well again greetings welcome to another edition of talk of the town i’m your host rod johnson and we got a great show for you today pleased to have as our guest lyle lords and cannon falls native right dropping your balls in fact not too far from me we feel we’ve actually known each other for a long time yeah but while recently retired after 35 years in law enforcement and all 35 of those years for good you County Sheriff’s Department all 35 yet were the Sheriff’s Office Wow yes that’s a that’s going to be a little unusual isn’t it these days or not you know well we do you know a lot of people do have downs of different agencies throughout their career but you know we we have actually found its share self as a lot of people are committed to the long term okay because of the chance of advancement it pertains plus if it’s in the community that maybe have grown up with or their spouses growing up they have a tendency that to stay but but some people do overall more but yeah I guess I was really fortunate to be able to family whole career there all right well let’s let’s go back way back we went when did you first start thinking about you know were you a kid when you decided I’d like to do that someday or when did it kind of thinkin that’s what you want to actually was a ninth grade assignment in in school we had to write a paper on a career and I chose a law enforcement and Dick Fox was the local trooper in Cannon Falls of the time and I wouldn’t interviewed him and did my paper about law enforcement and that really was the deciding point really at that time that was that point out it was something my wand who took me a while to get there I did a lot of other jobs before that but I finally did make it yeah and was he kind of helpful in steering you in the right direction as to how to you know get into it you know I he gave me you know gave me advice to that you know back in those days when I started you did the two year degree or a 40-degree wasn’t a requirement it was still something they liked you to have but you could get hired and then be sent off to rookie school so I was really fortunate to be able to do that in fact there was only two more of those schools out after me and that point on you had of the degree so I was really fortunate to be able to fallen into that mm-hmm so when you first went to work for good you County I would imagine you didn’t start at the top and all no I you know I Dale Grover sheriff at the time a person from cannon falls as well that’s right and I had written him a letter and asked how I could get into law enforcement not having a degree in stuff and he actually went into the information more about the rookie school and all that and he hired me as a jailer dispatcher back in those days jail and dispatch combined duties you would he would maybe do one one day in the next day juice ml so I started out dispatching and jailing and that was very interesting that I almost didn’t last very long just personally because I you know there’s something I wasn’t used to and about my second or third day I was on my own or I didn’t have big training times and I remember sending an ambulance to the wrong town who I thought holy cow is this is where it’s going to be but I did I did get through it the sheriff was very understanding house was the victim yeah who did survive ok everything is ok but so I spent a little over my first year dispatching and jailing and then from there and then there everything was applied for promotions and a patrol open he came up a little over a year later and I applied for that was fortunate to get that position that started my career as far as a licensed officer went working in patrol duties and I continue to do in that for for a significant period of time and in fact that’s on patrol when I started coneys first canine program and that was in 1988 several several years so that was the first canine program in the kit for the Sheriff’s Office correct yeah city of Red Queen had one at that time already in fact I was Roger Clemens active is instrumental in helping me with that but sheriff forest rippling forest was the sheriff at that time and he helped me get that started and I think really that was kind of a cornerstone of my career I was going to say is that kind of going to be young one of the things you look back and go wow yeah you mean as far as everything I did that was probably the one of the funnest things I did you know in fact my son who is also long for Rob Kearney works a dog for them and it’s a lot of fun I used to actually go help him a little bit at the dog trials and stuff but he kind of retired me too and we’ve replaced me somebody a little quicker a little younger and I remembered you were near involved with the canine and I’ve met others that have had canines and the thing I notices you you become very close to the dog and it’s a very you know good relations everyone has to be it has to be yeah you know and majority the timeless dogs retire did you stay with the handler they’re typically one person dogs down I mean I couldn’t go anywhere ever even in

my house and major be right there with me I go to the bathroom he’d come with me I want to go he was fine you know my wife dawn and the kids could handle and find but as far as police commands go strictly one person and yeah you do get very attached to them and how many years were you with the canine i was with the canine towel on 1895 how many different dogs that was just one I just nine he was 9 years old ok at that time I was actually a patrol sergeant by then and I was a decided rather take a second dog or there was an opening and investigations and welfare fraud and I just had not there not to do a second dog and apply for that position again just another change and chance for advancement and so I went that route a little more on the canine because they do so many different things right i mean a lot of like major was major certain you know they all up you know okra area looks at the dog and fix about their apprehension ability but that’s really by the least we would use those dog for its there’s Billy distant all right nor the track to search and then usually we will specialize them in either narcotic searching or explosive surgeon and we in our conium more need for narcotic searching and