survivor is back in Brazil and an incredible and harsh location it’s gonna be extremely hard on them because of the heat TV guide network is going deep behind the scenes to reveal all the twists and turns that our head this season and any time we can keep the game changed up is good for us Plus from the military man and the millionaire the model and the youngest player ever we’ll introduce you to the 16 castaways ready to be crowned sole survivor I want to change the game no like this is for real they’ll probably think she doesn’t need this and I might not need it but I want it being out here in the wild but there is a very good chance that I’m going to die and Jeff Probst gives us an exclusive tour of this season’s Tribal Council plus we’ve got your first look at one of the series toughest challenges to date survivor tocantins preview starts right now hey everyone welcome to survivor tocantins preview I’m Jessica sugar khyber from the last season and gabon we’re here at the rainforest cafe in beautiful downtown disney in anaheim california over the next hour we’ll be revealing everything you want to know about the new season the twist the contestants the Tribal Council and the challenges the show is back in Brazil but the new location is nothing like survivors last visit to the country far from the coastal paradise and urban environment of Rio de Janeiro lies the tocantins region of Brazil the mountainous desert area is a completely different world than the Amazon which hosted season 6 of Survivor the difference between the Brazilian highlands in the Amazon I think is that the Amazon is dark and sort of spooky and there’s a lot of energy forces happening this is the desert it’s hot and you have a lot of sand dunes and beautiful rivers with water clean enough that you can just drink straight out of its really one of those beautiful rivers and I have ever seen in my entire life and you know North America is full of beautiful rivers and this one I think beats them it’s just absolutely stunning this is a very open area and it’s gonna be extremely hard on them because of the heat it’s a little bit unique for us it’s one of the first times we’ve really done sort of a highland the location just a combination of how remote it is how extreme the environment is and how beautiful it is it’s just sort of perfect triple threat the dry heat has been a major cause of concern for the production department there have been a lot of fires in Brazil tribal council was nearly burned down about five nights ago and it’s something we’re going to be fighting the whole time we’re out here we’re trying to set a tone this season right off the bat about the importance of first impressions and we’ve got an an opening twist that’s going to speak to that this season is going to open up with a about a four-hour Trek to their respective cams but before they start on the trek we’re gonna ask them to vote one person out of each tribe and the words all use will speak to the notion that maybe they’re out of the game they’re not sure somebody’s gonna get voted out of the tribe they’re gonna think it’s a bad thing what’s actually going to happen is the rest of the tribe takes the track and they will get helicoptered to the camp so they’ll skip the whole track they will have about a four hour head start we’re going to leave plenty of supplies to start building camp we’re also going to leave a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol you’re not gonna have enough time to do both so the choice is gonna be do I try to change the first impression by starting work on the camp and see if I can get back in the good graces or do I just stay selfish and look for that I don’t try to save myself in the first Tribal Council and I think it’s going to set the tone for this season that you have to be aware of the social integration that is going on at all times exile Island is desolate it is a big sand dune this year two people will go to exile Island the winning tribe will choose somebody from the losing tribe that person will then choose somebody from the winning tribe so there will always be two people out there when they get out there they’ll find two eggs two choices and we’ll have to figure out amongst themselves who gets which one they break them open and inside one will be nothing inside the other will be a no it says here’s a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol which nobody except then we’ll know is back at their camp and to you also have power you can decide to go back to your original tribe or you can mute and go back to the other tribe so we’re hoping to get some mutinies this season of course you can’t have the game without the contestants and there are 16 new castaways in Brazil ready to take

the prize I love this group it’s the best cast I’ve seen a long time it is such a great cast there’s a couple of characters that you’re gonna go I cannot believe it where do they keep finding these people one of the bigger characters this season is 53 year old bus driver sandy I am a country girl and a tomboy like to wear a dress every now and then but I’m real comfortable in shorts a t-shirt bathing suit there in anything I won’t do I’m just so adventurous and I mean I just love action I get excited over just like little things so this is a big thing so you can imagine I mean it’s really hard to contain a lot of times this grandmother of two from Kentucky is concerned about being the oldest contestant of the season whoo these are kids that could you know not much older than my grandson 14 she doesn’t think twice about cursing I will not be saying nice I to nobody it’s effortless for her and therefore its kind of charming