everyone i uh suzanne if you are on or i call this meeting to order roll call please suzanne here counselor here councillor tyner here mayor ludwig here councillor mancini here councilman mueller here councillor riley here elsewhere asmr deputy mayor susan here counselor undyer here i’m not sure is councilor bosco absent or here he’ll be late but he’s not here right now okay thank you there’s my members president thanks suzanne um again we welcome our special guest uh for the night moving on to item two bl companies mr john ireland uh to discuss the final master plan on municipal buildings welcome sir if you have anything to present um i i uh paul i’m assuming he’ll be able to do it yes he should be fine so mr ireland welcome and um you have the floor thank you mr mayor um as a news my name is john ireland i am a licensed architect with bl companies and i am located in our american office before i get started i do want to thank you for inviting me this evening i know your time is valuable both to me and the bl companies and i do appreciate being here i particularly want to thank donald nunes and jeffrey lianowitz for their tireless efforts insights and assistance in bringing this forth this evening and then i want to thank thank donna suzak and the entire joint facilities committee who over the last year and a half have worked closely to provide review guidance ultimately the approval through their service to the town with what i think was an incl inclusive approach of ideas and their contacts so with that i will get us started and share the screen and with the presentation uh full screen is everybody able to see that yeah it looks good thank you okay okay so the process began about a year and a half ago and this was the rfp statement that the town put out that we responded to interviewed to and started probably about a month or two after that date in february of 2019. we began with the collective mission statement and we said that we would establish prioritize schedule and ultimately budget and we’ll talk a little bit more about that um the most cost-effective use of 10 of the town facilities we would look at improvements for those facilities or possibly the replacement of those facilities create a formwork for the town’s capital plan over the next 10 years our mission statement together was further defined to be conscious where there may be a potential increase in the tax burden to the property owners of enfield to limit the growth of expenses wherever possible to enhance and ultimately to enhance the town’s services through the use of these facilities so with that here are the 10 properties we focused on starting in the upper left as you know town hall social services buildings and grounds and the thomas alcorn former school building here on the east side of the town the public safety or police complex dpw jablonski facilities in the enfield annex and a central to this map the central library emergency medical services here and finally animal control so what we put together and we’re going to focus on the first part and spend quite a bit of time and focus on jablonski and the dpw facility i’d suggest if it’s all right with you that we hold the questions till the end i can navigate back to pieces of the show or if there’s a preference and someone would like to pause we can pause at any time each of the ten facilities is first put forth based on the recommendations that we collectively came to it will also include a list of what we call enabling projects projects that have to occur to allow this facility to move forward we then have some graphics to show you and we close each of the facilities with the timeline so with that i will look at the recommendations and present those for the jablonski facility the first and probably the most one of the most important things to do up front is to combine all seven of the town properties that we focused on into one parcel and there’s a lot of good reasons

to do that we’ll show you uh why we recommend that we’ll begin with fairly straightforward project and that’s the re the fueling facility you have two current fueling facilities one is a jablonski facility and one at emergency services and those collectively as you know the licenses are renewed on a roughly on an annual basis but the licenses are coming due again and it’s time to move that part of the project forward we’re proposing to build an addition on the facility for buildings and grounds and then renovate and update the entire facility the site we’re proposing new parking with site drives and a fairly we think creative idea of putting photovoltaic arrays over the covered parking which someday may lead to the charging of town vehicles we’re proposing to move and build a new animal control facility on this newly combined central facility site and then after further study the potential to put ems services either satellite or central to this site so the enabling projects are as no to move building in the grounds and we’ll come back to their site in the second part of this presentation move emergency services fueling fueling only and connect the two facilities and we’ll show you that ultimately move the animal shelter or to the central facility and then make plans for it and eventually add ems to this central facility site so what does that look like so here is an aerial view a site plan if you will in the lighter color there is topography or the rise and fall of the ground underneath the heavier uh dashed double dot lines are the property lines and as you can see the current dpw facility and we’ll zoom in on this in a minute is on this rectangular parcel here and is quite frankly using every inch of that parcel so combining all of these parcels into one central facility allows a lot of things to occur one potentially create a drive this would be a private drive which would connect the emergency services here on elm street to the fueling facility and here is the fueling facility so that is on the more forward piece of the moody road property and again we’re going to see views of this and the concept there what that will do is allow for fueling of all town vehicles a lot of the maintenance and overhaul of the