chicken we did ask the health department for some guidance um last week and um we were told to follow the idaho food co code and then we were referred to the governor’s website for reopening so that is all the guidance that south central health department gave us and we considered a few factors as we started to formulate our plan number one the biggest concern was how can we deliver the safest food and maintain our quality for our students and what our meal service would look like so i’ve been watching some social media conversations and attending some national calls and it’s a topic that everybody is is asking the big questions so we decided for our district it will be best to remove all of our self-service stations we have healthy choice bars in all of our school districts or all of our schools in our district we are going to remove our healthy choice bars we are going to remove our condiment and spice stations and instead we will either be pre-packaging and portion cups or condiments or using the packets for our students first graders can’t open um ketchup and mayonnaise packets and so we figure a one ounce portion cup would be best suited for them and we will continue to offer both fresh and canned fruit at lunch and we will have a couple different fresh vegetables and sometimes hot vegetables but what we are doing in our district is our district is using cares act money that they receive to buy us heat sealing machines and so we will have a heat sealing machine in our elementary middle school and our high school that’ll give us the opport the ability to package meals and serving like a tv dinner style um entree with a couple sides and then we will have fruit and vegetables in their own little cup containers that are sealed so that is one thing we’re looking at and we would like to st well not we would like to we are going to still offer a hot choice at lunch and a cold choice at lunch our cold choices will look a little different because we have had um yogurt and deli bars in the past that were self-service so instead this year for all of our schools we will be offering um yogurt bento boxes that are a four compartment um plastic container and one compartment will be yogurt one compartment will be granola one compartment will be a fruit and um maybe the vegetable on the side i haven’t figured out what all i’m putting in there yet um we are also going to do a deli bistro mill which is basically a deli sandwich a side salad and chips chips and fruit and we have a senator lunchable pretty self-explanatory and then as always a variety of salads chef salad cobb salad taco salad and caesar salad so those will be some options that are available in addition to the entree choice now how that’s going to look i’m not sure that we will offer all those things every day it may be monday maybe yogurt bento box day tuesday may be a deli bistro box we’re still figuring the logistics of that out um we do still plan to use our usda foods just as we have in the past um we don’t expect things to change too much because we are going to still offer the hot um entrees and then utilize our canned fruit we’ll just package it ourselves instead of leave it putting it out there for a self-service bar um if school reopening is delayed i haven’t put a whole lot of thought into whether or not we would continue with sfs fp i’m not sure i know it expires august 31st and i’m not sure that that will be an option after that if it is it is certainly something we would consider until school is opening but our plan right now is to move forward with nslp um it’s hard it’s hard to know for certain i just know that no matter what we will be feeding kids which federal program that will fall under i i’m not sure but we will be feeding kids either way so

that’s all i have g thank you so much for sharing that is a wonderful overview we appreciate that you are telling us what’s going on in gooding and we will hand the presentation over to heather playing with bonneville and i appreciate that everyone’s thinking about this we did get an insightful comment in the chat bubble so just everyone be aware as we’re listening through the panel if you have thoughts you can share them to the chat and then once heather is done we will be breaking into small groups and there will be a designated facilitator in each of those groups and that will be the next portion of it and then we’ll come back as a large a large group to show out any insights that happen in those small groups so with that we’ll hand it over to heather playing with bonneville that’s a great act to follow um i think we’re right in line with what goodine is planning on doing with with angie’s plan um obviously we’re a little bit bigger so it just some things change i’m super jealous that she’s going to have packing machines in all three schools i had the courage to buy a small one for just 5 800 and it’ll be in one of our schools but um i looked at the cases of canned fruit we have sitting in our warehouse that we didn’t get to use and how expensive the processing is on the cup duck fruit justine from district 91 and i have been working on that together and we decided to collaborate so that we could actually bring in because there’s a minimum of 100 cases per um order on the one that we ordered and so we’ve collaborated so that if she comes up short we can help her and if i come up short we can we can work together to utilize that for us as we go forward um a lot of what our bonneville school district is doing is very similar we do have the color code our superintendent has actually put a monitor on our front page of our website so we know really where we are every day and um i have been in the planning meetings at the beginning now that the principals are back i think it’s the more focus has become you know what’s happening in the classroom and i’ve received a couple texts um the last couple days our board meeting is tonight and again they’ll they’re going to look at it they want to approve something but it’s such a moving target but we are in the color code system we do have an extra color which