– sup guys my name is dark pink 7 and you are always welcome to my channel all times I’m here today release the second part of the walkthrough for hail to the king death bat right now we’re gonna be playing it unholy confessions let’s begin okay so I was looking at my first episode and I was like I got 72 views within the first day you know I may be starting out but you know I am really excited if you guys are watching this if you guys have not seen the first if you guys have not seen the first episode please go do so and uh just checking everything we’re gonna talk to this guy and just if you want to read all this stuff cause if everything’s already done why cuz I haven’t played it and everything’s all done so we’re just gonna like I’m kinda do a mix between the ending of this and backcountry because I like I was playing through this before I didn’t record so we’re just gonna oh I’ve already played through it okay what I did is I played through it before and I didn’t suspect that I was gonna have it like it was if I was gonna be like new and stuff so um I beat it you had to unlock all this stuff it was it was kind of difficult but you know I didn’t I was expecting that it would let me do it so instead my part two is gonna be talking about uh like I’m gonna talk to you right now that it kind of involves some new and it’s like the Pope and the unholy unholy ghost and a cyclone a cyclone then you had to face death after you defeated death he got a part of the talisman okay and I did I was expecting that was gonna let me really play this part but I guess I’ve already beaten it so doesn’t so my part to I’m gonna talk to you right now and instead of laying on holy confessions we’re gonna go to oh I’m really sorry I’m really sorry I didn’t expect that to go expecting like that we are going to go to I’m not sure if you’ve heard this song but we are going to bat country I love this okay and apparently it’s letting my progress saved because it wasn’t let me do him when I first got it but I guess it’s doing it now and I’ll just play from what I got to I didn’t get I didn’t get far into the game but I will just you know play it right now I’ll play what we need to do and I forgot to go get some and I’m only down to okay I got five lives again oh yeah I don’t really feel good I’ve been feeling sick for the past couple of days kind of that’s kind of another thing I really did not expect for that to like do that on me because I was gonna watch out don’t let you guys play through but I guess I’ll skip on holy confessions I told you guys new enemies you have to face death we’ll just go and play I’ll just go and play the back country I’m sorry guys Edie I’m really sorry we’ll just go play some back country and after back country I’ll do the part three and I’ll do part three in the next area but RB I promise I won’t finish it I promise all wait until you guys if you guys want me to do more of this please let me know I know people watching my videos and I hit five subscribers just to be because of that video I’m really really happy to see that people are actually are supporting

what I’m doing so yeah we’re not gonna go through there trust me yes special right 60 damage wait oh that’s right only 100 help I have to go I have 200 but when you die and you give you hundred I guess that’s kind of something they needed replacements update by the way guys given its Avenged Sevenfold if you’re watching this please make it to where when you dies to help that you’ve already got instead of making it 100 make it the fool cuz cuz that was kind of giving me some problems you know I do like this game no thank you this may be a quick if I lose all my lives they’ll end the videos and make a part 3 of still me going through nightmare or not nightmare that country I’m not really confused but might as well backtrack to the portal would buy some stuff from the crib and then we’ll go buy some stuff from the Crypt and get suited up for this mission because basically what I’m gonna do is in order to good and you know the boss I have you know there’s one right here I have to go through that one get the second one that one get the third that one get the third one then go through this one to face the boss which I think the boss is the bat king so I’m just gonna skip all that and just get back to the portal and by tricking one big thing a help and five small means no way I want any more money yes I don’t know but uh yeah I mean I’m I wanted to show you guys and hold on-hold confessions but I don’t know what happened like I was expecting this and let me start all over instead of already beating it not being able to show you guys the boss and what happens but I guess I could have told you guys you know what happened but I guess part two will consist of like one half or like if I die during this then I’ll end this and make part three me trying to complete it again so you know if I die if I lose all my lives doing this then uh yeah okay so um plus guys on comments please guys who watch this people people anybody can watch this please comment any comments I would really be happy I’ll just save that for later I think yeah also today I’ll be posting a black ops on these video I don’t know how long that one would last I think I’ll just go until I get bored but you know just leave me in the comments and see if I wants to if you guys want me to do more of this you know right now the only thing I have is my phone so I’m just going playing games on my phone you know do walkthroughs about them I’m finding you know like you know I’ll do some minecraft videos with some of my friends if we can all get together and play you know all we’re all get together and I’ll do video no you know my friends and youtubers think I’ve already asked you guys to subscribe to them on my first video not Sherlock and the army gaming one friends at the school right I do I still go to high school you know I’m

cutting my weekend time all that stuff so my videos may not be as frequent but I’m trying to get everything but yeah like I said in the first video tell me where you guys are from and like put down the comments tell me where you guys are from you know I’d like to hear that what was a video game you played as I mean I hate to hear like to hear what guys you know people played they were kids the game I played was as a kid was I was about 5 or 6 in my first system was a Nintendo 64 I can remember this very faintly but I loved playing spider-man and that’s one of my favorite games one of the games you play the kid not your favorite game my favorite game would have to be or I have a lot of favorite games dead space was a big one that I played you know just a couple years ago I beat the whole know series I did play on VLC I would love to play the DLC but you know I can ahead of Saint lack of financial but uh but yeah I would love to hear where you guys from I’ve actually know what your favorite game is such a baby game series game you know and also what you played the new rigid and and put that down the comment this be the first time I pass it no darn it so close I was so close you ever get that feeling when you’re that close to finishing something you’re like son of a bitch you’re like son of a bitch but uh no comment if you liked this video please like comment subscribe to my channel and I would love to hear more feedback from you guys that’s bull crap I cannot go that way so we have to devise a new plan to get past this since I can’t go the same way I went yeah I think I have a plan oh crap I have one life so this video may be shorter but I will release you know part two I’ll make this part 1 or part 2 part 2 me actually beatings or I just make it I’ll just keep on planning to do beat it this may end up being like a 30 minute video it’s kind of bad on me because then I gotta wait for the uploads and now that we can’t go that way either just have to traverse

