I say uh, um Now, you know, we’re kind of getting a conversation and talking about some funny stuff with guests I mean like one of the last people we were talking to like they do Martial arts and one like is an incredible avid reader other one You know prior to this being over with just hot movie theaters like in your free time What are some stuff or some pork situated? Uh, uh Some weird stuffs that I do. Okay. So when I was younger I used to make duct-tape art Yeah, so it’s really really weird, um But basically you could like make a wallet out of duct tape So I used to make different wallets for my friends but then I took a one step further and I started making like movie posters out of duct tape for my friends like like you’re talking about like detailed duct tape like Yes, you can go like a craft store. You can buy different colored duct tape and whatnot and I just had an exacto knife I would just cut out the different designs and whatnot and I’ll actually make like different posters of everything Out of duct tape so I know that’s not as cool as martial arts, but I thought it was no that’s cool I’m just like I’m surprised I just kind of like like I’m like actual duct tape I’m trying to like picture in my head cause it’s like that sounds like it’s really time consuming like do you use um okay, I’m Never this arty crafty but like do you have like a backdrop on or is it just a tape? So basically what I would do that I get a cutting board and then I would just lay the tape Foundation and then whatever design you want it so somebody wanted like like I made a movie poster of wicked So my friend lo was obsessed with wicked so I just cut out the design for the movie poster and On the cutting board different colored duct tape and everything and just kind of piece it together like a puzzle Um, and it eventually would create a whole movie poster, which is kind of cool. Um, Yeah, I really like to do stuff in my hands and everything I also make essential oil rollers for my friends and So you can like buy little rollers online and what 9 you can kind of Become like a scientist and put your different essential oils in there and I use that for like different purposes for like skin relief and then also like when you’re going to an audition and like you’re really really Addict or whatever and you just do the house like a nice scent of lavender to kind of calm you down and get the nerves down And so so you go to UCI, right I just graduated okay, so you just graduate from UCI, um Why did you choose NCI of all places? Well, it’s actually kind of a funny story. Um, I was no funny stories. Yeah I originally wanted to go to NYU and it was one of my dream schools ever since I was in eighth grade and I got accepted which I was you know, so fortunate and so blessed to be able to say that I got accepted I just didn’t have a down payment for a house. I mean the tuition there it was just Way out of my budget range When I applied to UCI, cuz I knew that it was had a great musical theater department I said, let me just go there and they ended up giving me a great financial aid package um, so I’m able to actually say that I graduated with no debt and Good All 100% deputy once I’m accomplished in life Um, and I said, you know what? Let me just go here for a year and see if I like it and if not I can always transfer to Rivet to different school if I want to but I ended up going there and ended up fall in love with it One of the main things I liked about you. See I was there was no competition aspect of it All everyone is kind of on their own trajectory in their own path and making sure that their own Self was really being taken advantage of and also like working on your own self at the same time Which I thought was really cool. Like I wasn’t being compared to any of my other classmates or whatnot I was just focusing on who Isaiah is and what Isaiah brings to the table And I can definitely see it today. I Seen a large amount of growth Within the four years there when I was a first freshman. I had like a big ol curly afro, which was really really weird Really really crazy. I thought it was the Dumbest thing ever in high school, then I got to college and I was like that doesn’t necessarily fit my brand So I definitely been able to kind of refocus on all of that and yeah the Mascot for UCI is actually the Anteaters. My thought was its anteater. I’ve been on your campus Yeah, I thought it was a really really cool mascot. So I was like, okay, I’ll go with that man That’s cool. So, uh Annie we always talk about this. I mean I I made such a huge proponent of this it’s like kind of like knowing yourself and like, you know certain moments in your life where you find out eh Am I living this moment or am I living this intention for?