is phase three which would be orange and so we would start full kids and if we go to um yellow then we do half of the students and then we do half again and then virtual so they just keep kind of doubling down until there’s just no kids in the building mondays are a planning day for teachers so it’ll be every other monday will be short for elementary and high school can come on monday for a supplemental help so they’re expecting meals to be served on those days when kids can really choose to come or not um so we’re looking to make that kind of a simple day that would be like our pizza day or nacho day where it’s super simple and um also parents can do online orders and come pick up on that day also for for days where kids are not in school um our service styles it’s all over the map um we they definitely want to serve out of the cafeteria they do not want to serve in the classroom that’s been that’s been pretty um clear which i’m so thankful for because they will come to us and then they can go to wherever it’s designated for them to eat um the elementary schools typically use half of the gym and then the other half they’re having class or pe or something on the other side but they’re gonna expand in every school they can so just to create distance for the kids um i had a conversation yesterday and suggested similar to what angie’s doing but have first grade come and then like the fourth grade but then the fourth grade to go back to class and then the second and fifth and third and sixth so you only keep half the amount of kids in the cafeteria and you’re sending the kids that are older and a little more responsible to carry the food through the school so um we’ll see how that goes we’ve always had a single lunch in our second or our high schools they’re talking about staggered lunches and right now we’re in 150 gathering so they’re trying to maneuver that and again those kids are very portable so they could pick up and go to designated areas in the building our elementaries are we’re all touchless anyway as far as pos goes we sell by roster in our computer so they just come up by class and we just send them through

um so that has been pretty simple i bought some shields um from a place called get visuals and the visuals it has a z at the end it’s the learning zone express is that the former website they’re 49 it’s not thick plexiglas it’s made out of this poster board stuff but i literally was able to buy them for all my elementary schools and it did not break the bank so it um i just i’m not willing to invest until i know really where we’re at so they’re kind of makeshift and i told them i don’t care if i have to use duct tape i will do it and somebody told me make sure it matches the color of the school so i think that was approval so in our secondary schools they typically put in their pin number some of our pin pads have scanners they’re not very good um but i ordered scanners so i have one per line so where we typically had two coming through there would be just one scanner there’s four ways that the kids can get the bar code so their student id that they get at the beginning of the school year automatically has that i can print a card that has the barcode and they can take a picture of that so then it’s on their phone they can also go to our payment website and generate their barcode and use their phone for that also so there’s four different ways so they don’t have to carry a card because they all have their phones except middle school because they won’t let them use their phones at lunchtime so we tried to make it so that there’s lots of options so you don’t have to have a phone to eat lunch um the our software company has been amazing i told them they were falling down on the job and man have they come through for us so through our online pay system they’ve set it up so we can do an activity where they order online and that will come to us i had a conversation with linda yesterday or the day before at the state department about offer versus serve and so we’re going to set up our online order to meet the offer versus served language so i opt i did not opt for the offer versus serve waiver well i feel like we’re hemorrhaging money and that is going to make it worse if i have to send out everything to every kid so the online because they do order online we are not going to take the offer for server waiver um and then if they if they get it through somehow and they don’t meet the meal pattern it’ll be just like at the line we’ll add a fruit or a vegetable as it goes out so that so that we will know it is reimbursable um my cashiers in the secondary schools are typically right out in the middle um i have two of my middle schools who figured out to move their computers behind the lines and we’re combining some lines in the middle school we had five lines we’re taking it down to two but one of the four lines will be sides only and the other will be entree so we’ll have two set up just like that so as soon as they get to entrees they will already have their sides chosen we know that the fruit or vegetable will be on the tray and we’ll just pass the trays behind the line so um offer versus serve and hopefully simplifying sort of what the choices are uh we’re trying to keep our same menu on the ajb day we would serve so what would normally be served on tuesday and wednesday and then on the b day we would serve the tuesday and wednesday menu again so um it would just repeat for the kids who are in the building and then what goes home will be just slightly different working with the health department um our so our superintendent has had um james corbett from the health department from our district in our meetings as we’ve made our plan and he’s pretty no nonsense it’s been great to because because i think after being through i feel like i have ptsd you know we’re starting all over again and keeping everybody safe and and he’s like don’t do things that you can’t sustain and so it’s been really great just having kind of a level head and you know my cashier is out in the middle of all the kids and he said you