hello again friends Johnny here I’m back on town of light this might be the last video I’m not entirely sure let’s just jump right in if you guys have been watching you know what’s going on all right let’s see we back in the shower room and it’s all it’s all kinds of rekt um so let’s just get out of here let’s just figure out where we need to go next in order to be happy well happy oh I know where we need to go actually I just remembered when there was too much chaos they closed all the windows in the door well they switched on the right way then it was pitch black some people fell asleep some other stopped seeing their demons and things became more peace yeah highly doubt that wow this place is really uh this is really terrifying funny to walk in here no oh the door was what the hell is that close the windows maybe what if I close the door – close the door is uh uh-oh supposed to do okay yes there you go like all the nurses have no faces oh they gave you a good hey cold showers she looks so uncomfortable oh that wood has a face they suffocated bullfrog now took throat a little oh Jesus that’s horrifying hide you to the bed they tied me to the bed that’s insane this headman died next to me suffocated by oh she was tied down because she wouldn’t stop masturbate oh I remember her death rattle I screamed but nobody came gross everybody’s found in there the whole lot of them that’s horrifying all for masturbating oh hello saw that doll which wasn’t Charlotte no she wasn’t Charlotte who what doll is this whoa demons okay churches I don’t know who that is well that’s terrifying oh those that was the mother I believe and that’s the mother’s escort not escort what’s the word look I don’t know the work the present that doll that man the shame Rene was increasingly divorced from reality how will I ever be able to find out what really happened how will I ever be able to find tomorrow here’s a piece of paper and myself I remember seeing this before Monty Foss Scully sorry it for me cool teen 39 dear daughter hmm it is with great sadness that I have heard what has happened you’re transferring your sufferings or a cause of great worry for me it will take time but you’ll see things will improve they’ll treat you and you’ll get better again they treating her right what everyday write to me often and tell me if you need anything I’ll do what I can try this for Rene this is the last night oh she was once I was put into this ward loneliness arrived AUSA after that medical examination I received no more letters from mum mom why is that man here why doesn’t she come did I make a mistake it didn’t unlocked him to abandon me what did I do wrong I should like to be able to reply to her again now to change things uh I get to pick what I want her to say um please I beg you get me out of this place it frightens me so they’ve taken everything away from me they hurt me really badly I’m so alone nobody knows about me as if I didn’t exist um even my friend helped me do something you’re right and I was wrong and realize I’m so ashamed if only you knew how much I have a fear which I can’t understand I’m completely confused I keep on living like this without any reason I can’t I want to do this one but now I’ll behave well sure now things will be fine I’ll work hard I’ll be very good I don’t know what’s happening to me

sometimes I know where I am they hated me he hates me he wants to kill me but nobody understands somebody believes me let’s try to like weasel her way out of this perhaps she would have listened to me will she reply mm-hmm where do we go from here by 8:00 it’s loading something oh nothing whoa oh that one’s like strapped by her neck ooh what was that Oh creepy that wasn’t as horrifying but it’s still really twisted when you were sent to a lunatic asylum you lost the right to possess anything Oh everything you arrived with was packed up and stored here even the clothes you were wearing were released one day too many however never left that’s depressing did I go the right way at least oh look at all those letters are those the keys to get the hell out of here cuz I’d really like it those are the keys to get the hell out of here do your mother please find the right one you get me out of this place it frightens me so much you were right I know they got the other one I realize I’m so ashamed if you only knew how much but now I’ll behave well sure now things will be fine I’ll work hard I’ll be very good your daughter Renee not fulfilled this letter it was Renee’s letter just like when it was written but it was never sent why why did a thing like that happen what I’ve received your mum you tell me to be patient and strong while I only have fear and pain and you no longer write to me if only these lines could be my soul and tell you what’s happening to me the kids want to kill me they all look the other way and they tell me what I must do I don’t understand this is hard on me but what have they done to her can you tell me will you help me Renea not fulfilled he’s not the letter she sent out before I guess not delivered Monti forskohlii 7th July 1940 my dear daughter I have received no news from you what even dropped me a line four months unfortunately I can’t afford to come and visit you I have no money were they holding AG in stir remember mr. oil-free oh he’ll soon be coming to Volterra on business I’ve asked him if would be kind enough to ask the director to have news about you I hope that guy kept her locked in here with me good news but write to me I know that I was strict with you you have to excuse me I didn’t realize I’ve given mr. Onofre Oh anew and that’s what the new doll came from that you lost yours and I know you loved it so much it’s not as nice as your Charlotte but I hope that it will comfort you nonetheless that God did it all he was a jerk this will be fine you’ll see not delivered of course wonderful Scully 12 October 1940 dear daughter I’ve written two letters to you and have received no reply I await a letter anxiously every day this is the press in Rio has come back he brought you the doll do you like it he told me he didn’t manage to speak to the director but he did see you I pray for you every day Dungey no said a prayer for you during Sunday Mass that was lovely wasn’t it I’ve made up my mind Rene I’m going to bring you home I’ve already written to the director I told him that I’ll take care of you at the moment I’m not well and can’t work but I’ll soon get better you’ll see as soon as I’m up to making the journey I’ll come and get you mom died before she could but bear up I beg you that is depressing mom will come and pick up Rene won’t she mom is good but she’s not well that’s why that man came the dull when they could have played with it waiting for her to arrive but Rene never had it with her is it one of moms lies she knew that she had hurt Rene and no no mummy’s good that man brought it I don’t trust that man haven’t we it was Rene who was wrong dolls there that’s sure perhaps she’s been kidnapped like everyone else locked up somewhere in here that dude I swear