but I don’t know how she’s gonna get over the fact that she’s the oldest woman out here and they’re gonna see her as a liability but from her saucy language right down to her [ __ ] stamp sandy isn’t your typical grandma I had this beautiful tattoo made and [ __ ] stamp incorporated into it that’s me I got the tramps name flow I’m a big fan of testing yourself and in becoming weak and strong and weak and strong all over again out here you know you’re braving a wildlife the wild people who are gonna give you a hard time and and all that Texas boy joe says he’s not a fan of overly dramatic people which could raise some issues in this game oh really dramatic people you know more of just a pet peeve than anything I think you know not to sound holier-than-thou but I think some of those people have a lot to learn so hopefully they’ll learn some lessons out here he’s a good-looking guy and he knows it he looked like you’ll be a threat in challenges I think my weakness would be being overconfident and not totally driving with the flow of the game and and being a little bit headstrong at times I think that would be my ultimate weakness but we’ll see I mean that could be a huge positive as well I have big big hopes for Joe I get a lot of comparisons to Parvati always what she did in Micronesia was genius like she just SAT back let everybody do the dirty work for do I think that that will work again no this hair stylist and makeup artist from Wisconsin is hoping the others underestimate her if you want to think I’m more princessy in the beginning of fine which means i’ll let you think that i’ll let you think that you know maybe I’m not as tough as some of these people I when I give too much too fast she’s a hairdresser with hair extensions she’s beautiful and has that appearance of may be high maintenance that was my first take honor but spending a little more time with their I actually think erin is pretty tough like she’s a pretty tough chick I am a city boy one hundred percent I grew up in Los Angeles I’ve lived in New York and being out here in the wild that there is a very good chance that i am going to die at first glance corporate consultant and freelance writer Stephen is not your most likely candidate for this game my biggest fear in the game is tripping over myself during an early rewards challenge and thereby getting eliminated because I look like an idiot this is a group of young fit good-looking people overall Stephen is a little bit on the outside of that this 29 year old yale graduate does not plan on sharing his Ivy League background with his castmates I do our glasses though so that might look threatening to some people on an intellectual level the glasses are terrifying hopefully though overall i come off as just sort of average guy from city no one to worry about just let him coast into into the millionaire spot later in the show right off the bat we have a nice opening challenge it’s one of the toughest ever on Survivor and we’ll give you a sneak peek but up next we’ll reveal more of the castaways including this military man who’s already been through the horrors of Afghanistan Howl’s survivor compare it’s all ahead right after the break welcome back to survivor tocantins preview i’m jessica sugar hyper before the break you met some of the castaways hoping to make a big splash resile now it’s time for more including a man who’s already dealt with something much tougher than survivor we just spent 12 months in Afghanistan so we just got back in May of 08 it was kind of a tough time being with him home for that at the time but uh it was an experience a lifetime experience I may share some of my military background but sports my Afghanistan experience maybe not someone may be patriotic and it may help me but some of them may look at that as a threat they’d make kick me off early than i wanted to leave as the oldest

male contestant this 49 year old military man feels he might have to tone down his leadership qualities I’m trying to be low-key but if things not going quite the way we need him ago I may have two wars my opinion he’s looking at how do I lift people up and I think that kind of leadership if people realize it is really effective Jerry would keep us all in the game water and if I were on a tribe with him I would keep him I like the kid around and play around with people and make them feel at ease instead of letting stress and stuff bother you I hope Jerry last a long time cuz man seeing that smile is really nice i was born in panama city panama um my mom was fairly young when she had me her and i are only 20 years apart 27 year old bartender carolina should be okay going without necessities her earliest years were a struggle I was born into poverty we had an outhouse of the bathroom we didn’t have indoor plumbing I didn’t have those luxuries you know but that was normal to me my mom she made me a US citizen you know and it she really struggled her whole life to give me a better life she’s another person I think you could look at and say oh cute pretty girl in the dress yeah she’s not long for the game I wouldn’t bet on it there’s a couple of people yeah that I’m just like okay no bueno I think there’s other ones that you know I really hope to create alliances FM I hope to god that they’re on my tribe I need to bust my butt into the challenges and around camp so in the beginning now I need to put my head down and needlework don’t get me wrong you’ll definitely hear some staff I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t any in high school I played football I was the quarterback I played baseball I play basketball and pretty much anytime I have the opportunity to go play a game