we’re trying to find food I think we found the food market and they’ve loved to surf enjoy sauces J you should go for the hottest sauce so I’m ordering food here and thank you know and that guy just speaks to me in German he didn’t ask me if I’m I’m German like he just assumed because I look so glum one word my life that’s how German I look in sound wait but there yeah well Germany is a tiny country you know you can just walk I’m gonna try it right now yeah that’s the most important part that’s really good thank you sir danke oh yeah I had I had kind of a breakthrough yesterday I think on that so I was yeah I can do wait can other people see me guys let me know if you can see me yeah I mean on that like the last couple of days I was feeling a bit Restless you know restructure a bit it’s now my company I’m the sole founder he’s still like part of it he’s he’s he’s advising he’s helping out with operations he is helping out with content strategy but it’s now my company which what’s what’s the point of this post like here are my three lessons but let’s figure out how do we get to click on that post like for example if we take just the last one when we say I just started my newsletter here’s my three biggest learnings like if which is on top of that have two lines where it says I almost didn’t stop my newsletter or whatever you know or like something that that’s a bit more catchy people like oh why did you not start and then it’s like doo doo doo doo and here’s my three learnings like it’s still gonna have the same value but we get more people to think so we now officially get the co-working space all to our selves all these pussies already went home oh hello mr. sir what are you doing there Wow their answers taken a long time there we see more people overdoing work-life balance that’s a plan by the way and here we see art that’s very interesting art what are we gonna do now J we have all of this free space we can

do some race yeah that was the race dude I want he’s still there what was that kind of race huh 7:00 p.m. did some work you work until now we now I actually so one fun thing I actually did today at least it was fun to me it’s probably not fun to you is one of our clients for our linden agency has a newsletter and so we’re helping him grow his newsletter and so today I build out a document on how we’re gonna grow that from pretty much zero to fourteen hundred subscribers in two and a half month and ya know I can’t show you that document so that was a pretty bad teaser but anyway I had a lot of fun and now jail we’re gonna stay you know that’s fun can you give me some push it push it J Hey it’s my boy whoa no it’s fine here I wish another fun huh yeah almost died so did anything else exciting happened today in my brain I did a live stream with petram that was very fun caught up with that guy again I had a catch-up call with with the guy I’m running the agency with and we kind of went over a couple of things we want to do to start scaling or at least putting the pieces into place to be able to scale oh yeah I yelled at Jay I didn’t actually yell at you what no I was a bit harsh with you because Jay has been bitching these last couple of days oh you’ve been a bitch yeah get over it Jay it’s just food it’s supposed to be a tool to make you survive you care too much about it people care so much about food by the way let me just quickly talk about this why do people care so much about food it’s just food evolutionarily are you speaking it’s there to feed you so you survive but somehow people put food until this pedestal that you can’t eat food unless the tastes amazing that’s just the sherry on top of the fucking thing you know the taste you should eat food because it’s good for you people people are getting the balance wrong like you know you can eat some stuff sometimes that tastes good if you want but like people do it all the time they only eat shit like cereal for breakfast because it tastes nice let me get some burgers and pizza because it tastes nice let me get some dessert and you better not tell me I can’t eat that because that’s my freedom you fucking killing yourself I’m telling you people you know just think about it penguins don’t constantly eat ice cream and they’re looking pretty good don’t they actually a little amazing I wonder what they’re eating fish lots of fish fish has lots of omega-3 for you that’s good for you yes awesome yeah but then people like people get perverse with stuff you know they fry it and they fucking put like sauces on there you know there are healthy stuff and then people somehow manage to not make it healthy you know chicken you can eat chicken but then they put and fucking like stuff you see he’s complaining it in bitching again Jay whatever you know you do whatever you want you do you I’m not judging no I’m

serious the only thing that I care about is people knowing that it’s bad for you like you can eat shit however much you want but you better fucking know that it’s fucking shit for you and literally you’re gonna die from it okay yeah but sooner dude dude there are fucking people getting 120 years old and they’re fucking chain-smoked that doesn’t mean smoking is good for you like get real fat right Wow I thought you were scientific purpose anything else someone this was already pretty long I hope you guys are doing fine you know I actually allow you guys to you know grab some popcorn while watching this because this must be pretty entertaining I assume I mean there are not a lot of yeah I know you know what I can have you you have popcorn when I would want well sound coming nice what song is playing limit chick those girls this is good yeah no business apart of the care it is a lot of in the land there was a time they used to look into my face but those days are gone now the memories on the law so yeah basically my playlist is like a teenage 16 year old girl which just got her heart broken I don’t know why but these songs make me think better which is pretty hard to do because I’m already thinking on a pretty high level consistently I mean you got just experiencing it firsthand it’s pretty

incredible what happens up here people are not even aware it’s a crazy thing in here it’s crazy it’s crazy people don’t even know I think I’m actually gonna maybe do some work again now I have calling 50 minutes I got to prepare for that and I’m waiting for a client to send me some stuff but you know they’re my clients so obviously you’re on their mercy at their mercy I think for food I’m just gonna eat cereal tonight are you down for that Syrah is pretty good he’s not happy we’ll see oh yes tomorrow by the way big heads up for tomorrow we are going whale watching tomorrow whale watching and yes the crazy thing that means I won’t have internet for two full days well I could probably figure out how to get internet but I’m also very curious to see what happens if I don’t have internet for two days and here’s a like interesting fact since I started Instagram in May last year there was not a single day where it didn’t at least post one story and so this will be the first time I will not only miss one day well no actually one full day because I still have some we’re gonna leave on Friday we’re gonna come back on Sunday so Friday and Sunday I still have some stuff happening but Saturday will be the first day in the history of Finn’s Instagram where there is not a single post that is freaking crazy yeah there was here huh dude I have all my stories from going back what oh definitely not not since you and me met it’s trying to call me out but he can’t come up yeah let me know which one yeah but not nothing then I posted something at night I can guarantee you there is not a single day where didn’t at least post one story he’s trying very hard you know you want to do you want to do bet you want to bet money on it well that’s the problem dude I’m not gonna go through five hundred days and check every single day you could do it if you’re trying to like trying to you know come at me and trying to tell me I’m lying right now you can do the research bro but I’m telling you I’m willing to bet money right now that there’s not a single day I miss the story shit this is 15 minutes long this whole clip I might just include the whole clip anyway I think then it might be smart for me to actually sign off the vlog if nothing interesting happens which I assume it doesn’t because I’m now gonna have the call then we’re gonna go back then we’re gonna go either I’m gonna edit the vlog and then it’s sleepytime so take why fuck I also got to catch up with editing the vlog I got added to vlogs tonight might be so yeah I’m gonna sign off now tomorrow you’re gonna see the first day I do think that I won’t miss a day because if I’m right on Saturday on I’m two days behind so whatever’s going on out on Friday no Friday is going out on Sunday so I’ll just have to come back on Sunday edit the video right away and upload it and then there shouldn’t be a gap on the upload

we’ll see if I can make it happen it should work out but that just means that I got added to vlogs tonight yeah I mean that’s not the problem yeah I mean Friday is a pretty unexcited day such like it’s an hour maybe anyway but yeah thank you so much for watching sorry for this super long thing I don’t know which how much I’m gonna cut out maybe actually not so much because that will mean I can go through this very quickly so I’m sorry for that fact that you just had to watch through this massively long thingy thing but you know have some have some sense sympathy you know because you get I had two vlogs now but thank you so much for watching make sure you like and subscribe tomorrow you’re gonna see the first day of our actually we’re watching trip and see you then peace out I do wake up when there’s no other time to wake you up seething breathing

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