vehicles already are happening on this facility but emergency services has their own fueling here and again we’re going to come back to their site in the in the second half of this presentation so we’re really focused on dpw and combining those facilities so i’m going to keep moving here this is the current aerial view and for the first time you’re seeing some color added to the floor plan and those are the proposed edition there’s a dashed line here which runs around over and across and the idea is to first infill the courtyard interconnect the corridors and then build a new entry here at the front the current entry for those that know it some of you know it very well the current entry is here new entry here and we’ll talk more how that functions and then continue the garage service bays here with some potential for some higher bay racking in in that location so we chose to take this plan further than a typical master plan for a lot of good reasons one to start to work out how well this might or might not function and after uh after all this time we think it functions very well and so does the committee and so do uh so do the folks at dpw it’s flexible enough that it starts to look at public and private in their town facilities i use the word private but service by town staff versus public accessing the building and allows things potentially to obviously continue in operations and build an addition that would limit the amount of disturbance to the building so again we can come back to the details but we wanted to show you the floor plan and show you some aspects of the floor plan as we look at the public accessing this floor plan there are doors configured here and here so a large meeting room here a vestibule with a window reception here so even though i’m coming to the facility quite frankly i may not need to go inside and meet i may be able to pick up forms drop off information pick up information here at the window at either window

and we’re still looking at this floor plan again we’re not trying to solve it here as a master plan we’re trying to put forth the elements that cause it to work so then we have public restrooms and a series of either meeting spaces or offices the balance then is the staff space to keep dpw and building and grounds going we’re looking at infilling the courtyard to make a more robust reporting area service area everything from lunchroom to at times as you know the operations here go 24 7 so this would serve those needs and again during the day and the regular hours would function as cafeteria and break room can also serve as a ready room or an on-call room too large enough in scale so the gross area the existing facility is about 41 000 square feet the proposed addition is about 15 that was the program needs of buildings and grounds to bring this facility up to approximately 57 just under 60 000 square feet so what could this look like again we took this particular aspect of it it’s important enough both to the committee and to everyone to look at some of the functional ways that this may work and we’ve created you’ll see in this view coming in off of lego way the one way in fueling and one way out we still have a one-way delivery drive here the current dpw jablonski facility receives material all day long vehicles circulate here it may be as simple as a drop off or a lot of the service and a lot of the activity is around on the side of the building at the service phase we’re going to look a little bit more at the building edition there but this is the first view of what the potential and again we’re not trying to solve this right now we’re trying to put forth the concepts so that you can you can see them um so with that we’re starting to drive down the drive looking at the new public entry the fueling facility above ground tanks again as a concept vehicle parking town vehicle parking here under the photovoltaic canopy as we swing around after we’ve fueled our vehicle we go out the exit drive here and this is also a view of the delivery and service lane here so with that i drive on out now if i’m coming from the public i would park here in this lot and there is a new entry um with a covering perhaps and that was the vestibule i described where i could come in engage at the window go through any paperwork or if i’m waiting wait for a meeting or wait to come to be greeted again the idea is to separate public from the functional aspects the original and the current i should say i’m already uh the the current entry is configured here and you can see that the concept that’s presented here is to continue the same type of construction so that when it’s complete it would blend blend together as one facility and and there’s the entry um again zooming up to the aerial view looking at moody road here lego way here and elm is over here in the distance and that would eventually connect over in time so with that here is the current aerial view and i i do sincerely believe that this site is currently used in its entirety there isn’t really room for anything else to to occur there and this predates the truck wash which is configured here this aerial view here’s the site again the truck wash configured here and quite frankly each of the sites we do a zoning analysis and what this shows you is that it is built out to the to the maximum extent possible so by combining these into a into a combined central facility um you’ll be good stewards of your own regulations to allow things to grow on these combined sites buildings we’ve put together in terms of square footage and actually you have these autocad drawings now for your internal use so what does that look like in a timeline and after this i’m going to pause um so year one we’re recommending that the move you move forward with consolidating the sites through the planning and zoning approval process you begin the uh buildings and grounds to move in on a temporary basis and again we’re