I’m in like I want to go check that out the game is not all Colorado native brendan is checking out as for the girls that I’ve seen in it in the game you know there’s a couple very pretty ones and in terms of whether or not you flirt in order to get what you need I think that’s kind of a you know to be determined situation I love camping I love hiking you know just kind of having to figure it out and not be given any tools to do it to me is just like an awesome challenge it’s like so far brendan has already succeeded in one challenge in his life business when I was 23 years old I started a business called bare naked I was a healthy lifestyle brand we made granola trail mixes cereals and sold those products across the country brendan is another interesting story in that he’s a multi-millionaire coming into this game the same qualities that help Brendan become so successful in business are the skills he’ll utilize out here the only concern I have is that people make a rash judgment based upon my past experience that impacts kind of how people vote very early in the game and Brendan could be out early and if so I’d say it’s cuz he’s rich I’m definitely like ready for the elements of Brazil Sydney I think a lot of people will think Sydney’s probably the most beautiful woman this season probably one of the most beautiful we’ve ever had and the big question for her is if she can hack it I get that a lot unfortunately so that’s something I’m I try to remember I guess but I mean come on really you know you don’t want to be taken that way I don’t want to be perceived just of my looks and that’s you know what they’re doing yeah 24 year old model and design student Sydney might use her good looks to her advantage I have a boyfriend who I’m one hundred percent committed to and I love to death but I told him you know like this is why I’m out here I’m out here to win a million dollar so i’m gonna do a little bit of flirting with guys with girls you know but Sydney isn’t just a pretty face losing her sister in an auto accident gave her resilience and coping skills it was definitely hard so that inner strength that I built in myself was definitely something that’s going to help me with this game I think let’s do it coming up next Jeff Probst takes us on an exclusive tour of this season’s Tribal Council stick around we’ll be right back welcome back to survivor tocantins preview i’m jessica sugar kuiper we’re coming to you from the rainforest cafe in beautiful downtown disney in anaheim california i can tell you from experience that tribal councils are always uncomfortable and usually incredibly hot and with the temperatures well over 100 degrees in brazil tribal council is a place the new cast will definitely want to avoid here’s Jeff Probst with your first look at this season’s tribal council we have a very big and open tribal council and the Distilled with a lot of local work from artists this is these are kahan cos massive sort of totem pole looking things also these pots again look at the size of this it’s almost as big as I am and then beautiful headdresses from a local tribe this is where the survivors sit the tribal councils never a good time coming to tribal council but at

least it’s beautiful great story about building tribal council this year we’ve tried three times we have location one and we lost it we have location to which we were already up and building we lost that location now we’re here and it’s beautiful and here’s the kicker that second location where we wanted Tribal Council to be burned down so everything worked out for the best this is the area where we read the votes at this table here again carved locally for us you take a look at these torches all based on local tribal design even the roof of tribal council 3,000 pieces of batch all cut right from around this area and the best part of all this snuffer for survivor tocantins is all made locally everything’s indigenous is season in festive all it works it’s brutal I love it and this is where the vote happens and if you’ve watched any of these behind the scenes on TV guys before you know that I love this spot because over my shoulder are the survivors the pen is always cool looks like a stick I have something that I need to do that I’ve never done before for all the people I voted out this is payback voting myself out thanks for having me time for me to go see ya up next I get along really well with people older than me how will the youngest contestant ever fair in the game plus we’ll introduce you to the principal the beauty queen and the cattle rancher all ready to take each other down for the crown there’s more survivor tocantins preview ahead here on TV Guide Network America’s TV headquarters welcome back to survivor tocantins preview I’m Jessica sugar Kuiper from Survivor gabon now it’s time to meet more of the season’s contestants like this next guy who happens to be the youngest player ever in the game that’s pretty cool to be a the answer to a trivia question right now youngest survivor ever so that’s pretty cool if they think strategically like this kids he’s too young to kind of manipulate people to be smart about the game you know I feel like they’re gonna kind of overlook me which gives me enough time couple tribal councils few weeks whatever to get my bearings meet people get relationships built and then go from there honestly I get along really well with people older than me Spencer somebody I really root for and he’s got a great attitude 19 year old Spencer has been a fan of Survivor for half of his life that was 11 when I started watching so 11 you kind of like yeah you know challenges got to win everything if then you realize