let’s look for the second doll it’ll be among bundles of the patient’s things so the dolls probably somewhere in Oh apparently she knows where the doll is yeah okay is that the doll huh noses look now we can open the bundle on that that was just a good there’s just a really good guess how did how did she know that was there whatever that’s oh it’s still cute oh look she got me shoes and is that a new dress may the Lord guide your path and keep you away from sin mom oh that’s sweet oh is that an old picture of them what is this is that her I could look at that a little necklace Oh what’s the back say Rene oh it’s sad there’s a little doll mom was good I was bad mom was worried about Rene and Charlotte I abandoned Charlotte we’ve abandoned her we didn’t abandon her let’s go get Charlotte’s I’m pretty sure that’s what I need to do next for sure we all abandoned her she will always remain where we abandoned her beneath the hot lights we didn’t abandon her see she’s nice and safe oh we’re going back in time again well this one’s weird or over in a wheelchair Oh creepy Bert where is this and now we’re just waiting what are we waiting for what’s in that room oh well that person’s dead did you kill her no it’s not our turn is it all these other people were here first don’t be rude let them go in next no it’s not our turn listens that’s cutting cutting is not allowed what’s in here who are these oh this is the shock therapy room I just remembered where we’re at now that’s that’s them that’s the paddles oh oh the same makes me so uneasy oh god don’t push that button don’t you push that damn button don’t you do it don’t you do it oh we did it oh that’s kind of cool actually oh that ringing hurts though Wow all right that sucked get out of here before that ringing kills me jeez what was that doctor writing sitting at his desk oh my bad I guess we gotta go look at the doctor’s notes huh Oh what is this more paperwork 7th September 1938 wait a minute the patient frequently indulges in recriminations expressed in an explosive tone of voice this morning she threw away the milk saying it was full of urine spittle and all the other film gross praised she hears voices they order her about I don’t know whose side to be on in this they were imprisoned in a school 20th January 1939 mute istic groggy pays no attention to anything when questioned and stimulated she starts crying and weeping at other times she laughs first June 1st June apathetic eats very little she refuses to be touched doesn’t respond passes her time in the park The Cook’s report that she sits on a bench in front of the kitchens 14 tomorrow so is she crazy this morning she asked for two eggs to make several yoni zabaione he’s given them she threw them away excited a bra rias slightly confused she strips off 8th December mom tied to bed for 15 days my spirit it tends to make witty comments and use