going to come back to that facility and see what effect that would have on that property uh they would move in here by the way and again we will talk a little bit about the annex currently the shop of buildings and grounds is configured over there year one there is a need to locate the emergency services that comes due i believe next year so year one would be to to move that above ground fueling tank to this site and then also begin the actual design we have put forth a conceptual design but begin the the detailed design for the site and for the building um and that is a good probably about a year process year two would be to finalize the design the site and the building including phasing i think again a lot of thought needs to be given of how to phase this to keep dpw to keep the jablonski facility in operation 24 7. and then the discussion has been to go to a publicly bid process for construction to a gc so in year two you finalize the design you construct uh and move the animal control facility and again we’re gonna come to that facility later uh year three would be the phase construction three and four and we think it is somewhere in the two-year timeline to construct this complex of a renovation and improvement year five would be perhaps to connect the emergency services with the central uh facility and build the roadway and in year five begin to look at the master planning for satellite or ems the concept is and again we’ll talk a little bit more about that later is it better to have a central ems or is it better to have satellite ems and again we’re not trying to solve that we’re saying that on this new central facility site you now have enough space to look at doing that it also makes sense uh from a fueling and vehicle maintenance standpoint and so with that i know i’ve talked quite a bit i’m going to pause and open it up for questions thank you mr ireland um i will open it up to the folks on the committee first so councillor sakala they’ll go counsel riley then deputy mayor suzak um just just thank you so far this is um this has been a project that i know that has been in the works for a while bl came in to do sort of a comprehensive analysis of all of our buildings and this is what we’ve really been focusing on trying to get a lot of bng and dpw under one roof as to not try to have it spread out all over town so i think this is a great place to start and you’ll see i think later on in the presentation that we have some other ideas but this is really i think a main focus and you guys have seen the buildings and grounds building down here and it’s kind of deplorable so i think this is a great place to start and it would be good to be able to have the fueling station and have it um connected to the police station so yeah so far so good thank you councillor riley um i just want to say um i think that this part of the presentation is something to definitely focus on and keep in the front of your minds because out of all the things that we have this is probably the easiest jump to make and it’s the most sense and we can you know provide a pretty good facility with all of this that covers all of our basic needs with dpw so um thank you for the presentation and i can’t wait to see the rest of it thank you deputy mayor susan have any questions or comments i guess my comment i mean the facilities has been working on this for a long time we started with matt koppler when he was here and it just seems that this is one of the things that all the town managers that i have had the pleasure to work with have wanted this gpw to be a combined site i mean that was the reason for the purchase of the land all around the jablonski i mean there’s been a lot of insight and also from listening to donald and jeff that you know they take away a lot of stuff from this that they can do within their budget at budget time and that that’s really it’s refreshing to hear because you know the main part when we get to the real nitty-gritty part of it it will require a referendum but it’s nice to always know that we have stuff that we can do without going to

referendum and also cindy is on the committee so i’ll turn it over to her sorry about that the counselor mangini you have the floor if you have any comments or questions sorry about that thank you i just want to briefly comment that the um the committee has worked incredibly incredibly hard and down under your direction thank you for all your hard work um just a question i have with regards to um solar panels it is solar panels a part of um you know phasing into any of the construction of the plan uh number one and then secondly um i know you know we mentioned uh people able to drive up and uh present you know materials instead of having to go into the buildings which i think is great especially with the covid uh climate that we’re in and i’m sure we probably are looking at those um features but i just wanted to get some feedback on that thank you thank you you want me to address that yeah you want to dress up now yeah go right ahead so so the uh the photovoltaic the solar panels uh we know we could put on a new structure we want to pause before we say we could put them on the existing structure but again now would be an ideal time so to do that there’s a little bit a little bit more work a look at it structurally but yes that is the concept i think um now is the time in any construction project but particularly here where i think it is a good visual example of this is what the town can do to lower some of the tax burden by supplementing with photovoltaic with the ability to generate electricity as far as yes the the interface with the public i think everybody appreciates um not having to go uh well particularly now but even prior to that to to get town services the smoother it is for me and the easier it is for me the more i appreciate that and i think uh obviously the uh the folks in enfield are the same way in other words if i could go to a service window there’s someone there who understands hey you’re here to you know talk about the recycling program or you’re here to pick up this or that or you’re here to fill out a form again that was the concept to create it easy visible and the ability for the public to use the facility conversely if i’m there to stay and i’m there for a meeting it’s also hopefully just just as easy so thank you thank you thank you thank you i appreciate you addressing the um questions counselor conor on