I am gonna throw the best Halloween party in town you know it was a Greek cell invented Halloween it’s true the carved pumpkin was originally the carved olive with your diner my planning skills this is gonna be great and the best part is the whole place is already decorated well that I got ahead pretty cool huh how’s that for spine-chilling oh that’s sad that’s great time you don’t mind if I just add one or two tiny little extras oh sure yeah you’d be doing me a favor hey people are gonna be talking about my Halloween party for years it’s gonna be the ultimate spooky experience pretty spooky huh how did you do that magnets and a flair for the dramatic if you need help with scary party stuff Marvins your man oh no I’ve got everything covered elbow every plastic spider in time hey you want kindergarten fun or a scare fest people will remember don’t underestimate the plastic spider how did that get in here what do you say you provide the warm welcome I’ll provide the chills Diggle you won’t regret it I can’t wait I’m gonna run out and buy a kind of cobwebs you wants Gary Harris I’ll give you scary how would I scare you to death you found reasoning in Paris Pendleton you just made an enemy of the Lord God to put as long as you exist said forces to inflict he’ll support life innkeeper some milkshakes for my loyal subjects its first North American Halloween using YouTube’s adorable oh hello ya Gong square thank you for coming each scream and enjoy in England Halloween is just a comp turnip and some kids in sheets this is brilliant yeah it’s pretty cool but I’m mostly in it for the food shaped like body parts you just wait to Marvin gets it that’s when the funds are you gonna stay Marvin is that you’ll see but let’s just say that this Halloween party’s about to become the hottest ticket in town to uh Halloween cookie oh thanks still that tired of that huh so who are you supposed to be anyway king charles the second he was beheaded whose Europeans mean they have a king without a head so why Santa uh well because he’s only like the scariest man in the world are you sure you’re not getting Santa mixed up with Satan think about it right sleigh bells footsteps on your roof oh oh oh creeping around your house while you sleep they still haven’t been able to catch him yeah I I hear he’s closely guarded by the elves Halloween cookie oh thanks this is so scary I love it welcome fellow spook stirs to the scariest halloween party in stanton and it better be took in two hours to get into these tights should have used talcum powder slide right on oh you’re a devil oh and you’re English hey okay I’m I’m only here because well it technically this is no nerd party but first sign of pasty orange and I’m out of here mr. ha I think you’ll find that this party scores quite highly on the old scare ohmmeter none believe it come on in come on annids spooktacular the party’s not dead but some of the guests are that’s a good one no what are you supposed to be naughty angel I’m a beauty queen look I know it’s a it’s a costume but a reality check you’re not exactly pageant material what can i say i had an attack of the perky mm-hmm honey it takes years to achieve true perk and you certainly devoted to her life to it

oh you’re here great where else would I be what do you think what’s so scary about a train conductor I don’t tell me you were bitten by one as a child had a bad train experience once so as the party getting scary yet Halloween cookie no offense Harris will you do so much better than the rubber spiders yeah I know i’m just getting everyone in the mood for your magic right magic is the word keep everyone busy for a few minutes while i unlock my box of tricks okay everyone it’s time for pumpkin carving you want to hurt it it’s like cutting off the tops of their heads and then ripping out their brains you go it’s a vegetable doesn’t have brains yeah but what if it screams a silent scream that only other pumpkins can hear how will you know good point you’re doing it like that yeah yeah I am it’s okay that it’s fine it’s just all the eyes are too big do I thought you know how to cut your pumpkin know you do I know you do it the way you I will you could have said something maybe I haven’t gotten quite the hang of this swallow Trick or Treat trick or treat all the board for a Halloween ride into terror it’s a one-way ticket so say Oh goodbyes wah wah wah I believe look at pocono was brilliant and that’s just the start wow did you don’t talk no but I’m don’t ever hey you enjoying the tossing actually yeah into a really great job huh isn’t it amazing what you can do with some pipe cleaners and paper mache hmm isn’t it Paris that was mean it’s ah the screams of a prom queen okay Marvin that was a little bit too scary so uh might want to tone it down a bit hmm don’t be mad cool it great so you want to tell some ghost stories and then once again all that could be her through the misty darkness was hump hump whoa it was the murderer Bing the babysitter’s had against the roof of the car thank you yeah saved me the trouble of telling the end myself you know I i heard that really happened yeah and and and i heard that the guy who did it he broke out of jail my turn mine set on board the old Stanton Express hey this is a dining car from the old statute Express many years ago on a dark Halloween knows a boy traveled alone on a train he gazed out the window wondering how long the journey would take little did he know he would never reach his destination because further up the line a bridge had been struck by lightning weakening it as soon as the train went across the bridge it collapsed it collapsed sending the train and the boy to their do said that on Halloween people often see his lonely ghost haunting what’s left in the train but aren’t we and what’s left in the train where did he go oh come on it’s all done with mirrors in a trap door okay it’s