have to have contact for 10 minutes so you know your your lunch period in the high school is like seven minutes they’re so fast through there so he said i know one student will be there so so i did purchase shields for the cashiers if they can’t if we can’t figure out how to get the computers behind the line obviously that’s the first choice and then those shields and then we’ll just we’ll just rotate who’s out there i did talk to our inspector because i know she’ll be the one out there um keeping me on track and she basically said no touchy because i’m like if i put lids in bags can they pick them and she said no she said you need to put everything on their tray don’t let them reach across don’t let them touch littered cupped up so so that’s our plan which is actually good for us while we’re serving in the building because it will be a lot more economical to just scoop up the fruit put it on there and i don’t have to pre-bag it or

cup it or lit it while it’s in the building it’s just the outside or the curbside pickup that we will be packaging um the factors so i look in my warehouse and it’s terrifying that i have usda trucks on their way and we’ve committed to all this food for our bid um so we’re doing everything we can to use what is in our was already in our plan we haven’t ordered a whole bunch of package stuff we just really haven’t changed a whole lot um but we did a little test in our summer program in june and we send out hot for two weeks and between my staff and the parents calling we went right back to cook at home so bonneville school district is going to stay cook at home if you pick it up we’re not going to have it hot and ready for you to eat you’re going to take it home and have it ready and that seemed to be really the best we did not send anything wrapped in foil for our little kiddos who are home alone because we did not want to have that go in the microwave and so we tried to think about if i’m home alone my mom’s at work and i’m going to throw this in the microwave we just tried there’s a lot of things we could have put in foil but we opted out of that just for the sake of the kids them and the little guys at home um i talked about our machine in our usda foods and we stopped serving june 25th so really there’s no extension for us and um we start octo or august 31st but there’s talk of maybe delaying that for one day and using that day as our um back-to-school day parent so they can spread that out i’m not really sure i’ll find out tonight at the board meeting and probably everything i just said will be different by tomorrow morning but um right now that’s where we’re at um i think i covered everything i did bring together um managers uh cooks uh my team i i brought a blend of of people our staff together um about a month ago after we had our basic plan and i did so then we presented it to them um here’s what we’re thinking what have we forgotten and we got some really really good feedback from them and mostly the i mean the best thing that i took out of that was um the can do attitude if it doesn’t work on the first day we’re going to figure it out until it does so um and i know that’s with all of our teams but that’s that’s really all i’ve got thank you so much for sharing that heather that is a wonderful overview i hope that gives some people ideas to think about or validation if they’re following with the plans that angie and heather have laid out heather mentioned the nationwide usda waivers and so i wanted to give a really brief overview of that just before we go into the breakout sessions in case people have questions about that so there are five usda nationwide waivers and the way that those uh function is you will notify the state agency via a survey that went out earlier this week it is an opt-in form to just notify us of any of the waiver requests that you would like to utilize and that does not obligate you to use that wafer what it does is it means that you have the documentation to serve in a style that’s supported by that waiver and so if anyone is on the fence about whether to request a waiver or not there’s really no harm no foul in telling that you’d like to use it and then having a totally different strategy when rubber hits the road so that is a form that went out via broadcast email i went to the program contact that’s listed in my idaho campaign so if you’re on this call and you feel like you should have gotten that notification please reach out to us there may be a glitch with the way that the broadcast email worked but that is something that you’ll want to utilize in order to notify us of those waiver usages and so it’s offered versus serve for high school that’s the ability to forego using offer versus serve historically off reversal serve has been a requirement for high school students there’s now a waiver that allows you to not have to use offer versus serve at high school and so that’s something that heather had mentioned there’s a parent pickup waiver the non-congregate food waiver a meal pattern exemption waiver for specific case-by-case scenarios where it’s difficult to get the food or the packaging isn’t going to be their other staff or labor concerns and then the other one is the meal service time usda waiver and so some of those work together and depending on what mail service styles you’d be considering so jessica on our team actually uploaded a document into the chat of this meeting it’s an attachment in the chat that walks through some of the different meal service styles in addition to how those waivers function you should be able to download that and then additionally just moving into the