that you can older it’s more strategy and things like that so the social aspect the whole idea really except for the starving part i’m not into not eating i like to eat so that will be a definite challenge for me and you physically exhausted mentally exhausted but you have to be going there’s no other way you can’t quit you can’t you just can’t I hope he calms down he can overthink things that’s the problem with no in the game so well as you can get lost in your own strategy and forget what’s happening around you cuz every season is different this is going to test me like like no other for sure and I’m excited about it to me this is the absolute ultimate reality show an ultimate game forty-six-year-old debbie has a daughter the same age is Spencer and her job is perfect preparation for dealing with younger people I am a middle school principal I have 908 6th and 7th grade students I’ve been told that numerous times I I typically don’t fit the principal stereotype the kids all know who I am if I’m bored I’m a roller skate on in the skull I mean they know I’m goofy and silly and I’m going to be me I think Debra’s first impression will be critical do they see her as another older woman or do they see her as a young vibrant woman and I think that’ll spell a lot of her fate in this game I’m little but I’m really strong and I hope that you know the tribe will see that quickly this vivacious Alabama middle school principal of the Year says her mothering instincts will come out in the game I want to be a nurturer because some of these kids are younger than my daughter I’m sure I wear multiple hats every day of my job so I feel like I could wear multiple hats in this game obviously like I have to catch myself cuz I’m like what in the am i doing like what if you know thirty-one-year-old Candice is a former lawyer who has also done some acting on shows such as entourage and films like beer fest and she was also miss ohio USA in 2003 I think from a competition perspective I think that competing as Miss Ohio and as an athlete my whole life I bring just a strong sense of self to competition the

slightest sign of arrogance or cockiness light can be you know catapulted into some like huge campaign against you you know in a split second and you don’t even see it coming so of course I’m worried about that I’m gonna try to cater my strategy to each individual with men in general obviously there’s a little flirtation I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do it with the women too that’s just me can this is one of the few people off the bat that I think is in trouble I like her I like her spunk and she’s actually an extremely nice person but I think it’s gonna overwhelm her I manage a Black Angus cattle farm in Mobile Alabama I think being a father and being outdoors helped me a lot especially I’m accustomed to rivers and outdoors hot weather you know South Alabama gets very humid and hot this guy runs a ranch this young guy runs a ranch and he’s charming and he’s clearly a cowboy this southern charmer was the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree but he plans on playing the innocent country boy in the game I think I’m done they’ll underestimate me and that’s that’s when you got the element of surprise you already got the upper hand i’ll definitely play the southern gentlemen it’s in my nature i won’t be able to help it really and there are some pretty girls and i’m sure i’ll be flirting with them alright if i can get them flirting me that’s for us but i need to happen maybe you’ll find himself a life out here i don’t know but i like him later Tyson is a villain for sure how will this pro cyclist from Utah stack up against other memorable survivor bad guys but straight ahead will go behind the scenes with the man who gets up close and personal with the cast every season that and more is a head when survivor tocantins preview returns welcome back to survivor tocantins preview i’m jessica sugar kuiper from Survivor gabon during my season survivors started shooting in HD and they are filming this season hi def as well which gives the art department some extra work but this talented group of artists is always up for the task it’s not the Brazil that everyone sort of thinks about when I think about Brazil which is the Amazon or Rio and the beach this is very desert like very arid but the Brazilian Highlands proved to be more than just a barren setting for survivors art departments very blue skies aesthetically it’s gorgeous lots of really great colors visually it’s really mostly the Indian the indigenous tribes around here that we’re going to be trying to factor into the to the look there’s six main tribes that live in tocantins we’ve been in direct relationships with them to find props often feather headdresses a lot of photographic reference materials challenge-wise will do a lot of dressing other where you’ll see a lot of feathers a lot of bright colors behind we’ve got some of the stair treads for the opening challenge just getting a final coat of paint before final rehearsal tomorrow the Tribal Council this season we’ve sort of had to adapt the local architecture or the indigenous architecture to suit our shooting needs but it’ll be very indigenous fuzzies dressing and all the materials used to build it the dressing will be bored actually from one of the tribes it makes its living from exporting these these goods the survivor art department has plenty of help after picking up a few members along the way a lot departments are pretty eclectic bunch myself and Jessie the production designers were from Australia and probably half of our crew are from basically our at-home area then we have a