Someone else or am I doing this for like I am like, I don’t know I’m sure you two have felt that way right at some point your lives Are there if it’s for you or if it’s for you if it’s for yourself? Or you just trying to please everybody else that depends? Yeah, cuz I like you know Isaiah you had said something there and I think is huge because you really do find out who you are Between the years of high school and going forward. Um like The high school memory. Um, I remember this guy had a bat packed I was like see-through see-through colored and it was so like my new and it was just I was like oh my god, like that guy is like the epitome of cool to me, you know, um, and it’s funny that like, you know, I were all in the industry. Um, but how we look at a drama in? high school right or right and you like you’re like Oh, this is where the geeks go and then you end up seeing that is completely different when you come out for sure That’s so weird to me. I mean like did you look at that or do you I should ask did you know that? Um uh You were you were like destined to be an actor Well, I think that you definitely go through different challenges and ups and downs and all of this. I mean, I remember when I first Graduated high school and I was taking an uber to try to go to my college to kind of visit the campus and everything. Um Uber driver was like hey, we’re what do you do planning on majoring and I said musical theater And he said well, you’ll eventually grow out of that. Oh Yeah, and I was like oh Okay. Um, so it was definitely hard like I was there was definitely different moments I mean I went in and I was like, okay my parents like if you want do musical theater Then you have to double major in something else you two minor and something else you always have like a back-up plan And I thought I was going to do education and I thought I was going to do urban studies But then I realize no this is definitely what I want to do For the rest of my life and I can make a living out of it. No matter what if someone else can do it Why the hell can’t I? You know and there was different moments when I was struggling with like just kind of going on a branding thing of like well My last name is tad Rosso. Nobody really knows what a dress is I mean it I’m mixed ethnicity and should I change my name for somebody else because it’s too hard for them to pronounce or they can never be able to spell it or whatever and I thought to myself they can spell Angie Blake and Bueller or Lin-manuel Miranda, then they’re going to learn how to spell Isaiah Tadros So I always thought when I was younger I always loved to entertain different people I thought I was going to be a cook when I was younger because I had such a big passion for food So you bought what are you cooking during this Like can you actually cook something good like while we’re in quarantine here because a lot of people are struggling with that Yeah, if you definitely need clean and do a couple noodle It’s definitely It’s definitely a challenge. Uh But even through all this, I mean I’m a very family-oriented person. So I love love love love love to cook with my mom I mean during the holidays. We just bake bake bake bake as much as possible So every year I usually do a turkey with my mom. I usually help out with that. Um, But one my recent ones that they made was an edamame pasta with like this on ground beef and pork Marinara sauce, which really? Yep. Okay. It’s not pretty good gonna have that this I know uh, is it your mom? It’s just you and your mom over there It’s me, and my mom and my brother and then I go back and forth between my dad and his wife as well Okay, and then how old your brother he’s 19 he’s about to turn He’s about to turn 19. That’s Friday actually, so you’re both on basically the same age Guys like yeah, we’re three years different apart. He’s Gila you see I he’s actually Studying criminology. They’re obviously red Adair his first year and Please making his zoom online courses in Luverne You’ve been term pretty good so far. Oh yeah, Annie, you got to you have to check out that that campus that’s actually campus my Where’s it at? Exactly? It’s inter. Yeah. Oh an urban. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I know that place. Yeah. Yeah It’s cool. Like I would say that is out of like all the Orange County campuses It’s like UCI and Chapman that are the coolest ones that are yeah, that’s pretty nice I mean like I used to either live in a place called Aldrich Park where it’s basically just like a huge open grass field and for every like Tree that they have to like eventually chopped it down for like because they end up dying or whatever. They plant two more trees and there’s just like so much greenery, which is really really nice and We kind of call it Ring Road because it’s basically in a circle So I’ve ever get lost just keep walking and you’ll eventually find back to where you were. Oh, that’s cool

I didn’t even know about that. That’s awesome. Um Total random off-the-wall question What was the last coolest trip you went on before this whole disaster? I? Think so as far as the UCI program there’s this thing called the New York satellite program Where you spend four weeks in New York taking classes with different? Actors different choreographers different agents different managers and different alumni from the University and whatnot And it’s required for the program, but you basically spend four weeks in New York which is really really gel and I ended up having a master class with Jen Colella who is an alumni from the University of Berlin and Just the moment that I was able to spend with her working on different monologues and whatnot. And also just talking about kindness and compassion and love Just keeping things positive through every single hard time and you know the idea that were motivated by two different things in this world That’s fear and love And it’s really up to you to kind of make that conscious decision of whether or not you want to be motivated by Either of those two things and if you always come through that aspect of love Then things are gonna just be a little bit more easier for you. So I always definitely say that A trip that I took in for four weeks in New York was really really cool I mean, it’s a program That’s like you think it’s supposed to be like all your become a better