that’s what I specialized in my children but really if it wasn’t for the senton ability we wouldn’t even have that’s that’s what they’re all about okay you you mentioned a little bit about training opportunities and I imagine being in law enforcement is that is there are there a lot of opportunities for you to train you know while you’re working the other is well you know you’re mandated to have so much training of your any ways to keep your license but then all the other things you do all your core tasks you have to have additional training I was also fortunate fortunate to be a trainer as I you suppose you did firearms instructor did that for a high majority of my career along with a tactical team trainer so we’re training all the time I mean it doesn’t matter what faisal law enforcement in but there’s training all the time whether it’s working in the jail as the detention deputy or dispatcher everybody is always seems like going through some type of training to keep current because it changes constantly technology technology changes constantly again our guest is a lot Lawrenson has been 35 years with the good you County a Sheriff’s Department and like you said you see started as a jailer dispatcher canine you were also involved with do they still call it the SWAT team yeah we call an emergency response team it’s just kind of a politically correct okay purse a lot team yes I well I was on that for 14 years commander for taking was seven or eight years of that again that was a big part of my career we started that team in 1993 and it is still going today in a very well established team when we work together along with the city of red wine and wabash at Coney we service both counties and how busy you know I vols minute I mean how many calls do you average just say in a month I think people would actually be first of ours usually surprised we even have a town cam team in good you Kony but on an average just one the two calls a month is one and it has averaged out over over the years and are typically calls for high-risk warrants i’ll oftimes related to narcotics or or a crime they made involve the weapon or a barricaded standoffs which may be somebody that’s threatening suicide where the weapon or something to that effect those are probably our biggest calls that we do how big is the team typically it’s usually about 12 license officers and there’s usually three or four full-time medics from the city of red green and Victor symptoms are broader currently on it too so the team actually has medics I go through spec special training who are assigned to the tactical team now again back to the training now didn’t you go was it out to Washington oh you were in some pretty intense training was it after yeah what was that in 18 was it too nineteen eighty 2009 who as they say your first thing to go is your memory yeah right I guess so med 2009 i went to the FBI national academy and which was 10 weeks and what that is designed for is your future leaders of agencies people are going to be in command positions and it really is really really a grade school and it really is about the people you meet the connections you may not only through the FBI but through all the other people throughout the United States and and through the world who actually attend an international students come to that so you can really go anywhere in this you know in the country and there’s somebody you’d be able to connect with law enforcement related if you needed that contact then it’s a lot of leadership training and counterterrorism leadership training and different things like that it really really really was a good school you know it wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go it’s been that much time away from home Dina Oliver’s with sheriff at the time and encouraged me to go in it I was really glad I still have friends the from that from that train dad I still communicate with it have gotten together with occasionally so it really was a

good school in and the federal government actually pays for it so good you Kourtney doesn’t have to pay for the training is it a smaller percentage of people that go through that type of training it actually is a from the from Minnesota there’s an application process you go through an interview process the FBI does all that and from our from Minnesota there was only two people chosen to go and I was fortunate to be one of them was it tough um you know what not really a lot of physical fitness that goes along with it but but you know you do it as group so the camaraderie is really good and the academics you know I has been a long time since I had written a term paper so I kind of a little bit worried how that was going to go but you know then it actually went really well and I would have done it again if I would have the opportunity so it was really good time one thing and we were talking about this the other day is really changed in this world as technology has just gone crazy I but you know compared to 35 years ago working for the Sheriff’s Department sits a day I mean wow that’s got to be like a what a difference in just technology I’d say you know if you ask me were the biggest since i started technology surely i want them when i first started she took a squad car 35 years ago i took one today it you had we had it like three toggle switches in there for the lights in a in a three-channel or short channel radio and that was it and now it’s like being in a cockpit of an airplane you got computers cameras you know the brand new radio system that you can talk to anybody statewide and you know it is you are just surrounded by equipment technology really has become it’s also you know cause other issues with crime you know with identity theft and Internet crimes and so as much as we rely on technology do to help us in our jobs or i should say the officers that are working used to help in their jobs people you know the criminal also uses that element to their advantage as well looking back on your career are there certain cases or events or things that kind of kind of stand out yeah you know they’ll always be some you know Kent actually someone can’t fall were very huge the Jessica selection case in 1995 none of us will ever forget that community won’t forget data but you know we learned