breakout session what it’s going to do is it’s going to divide everybody into separate rooms for small group conversations and then there will be a facilitator in each room and they’ll run through some of the questions that we had asked our presenters to go over and so if you don’t have questions popping up there’s going to be questions that you can respond to or think about in those small groups but if at any point you have a question that’s not related to those definitely feel free to talk to your peers the facilitator in the room will be taking really high level notes so if there’s any ideas that we want to share out with the group after the small group discussion is over that can be presented out and so the breakouts will be about 10 to 12 people in each of those rooms and then you won’t have to do anything to come back it’s going to be set for 30 minutes so at 11 o’clock there’ll be a countdown a timer that starts in 60 seconds you’ll want to look for that so that you know the conversation is about to be ended um because you may not get the chance to to finalize that if you’re still thinking through something so there’ll be a countdown timer and then you’ll just reappear here just miraculously and so um when that goes through just bear with me a moment as i set those groups up it takes a couple clicks of a button i don’t know if that was a familiar process for folks um or if that was something new but hopefully you got at least the feeling of camaraderie out of that um so let’s go ahead and start with room one and ask if there were any really big questions lingering questions that um wanted the whole group to address and feel free to unmute your microphone if you have a response from your experience at this point or if your district is going through a similar scenario so um those who were in room one does anyone have really high level uh notes to share hey heather could you tell us who room one is yes i don’t think any of us knows it’s just which breakout room we were in uh there’s an excellent excellent um okay so this is where we start naming names um linda it’s you oh okay all right here are my big um take backs they need to know about supper enrichment curbside pickup they can’t wait for usda to address some of the issues so they’re just moving forward with it so we need to put a little pressure on usda to say come up with a plan they did ask about fresh fruit and vegetable they had some concerns about low pay and not enough staff to come up with um plan b in case somebody were to get sick so one of the good suggestions is start working with other departments like special services in the school to come up with a plan um yeah manpower was the big thing and the meal pattern for curbside pickup the meal pattern if they’re all picking up at one place having elementary middle and high school and different meal patterns or quantities for each of those so those were the big things that we came up with thank you for sharing that i don’t know if anyone who wasn’t in my group um feels moved to respond uh or even like uh hear hear us too sort of respond the next group is group 2 and that was honoring by jessica so one of the big issues that we talked about was some of the charter schools who opted not to serve during that initial covid outbreak because they might be in an area where there’s a larger district that is serving students in the community and it led to them losing quite a bit of money um you know they had tons of food that they weren’t using that they tried to sell to other districts in the area um or they had to donate away um you know so they’re not getting reimbursement from meals their food is going to waste and a lot of money is being lost and so you know one of their concerns is what if that happens again where they have to close and now they’re losing money again and having to um get rid of some of their usda foods on the flip side of that we have a district that you know was doing seven days meal delivery and i mean their participation was

skyrocketing and they were running out of usda foods because they were using so much food so you know you had one on one end of the spectrum and one on the other um definitely some issues regarding school board and administration um trying to partner with them but maybe not getting answers or maybe they don’t have a plan yet so it’s difficult for food service to create a plan there was also some discussion about you know different schedules a b days um the whole green yellow red lighting system and how that would change the food service depending on which color they were currently in um also a big concern about those students that are going to be doing virtual learning from home or even homeschooling you know if they’re not enrolled in the district or if they are doing virtual learning who can receive a meal and who can’t um there was also really good suggestion about using a google doc form to determine how many meals need to be made ahead for delivering um and we also had a discussion about offer versus serve how you know a lot of the folks are deciding not to opt into that waiver because having to provide a full cup of fruit and vegetable for example for high school students may lead to a lot of waste and more money lost and so that’s why they want to keep the offer versus serve component and lastly um there some folks are looking for some guidance on a shared table if they’re doing grab-and-go meals would that be possible and you know they said they’re going to reach out to their local health district and have a conversation about that sounds like you guys covered a lot of ground um i don’t know that there are any answers for that but that’s just helpful to start talking through and from so many different perspectives too it seems like there was a really diverse group that could share in boy okay we’ll see what the next group um that’s going to be marianne and sean wrestler who’s supposed to report our workout yeah um so a few things that did um come up during our dis discussions are um one is definitely stopping concerns um as linda mentioned for her group um and utilizing student workers um i didn’t know anything about that so that was great to to find out from the the couple of districts that brought that up but definitely staffing concerns was was talked about um we did have a concern from one district um from regarding the parent pickup waiver and how that is transitioning from the summer feeding parent pickup to the parent pickup under the um under the nslp nationwide waivers and really just um having