actor when you come out of it You become a better singer when you come out of her a better dancer But I came out a better person I think because I really knew who I was And I have a better understanding of who my authentic self close. Oh Struggle for you, man, because like, you know, it kind of comes back to that authentic self And I just I I don’t mean to harp on this topic It’s just so incredible because I think a lot of people right now are watching not only our content, but other people’s content and they’re Forced to look at the inner self, you know Like, you know if I was stuck in the house with Andy or that way if I was talking to house with Andy you know, it’s like He’s my brother and you know, he goes to work I go to work whatever, you know, like just with you even your brother. Um You know, I have to spend a lot more time with you now Right we have spent in the same spaces a lot more time than you realize. Okay This is that this is that did you kind of have that struggle like? Before learning about who your authentic self was Yeah, most. Definitely. I mean I definitely Gone through different phases of my life. I tend to sometimes struggle with body image issues as well I mean, I’ve always been the larger kid. I mean I was ten pounds when I was a baby when I was born So I’ve always been the bigger kid, you know and seeing someone like my brother who he can eat as much as you want He’s still like a toothpick thin I was like what is going on? Oh And I just had to kind of remember that I was like that’s his genetic makeup. That’s his metabolism I just don’t have that and that’s totally fine And one thing that really stuck with me Date again. No, no, go ahead I was gonna ask a question, but I want to hear your tangent one thing that really stuck with me in school was Professor said if you can, you know just apply the mantra of your opinion of me is none of my business Then you come unstoppable if you and I know that might sound kind of a little bit awkward but at the end of the day So your opinion of me, is that my I like that meaning that I have milk I have no control over what you think about me. I can only control what I do for the rest of my life and Control my actions and whatnot. And so what you think of me is none of my business obviously your reputation matters But I have no control of what you think of me as long as I’m staying true to my authentic self, that’s all that matters That’s awesome. And how do you think that applies to um Just what you kind of like gone through it on your journey cuz assuming that you’ve done theater while your stay at UCI, right? Yeah for sure for all four years What did what did that do for you in the craft of like making you know that this is what you want to do with? Your legs, I mean it It’s crazy to be an artist. Technically. It’s crazy. Mm-hmm. Right right to really want to pursue this thing and create and Pursue something that you know is going to be on the oh so mighty silver screen Why why would someone want to do that, you know? That ever come to come through your mind Yeah, there’s definitely been moments where I’m like, you know I could be working a nine-to-five job Monday through Friday half Saturday’s off and still be able to pay rent and take vacations and like have the House that I always wanted or let the car that I always wanted with the partner that how is launch it But is that gonna fulfill me? Passionately is that gonna fulfill me emotionally is that gonna fill me spiritually and I’ve decided it’s not you know

I need to be doing something that if I’m not gonna do it then why do it at all I might as well do it 100% and It just did sometimes it gets really really difficult, but you just have to remember that you know One of my main mantras that I always remind myself was kind of exactly where I’m at where I’m supposed to be at this point In time in my life. I just have to repeat that to myself every day I have exactly where I’m supposed to be at this point in time in my life Even with this whole health climate stuff that’s going on I feel that there’s a plan for this and you know instead of looking at it as oh my gosh the world sucks right now and everything because it does suck like you totally feel that but can you maybe switch a perspective and flip It on its head of saying well this is a great opportunity for me to Read all the Shakespeare plays that I wanted to read work on my body work on all the monologue stuff that I wanted to do work on everything So when this is over I can come out of this unstoppable and no one is going to be able to tear me down um Especially in this industry. I mean you have to get at least 100 nose to get one. Yes, you know and it just it sometimes can be really really Discouraging to kind of hear. Well, no, no no, no, no No, but you just have to remember like some things are just out of your control Like you can Lily walk Literally walk into an audition room and you can be the best person you can be and the casting director on the tables like damn He has brown eyes. I need something with blue eyes, and I can’t change that like I could work on text or whatever I cannot change the way my eyes look, you know what I mean? so there’s just some things that are out of your control and whatever you can control make sure you do your damnedest to Control to the best of your ability Love this kid I mean my professor at UCI One of the one thing that stuck with me is that everyone is given a certain number of knows? So if you get a no, it’s actually really good. So like maybe I was getting Straight as I was given like 113 knows and Beyonce was only given to knows Then that means she just had to go through to knows and then she got her yet. I just have to get 113 So if I got one more, no, that means I’m down 212 so the nose will start to decrease and the yeses will start to increase all of that has a Break and love that. Yeah. I feel like we um, we we had a casting director on here and She talks about the business of an actor and after the standing that you are in a business, um, when you were going through your theater program in school, and and I hear this on different sides of the coin, so You know, like when going to college it’s not really preparing you for the world world And you’re now being graduate. Are you looking at it like you felt like you were prepared? To handle the business