Episode 1 Could everyone see that clearly? Probably not That’s right Because I cannot see it clearly either So do you want to see it more clearly now? Now if you push this door open You can spy on her privacy Actually, spying comes from human nature of curiosity and is human’s primal instinct Because people always try to figure out what is happening So what I want you to do now is to push this door open and walk in After that, please share with me what you see So let’s adjust our breath first This friend would you tell us what you saw just now? I’d love to share it with you but I didn’t see anything I’m sorry Then could you answer a few questions quickly? OK Do you know the lady next to you? Yes What’s your relationship with her? We’re friends What kind of friends? We are so close that we can talk everthing with each other So what did you see in the bathroom exactly? Why are you hiding your thoughts? What is it that makes you so painful? I’m not hiding anything and I have no pain Stop your speculations I’ll go and check on him Wang Te Wang Te! Wang Te! Wang Te Xiao Yan Why did you bring me here to see a therapist? Listen, I’m healthy and I am not sick Don’t get me wrong, Wang I’m not saying that you are sick I just want to introduce you to my friend Alright, you don’t have to explain

I’m telling you You have hurt me deeply by doing this I am sorry. I apologize Aunt, why did you come here? Happy is Who are you? You don’t get to call him by his name He’s your boss Alright You should call him “Mr. He,” you understand? Mom Mom What? Mom, why do you come here? Why didn’t you answer my call? Can’t you see? I’m in the middle of something Mom, why don’t you go back first? We will talk later when I get home Do you know? Today you should go on a date with Na Na but you are still messing around with these things As for the lecture you can reschedule it to tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow Mom, I’ve told you for so many times I wouldn’t go to a blind date I won’t You just don’t get it If your elder brother’s marriage was settled have you ever thought what situation we will be facing? You and I would lose our positions in He’s family, understand? So you also found me a rich girl and ask me to date her, right? He Happy! I, What? You listen to me carefully If you don’t go I’ll find a way to get you there Okay, mom I’ll go Really? Yes Don’t touch me Don’t forget your promise to me Take a good bath and dress up yourself for tonight I won’t listen to you My miss, what can I do for you? I think this room is too small for me It’s a bit stuffy here I want to take a walk in the hallway and have some fresh air The decoration is quite good Hello, Li Fei Have you found out anything about Lisa? Well try to contact her family members and tell them that Lisa might want to commit suicide I want to leave here I am leaving What are you doing? Don’t you know how to pour water? You got my clothes wet I am sorry, miss. I am sorry I don’t need your apologies You have spilled the water on my suit Do you have any idea how expensive it is? Miss I’ll dry your clothes with a drier I am the daughter of Longteng Group and you want to dry my clothes here? How dare you! You are embarrassing me! What do you want me to do, miss? Unruly, wayward and bossy Why are you still standing here? Get out! Yes To deal with girls like her I should not behave like a gentleman Such a good-looking man I must get him He Happy Now that you are an hour late tell me, how should I punish you? Let’s simplify the problem You are not my type So after this I hope you can tell your parents that you don’t like me In this way, you retain your dignity and I won’t be blamed by my family You I hope this is the last time we met Goodbye Wait! He Happy

You are an hour late You don’t even apologize to me now you are telling me this? Given your personalities and what you have that was all that I could say If you want to hear some good words you’ll have to reshape yourself You You what You dress like a Hello Kitty Don’t waste my time I dress like a Hello Kitty? You look like a Smurf! It is so easy to make good money but for how long do I have to wait? I have to work Stand still What are you doing? Behave yourself! Why are you hitting me? Something is wrong. Come with me! Go, go No, she ran away We’ve got to get her! Hurry up! Let’s go Am I dead? I’m so young and beautiful How come that I died like this! Can I go to heaven? Lady, this is not heaven You are not dead But I am going to I am not dead even falling from such a high place Big brother, thank you for saving my life What are you doing here? Are you gonna kill yourself? I You are not part of my plan Can you get off me first? Right, right. I am sorry Slow down Ouch! Slow down! Let me help you You alright? Miss You are so young Why do you want to kill yourself? Just forget it Just take it as being hit by a meteorite Do you know meteorites? They are up in the sky, very large Lucky Lucky What? Please Don’t look back, don’t look back! What are you looking at? I told you not to look back! You search there And you two come with me OK OK, go Don’t move and don’t talk Do me a favor and don’t look around All right, lady How long shall we wait? Is it alright now? He Happy You left me to date secretly here How impressive! I didn’t expect you would like this type of girl Look at her Am I the one who should be reshaped? This lady You really need to be “reshaped” and in a great way! How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? I don’t care Do you know who I Who is she? I don’t know You don’t know? You don’t See, he doesn’t know you He Happy! How could you do this to me? Don’t move Let go of me Don’t speak What are you doing? Let go of me! Don’t move! If you dare to I will break your throat right now She has symptoms of persecutory delusions and will overreact when she feels insecure You think I wouldn’t dare? Hu Na Don’t move Please calm down, miss I am telling you if she keeps shouting like this I will not let her go Listen She will scream no more. Hu Na Keep quiet, alright? She will be quiet I can assure you that no one will hurt you anymore and I will protect you I am leaving here Right now Leaving? OK, it’s my car Deal Move away Be careful He Happy What do you want? Who is she? She She cannot leave like this See what she did to me! Do I have to explain who she is to you? Bye He Happy, stop right there! Stop! He Happy, listen you did this to me you will regret one day! She made wrong judgements out of fear