number of guys from the states we’ve got a few guys from England from Uruguay from Tahiti basically every location we’ve been to we’ve picked up someone who’s been a great Santa goddess or a great builder they become a big part of our team and our family and move with us to the next location and then we probably have 20 or so assistance to scenics welders carpenters working in the workshop and then we have a large contingent of translators there’s about 65 to 70 of us usually at any one time all over the place but getting the supplies there wasn’t exactly easy setting up here in Brazil was quite difficult especially after being in Africa shipping is difficult to say the least a lot of trucking companies didn’t want to truck things out here because the roads to ralphs it’s been a push but luckily it’s come together and it’s gonna be a great show someone else who really defines the look of Survivor is the staff photographer he’s been a big part of the game for all 18 seasons I’ve been on every survivor there’s been the man responsible for capturing all the pivotal moments and the games contestants on celluloid is Monty Brenton BBS is in-house photographer for Survivor basically once the game starts I’m the guy that basically covers the game at the tribe camps at the challenges I also go to tribal council my photographs are the one that you see in the web sites sometimes in the show

in your local newspaper or magazines they may read you get up early get to the camps they’re just waking up you fall them around all day then there’s usually a challenge you cover the challenge I have an office and I’ll basically download and back up any photos I’ve taken when there’s days where there’s Tribal Council it’s even longer because tribal council goes to about 9 p.m. at night and you started your day at six in the morning it’s pretty exhausting the one thing that I’ve really enjoyed about survivor is that it has taken me around the world and let me see different cultures and different places and a survivor he is for Monty is no stranger to danger on set since I’ve been at Survivor I’ve had few incidents season 5 ohm was crashing helicopter season 7 I was attacked by a pelican about a half a mile offshore sometimes you feel like you are a survivor too he isn’t the only one that takes a physical beating the harsh environment also takes a toll on his equipment a lot of these places that we go to our very human and water collects in the cameras and makes them start to do weird things like just run or they won’t turn off or they don’t work at all even after 18 seasons of working on the show the experience photog still can’t predict who will come out the winner the guy always pick is is like the second or third kicked off when you first meet them you have your initial opinion about them oh I like them i don’t like them and then when they’re out there for say a week or so those opinions change totally you just never can tell coming up I’m gonna have to work that whole SWV recognitions my game plan it and play it for what it’s worth it’s just another obstacle for Taj with the celeb status of the singer help or hurt her chances will reveal the rest of the contestants just ahead when survivor tocantins preview returns here on TV Guide Network America’s TV headquarters the game is always so extreme that injuries are bound to happen so survivor has a top-notch team to deal with any mishaps one thing I don’t think a lot of people realize is we have a full medical team out here to doctors to paramedics we have an evacuation plan we have a helicopter to chopper people out we run a pretty decent mass unit out here and the reason it’s important is we have a crew of four hundred with our locals we need to know that we can get people out of here in a hurry and we can one of the most impressive things is when something does happen how quickly the plan of action is put into effect we have saved lives out here that’s no exaggeration we have had a couple of situations where have we not had a good plan we would have lost somebody and we did there’s more survivor tocantins preview coming up right after the break welcome back to survivor tocantins preview i’m jessica sugar Kiper coming to you from the rainforest cafe in beautiful downtown disney in anaheim california now it’s time to meet the last few castaways and they are an interesting Bunch like this next woman who is a grammy-nominated singer who sold over 6 million records I’m a mom I’m a wife I run a nonprofit organization for women of domestic violence I’m still in a group I sing with the sisters with voices SWV I’m a trick of all trades we’ve known each other since we were 12 and 13 years old we’ve been SWV since 90 and this is what 08 so 18 years Taj is married to former NFL running back eddie george i’m so not that typical in a fella wife I’ve never fit into that genre tomboy I’m a rough and rugged I’m the man in my house at the time so but then underestimate me will work to my advantage I’m like the biggest girl here weight wise it’ll probably think I’m slowing fat but I got muscle in dollars back just cuz I had a baby don’t let him slow if people find out her history and her family and know that she’s married to a former Heisman an NFL player they may make an assessment that she’s got everything you got a man who loves her money in the bank kids get out of here there have been a couple people that have recognized me so that’s gonna have to plan to my game plan and I know that they’ll probably think she doesn’t need this and I might not need it but I’ll run it I’m selfish I want it the funniest thing is how do you know a very popular group my husband is very successful but I’ve never had a million dollars before in my life so the hold of a million-dollar check in my name I think is amazing and I want to do that I want to change the game thirty-seven-year-old Ben has coached a woman’s college soccer team for 13 years and had a lot of life experiences which should come in handy on Survivor i sent the record for the longest solo kayak expedition I spent six months and over 6,000 miles from San Felipe Baja California all the way down to Colombia