been a lovely evening but I’m gonna go home now and pass out guys come on open oh it sticks it better than the summertime it’s October Oh I can’t budget it’s okay it’s okay the back door you’re not going anywhere you’re my friends now we’re locked in okay this isn’t a problem I just need some muscles big strong arms I know who I need bear away join the party you did this didn’t you maybe okay I remember when we talked about being less scary huh all I wanted was a couple of floating plates this train cars gonna plunge off Red River Bridge and kill everybody just like 50 years ago love and how do you know this because I was the kid in the story your ghost duh uh guys you might want to check this out Oh are we being invaded by undead or treaters they’d have to run to catch us hey you took a square move no thing we did you’re not just some nerdy magic guy with nothing better to do on Halloween are you know but let’s not let it come between us oh I’ve got to stop being so trusting how can we be moving yeah diners just don’t move did you forget to pay your rent hey this has nothing to do with me I can’t go on a train ride I don’t have my comics guys look everyone calm down okay there’s a rational explanation for all of this this is a ghost train and we’re about to plunge off a bridge exactly like it did 50 years ago that’d be cool if I wasn’t locked inside it okay Harris stop the halloween pranks okay I want to get off this isn’t a prone Hamilton you big freak let us out the clocks work oh thanks Dimitri but we’ve got more important things to think about no no no the clock is part of the original train car and stopped during the crash at nine eighteen and now it’s working it’s 901 what if he spring really is repeating itself then we’ve only got 17 minutes until the crash that’s not even enough time to cook one last souvlaki platter well if we only have yeah hey what’s up listen we’ve got to stop this train okay I want you to give everyone just enough caffeine to keep them sharp right but not so much that they become wide-eyed shaking freaks Bluebird to me hey guys what I want you to do is check the floors walls and ceilings guys work for anything there’s nothing to check for Jo soo nothing’s getting outside of this one out especially not that window up there hmm the one that opens up there no way Paris we found a way out okay this is a train therefore there’s a train driver you think there’s a whole ghost train out there what if there’s a ghost driver with the skeleton for a face then I wasn’t stare at it because that would be rude no I’m just gonna go up through the roof quietly one with carriages and a faster drive to stop ok fellas go hoist me up be careful Hey oh you don’t need to worry back when Finella I’m perfectly out guys sort of pasture you got got you you’re good oh so there’s no driver hey cuz there’s no engine we can’t stop it oh no guys guys this is just plan a if you’ve learned anything about me by now it should be that I always have a plan B okay what I need you to do is try and contact anyone

else who died in the crash and then maybe they’ll be able to stop the train okay you’re right with it Claudia okay good luck this is my thing okay and I can only do it if you’re into it I’m totally into it no perky laughs no eye rolling no I’m into it okay hurry we call on the souls of those who died in a train crash stop the train stop the train I can be into it and reapply right we’ve got to do something I am I’m sleeping I sleep when I’m scared how many minutes do we have left before so we’re gonna make every single one of them count okay um Marvin look I know you here and I know you can hear me so please just stop the train nothin please look I don’t my friends to die because of me Marvin please yes I guess you’re ready to stop being scared huh yes yes definitely okay just hold on another three minutes and you’ll be dead and you won’t be scared anymore why are you doing this it’s lonely being a ghost I want company you doing this to get friends what am I supposed to do join a gym no wait okay guys we can’t stop a train so if anyone’s got anything that they’ve been waiting say to each other you got a couple of minutes so so this is it okay so I admired you I’ve always been jealous of you what I know it sounds crazy but um you have your own identity and you don’t care what other people think wow thanks you’re welcome and what well now you say something nice about me okay sorry you’re intelligent you’re driven and you’ve definitely got what it takes to make something of yourself thank you you know if you weren’t about to die remember how you remember back in seventh grade oh good times you remember how you you lost your catcher’s mitt and and you thought you left it on the bus yeah you remember yeah yeah yeah I took it you took it it was so smooth and no but it smells so so great that I just had to have it oh you broke my heart but that’s okay because you had to have it sorry okay now um will you please forgive me no dude we’re about to die well you should have thought about that before you stole it hey Hugo are we grab is you I’m not gonna let my diner crash and burn with greasy tables you know I think I made a contribution TV kids his lives you know the smile of friendly burger just hope I meant something to you of course you did Dennis Dmitri yeah I was just kidding ah oh my beautiful diner you got a bargain all the original features intact did you say original features does it have an emergency brake I guess so everyone the diner has an emergency brake find it ok guys quick okay here we go if you have a plenty look we’ve been through the bad and the scary together on I just want to say

that I’m the luckiest guy in the world time’s up it’s gonna be just us goes from now until forever you guys are my very best friends I was a total loner before you guys came along and thank you well I I don’t hope to say you guys had all these nice things and what I can just just say what you feel and hurry up but I love you okay group hug I wish we had more time time time it’s the clock the creature up in the 918 if the clock doesn’t hit 919 we won’t crash so just have one question what are you suspecting here Oh worked it out that’s so unfair just wait till next Halloween penalty oh you did only in heaven as napkin dispensers oh we’re back what you want to do you tiger yes come alive I did it I saved us ok guys I hope you enjoyed my Halloween party now if you’ll excuse me I throw up oh thank you for coming Pembleton drink dishwater thank you for coming i should give you a black eye but I’ve got to go home and change my tights huh thank you for coming your prank was sick and that hold dramatic ending with the clock a way to make genres that was the best Halloween party ever you’re kidding me right huh I provided the ultimate Halloween nights experience how many other parties have a real ghost mmm i think we all desire the milkshake do you think Marvin still on second thoughts it’s a bit late Oh school night I got reindeer waiting let’s go

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