the phone any questions uh yeah generally speaking i really like the idea of the central location and as time goes on i know it’s too early to discuss this now but obviously we have to talk about costs and my major question is going to be uh as time goes on uh how cost effective uh this program is going to be you know for the taxpayers of enfield but i’ve got to i’ve got to compliment the um the mr ireland i have to compliment the uh uh the committee i’m putting this together uh joint facilities committee you guys did an incredible job and i i thank you for that thank you mr mayor thank you sir unless there’s any other specific can we hold it to the end unless you got a specific question i’d like to see the rest unless you guys so let mr ireland finish going anyone have any questions specifically on his presentation so far so i have some questions but i think you may get answers as we move forward and suzanne just for the record councilor sparaza has joined the meeting mr ireland uh you’re welcome to continue sir thank you sir um before i go just to address the cost one of the things we talked to the committee about is everybody remembers the first number they hear so we were conscious about putting this together in a format that says here is the master plan now let’s start to look at the cost so i did i did want to be conscious of that because it is in the original mission statement so with that let’s take a look at the other nine facilities so we’re going to start buildings and grounds and work our way down i won’t take the time to read them because you’re going to see them and let’s keep things moving so buildings and grounds on prospect street uh ultimately our recommendation is to close this facility and as noted move buildings and grounds to the jabonsky facility the central facility and where appropriate some of them to the enfield annex and we’re going to talk about that we still need to finalize staff and personnel program for exactly the relocation and it’ll be relocated we’re recommending right away in other words let’s not wait until the construction is

done the time is now buildings and ground has been on and we’ll see it has been on a site that again if they’re using utilizing every inch at um at the jablonski they’re probably using every two millimeter there on prospect street so finalize the inventory of the vehicles the equipment stored there etc and then identify how best to move the folks right now to jablonski and to the enfield and annex both vehicles personnel and equipment there’s quite a bit of equipment there and some of it’s even stacked up in uh in storage um so we need to look at the uh enfield annex that should say town hall is incorrect the enfield annex and i apologize ann jablonski and building the grounds to move on a temporary basis design and construct the addition and then finally move the folks in and close the 52 prospect street facility so here it is um in aerial view and we’ll look at the plan in one one second but all of this is being used in the roughly two combined buildings but in the roughly three buildings there on site so here is the quick zoning analysis and by quick i mean you can see that the building is taxing yeah both setbacks here’s the rear yard setback side yard setback and the buildable area and it’s full in other words we’re parking here we’ve got equipment you know configured all the way around the site so there really isn’t an opportunity to expand this facility and it’s been well used certainly the town has gotten their money’s worth so to speak out of this facility so far and its location makes it challenging to bring people together under one roof and again there’s some economy to be had there of having all of the town it’s called buildings and grounds maintenance dpw under one roof so again the building’s roughly ten thousand seven hundred and if you recall we’re proposing roughly fifteen thousand square feet to be added to javonski so that would incorporate uh this ten thousand plus what’s i’m going to call it shoehorned in here really uh packed into this site so year one would be to do the inventory uh and move uh the folks out and the equipment over to javonski and the nx and then turn this over to the town attorney and to sell this property so i think does it make sense to get on through all the next seven eight i’m sorry eight properties and then open it up yeah i think okay okay so the annex the infield annex as you know um is uh one at the large-scale facility and there have been other studies we’ve taken those into consideration we’ve looked at options and we are proposing a new conceptual design to the site in the building to try to fully utilize the building it quite frankly is underutilized right now um we want to finally review and approve we’re going to put a concept out there this evening and we’ve been working with um with the facilities committee you know that is uh is a change quite frankly and changes is a challenge so we’re going to look to review and approve that concept um we the building still needs to be formally programmed and by that we mean each and every use and how it would fit both in there and proposed and the town needs to okay tao needs to go through a process to define and operate office space there have been discussions of potential rental and we’re not going to try to solve that in the master plan um however using other towns and cities as models even if it is rented for an a operation fee or a utility fee towns can enter into some form of quote rental agreement i don’t think rental is in the sense that a town is operating rental offices it’s in the sense of here’s office space if it makes sense legislatively legally and functionally then there is going to be office space available by the way it’s a great building maintain the the grounds the playing fields the entire site we think it makes an ideal place for town hall to do document retention the um former locker room area downstairs quite frankly is is well built it’s windowless it can be uh easily turned into something that would meet the state standards and your town standards for document retention proposing to move uh parks and recs from the lemanya center to the nx some of them and we

