bad times how the do we do that what’s up guys welcome to part four of the grand ninja guide yo part four wow and to think that i was gonna make a one part video at one point so as you might be able to tell from that intro that’s protected by fair use and shouldn’t get me a false copyright claim today we’re going to be talking about the importance of playing patiently and positioning with greninja no just kidding let’s learn how to move so bear with me if this guide’s a little bit awkward compared to my other guides because i’ve never done anything like this before movement is the most interpretable topic in the world when it comes to smash because you can’t just compare it to something like four day right we can say okay four there minus six on shield disjointed save space works as a kill move works as a combo starter at early presents but when it comes to movement i can’t say okay you want to jump in this scenario you want a hydroponic ledge cancel you want a way of land you want to fox try it’s really up to you to interpret how to use good movement so let’s start from the ground up first of all you need to understand how to move with greninja remember these training drills from part one yeah really grind these out guys it’s really hard to have good movement if you can’t do something such as a short hop consistently so instead of playing elite smash against the sonic on mcdonald’s wi-fi set aside some time to learn how to move this will make you improve so much quicker than elite smash yes i hear you in the comments asking why movement is so important for greninja well it’s because hey dude get out of here what the hell is going on okay we’re back sorry about that guys but yes they did have a point just look at these stats dude grenache’s top ten in jump height walk speed air speed run speed and fast fall speed so yes he was quote built to run and built to last but yeah greninja is designed to move so that bad out of shield game don’t even worry about it laggy aerials yeah good luck when you’re the one chasing us all right let’s go on to our first topic of the video or second i don’t know finding openings so a lot of credential players look at his top 10 attributes and say yo i can approach with this and then they’ll get punished for something like a dash attack on shield or an obvious nare and they’ll keep doing it over and over this really isn’t the way that you want to play greninja instead of using those top 10 attributes to get in on your opponent use them to make your opponent think that they can get in on you so every character in smash has a limited moveset and attack range check out this picture this is really cool so this is the range at which ivysaur’s tools in neutral reach a lot of characters don’t care about spacing around their opponent’s options because instead of having top 10 movement attributes they have shield but if you think about it shielding an attack can really limit your options against it say greninja gets a space for there against a mario shield mario’s options are super limited here now let’s compare that to if greninja didn’t connect the forward air hey look at that mario can get a grab now see what i mean so your goal as greninja is to stay just outside of your opponent’s burst range force them to overcommit to an option and then punish them for it this goes back to what i said earlier every character has a limited moveset and a limited range ivysaur is not going to just like move delete or learn solar beam something else that you need to learn is the cooldown for those moves here’s what i mean by that which one’s easier to punish a charge shot or a falcon punch even though captain falcon got some love in 8.0 it’s probably still a falcon punch you have to think about this for all the moves that your opponent has should you settle for dash attack or do you think you could connect an f-smash you also have to consider your own positioning whenever you go in for a punish if you’re about to initiate a short hop whenever your opponent was an attack don’t drop down and go for a dash attack commit to an aerial but there’s also the psychology aspect of it if you don’t have time to guarantee the aerial your opponent’s probably gonna end up shielding so you have a bunch of other options to consider for example down air on shield tomahawk downhill tomahawk dash attack tomahawk grab these are all things to think about in an interaction that will last maybe 20 frames let’s go back to making our opponent overcommit greninja is fast enough to where your movements with him can set up your opponent’s movements if you run up to an opponent you can scout out their option what do they like to do shield attack jump treat this as data and then from there you can use your movements to counter play theirs

if they like swinging in a horizontal direction hey approach vertically if they like swinging diagonally approach low to the ground there is counter play to every option in smash so if you can force an option from your opponent and know what that option is it’s all the better for you something that really helps you get this going hopefully you took my advice at the beginning and worked on the movement drills to the point where you don’t even need to look at greninja to control him if you’re not looking at greninja just pan over here if you focus on your opponent more than yourself it’ll be so much easier to recognize their patterns i promise we’re not just moving around for the hell of it we’re moving around to download our opponent’s options and find openings very few characters have as good movement options as greninja so we really need to abuse them the longer you’re dancing around your opponent the more desperate they’re going to be to get one hit on you and whenever they with that’s when you go in for the punish cool how do we combine movement with swinging this is the tricky part because if you don’t incorporate good movement with your attacks you’re going to be the one getting whiff punished let me start off by saying you don’t have to swing 24 7. we’re not roy so the same way you don’t have to use dash attack every time you dash you don’t have to use fair or narrow whenever you jump there are situations in which i’d say you don’t even want to swing at all if shulk’s in jump mode for example you don’t want to swing or else he’ll just punish you with an air so if you just incorporate good movement you can time out his jump monada alright back to the whole swinging thing so whenever your opponent selects their character you need to already be thinking about what’s safe and what isn’t for example while nero on shield is great against a majority of the cast you’re not going to want to do it against game and watch 24 7 because that character is broken so instead you’d probably want a space fair against him does your opponent have no good out of shield options from behind hey abuse the hell out of cross-up nare being able to swing out your opponent without giving them the chance to swing back helps so much but if you’re being really predictable with your approaches your opponent is going to be able to whiff punish you so remember you don’t have to swing every time a lot of the time you can manage to fake out your opponent and punish them for trying to punish you when in reality you didn’t even choose an option yeah smash is fun all right let’s talk about greninja’s burst range this frog is fast and him being so fast means that he can cover half the stage in a split second combine this with our burst moves such as dash attack downtown and back air and you’ve got one of the best whiff punishers in the game so if you know and respect the range of your opponent’s options in neutral you can get so much mileage off of this stage control is such a big help when it comes to this more stage means more movement and that means the more you can dance around your opponent and with punish who do you think feels better in the scenario the greninja in the corner with smash stick on or the greninja with all of ps2 to run around yeah probably this guy while we’re here let me tell you what you can do if you’re mr smash stick first of all awesome much better so a lot of the time when you’re in the corner you feel really pressured if you jump your opponent can hit you with an aerial if you roll they can read you and catch that remember how we downloaded our opponent’s options with our movement we talked about collision mechanics in part three and about how you can’t run through another person so here’s the solution ah wng’s gonna hate me for this video but it’s worth it but yeah if your opponent’s airborne for even one frame you can run right underneath them i do this all the time and it throws my opponent off it’s like what i just had stage control and if your opponent has invincibility when you do this yeah it’s gonna be gone by the time they catch it so movement isn’t something that’s just restricted to advantage in neutral there’s also examples of defensive movement some examples of this are bee reversing stalling with a water shuriken recovering low with down air wave lining or even our favorite joke from part one just gonna put this here and we should be good every player has an internal clock as to how long something’s gonna take so just the slightest change in timing can really throw people off and you’re not limited to just these options that i’ve listed there are so many creative ways to get out of disadvantage if you told us a year ago that phantom footstools would be the key to getting out of disadvantage you probably would have gotten some funny looks but that’s the thing about smash we’re always learning the game more and advancing the meta so who knows maybe thigh hit back here will be the new meta next year actually probably not all right go grab your popcorn it’s time for hydro pump again so a lot of greninja players initiate hydro pump and have zero control over which direction they go in and this can leave them really open to a punish so alongside short hopping fox trotting and dash

