Hello Hello Hello Hello Yes this is Mai I will reach by 4 PM No, the bus hasn’t come yet Oh No! Bus! Bus… please stop Can I get some water please? Next bus comes only in the evening You’ll have to wait till then But I must reach Basiya by 4 PM Come, we’re almost there You guys going via Basiya? This lady missed her bus Can you drop her on the way Please, can we too come along Stop the truck Please, stop the truck What the hell? You better have a good reason

Son, let this girl sit with her uncle Who do you think you are? Ordering us like that! Get off the truck now! Come on… Let’s go She’s not going with you I said, come down Women don’t get it, till they are thrashed What happened? Why are you crying? Good morning! You dimwit Get the hell out of here or I’ll pull your intestines out Come on, get down quickly Here’s the deal Leave now and, come and fetch the girl in an hour Or stay back and take her chopped head along with you Get lost Now, you too want a deal or what? Come on pull the sim card out of her phone, break it and hop in the truck Ahh! She cut me up bro… Come fast Go, stop the bleeding first I’ll deal with her Seems to be a pick pocket bitch!!! Moves around with a blade! You weren’t even born when I started using the blade Don’t you dare move forward! Bro, the girl escaped! Let her go! Let’s feast on this woman today! Bro, It seems the girl has called the cops… Let’s go! Bro, I’m feeling dizzy Let’s go. NOW! Has Mai come yet? Don’t know if Mai is going to come Can we take her to the hospital? Please act fast, or else we’ll loose the baby as well as the mother Mai, where on earth had you been? You said 4 PM! Let’s go Get me a new blade to cut the umbilical cord I’ll get it Get me a clean cloth and some hot water Sure I’m told, babies delivered by you are always boys! If a girl is born to me, then please save her People have been called to strangle the baby, if it’s a girl So what if I save your daughter from being killed today! Tomorrow some man might rape her and hang her body On the tree when she goes to relieve herself in the fields You’ll find your daughters half rotten body on the way to her school Even if she survives These men will spit on her The only way to save your daughter is to ensure No men are born I was so proud of my lucky hands that were known to deliver only boys Not anymore I’d rather cut veins than cords of boys If a girl is born to you today your folks will kill her

But if a boy is born to you then, I will kill him (Copper plates being beaten together to announce the birth of a baby BOY) Found you, finally I looked for you everywhere in the village You forgot to take the saree Uncle Bunna asked me to look for you and gift this saree to you I don’t want the saree, take it back I could not do what I meant to Please, I’ll get thrashed if I take the saree back Why are you following me? Go gift the saree to your uncle, he’s a proud father of a son, no less But, I just wanted to guide you Your bus now leaves from the minister’s village This is not the way to that village You will find this poster everywhere in the village What’s your name? Kundan But they call me one eyed boy in the village, I’m blind in one eye Were you born like that? When I was only a few days old, My mother put me under a mango tree and left for good There were red ants on the tree They got into my eye and damaged it Are you Sumitra’s son? You know my mother? Ofcourse, she lives close by She has two more sons, I helped her deliver them I think you are referring to some other woman If my mother lived so close by, she would have surely visited me I’m talking about your mother only Come I’ll take you along to meet her, want to come along? Yes! No, leave it If she turns out to be my mother She will be devastated to see my damaged eye I’m sure she will give her own eye to me How will she run her life with just one eye? Kundan

Hmmm Since your mother left you, do you live with your father? After my mother left, my father too left My grandmother would beat me up everyday So my uncle got me in this village Uncle Bunna, who just had a son, is actually our neighbour, but he really loves me I dropped out of school after 3rd grade Aunt thinks education is of no use Tell me something, Your mother abandoned you Your grandmother abused you Your aunt forced you to drop out of school Don’t you just hate women? I don’t think so much about things By the way, you too hit me today But I think you are a good human being, aren’t you? I did it I end up wasting so much time waiting for the bus Why don’t you buy a bicycle, you won’t be dependent on anyone Who’ll ride the bicycle? No one teaches a woman how to ride As if men are given a master class in riding bicycles They learn it on their own several falls later This saree! But, it is gifted only to the village Goddess! This was the only new saree they had Anyways Uncle Bunna believes you are the real Goddess Since you saved his wife and their baby Such reverence for me! Be quick, your bus will be here soon

If I ever get to meet my mother I will gift her exactly the same saree You know what You were right about your mother The day she meets you she’ll actually give her own eyes to you The sunrise, the twilight, the path to work are now filled with joy and beauty You are the reason of my new found vision The trees, the playgrounds… my days and nights are full of joy and beauty You are the reason of my new found vision You and I are not separate beings Just like the clouds fill the river and the river fills the cloud Why should men and women compete with each other We should compliment each other Empower each other Bliss will follow

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