a lot of things about the town and the type of people that live in this town pulling together and helping and and that’s one thing I remember about that case 2 is the volunteer yes that search and it’s like everybody came everybody’s so willing to help and you know and we have seen that in other communities where we’ve had other type of things like that you know a lot of my calls of with with the canine working they’ve done the dog were fun i’ll remember those ever you know there’s always some calls it weren’t so much fun that that you’ll remember that you’ll carry with you but you know overall i feel really blessed have had a really career with a lot of great opportunities to be able to do so many different things and it really you know people say oh you got to do all this you’re really good to do that and i always say it really wasn’t about me if it’s both the people have worked with because you can’t be successful in any job or position without the people you’re working with you really you know it takes the whole team to do anything like you know it’s easy to be the commander make a decision and tactical team but if you don’t have the people they’re working together with you none of it happens i just got misfortune to be the one that picked to lead some in those positions it really was even with training my dog it took other deputies to come only tracks go be willing to put the sleeve on and get bit and if you’ve got bit other places in the slave during that but you know that’s boy yeah but but it really it really is about all the people that that’s good point it takes a team effort it really it really does yeah and you mentioned a couple of the different sheriff’s is and I was trying to think how many sheriff’s have you worked under let’s see starting with dill girl like you said it was from cannonballs yeah and then force or hyperlink from 87 to throw 98 and 99 Dean Albers was elected then I became his patrol commander that’s when I got into administration and that’s really right state tell the end of my career and Dean’s was sheriff until 2009 2010 Scot McMillan who is currently the sheriff and he gave me the opportunity to be the chief deputy which really i really enjoy those last four years working for him in that capacity so so being with the Sheriff’s Department it’s a little different in a way because you know you you have a sheriff in place and boom pretty soon you got another sure it hasn’t really that many but and I imagine they’re all a little different and they are in you know other thing when a sheriff new sheriff comes in sometimes the administrative staff can change the position of chief deputy is an at-will position so usually if you would have a new sheriff usually a new chief deputy comes in as well which was not a concern to me with sheriff McNerney limb because well too does a great job and secondly I knew I was towards into my career I told my would stay at least for one full term with him and and you know one of the funnest in driving when I left was

watching the excitement and other people as you know he had the trickle-down effect of people moving out right and a new chief deputy than a new patrol commander we had a new investigator and then a new patrolman it was really fun to see that excitement in that movement throughout the sheriff’s office so you know one thing about being in a leadership role is you want to prepare future leaders ISM as well and I think some you know easily could have stayed longer I really love my job and would have been no problem staying long but it sometimes it’s just time to pass some of that I really enjoyed doing that have you found yourself missing it how long you might retire no well just retired in january i would say in seven months out of year yeah I know strange as it sounds no no I you know I would take at first on that first week has got to be like whoa no I’m something I had a planned all along enough in advance I was ready for it to happen and you know I missed sending all we are doing here in a staffing meeting and planning things and doing that strategic planning i miss that’ll you know those type of things but i see those guys often enough I’ve actually gone back and doing some contractor for the sheriff’s office moving some back realms on new hires so that keeps me in touch with and really it’s about the relationships that’s what I would miss and do miss more than the actual hands-on stuff size-wise like when you started 35 years ago I mean do you know like numbers wise how many were employed by the goody County Sheriff’s where I’m to date today we had like 36 total and that was jailed dispatching patrol and we’re at it’s got to be close to 110 out in the biggest piece and that is the jail yeah we built a new jail and that takes a lot and this day and age that detention deputies that’s the politically correct way to put detention deputy doing a little calm jailers any longer they don’t dispatch they don’t do that so they’re two separate two separate divisions so those areas of all ignored and patrol is gone as well we had 12 when I first started and all their well there’s 22 patrolman but that isn’t you also have investigators bail us water patrol all those areas that are completely separate now for the used to all be just one so we have known yeah now you did mention your son Jason involved in law enforcement but tell us a little bit about your family oh well I have a wife Dawn was also from cannon falls and you know and that’s there they you don’t work a law enforcement career and make it to it without having the support it that’s what I was going to bring it all is that there’s a lot of weekends holidays birthdays gmas and and different as I remember one night one Christmas getting called out and going to 10 megawatt four in the morning and we were having Christmas dinner at our house and I was supposed to be making the meat of course so I don’t done son you better be back and luckily I was back on all work del but you know I remember being called out and missed Mother’s Day and and anybody else in that type of job or their law enforcement or nursing or medical fields and military they all all sacrifice to those things but you know it’s part of the job so you do mrs. so you have to have supporting your family and I