walking you want to practice your hydro pumps pretty much every angle of hydro pump is useful in some way and if you’re really comfortable with hitting those angles you don’t have to worry about eating a punish so this angle right here is the most commonly messed up ankle of hydro pump if you were to mess up this angle of hydro pump and go diagonally at first you would pretty much be guaranteed to eat a punish the thing about hydro pump is that it can control so much space and if you miss your angles with it you’re really limited as to how much space you can control and this is really important for things like edge guarding him wink wink you can also combine some really interesting angles to protect yourself whenever you’re getting back to the stage if your opponent has to guess the angle that you’re going to recover at every time this really limits their chance of getting a punish so grab your protractor and go ham in training mode in part one we kind of just skimmed over hydro pump lunge cancels and since then we found a lot more setups on pretty much every stage because light light doesn’t count so the thought process behind some of these setups is really interesting and i’m going to share that with you guys a lot of options have a set distance that you travel whenever you use them whenever you use dash attack you’re not going to randomly go across the entirety of fd right same thing with roll initial dash dash in place dash walk hydro pump you go a set distance every time so that’s how we found a lot of these setups other setups require precise timing and really just grinding them out in training mode i was watching venue’s stream a little while back and he was talking about how greninja has different setups from his alleged teeter animation that’s this thing right here so keep that in mind whenever we go over setups so here’s an eight minute compilation of pretty much every large cancel we’ve found why get out of here [Applause] right right okay [Applause] so me

right so [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause] thank you girls girls girls girls girls girls girls thank you is [Applause] is and all right i think i’m going to cut this video a bit short here i’m trying really hard to think of anything else i want to touch on

but there really isn’t much i was going to get into substitute but i’ll save that for next time when we go over edge grading so let me give you the spark notes version of this entire video movement is 100 the basis of everything you do with greninja and you need to take full advantage of that the second that you become predictable is the second that you put yourself at a disadvantage and greninja has the tools to remain unpredictable you have so many options compared to other characters and you can afford to get extremely creative that’s what i love about this guy we’re not just like k-rool where we’ve pretty much left out everything and there are so many creative options just waiting to be discovered that’s actually the main reason i split the guide up into parts if i were to make the one part video that i was working on a year ago i wouldn’t have been able to mention down air canceling footstools or any of that hell dude even since i released part one in april we found so much tech did you see how many lunch cancel setups there were in this video back in april we knew maybe 10 of those so eventually i’m thinking about doing a video where we go over things i may have left out or we didn’t know when i uploaded that part of the guide we went hell in depth about greninja’s downer in part three and literally like two days after that part was uploaded we found out that you can cancel greninja’s downer pop-up animation with an item toss so yeah there’s always going to be something waiting to be discovered for some reason people think that ganymains are the best labbers right now let’s go ahead and prove them wrong guys if you have any creative ideas at all just go ham and training mode and grind them out people ask me yo how do you find all this stuff that’s crazy and honestly it’s just hours upon hours of training mode so yeah guys go out and be the best enough smash talk this is where i tell you what’s up at the end of the video first of all we’re up to 1600 subscribers now i thought i literally just posted my 1k special that’s actually insane alongside with amazing support we are now partnered with youtube i’m going to do my best to be a good partner and upload semi consistently i really want to do biweekly uploads but holy crap that’s hard i’ve spent the last three days going ham on this video non-stop and it’s only 20 minutes long eight of those minutes not even having commentary i’ll also be starting my fall semester of college in the next few days here so who knows how that will affect the upload schedule but yeah i really don’t know what else to say here apart from thanks for the support guys um i’m really glad with the direction that the channel is going in right now if i disappear for a bit the us education system probably got to me all right see you guys all in part five when we go over let’s trapping and edge grading i can’t watch that again that was so good got these running history so the way i lose my phone oh my god that’s so bad

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