or I guess the real world of acting I think just because I am graduated doesn’t mean that I don’t have a Hell of a lot more stuff to learn. I mean I think with this industry everything is evolving and changing In so many different aspects especially during this time. I mean, I’m lucky, you know It To university where they were able to tell me how it was So now when I’m doing everything remotely I’m confident in how to do a self table audition. You know, I mean So I will sit back to like I graduate with enough confidence in Who I am and have confidence and I can actually make this work and also enough confidence that I have a bunch of supporters behind me all of the alumni who went to the University and all the professor’s Who helped me at the University? they’re basically like this is a lifelong ticket to say if you ever need help or if you ever are Confused on something just reach out to us, and we’ll be able to help you We’re requiring to take this class that requires an option taking the class called the business of show business And we’re you really talked about Finding an authentic self for you, but also understanding like okay This is not the amount of money that I have to make in order to Meet ends meet for each month and then also be sure to be having savings for retirement And then also for like continue to take education classes whether it’s dancing or acting or singing or whatnot on the side But then also knowing okay, are your self marketing materials working? Do you have updated website is your real all the way up to date? Is your headshots working? And if not, then what do in order to get to the next phase? So yeah So they they definitely push you to the idea of saying like these are all the tax deductions You can take off as an actor all the the printer that you buy because you have to print out all your resumes and everything Like that, that’s a tax deduction because you have to use it for your craft They definitely push the mindset of saying like when you walk into a room you’re selling

Your brand and you’re selling your business I am now a freelance artist of Isaiah Tadros, and if you’re buying great, and if you’re not great I would watch the next person who is Cool and like so did you and This this is gonna be a little controversial here idea, but I want I want you to be as honest as possible And I know Andy’s gonna laugh here but when you were amongst your classmates in that class and all the other classes that you had to take for your Your designated course of theater. Um did you notice who pretty much wasn’t going to make it or actually pursue this and was like Maybe I should take this maybe I should take calculus like this isn’t really for me. Could you tell the difference? yeah, I mean kind of going while I was talking about the live stream with Angie like everyone has a different definition of success and I know that sounds cliche but I think it’s true. I think that if your definition of success is to be the best community theater artist in the world Go do that because that’s going to be your best and that’s your definition of success My definition of success happens to be I’m going to be an eagle winner. Like that’s my goal. That’s my ultimate goal that I want to reach to So you can definitely see some people who were like really just kind of gone through the motions and really didn’t Understand what was going on for the whole entire time and you definitely saw that other people kinda like myself where I was like no, this is How I want to make a living for the rest of my life. Um but like I said, there’s no judgement and all of that no judgement at all on the fact that just because Your journey is different than mine doesn’t make mine better or worse And we’re all learning at this at the end of the day the minute you think you know something you don’t know anything Because you’ve got so much more to learn absolutely, and I mean like I You want to I want to ask I want to ask wait, hold on that way. I got a used to this Um because Andy has been shooting act as a been shooting actors for a long long time And I’m wondering if like some of these same principles to do you see the same thing Andy On you yourself Sorry, I didn’t want background music move sound going that’s uh as far as like yeah, I mean a little bit here and there it’s it’s I Don’t know. It’s um Some people are on point with it. Some people aren’t you know kind of like Everybody get that. Uh maybe that mindset of um I’ve got this I know everything type of mindset, you know, I’m talking about so What exactly like go back to what exactly just ask me like ah so like bringing up with like Isaiah he was talking about um, you know, Everybody has their own different definition of success and very rare. Um, Some of the things that he had mentioned like being in his class amongst other actors I mean there’s this competition right as a there’s a ton of competition. I Think you Know stepping. Yeah Oh so there’s always def a lot of competition and I think it comes to like kind of like what your mindset is and I think he’s tapping on the right door with that, but you know Seeing it in an actual real world experience with someone who? Takes headshots of actors on a daily basis do you notice that some actors who maybe like Isaiah and/or like others who have the right mindset of you know, he’s saying that after school, which I think is awesome man after school is you know, I’m still gonna be learning continuing education still I’m always gonna be learning whatever it is for me or Notice the other actors were like really not into it with you as the photographer in you shots And you could just tell that Right, so I have that I have some people that are they know everything and they’re kind of like I’m doing this I’m gonna run the show even while I was shooting and they have no idea what’s going on So I have that sometimes but once I loosen it all up and I kind of put it in perspective And I start showing them what I’m getting I get them on the same pages where I’m at The the whole shoot flows. Excellent. It’s great. We have fun time We get what we need and I see that they kind of learn and get okay They realized during the shoot. Oh That’s what this is or oh I can do that or I see the role on that Where as they come into the shoot? Because a lot of people are in their head before they do a shoot?