She couldn’t think straight And she believed she would be persecuted Extremely cautious and defensive Okay, miss. Don’t be afraid You are safe now Really I finally got rid of them Got rid of them Yay! Why do you become so happy all of a sudden? Let me tell you You don’t have to do the things that you don’t like Don’t you think it’s great? Happiness suddenly falls on me It sounds great Yes! I am in such a good mood Life is so beautiful Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello, this is Mrs. Wang Our lady told me to bring you some sea cucumbers But Mrs. Hong is not here Please bring it to the west gate of Haoting Yuan residential community Leave them at the office of the property management office OK, I got it Why did you jump from that building? You don’t really think I’m going to kill myself, right? Aren’t you? Dear, my life is very precious I don’t want to die If so so what were you doing? I just In fact I am a high-rise window cleaner I was working but since it was my first time doing this job So, I accidentally fell on you But you are a nice person You are humorous, kind and easy to be fooled Unlike your girlfriend Is she a cannibal? It’s like she wants to eat me alive What are you doing? What company are you from? Why are you asking me this? I want to file a complaint about you for compensation Well, wait It was my first time doing this job so I didn’t get paid It was my first time and also my last time Do you have a professional certificate? No, I don’t But I’m a rock climbing champion Rock climbing champion Good morning, Mr. He Hello, Mr. He Where are you going? Get off No Get off the car No! I will drag you out if you don’t I said I would not get off! Let go No, I’m not leaving Get off! Don’t touch me! Get off! No! Get your hand off it No! No, no I won’t get off the car Get your hands off What are you doing? Get off I’m going to scream! Get off! No! Get off! No! Get off! No! -No, no, no! -Let go! I won’t get off You I don’t care what you do Just find her Yes, sir Shareholders, please take a look Compared with the status of last year of He’s Group the real estate business dropped by 1.32 percent the hotel business dropped by 2.8 percent transportation was down by 2.3 percent and the export business dropped by 4.9 percent The overall situation is not optimistic This is not the revenue report we wanted to see You are right Performance like this Shareholders like us will lose faith in Mr. He because of this result Listen to me In the next quarter, I will turn the company profitable and make up for your losses Mr. He, please Hello, Mr. He Dad, what makes you come here? All the shareholders

I’m here today to make an announcement It’s true the company’s performance is declining but it is only temporary Because in the future I’m going to cooperate with the EMT international financial center If it goes well we will be able to walk out of the current difficulties and we will officially enter the global market Given our current status will EMT agree to work with us? Of course, they will Because Yikun will marry Mr. Ai’s daughter That’s good It is good to know Yes, this is a good news Mr. He, I found something about Lisa You find it? Read it to me She is 26 years old She’s a poet She called yesterday asking how to relieve pain Have you got in touch with her family? Do you have her number? I called but couldn’t get through the phone but I found her home address She lives at Room 733, Building 9, Longhu residential community Building 9, Longhu residential community Okay, I got it Let’s go I hope things get better Dad Hope so Let’s go Dad, I said I was against this marriage Stop I’ve just made the arrangement You will meet his daughter at the charity party It will save you from the embarrassment of a blind date Don’t waste all my effort on you Dad Why do you push me so hard? No, I didn’t If you want to shore up your position You have to make some sacrifices Nice to meet you, Lisa Mr. He No Don’t touch my stuff I’m sorry Lisa Who is this man in the picture? I hate him I hate him so much Lisa Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Lisa, listen to me Please let me know What’s in your mind? If you tell me I can help you Please take a seat Miss, welcome back Na Na How are you getting along with He Happy? Mom, he’s a terrible man Really? I met him at his mother’s birthday party He looked very nice and he behaved like a gentleman I guess that you didn’t have any feelings for him so you disparage him on purpose Do I need to disparage him? He wore a blue suit and looked just like a Smurf His mouth is not as big as you described Mom, that’s not what I mean So what do you mean? Tell me in details He Don’t fool me Don’t try to get passive-aggressive with me You are too naive Mom You are already a big girl You need to find your Mr. Right and start your own family After you get married your father and I can stop worrying about you anymore How dare you bring your girlfriend to date with me? I will make you suffer Did I say anything funny? Na Na, are you listening to me? Mom, I was lying to you Lying to me? Yes Mom, I’m telling you I really like him I will marry no one but him Wow, my little girl It’s really rare that you actually like someone What’s his impression of you? His impression of me He said he wished he could have met me earlier It was love at first sight for both of you Yes, we fell in love at the first sight Peter Where are you? Miss How long shall I wait for you? Shut up He moved away after his house was pulled down