oh no I’m gonna get out of here well good-bye life I don’t know how I got stuck there but Dan okay I wish I had more coins in this or I wish I could buy coins because I would love to have a lot more coins to buy a whole bunch of stuff that way I’d don’t wanna fight but we only have sadly I have 200 health but when you die you only get a hundred so I like for them to change that update okay so I got four of those I’m not sure if that will last me of course cuz I a lot but at least has hey at least that area will respawn so I won’t die if I have enough of these okay yes I need to go get some frickin no coincidence BAM some more we’re going to the backcountry be the second time that I’ve tried to do this hopefully I can get past this within these five lives and if not I will try and hopefully not make this video 30 minutes long because I really don’t want to make this video 30 minutes long and okay so this time I lose all my lives all in the video make this part 2 part 1 and then make another one will be part 2 part 2 of me beating it eventually doing the same thing that I’m doing right now that’s for these things too like the friggin groans and I get like a little itty bitty gremlin fits me off I to those I’m saving those for the frigging okay let’s go in here we got to defeat all those I should have stopped it is there a magic fountain out there or a mana fountain I’m a magic fountain man I found go back in there this chick is there a minute I’m just backcountry this be shelter they’ll just be a fire boy go through their gbg1 I was so close to the freakin in that last time so I’m just gonna have to traverse so running in the circle does help when you’re playing games like this but at least they can’t hit you want as much help as you can see hopefully these don’t progressivism chorus much hopefully these two knocking aggressors get worse oh yeah sunset overdrive I’ve been watching videos for that and that looks really freaking awesome you can go check that out you should go check that out I mean it looked freakin awesome kind of beautiful the games but I don’t have an Xbox one I’d like to get one to play some sunset overdose and yeah I’m making sure my bitches yes that way when I die I get at

least check months after yeah pretty sure I’m gonna die some kind of taking the long way around you gotta be me money least I have enough yeah yes I found a page from the book immortals it’s like their little yeah I knew going through there I was gonna know the way to actually not get hit by that but coming back was the hardest part cuz then yeah it’s like a reverse of what you just did so it’s like this game is kind of unpredictable I I like it you know I I really love this game and you’re probably gonna hear me say that a lot happy that I bought it I bought this and like all the characters really likes that was easier than you how come it gets progressively easier when you get further what the hell sorry that’s it what the yeah they’re people who are in an efficient and they don’t like hearing word he’ll what the heck or just don’t want to be no no no I can’t actually say that I don’t want to be biased so yeah I’ll try not to money and you get enemies and lots of money that it’s just Oh is a trap but it came out with a wallet so frickin money that’s how you know this game you get progressively more money I found a jackpot at the stick of a trap it doesn’t matter I have 300 coins your argument is invalid you argue it as a valid I have money yes at least next time I die I have it look but I don’t want to die here I don’t want to lose me forever to beat it only to realize that I can’t I didn’t have a right corner so let’s go back I’m pretty sure that way we’re lost I did a street cross I make sure that’s what happened let’s see I’m I know for a fact yeah I got four lines so if I die I think I’d be ok but at least I’ll have enough money to go and put my potions and stuff so I am ready for it yeah the crossing is here don’t expect it to be that much what do you let’s just hey at least I have three lives so basically I technically have 300 health so I can only get hit 30 times one of those things and the fact that I defeated on a monster helps me not more – there’s a certain way that you had to cross this path he’s coming diamond diamond and I’m a tease and a boss two bosses just gonna pull together Lester I bet one’s gonna be named Fester here’s Johnny

oh no backwards here we go thank you thank you god damn it get to the freakin boss battle was like fifty out and then freakin get attacked by the oh my god I’m gonna I’m gonna keep on playing the dog beat this video a thirty minutes it takes me a hour I am beating this I don’t care piss me off to the point where I’m losing way too much help from these guys admissions okay beating the boss this time be eatin the boss okay got this turd hit them the food one spits out acid while the other man shoots fireballs and I both that let’s put that acid fire that one got one I got to I got a crystal yeah and you’re telling me I have to backtrack all the way there oh thank you least once we put the crystal there we can go back to the creek and buy some help thank you so much back checking goodbye stuff I’m sorry I am in great need of health and I have 356 on by the small ones fill up on that then go bye I’m gonna go buy all five of those I’ll be a hundred and then 256 I could buy a couple full potions for health so that way this next reverser II won’t be as bad and if I do beat it but didn’t yeah if I use my magic in the first place like which I tried to do but they got closed on me I should have used I should have kept on using the cycle instead of switching that kind of slowed it down get some magic first at least I’m gonna have to pay for the magic here sweet and I don’t know how long this video would be but I know if it’s longer than 20 minutes it’s gonna take longer to upload so but I’m not really caring at this point I just want to get past they’re sold out so I will have 250 by three large loss I will use my lip liner let’s click the large one use it use those only when I’m about to down when I’ve been out of those then I shall use the freaking small potions but I really with those I’m pretty sure I can track I can actually make this I can actually pass it I was gonna call the confessions but I suspect beating it would cause it to just be like I’ve already beaten it so then and I probably want to upgrade mine all the way up to 200 but I got some health stuff I’m kind of happy for that little jackpot spot that I just thought I found they even though I had to face all the scorpions I got a ton of money so you know it’s a win-win get money thank you got them probably be a couple more of you I can’t do much image

I do like 17 let’s see if this could biscuit the way one of my favorite you do we’re speaking W freaking love him except this time there’s golden streams

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