a lot of them don’t like to meet new people and do a shoot that I don’t even know how they Do the acting and be honest because it’s just meeting one person and you’re doing it to shoot all about you so I would think that would be Fairly easy than going into a room of a lot of competition and then in a room with you know, the session runner Maybe the client the you know, the casting director everybody in front of you and you got to do your thing So it’s like that to me would be a little bit more scary than going to a photo shoot But the the point being is that yeah, I see people come in with I know everything attitude, you know Rather than I I am ready to do this and learn more, you know And and and then have fun. So those people I tend to see And I like those people actually because not only do we have an incredible shoe. We have a lot of fun, but also I Mean, I don’t know every nobody knows everything You know so I could pick up something from shooting you. Um that I didn’t know before, you know, like while I’m shooting you I just Is this all going so it’s like you can learn from everybody different things um, and you can adapt to new things and and you know, Myself being in the industry and shooting it and managing and everything. I Think I was good step up on a lot of people shooting. Um But yeah, and I noticed some The difference a little bit but how about you one of your shoots been like and uh and how are you as far as uh You know headshot photo shoots or or going in. How’s your Let’s put it this way. How are you going into the room? with that hole having all these people in front of you and now it’s time to Audition because I know you’re fairly new into the game And you’re wanting to get out there and do that. But how do you Hold yourself going into the room, you know waiting getting in front of the casting director into the client What were you like in the beginning like your first few auditions? And and then how do you See yourself now For sure. Um, I mean when you first like are waiting like a cattle call of an audition Or why not? You see so many different people around you and you’re looking at them and you see someone you’re like dang They’ve got a lot of credits on their resume and wow they really look like they know what they’re doing and they’re over there warming up and everything and I’m over here draw like Just do the best that I can and then I do get into the room I’m all a nervous wreck because I’ve been comparing myself. There’s so many different people that the whole entire time But I just had to kind of remember instead of comparing myself to everyone Just remember that I’m on my journey and they’re on their journey And I mean, yes, it is a competitive industry But I like to look at it more of a success for one as a success for all So if somebody gets a job that I didn’t get that, that means great That story is still going to be able to be told and that’s my goal at the end of the day so The rule will not cut you up So Let’s see so do you feel like you’re better now than you were in the beginning when you like as far as Getting intimidated when you go into the room and that whole nervousness of going into audition Now you’ve kind of like settled out a little bit and then you understand that going into the waiting room You’re all about yourself. Just like focus on you be Polite and cordial and then get into the room and just pretty much win the room Right or sure with the room type of mentality rather than I need to have this job Most definitely I think so for sure. I think that In the very beginning I was like well dang these casting directors. Like why would they even want to choose me? you know and why me out of all people and I Had to kind of remind myself like why the hell not me You know why wouldn’t they want to cast someone who was amazing as I am and there’s a difference between being cocky and being confident and You know, I’m not saying that I’m the best thing before sliced bread But I am all that and a bag of chips with a soda on the side You know I end up with a bag of chips and a soda on the side and add a milkshake if you want supersize it like I’m Bowling I try to say like I know everything but I’m confident Who I am and you know the it’s all about establishing a relationship because I feel that I know that if someone Kind of comes across to me like you can smell desperation from a mile away, you know So if you walk in there with the attitude of desperation of like, please please please please PLEASE cast me

verses Mentality and attitude of hey, this is what I got. You want it great. We on the same page. If not, I’m gonna edit It’s just the whole it’s just you know, what you need to do. I am here with my baggage, too Basically, that’s all it is. I mean if you kind of The way the world is kind of already divided. There’s three different types of people in the world. So 1/3 of population They’re not going to get you at all. They just don’t vibe with you the second third of the population. They’re like I Can maybe vibe with this and then the last third of the population is like go team Isaiah how to make sure I go with a go team, Isaiah and Go with the people that are like man so I can convince them I’m not gonna waste my time with people who are not vibing with me already. Why would I waste my time trying to get someone’s? Approval or recognition from someone who is not gonna even vibe with me from the get-go So I might as well go with the people that are rooting for me no matter what first Right, so so you’ve noticed a big? change In your audition skills and and how you hold yourself going from? The door to out the door Absolutely. All right, that’s cool. Um, so okay Isaiah I love this because I know college kids do this all the time and it’s like a Defined College kiss thing Andy you went to school in Chicago