there’s no selectivity inverters because they invert thanks apparently that’s what they do inverting back um what’s the mirror for the frames a bit dinky the bike no you can’t use another inverter on the bike a trait that huh if I invert up and give that problems we tried that huh that’s in it huh let’s see what happens when I turn the screw holy shit we did it guys it’ll of this game hi there huh what 00 I have some more challenges keep them coming no nothing that I can’t handle my special you want a DI uh I be sick we need this again I you okay we can’t do that when it’s oh it did you say that some of it maybe we need to turn that on hand hey guys logic this kid doesn’t have watch it that’s what’s amazing I don’t know why I did that I could have just walked up to do what I want to do but that was the fun way right wait can I steal this lever not necessary it’s Emma uh a total weight so um can I like every knife in any con and just figure i want to try it like see if I can do this I feel like this boy it’s dark in here luckily I have mastered the high just have to listen to the sound oh this is a ha this doesn’t work that I figs I fade as much but as worth a shot confess away in this maintenance box let’s see if i install the power inverter here the signal is doing the exact opposite of what the signal light is showing excellent okay that’s probably helpful for some reason i already use the mirror on the skies and what’s left is chief hey you hold this mirror will ya hey you have to put in a little effort for this to work lazy bum that means go get that car back so what happens now what happens if we try and use the thing no flying bike okay that doesn’t do anything pull over cuz I’ll do the opposite the lever okay that doesn’t help me right now 20 see if I would do something and that theory could work here so don’t drop it you’re here oh I guess that does work that’s kind of weird now we took that’s why we need the power invite because we need to be high with the light on God these power inverters are amazing yeah I like the way we kind of keep

accidentally semi solving things know her the bright light stabilizes the sound walls I can see in the ground I’m it worth adults I think it didn’t work a second notice because I tries to a fuck I tried to do it while the skeleton was high in the air I needed to bring it down well put them around with the skeleton up I think that’s what was wrong there alright so we got a bottle and a lever so we know what the leave is going at least I did it guys together teamwork there we go let’s get the car in the right place at least by the bikes are a key calling it a car I saw that I don’t seem to be able to interact with it miles play that let that deadly little dignity ready go echo it’s a hell Rufus fucks this up Wow oh damn what’s wrong with me i’m usually totally laid-back must be the fumes from the mine how can docs and them huh I better go and ask him I sure and this leaky face is like nothing I can interact with it right now hi there huh look oh oh I have some more challenges keep another doc I’m not a little highly strung I can see that look at you the hands the eyes yes for him oh please huh you should do something about it unrest is a handy man’s death if I get too twitchy I meditate meditate yes you should try it for yourself like this large your leg behind your head 1050 on the point on the horizon wait I’ll show you what the fuck oh that’s what we need the fucking leg for a point on the horizon and stare at leg there’s enough junk choose a point on the horizon and stare at that’s right what the can you see how everything gets more focused and how the colors are more lively I have fixated on that strange blue shape to the right now I let my eyes wander to the north until I see a blue pool now I gaze far over to the west to that green thing and then in a straight line to this blue thing down there and then finally you spelling he’s spelling a word that I lost excess Rufus’s in the way and trance in any case you have to tell the world who you are I am a river after that I take a good swig from my hip flask and I’m all relaxed got everything hmm Katniss inducing oh can I do that again I want to see that again without Rufus in the way hi there well I have scape could you shall have cost larger like this all right so let’s see what happens that’s right can you see how it was this lettuce right lakers and how the colors are more lively I have fixated on that strange blue shape to the right I think that’s the UH my eyes wander to the door and then he goes up to the I a blue pool now I gaze far over to the west to that greedy and then in a straight line to this being thing down there and then finally he gets right to the I guess that’s how you supposed to river I’m already utterly and trance in any case you have to tell the world who you are I am river you’ll see what this is a barian things but like oh wait just like the letters are cheetah in the background after that I take a good I

didn’t even notice that like the letters are actually very relaxed got everything hmm okay will you cut that out you can have a sit if you want to that doesn’t mean that you can so why don’t you make yourself clearer next time be sent for the video what’s their supposed to be I can’t afford it so please ok we have a leg and a bottle just try I’m so confused as to what we need to do I’m gonna try and come to the crane maybe it’s a puzzle now oh crap no doc lied to me I mean I did everything right didn’t I all right fixate horizon concentrate and yeah there are letters in the background I see them comfy there’s no way I think I’d into it like this must be doing something wrong like I think what I see useful leg I knew it all along you don’t need yoga if you’re resourceful I know like to see the letters and then we fix on the right behind the head check fixate horizon check here we go PU p/e it’s that one I think if we follow the same pattern that he does it’s it’s it’s pump it pump up I think cuz you start there you go up north go then down I think it’s pop up and now break a thing for luck I don’t need luck but we drink from the flask right like how do we use it hey there’s still something in there this is still half full then that uh oh crap no doc lied to me I mean I did everything right didn’t I forget what did you get wrong there is it cuz i tried to use the bottle first method do it must be get the right because you can’t change other what it is hey there’s still something in there this is still half full I’m sure her spider spying guys oh I think we need to fill the bottle with something otherwise I won’t work let’s try anyway but I think we need something in the bottle oh crap get me someone in the world I’ll from the tab then we can access the tap now even lots of interactable dark like weed I did you can use the bottle with but it’s a tap yeah we need booze you’re right but he won’t let us have booze quick let’s inferred his booze and watch this well my stuff is here not honestly for alcohol so please give every stitch the face oh I have skid could you have cuz like that just take it in ah refreshing and now just a sip of booze and hey rosu replace it I don’t know where my hip flask my sis is what why that’s strange it was here a moment ago yes and now it’s protruding from the hem of your coat huh how did it get there may replace it with the bottom is this your musty hey I don’t have wormholes I see the doctor several times a week all right oh let’s try this thing could you guys look like