You are wasting your time I told you to shut up All right, I won’t argue with you Could you pay the taxi fee? You can wait here as long as you want What’s wrong? You Did you take it? Are you kidding me? Why are you making such brainless accusations? Maybe you don’t have any money You just want to take a free ride I You said I don’t have money? I have so much money that you can never see in your whole life! Then prove it to me Give me the money Listen Let me owe you first and later I will pay you ten times more Ten times much You don’t have money? And you called a taxi? You asked me to drive you for over 100 km around the city You not only wasted my money but also my time Now that you’ve wasted my money and time you don’t even want to pay No way So what do you want? I will call the police You are not a boy You don’t need to call the police for this Besides the police might not be helpful even if they were here uncle You don’t want to pay me and now you want to rob me? Here you are Let’s do this, uncle I have money But it’s at my friend’s place So if you take me to my friend now I’ll give you all the money Is that ok? Don’t play tricks with me Look, I’m a nice lady I won’t I certainly won’t Let’s go Many seagulls fly past the sky One Two Three Four Five Six Who is the man in the photo? He is my ex-boyfriend But I We were together for seven years but he married my best friend in the end Peter Where are you? How can I find you? Where should I drop you off? If you don’t know which gate how can you find your friend? Then please go to the west gate of Haoting Yuan residential community I know The west gate Okay, I got it Qingqing What happened? Yikun Last night You drove out your boss’ car Didn’t he find it? Why do you ask this? It must be exciting to date me as a driver He Yikun, the General Manager Qingqing, listen to me I have good reasons to cover my identity from you I just don’t want to bring you unnecessary stress and trouble You were afraid to let me know that you are the general manager of He’s Group You’re afraid that you can’t get rid of me when you want to break up with me Qingqing that’s not true It doesn’t matter what I think What do you mean? Let’s break up Qingqing Qingqing Mr. He You should leave for the charity party Miss

If you live here please show me your keycard I am going in there to find a homeowner called He Happy I am sorry we can’t disclose owners’ personal information You can’t disclose the information? That’s right Then I will go myself You can’t I I am telling you if you help me now to find the person called He Happy I will definitely repay you later I am sorry It doesn’t matter whether you pay me back or take revenge on me I just can’t let you in If I let you in I would lose my job I see You are a liar! I I figured out that I am not going to get the money today I am telling you if I can’t get the money I will make you suffer I, I will disclose it to the media! Hey, wait a minute I I can’t give you the money now but, let me think about it again Give me some time Well, you don’t need to act anymore Let me see Let me see You could send it to the west gate of Haoting Yuan residential community Right, just leave it at the property management office there I am going to the Homeowner Service Center You can’t stop me! Go ahead Please wait for me Why should I believe that you won’t run away? What can I do if you run away? Here, I’ll give you this Hello, lady Excuse me I’m here to pick up sea cumbers for He Happy here He Happy Yes, He Happy Trepang Miss, Could you please sign here? Sure As for the taxi fee I certainly cannot pay you now But I have this trepang It’s very expensive Do you know trepang? it has many thorns in black color and it’s very nutritious and this is worth a lot more than the taxi fee Can I use this to pay for the taxi fee? Alright It’s better than nothing Give me my phone Hurry up You must be very tired now Have some trepang tonight It’s good for your health Thank you! Since there is a west gate there must be an east gate # Give me a reason # Sanshun Here you are # Forget the one who loves me so much # Sanshun, Sanshun What’s up, Mr. He? Sanshun Is something wrong here? I feel that there’s a war Hey, dude You are very sensitive Xiao Yan has been waiting for you to save Fang Ge What’s wrong, Xiao Yan? What’s wrong with him? I don’t even want to waste my time talking to him Ask him yourself What did you do this time? What do you mean? No man in the world would treat women better than me Don’t talk about me. Let’s talk about you Every time we get together you are always late I am going to give you a nickname, Mr. Late I’ve just finished my work Your job? I found that since you took this job you are becoming more and more pretentious You might as well just say that you’ve finished spying on others’ privacy already And now I am going to spy on your privacy That’s why you always call me spying expert? So now I am going to find out what’s on your mind Hey, take your hands off me What secrets do you have? Stop! I am not sick Well, I didn’t know you knew that Xiao Yan, what happened? I called you here to talk about Wang Te Qingqing Qingqing What happened? Tell me Qingqing Qingqing Are you having an asthma attack again? Where are you? At home