and Florida So, I know you understand this how many late nights did you have where it was? Like I have rehearsal the next day and I mean, I don’t know. Are you a partier? Not really because the thing is, so this is really interesting. So I work part-time At my university as well and I use sometimes sometimes gift tours of the different arts campuses and whatnot And I would tell the students straight up. I’ll be like I’m usually on campus from 8 a.m. To 11 p.m Monday through Friday, and I don’t get home until apart. We left 11:30, and then I also got to do laundry I got a cook as I do homework. I’m also human hungry. I got a cook I got to do all this stuff plus my mom is calling me Stan when we can spend time together I got friends take me upstairs. Sorry and everything like that. There’s just there’s a lot that needs to get done. Um Thank God for coffee in Starbucks, man, because without it I don’t know where I would be Forget loved of it so like so you’ve really never had that you know that stereotypical college college kid like that we think of Were like wait to the last minute or just like has to do something last minute where maybe you had to pull like an all-nighter Before you had to do a performance There were some Times where I had to pull an all-nighter, and I had no shame I like with email the professor abri, like listen, I’ve had a rough night I had to do a show then rehearsal then memorize a whole entire script or whatnot Like could I possibly get an extension and sometimes that would work and sometimes it wouldn’t But it’s all about time management and I’m saying I didn’t have like a fun time But I definitely went out and partied what I needed to but I went into the mentality of you know I’m lucky to be at this university. You know, the University gave me a great financial aid package that some folks weren’t able to get you know, so I’m like I’m just gonna keep my head down Jumma education and do what I need to do I’m gonna have fun along the way that’s icing on the cake and I did end up having fun along the way because I was doing something but That’s cool. So you’re you I Don’t know about to knows but you’re like basically a triple threat. So you’re seeing any dance and you act as well, right? Yeah, so I aspire to be So what your your levels of? in singing and dancing, uh Would you come like what would you consider yourself? Um, I will consider myself an artist for sure I definitely have more of a Route and acting I think everything has to do with acting because obviously you’re telling the story and whatnot I mean anybody can sing beautifully but if you’re not feeling it and you’re not communicating To someone else then there’s no point in doing it When words are not enough you start to sing when singing is not enough you start to dance So it’s a whole full cycle of it. All I will consider myself more stronger actor and I’ve been proving on my voice technique with my professors and whatnot. Even after I’ve graduated and when dancing, I mean I can bust a move on a knee – I Agree today that’s a bag of chips. That’s it a little bit But I would say tap dancing it’s probably one of my favorite ha oh that’s cool. So you’re pretty decent with tap dancing yes I would say so but that’s actually and so you have that on your your resumes special skills and all that stuff right special skills And then you can also find it on my website YouTube channel the different real of me doing the temperature. I have YouTube and a

Website, that’s excellent. Yeah, what’s your website just Jaya tad just that Ron. Yeah. Okay cool, if anybody need if anyone’s looking for this guy for your roster Check out his website. He’s gonna work out the app dances Oh and wait, do you speak fluent any other languages? I took four years of Spanish in high school nah, I Look what you look Spanish So I’m actually not that’s the funny part. So that’s where that finger at you like actually not like that is going at you and I’m common boy Me educate you on my crazy background. Yeah. Well, I Think it’s really really it’s an interesting conversation kind of going on a tangent or whatnot and that’s something that I struggled in College as well of saying, you know, I’m not a Latin X background kind of mixed ethnicity. I’m Italian black and Middle Eastern but the way that I come across and just the millon content and my skin a lot of people perceive me as being of the Latin X community and is me doing a role that may be of the Latin X Community taking away a role from someone else who is a Latin X Heritage and it’s definitely a fine fine line between different things But I did take four years of Spanish in high school. So I do have conversational Spanish in that way Yeah, I think that as long as you do your due diligence and your research and you’re doing a respect for the culture and you’re Doing respect for something else and you’re telling the story the best way possible. That’s all that matters Yeah, you can hold you can hold a conversation If somebody started talking to you in Spanish, yeah, absolutely I mean sometimes like I said I work at Krispy Kreme. We’ve got folks coming in who only speak Spanish and I’m able to say, okay You want 12 or you want 6, how many done this you want? Yeah That’s good. That’s all should be on your resume. That’s like triple threat tap dancer can speak Spanish for the conversation Yeah old are you again? 