vulgar words laughs hysterically masturbates the nurses report that about two weeks ago she remained in the showers on her own and didn’t want to leave wait a minute hurt that when they took her away she swore at them and then hit out at them and but I’m Rosario had to be treated for their injuries since then they’ve kept her tied to the bed transferred to the semi agitated ward Oh dr. B to the care of dr. C I was with Amara in the showers my memories terrify me they’re not real are they why so then whose amaura I don’t know to pick for this what reality are you referring to dr. C patient notes the abnormality of her psychic state has induced her to lead a life which is irregular and tends towards delinquency a fickle and flighty character she abandons her household duties at intervals and dabbles an occasional prostitution delinquency prostitution Renee oh no I’m so strange unreal it can’t be true and tomorrow Oh Dustin she would tell us everything she wouldn’t hide anything from us her mental I don’t know her death to the reprimands where to go with this anymore this is so weird it’s back to the ward yesterday agitated and vociferous vociferous heart is all two injections a week for five weeks I don’t like artists all is trying to confuse us with the therapy and my god they managed it was if they wanted to instill the madness into us I’m not let me think there were only the therapies that could be used there were so many of you what could they manage that hell where there were so few of them let’s I’m gonna go with a um this cuz I kind of want to see what happens it was torture but you couldn’t refuse it no one explained anything to us no one tried to make us understand we were like animals on a stock farm let’s see you were too many and there were too few years impossible to do otherwise they also had their nightmares in these walls they didn’t know to do it to you you were damn Souls dangerous who ought to taking care of you let’s do B 2nd June after a long period of calm and improvement the patient is very agitated today and vehemently refuses to submit to a gynecological examination she swore and cursed those who generated her flailing her arms and heading out the patient according to reports by dr. B has been subjected to periodic checkups since she had a spontaneous abortion about two years ago in her third emergency conception occurred after she had sexual intercourse of the stranger who sneaked into the hospital park as detailed in the charges file as headquarters in Volterra a copy of which is attached to these clinical notes es therapy spontaneous abortion it’s not true I’m certain how could I have invented things if I didn’t even know what they were doing to me it really happened they made you abort but it was illegal and so they had to write it as spontaneous that’s a lie it was what is written here might be false or wrong way of looking thanks perhaps really didn’t know you can’t be certain you know that don’t you 13th June I think that one nurses report that after having received her mother’s letter she fell into a state of great mental confusion she threw her soup over another in untouched udders and she punched a nurse in the face of lashes about her she reels against the doctor in vulgar terms while he is examining her lashes out and spits so is Renee actually crazy as not to give the patient further reasons to become agitated 20th August tied to bed the nurses report the patient becomes highly agitated after the visit of a relative or family friend even two days later she still shouts ceaselessly that he commands her that she must obey and harm herself and that she is not Charlotte all visits forbidden constrained to bed an intensification of es therapy until we achieve results I just shut the [ __ ] out of her until they got her to do something terior and that way no one knew what was happening within these walls no I mean human misery was thrown in here and locked away to make the world forget about it the people who were here no longer human beings as far as society was concerned the important things to keep you quiet you don’t remember happen when the

letters arrived how can you judge god knows how much suffering they spared you I’m gonna go see cuz I’m starting to feel like she really is insane it’s just doesn’t realize that notch alert correct attitude replies one question the nurses report that the patient is calm she washes and looks after herself she affirms the existence of a certain Ameri she says that Amara is a patient who disappeared when she was moved to this ward no confirmation probably a regressive hallucination evaluate transfers Amara wasn’t real good by me that’s not possible she was there I know she was there I feel like oh that’s a horrifying day traces somewhere all right I’m gonna go and cut this video off right here just to kind of separate everything it’s a lot longer than I was expecting I I saw in these teammates there’s only 12 achievements so I thought maybe there was only 12 chapters turns out there’s a lot more than 12 chapters so I’m just like I said it’s going to cut this in half make it a little bit easier on everybody to watch so stay tuned for the next video we’ll probably up tomorrow too so I can go ahead and knock this game out because I’m really enjoying this game a lot so like I said stay tuned if you enjoyed the video please feel free to get to like if you enjoyed me please feel free to subscribe to my channel I post new videos every single day one at 10:00 a.m. CST and one at 12:00 p.m. CST so you’ll always have new content from me and yet again because I keep saying it stay tuned for the next video bye

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