want to talk more in detail about that we’ve moved some of the buildings and grounds particularly the wood shop is already there keep them there at the annex until they can be relocated to the central facility so what does that look like we chose to again put forth a design concept here and again we’re not trying to solve it but we are conscious of this building having a fairly uh deep core to death ratio so what do i mean by that when i’m standing in the middle of this building i can’t see daylight and so the idea here is if you know the building and we’ll see it in aerial view there are sections that already have very narrow high clear story window and then it doesn’t involve the rest of the building structure so it’s looking at taking that section out and introducing glazing here so that’s the concept again enough space out front we’re not trying to design it at this time we’re trying to say this could in fact become a newer entry to to the building off of moody road so that’s the end we’re looking at we’re going to look at that in plan but that’s the concept that’s put forth so here potentially is what an office space could look like in there when you remove that section of windows so this is to scale this is a concept that could become a reality if if you so choose we would then look to borrow daylight from the interior and here’s where the probably the most radical part of this concept comes we’re proposing to create a clear story where the library space currently is that’s skylit from above that allows daylight in and so as you can see i’m going to toggle back to that office but this is what i meant by the core right now there is no daylight here and so if i’m oops i went the wrong way i apologize if i’m in the office looking out with these clear story windows i can start to see daylight in these offices and so that concept is accomplished by opening the middle of this building up and shortening the depth to the core and creating an inner courtyard here or a walkway sorry to this courtyard so we put that concept forth here’s the sections i was talking about i i know it’s hard to see and you can certainly look at it on your own but the the horizontal windows here there’s three of them in each of these bays those would be removed and we think again conceptually it would be easy to do this section here where the skylights are is the section we propose to remove keep the mechanical pen house and open this up here so that’s the concept site’s a beautiful site it’s very well organized great for sports as you know it functions very well as a high school by the way it can’t really return for school use without a substantial investment so in bringing it up to current school standards it can certainly function as athletics it can certainly function as limited use but to return it to a school you know those days are gone but continue to use the athletic fields continue to use the building again well planned well laid out room for expansion here and new entry possibly here and we’ll see that in the in the floor plans so the building grows area is 210 000 square feet on three levels um and the current uses of the 210 are laid out here we won’t try to go through them all this evening but you have a section of adult education we nicknamed a border that it really should say that it is public schools and their use by the rec department cna buzz robotics b g electrical there is a large area in green not really in use some file storage and admin building support so in our diagrams we’re starting to gray out areas that are building support stairs elevators etc and then we’re starting to call out circulation as a separate number so you’re really looking at the usable space so we took that into consideration and here is what is proposed and there’s an intentional dashed line across here and this is the office space section of the building there’s enough space to keep everything that’s there now add the town hall record storage to this lower level here in the former varsity locker rooms still keep all functions and create this office space in this section of the building on three floors so that’s what’s proposed um this was not taken lightly by the facilities committee you know there is a

a lot of debate and i’m sure there’ll continue to be a lot of debate about how best to use this building but we believe that there will always be a need for some form of office space whether it’s used by the town or used by the quasi-town functions and that the idea of returning it to a strict educational program is not a good idea so the recommendation there is for the office space year one we recommend that the town hall document retention be firmed up and planned and designed you would start then year one looking at any kind of formal agreement or the use and policy of these offices again we’re not going to try to solve that in this master plan move parks and rec to free up some space at le mans and then move some of buildings and grounds to the enfield annex year two construct that document retention by the way it is intentionally on the ground floor it is near a loading area it would facilitate the movement out of we’re going to see in a minute uh out of the town hall attic but to a ground floor location which will make it much easier on document retention handling and then perhaps in year three and four construct and restack the building so that’s the enfield annex next we move to the thomas alcorn building and this also former school is a great great building on a great site we think it can be used more efficiency more efficiently and we want to encourage the use of a more detailed program for town and enfield public schools and i think the functions that are narrowed out can co-exist and work well together the as i said the the staff to square foot areas that suggest that utilization is fairly low and we’ll look at that and that the cafeteria right now is probably one of the easiest areas to configure into office space so first enabling project is to identify what other functions town functions could work well with the enfield public schools perhaps move some of the social service offices