that communications with the parents and the guardians you know from being able to pick up all of the meals for their for all of their children under summer feeding versus you know meals uh for enrolled students this coming school year so having that that concern which is that communication piece um online ordering was also brought up as a question and how that looks for other school districts um so i think that was great and then the last thing that i i noticed within our group is that i did have a couple of food service directors that are new um and i was just thinking like oh my gosh coming on board during this time is just you know i mean for those who have been doing it it’s been pretty crazy about coming on board as your first day as a new food service director i can’t even imagine so definitely just sharing um with those food service directors that you guys have a tribe behind you with the cmp team here at the state agency but also your counterparts and so if you guys have any questions or need any help please feel free to reach out but definitely those are the few things that i picked up from our group sean is there anything else you wanted to share trying to see if i see her oh i think i heard her know from there you covered it great awesome thank you thanks heather yeah thank you for sharing that out and um i think it’s funny that marianne points out how hard it would be to start a job in this timeframe because she hit the ground running in our office she’s an amazing job and we really really really appreciate having her as a new member of our team and so for those of you that may not recognize the name mary and she’s our summer food service coordinator um and it’s a the next breakout group now we actually had a few folks in that one but i’ll give it over to ken sherman

from our office to sharing high level notes we had a lot of the same um conversations as the previous three groups um so one thing i wanted to point out that i thought was a positive that one principal was doing um was they bought water bottles for all the students um to have um fresh water available to for the children so that was um i thought was was positive so they weren’t going to have the water in the cafeteria because every student was going to have their own water bottle and keep that separate um so there was a lot of conversation on portioning um we had some small districts or small schools um and the cost involved in portioning was a concern um they were going to start off the school year um trying to do the you know cafeteria style um and do as much as normal um but didn’t have you know all the plans in place of what’s gonna happen if um there’s an outbreak and so that’s a big concern what they would do especially if it’s a small district only a couple food service staff if there’s an outbreak how would they be able to continue service and so putting plans in place is going to be really important and even though you don’t think you need the waivers now having a plan now will save you time and the stress um when an outbreak does occur um because we we don’t know what’s going to happen um we talked about offer versus serve and you know with the high school that um if they do um have to do grab and go and such that um they would want to consider that waiver um because it would be difficult to do the offer versus serve with that option and so we talked a little bit about that um the we talked about the um just the costs in involved in um uh with the challenges that they’re they’re going to be having with the the meal pattern and the portioning and everything so that was a big concern we had a little conversation about the cares act funds because a few did not operate in april and may and so they didn’t qualify for the cares act fund so that was you know concerning um for them because they they did lose money it was kind of the same situation that jessica had in her group where there was a charter school that did not operate um and they were not able to use all their um usda foods um and so uh the concern with that happening again and then the delay of school right now one of the charter schools is in a red zone and they’re looking at starting the end of august but that may be delayed now into september um you know how they’re going to manage that when should they bring the food in um there’s just a lot of unknowns it’s just making it very challenging thanks kim i know there were several other folks in that group that may or may not want to share insight the next group is uh we’re actually going to have green give a really high overview because somehow that group got missed with a designated moderator and that is my fault um so irene if you want to say i’m out um i’ll just share the really really big notes that i took when i finally figured this out so that’s what you’re hiking on i can speak for our group um and our group probably wasted about three to five minutes going okay where’s the moderator so um no we uh you know cause by the time i got in there i was like wow look at her go she’s got this what am i even doing here so really really appreciate you taking that and taking that on you’re welcome um so we actually had a conversation regarding um what do we do um and what does it look like and how do you plan for a staff member getting sick or community spread within your school and so we just had that conversation and it was brought up that at that point the health department would be brought in um but um so that’s that’s where we were at and just how how do you plan for that if you’re if your staff