they cut that crack sound is horrible choose a point on the horizon and stare oh that’s how we do okay what’s wrong you’re not fixating at all yeah I know when you’re not fixating at all yeah well of beers there guys who did it you alright so stare at the horizon wool yeah your poop up then I’ve got docs booze the source of the steadiness of his hands and his bad breath I think it’s working but I can’t sue my thumb allow this once again so the solution is to get hammered it did that I let that Delhi lick it didn’t Rufus we did it a guest goes we still have an inverter so what we have left we still have bottle range and further and a red lamp good let’s go that just take us by just takes us back uh let’s press the one huh you’re quiet oh we have actresses leave us now and I thought you were making yourself extra heavy when I liked you up the hill just now nevermind the controls are exposed and there’s a circuit diagram this will be easiest of God ah yep all clear I don’t have it what what so that is changing stuff on the thing okay how do we know we are though like this is p4 and p2 this green dots right thoughts yellow dots so yeah that changes the signals at those places I don’t know where we are that’s the thing so sign or something here that I’m missing it kind of should get off it yeah i think well p1 and p2 you know p4p do either way or maybe we’re doing this maybe it’s maybe that’s why we’re coming back maybe work p 1 because we go like this and then around that corner and back you want to go down down but that sends us back so we turn red that way that way that would toes by Green sure let’s try that Oh oh you get them up now okay so we need to get from here to here got it okay so i go down Oh Tim right so we go down down let me go last down up and what does that do you want to try it because let me end up if I’ve got this right we’ll end up going off here which I don’t know what that’ll do oh that’s the collagen which then take ok so the corners there got it so that means if we go on like that will swerve go that way

straight that I get a what will happen here because like the right thing saying to go this way but with what coming from this Derek actually maybe we’ll end up going that way let’s try that let’s just see what happens it’s kind of hard to plan from the lengthy down go you get I know you do go that way they’ll end up taking us back out okay just kind of hard to plan from this plan they gain rather you have access to that overhead view so we want green and yellow as they are anything so we just change we read what happens I’ll hand it changes anything at all now why it changes a bit but not so I think we need green to be down or maybe yellow to be down because then we go like that go down there I take this wrong there I think we keep going on yeah that’s what I thought then I don’t go ahead and then I keep going up right oh that loop says ah sir clucks oh and those change the tracks those would just change the tracks I really wish I had a better plan to look at because like I it’s so hard to work out what’s going to happen from this plan until you see the gradual thing so we get to that changes the tracks this puzzle I like this puzzle I just wish ate a better way of like looking at it because this plan isn’t good enough to work it out in my opinion just adds a little bit too much trial and error which is a shame because the puzzle is cool so the trex different now because they’ve changed them because I think I owe you know what I think I have to do I think this is I think what you need to do is hit only one of these I think we need to hit just one of these and then that will change the tracks and we can yeah it’s awesome yeah I told you so I do you guys can’t really help me with this hang on oh my god you can change those as well the fuck does that do oh it changes which color the tracks a change oh my god this something got so much more complicated I think I accidentally did it no no it’s gonna wait what’s happening I almost did it so close oh my god you always did it you know much did it look you know I think this is there i think i think this is the right combination of levers like I think I’ve got believe is in the right place because it just seems to get me in the right area I think I need to fill it with these yeah now I did any going places check it out babe I can’t tell cuz I got a dialer throw really are the bed and an achievement pumps time if you like that then you’ll love what’s coming next oh yeah look the rails are still there what don’t say you’ve already got one of these new infrared visors um no my beard sonar is gone to Red Alert they have to be somewhere close bid so knocks to the babies immediately you two are shitting me right hold on for a second by shoulder seismograph is giving me strange readings guys strange according to the soul mate a bleep it’s kaiser has been singed my sock spectrometer is still processing your data um guys say comfy an earthquake wait my kneecap ultrasound detect we ain’t been screwing shit oh my good this game is amazing and i love it so much

I’m still alive I’m not an easy man to break they call him terrific series is uh go so dead our ascension station ah I did it once again you see that I did it I oops maybe I should get you to a place that is a little more comfortable luckily it’ll be a downhill ride from here so do you want to be carried which would be plain boring or you prefer the fun and fast way

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