21 21 looks like he’s like probably 16. Yeah. I know he does right younger Not bad, man. You got a lot of pretty good stuff that’s there. Thank you. Thanks to Kate Kate. It’s pretty solid What time is that? Let’s see. That’s 11:49. Yeah in Spanish Oh on say II quite anything that I wanted to have them show up. This is Spanish no, I think you have like a super super fun background man want to hear more about this college experience that you had because like people I think downplay the college experience, you know, I mean aside from the fact that I’m the only one on this call That didn’t go to school on it I Have had so many experiences on college campuses and in college classrooms and been really fortunate in that aspect. So Um, you obviously lived off campus and he did you live on campus or off campus. I was a I Was in the dorms for a little while and then up on two different campuses one in Florida one in uh, Savannah, Georgia, so Okay on and then I had to break free because it just got too wild and then I didn’t got more wild after that. So Yeah, do you think that was a good idea for you to live off campus? Because I they have dorms at UCI yeah, so my first year actually lived on campus, uh And then my second year I actually served as a resident advisor So I was able to basically be like the main person in charge for a whole dorm And take help students about like 60 different freshmen transition from high school to college and that was a really really rewarding experience Overall, I learned a lot about myself just in that experience in general And then for my last two years, I just lived in an apartment off-campus, but it was like ten minutes away. Uh, uh, Yeah, so I I think it was differently Yeah, the RA was really really a fun experience. I mean, I’ve got so many stories about that, especially because sometimes you’re on call from 5:00 p.m. To 8:00 a.m. The next morning plus you have rehearsal plus you have at 8:00 a.m The next day so it can sometimes be really really challenging and just time management and that aspect Yeah, I definitely think living on campus was one of the better decisions that I had because I was definitely able to foster committee of People I was in a performing arts Hall as well for the dorm So I had you know suite mates and roommates that were doing the same thing that I was so we’d be studying for the same Classes we’d be rehearsing for the same auditions and whatnot And you know when I graduated from the university, those are the same people that are going to be in my field as well

I could have been taking classes with the next producer that’s going to be happening in the next five years And I’ll be able to have that connection with them That I may have taken advantage of when I was in college, but I still know how a network operation to be. Yeah Yeah, absolutely. So like, um one thing I know a group of actors that do they They’re wrapping out seems like every single day like similar to what we’re doing right now It’s going on zoom and you know breaking it down Did you have that benefit of being in the hole and trying so many things with your neighbors? I mean, you’re you’re Encompassed into it. It’s kind of like it’s kind of like living in WeHo, you know You know like you you just you can’t help it. Do you have some experiences like that? Yeah, most. Definitely. I mean there have been Instances when we’re rehearsing a whole entire scene in the common room or like we it’s like 12 o’clock at night and we go to the dining hall and we just eat snacks while we’re hungry and everything but also like rehearsing monologues for one another at the same time and I was also part of a group on campus called 30 plays in 60 minutes Which is the idea of neo futurism where you write different like one to two minute plays and you try to produce them in 60 minutes Which is really really cool because you had like the playwriting Side of your brain working at the same time as your actor brain You can kind of do different things at the same time See how all the different networks kind of connect between play writing directing acting and all the different fields that you kind of have because you kind of have to like a whole Buffet of different artists at your fingertips when you’re in college and you’re able to kind of pick and choose which ones work best for you and Grow and learn from one another at the same time That’s awesome. And so we’ve got we’ve got a ton of guests. You know, I love that you bring that up play writers and And whatnot and we’ve had a really really fierce producer on the show. Would you ever consider yourself? And I mean I could see definitely as a Glee kid, but would you am I wrong? Now, you know You do hugely But would you ever put yourself or do you ever can you see yourself in the future? Taking on more than one hat Yeah, I could definitely see myself. I’ve always Thought about it in the back of my mind of possibly opening up the casting agency. I really like the idea of kind of putting People into different places that best suit the weight the story is told So yeah, I mean It’s something that I don’t have a lot of knowledge on and I definitely haven’t trying to do different internships with different casting companies Different agencies and management companies as well so it’s something that I’ve always been really interested in and I think that just doing Internship and that aspect had learned so much more about the industry that I’ve been able to ever learn So, yeah, definitely I can see myself putting on more than one hat that’s awesome. Yeah, I Always been a proponent of this and just taking more than one hat I mean like again, you know Andy here is on it on the photography side, but he also is able to understand the actor side and Being on on both sides of the coin or in this case on both sides of the lens You’re able to have so much more empathy I’ve started producing myself and seeing how the Business aspect, you know of creating goes into so definitely applaud you on that man And I hope I hope all of our tears and if you’re some of your old classmates see this, you know They see. Oh, Isaiah is thinking the same thing I should you know, hopefully this inspires me, so This then goes into our next topic. It’s really really we call it the controversy