here and i want to be clear into the offices and it’s the offices that may serve the enfield public school function that is there now again there could be some good synergy there and then plan that site in that building for long-term use because i said it’s a great building and we’re going to see it in a minute so here is the aerial view it’s configured on roughly three floors a lot of good open space there is currently a look at how best to utilize the basketball courts how much parking is needed and quite frankly we’ll see in the next you know there is space here available um and um not trying to solve it trying to point out that there’s a lot of good open space this building is a good neighbor to the residential it does allow for expansion it can grow on this site has good access and good potential for expansion as you plan out over time so the building configures here it’s roughly 53 000 square feet it is broken down like this about half of the space is on the first floor the 25 000 square feet um enfield tv is here about a thousand square feet and then public schools and public administration you’ll see in these next three slides is in in the uh the salmon or red color and the blue is the administration and then on the upper floor is pd we do separate out building support stairs and mechanical spaces and circulation so these are the numbers for usable space in the total building of 52 000. on the second floor the floor plan gets a little more uh constrained 17 000 open space here and on the third floor is uh entirely uh pd and it uh for the town um so what what do i mean by utilization one of the ways to look at it is to take the usable and again it’s a gross usable so it’s a large number and divide it by the number of people that are using it and it’s a it’s a little bit on the generous side you know a thousand square feet roughly a thousand square feet is the average a lot of that is understandable and let me explain for a couple of reasons one of course i t and the police department and the technical aspect of i.t does not lend itself well to being compact it is the reuse of a school so on the left you’ll see a concept you can take classrooms and configure them into three offices you could take cafeteria and configure it into open office space and thereby increase the population again we’re not trying

to solve it again our charge was to try to find effective ways of utilizing the buildings we think this is a great building and can be enhanced the utilization can only get better from here so year one is to look at uh social services what could move there and what could co-locate well and then in years two through five is to identify the additional programs and the growth of this facility because again great location great building great site so next we move to social services our recommendation is to ultimately close this facility and and sell it uh to do that there are a number of things that need to be looked at what of these functions could go to thomas alcorn what can move to the lemanya center and yes we are aware of other projects there at the center of town we haven’t been directly involved with them but we are quite aware of them and there may be an opportunity to move some of the social services there and keep them the committee was very strong about the idea of keeping social services in the center of town even though this site is uh looked to be sold so we’re not selling social services i want to be clear on that we’re selling selling the site and retaining social services and looking at the best way to locate them within the town so here is the aerial view of the building again good building in great shape um it is somewhat uh on its own if you will in other words it’s there at the center of town but as you can see it’s next to the church in a residential neighborhood set back we think it’s a fairly saleable property it’s 6 000 square feet and was built and function functions well again the charge was to look at optimizing the use of all of the town property and this one um could could be sold and not miss a beat in utilization so that that yes 10 minute warning i want to make sure i have at least 10 minutes for folks to have the last questions we didn’t get a chance and we have a hard stop at seven so i just want to i’m not trying to move you along but just want to give you so we want to make sure people have a chance to ask questions all right thank you and i’ll move i’ll move i try not to talk fast so i will uh and i’ll try to i’ll try to summarize thank you thank you so town hall i think the biggest focus here is on that third floor attic it’s not a great it’s not a good spot to store your records it’s not big enough it’s not conditioned it’s not in protected construction and you’ve used it it’s full so if space becomes available that could become swing space that can start to look at again other projects going on in town that could stage them so they could go over to the enfield annex that’s the basic plan in a nutshell there in the master plan for the town hall again great building we all know it uh works well no real change needed there um yes we’re aware of other potential connections and and projects there no need really to change anything here so it’s really about document retention and migrating that to the enfield annex next animal control i think the biggest reason to move this is finding it quite frankly you know it’s not that accessible for the public um that and it’s in a a small scale building um and it’s a it’s another opportunity to close a functioning facility that you’re paying to operate again bring that function up to the central facility so here it is down there on parsons next to the river and there is the site it could combine with wastewater treatment uh it is a site that is zoned residential believe it or not down in that zone uh i think it exists by special special exception but again we’re looking to to to close this property um and the timeline would be to begin to look at that right away plan that and construct it on the newly consolidated by year two we believe you’ll have the central facility properties consolidated so public service um again functions well great location there is a mandate uh through an agreement they’ve entered into for an operational vehicle that should be covered so we think that the most effective way to do that is to put an unconditioned so it’s a pre-engineered metal building covering over this you could certainly put a temporary covering but again i think