becomes ill um and then there was conversation on breakfast um how was that um somebody said well we do breakfast before school um there was conversation about um how one district was um doing like different stations of breakfast and breakfast in the classroom there was another school district that is opting not to do a breakfast program this year um and so that was really the length of our conversations yeah and those were good points and i’m glad that you guys were able to share those concerns with one another and thank you for sharing that with the group and just again this is an open forum so if anybody feels compelled to speak up feel free and uh the next group was moderated by kat vorsky in our office so cat if you’d like to give a high level overview of what you all discussed um so a lot of the discussion with concerns over budgeting and not being able to afford a packaging machine and how they would you know be able to portion out and package such as orange chicken and rice how would they make that work for the kids or for breakfast a hot breakfast versus a grab and go so how do you give kids scrambled eggs to walk around with so there was that discussion there was a question on the water requirements and still not sure are they going to be required to have the water at the school when the water fountains are turned off etc so that was the discussions that we had a lot of it had to do with the budgeting and not being sure how they were going to get the food packaged when they’re on such a budget um there was a good question and as doing procurement reviews i’m not in the nslp realm with recipes and things like that but the concern is if they were going to do an a b day and the a day b day would mirror the a b day the next time so like you know monday tuesday wednesday thursday whatever how that affects their portioning will like i guess the weekly grain requirements and the sodium requirements etc so that was one of the questions that i suggested they ask one of the nflp ladies for help with um i think that was pretty much a lot of the the talk was about the budgeting and the packaging and how to make breakfast a hot breakfast or grab and go so yeah oh it was me julia i was saying i could help them with the scrambled egg recipe so i heard julia respond to share out a scrambled egg recipe so that’s that’s exciting um julia if you want to send that to someone at the state department oh yeah they might start out with the whole group um or if there’s a direct sponsored sponsor link that would be more helpful oh yeah i’m sorry i said recipe just let them know they can if they bake their scrambled eggs in muffin tins then they’re portable veron had a comment he’d like to share the act of eating the proper social distancing sounds very difficult to manage and so if others have a response to that and um i think we have two more groups that can share our concerns as well so if anyone has a response to the question that came in the chat of how to social disciplines and eats and how those things reconcile with one another and then we’re also getting some questions about breakfast in the classroom so putting everything in milk crates one student coming to pick it up in their classes that okay are doing the brown baggage student um so we can go over some of those models and so if i do breakfast in the classroom can i get some ideas of how others are doing this i was thinking putting everything in a milk crate and one student coming to pick up for their class is this okay or do we need a brown bag so we’ve seen a number of different models for breakfast in the classroom some of them are easier to ensure that you are providing a reversible meal some of them are easier for transporting the food depending on what you’re putting in there you’ll want to become aware of temperature control so i know gooding has a lot of experience with breakfast in the classroom i’ve seen some really good instructional materials from the boise school district and so if either of those districts have any time or our willingness to share on breakfast in the classroom models for those who haven’t considered it before we’d be happy to hear from you all but also that can happen offline too

we have nine minutes so and then tj had put in a request but actually you’re the next group up so tj if you want to just share with the group and go over that great um i’ll go ahead and just share a positive we did actually have someone in our group that was that offered a solution she actually had a visual of trays that are a little bit deeper and they actually have a cover so for serving meals in the classroom they’re going to go with meals in the costume style it’s a smaller district that is an option and so she did provide that information and and possibly jesse maybe you could type the information in the chat bar so if others are interested in procuring those trades that would be a great solution it was nice to have solutions instead of just all concerns um we did have a really robust conversation about virtual it seems that the majority of school districts regardless of size their administration wants to have a virtual school option whereby it students will basically be enrolled or in some way will participate in that virtual school but some of the concerns were that some some students that are now registering for the virtual school in a rural area are not even enrolled in that school district because their school district isn’t offering a virtual school so we talked a lot about how this could significantly impact school districts that have provision programs or enrollments how do you count those meals do you serve those students it’s going to get very very complex do we have an eligibility around that student so that was was concerning and i shared out you know from the state agency perspective this is one of the big things that we’ve been talking to national office and our western region office for over a month now and still no solutions so it’s really critical that we hear about those things so that we can let people know we need answers uh sooner than later and then one of the other really important new to me information was thinking about how we are equitably charging students if we have students that are in a classroom and we have a point of service and we can charge them for the meal we’ve got to reduce student coverage but if i don’t have the software for a grab and go to be able to charge that student then they can’t pick up a needle because i can’t charge them so we we’re talking about different across the state solutions not everybody has software that meets