This is a slightly edited video I made earlier today and was streamed live to my Patrons In this video I am stripping down a clone of the popular chronograph movement the Venus 175 made by the Chinese company Seagull This movement cost me just shy of 100 british pounds and was ordered from Cousins and the primary use for this movement will be for illustrating the Chronograph lessons I am preparing for level 4 of my watch repair course As you may know, I have stripped down and reviewed several chinese movements in the past and I was quite interested to see how this higher priced, more complicated movement would stack up With regret, I neglected to check the performance of this movement before stripdown however it was working, so thats a good start! But later this week I will reassemble and and see what performance I can get out of it myself and I will report back to you my findings My initial thoughts regarding this movement since stripping this down earlier today well, you guessed it – the finish quality is not brilliant There are lots of machining marks left on the plates, but other parts you may find indistinguishable from the original parts And once again, as I have come to expect – quality control is somewhat lacking I did find several fingerprints left behind by whoever assembled it But that’s it from me – sit back, relax and enjoy the video and I will bring you an update once I have filmed the rebuild and calibration and in order to keep this video an acceptable length – I have adjusted the footage to double speed So that’s it, the stripdown of this Seagull chronograph is complete

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