it’s clear that emergency and police operations are always going to have command vehicles vehicles that need to be covered vehicles that should remain there next to their facility and putting a a modest again a very modest unconditioned and i say unconditional it’s not heated or cooled it is a covering to preserve the long-term use of that vehicle we talked about interconnection and we talked about the underground fuel tanks moving above ground and moving up to the central facility so those are the projects necessary to uh to move that along um the drive by the way is aligned here and our civil engineers have looked at that both the alignment of that drive and then the topography and crossing the uh the wetlands um so that’s what the facility looks like again kind of working our way across here across the wetlands here and interconnecting um building works well doesn’t need i mean it can the object here was not to study uh police functions in this building it was to study the overall site and the combinations of the site so like any public safety complex there is always a need to look at it long term as far as functional use and again we didn’t dive into that under this master plan 25 000 square foot facility planning the timeline is to plan next year to move those tanks from a below ground to above ground plan that re-engineered a pre-engineered building and then construct it and then perhaps in year five connect the two this site with javonski site emergency medical services and we looked quite closely at this and it’s not a site we recommend expanding on you’ll see it it’s it’s very constrained um it also has a history and there’s been traffic studies and therefore additional traffic is not recommended at this site could it be a good satellite site yes could it be the central site possibly with the same vehicle count so but now you have options now you have the option of moving this or central and or this becomes satellite or satellite at the central facility so here is uh emergency medical services again it uses every inch of this site it is unfortunately not directly aligned with this intersection i think that’s one of the concerns uh with traffic this intersection as well so it is combined by the way on one greater site so it’s not an easy equation to look at it’s kind of over the setbacks and again we don’t recommend expanding there however it can remain and function well it’s a beautiful uh you know streetscape and the building functions well as it stands today about 4 000 square feet you probably need probably need more in the long term and so that that’s what this is about is beginning in the near future to do a detailed study of emergency medical services town wide last and i don’t mean least is central library but here again you’ve got a great facility it functions well and we really think continue that take a look at identifying what the library needs what the community needs and what the town needs at the central library again in these current times it’s great to have a building that’s function and you know can be an alternate location for use there is some ability for a little bit of expansion out here in the front yard on middle road but again it’s well used great building well maintained does have a little bit of space uh sorry wrong way uh in the lower level uh egress is always a challenge from the lower level egress and by that i mean access and accessibility um stairs so on and so forth but again you’ve got a great building here that has a total of just under 40 000 square feet so we recommend that that remains and with that i think i have allowed enough time for questions so well i will start i appreciate it well done thank you very much sir i appreciate it mr ireland any questions from anyone who didn’t answer prior and hearing accounts counselor mueller i had a quick question about social services moving it from the center of town would that be moving away from the people that need it the most down this area i think the recommendation is to keep things in the center of town and only migrate yep keep keep center of town again between projects that are going on and if if there is a synergy um in other words if there are social services

for the current public schools program at the alcorn center that would work well together then those offices could move to that facility so that that that was the recommendation in uh councilman mullen oh thank you thank you thank you anyone else in the council chambers before i open up to the committee members i’ll save my questions for last no questions i’ll start counselor sakala um nothing i’m just this is again a very large scale project broken down into a lot of different pieces and i can tell you that really where the the building committee has been focusing is the jablonski center and buildings and grounds and to be very truthful there has been a a lot of lively discussion and some disagreement on some of these buildings on what to do but again like charlotte said this is really something we want to bring to you guys and focus at least right now on getting dpw all together under one roof thank you counselor riley any other comments or questions uh the only other comment that i have and we talked about it at length at the last facilities meeting was that uh you know we’ve been talking about this for quite some time now and obviously we can’t move and fix all the problems and you know the next year but we would like to make sure that somehow in some way we keep moving on this because we don’t want to see it just you know oh great presentation and then nothing happens we want to see you know the us keep talking about it and how we can make it work for the town but that’s the only thing i have to add but thank you uh deputy mayor suzak any comments or questions i’d just like to thank john great presentation i mean this