their needs and then of course the big conversation about uh school districts are our meal service programs are bleeding out they’re they’re just hemorrhaging when it comes to costs associated with so making sure that they’re utilizing their usda foods is high priority they’re anticipating being able to serve out hot meals but one small rural district that does not have the capacity to do a staff a staff b what is their solution is staff a the only staff get sick then what do we do so all of those that were really valuable and then i think everything else all the other groups covered the the topics that we talked about so uh really great input i i value all of the professional input from from those that participate in my group thanks cj so we have one more group um so we have six minutes left in the call i did put together a poll so we’ll launch that after jen goes with the last group and there’s two questions would you want this style of meeting to repeat and what frequency if we did have additional meetings with the zoom small breakout it would probably be more topic specific so we would have one targeted towards menu questions one targeted towards different meal service operations or maybe provisions and so be thinking about that as jen shares out what the last group discussed okay i’ll be really quick since we really didn’t solve any problems but um they’re definitely concerned with not having some guidance on how this how to start especially when there’s virtual schools involved so some concern that if those schools are set up virtually from the onset and get going and they can’t serve meals are people out jobs um also just then having to establish more pos uh stations in order to capture um locations that wouldn’t have otherwise be serving locations and so some costs there definitely some concern with administration not involving food services part of the conversation

on the reopenings of schools and what that looks like and health department answers the majority of my group didn’t speak with the health department but you know angie had commented heard hers had said no touch we had a district whose health department said salad bars are okay as long as hand sanitizer was present so varying answers we talked about you could learn from other districts for sure we want to encourage that but you might want to kind of be aware of what health departments they’re associated with because the answers could vary and then just i thought one really important comment was regardless of the yellow or the green yellow orange red all these scenarios and having to have plans of attack for each of those situations to maybe streamline menus and the style of service so that it’s just not reinvented or starting over every time the color changes so have something that’s as much of a one size fits all as possible so wow that that last point sounds like a wonderful note to end on no matter what your plan is have the adaptability and the flexibility to transition from one plan to another because i think i’ve heard this repeated several times the only thing we know for sure is that everything’s going to change so um with that i’m going to launch the poll to be perfectly honest i have no idea what that’s going to look like and uh this is a complete experiment so if you see a poll pop up um i’m not sure if you’ll see other people or not but it’s those two questions that i mentioned um just to piggyback off of something that she tj had mentioned and i think jen brought it up we are still asking usda about this new virtual school only model historically usa has not allowed virtual schools to receive meals because usda’s definition of school is integrally tied and anticipates this building so they presuppose there is a building with students in it before they actually give the classification of school so obviously an online school or a virtual only school doesn’t fit that model so we have really pushed back on that and we are asking them for clarification a different interpretation of their definition but in those districts where you’re hearing from your administration that they’re going to open up an online school we really need to know what your backup plan to ensure that that student is tied to a school building um is otherwise where we’re really in a bind on how to serve and provide meals to those students and so we know from how the spring happened that students receiving remote learning can have a model for receiving meals and that usda is down by their own definition in this case so we will be sharing that up as additional information comes forward from usda or if you have insights that you’d like us to share and so that was the last note that i had and everybody across the thing is where this poll works as the poll results come in i don’t know if you all can see that or if it’s only visible to me looks like the majority of people thought that this was something they would like to repeat and currently two-thirds are saying every other week one-third the same once a month um one person two people that’s not repeated and um so this if if that’s the case if the majority of people would like this to be repeated what we would probably do is set it up on an alternating schedule from the cmp webinar which is still currently on every other week and it would be topic specific and allow for more of a peer-to-peer correspondence and problem solving so that was the intent of this meeting i hope you guys all got value out of it and we will definitely consider how how to schedule it and um what day and when and all that so that we can continue to support you since this is a really challenging time and answers are changing hourly so i thank you guys everyone for uh participating this meeting would not have been successful if you all hadn’t participated and hopefully as we continue with this model we can give it a little bit more streamline and with that we’ll go ahead and adjourn unless anyone had final thoughts to shout out into the numbers thank you stay safe everyone take care thank you

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