal ones of course I have uh no you have a new fire yeah well I haven’t watch this idea what’s them they’re quite funny making masti i missed the entryway and on the portal not my old intro is so cold intro because i had another videos had an intro and an outro intro was like music in it compilation of what happened in the episode but blurred out oh yeah oh yeah now you should watch it even though I love

Maggie and myself Oh spider harassing me and the tickets there is that smell was funny the first episode was funny well it’s funny because I was in it and yeah yeah yeah and I would laugh at those things so yeah yeah you’re not even listening fuckface yeah you know yeah oh yeah yeah no I am drifting off I am listening I am listening nothing at all yeah I am okay so good watcher now it would serve recording right now and then go and to have what yes I do oh that’s why my music was on zero but I thought like I swear to God I can hear some of the minecraft music but it was on zero i’m not an off oh no put it all like tends to make any sense the volume is at zero carefully this B’s nothing yeah zero no sound I mean I don’t know why it can go even further can go to off so yeah um doesn’t make sense speaking let’s go over to to Derek we’re building near Derek yeah of course not go to leave Derek behind a lack for a sapling there you lik there I guess I guess saplings do provide oxygen see don’t blow up Derek’s hole no I’m fine because of fucking spy don’t like go kill go I have a sword half mine again it’s over there go get it their pen could you kill this thing behind me please hello this is wrong with them it was one hit yeah because I already like hitting a couple of times could only time again so much stuff around yeah let’s get stuff won’t this a little stuff around everywhere look there’s a pink creeper over there there’s Derek’s there there Derek’s cousins and the black sheep of the family no no no no spider bad you okay okay father died good ninja one spider 0 no I’m doing we do this again no what are you doing I’m breaking it up but I want it to be you oh stop now I’ll out you place it in me you sound like a girl then I was very very very read wash yeah we have a sound like a girl you just did yeah your voice you sound like a go okay put it in me it’s Derek Derek um I’ll go and smell that me out of here says they’re okay oh my making nothing okay I’m making a house no hurry up no are we doing then play some torches on the top of those things nevermind doctor or self come on smelting what we’re doing on the birth house until you said network here we are we’re going to cover up Derek first one let’s make sure that he’s safe clothing the house around Derek yeah so sorry let’s go then two

more wait for it wait wait fine one more one more that’ll be fine I guess Derek’s got some dirt with in there could you give me all the which you have why because I’m going to build the house we’re gonna give you one of it I give you most of it let’s give you all of it i’m going to give you most of it love lightning speed nuts speed right up yeah yeah can’t you like b.o don’t go to alcohol is a creep over there don’t worry don’t attract ever iron yet do we have no okay goodbye oh no I can hear my mother coming upstairs sourced all good blah blah blah blah blah blah yeah well if you wouldn’t say that she call me crusher still oh it’s my mother don’t you call me that no crash okay would you like a cupcake not know about a cupcake cake yes blueberry no oh ok son do they long to say that son Wow tell me a father think word son you’re right you do know that they don’t say any of that because no we’re Dutch I can’t really translate into done tonight sri can go to google translate no gaffat about you and I get coach google translate oh you can just tell you I son is shown I hate you so much it’s exactly the same as son but it’s just now it’s said zoom zoom yes soon soon hood now zune means kiss no zune son sure oh nothing zone zone say having zone I’m in zone Derek don’t blow up damn it won’t blow up but a creeper blow him i terrify them suicide of me I wish I don’t maniac Derek whoops Derek the dead terrorist there the dead terrorist you’ve been reincarnated as a sheep yes I’m gonna blow over you with it up whoa Derek silence not when the baby piglets around you can’t be using that language have you found the hole I found a hole there’s no iron in the hole there’s the whole hi duck you dug a hole come down here you know how long you been digging this hole are you this was a long supposed to taken you ages to dig this or without no no I was wrong yeah it actually just took me like two seconds good morning you cheater you’re using worldedit your lies now you’re lying now see I I backdated tree it’s for like a split second so that I could use uh I’m always going to die or I’m going to live why I moved okay that’s good good it’s good i lived we my latest if you are what can you died why can’t I guy why didn’t you just die it wouldn’t been so funny if you did she let me go do it again take take to that just happen take Jake give

you a second i’m just going to please Darren now that sounds disgusting no Darryl wait are you feeling okay no no fuck yourself no thanks that’s basically impossible oh ok so I’m shall we oh I have a furnish oh yeah it wasn’t there before sure look shall we your one’s a dirty dirty one hello I’m I in the picture hello you know in the picture this is not your wedding go away he tried to burn me know someone has your sword it’s got to slap me with a side of tent coof stole the eye and I need that well I need it for anyways yeah I was going to make something with the iron don’t sort of further shelves no mustn’t have been too important if I didn’t remember oh yeah you were going to say something yeah thanks I remembered feel so ignored you are ignored kind of contradicts itself teryn I’m ignoring you roundup roundup roundup roundup yep let’s round up in RAM feel like your neck was a cowboy wrong way no ground No vanda is good goodbye of people goodbye everyone you in episode 2 is running out

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