has been a lot of work by the committee and i think that he’s all moved forward by the committee meeting there are two meetings a month religiously and looking at our cw staff looking at what’s in the air and putting in their budgets what they can do and start us moving in the direction that we need to thank you councillor mangini any comments or questions just wanted to say thank you it was a very well thought out well put together presentation thank you councillor kiner any want to make sure any questions or comments no i don’t have any questions uh mr mayor just uh thank you to the joint uh facilities committee uh to mr ireland it’s a wonderful presentation thank you thank you sir mr ireland i actually had a couple questions um so the the archive i i know it’s in conceptual with it being i know the the uh the locker room very well down at the annex will the ability to actually have one of those you know the kind of the modern type archives where you can sort of do it by you know electronics instead of folks you know where the public could go in and actually you know look for if they’re looking for archives that sort of thing um the potential is there yes uh the floor is loaded so in other words that you could do uh dent storage as well um as far as i we haven’t really looked at it a public window access but certainly can be planned that way yeah i was just curious i mean i think it’s a great idea and it’s actually a perfect location too by the way um thank you so i think i agree with the other counselors that it makes sense now to start the movement over to the jablonski where we have a cen you know central town you know town operation really is what with the senior center with the which i know wasn’t part of the presentation but the police you know the the police department and possibly moving ems over there you know i think what i think what has to happen as well is getting the animal you know shelter out of where it is you know it’s just a terrible location down there it’s really i get why i was there but it’d be great to be able to move it up to the jablonski center where again it’s just much more central located and and um you know again just we’ll be able to maintain it i think a little easier than keeping it where it is yeah i think that’s something that we have to do and i i really do appreciate the fact of the the connection with the with the uh the fuel tanks my only question with that now so as we’re going as we’re living through natural disasters everything that’s going on will that be our only up uh outdoor fuel tank in town if that’s where we move it to do we i don’t know if you can answer that or if someone else can answer that um i think someone like i’ll lean on donald or or jeffrey because my only thinking yeah my only concern obviously we kind of need to have more than one and maybe that setup that’s been looked into for the simple fact that what happens if a storm goes through the center of town yeah uh mr mayor the uh there’s we also have wpc it has a has a smaller tank but we do have that

ability to go down there although the partners go down here and we’re also looking at just having some uh like fuel cards or something like that that we could use locally okay perfect appreciate it and my last question mr allen so i agree with you that i think the key point of your presentation which may have not been emphasized because i know you have a ton to show is the 24-hour operation at the jablonsky center how important that is to not only safety but it really is the town is a 24-hour operation seven days a week and do we when you looked at this did do we a currently have the the it you know uh i i’m sorry if i’m using wrong terminology the connectivity where it can be 24 hours a day seven days a week would that be part of any kind of upgrade as you see as we move forward i think your town staff does an excellent job of making it work i think that’s the honest most honest answer i can give you they do a great job of making a 24. it can only get better both from a functional standpoint but also from as you said the i.t but the everything from fiber to antennas to connectivity um again that’s why i think this needs to be carefully planned over at least a year time frame and then carefully constructed and sequenced so that it doesn’t interrupt the 24 7 and comes online by phase so there’s a lot of planning to do and yes that is that is uh i think that the core the spirit of the operation it’s a 24 7. uh folks are there all the time um it can function all the time so um so yes thank you so i i’m good any other questions from anyone mr ireland uh if you have any closing comments i want to make sure you i appreciate the fact that uh you still got you still got a few minutes i don’t know if you have anything else you’d like to say um i i want to thank everybody i want to thank you again for having me i think um we’re enthusiastic about moving it forward the next steps are to now refine the budget and continue the outreach to the public so um so again thank you and it’s great to be here so just so you know you know obviously barring what’s happening with with the pandemic our goal is we usually like last year we started the budget we’re hoping to do the same thing in early winter so this will be happening fairly quickly just so you know so meaning conversations of what are what not will be in the capital budget next year so can give you a little idea of our timing sounds great sir first of all appreciate you being here great presentation and uh again kudos to the committee members to everyone who serves on this committee a fantastic presentation and my last question will this be on our website for people to able access you have a copy of it via already um exactly what you saw this evening so i think i think it’s ready to go so chris that’ll i don’t know if chris is on chris under the town manager page where we normally put these presentations will that be there yes great perfect mr allen again thank you very much it’s a great presentation we appreciate your time thank you for being here thank you thank you mr mayor thank you all very much

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