hour All right, do you have because I mean you’re you a star-studded uh You know really head on his shoulders college kid. Are you seeing anybody before this? You know, like are you guys going on zoom dates or anything like that? No Hahaha things the outside said is the controversy our his eyes. He’s like oh shit Not necessarily. I mean I was trying to talk to someone And just kind of just establish a friendship more than anything at this point. I mean it’s hard because what are you gonna do like how like a zoom date which is like Cool and everything but like you can’t have like a physical connection with someone over the screen Which is definitely different and I think important in any relationship whether that’s platonic or romantic So not necessarily going on any zoom dates or anything like that But definitely still taking staying in contact with different friends and just seeing how they’re doing I mean, some folks are doing better than others I know I have a lot of friends who have I mean, we all have different mental health issues Especially in the entertainment industry. Sometimes your own insecurities get the better of you And especially and the health climate that we’re in it can be really really challenging

So always staying in touch with different friends, which is saying hey if you need to talk, let’s talk or let’s do every Friday Let’s have the zoom call where we just basically Talk about a week and see how everyone is doing or on Saturdays We just have like a laugh fest where we all watch Netflix all at the same time and watch our favorite show together So trying to keep in kind of keep as much social interaction as possible I Love that. I love that man. I think that is absolutely true here and like you said in this climate And and you know, like having friends around you, you know Whether it be six feet distancing or whatever you can make it to be you know because we all need to love like you said we’re driven by love and fear for sure, you know, that that’s A a huge thing. So all right. So your controversy is, you know laid low and again you got a wifey at home So you ain’t got none special to say y’all. Do your date night? Why not? Whatever, right? That people there You’ve been busy doing the yard stuff all good positive stuff tree tree tree so what when you get it, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you when this you know, like say June or July with what’s the first maybe movie or trip or or what do you look forward to what’s your you’re You know, what? Do you look forward to doing once we go back to more normal? yeah, well, I think that something that was kind of like I Was I was a Rob but like was kind of just taken up underneath without any awareness was the idea of having an in-person showcase for UCI and We were able to do online and have a virtual showcase, which I think is amazing like I said, there’s just something so different about having a physical connection and So just keeping the idea of I’m gonna be having a in-person showcase in Los Angeles and in New York when this is all over Has really been the driving force behind me saying okay. Let me make sure I am on my top-notch game So when I do have that in-person showcase, I’m on point 100% So I’m definitely looking forward to the in-person Live showcase in Los Angeles and New York. Oh Cool awesome man. Awesome um And we always want to kind of and wrap up the show with Just some really kind words that you want to depart on the audience What’s some stuff that after after our audience sees you because they will see you. Um What could Isaiah say to somebody that’s maybe at home and he’s like looking for some kind of inspiration or just like some positive thoughts to keep the mind In a solid place. Hmm. Um Go back to my mom because she my writer John. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. She always used to say it is what it is But it will become of what you make of it. So You may not be able to control what’s going on right now but what you can control make sure you do your damnedest to make it the best of your ability and do the best that you can in that aspect because you know I can’t change miss Rona miss Rona gonna be here for I don’t know how long you know but I can change my attitude if I want to approach it and kind of like you said flip the lens and flip the perspective of saying I’m gonna make it what I need to be I Think we need to get his mom on here with them. All right. She’s such a boss like like he’s pretty dope Oh Well stuff going on with me saying I could imagine how you guys hash it out on a Friday night. Oh my If you think I’m crazy you have not met crazy so you met my mama Right, yeah Fastest eyes you saw that Is the you squeeze a lemon thing that you said that a day is clear Yeah, the idea that you know when you squeeze an orange orange juice comes out I See you squeeze a lemon squeezer you sweeter orange orange juice comes out and when you squeeze a person Everything else comes out at the same time. So I mean you can take this opportunity to kind of look at as All the bad stuff is coming out or all the good stuff can come out at the same time And I’m just choosing to make sure that all my juices are flowing with positive energy Awesome on that note. Yeah Awesome, and it was great having you on the show. Thank you. Thank you. It was a pleasure to be here Thank you all for this opportunity. I really appreciate it. Of course, man

We are staying tuned Isaiah’s gonna hit the industry running through this showcase He’s gonna be not one of the baddest coming into 2021. All right Well that your um your Website under the post, you know under the the channel all that stuff. Yeah. Sure you stay up networks Networks rest of the day man. All right. Thanks Jeff they say peace You

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