always have that had that with my way had that would make kids so that was great and my son Jason you as you said those were works Roberts arconi he’s well he’s been there been well over 10 years ago how so he’s uh he’s doing very well they’re works of canine in there which which is exciting and all all those years he’s been with bobby pin Bob yeah his entire career lives in Lake City and he’s he’s got two boys so that’s our thing we really are enjoying a Barbie terrible time for the grandkids as the other son you were just out and seeing him on telephone yeah yep my son Jeff Liz Liz and Sacramento and he’s an athletic director at davis high school and he has a daughter and a son so you know one thing when my wife Dawn retire to me so we were able to go out there and spend a significant part of the summer out there which we haven’t been able to do before so being retired has been great just because it’s given some of those opportunities where were you okay with you know I’m not that you had to say but with Jason gone in law enforcement was that the boom I mean it says a lot for him looking at you and saying I want to do that yeah you know I really was you know Lily you know a few years ago we had the shooting in Lake City where dr. sean slater was killed in i can rework this day that call community the first thing went through my mind was uh you know who was it and I know Jason wasn’t working by that was still the first phone call I made to make make sure he was doing it was ok and and right as i got done talking to him he was on his way to help with that call as as we’re all of us but you know that that really hit home but you know i really haven’t the training is good and I mean when I trusted his instincts I know he’s well prepared for prepared for his stuff but that has changed my wife never ever worried about me in this job safe to aca said that so many times when you go to a tactical call out or something with your dog in the middle she never once thought twice her worried about me not coming home but once Jason started doing it whenever the phone ring the first thing she would say is is it about Jason she you know it really it really changed it

so um yeah I still I do think about that you know in today with um you know we have there’s a lot of changes going on yes nice guy was ready to be my neck ya know the situation right now is not good with law enforcement and yeah your thoughts on that yeah you know well you know it’s really tough you know but both both sides make mistakes that obvious but you know I’ve seen the good side of law enforcement in from the most part they’re they’re professional there’s your decisions are made on actions of others it’s all about behavior not it not that we never make mistakes we do but I think we’ve taken a huge step back which is going to be difficult to overcome so yeah I do I variable my friends my partners and those them guys working the streets that you know because I think we’ve taken a step back where we need to move forward again and get through this time in the you know you look at kind of the anti law enforcement in society today now with everybody with a lot of people what is that doing do you think two people in law enforcement somebody told me once that they thought they weren’t staying in it as long anymore yeah you know over you know I we have two haven’t seen that seen that but you know but it’s very possible you know and I know when people talk to people about making career choices I know a lot of officers that will tell people you know what their hands going on maybe looks for different career choice you know so it surely has it a factor there is no doubt about that yeah right notice it’s tough is there a way we can change the attitude I mean is there way that I’ve been I don’t know i know i wish i had to get right answer you know I think they just just keep doing their job in the you know and they do professionally and I think eventually it is you know it’ll take care of itself but it I hope I hope it happens soon we don’t have to take out much further step and I do think that most of the people realize you know that they go above and beyond and they’re serving and we really them and I think most people do appreciate very much but then there’s that another week we get that you know those places I can recall go going recently and I know other officers get this all the time where people do come up Thank I’m just like military right they can’t take them for those service after nine eleven we’ve seen a huge change in that you know so sometimes it takes tragedies to turn things around so let’s hope we don’t have to have that in this so retirement what’s what’s what trip is next uh don’t have one plane oh yeah both as you know dear hunter became that’s right that’s right bow hunting season starts sooner than than guns gun type smell that’ll be happen and no we don’t really have anything planned right now but it’s nice to know you can go if you need to or want to so and looking back on your career I mean that’s kind of that’d be kind of a good feeling for you to look back on 35 years and and I mean you gotta feel good about it really it was a good career you know I think there’s people when I first got on high school didn’t think I’d settle down into any job I think I was you know jumping back and forth quite a bit trying to find the right thing and went back to what I always did want to do so I yeah I do feel good about it was it was a really good career I’d I again I was blessed to have that opportunity and all the chances to do the things that I didn’t it made a lot of a lot of great people i have a lot of lifetime friendships because of it and so can you grew up in can appalls graduated from cannonballs high school and continued delays i’ll tell ya still live here yeah yep well good we’re gonna have to do some fishing or something yes yes thank you thank you for coming thanks for happy again our guest today on talk of the town has been la Lawrenson from cannon falls who retired after 35 years with the good you County Sheriff’s Department we think la for coming in today and thank you for watching we’ll be back again soon with another edition of talk of the town i’m your host rod Johnson you

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