I am at home Ok, wait for me I’ll be right there! Wait for me! I’ll leave them to you I have to work Hey, bring us two plates of fruit Go away! Happy do you think Wang Te has any mental problem? Anyway, there was something wrong with him You don’t know Back in high school, he was very outgoing After our last class reunion I started to feel that he has changed In my view I think he is just under so much pressure that he can’t properly control his negative emotions But I have tried my best to communicate with him but he just refuse to tell me anything I have a problem like that but no one cares about me You have so many problems how can I cure them all? I am telling you who is Wang Te He is insidious and eccentric You know? These are all his tricks He is good at seducing girls like you, with only boobs but no brains, elder unmarried girls It’s so gross What are you talking about? Don’t talk about my friend like that! You are not the one to judge him I am your boyfriend and also your husband in the future Knowing that you have such an unreliable friend I have the responsibility to point it out Besides, I also have the freedom to talk! Then I am telling you I am not sure whose husband you will become in the future! Do you understand? What do you mean, Xiao Yan? Your freedom to talk can only be used to yourself What do you mean by saying you’re not sure whose husband I will become? What do you mean? Do you want to fight with me today? Answer me! Ten years, so what? This is what you can tell me after ten years of our relationship? After ten years, you still don’t trust my friend What do you mean? I’ve been tolerant of you for so long. Now listen to me Stop it What are you doing? In my view you two should break up as soon as possible End your relationship as a couple and resume your friendship as classmates Then you’ll not be fighting with each other all the time OK? Hands up if you’d like to OK, two affirmative votes Why should I leave her to Wang Te? What’s wrong? Still not answering the phone? He is getting more and more unreasonable Now you know! He’s an adult but he still doesn’t show up for such an important event How do you explain this to Mr. Ai? Where is Happy? He might be on the way here He might arrive at any minute Nice to meet you Mr. He Hello May I ask if you have read my project proposal? Yes, I did. It’s not bad! We should arrange a meeting next week for further discussion Great! Come here Hope we can have a good time working together It will be a huge success! Great Mr. Ai Hello Hello, Mr. Ai Hello Please Okay, please Mr. He Why isn’t Yikun here? He’ll be here in a minute Mr. Ai Where is your daughter? She’s dressing herself up and might be a little bit late Alright, girls always need some more time OK Come here Thanks, please This is really delicious Excuse me Sure Mr. Ai We didn’t find Miss Ai When we got here she is already gone Then keep looking for her Expand your searching scope Use every possible method Sure You, search over there You, come with me Let’s go Mr. He I am so sorry When my daughter was on her way she hurt her feet by accident just now I have to go back and check it out Is she alright? Yes, it is not too serious When she gets better we will definitely pay a visit to you It’s alright Excuse me Take care Goodbye Bye Bye Goodbye, Mr. Hu See you What a lovely dancing!

Yeah, we should also learn to dance or get more exercise Sure. Let’s go Life is so short It’s just a purse. I don’t need to get upset about it Come on, step up the foot in the front Turn around That’s right You are good Let’s go OK Quickly We need to split up You, search there and you, come with me OK, let’s go Yes, go Na Na Come here, Na Na Good evening, Aunt He Good evening, Uncle He Na Na Oh, she’s so beautiful Come and meet them Come here Such a beauty No wonder that Happy is so obsessed with you Indeed After you two met Happy can’t stop talking about you He even asked me to visit you and propose a marriage Well, in this case how can I refuse Uncle He, Aunt He you don’t have to propose I will accept this proposal Really? Happy just got so lucky to marry Na Na, such a nice girl This indicates that the two kids are meant to be together Exactly So the marriage is settled today? Settled! Good! Miss please don’t run anymore and go home with us Fine but tell me how did you find me? Mr. Ai has installed a location monitoring device on your phone Once you use it we can locate your position Location monitoring? That’s impressive! I won’t use it anymore My phone fell to the ground. Why didn’t you pick it up for me? Hello, mom Mom, I have just finished my work If I drive to you right now I guess the party would be over by then I think I’m gonna pass

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