South America I was captured by natives in the Amazon I was held against my will for a week I’ve had several shark attacks I’ve been bitten by piranhas the most visible stars here on my hand that’s from a shark that a tiger shark cake was actually got ahold of my paddle Ben or coach as he likes to go by he’s one of the most fascinating guys we ever put on the show absolutely fascinating he’s incredibly arrogant he’s almost Richard Hatch arrogant where he’s so arrogant your kind of fascinated by I’m not repulsed by it I’m actually quite intrigued to see what he can do I definitely know that I come across as being arrogant and cocky but i don’t i don’t think i am i’m very down to earth i feel that survivor has become survival of the weakest survival of the manipulative survivor of the ignoble i want my character to show in this game I want my honesty my integrity that doesn’t have a price on it so for me it’s about playing the game in that way and having a final four and even a final eight of strong tough competitors that’s what I want I’m definitely gonna dish the dirt you better believe that twenty-three-year-old Sierra is a fashion student and model a career she’s had since she moved out at age 15 I moved to Taiwan and I was doing schooling just over the Internet it really helped me grow up really fast but modeling didn’t prepare for all the aspects of Survivor like the bugs no I didn’t do top model where they expect a tarantula on my face oh no I’m not used to that I’m a female with balls all my friends are guys I mean I get along with the small selection of girls like I think his girls can’t kick it too busy doing their hair and stuff I think she brings a lot to survivor she’s got a lip the attitude she’s a hard worker she’s spunky I always wanted to see see see stuff so that’s it’s been my like life goal but this is probably to the extreme I could play flirtatious game I not have a girlfriend at home so as far as gratuitous sex scenes you’re not gonna see any from me last but not least is pro cyclist Tyson I definitely will downplay that I was a professional cyclist just yeah it seemed like an average guy trying to make a million i lived in the philippines for two years as a mormon missionary the climate is very similar I think with the heat and and the strange foods and things like that despite his missionary pass Tyson says he’ll have no problem with manipulating people like one of his favorite castaways Jonny Fairplay he’s famous for lying pretty well it’s not a conflict for me this is a game to me and that’s part of the game it says play it well I think you have to Tyson is a villain for sure Tyson is the kind of villain though that you love to hate and you’re not gonna want him to go home he’s a much better version of ace I definitely want to make the money work for me so that I can avoid a hard manual labor I’m too pretty to do that up next we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek at one of the most grueling challenges in Survivor history don’t go anywhere survivor tocantins preview will be right back welcome back to survivor tocantins preview I’m Jessica sugar kuiper from Survivor gabon it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your first look at one of the most intense and grueling challenges to take place on Survivor but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle check it out we have some big challenges right off the bat we have a nice opening challenge second episode we have a brawl in the water which is gonna be a blast we like to play with the names of our challenges this one’s called a river run through it our first challenge we try to make fairly epic using the river using the beach members of the press tested out the first challenge against the fearsome survivor dream team we set up a tower with a staircase set into it on go six of our players would run up and over a series of sand hills out into the river then they go to the river grab a raft with some wooden planks their puzzle planks bring them back to shore once they have both rats back to shore they untie all the planks race back to the staircase where the two players up behind use them and try to figure out where they fit into the staircase once they’ve got the 16 pieces in they get to the top two other players have to go do a table maze and we can with these little handles with rope to move a peg through a table maze the first tribe that got out of the table maze and razor flag wins yeah the press won the challenge this time which in my heart I knew they could do but it cost me a couple of cases of beer with the grips because I was betting on my dream team to take it you guys came up in the kick dark so gotta give you your due after the triumphant press celebrated it

was time for the castaways to duke it out here’s your sneak peek at the first challenge of survivor tocantins that’s it for survivor tocantins preview be sure to tune in to CBS thursdays at eight pm seven central this exciting new season thanks to the rain forest cafe here in downtown disney for providing us with such a great location and thanks for watching i’m jessica sugar hyper and i’ll see you soon you

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